Visible Woman VIP Coaching


The visible woman

For the power woman who is ready to elevate her visibility, image and income

It’s time for women like you to be seen and heard. To make more money than they ever imagined. To be visible online and offline, respected as leaders and truly changing the world.

However, it hasn’t happened for you yet and you’re frustrated. You see so many other people having the level of success in their careers that you want, and you wonder what’s wrong with you…

In fact, you can probably relate to at least one of these things:

  • You are insecure about the way you look or sound, especially on camera

  • Deep down you don’t know why anyone would listen to you and constantly question yourself and your abilities, even though others would consider you accomplished and brilliant

  • You feel like the best kept secret in your industry or company

  • You’re trying to take everything on yourself and feel overwhelmed and overworked

  • You’re unclear about what technology and tools are needed to help you grow your visibility and influence

  • It feels like it it’s going to take forever or be really hard for you to grow your business to the level you want, so you keep procrastinating on taking the action you need to take

  • It feels harder than you would like to get new clients and you feel like you’re having to hustle every day to generate new opportunities


If this is you, I’m here to help

Let’s launch your powerful image and video presence in the world so you can make the money and impact you know you are being called to make!

The Visible Woman is my high end, one on one premier program. I only take on a handful of clients a year to help them create a powerful image that they love, and then work with them to help them bring it to life in their businesses so that they are seen and heard as the leaders they are, and are generating incredible new opportunities like new clients, promotions, speaking engagements and more.

If you are serious about investing in yourself, partnering with a high end coach and truly stepping out into your greatness, I invite you to apply for a discovery call with me where we can determine whether we’re a good fit to work together.

If you’re ready, let’s do this!

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