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Meet The Million Dollar You

Learn how to align with the million dollar version of yourself and create a business and life you never dreamed possible.

It's Time to Stop Playing Small.

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Your level of income will never exceed your level of self-worth.

there is a million dollar version of you just waiting to emerge.

you see it and you desire it. you see other people doing this and it speaks to you.

the thought of this type of expansion excites you and elevates you with the possibilities for how life will change when you are at this next level.

And yet it feels like there is a gap or a block… maybe you are thinking you have to work harder to get there, and you’re already working so hard.  Or maybe you think you should be satisfied with what you have and that it’s wrong to keep stretching for more.  Or, perhaps you think you can do it, but it’s going to take a long time and a lot of hard work.

here's the truth


If you have a desire for a more expansive career, financial situation, lifestyle and impact, that means it is meant for you.  

We only desire things we are capable of achieving.

So if you have a desire to create the million dollar version of yourself, either literally by creating a million dollar business or sales career, or simply by feeling energetically aligned with a million dollars and seeing what transpires in your life, that means you can and are meant to do it.


And yet you may be finding yourself…

Hitting a limit on how much you make every month, continually falling short of where you'd really like to be

Tired, overwhelmed, stressed out and burned out ... how could you possibly work any harder? (this is tied to a limiting belief that making more money means working harder - spoiler alert, it doesn't)

Questioning who you are to want such an expansive career and life?

Perhaps you're doing "well" financially, and feel guilt or shame about wanting more ... actually admitting out loud that you want more money is tinged with negative emotion and if you're honest you don't feel worthy of receiving what you actually want.

Or maybe you've been doing status quo for so long that the thought of meeting the million dollar you excites you, but you doubt that it's actually possible for you. You tell yourself it could happen for others but not for you.

Whatever story you are telling yourself

about why it's not possible or why it has to be hard

I want you to know this one thing:

You CAN become the million dollar version of yourself.  And it gets to be easy.

Hi, I'm Elyse

I created this program because this is the information I needed most for much of my life, but didn’t know existed. 

You see – for many years, I wanted more for my life.

In fact, when I first started my journey into sales and entrepreneurship almost 20 years ago, I was obsessed with hitting six figures.  In my mind that was the real benchmark that would say I had “made it.” 

Well, I did it pretty quickly, and there were a lot of perks that came with having more financial freedom at an early age, but I experienced two things:

  1. I didn’t feel the abundance I thought I would
  2. I had massive inner turmoil and struggle about money and self worth that I wasn’t telling anyone about. 

On the outside I tried to look like I had it all together, but what people didn’t know was that I was struggling with an eating disorder, was in a really bad marriage, and had crippling anxiety when it came to money.

This struggle continued for over a decade, and no matter what I did I couldn’t break past the six figure earnings mark or get past the inner self doubt and anxiety.  When I finally got fed up and decided there had to be a different approach to money, business and life, things started to change dramatically. 

I went on a radical journey of self development and study, learning about the energetics of money, what is at the root of money blocks and anxiety, and how to finally release them.

This information changed my life.  Not only did it help me finally stop feeling fear, lack or scarcity feelings, but in 6 weeks of implementing it I turned my annual income into my monthly income and went on to consistently earn 7 figures+ year over year after making these shifts. 

The transformation wasn’t about working harder or trying a better sales strategy.   It was about the inner shifts I made to align myself with abundance.

The thing I’m most grateful for, even more than how wonderful life can be when you’re well-resourced, is that I get to shift the legacy and dynamic for my children so they don’t struggle with the same things I did for most of my life. 

Ready to shift your family legacy, transform your money story and align yourself for the abundance you truly desire? 

Let's Go!

In this expansive 8 week program, you're going to learn how to align energetically with the version of you who easily makes $1 million+ per year, as well as have expert support putting the tactical strategies into place for you to do so!

What Others Are Saying

"Elyse gives it all up in class. She puts her whole heart and soul and strategy out for you to overcome limiting beliefs that keep you from making money! You won’t regret it."


Financial Services

"This class was pretty life changing for me!! I got out of my own way and finally decided to put myself first <3"


Health Coach

"Working with Elyse helped me skyrocket my visibility and confidence. I went from a $2k month to consistent $20k months after just 60 days. "



""Before working with Elyse my income was sporadic, and for many months it was $0. Within 6 months of hiring Elyse I was at $50K months!""


Healthcare Consulting

""Working with Elyse I doubled my income within 6 months. Your program has changed my life and I am so grateful." "


Financial Services
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ARE YOU READY TO step into your millionaire identity?

Imagine having total clarity on what’s held you back from stepping into your 7 figure identity in the past, and having clear and easy steps to take now to make it your reality.

Understand the energetics of expanding financially, and how to align with the million dollar version of you.

Receive a clear and simple process to help you clear limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

Craft and step into the identity of someone who easily and consistently earns $1mm+/year

Create your tactical game plan to expand to 7 figures+, all with expert support and guidance from someone who has done it herself 

It's Easier to Make 7 Figures than it is to Make 6.

Join Elyse Archer, international sales, money and mindset mentor, for this intensive and expansive 8 week journey for sales professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone else who is committed to shifting into lasting, next-level abundance in their lives.

Here’s What to Expect:

This program is currently closed, but will be taught live again soon, so please join the waitlist if you’d like to be notified for the next enrollment period. I’m taking everything I’ve learned after investing over $250k over the past 2 years in working with extremely high level mentors and giving it all to you on this expansive and intensive journey together.  

All curriculum outlined below is based on my vision for the course and what I’ve seen make the biggest difference in my own life, as well as in the lives of the clients I serve.  As I get to know everyone who registers, I may adjust the programming based on what I see will best serve the group.  This will be a co-creative, fun and expansive journey together!

Week 1: Decision + Vision

Here's what I know - getting out of any sort of stuckness around sales or business revenue requires expanding your vision of what's possible in your life, as well as making the decision that you are no longer available to play small.

(By the way - the life you are now living and the money you are now making may seem big to others or have felt big to you at one point). However, if it is now feeling small, mundane or uninspiring to you, it's time for an uplevel. You are wired for expansion, so if you're continuing to get the same results over a prolonged period of time things will feel small and stuck.

The purpose of this week is to help you get clarity on your next-level vision for your career and life, and then start taking steps to make it your reality.

Week 2: Understanding the power of Identity and Creating the New You

Your results will never supersede your identity.

If you want to start creating a million dollar career and lifestyle, you need to shift your identity to see yourself as someone who does so (this is based on neuroscience and is what is required in order to create true and lasting results).

This week we're going to dive deep into the power of your identity, get clear on who you have been in the past and how that has impacted your results, and map out the identity of the new version of you who naturally and easily has the results you are wanting.

You don't get what you WANT in life, you get what you ARE. So let's help you BE the person who has what you want. That's what this week is all about.

Week 3: Embodiment + How to bend time and space

You don't get what you WANT in life, you get what you ARE.

It's one thing to know intellectually what it would be like to be the million dollar version of yourself, but it's another to actually show up like it and start taking actions that align with creating that outcome in your business or sales career.

This week you'll learn how to actually embody the new identity of you who is a million dollar+ earner, from how you show up in your business or career, to your home life, to your health, relationships and more.

Embodiment changes everything. This is how I was able to 10X my income in 6 weeks after being stuck for over a decade. It's a complete game-changer, and I can't wait to teach you how to do it!

Week 4: Expanded Wealth Consciousness

Money goes where it is welcomed.

Most of us have hidden money blocks we don't even realize we have, that block us from receiving the amount we want. Whether deep down we believe we will be greedy or not a good person if we want more, or we have difficulty receiving, there are SO many old beliefs we hold on to that block the flow of money in our lives.

Week 4 is all about expanding your wealth consciousness to remove money blocks, welcome the flow of more money in your career and life, and start to actually become a match for earning $1mm+.

Week 5: Tactical and Strategy from a Higher Plane of Thinking

You can only think to the level of your consciousness. That's why the first 4 weeks of this program are all about expanding your level of consciousness to help you create and accept the identity of the million dollar version of you.

From this expanded level of awareness, now we will ideate and implement next-level ideas and strategies to help you scale to 7 figures plus. These ideas will come from a higher plane of thinking, and can be about sales approach, team, marketing and more. I'll be working with you specifically on the strategies that will help you scale to $1mm, and on how to start implementing them.

Weeks 6 - 8: Implementation

We will have laid a LOT of bricks in the foundation of the first 5 weeks of this program. Weeks 6 - 8 are reserved for live coaching and implementation with you to help you put into practice everything you've learned and created in the beginning of the program. This is all about action and momentum as we take big steps together to elevate you to the Million Dollar version of you!

BONUS for enrollment by July 18: Get my Aligned for Abundance Master Course ($997 value)

As a bonus for enrollment by June 18, you'll receive my mega course of all master money and wealth consciousness teachings. I want you to have resources to dive into right away to help you start embodying the 7 figure version of you, and this program alone is life-changing. In it you'll go through 7 powerful modules on:

- Your Path to Abundance
- The Magic of Alignment
- Vision Boarding Workshop
- Money Magnet
- The Energy of Money
- Master Your Money Mindset
- Money Manifestation Workshop

About Elyse

Elyse Archer is the founder of the Superhuman Selling and She Sells movements, which empower entrepreneurs and sales professionals to revolutionize how they sell, explode their income and achieve quantum leaps in all areas of life. A 2X Salesforce Top Sales Influencer and a thought leader whose insights have been featured in major media including Forbes and Inc, Elyse is passionate about empowering her clients to sell in a way that leverages their natural gifts, and helps them build wealth along the way. She is an international keynote speaker and host of She Sells Radio, where she shares best practices from female entrepreneurs and sales professionals who have accomplished extraordinary goals.


Got questions? I’ve got answers.

These sessions will be recorded live July through September 2023.  All sessions will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to them as an enrolled participant.  While I always encourage attending the sessions live if possible so I can work with you directly on the call, if you can’t make a session live you’ll get replay access to it to watch on-demand!

This is meant for anyone who desires to step into the million dollar version of themselves.

You don’t have to be at a certain financial level yet – whether you are already close to 7 figures or just getting started, the principles you learn in this program will apply regardless of your income goal.  

Most of the community we serve consists of female entrepreneurs and sales professionals, but all are welcome regardless of gender or career.  

If you’re ready to call in more money, impact and expansion into your life, this program is for you! 

We stand firmly behind the quality of our content and work, and are confident that if you implement what you learn in this program you will experience tremendous changes in your career and life.

While I will be teaching you everything I did to quantum leap from 6 to 7 figures very quickly, your results are your own responsibility. 

As such we do not offer refunds, so please make the most aligned choice for you.  If this is calling to you, I would encourage you to trust that and to invest in yourself and your future. 

You have lifetime access to the course once you enroll!  

Are You In?

If you’re ready to call in the amount of money you really desire, stop limiting yourself and receive the support you need to create the career and life that keeps calling to you, this program is for you – let’s go!