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Are you ready to finally be visible as a true expert in your space and have ideal clients seeking you out to work with you?


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By the completion of this program, you will have:

  • Total confidence in how you show up on camera and zero hesitation when it’s time to hit record or to go live

  • Clarity on who your ideal client is – demographics, psychographics, what questions they have that you can answer on video to establish yourself as an expert and resource for them

  • Clear positioning of yourself as an expert – a succinct way of introducing yourself and establishing your credibility in your videos and your supporting materials. You’ll be able to clearly articulate why you’re the one clients would want to work with

  • Developed a natural style of delivery on camera that’s articulate, powerful and doesn’t sound scripted

  • A simple and easy to use technology toolkit that you use for your video creation

  • A call to action that gets ideal clients reaching out to you

  • Confidence in how to write compelling copy and titles for your videos

  • A simple, duplicatable follow up process that you use to respond to inbound leads

  • Actual videos produced and live that are generating inbound leads for you

  • A schedule and system for integrating regular video creation into your daily life to get max results in a short amount of time

  • A content calendar system created so that you’re never ‘winging it’ and always confident that the video you’re creating is going to bring value and generate inbound leads


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