Thanks for tuning into Instant Impact with Elyse Archer! Today’s guest is Scott Groves, a top-level mortgage loan officer in California. Scott has built a career out of providing exceptional service from application to closing. Helping clients find mortgage solutions that meet their long-term financial needs is his primary focus. He’s the author of the best selling book Lead Generation: Double Your Pay in 61 Days. With this in mind, Scott is able to share with us his tips for increasing pay, revenue, and results efficiently and in a shorter amount of time. 

Scott built his Consolidated Coaching business by building those key, strong relationships in all aspects of his life, from professional to personal. Eventually, this lead him to write his best-seller. In a word, Scott tells us that it doesn’t matter what you’re selling—you need to do lead generating activities. But why 61 days? He says it’s about forming a new habit. By reading a chapter every day, just one tip, you’re committing to getting 1% better in some way, shape, or form. 

Carrying on that mentality, Scott shares with us the switch he made that gave him the biggest impact almost immediately—swapping his vocabulary from using “motivation” to “commitment.” You have to be committed to making those cold calls, committed to reading those few pages every day, committed to expanding your brand. Through that, we can achieve the lifestyle we’re after. 

A good place to start, Scott brings up, is creating an environment where you can be successful. By changing the physical nature of your surroundings, you can control the steps you’re taking to get things done. By setting ourselves up for success physically, we actively take a role in reminding ourselves what it is we should be focused on. This can take countless forms, be it a schedule, a stack of books you want to read, or a list of calls you need to make. 

Scott and Elyse break down what we can do to get in the mode of generating leads:

  1. Schedule a time for yourself to do lead-generating activities. Set aside a time of your day where you know you’re going to buckle down and get those calls out to clients and make connections

  2. Get good at interrupting interruptions. Turn off those automatic notifications and only keep up two apps that you know are essential. Show value to your clients by picking up their calls, but show value to yourself by establishing that your time generating leads is valuable. 

Later on, Scott and Elyse discuss the difference between marketing and lead generation and some important distinctions. Essentially, Scott explains, marketing is the last “stage” of lead generation. If you have great content and are getting lots of engagement, unless you’re going out and making the calls and connections, nothing will come of it. Following up is essential!

Scott then mentions that there isn’t a formula to all of this. People in different positions and stages of building will be focusing on different areas, they’ll be wearing different clothes, and they’ll be talking to different people. There is no right or wrong, but we need to be aware of the space we’re occupying, and adapt accordingly. 

Finally, Scott tells us the importance of being “famous with your spouse.” Tune in to find out how important it is to have a strong, core 50 connections you can always rely on. 

What you’ll learn in this episode

In today’s episode, Scott breaks down lead generation and how we can maximize our time to bring the most value to our clients and to ourselves. He explains how to make the switch from “motivated” to “committed” and what it means to your business when you take small steps every day to create productive habits. 


Find Scott’s book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Lead-Generate-Days-Double-Your/dp/1732591202/ref=sr_1_1?crid=231X0ZG9LDL14&keywords=lead+generate+61+days+to+double+your+pay&qid=1563334134&s=gateway&sprefix=lead+gene%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-1

Scotts email: scott@consolidatedcoaching

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