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From Homeless to 7 Figure Entrepreneur with Marie-Claire


Today’s episode proves to be one of my all-time favorite interviews so far. This interview is an emotional journey as we hear a story that will blow your mind. Our guest, Marie-Claire is a highly sought-after beauty and lifestyle expert on social media, an entrepreneur, and an absolute inspiration for single mothers and women in business.


Marie-Claire immigrated from Haiti as a teen mother and while raising her son Dominique who is autistic and epileptic, made the journey from welfare, homelessness, bankruptcy, and constantly feeling unworthy and ashamed, to now topping over $167,000 monthly! Today she shares her journey and how she was able to keep her vibrant energy throughout it all. Her secret? Listen to your heart. It always knows.


Show Notes:

[2:30] – Marie-Claire immigrated to the United States from Haiti at 16 years old and pregnant.

[3:35] – She describes her background in going to night school, being on welfare, and raising her son with Autism alone as a teenage mom.

[5:40] – Through it all, Marie-Claire remained confident and attributes her strength to her faith and upbringing.

[8:05] – Marie-Claire is not afraid to walk into a room and radiate her vibrant energy.

[9:38] – Her son’s epilepsy became a challenge with her work schedule when she started working in corporate America.

[10:50] – Marie-Claire shares the moment she knew what was next for her: owning her own business.

[12:09] – When she realized she needed to own her own business, she jumped into make-up because of her love of cosmetics and skin care.

[13:51] – Marie-Claire kept taking the next steps and didn’t let fear overpower her desire to get out of her 9 to 5 job.

[16:11] – Continuing on her journey, Marie-Claire then worked for MAC Cosmetics and returned to corporate America.

[18:02] – Marie-Claire shares how she learned what she was meant to do. It was something she had heard before but this time her soul was ready to hear it.

[22:00] – When she didn’t have a good first month, she made a change and knew the universe sent her there.

[24:26] – It is hard to listen to your heart when society is telling you to follow your head.

[25:41] – Marie-Claire was ready to hire a coach and when she did, she changed her life.

[27:26] – Finding her niche as an acne expert instead of offering everything created a booming business.

[30:08] – Marie-Claire reflects on the painful decision to place her son in a group home because she could not give him 24 hour care yet.

[32:53] – Living in the receptive mode is what changed Marie-Claire’s life. She explains how and from whom she learned this.

[34:52] – Marie-Claire explains her routines and gratitude practice.

[36:21] – How did Marie-Claire embody the 7 figure entrepreneur she wanted to be?

[38:43] – Feeling good is what you are supposed to feel. You are not meant to be here to suffer.

[40:52] – The goal to increase profits doesn’t end. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

[42:01] – Let go of saving a dollar and focus on the things that make you happy.

[45:27] – Listen to your heart. It always knows.


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“I want to radiate what is inside of me because I really do feel radiant. My circumstances weren’t changing yet, but I knew they would.” – Marie-Claire


“My soul kept saying ‘What’s next? What am I meant to do?’” – Marie-Claire


“Always trust your heart. My heart knew that I would be okay. My heart was saying that there was more and I couldn’t deny it.” – Marie-Claire


“When you are meant to do something, there is a lot of ease that comes with it. Even when you’re faced with challenges, you’re so in the moment, they don’t feel like challenges.” – Marie-Claire


“Are you ready to allow it? Are you ready to let go of your fear? When you allow more, it will get easier and easier.” – Marie-Claire

“Start changing your mindset. That’s what you’re here to do.” – Marie-Claire

Elyse Archer: (00:01)
Welcome to she sells radio. I’m your host, Elise Archer. And this is the place where female business owners and sales professionals come to learn how to sell in a way that feels authentic to them and to breakthrough six figures in income and beyond as an entrepreneur business mentor, wife and mom of the most amazing little boy, I’m relentless about having it all in my own life. And I believe you can be too. I truly believe that when women believe in themselves and learn how to make more money, the whole world changes for the better. Join me every week for inspiring interviews with other women, who’ve achieved big business success, as well as for solo episodes and deep dive trainings that will help you improve your sales process, earn more money and step into the most aligned and powerful version of yourself. And now let’s go.

Marie Claire: (00:58)
She sells radio today’s guest is going to blow your mind. So get excited for a treat. So today’s guest is a sought after beauty and lifestyle expert on social media. She’s an entrepreneur. She’s a huge inspiration, I would say, particularly for single mothers and women in business. And you’re going to hear about her story today on the show. And it’s, it’s so inspiring and her I’ll give just a little teaser. So she immigrated from Haiti as a teen mom while raising her beautiful son, Dominic who’s, autistic and epileptic, and made the journey from welfare to homelessness, to bankruptcy, to feeling unworthy and ashamed. And now as a seven figure entrepreneur with her sales topic over $167,000 a month, which is like, oh my gosh, this celebration. So exciting. So please welcome mother licensed to skin therapist and CEO of seven-figure brand acne expert spinner skincare, the incredible Marie Claire, Marie, welcome to the show today.

Marie Claire: (02:04)
Wow. Let’s roll back in one more time. I love that you can play that as your morning pump up, but it’s true. And you did all of it. And we want to know how, tell us, tell us your story. Tell us how, like, how did, how did you go from, from teen mom in Haiti to where you are today? Yes. Um, so I came here from Haiti when I was 16 pregnant and my mother sent me here to have the baby because it was such shame and guilt. You know, I went to an all girl Catholic school and you, you get that already. And I smoked so horrible. They kept it a secret. No one knew I was pregnant. So right there, you know, I’m carrying this guilt, this shame I’m hiding, right? So I come to the us, I speak no English. I give birth to my son.

Marie Claire: (03:04)
And of course he now has autism and epilepsy deal with all of that. On top of it, I don’t understand what’s happening with them. I don’t understand the diagnosis because I don’t speak English. So I am learning by watching TV a little side note, all my children. Hi, fun fact, all my children. Thank you. And um, and then I got on welfare because I needed support. I was 16 years old. And, um, and, and I always say, I’m so grateful for the, for, for welfare, the welfare system here, because there are people like me, which truly needed that. Right? So I was so beyond grateful, I felt so blessed. I’m like, oh my God, this country’s amazing. They give help. They give help to people who need it. And here lies my gratitude for the United States of America. I love this country so, so much because there’s so much to look at, um, you know, that on the good side, right?

Marie Claire: (04:12)
So, um, then what did I do, Dan? I went to adult school because I couldn’t go to school in the daytime. I was a teenager with a mom. I was watching my son into daytime. So I went to adult school at night and got my GED. And, uh, and then from there I got my first job, I believe when I was 19. So I went to the welfare office and told my, um, my case worker, if you will, that today’s today. I no longer need the welfare. I am standing on my own. I got my first job. She was so excited. She cried, we both cried. And, um, and I was just so proud. I, and I remember my first job, I was making $13,000 a year. Yes.

Marie Claire: (05:05)
I’m making more than a thousand dollars a month. I think barely survive on it right away. But I was so grateful. And the last to change, you know, I started to feel a little bit more confident because now I can take care of myself right. On my own. And then all scores. I went to slipping in the car because I got evicted from where I was leaving, because I could not afford the rent. Remember $13,000 a year. I was trying to meet. And, um, you know, and you know, and I always had this sense of dignity through it all. Like I carry myself. Well, you would never know that I was struggling financially because on the outside I looked so well put together, which I think it’s one of the things helped me too, because my energy was always one of, I wanna radiate what’s inside of me because inside, I really do feel radiant.

Marie Claire: (06:05)
It’s driven are not changing yet, but I know that they will. Right. Yes. How do I want to pause you just really quick on that? Because I think that is something that regardless of where somebody is in their life, Marie, Claire, but if they’re not where they want to be yet, knowing how to radiate that confidence, that energy, like, even for you, while you were sleeping in your car, was that something, did you just know, or had you been taught by parents? Like how did, how did you do that? Even when you’re in this, what most people would say is incredibly tough. Totally. I attribute that to my feet and my mother it’s a gift from my mom. I grew up, my mom was always a brain woman. She would pray. I grew up Catholic. There were doing no beta. We went to church every Sunday.

Marie Claire: (06:55)
My mom always, whenever something was going wrong or going right. And my mother would pray. So I was like, oh, okay. So it was ingrained in me. So flipping in the car, very tough by the away tears, depression. And I always said, why me, why am I going through this? Right. So, and then when you look back, when are you back in see that, wow, I don’t know where I got the strength from, but I can tell you it’s from my date, from my faith, I always rely on prayer till this day. I am. Prayer is my number one source of strength and guidance. It still is. And, um, and my mother always said that it’s like, you know, you have to carry yourself. Well, like my mom always instilled that in me. She said, no matter what, where the lipstick, where the high heels, I started to wear heels at 14.

Marie Claire: (07:54)
It’s a gift that she gave me. People used to be like, God, you’re just so tough on her and whatever, but she was preparing me for the world. So when I show up in a room, I radiate, I’m not afraid to shine. I’m not afraid of my beauty. I welcome it. I know that I’m beautiful. No matter what society says, like I am my own standard of beauty. So that comes from my mom. It really is a gift that she gave me and I believed it. And I really do. I do believe it. And it’s working well for me. Right. So carrying myself, um, the way I feel inside just showing up as that. So, um, yeah, so that was part of the journey too. And then eventually I ended up in corporate America and I was in human resources and thought that I was just going to throw parties, like human resources. That’s what I want to do.

Marie Claire: (08:53)
Right. Uh, because people would see me as like, you’re the HR manager. I’m like, yes, I know. I know. Cause I was just too happy. I was too happy. Red lit bold, like, who does that? Where’s your turtleneck. Right. But I was, you know, the one, I was just very vibrant. And then I realized, oh my God, you do fire people in human resources. Oh, that’s not what I want to do. Right. So throughout my career in human resources, my son just got worse. Like his epilepsy. He literally, he probably would have a seizures, 12 seizures a month. And that was unbearable. I, I got tired of calling in sick. Right. So because in corporate America, as you know, you get six sick days a year in the us. Um, I would run through that, like water, literally like January, boom, it’s gone. And the fear of one day, I’m going to call in sick and I’m just going to get fired.

Marie Claire: (10:11)
Like they’re going to tell me not to come back. I, I carried that theory. And then at the same time to my soul started to say, what’s next, what’s next? What’s next? And I didn’t know what was next. I’m like, what is next? What is that calling? And I would drive to work. I remember being in the car, I’m thinking, God, I don’t want to do this anymore. What am I meant to do? And it was one morning, it was one of Dominic’s doctor’s appointment. And his doctor was in Beverly Hills. And I remember it was, it was lunchtime, maybe 12 months. And you had to get an EEG and all that. So it’s probably two or three by then. And I walked into my car and all these women just sitting, having lunch. Sure. Ease, just ease. And grace is flowing through them. I can feel it.

Marie Claire: (11:10)
How come you’re not blushing back to the office. So I’m like, oh my God, ladies, you look so beautiful. What do you do? Oh, we own our own business. And I said, oh, walking to the car. I said, I’ll have to own my own business. That’s what it is. I need to just, I need to feel the way these women felt like I could see it being demonstrated in front of me. So now what is it that I’m going to do? Right. So this is, this is the question that came all. What is it that I’m meant to do what I’m meant to do? So I was also always interested in beauty. I was girl, you would find at Sephora all the time I was buying everything, green west risers. I also use, I still, I keep rolling. I’m not lying.

Marie Claire: (12:08)
And I was always breaking out and figure out, why am I breaking out, breaking out so often? Right? So I would buy things, return them, buy more things, still breaking out, love, lipstick, love, um, doing my makeup. And I said, you know what? I’m going to just jump into makeup. So I’m going to side hustle. So I started a little ad in, um, in Craigslist. If you guys remember, I love the throwback. Yes, yes. Wow. I put a little ad in makeup artist. I do weddings and whatnot. Didn’t have any training, but I’m like, I can do this. I can do this and was pretty good at it. Right. I want to pause you really quick. How did you get, because I think one of the things that is most, I’m just, I love, love, love. And your story is this confidence, like so many women that I work with think, well, I’ve got to get a license before I can do this.

Marie Claire: (13:11)
Or I’ve got to get another certification before I can start promoting myself. And sometimes you do like, depending on what it is that you’re doing, but oftentimes it’s a mask for fear. It’s a cover-up for fear. So how did, what would you like for a woman? Who’s who’s feeling like, ah, I just, I feel scared to put myself out there. I feel like maybe I need another certification than other license. What would you say to her? How could she borrow some of your confidence? Oh my God. You just got to say yes. And it sounds so easy, but there’s some work required. So like hiring a coach, reading self-improvement books, doing affirmation and seeing yourself as the person that you’re seeing in your head. Right. It sounds so easy, but it’s practice, practice, practice. So I always say, so what’s the next step, right? What is the next step?

Marie Claire: (14:07)
What is the next step? What is the next step? So my first step was to take a little add on friends lists and I’m just, you know, I’m not doing something major. I’m not saying I’m going to take out an ad on TV. It’s Craigslist. I can do that. Right. And, and then also to the nagging feeling, I know women, we feel this because we’re still intuitive. You get that, do this. I’m going to regret it. It’s like you have like every day it matters that you just it’s your everyday, everyday it’s like, leaves like that. I don’t know about you. I can not leave like that. It’s like I have to do it. Right. So when I was there, that girl there, 12 years ago, we took out an ad on friends list. I just was so tired. I was tired of feeling unfulfilled in my nine to five.

Marie Claire: (15:02)
That’s what it was. I was tired and I knew my heart. You know what always trust your heart. Yes. My heart knew it was going to be okay. My head said, oh my God, you leaving your corporate job to side hustle where I wasn’t being like, oh my God, stop it already. Just be grateful. And my heart is saying, there is more, there is more, there is more so, and I couldn’t deny it. I could not deny it. I’m very curious. First thing too. I just have to see what’s on the other side of that. Right? So I started to side hustle. I was getting clients. I was charting back then. I was charging like 1 25 for brides. Right. But I worked for that 1 25. I tell you, I worked hard because I had to go to that reception there, touch up. And I was like, okay, this is not enough.

Marie Claire: (16:11)
Maybe I need to now just work for Mac cosmetics. So I ended up working for Mac cosmetics just to make the story short. Okay. That wasn’t that either, because I got to meet quotas. Like I’m not very salesy in my head. I, what is the word here? I don’t see numbers. I just want to just feel fulfilled. That’s innately. That’s how I am. So doesn’t matter how much I make. If it’s not fulfilling, I’m not going to stay. Right. So if I’m like, I got to count how many lipstick that I sell today, it just took up a fine. It just, it just didn’t make it fun anymore. So quit Mac went back to corporate America. Ooh, turtleneck land. I have so much love. I know we have a lot of corporate women who listen to corporate, so no, I was not making enough money. And I gotta go back down there again. So handle that. Did it feel like defeat at that moment?

Marie Claire: (17:14)
Yeah. I, and I said, well, you know what? I’m just going to go back. I have a plan until I figure out what it is that I need to be. But I know that the money will actually just settle. My, it will just bring in some more ease, right. Because I was where they eat, but this is not what I wanted to do. So by the way, it’s shot. So back to HR got us the resume. I landed a job in Beverly Hills, um, at a very fancy sports club, like celebrities and, oh my, I mean the membership is like 2200 a month.

Marie Claire: (17:54)
That’s a very, very high vibe. I loved it there. I loved the vibe, but still did not enjoy being a human resources manager. So one day I am at much support with my cousin and a girlfriend. And they’re like, you know, Marie, Claire, you’re so good at skincare. And you’re always telling us, you’re always reading ingredients and stuff like that. We think you could be a great institution. And the light bulb just went when I’m meant to be doing that’s what? Yes. Skincare, restitution, mind you. My mother had told me that before and I never, I was like, no, I’m not going to be an institution. Just like, oh my God, because you’re doing makeup and you can teach people how to take care of their skin. I was like, no, that’s not what I’m meant to do.

Marie Claire: (18:56)
I think it’s because it was coming from my mother. Right. Sometimes. Right. And we’ve got to hear something at the right time too. Yeah, totally. And I think my school was ready to hear it. When I tell you, two weeks later, I was in skincare school two weeks later. And it was so easy when applied to fill out the paperwork, paid the fees, got on my monthly plan to pay the student loan. And while I was in skincare school and I was so happy, I was the best student in the classroom. My teacher knew she had something special. Like I, I couldn’t wait to get to, to school. Everyone, like, oh, was so happy. I’m like, I found my passion. So from there and life starting to change, I, when I got into skincare school, I knew that I was going to work for myself because remember those ladies, right.

Marie Claire: (19:57)
That I still have on their own business. So the whole time I’m like, I’m going to own my own business. I’m going to be my boss, my own boss. So finished their school. And I started to open a studio in, um, where I was living. So I was renting a house in Glendale and it had a Backhouse. And I was like, I’m going to turn that into a skincare studio. You have to apply for license and everything. Like the state has to give you a rule. Well, so I took all the steps and when you’re meant to do something, I really believe that there is a lot of ease that comes with it because you’re meant to do it. And even when you’re faced with challenges, you’re, you’re happy. You’re still in the moment. They don’t even feel like challenges, right? Like there are people would’ve been like, oh my God.

Marie Claire: (20:53)
They said, no, the first time I’m going to quit because I have to make the hallway. Like it has to be this wide, this lamp, and you got to have water here and there. I got to hire a plumber. Some people wouldn’t be like, I’m going to quit. I don’t want to do all that to me. I was like, well, it’s going to be perfect. Right. Because I was just so happy. I hope so at home. So those challenges just felt like, okay, I’m just stepping stones. What else am I meant to do? So I opened my first studio. No one came for how long, how long? I think I made $3. And it was from my friend.

Marie Claire: (21:36)
Of course you can add on crisis. Remember Facebook back then was not a thing. We didn’t have ads. We didn’t have insects. Instagram was not even a thing when I started. And I said, well, I have to supplement this income. So I went to work for a dermatologist and best thing I’ve ever done because you know, the university sky, I got what I needed working for this dermatologist who was also a plastic surgeon. He offered me work with, um, acne patients. Yeah. I took classes at UCLA about ingredients and how they affect the skin. I learned so much from him. I became a medical institution that would’ve never happened. Had I not, you know, if I was just successful on the get-go or you know, that I was booked, the universe was guiding me there.

Marie Claire: (22:37)
How did you stay committed to your vision in that moment? Cause some people would take that as a sign. Like, oh, it’s just not meant to be, or this is too hard. How, how did you no doubt. You probably dealt with feelings of disappointment and maybe fear, you know, all of that. But how did you know, to stay committed to the vision and to just pivot rather than throwing in the towel? Mm. This is where, you know, you’re going to hear me say that a lot. I really follow my heart. I really, I don’t function from up here. I do sometimes. Usually what gets us in trouble right? At my PNL and fulfillment centers now, because I’m running a seven figure business, but there’s always balance there. So again, my speed thing here, this, this, this is my story. This is how I got through it.

Marie Claire: (23:35)
Right. So I started right around that time. I started to discover authors like Wayne Dyer, um, Wayne Dyer, Hey Esther, Mike Beck, wet Michael singer, like all these are my favorites. Oh my God. And um, I read the book, the power of intention and it changed my life. If I’m reading that book, it’s by Wayne Dyer by, um, by the way I met him in person. Like that’s a fun side story. I manifested that. But I just knew that I was just going to follow where my heart was leading me. It’s very hard to do. When you listen to society that says, you must do this. You must do that. You must follow your head. You must be practical and all of that. Hmm. It’s hard to do, but I promise you. It’s like, you’ve been doing that for so long and it’s not working. Why not give, why don’t you try this way?

Marie Claire: (24:46)
Why so ended up working for this dermatologist slash plastic surgeon became a medical institution. Of course my confidence grow with that because now I have more practice under my belt. And I said, I’m going to be a bit. And I’m going to focus on only seeing customers who have acne. In the meantime, I’m working on a home, I’d home on the weekend. They don’t even know that. Like I don’t tell them, like I have a side hustle, but I’m putting into practice everything that I’m learning. Right? So from there, um, at that time, then this is where the story comes. And I met my first coach, Gina, Gina. We got to give a shout out to give a shout out, which is how we met. She changed my life. She was one of the women that really changed my life. And I think I was ready.

Marie Claire: (25:46)
Right. So Wayne Dyer, do we say, then I hear this woman talking about your words and I’m like, I gotta go, I gotta learn more about this woman. She was on a call and talking about living in a feminine way. I’m like, Ooh, this is this, this is my tribe. Right? I’m like, yes. Tell me more. So went to an event she was doing in Santa Monica. And I was able to be in the hot seat if you will, where she was. She did like a laser session on my business. And I remember telling her, well, I’m charging $45. And she fringes what?

Marie Claire: (26:23)
She charges $45 for a treatment. Then you got a scout massage. And he made me know at my worst. And she’s like, you’re worth so much more. Why aren’t you? Aren’t you charging your worth? And I said, well, who’s gonna pay that much for a facial. She said, you are a medical institution. What you’re bringing to the table. If you believe you’re worth charging more than your share. And I studied to work on that. I’m like, so little by little, I started to increase my prices. And then I moved the office to Beverly Hill. Um, and I mean, it’s such a long story. I want to cut it short, but move to Beverly Hills. And then I decided that when I switched your niche and only seeing people with acne, my business exploded. Like I booked, I was booked all the time. I was booked all the time because I was known as now.

Marie Claire: (27:31)
I’m now the acne expert. So people came to me for acne. I didn’t wax. I didn’t do lash 19. I didn’t do any, which I did not enjoy doing by the way. So stick to what you’re enjoying. And because in the beginning I would offer everything. I would work my tail to the bone. I’m like, I gotta wax, I gotta do this. I gotta do that. But I really, I had a, I had a love for acne because I was in acne stuff as well. So books. And then I realized one day and I didn’t realize it came to me. You’re sure you have your own skincare line.

Marie Claire: (28:09)
You gotta be kidding me. How, where would, what money? How do you do that? Yeah, no kidding. And I started to look at the ingredients of the skincare. I was selling other brands to my customers. Right. So you, you know, like when you go to a spot of like, oh, you need this more stressor. That’s what I was doing. And um, and then I would look at the list of ingredients from what I was like, oh my God, I’m selling them the wrong products. How, how do I start? And that was a two years journey and found a manufacturer. And let me tell you little by little, I started with three products and now I have 42 products. And you know, sales are at 167,000. Let me tell you, when I say this, I keep pinching myself because this is the girl who, you know, was on welfare, lived on cabbage and rise for a long, long time and was now jurors leaving with ease and grace and prosperity.

Marie Claire: (29:20)
And I am just, I’m so fulfilled. I feel so blessed as a great husband. My son is doing great. I take care of him financially a hundred percent. And I’m able to give back to him that in fact, one of my biggest accomplishment, I always get emotional. When that, when, when I started the business, I’m crying too. I don’t even know what it is. And I’m crying too is epileptic. And I, because I couldn’t take care of him 24 7, because he needs 24 hour care. So I put him in a group home, but I had to do that in order to build a business. And I said, one day, I’m just going to take him back. It took me seven years, you know? And he started to put on weight and he had high blood pressure. Like he put on 60 pounds into doctors, wanted to put him on more meds.

Marie Claire: (30:32)
And I remember last year I stopped. I saw him and I said, this is it. I’m taking my son back. And that was on a Thursday. By the next Tuesday I was signing lists or lists for his own two bedroom, two bath in Beverly Hills. And I hired full time care for him. So I’m just grateful to be able to give back to Dominique because we’ve been through so much together. And when I tell you like he lost 60 pounds in three months because he’s eating well, he’s eating organic. And he exercises with my husband and he is thriving. And if I were to leave earth today, this I will leave very happy and peaceful because I get to be back to dominate because Dominique is my big wines. So I forgot every other question I was going to ask you. Cause that just made me, oh wow.

Marie Claire: (31:45)
Oh, wow. One from a new mama’s heart to, um, to another mom. That’s hard. That is, I know every woman listening gets that. Wow. One thing I want to ask you, and I’ve just learned so much listening to your story. I know everyone, everyone listening has as well. You and I were even talking about this in the pre-chat is about you and your journey from like six to seven figures. And our listeners are all different places. Some are wanting to break there for six figures. Some are wanting to scale to seven and beyond, but you mentioned it was the more you allow, the more you surrender, the more you stay in your feminine, the more the money came. And I’m really curious to hear about how you did that, even as you’re scaling and there’s more team and there’s more to pay attention to, and there’s more to manage, like how, how did you do that?

Marie Claire: (32:40)
And how do you stay in that receptive mode? In the midst of everything bigger that you’re managing now, there is an author Esther Hicks, and she is big on killing green is the word I’ve been listening to her for years. And she’s one of the authors that changed my life as well. And living in the receptive mode is what she talks about all the time. And even Gina, who was my coach in, she always talked about doing business the feminine way. And it’s something that I had to learn it’s already in you, but I had to like bring it forward forward and, um, and truly believed that I deserved it and truly believe that I deserve it. And truly believe that it didn’t have to be hard. I had to do a lot of deprogramming. A lot of it got to work hard. It’s going to be tough, sweat.

Marie Claire: (33:44)
Cheers. You gotta make your goals and it’s gotta, it’s gotta scare you to death. And, and all of that, you’ve got an, I worked so hard. I burned my adrenals. Yeah. And, um, you know, and then learning to just say, I remember when I got to six figures and I wanted to get to seven figures and I had a conversation with Gina and she said, are you ready to allow it? Are you ready to let go of the fear around your spawn? Dominate? Because I had so much fear around Dominique and I always worried about him. And she said, when you start to do to do this in, you start to allow more. She said, it’s going to get easier and easier. And I just have these practices. I wake up, I read gratitude. Um, I have my gratitude journal. I meditate. And it’s a practice.

Marie Claire: (34:45)
It’s not like one day, boom. It happens. It’s a practice. Um, and then you don’t learn from all the, every everyone I’m like everybody’s successful is saying the same thing. It must be true when you’re listening to all of these, do you need to listen to one other podcast that the person is saying, I have a gratitude practice. I meditate in the morning. I find something that brings me joy. I mean, they’re doing the other things too. You know, like of course you got to look at your P and L you got to come up with your marketing strategy, but they’re telling you, oh, I live in gratitude. So I started COVID with let your blessings for me because I discover my love for nature. And I would go on these long, long walks and I’m obsessed with trees. And I would look at the trees.

Marie Claire: (35:37)
I would just feel so much peace. I would thank God for my life. So I just started to thank God for my life. I just kept doing that. And Julia, no, like my life changed drastically. I didn’t do anything different. I didn’t change my Facebook ads. I didn’t, I didn’t do anything different. I just started to feel grateful by walking. And then there are these, um, I do these things called this thing called incantation. I learned that from Tony Robbins. So this is where it’s not affirmation. This is like embodying, embodying the energy that you want to be. So I wanted to be a seven figure entrepreneur. Right. So how does it feel to be a seven figure entrepreneur? It feels like ease. It feels like fun. It feels like freedom. It feels like choices, choices, choices, lack of choices. It’s not like traveling first class.

Marie Claire: (36:34)
It feels like tipping. Well, it feels like the impression of increase. So, you know what I started to do, I started to tip people. I tip 25% everywhere I go. I leave everyone with the impression and I, wherever I go, I bring joy, abundance prosperity. I treat my friends. Well, I tip the valet guy five to $10. I, my mail lady, I took her 15 to $20. So I just started to do that more and more in the universe study through, show me like when you open your hands. It does too. Yes. So in the more there’s evidence of it, it just grew my baby, my confidence. So, and now I do it all the time. This is why I am. You know, my name is mark barricades and I am a survivor. I’m the most blessed person on the planet. Everywhere I go. People love me.

Marie Claire: (37:33)
Things are always working out for me. I’m a power manifester. I choose that. And when I save it, I walk around my house and I am just saying it with power and confidence. You know, God’s wealth is circulating into my life as well as close to me in avalanches of abundance. All of my bull’s needs. Desires are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence. I am one with God and God was everything. I say this over and over and over and over until I feel it sometime I cry. Sometimes I am just, I do these incantations. I do them on the street. People think I’m crazy. I don’t care, but I’m in the flow because I’m choosing me. So this is what I’m doing. I am allowing my way into seven figures. That’s what I’ve been doing. My husband will tell you the same thing like I’m drew.

Marie Claire: (38:32)
And then really, really, really, since we’re women really listen to me when I tell you this stealing good is the word killing, horrible doubt, fear. This is not what I mean. Imagine God creating us and just saying like, yeah, you’re going to suffer this. Imagine, well, let’s make it realistic. Your parent, your mother, you give birth to your child. And he’s like, I’m going to make you suffer. That’s what I’m here to do. Suffer everything you asked for. I’m not going to give to you, figure it out, work for it. Oh, why don’t you work hard for it? That’s how God’s saying that to your child. Oh my gosh. Never. I love that analogy. I’ve not heard it said that before. I love it too bad.

Marie Claire: (39:36)
We’re just, we just need to allow it. We just need to believe that’s what we’re here to do. We’re here for happiness. We’re here to thrive. We’re here for abundance, prosperity and joy. Start changing your mindset. That’s what you’re here to do. And every day when I tell you, now I can tell you that you can’t convince me. Otherwise, you cannot convince me otherwise because my life reflects that. The why do it? The more abundant I be done, I’m like, oh my God. To the point, my husband was very extremely extreme, man. He’s a winder. 24 7. My husband one day said to me, I want to know what you’re doing. I want to do what you’re doing. So now my husband went from waking up at 5:00 AM the day he doesn’t go to bed until 12. Oh, he meditates, enjoyed the process because it’s never done. As soon as I rich, I remember I slept as I reached 15 paramount, I was like, okay, can I get to 20? Can I get to 30? Can I get it? Never stops.

Marie Claire: (40:51)
Get to enjoy it. It’s harder to get the six figures than it is to get the seven theaters because you’re working so hard. Oh my gosh, you working so hard. And then the minute when I tell you, I work less, I work less because I have the team to support me. And this is a decision I made for myself. I said, my business is going to help me with my lifestyle. I want to have, I want to call my day. I want to call my own schedule. And this is what I do. I have self-care Mondays where I don’t answer the phone. It’s all about me. I get massages. I get my nails done. And I on my walks and I hired a chef. I haven’t cooked since last September. And listen, I struggled with that. When I first, I was like, what? I don’t enjoy cooking.

Marie Claire: (41:45)
I could spend these four hours doing something else. I tell you. It’s so good for me. And my husband isn’t was like, what’s the big deal. We don’t need it. Now. It’s like, we have a chef who comes every week and make these lavish meals for us. And every week we’re just getting something different. It’s like, oh my God, there’s so much more good on the other side, when we say thank you. When we’re not trying to just hold onto it and be like, let me stay for another dollar. And then let me, let me save $200 to do this. Rather than say my God, how much more ease and joy by spinning this 200, 2000, 10,000, whatever it may be is going to bring into my life. You know? And it’s just like for business, right? My more, the person windows, my marketing manager, like the money I have to bear to write Vermont email. Oh, I don’t want, do you want to sit there and figure out what you’re going to say to your audience? The ease of getting on the phone once a month and replanning the following month and everything. And then that is of my list. Don’t you think you’re going to make more money? When that, when she phoned me or Bryce, I was like, Jesus, please make this make sense. But I went back. Hiring will definitely free up my time. I would send more email and guess what? Oh, I’m making more money.

Marie Claire: (43:28)
You know? Yes. My sales come from my emails before I hired her 16%. Hello? Yeah. Well, and I think that’s so, so I it’s just, it’s like thinking as I love what you shared about Tony Robinson in Camtasia, because you have to learn to think as the woman who has what you want. That’s it. Period. End of story. Yeah. I have to tell you, Marie Claire, I am, this is probably one of my favorite interviews ever. And we’re over a hundred on the podcasts that I’ve had so many amazing guests, but I’m going to go back. Like you spoke to my soul. You, you spoke to my soul today and I know that you did everyone who’s listening. So I want to, let me just ask you. So I want to ask, let’s start with where people can connect with you and then we’ll do one final piece of advice.

Marie Claire: (44:18)
So where can, where can everyone find you? Where can they connect with you? They want to like soak up this freaking amazing energy. Tell them where they can go spend time with you and how they can buy from you. And all of that. Tell them personally, to connect with me. You can find me on Instagram. My personal hashtag is at Marie-Claire underscore at 9 2 1. Oh, I’m pretty active though. If you send me a DM, I will, I will reply. And then my business, if you’d like to buy our amazing serums or vitamin C serum, um, is acne expert skincare. And we have skincare products for everyone. Whether you have dry skin, normal skin, oily acne, dark spots, you’re looking for same. Anti-aging beautiful skin. We have everything there for you. So that’s acne experts in care com so amazing. Yeah. And what would be, so if you had one opportunity to give one final piece of advice to the woman, who’s looking to break through her for 60 years or beyond in Salesforce.

Marie Claire: (45:22)
Oh my God. It sounds so simple. Listen to your heart, listen to your heart. It always knows. Always I do that all the time. Now. It makes the journey a lot more easy. It’s more ease, more fun, more waste. This is where the divine resides. And then once you listen from the heart, they’ll be coherent in the way in as well in new, better decisions that are not in fear, right? And once you just stay still listen, take action. You don’t have to know the whole chicken caboodle. How am I going to do it? Just take the next step. Take the next step. And don’t forget to have fun. Please put your nails on going wrong. Watts, go on trip. Enjoy the journey because it is never done. You’ll never get it done. You’ll never get it done. And she’ll you go underground. You’ll still be like, oh, there’s more things that I wanted to do.

Marie Claire: (46:29)
You might as well have fun. Like that’s what I tell people. Like I just, just find way to have pleasure in your day, right? So if you’re going to work, if you’re working from home, go find a nice boutique hotel and just work in the lobby. It will change your energy, right? If you don’t feel like cooking tonight, order in why hire a chef, just for one meal, that’s going to change just for, if you can afford there for the entire month, just the border. Just come cook for me for one meal, it’s going to change your energy. You’re going to allow more ease and grace into your life. It has certainly worked for me. It really has. So feeling good is the word, listen to your heart. It’s never done you all, where you are, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself some res res allow yourself some grace as well. And uh, and I love you guys.

Marie Claire: (47:32)
This was so amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So everyone go, oh my gosh. Like listen to this a million times to connect with Marie Claire on social media. And um, oh my gosh. I’m trying to, it’s like, how do I wrap this beautiful conversation? Just that ease that remembrance, that feeling is the work and that that actually will unlock and open you up to everything you desire. So thank you, Marie. Claire. Thank you everyone listening. And oh my gosh, go out and have a beautiful week and I will see you next week for our next episode. Bye for now. Take care.

Elyse Archer: (48:19)
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