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Welcome back to another episode of the Instant Impact podcast with Elyse Archer.

Today is something a little different–Elyse sits down solo and shares with us three of her most effective, actionable tips on how to overcome the fear of becoming visible. It can happen to anyone–getting caught up in the negative mindset and focusing on how we sound, look, and act. But with the help of these three tips, regardless if you’re an entrepreneur or a CEO, you can step into visibility.

Tip 1: Attach necessity to becoming visible.

By attaching the worst possible outcomes to not becoming visible, and attaching the best possible outcomes to becoming visible, we set ourselves up for success through accountability. Journal about what could happen if you don’t make this change. Think about the pleasures that will come to you when you do!

Tip 2: Remember who you’re serving.

Any level of fear comes from worrying about us. You can switch that mentality by remembering that it’s not all about you! Push aside those limiting beliefs that tell you no one would be interested in working with you. Move towards the mindset that your uniqueness is what makes the message special. There are people out there waiting for you and your perspective!

Tip 3: Get over yourself already!

Everyone is already too worried about themselves to worry about you! Use that as permission to go big! Make that video and forget to hit record on your sound. Make mistakes! Put yourself out there and be known. If you mess up, it may sting, but people will forget about it in no time.

Remember, come from a place of service and the rest will follow.


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