You read that title right–it finally happened. A six-figure month! A short while ago, Elyse made herself unavailable to play small. Towards the end of 2020, she became present to the bigger things she wanted to do in the world. The pivots she wanted to make financially, socially, and professionally simply demanded more money. Elyse dove in and decided to level up, and level up big time. Today, she’s sharing with us what she learned from that journey and how intuition can guide your success. 

With a new brand, new program launch, and new mentality, Elyse has finally gotten out of her own way and trusted her gut. 

Number one–it’s truly a decision. Everything in your life is. When Elyse made the decision that she was no longer available to play small, it required taking big, scary actions, like investing in coaching. In that moment, her brain switched. It no longer becomes “should I do this or not” and morphs into “how can I make this work?” Your brain is designed to give you what you’re thinking about–when you can do that, you’re in. 

The second thing Elyse learned was to stop worrying about the ‘how.’ In her professional life, Elyse has always been a controller. Through this process, she learned that the BEST how will reveal itself to you. When that happens, you can energetically live into that. She didn’t know ‘how’ but Elyse knew it was time to become the woman who makes 7 figures in a year. She started feeling that and forming herself into it. It forced her to confront some money demons, but without doing that, they would control her life and keep her from what she wanted. Once she overcame them through feeling the feeling of accomplishing her goals and visualization, she made it. In the end, everything is energy–when you match it, it comes to you. 

Step three is trusting your gut. Sometimes, things can defy logic. By cutting off consumption that can cause doubt and fill you with fear, you allow your brain to listen to itself and intuition takes control. She got radically out of her comfort zone and stopped being a perfectionist. 

The fourth step is feeling the feelings of what you want first. The universe is a mirror. Everything you want you want because you know it’ll make you feel a certain way. The universe doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you are. If you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, you’re requesting more of it from the universe. Feel what you want to feel when you manifest it. It’s about noticing when you feel something not good and understanding you’re believing a lie–a limiting belief. You can create your own thoughts–what would bring you closer to joy?

Fifth: make it about something bigger than you. When you make the decision to multiply your business, have in mind the grander plan. It’s great to live a good lifestyle, but what else are you working towards? Consider all versions of your dream life–what is it about? Helping your partner retire, offer support to those in need, pursue social justice–identify that and use it as a north star. It’s about contributing at a high-level to things you care about. When you can do that, the work you do becomes profound and the people you serve can feel that. 

The sixth thing Elyse learned was that things happen fast when you get out of your own way. This massive jump happened in just about 6 weeks, and the money came in in 10 days. This is a miniscule amount of time relative to a career of making low six-figures. Of course there is a longer period of coming to this decision, but once it’s made, the universe caters to speed. The only thing that blocks things coming to you quickly is your own resistance to it. When you start feeling worthy of what you want and you take inspired action, it will happen fast.  Make small, incremental up-levels–splurge slightly when it’s appropriate! And speak positively towards yourself. You deserve a compliment from yourself!

Finally, do everything that scares you. This isn’t just feeling and not doing–it’s feeling then acting. When you stay in that space you get ideas and nudges towards what you want. Become unattached to how it goes. You can experience some resistance from your limiting beliefs that can try to derail you, but when you push your limits you can find yourself in awe at the results. There’s a difference between busy action and aligned action. When you are done with mediocrity, you’ll get urges to do things that the old you wouldn’t do. Your job is to do them. 






You read that title right–it finally happened. A six-figure month! A short while ago, Elyse made herself unavailable to play small. Towards the end of 2020, she became present to the bigger things she wanted to do in the world. The pivots she wanted to make financially, socially, and professionally simply demanded more money. Elyse dove in and decided to level up, and level up big time. Today, she’s sharing with us what she learned from that journey and how intuition can guide your success. 

Welcome to she sells radio. So, Oh my goodness. I never thought I would be recording this episode

Code for you, but here we are, at least I didn’t think I would be.

We’re recording it now at this point in my new brand launch and career, but you read the title, right? Your girl had her first six figure month and it’s really fun. Like

I just, I have to highly

Recommend it if you if you haven’t done it yet, it’s, it’s a good time.

So I wanted to come on

And Sharon, I just felt super inspired to share this. I actually had not planned this in my content calendar, but I just got the inspiration to share what I learned from it, because it was a pretty big quantum leap for me. And the same principles can be applied to any leap that you’re looking to make. 

Yeah. So, so here we go. So for

A little bit of context, I’m not sure you may have like been following some of my social for awhile. So I don’t want to be super redundant with the context for this, but if you have not watched the Instagram live that I did on December 26th, you can go back and see kind of the before of all of this, where I had made a decision that I was unavailable to play small in any area of my life. And for me part of that was financially, and I I’ve always been like a low six figure earner. And then like the 10 K to 20 K month deal, like 20 K would have been a good month for me. And, and that is good money and I’ve always been very grateful for that, but I became very present towards the end of 20, 22, some bigger things I wanted to do in the world politically socially for my family.

And I knew it was going to require way more money than that. And so I made the decision to level up and level up big time. And if you want to see what that looks like right after I made that decision, you can go check out. The Instagram live I did on December 26th. And I think the title is like, just did something that terrifies me. So you can see that if you need some context, because part of that involved investing $50,000 in a coach that I did not know how I was even going to get the money to work with this coach. But part of what I’ve learned with this whole process is your intuition will guide you in the right direction if you just listened to it. And it will usually defy everything logical. And my T my intuition told me strongly to invest with this particular coach and to invest at this level.

And it didn’t make any logical sense and, but I followed my intuition. And so you can go back and see that. You can also, if you’re looking for more context on kind of like the journey up until this point, cause this whole thing has happened in like seven weeks. You can listen to the podcast episode that came out a few weeks ago, the decision that changed my life at that point, I hadn’t hit six figures in the month yet. So this is kind of an updated version. And then there’s also a, on my Instagram and on my YouTube, how to make a financial quantum leap. So anyway, there’s more resources if you’re looking for more context on kind of this whole thing, but again, I don’t want to be super redundant if you’re like, at least I know the story. Just tell me, tell me what you learned.

So, so you can go check those things out for context. So basically what’s happened and is this month in 10 days over six figures has come in to me with a brand new program launch and a brand new brand. And it’s been, honestly, this is going to sound crazy, but it’s been the easiest thing I’ve ever done because I finally got out of my own way and just trusted my gut. So I want to share with you about what I learned from this so that you can apply the same principles to it. And if you have questions because I’m going to go kind of high level, but if you have questions on any specifics, send me an email, at least@elisearcher.com or comment on this comment on my most recent Instagram posts about this episode and put your question there and I’ll be happy to answer.

So some things that I learned from this number one, it’s a decision. It is truly a decision. Everything in your life is a decision. And when I made the decision that I was no longer available to play, what for me was playing small. It required taking big, massive, scary action, which was making that investment in coaching. And it was terrible, fine because I didn’t know what was going to happen on the other side of it. But in that moment, when I first mentally decided, and then physically did something to kind of burn the boats, it was a decision and my brain switched and your brain switches. When you make a decision, it’s no longer, Oh my gosh, should I do this or not kind of that, that total mediocrity of indecision, but then your brain switches to, how can I make this work? And your brain is designed to give you exactly what you’re thinking about.

So when you make that decision, all of a sudden you’re in like you have to make it work. And that’s part of why I invested at such a high level in myself was I knew a woman who brings in 10 to $15,000 a month. She doesn’t invest $50,000 in coaching, but a woman who brings in seven figures does, and I knew I was ready to become that woman. And so it was like, okay, now I have to be the woman who brings in seven figures. So I have to start doing things differently. So it’s a total mindset shift, but it is first and foremost, a decision. The second thing I learned and I learned really I’d say six things. So that’s kind of the fun theme of this episode, right? Six figures, six things. So the second thing is, stop worrying about the, how, and this threw me for a loop.

The first time I heard it I grew up and went through my teens and most of my twenties, such a control freak, where I felt like I had to know how everything was going to happen. And I had to micromanage every detail. And if I didn’t know it, then everything was going to fall apart. And I learned through this process is the, how will reveal itself to you the best? How will reveal itself to you? Your only job is to get really clear on what you want to do, the what, of what you want to create and then start energetically living into that now. So when you’re for me, when I made this decision and I didn’t know how it was all gonna come together, I just knew that it was time for me to have a seven figure business. And I wanted to do it fast.

I didn’t know how I really didn’t. I just knew that it was time. And so I started every morning during my meditation feeling what it felt like to be a woman who had for me at the time, I was thinking about an $83,000 a month because that’s, you know, over the course of a year, that’s seven figures. But I started feeling that and I started energetically living into that. And it does not mean that I didn’t have moments of panic. I had about three, two to three weeks of very much a wobble right after I made that decision. And after I invested that money and it brought up all of my money demons, and that was actually another reason why I did it, because I knew that if there were money demon, subconsciously running the show behind the scenes for me, that they were going to continue to control my life and keep me limited from what I wanted.

So I knew they were going to come up. It didn’t make it any more fun when they come up. But I did struggle with like, how did I just make a terrible decision? Like this is so irresponsible, this defy, like I just invested all this money. I don’t even know how I’m going to pay it back. Like, or I, you know, I don’t, I don’t have a program to put people in. And so I did go through that, but it forced me because I had made the decision. It forced me to confront those fears. And the thing that helped was just daily meditation of feeling the feeling of having accomplished the thing I wanted to accomplish, which was bringing more than enough money to pay back the coaching. And then I also, obviously I had a bigger goal for myself and my life and my contribution in the world that required more money.

So during my meditation, I’d be thinking about paying for my husband’s medical school. And actually I would visualize telling him that it was taken care of and paid where I would visualize telling him he could leave work. I would visualize taking our family on trips and hiring new team members and creating jobs. And I would literally get myself to the point of crying, tears of gratitude for a future that hadn’t happened yet. And one of the resources that really helped me during this was Dr. Joe Dispenza. And he’s got this incredible guy, a series called rewired, but when you learn the quantum physics of how this actually works at a cellular level, a cellular level, you’ll learn this isn’t woo. It’s just science. It’s the whole way this, this works. It’s simply science. You know, Einstein talks about everything is energy and all you need to do is match the frequency of the thing you want and you, it has no choice, but to come to you, that’s how works.

And so, again, it’s just science. So I practice that and I would, I would just watch this Joe Dispenza over and over and over again, and listen to Abraham Hicks and listen to really empowering audios and books that helped me that helped me just hone my intuition and learned to trust myself more. I cut off access to everything that made me doubt myself. And that’s. So what we’re actually, I should kind of just say like we’re getting into more of step three, which is trusting your gut. So step two is stop worrying about the, how the, how will be revealed to you as you stay in the energy of what you want. And that’s what I did and the how, which was the 10 K club was revealed to me over time through that. The third step is trust your gut. So again, everything with this defied logic, there was nothing logical about any of this.

And I was actually reading some books and taking some programs at the time from some friends of mine and people I really respect, but who are super analytical and logical. And I, they would actually make me doubt and question myself. And I remember I, I went to my coach at one point a couple of weeks in, and I was like, I feel like I’m going into panic because I feel like I’m making the wrong decision. And she was like, what are you like, what happens right before you feel like you’re going to go into panic? And I was like, well, I’m reading this book and I’m taking this program. And she was like, cut it out just for three weeks, cut off all consumption, listen to yourself and no one else. And that felt challenging for me because I’m a girl who loves to get up early and read, like getting up at four with my coffee and a good book and learning that’s my sweet spot.

But she challenged me and said, you know, that’s your comfort zone. So you’re going to get radically out of your comfort zone with this. And so I did. And, Oh, actually I just thought of another step that I want to add in here. Okay. This is in real time. I’ll, I’ll tell you two part of how this happened is I stopped being a perfectionist and I stopped worrying about things being so planned out. So in real time, I’m realizing there’s another step. And so I’m going to make a note of this. So I don’t forget this for you. Okay, good. Because that’s important. Okay. Fourth step is you have to feel the feelings of what you want first. So we kind of already talked about that, but you, the universe is a mirror. So everything you want in your life, you want it because you think it’s going to make you feel a certain way, the car you want the house, you want the job, you want the money you want the contribution you want.

You want it because you think it’s going to make you feel freedom, gratitude, love, greater expression expansion. So because, so the universe does not give you what you want though. It gives you what you are. That’s how it works. So if you want those things, but you’re simultaneously feeling scared, anxious, overwhelmed, those feelings, communicate to the universe, to give you more of that. Whatever you’re feeling is your request to the universe. Give me more circumstances and things that make me feel like this. So the key is you got to feel the way that you want to feel when that thing manifests first. And this part was the part that felt hardest for me, because I was like, I’m now in debt, because I just had to put this money on a credit card for this coaching. And I, what I did defied everything that my parents would have told me to do.

And I feel very alone in this. And so it was easy for me to, like, I spent some time in this whole process in self-doubt and in vacillation. And, but because I know this because I’ve studied enough universal law at this point, I knew that if I stayed there, I was going to get more of that. So it’s about quickly noticing when you’re feeling something that doesn’t feel good. This is something I learned from my girlfriend. Alison, she’s been on the podcast a couple of times, Alison Chavez check her out. She’s amazing. But when you’re feeling bad, you’re believing a lie. You’re, you’re believing a limiting belief. And so I would notice when I felt those things like, Oh, okay, what I’m believing right now is actually not true. So what am I thinking? What’s the thought that’s making me feel this way. And then because we can choose our own thoughts and we get to create our own belief systems.

I would think, well, what’s the thought and belief that would make me feel better in this moment. And that would get me closer to love, gratitude, appreciation, joy. And I would choose that thought and then typically do something to get me more into that state. And usually it was doing something for someone else, like giving, getting out of my own head, getting back in kind of the energetic circle of life. So, but feeling that feeling, and for me, it took probably three weeks of kind of the wobble before I just felt very certain. Then I got myself into such a beautiful, energetic state before any of the money came in. I was feeling great. And I was like, I, the money has to come in now. I don’t know how or where or why, but I know it has to come in because I’m feeling so happy and positive and grateful for this.

And I kept focusing on that money coming in and then some, so, so that’s the fourth step, right? You’ve got to feel the feelings of what you want. First. The fifth is make it about something bigger than you. And I think that’s part of what was so strong for me was when I made that decision in December of 20, 20 to 10 X, my business, it wasn’t because I just wanted a new wardrobe, like yes. Was, was it fun to think about having nicer things? Sure. Like you can live a good lifestyle on low six figures. So I was living a pretty decent lifestyle at that point. I was honestly really comfortable, but I did an exercise called your five dream lives. And I talk about it in my, your first six figures masterclass, which you can check out@leastarcher.com slash six. And it’s, it’s really powerful.

And it opened me up to things that, you know, young Ilise had wanted to do, but had maybe brushed aside or had decided she wasn’t capable of or worthy of, but it was things like, you know, be an activist for animals and children, and be more involved politically and create this animal sanctuary for, for animals who come from abusive situations where people can also come and heal, whether they’re coming from addiction or just challenging life circumstances. And it was like, this is about something so much bigger than me, you know, paying for my husband’s medical school, helping him retire, go part-time at work. It was so much bigger than me. And the things that got me crying, tears of gratitude during my meditation in the mornings were not about a new wardrobe for me. It was about telling my husband, he could go part time.

It was about, you know, opening the doors on our sanctuary. It was about you know, contributing at a high level to this, to a group called child rescue coalition that I care about. And I just got emotional. I thought about that because just yesterday I was able to cut a nice check to them. And it was, it, it was a result, a direct result of this. So in child rescue coalition on a side note is this amazing group that helps I just stopped child pornography. And it’s, Oh my goodness, check out their website, check out a video Blake lively did about them. It’ll just, you’ll be a puddle, but it’s, it’s important. And so all of this was about something so much bigger than me. And what I found through the process is that the, so in the process I launched a program called the 10 K club, which has been successful beyond my wildest dreams.

But the work I get to do now is absolutely profound. And it is about something so much bigger than me and the women who I get to serve through this group. They struggle with the same things. I used to struggle with self doubt, not trusting themselves, not making enough money, not feeling worthy. And it like literally yesterday it hit me how in making this decision and not knowing how it was all gonna come together. But knowing that it was about doing something bigger than me now, the work that I get to do that actually brings in the money feels like it’s about something so much bigger than me. And it’s just like I feel like I’m living a dream. The conversations I get to have in the coaching I get to have in the women I get to work with are so amazing.

And so when you make it about something bigger than you, something shifts in you and your, your identity shifts as well. And that’s really what this is. It’s a, it’s an identity shift. You know, you, the Elise who earn low six figures was still stuck in limiting beliefs and getting in her own way in doubting herself. And seven-figure release is not that woman. She’s not that woman. And so that’s, it’s about something so much bigger than you. Okay. Number six, I think things can happen really fast when you get out of your own way. So the sixth thing I learned from my first six-figure month, things happen really fast when you get out of your own way and keep in mind like this whole thing. This whole, the six figures came in in about 10 days. The, the whole process from the time at which I made the decision to when it came in was about six weeks.

I’m 35 in the context of my life. And having spent like 15 years being a low six figure earner. That’s not a lot of time. Now, granted, there was plenty of time on the front end, doubting playing small, continuing to get the same results, feeling anxious, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like I wasn’t good enough to have and do what I wanted. So that was, you know, 15 years before this. But when I made the decision, it happened really freaking fast. And that’s one thing I’ve learned is the universe likes speed. Things happen fast in nature though. The only thing that blocks what you want from coming to you and happening fast is your own resistance to it. It’s your own limiting beliefs about not being worthy of it or that someone else can have it and not you. And that’s probably like a 6.5 on this list, but you, when you start feeling worthy of what you want and you take inspired action towards it, it will happen fast for you.

But if you don’t feel worthy of what you want, you’re not going to get it. That was big for me because I struggled for really most of my life with feeling unworthy. Like other people can have that other people can have a six-figure month. Other people can have a seven figure business or the, you know, a dream beach house, but literally least isn’t worthy of it. And when I made that decision along with making the decision was I’m, I am worthy of this and that that pushed a lot of my beliefs. I grew up very conservative, Southern Baptist, literally singing songs about I’m not worthy. So you may be able to relate to that depending on your religious upbringing. And I think so much of what’s taught by a lot of institutions is we’re not worthy. It’s good to be poor. It’s Holy and righteous to suffer and not have money.

And none of that is true. It’s all a big lie. It is all a big lie. But if you don’t decide, if you just continue to let that limiting belief run the show for you, the universe gives you what you think you deserve. That’s how it works. So until you actually feel like you deserve the thing you want, and you feel it on a cellular energetic level, it’s not going to come yet. You got to start feeling worthy and abundant, and you have to realize you generate that from me inside. It’s not from anywhere else. You generate it first, internally, and then it has to come back to you. That’s universal law. So that’s how it works in an amazing meditation that helped me was Dr. Joe Dispenza generating abundance. That was really big. And so all along the way with this, I would take little steps and little steps that like pushed the limits of what I would normally spend on myself.

I remember, you know, when I was first, this was actually back in September. So before I’d even made this decision, but it was at the beginning of the, she sells brand launch and I wanted to do a photo shoot with my favorite photographers, shout out to Marlena sun Menza in North Carolina. And so we drove up from Atlanta to North Carolina to do this photo shoot with her. And I remember I was like, I want a nice place to do this photo shoot and the hotel that we were staying at, how to penthouse and all the lease would have been like, Oh, I don’t stay in the penthouse. That’s not

Like, Oh my gosh, that’s so much money to spend on one night in a hotel that, you know, like over a thousand dollars for one night.

Ridiculous. But I knew that if I didn’t think I was worthy of it, why would anybody think I was worthy to work with and invest in at a high level? So I invested in that hotel room and in that penthouse, and it’s like these little uplevels and things you can do to show yourself you’re worth more. So, you know, I was coaching a client yesterday in the 10 K club. And we were talking about for her, how to up-level her sense of worthiness. And she was going to go shopping for a plant that night. Cause we talk a lot about when you’re rewiring your subconscious it’s like planting seeds that take a little while to grow. So she was gonna go get a plant just to remind her of that process. And I, my, what I coached her to do was get something you normally wouldn’t get, you don’t need to go like blow the bank and go into panic because you spent way more than you would normally spend on a plant like this, but just get something that’s a little nicer than you would normally get, get the thing that’s like pushing your edge so that she starts to see herself as worthy of more.

So it’s those little things, those little things, those little things. And then the other is just just speaking positively to yourself. And so that’s a big thing. I’ve talked a lot in my social media recently about like, I used to really criticize myself when I saw myself in a mirror. And it still sounds like, honestly, there’s still thoughts that show up. Sometimes when I see myself of, well, I’m not even gonna verbalize them, but they’re thoughts that aren’t that kind to myself. Right? And so I’ve had to really be conscious and aware of complimenting myself. When I see myself, you look beautiful today you look. Or when I, when I like say something like when I record this podcast, like, Oh my gosh, Elise, that was so good. That was so great. And it, uplevels your self worth speaking to yourself that way. Final thing. So this is again, I’m making this up

Well time for you guys cause where ideas are coming to me, but this one is big,

Big number seven was you got to do everything that scares you. And that was, that was big. So this is not just about sitting on a meditation cushion, like feeling the feeling of the thing you want and then not doing anything. That’s not how it works. When you sit on the meditation cushion and you feel the feeling of the thing you want, you stay in that space of gratitude and excitement and joy and contribution. You’re going to start to get ideas and you’re going to start to get downloads and these little like nudges, right? My friend, Alison calls them. So you’re going to get these nudges and your job is to act on them and to be unattached to how it goes. So when I made this decision and I invested at this high level in this coach, one of my dream lives that I had done in this exercise at the end of 2020 was to be a world famous singer and to sing just to sing like really inspiring songs for people across the world.

And I was, you, you may have seen some of my Instagrams about this, but you know, the stream life showed up for me. And yet I was someone who was scared to sing publicly because the last time I sang publicly, it was right after I had been sexually assaulted. And I, it was a solo I had in a college performance and it was like the morning after. And I botched it, you know, understandably, right. I was pretty sh shook it up emotionally and I was so ashamed. And so just, it felt very traumatizing. And so I just stopped singing and that was, you know, close to two decades ago. And so when I made this decision, it was like, I had to start doing everything that scared me. And so I made the decision to that same day. I invested

50 in coaching.

I sang publicly again, I did a social media video singing to Jack. And it was like, that felt very scary. I honestly felt like I was having an out of body

Experience while he did this stuff. It was like, who is this woman? Who’s doing these things

Terrifying to her, but it also felt like I felt so alive. And that feeling has continued through this whole process of everything that scares me. I do. Now I had real resistance around reels,

Real resistance around reels, Instagram reels. I was like, yeah,

I’m not going to dance on Instagram. That’s ridiculous. My clients will think I’m out of my mind and stupid. And what do you know, like coach I’m working with was like, you need to be doing Instagram real is you need to dance. So what did I do? I danced I reached out to people who were very high profile to get their help and support in promoting this, this new program, 10 K club. I you know, I reached out and, and I, I did things that pushed my limits in terms of doing a paid masterclass and things that otherwise a little East, a little scaredy lease would have been like, you know, who are you to do that? Who are you to ask people to pay at this level to work with you? I raised my rates significantly for one-on-one and everything has been very intuitively guided.

It has felt some of it felt scary, but it also has been easier action because it’s far more fruitful. So I’m hoping this sense, like the things I have done in this process have been far more impactful because they’ve pushed my edge. Almost everything I’ve done has pushed my edge. So it’s not like I was just sitting there waiting for everything to come to me. I’ve been acting, but there’s a difference between busy action and aligned action. And when you make the decision that you’re no longer available for anything mediocre in your life, and you decide that you were the type of person who can receive and have exactly what you want and you start to adopt that identity for yourself, you’re going to get instincts and urges to do things that the old you wouldn’t do. And your job is to do them and to not really care what happens from them because you, your own, your only job again, is get excited, get in the feeling of what you want happening and then follow the instincts that show up and just follow them.

And I kind of think about it like an Easter egg hunt. Like now when I do stuff, I just do it. So it’s like, okay, I got this instinct. I trust it because I trust my instincts. And so I’m going to do this and just see what happens. And I’m unattached and uncommitted to what happens from every individual action I’m unattached to who becomes my client, who doesn’t, I don’t really care. My job is to show up, to serve in my most powerful way, to stay in high vibration and to follow the instincts and the downloads that I get to act and everything falls into place. When that happens, that’s let my experience be your proof that this works. And this comes from a woman who, for most of her life struggled with massive limiting beliefs around money and around self-worth and visibility. So trust me, if this will work for me, it’ll work for you. There’s nothing different about me than you. It’s just learning how to apply these universal principles and laws to the way you run your life. So I think that’s it.

I don’t have a really like,

Dematic ending to this for you. In fact, I’ve been watching Jack on the monitor while I record this and he’s been up for a little bit. So I’m going to go get him out of his crib now, but I just wanted to share this because I feel like a veil has been lifted in my own life. And I realize now how hard I made it unnecessarily for so many years when I was stuck in my small limited thinking. And if I can help one person bust out of that through this, then my job is done with this. My job is done. And so just remember it requires deciding that you’re worth more taking big fat, scary actions that defy logic and going for it. Like your hair is on fire. I mean, that is that. And then getting excited and knowing that it’s coming for you, knowing that what you want is coming, what you want or something better is always coming.

And that’s how it works. And it gets to be fun and it gets to be easy and it gets to be enjoyable. And once you do it, you’re like, what was I waiting so long for this? Great. So that is, that is my my message for you today. I love you. I, they support you. If there’s any way I can help support you send me an email, at least@leastarcher.com and send me a DM on social media. My mission, my whole heart and mission is to help other people, specifically, other women make this type of quantum leap and realize that they can have anything they want when they decide they’re worthy. Oh, this is making me teary. Gosh, I’m a big SAP now. Okay. I love you. I’m going to go get little man out of his crib. Okay. And reach out if I can help support you in any way. So much love bye for now.

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