Hi Laura,
Are you to scale to multiple six figures in sales and start consistently, joyfully and easily earning $50k or more per month? 

Watch this video with your personal invitation to this elite women’s mastermind:

The $50K Club is an Elite Mastermind that is Application-Only!


The 50K Club is for the woman who is ready to allow new levels of abundance in all areas of her life.

You’re ready to accept all of this, AND for it to be in a different way than how you got to where you are.  

You’re done with limiting beliefs, playing small and working more hours than feels good. 

You’re ready to leverage your true superpowers, which are your feminine energy and your spiritual connection, to create what you want with ease and speed.  

And you’re ready to claim that NOW. 

Your Program Includes:

A private kick-off intensive with Elyse to help you map out your business and life strategy for the next 6 months ($6500 value)

A luxurious and high-vibe mastermind retreat in New York City ($10k value)

Monthly group coaching calls to help you stay on track and receive the coaching and support you need to achieve your goals.  You will be networking and collaborating with incredible women like you who have access to resources, connections and ideas that will help you achieve your goals.   ($10K value)

Marco Polo access to Elyse between calls for accountability and support.  You will have everything you need from a mindset & tactical standpoint to scale to $50K+ months  ($25K value)

Access to guest mentors Elyse invests $200k/year in to work with – these are some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world who have scaled multiple 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses  ($50K value)

Access to the $10K Club program + group calls ($7500 value) 

TOTAL VALUE: $109,000

Your Investment Options:

 Pay in Full: $20K 

 Payment Plan: $7500 Deposit + 5 monthly installments of $3k 

** This is Founders Pricing for the first 10 women who join. The program investment will go up in the future**

Are you ready to really see what's possible in your life with this level of support?


I was the epitome of doing all the “right things” to create the life I thought would make me happy.  Get the six figure corporate job and just work harder and more hours if you want to earn more.  Work and hustle your way to the top. 

But after years of doing that, even though I had what many would consider outward success I was deeply unhappy, secretly struggling with an eating disorder and continuously stuck at about $10k/month no matter how hard I worked. 

I finally decided there HAD to be a better way, and as I learned and applied the principles you will learn in The $50K Club, in just 6 weeks I went from $100k years to $100k months, experienced profound personal healing and skyrocketed from a life that was just OK to one I still can’t believe I’m living in what felt like the blink of an eye. 

I want every woman who desires it to experience this level of success, and to know that it doesn’t have to take long at all to create a true quantum leap in your finances and life.  If this is speaking to you and you want THIS level of transformation, I would love to support you in allowing it in! 



To Apply for The $50K Club:

The $50K Club is for women who are already at the $10K+ month level, and are ready to scale to $50K+ months.  

We are accepting applications through the month of November, and we kick off in December.  To apply, please book an application call through the link below!  Once we talk and agree it’s a great mutual fit, your payment will be processed immediately to reserve your spot. 

I can't wait to support you in creating your next-level career and life filled with more joy, ease, freedom and abundance than you've ever experienced!


She Sells & the $50K Club is proud to donate 10% of all profits to The Give to Give Foundation.

The Give to Give Foundation’s mission is to  provide support, scholarships and research to empower individuals to help themselves and then help others on their healing and wellness journeys.  You can learn more at www.givetogivefoundation.org/about/

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