Enrollment for The Next Cohort of the $10k Club Closes at 12pm EST on March 27!

Apply Now

The process to apply for The $10k Club is simple:

1. Purchase and watch my “Your First Six Figures” Masterclass, where you will learn the 5 key mindsets and habits of six figure+ earners.  You will also be introduced to The $10k Club in that training, so you can determine if you would like to apply or not (there is no risk to this as there is a money back guarantee!)

2. After you watch the class, you will be invited to apply for a discovery call and will receive the link to do so

3. Have your discovery call with Elyse where you will both decide if it’s a good fit.  If it is, you will be welcomed into the $10k Club and begin some of the most transformative 90 days of your life! 

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