Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Instant Impact Podcast with your host, Elyse Archer. Today, Elyse sits down with Sunil Godse. Sunil grew a number of startups to a combined $20 million by building trusting connections before moving on to help accelerate sales for other companies. His recent Intuitionology project combines over 10,000 hours of research and over 1,000 interviews to produce a set of online courses that teaches people how to make the right decision in any situation by trusting their intuition. 

Elyse and Sunil break down what an intuitive signal can manifest as. The first step, he says, is identifying how our intuition behaves. For some, it can manifest physically, like a gut feeling. For others, it can be noticing omens in their day-to-day lives. It’s about finding what it looks like for you and educating yourself on trusting it. Whatever it is, though, it will probably be subtle, which can often mean they go ignored. 

Occasionally, we encounter hurdles, both emotionally and professionally. What’s important is recognizing what the source of the hurdle is and not allowing it to psych us out of the right decision. It’s key when starting a business to be absolutely clear on why you’re going down this path. Paying attention to “flow” is vital to leveraging your intuition when in the professional sphere.  



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Welcome back to the Instant Impact podcast with your host, Elyse Archer. Today, Elyse sits down with Sunil Godse to talk about intuition, what the signals are, and how we can identify them. He gives insight into leveraging our intuition in the professional sphere. Sunil and Elyse also break down hurdles that we can encounter when making important, intuitive decisions. 

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