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Video Confidence & lead Generation for Financial advisors

Shine on Social Media and Consistently Attract New Ideal Clients

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Can you imagine an inbox full of inbound leads from clients who have been following you online and want to work with you?

Being visible on social media, especially through video, is critical to success today as a financial advisor. Your potential customers are spending time there every day consuming content and new ideas to help them retire securely and grow their money.

In fact, by 2021 82% of all consumer traffic is going to be on video! (Cisco)

That means that your ideal clients are using videos to help them make decisions on how to manage their money and who to partner with in the process.

You know that video is important, but really mastering your camera presence can be easier said than done and some of these things may be holding you back right now:

●        You don’t like the way you look or sound on camera

●        You worry that you’ll make a big mistake in a video that will negatively impact your brand

●        The technology and social media platforms feel confusing

●        You aren’t sure of what to say on video – why would anyone watch?

●        It feels overwhelming and time consuming to create video content

●        Or, perhaps you’re already creating video content, but it’s not getting the traction you hoped for and you can’t figure out why

You know you’re missing out on a big opportunity to grow your practice and connect with new clients using video and social media, and just need a guidebook on exactly what to do so that you can finally take action and quickly grow your confidence on camera.

That’s why I wrote this eBook, Video Confidence & Lead Generation for Financial Advisors.  It contains the exact blueprint I teach my coaching clients who pay me thousands of dollars to help them master this skill. 

In this eBook you’ll learn:

●        The Video Confidence Mindset that will empower you to shine on camera and look like a pro as you clearly articulate your ideas

●        The very simple (and affordable) Video Tech toolbox I have my clients use so that they don’t waste money on unnecessary technology

●        What sort of video editing is actually worth your time to do, and what is unnecessary

●        How to use one to one video to skyrocket your sales

●        How to master your messaging in your videos and make sure your topics are on point for your audience

●        How long your social media videos should be and what the ideal posting frequency is

●        How to generate new leads through your video content

●        And More!

Mastering video for your financial services practice can be easy, and I’m excited to empower you to take action and learn this valuable skill set that you’ll use for the rest of your career!

Here’s what some of my students are saying about how they’ve mastered video since working with me:

Your Video Confidence & Lead Generation contains the blueprint  my coaching clients pay me thousands of dollars to teach them, but the eBook is yours for only $7!

Knowing how to use video is a skill that will only become more important as time goes on, so I invite you to invest in yourself and take action today to receive the information you need to master this skill once and for all!

About Your Instructor:

Elyse Archer is a founding team member and Personal Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group whose insights have been featured in major media including Forbes and Inc. She is a keynote speaker and host of the podcast Instant Impact with Elyse Archer, where she shares best practices from top business leaders who have created extraordinary personal brands and world class networks.

Prior to joining the founding team of Brand Builders Group, Elyse served as a Partner in an 8-figure international sales coaching organization, where she helped sales professionals achieve their goals.

With a degree in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill and over 10 years’ experience in the digital marketing industry, Elyse leverages her background to help people position themselves as thought leaders in their space.

Outside of work Elyse is the creator of the Instant Impact Challenge, in which she is committed to doing something generous for someone else every day for 100 days and sharing about it on social media.

Her goal is to show people that you can create a massively positive impact in the world in only 5 – 10 minutes per day.  Elyse believes that abundant generosity is the key to a well-lived life.   She is passionate about helping other people leverage the power of generosity that so that they can build high-level relationships, achieve their goals and leave a personal legacy that makes them proud.