Millionaire Quarterly Planning Intensive

July 19 from 1 – 3pm EDT

Head into this Quarter with a clear vision and success plan to achieve all of your goals with ease, peace and energy. 

Are you tired of feeling behind, scattered and reactive, chasing your goals and never feeling quite on top of them? 

In this intensive session 7 figure CEO Elyse Archer will lead you through the Quarterly Planning process she developed after years of struggling with the same thing that she now uses to consistently grow revenue and achieve her goals, despite market or economic conditions. 

You’ll learn: 

  • The exact process to use to get clear on your vision for the next 90 days and how to put a tactical strategy in place to achieve it, no matter how unclear you may feel right now 
  • The #1 thing almost everyone misses when setting goals that holds them back, and how to fix it today
  • How to organize your personal life like your business so you’re constantly growing and thriving in that area 

You’ll leave this workshop with a clear plan and strategy in place to make the next 90 days your best yet.  

This is a process you’ll want to implement for the rest of your life to help you step into the highest version of yourself, constantly achieve greater results in business and in life, and feel a new sense of peace, presence and achievement you’ve never experienced before. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, sales professional or sales leader, this workshop will teach you valuable skills you’ll use for the rest of your life. 

The investment: $497

The session will be recorded, and replays will be available.