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Laura Grabavoy

Vice President of Business Development for She Sells.

Laura has 30 years of experience in corporate sales as a Vice President, Sales Manager and Vice President Senior Private Banker working with Ultra High Network Clients. She has earned Top Sales Manager awards and several individual sales awards as a top producer. Laura’s quantum leap happened after 6 months of working alongside Elyse. She Doubled her income in corporate and landed a job as a VP working in the Ultra High Networth Space.


  • 2022 Legends Winner Award recipient.  Awarded to Top 1% in the bank for Sales Achievements.
  • 2020 Performance review highest rating given.  Achieved 168% of Revenue Goal. 
  •  2019 Performance review highest rating given. Achieved 175% of Revenue Goal.
  • Recognized as a leader in New Client Acquisition growth.
  • Awarded Top Revenue Growth out of Chicago Market 2015.  338% to revenue goal in 2014.            
  • Distinguished ranking for 2015 and Ranked 8th Nationally.             
  • Top Premier Team 2014 rookie of the year.
  • Ranked #1 Sales Manager of the Year 2012.
Along with all of Laura’s incredible accomplishments, she is also a wife of 30 years to her high school sweetheart & a mother of 3 children. 



It's time to Quantum Leap your sales, your business, and your life. Connect with Laura at

Laura doubled her income within 6 months

“I was a high performer, always winning trips and crushing it but never feeling like I was enough. I didn’t realize how worthy I was and how to attract what I wanted to myself.

When I started following the principles of the program and decided I was worth more and deserved better, I literally had 3 jobs I have always wanted show up at the same time.

I felt so empowered and so worthy from all the work I had done with your coaching and training. I also learned how to release limiting beliefs about money in a big way.

The results weren’t just doubling my income, but I had shifts in my marriage, changes in my relationships, and so much more. My biggest one was healing from sexual abuse trauma. I’d spent many years of counseling for it which was needed, but you helped me heal in a different way. I finally learned how to shift out of that abused past. I shifted into living in the present, creating my most powerful future self and living into her now.

Your program has changed my life and I am so grateful.”

Laura g.

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