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My guest today has a beautifully intuitive gift for seeing your colors. A huge part of what I truly believe will unlock your ability to achieve your next level in sales and business success is to heal from past traumas, and learn how to powerfully leverage your gifts. Justin Morris uses his gift of reading colors to tell you how to manage your gifts and make your deepest impact.


Justin has taken his life-long study of color, psychology, and an incredible intuitive gift for seeing the colors inherently attached to a person’s soul and use them as a guide to get to the core issues people are facing. As a Life Coach, energy healer, and award-winning keynote presenter, he now teaches people to be the designer of their own life and use color to bring out the highest version of themselves.


Color can affect you physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. In our conversation, Justin explains how to identify specific colors and their meanings by using myself as an example. He helps you gain the courage to intentionally give equal opportunity to all the parts of yourself. You will find that this episode gives tips on how to truly step forward into a path of sustainable change.

Show Notes:

[00:58] – Elyse shares what an amazing experience she went through with the practice of reading colors.

[03:14] – Justin gives an inside look to his early childhood that influenced his relationship with his gifts.

[06:00] – Color can affect you physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

[08:18] – Whether you’re trying to grow in sales or be a better human being, the things holding you back are usually the same.

[11:00] – When you can be completely intuitively and consciously aware of who we are as an individual, we can grow into self-awareness.

[12:30] – A sense of neutrality is the basic foundation of sustainable change.

[13:31] – Sell from a place of wholeness to have a steadier foundation.

[15:17] – Understand yourself to feel more grounded, and show gratitude for the gift in the chaos.

[16:36] – Almost everyone is struggling with some sort of incompleteness, including in sales environments.

[18:52] – Justin helps us identify specific colors and their meanings, starting with colors related to addiction.

[21:31] – To overcome addiction, you must take the lesson from what the addiction is providing you.

[22:35] – Justin talks about Elyse and how she can progress in her sales as an example.

[24:48] – Elyse shares how she resonates with Justin’s in-the-moment reading of her colors.

[27:36] – Here are three of seven areas to check for hang-ups in your life.

[29:46] – Here are the next four of the seven areas to be aware of on your journey.

[31:26] – You can have colors that are overcharged and undercharged.

[33:27] – Be present every time that you can.

[36:11] – You will attract people that have specific gifts to help you.

[38:37] – Every single day of the week has a color to help you create a rhythm.

[40:36] – There’s so much information within you that can be unlocked to help you reach your next level.

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Tweetables and Quotes:

“The same things that hold us back in sales are usually the same things that are holding us back in progressing in our personal lives. The biggest reason I have seen that people struggle in moving forward in their lives is the lack of awareness.” – Justin Morris


“When you’re seeking wholeness in anything outside of you, then you’re giving your power away.” – Elyse Archer


“Everyone has a propensity to be addicted to something.” – Justin Morris

Welcome to she sells radio. I have to tell you, I recently had one of the coolest and most, I would say enlightening and empowering experiences of my life when I hired someone to read my colors. And now I know, um, you’re probably thinking exactly what I thought when I first heard about this, which is okay, what the heck does that mean? And why in the world would you do that? But I’ll give a little bit of context for this. So one of my dear friends, who’s also, my mastermind partner came to our call one day and she was literally gushing about this experience. She had just had with a man who does intuitive color reading and how for her, she got so much clarity and so much insight on the next phase of her business and her life that she wasn’t even aware of going into the call.

And so I said, I’m okay. I’m always game to try something new and different. And, you know, even for me going into it, I was skeptical. Like, I’ll be very honest. I was skeptical. But the moment that I sat down with this, man, I knew first I felt his energy and how caring and loving and empathetic he was. And I could tell there was something just super special and powerful that he was up to. And in about an hour, he was able to literally tell me so much about my past and then how to, and give some and give more meaning to it, and then how to use my gifts to create the future that I want. Um, and it was in ways that people who know me really well and have known me for years, wouldn’t have been able to do. And it was so healing.

And so empowering I’ve since had my mom uses services, I’ve sent him to different clients and part of why I really wanted to have this conversation today on the show is that if you’ve been around, she sells for any amount of time, but you know, we do things differently here and a huge part of what I truly believe will unlock your ability to achieve your next level in sales and in business success is to actually heal from these past traumas. And so it’s healing and then learning how to most powerfully leverage your gifts, which is exactly what my guest here today is going to teach you how to do. And, um, my guest today is this incredible man who has a beautiful, intuitive gift for seeing your colors and using those, to tell you about how you can leverage your gifts and make your deepest impact in the world.

He spent his entire life studying, um, psychology of color. He’s a life coach and energy healer and award-winning keynote presenter. And he teaches people how to use color to bring out the highest version of themselves, which is just so cool and so amazing. And I know you’re like, who is this man? Let’s get him on the show. So Justin Morris, it is so good to have you on the show today. Welcome, but she sells radio. I Elise, how are you? Good to be here with you. It is so good to have you here. And, you know, I want to start Justin by asking, I think people are probably not familiar with what you do and how it works. I would imagine that my question was pretty common at the beginning of how does he do this? What, like, what does this even mean? I was so intrigued by it and I was like, I’m game. I’ll totally do it, but I really didn’t understand it. So can you give some context for our listeners of how did you get started with this? How did this journey happen for you and what does it actually mean to be able to read someone’s colors?

Yeah, certainly. And honestly, I think I shared in your skepticism and also I’m not really understanding for the majority of my life. You know, it really all started when I was about four years old and you know, my, my parents had passed away, um, just a few years earlier when I was just a little guy when I was two and I don’t remember them. And it was right after I learned that, um, from my end that she wasn’t my mom, it was kind of this really surreal experience for a four year old to suddenly have no roots. This suddenly my foundation was not what I expected it to be, that my family wasn’t really my family. And even though they loved me dearly and I still love them today. And, and, and I’m so very, very grateful for the love that they still offer me this family.

Um, one day as a little four year old boy, my, my aunt took me aside. We were outside together and there was this amazing Idaho sunset. I still remember it as how beautiful it was. At least it’s burned and seared into my memory anyway. And she pulled me into her and her loving arms and she whispered in my ear and she said, junk stir. Cause that’s what she used to call me. Cause I like junk food still do. She said, junk stir. Your mom is an angel in heaven and she’s painting these sunsets just for you. And it was in that moment that something, uh, woke inside of me because in that instant, I felt so connected to my earthly mother, the mother who was now an angel in heaven and also super connected to my aunt, her sister, who was raising me at that time, I felt so connected to the divine within me and the divine above me.

And since that point, as I entered different circumstances, experiences met different people. I began to notice that there’d be a color that would pop up and I didn’t understand what that meant. And not only did I not understand, but it wasn’t uncommon. You know, I was four when this started happening, I figured that everybody sees this. And so time moves forward, fast forward, several, several. And I was naturally guided, I believe by God to enter in the career of interior design. And as part of that career, you know, you start, you have the option anyway, to really begin to understand color at a very deep level. And when I hit the topic of color psychology and I began to understand that color can affect a human being physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, something was just my eyes and where we’re literally glued wide open for the next four years while I was in college, as I was constantly, thirstily seeking for information on what I was seeing so that I could understand it.

Now I gained a lot of info. I gained a lot of knowledge during that time, but it wasn’t until years later, as I began to practice this art of interior design and combining it with coaching that suddenly it started to all make sense that the colors I was seeing physically in spaces of healing and in corporate, in the corporate world, also applied to the human soul. It applied to what I was seeing when I visit with people as a coach. And as I saw these colors and then began to trust them, it was that’s when everything started to kind of be glued back together in a really cool way.

Oh my gosh, I can’t. And how wild to see these and to think everyone else sees it. And you’re the only person that I know, I’m sure, you know, are there other people who you who have the same gift who you’ve connected

With? Yeah. Um, yeah, there’s, there’s several people, you know, and I think, um, we all see it in a different way. Um, some people ask me if I see Aras and honestly, I’ve kind of given up trying to figure out what I see other than I just trust what I see, but there are many tremendous several people that I’ve met

Well, and here’s why it’s. So I think what, um, is very interesting to me and what people may be wondering too is, okay, this is a, it’s a, a show that’s really designed for women who want to grow their sales, grow their businesses. And how do we, how do we apply this? And I know for me, like, I, it was a very powerful experience and maybe we can even pull from some of what you read on my chart, just for like context for people to be able to hear. But you were able to do this reading and we were on zoom too. We weren’t even in person. So I guess you can see them. Kayla, can you see them right now? This is, these are the weird questions that go through my mind. You can see them right now.

Usually what happens is if someone just says a name, I, I will at least receive one color, even though I’ve never met them.

It’s so interesting. I’m so fascinated by this. I’ve been so, so we, we did this reading together and then I got this, um, report back from you. And what was really amazing is you told me basically how to, how to use my gifts in ways that I would never have thought of. And it also helped things that I kind of took for granted, like my voice, like you really honed in on your voice as your gift. And, um, that was, that was very powerful. So for someone who is focused on growing, you know, growing our sales in our business, why, why is this important? Why would this matter? Why would this be helpful?

Oh, my word. Um, thank you for asking that question because whether you’re trying to grow in sales, you’re trying to progress in, um, being a better mother or father or a better human being. It’s the same thing. The same things that hold us back in sales are usually the same things that are holding us back and progressing in our personal lives. And the biggest reason that I have seen that people struggle in moving forward in their lives is the lack of awareness and also self integrity. And I’m going to talk about both of those here in just a second, when we can be completely intuitively and consciously aware of who we are as an individual and the gifts that we possess and the strengths and the weaknesses, all of it, when we can be intuitively aware of our needs and consciously aware of our needs.

Those are two different things because we’re a body and a soul. We can be consciously aware with our body of our physical needs and intuitively aware of what we need to fill those needs. Well, we can grow into it. That really beautiful sense of self-awareness that step one, step two is to be completely honest with ourselves about our strengths and our weaknesses. It’s about to be completely honest and accepting of the things that we’re amazing at and the things that we could use. Some practice is completely accepting the, um, and, and an honoring and acknowledging the choices that we’ve made in the past that perhaps we wish we could go back and change. And also the amazing choices that we make every day. It is giving equal opportunity to every part of us. So why is that important? Why is this self-awareness and the self integrity so important because to truly step forward into a path of sustainable change, we have to do that because what happens if we don’t, if we’re, if we’re unaccepting or for not acknowledging negative thoughts that we have, for example, we step onto this roller coaster ride, where we have extreme highs and extreme lows, and then begin to on this we’re on this never-ending rollercoaster or hamster will, we’re constantly, constantly rolling around expecting that one day, that hamster wheel will just stop.

If we can just keep running fast enough and keep shoving down all those things that we’re pretending are a part of our lives, but the moment we can neutralize all of that by just accepting, yes, I’m amazing hair and I’m struggling here. Okay. Then you step off that hamster wheel and that neutrality, that sense of neutrality is the basic foundation of sustainable change. You want to progress in sales, it’s time to accept both the amazing things you are doing with sales and also those things that you need help with to move forward. Yes.

Well, and one thing I want to just kind of pause on from what you shared in the, there’s a, a concept that I’m creating in my program about selling from a place of wholeness, because I think that so often, at least my own journey was I sought money and I was in sales to make money. Right. I liked helping people, but I also like to make some money and I was coming at it from this place of, if I can just have more money than I’ll be secure, then I’ll feel better, then I’ll be okay. And so it was giving my power away. And I didn’t know that at the time, but now as I look back on my 20 year career now in sales, corporate sales and that as an entrepreneur and both for myself, for colleagues, I used to work with for clients, I think that’s far more common than not is that we pursue money because we think then I’ll feel whole, then I’ll feel complete, then I’ll feel safe.

And that’s an unsteady foundation too. It’s like when you’re seeking wholeness in anything outside of you, then you’re giving my beliefs, you’re giving your power away. And what I’ve found to be very powerful about your work. And I’m just looking at my color profile that you did for me, as we talk about this is it helps you to your point, kind of understand yourself in a deeper, more profound way, which to me is a key piece of taking your power back and getting to that really whole energy where you’re actually going to make more sales, make more money, all of it, because you’re showing up as a higher version of yourself, a higher level person. Right. So maybe speak to that a little bit. Cause I think that’s really, really great.

Yeah. And first of all, money is this lifeless thing. There’s no spirit in money. And if you’re trying to create a secure foundation with money, you’re literally basing your foundation on something that can blow away. That’s

A really great point. Yeah. That’s a really, really great point.

So, and decompose and that the reality of a foundation, it requires you to feel safe. It requires you to feel, it requires you to feel rooted and grounded and the best place to feel and create those things is a, your family. Now, if you’re like me, you have a family that has a lot of hiccups. There’s a lot of things, but here’s the reality whether your family has a lot of hiccups and a lot of past challenges and perhaps is in disarray and chaos, they’re still a gift that, that family gave you. There are still something that you can pull from that experience that has helped you to become the person you are today and what you can discover that suddenly your foundation is solid and you can look at that family no matter how chaotic it is and be grateful for that. Yeah. Okay.

So there’s the first thing. Um, now you talked about, um, creating, um, this, this ability to have abundance, um, by, through wholeness, by, by looking at it, um, as, as a sense of, uh, being a whole person. And honestly, that is so true. That is so true. When you can show up, as you show up at a, as a higher version of yourself and what does that require that requires a higher level of self-acceptance. It requires you to look at your life with so much gratitude, every part of your life, every nook and cranny, the more gratitude you can show to yourself and to God about what you have been given and what you have moved through your entire life, the higher vibrational state, you’ll find yourself in that’s when abundance comes. Yes.

I love that. I love that. I love that. Yeah, it’s so true. And gosh, I wish I, well, look, I think everything happens at a perfect time. And so I learned this when I needed to. Um, but you know, I think back to my twenties and spending, you know, spending a decade in, in corporate sales and myself, like struggling with food addiction issues and seeing people around me struggling with alcohol addiction or work addiction. And I just, I, I think now too, how many people it’s virtually everyone, you know, is, is struggling with some sense of unworthiness, incompleteness, some sort of emotional challenges that are expressing themselves as an addiction. They’re coming out as an addiction and how rampant that is in every company, every corporation, definitely in the sales organizations, I’ve been a part of. And it’s like, if people could learn to heal and feel whole and feel complete, they would, as a natural, by-product sell way more.

Because to your point, they’re showing up at a higher vibrational level, vibrational frequency and what a profound shift it would have in the organization. So whether you’re an entrepreneur listening to this, or you’re part of a bigger company, I just think it’s really, it’s a different perspective, but I think it’s, it’s, it’s in my opinion, it’s so true. And I I’d love Justin if we could. Um, I’d love to talk about some specific colors, cause this is I wore. So you identified one of my colors is this for anyone who’s watching, you can see the, you can see the video. I think this is kind of the color, the baker Miller pink that you identified. It’s super close. Okay. I know some people call it like millennial pink. I know, but I like, I care Keller, so I got as close as I could here, but you were able to pull specific colors and tell me what, what they meant for me. And so I think what would be fun to start with is, are there specific colors that if we want to grow our sales and if we want to grow abundance in our lives that make sense to surround ourselves with what would you, what would you advise or is it really more personal? Like your life isn’t super specific to the person?

No. Well, yes and no. And, um, let’s talk about you though. Okay. My favorite

Topic, let’s do it. Let’s talk about you.

So first of all, you talked about addictions and I think that addictions is something that hold people back from progressing and sales. And you’ve talked about a variety of different addictions and the truth is we’re addicted. Everyone has a propensity to be addicted to something, whether it be addicted to drama, addicted to, um, addiction, to negative thought patterns, addicted to food, to poor language, um, you know, alcohol drugs, um, there’s so many addictions out there that a human being can be addicted to. And the reality is the reason why we are addicted to those things is for a very, very specific reason and purpose. And there’s actually a color associated with it as well. Now there’s always a, a primary color of addictions, which is orange. And then there is secondary colors that it, it can be kind of tied to. I sometimes see them as veins growing from orange into another color.

And so when someone’s addicted, I always go to orange first. What are the not feeling connected to? Are they not feeling connected to being a leader? Are they not feeling connected to being, um, you know, stepping up and progressing, or they’re not feeling connected to progression or they’re not feeling connected to their family or to their spouse or to friends, what are they not feeling connected to? And then not having a connection of ideas coming to them. So what happens at that point, when we no longer have that connection, we try to feel it with something else. And so it becomes this habit of every time, we’re feeling a lack of connection in one area, we’re going to fill it with something that brings us something that addiction, once again is gifting you something, what can we learn from that addiction now to overcome that addiction?

All it requires is a hae to acknowledge, Hey, okay, I keep going back to the pantry. So what comes next? And so really what happens there is you voice, you give voice to that eviction, which would be loo you focus on that addiction in the sense of not like, oh my word, I have this addiction. No, it’s just, okay. Hello addiction. How are you? Nice to meet you greet that addiction as if it were an old friend, what have you gifted me? You ask, what have you given me? And then you wait for the response, write it down in a journal. And then you share this with someone that you trust and that you feel safe with giving it a voice, actually lessens the, um, desire to continue down that road. Because now you’re connecting with somebody through communicating, you’re giving it a voice, which is blue. Okay. So let’s talk about Elise and how she can progress in her sales. I’m just looking at you real quick.

Okay. So interestingly enough, there are a couple of things that I’m seeing. First of all, the color that is screaming at me is violet. Violet is the highest vibrational color that a human soul has attached to them. Unless it’s white, it’s either violet or white. If a person possesses that color, I’ve only seen just a very small handful of people that possess that color or combination of all color. Okay. So violet is that center of knowledge. It’s the center of, um, connection to God and to the divine self. So I’m just going to see here, why I’m seeing violent.

Hm. So what I’m seeing is that your soul is actually ready to take itself to a higher plane in connection with God actually. Wow. Um, he is ready to show you so much right now, as you connect with him, you’ll find a deeper connection with your divine self. You will see yourself as his daughter. You will see yourself in, um, a cleaner light. There are a few specs that I’m seeing as I look into your violet and how you see yourself. I’m looking into the past here real quick. There are just a few little specks that are kind of hanging out there. But once you raise that vibrational frequency on how you relate to him and how you connect with him, those specs will become like specks of gold. And you’ll see how they’ve seasoned your life and added texture and how they’ve actually you to become at a deeper level.

The mother that you are the business woman that you are and the woman that you are, oh boy. Wow. And you will see them literally as gold. All of those experiences. The second thing I’m seeing is, uh, your baker Miller pink, which you happen to be wearing today. Um, baker Miller pink for those that are listening is the color of a transcended heart. I call it it’s the healer’s heart. It’s the, the ability to, um, really help yourself to move forward and progress and heal and to find balance and also to help others do the same. So the really cool thing about you right now is that you’re still as gravitated to this color. For some reason, you put that jacket on today or cardigan, I can’t quite see it. And, um, and so I’m just going to look here and see what’s happening.

Oh boy, super cool. I’m excited. Elise, you’ve really begun to embrace this ability that you have to not only help yourself, but you are also recognizing the influence that you have on those that are in not only in your inner circle, but the circle of your periphery, those people that are watching you, that you probably haven’t connected with yet. So you are embracing the fact that you are like this, a ripple, and that is actually the image that I’m seeing with your baker, Miller pink, this ripple that you just by being you is sending out so many opportunities for people, especially women, to stand in their personal and beautiful divinity and power. So by doing that, you’re actually once again, by being, by being willing to stand at the center of that ripple and create those waves, you are actually raising your vibrational frequency once again and allowing the abundance to come back to you. Because just as those ripples kind of radiate away from you, it’s still providing you with ample water to surround yourself with, to create more waves. Wow, thank you.

This and I, I too, and I please keep going. This is, so this is powerful. I wasn’t anticipating that you were going to do this reading on it. And I’m so grateful for it. One, because people can hear how it actually works too. I feel so blessed and so grateful right now that you’re doing this and sharing this with me, I’ve been in very much a place of kind of inquiry about what’s next. And, um, this is answering a lot of questions and so super powerful for me to hear this. And I love that in real time, others can hear like how it’s, it’s way deeper than you think it is when you first, when you first hear about this. So thank you for that.

Yeah, no, to answer your question about the majority of people out there, honestly, the answer you’re right is not easy because generally speaking, not easy, it’s actually easy, but it’s not one color or two colors for every person because it’s really, whatever’s holding you back. What are your hangups? Is it, is it a connection issue? Is it a safety issue? Is it a personal power issue? Is it grief? Is it untruths? Is it not being able to use your voice? Is it not being able to see your next steps or to receive intuition? Or is it a lack of connection between God and your divine self? There are so many different things that you look at whatever’s holding you back. And so maybe I’ll give you this as a formula for all of your cut year. If you were today, there are seven areas to look at here.

And as I say, these seven areas, ask yourself, am I being held back in this area? And if you are put a little tick mark area, number one is that, that area of safety, security and a roots, this is your generational, your familial roots. Are you feeling a hang back there? A lack of forgiveness is also tying back to the heart. But if you have a hard time with your family, or if you’re feeling chaotic with your foundation, that’s area, number one, area, number two is the area of connection. It’s the area of adventure. Are you feeling bored? Are you feeling connected to the people around you? Are you, do you have a sense of community? If you’re having a hang up there that’s area number two, area. Number three is area of personal power is the area of self-esteem. Do you love and accept yourself?

If you’re a failing, a hang up there that’s area number three, area. Number four is the heart. The biggest saboteur of the heart is grief people. When they experience grief will either do one of two things. Either below their boundaries wide open, and people will walk all over them or they’ll throw up rock solid walls, where nobody can get in which one are you, if you’re experiencing grief. And if so, that could be an area of hangup for you. If you were. Um, the next area is the area of, of agency of free will of focus and communication. If you feel your voice has stopped, if you feel you can’t pick up the phone and call someone, if you feel like you, you just can’t put yourself out there to share your message in order to make your sales. If you’re feeling like you’re plagued with people, not telling you the truth, or you’re not telling yourself the truth, and this could be a hangup for you that the sixth area is the area of intuition, imagination, and inspiration.

Are you feeling creative block? Are you feeling like there’s just so much fog happening and you just can’t see what to do next? You having nightmares. Are you struggling in the sense of, um, feeling like you are constantly in an illusion or that your life is an illusion? Could they hang up there for you? And lastly, area number seven is that connection with God and the connection with your divine self. And also if you’re, if your knowledge center has been stopped, have you stopped reading books that actually raise your, your, um, your cognitive abilities? Are you praying? Are you spending time with God? Are you spending time knowing yourself? And not only if you aren’t, are you not doing so because you kind of want to puke every time you think about that, or you just don’t want to, or you’re afraid of what you’re going to see, chances are that that could also be your hangup. So there’s kind of seven different areas, at least that would kind of guide people and understanding where their hangups are.

Yeah. That’s so powerful. And for, for those who were kind of putting two and two together, those are also that’s related to our chakras or energy centers in our body. Right. Which is what the colors are tied to. So I’m curious now, Justin, so when you see someone’s color, like when you saw the violet really strongly on me today, first is that because that area is really strong right now? Or is that because that area is like, I need help. Is that interesting? So

When I say a color screaming at me, I like to be dramatic in my language. Um, but basically, um, I just, I kind of talk to these colors when I, when I’m seeing them because you know, color is color and it’s always beautiful to me. So when I saw yours, for example, um, violence, like pick me, pick me, hello, I need help. I need help. And so I said, okay. And I usually just set it aside for a moment and look for anything else. And that’s when I saw your, your pink as well. But the beautiful thing about that is that it’s either overcharged or is undercharged. It depends on how you look at it. And for you, thankfully, you’re actually undercharged because overcharged and violent means something completely different, but that is not you. I don’t know if we will want to know what it means, but no, it’s fine.

Every color when you’re overcharged, it has a consequence when you’re overcharged in violet, all it looks like is someone who has one way. And it is the only way we sometimes look at these people as religious zealots, someone who is so strict at everything, and there’s a black and white and nothing must deviate. And they kind of micromanage life in general. And anyone who’s doing it differently is wrong. That’s kind of, that’s not, you, you are seeking your mind is open. By the way, when I say you’re undercharged is only because your capacity to connect with him has been increased, that’s it? Wow. That’s so fascinating.

And so selfishly, I want to ask when, again, I hope this is helpful for everyone listening. Um, and I, and I think it will be, but in that case, so I’m just thinking about what I can do there. And, and like I mentioned before, I felt, um, I we’ve grown really fast as a company and I’ll just, I’ll just be very, I try to always be very transported, to be very transparent. We’ve grown very fast as a company. There’s a lot of new pieces in place now that I’m managing new team, new programs, new protocols, all of it. And I, I noticed even over the past few weeks, I was feeling kind of caught up in all of that. And like I was desiring to just like get away and have time to retreat, time to re-energize time to reconnect and get reinspired and have new ideas. But just frankly, it’s felt challenging also as a model of an 11 month old. It’s like, I can’t just be, maybe it’s a limiting belief, but it’s challenging to pick up and go right now, too. So maybe you can do, is it tied to that? And maybe you have some suggestions for how to recharge that area, given the kind of everything else that’s, that’s being handled right now.

Um, I, yes, I can speak to this. And I think first and foremost, it’s an, it’s really important for people to understand that that Elise, you have been given the same 24 hours a day that I’ve been given and every one of your viewer viewers has been given and he meaning God has granted you this 11 month old son who is beautiful and has totally changed and rocked your world. Yes. You’re still kind of creating a, even though it’s been 11 months you’re I can see that you’re still creating a system you’re still creating, um, schedules. You’re still creating to, are striving to create a, a place of, um, where the drive the car is kind of driving itself. The fact is, is that, you know, that’s actually never going to be fully resolved because that 11 month old son is going to soon become one and then two and then

Figure it out.

And then if it happens, number two comes and then it’s like a whole new realm. And we’ve experienced this with, as a father of six children. And, you know, but the reality is, is that you’re a mom, you’re a mom of an 11 month old boy right now today. And the key is to be present every time you can with your 11 month old son. And not to say you used the word and, and seek connection with your divine self, not losing yourself as a woman, as a business owner and as a daughter of, and increasing your time spent with God, or at least when you can spend time with God that you were fully present in that time that you’re spending with him. That’s how relationships are created with time. So as you do that, all of these parts and pieces that you are seeing, kind of being negotiated around with your business because of the rapid growth that you’re experiencing, you’re going to find that people are going to be attracted to you to help you to contain, not contain, but create systems for your business as well, that are at least moving in the same direction you are when you start attracting people that are kind of down here, and you’re really moving this way and they’re stagnant and moving really the no one’s stagnant, or either they’re either moving up or down, you will begin to see and attract and value.

The people that are, that are brought to you as those that have specific gifts to help you to create those systems for your business as well. Wow. Wow.

You know, this is, um, I just, personally, I’m so grateful because I feel like I got to a mini coaching session with you here. And I wasn’t anticipating that. And I mean, it’s incredibly valuable. And for, for everyone listening to be able to hear how, just how profound this is and that this gift that I’m so grateful that you’re sharing with the world, because anytime we have a gift that not everyone has, it can feel scary. It can feel like, well, people understand me, right? And you’ve been given this gift that has helped me show up more powerfully in my life has helped countless others. And I know I just know a handful of your clients cause they’re friends and family, but, and everyone listening today really step into their truth and understand what’s required for their next level. And so I’m just grateful for, for that. And for the context you shared today in this kind of almost like demonstration of, of, of how your coaching works. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for that.

Oh, you’re welcome.

I’m so grateful for you. Tell Justin, please tell everyone where in the world can they find out about you about how to work with you if they’re like, oh my gosh, I can’t get my colors read fast enough. Um, please tell everyone how they can work with you and where they can connect further.

Sure. Yeah, you can connect with me actually through my website. It’s I also have a Facebook page called color alignment protocol, and you’re welcome to connect with me through there as well. There, I just give tips and tricks and affirmations that I’m going and daily activities that one can do to kind of balance these, these colors. One of the things I speak on is creating rhythm a new device, creating a new divine rhythm in life. And that’s what the color alignment protocol Facebook page is all about is to help people to see that after the year we just had, whereas it was like moving from a beautiful orchestra to a junior high band chaos, the way to put it that there’s a way to recreate a new divine rhythm. It’s almost like we just have this fresh start to create a new rhythm in our life.

And honestly, many of you might be surprised at how similar the daily activities that I offer through this group is, um, something that you’ve actually done all your life. And it’s because of the very specific reason that people, as early as the people of India in the year, 1500 to 500 BC and the Egyptians roughly about the same time, they discovered that every single day of the week actually has a color a day. That’s associated with that part of the energy center of your body and daily activities and tools that you can do each day to begin to create this rhythm. Um, and it’s a beautiful process. So that’s, that’s, that’s the Facebook group. So please connect with me, please connect with me.

Yeah, I learned, I learned so many new things every single time I talk to you and I am. I’m just so grateful for your influence in my life. How you have helped me learn to be a better, a better human, a better wife, a better leader, a better mom. And thank you again, my friend for showing up and for sharing your gifts. This is, this has been very, very powerful.

Oh, thank you, Elise, for this opportunity. This has been really fun.

Yes. All right, everyone. Well go connect with Justin. Get in the Facebook group, you know, dig in, hire him for, for coaching. And I think the biggest thing is just knowing that there’s so much information that you hold within you that can be unlocked to help you reach your next level, not just in sales and business, but, but in your life. And, um, I think today was a beautiful demonstration of that. So wishing you a beautiful rest of your week. Thank you so much for tuning in to she sells radio and I will see you next week with our next episode. Bye for now.

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