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Scarcity Selling vs. Abundance Selling


In today’s solo episode, we are diving deeper into a concept that is so important in today’s world. On She Sells Radio we talk a lot about mindset and our relationship with money. But with that knowledge, how can we shift from scarcity selling to abundance selling?


We’ve all been there, including myself. We need to hit a monetary goal in order to pay our bills. We need to make a specific sale to achieve validation. Sometimes, we can make that important sale. But oftentimes, we will feel pushy, desperate, and like we are just not good enough. That’s where scarcity selling comes from: the energy that you just aren’t enough. But abundance selling is a completely different concept and, put simply, it works. Not only does it work, but you will feel more authentic, more fulfilled, and more validated than you ever did when depending on money to provide that fulfilment.


There’s more to come on this topic. You asked and I’m answering. Many women have reached out to say that one of their biggest struggles is shifting to abundance selling. So listen on to get started and understand how scarcity selling could be hurting you and your bottom line.


Show Notes:

[1:55] – In a recent survey that Elyse conducted, one of the biggest hang ups that women shared was scarcity mindset.

[3:19] – Elyse has been in the scarcity mindset before when in corporate sales.

[4:12] – Shifting from scarcity selling to abundance selling generated more sales and clients for Elyse.

[5:13] – Scarcity selling comes from the idea of never being enough.

[6:33] – It is common for people to set monetary goals for the purpose of validation.

[7:26] – Sacrificing your integrity to hit a number is not sustainable.

[8:59] – With abundance selling, clients close themselves. You still ask for the sale, but the energy is different.

[10:12] – When people are coming from a place of “must,” clients will find the money.

[11:27] – Because you are being natural, you can just be with your clients and have a conversation.

[12:27] – When in an abundance selling mindset, your energy is pulling and inviting.

[13:34] – Abundance selling comes from the mindset of being more than enough.

[15:09] – Be grateful for every interaction and redefine success.

[16:18] – When you validate yourself by being authentic, your energy draws people in.

[18:39] – How can you shift from scarcity selling to abundance selling? Care about what but not how.

[20:00] – Developing a healthier relationship with money is crucial.

[22:31] – Money comes from a variety of different channels.

[24:45] – Notice how abundant you are in all areas. Where is your resistance?

[25:54] – Elyse encourages you to think of receiving the money you need in the same way you breathe.

[27:12] – Ask the questions you need to get answers.

[28:40] – Keep your pipeline full. Elyse explains why this is important.

[29:51] – Follow up with everyone you connect with on social media.

[31:17] – Remember the law of compensation. How much demand is there for what you do? How good are you at what you do? How difficult would it be to replace you?

[32:55] – Think about the amount of money you want to earn. How can you put out 10 times the amount of value out?

[34:01] – You always have what you need to get to the next step. Focus on what’s at hand.

[35:50] – Reach out to your current customers and past customers to find out what is of value for them.


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Elyse (00:02):

Welcome to she sells radio. All right. My friends. So we are talking today about this concept that I’ve been playing around with, in my speaking, in my training, in my coaching of scarcity selling versus abundance selling. And by the way, if you’re wondering, yes, this is two solo episodes in a row, um, you’re either going to love it, or you’re going to be sick of me, but either way, um, I’m, I’m here for it. I’m having fun with it. Cause I, I really enjoy diving deeper into these concepts that are just coming from working with this incredible group of men and women in the, she sells community. Um, but this is one of scarcity selling versus abundance selling is. So to me, it’s, it’s, it’s so needed in our world today. And I surveyed our audience recently and found that one of the biggest hangups that women shared

Elyse (01:01):

Well, they were looking for more support around and said they were struggling with is, you know, money, mindset and scarcity mindset. And there’s so much, you’ve probably experienced this. I know I have, there’s a lot of lip service in the sales world. I’m given to always sell from a place of service. That’s what we’re taught. That sounds good. That’s tweetable, but it’s really often not how people are really showing up and how they’re being taught to sell. And I personally, with, you know, to 20 years now in the sales world, having been in corporate sales, having been in large sales consulting organizations, I feel like I’ve seen a lot of good happen. And I’ve also seen a lot of the dark underbelly of the sales world and, and I’ve been part of it too. And so here’s where I want to say, like a lot of this comes from my own personal experience and, um, you know, I’ve been in feelings of scarcity to where I truly needed a sale to close in order to make a payment on something.

Elyse (02:09):

And I’ve pushed and hard closed deals to get that money. And I, you know, also because I wanted recognition on the leaderboard and, and frankly it was when I think back to a lot of the organizations that I was a part of in the way I was showing up and the way the people around me were showing up, um, it was kind of the common culture that it’s like, you do what it takes to get the sale by the end of the month or else. And I know for me, there were parts of that that never felt right, but it was just what was done. And so I did it too, like I’m totally raising my hand to hear. And so, you know, now that I’ve, I’ve taken a step back from being in corporate sales myself and have been running my own company for, you know, for six years now, I’ve found this different way to sell and really to live that not only feels better, but it actually generates more clients and more sales along the way.

Elyse (03:12):

And it’s this concept of abundance selling and shifting from scarcity, selling into abundance selling. And so I just want to do, I want to do an overview of how I see both for you. And then we’ll talk about if this is resonating, how do you shift into, into abundance selling as your way of being so scarcity selling is, I mean, we’ve all been there, whether you’ve been the one delivering it or whether you’ve been on the receiving end of it. It’s the, it’s the reason why people say they don’t like salespeople, right. So think about the hard close, do this by X date or else. Um, it’s the push, you know, it’s where you keep, like someone has been clear in their no, and it’s not that we don’t follow up with people. It’s not with all of us. I want to be very clear.

Elyse (04:03):

Um, oftentimes when people give resistance or hesitation at the beginning, it’s more limiting beliefs. They’ve got to work through. It’s fear that part of our job as business owners or sales professionals is to help them work through that. But when someone is like, when it’s really not the right fit for someone, and you’re still pushing because you’re trying to hit a number that’s scarcity selling, um, and it comes from this place of never enough, right? Scarcity selling really, truly comes from this place of never enough. And I was talking about this. I had the honor of being interviewed on one of my, um, my friend’s podcast this morning. Um, defending lady Macbeth, did you go check it out? Um, but we were talking about how in the sales world, there’s, there’s so much of this. Um, and it’s not even vocalized, but this feeling of, if I could just hit this number, then I’ll be enough.

Elyse (05:01):

Then I’ll be, and it’s really, it’s, it’s, it’s again, much of this isn’t even conscious. And I, I shared this example on her show, but I’ll share it here because I think it’s helpful. One of my private clients had a revenue number that he was going for in his business. And I asked him why, just not because it was wrong. I mean, I’m always for people making way more money than they’re making right now. But I asked him why, because money always comes when there’s a purpose and he thought about it and he kind of cringed. And he said, if I’m being honest, it’s validation. And he felt like when he made that amount of money, then he would be enough. And I have so been there. Right? I have so been there, if I can just make this amount, then I’ll feel like enough.

Elyse (05:48):

Well then guess what you make it. And you still don’t feel like enough and it’s never enough. And so if you’re selling in this, there’s part of you that you don’t feel as enough and you’re giving your power away to a dollar amount. And you’re saying, when I do this, then I’ll be, then I’ll, um, then worthy, then I’ll feel validated. And we compromise. I’ve, I’ve worked with people. I’ve seen this happen where someone really had something to prove. And they, um, they commented my, their integrity in order to hit a certain number. And that, that cannot last. That’s not sustainable. You know, it’s not in the short-term. Maybe you sell more this way. Sure. If you want to lie and, or twist things or falsify information, or, you know, mow over people to get what you’re looking for. Um, in the short term, can you sell much or in the long-term?

Elyse (06:48):

Is it sustainable? No, absolutely not. You lose, not only will you lose trust and credibility with your customers and your teammates, if you’re working with an organization, but you’re going to lose so much trust and credibility with yourself that the inner conflict will eat you alive. And so when we’re in this scarcity selling mode, coming from this place of never enough, we have to look at and look at what part of me am I feeling like it’s not enough, right? Because that’s all, it’s a reflection of. And it really is about putting your validation in a number in. And what that means is when you’re doing that, you don’t realize how powerful you are, because there’s no amount of money that’s equal to who you are. Your money is just a pile of paper, you know, it’s it’s. And when we think that it’s bigger than us, or will be valid when we receive X amount, we totally give our power away.

Elyse (07:42):

So, so let’s talk about what abundance selling is and what the differences. So I talked about scarcity selling. It’s really about the hard close, right? It’s the do this by this date or else it’s the countdown timer of this all goes away and there’s a big flashing red light. That’s blinking at me. If I don’t take action now. Oh my gosh, what’s going to happen with abundance, selling your customers almost, you know, they almost closed themselves now. Yes. Do you ask for the sale? Absolutely. Like I, when I’m on a sales call with, uh, with a new client, I, I ask which do you prefer? What’s the preferred payment, like all of that, you would still have to ask for the sale, but the energy is totally different. Um, it’s, it’s, it feels natural. It’s just a, the close is a natural by-product of the rest of the conversation.

Elyse (08:31):

It’s it’s like a formality because it’s such a heck. Yes. For both you and for the customer. And we did a, I think it was a, um, uh, I think it was a live stream about closing from that place of must where you’ve you, you don’t ask for the money or ask for the sale until the client has told you it’s a must for them. And they’ve told you why, because it’s only from that place when it’s a must, we always find the money for what we want. So if someone’s giving you a money, objection, it’s not really the money it’s that they don’t feel the value in it yet. This is why in, um, you know, in poor communities, they find money for a funeral because it’s a must. It’s like we do what it takes. When I knew at the end of last year that I had to hire this, this coach though cost half of what I made all the previous year.

Elyse (09:21):

It was from that place of must, that I got creative and resourceful and said, well, I could pull together this credit card. I could pull together the savings and do it. And so, you know what this is like, right? Cause you’ve had things in your life that were a must and you’ve found a way to make them happen. Abundance selling is that energy. But it comes from when you’re in your sales conversations with your clients being really present and being with them, not being too in your head about how am I going to close this? And what if it, you know, if all it’s already calculating the commission in your head or the money in your head from when they buy and it’s, and again, I I’ve done that. I’ve totally done that. Okay. That was my emo for years and years. It was how I operated.

Elyse (10:03):

It’s not a healthy or good place to be for you or for your customers when you’re in the abundance selling mode, you feel you’re so anchored in you’re so present because you have a sense of calm and peace and safety and security that you realize whether this client buys or not has no impact on you. So you’re able to be present with them through the conversation. And because of that, you’re able to ask better questions and go deeper with them and just be there with them. Oftentimes on my, on my application calls of my clients, it’s like, they need to cry. They need to let stuff out. They it’s a very sacred space and a sacred time that I really honor and hold that space just as if we were on a coaching call together. And if I was in my head, they eat about like, well, what if they buy?

Elyse (10:53):

What if they don’t yada, it’s like, that’s a massive disservice to them. But when we hold that space for someone from that place of empowerment, um, really just being present with them and with what they need, the close is a natural byproduct, right? It’s, it’s a natural byproduct. Um, and it’s, it’s more of, so the scarcity selling is more of a push, right? Like, how am I going to get someone to buy from me? We have that language a lot. Like, how am I going to get the sale? And I want to invite you to think about the abundance, selling more like a pole. It’s more like your energy is so strong and so powerful. And what you have to offer is so good that it’s more of just a lean back and an invitation for people to come experience you and experience your energy.

Elyse (11:41):

And whether you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve got your own products, or whether you’re in sales for somebody else, there’s still that experience of you that you’re inviting somebody into. And it’s funny because as I record this, we literally, about 20 minutes ago wrapped up our 10 K club group calls, super powerful call. And there was a number of women on that call who were realizing that they weren’t quite sold yet on their own programs that they were launching and running. And so we went through some exercises to help them realize how helpful and how supportive what they’re doing is to the world and get anchored into their value. Uh, but when you’re in that space and that energy of heck yeah, what I have to offer is great and who I am more importantly, who I am is of massive service and value in the world.

Elyse (12:30):

It’s a pull. And rather than coming from that place of never enough. Right. And, and which really means you’re not, you don’t think you’re enough abundance selling comes from that place of more than enough. It’s where you already know that you’re enough and everything else is the overflow. You know, every, and I want you to start thinking about every interaction, like whether somebody buys or somebody doesn’t, you’re grateful for it because you feel so again, when we give our power away to money, to customers, et cetera, to validate us, then we’re only happy when somebody buys. We only feel like it’s a success when somebody buys, but I would invite you to start thinking about success is when I leave someone better than I found them. And sometimes like I had, just for example, I had two calls yesterday, two application calls for the 10 K club.

Elyse (13:23):

One of the women was a very clear, yes. It was like, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. This is meant for her. This is, and it was boom. And she’s enrolled in dunk, easy. Another woman, as I was talking with her, it was like, it really wasn’t the perfect fit. And I sensed that and I think she sends it to, so I said, well, you know, we’ll, we’ll think on it. And I said, let me know if it’s something that you feel is right for you, but, um, didn’t, you know, it didn’t, I would never push someone to anything, but it, it really didn’t feel to me like a place where we needed to go deeper into helping her remove the blocks, because I just couldn’t tell that it was the perfect fit for her. Um, and when I left that call with her, I said, thank you.

Elyse (14:02):

Like not, not to her, not to anyone, but I said, thank you to God, because I was like, that was great. That was a great call. And so we want to learn to be grateful for every interaction with someone else, um, and to view, to, to redefine success. Right? I’ve been talking with my myself a lot lately with my clients a lot lately too, is defining success as happiness. You being happy is success because the reason you want the money, the reason you want the sales is because you think they’re going to make you feel happy, successful, joyful, abundant, not true. It may be for a fraction of a second, maybe in the moment, but then again, if you’re selling from scarcity, you’re going to go back to what’s next, what’s next? What’s next. So when we’re, when we’re selling from, we can choose to be joyful and happy in this moment, regardless of what’s happening outside of us, regardless of whether somebody says yes or not.

Elyse (15:00):

And, um, and your only aim is happiness for yourself. And then also to leave everyone better than you found them and that’s success. And what happens when we do this, because again, scarcity selling is putting your validation in a number abundance selling is you don’t require validation from anyone because you validated yourself, right? You have to validate yourself and, and the sales and the money naturally flow as a result of who you are being as a result of your energy. It doesn’t mean that you’re not taking action. It’s. So with all of this, I want to give the disclaimer, we show up, we put in the effort like last week I did some emails and some BMS because I wanted to receive some new private clients. I’ve really been enjoying that lately, took the action, received the clients. So I took the action, but it’s, um, it’s, it was this easy, almost effortless aligned action that comes when you’re in that place of you’ve already validated yourself.

Elyse (15:59):

You already feel abundant. And again, the money and the sales flow naturally as a result of who you’re being. So how do we start to shift from if you’re, if you’re like, oh my gosh, I’m totally in scarcity mode right now. I’m realizing I’m in scarcity selling again, zero judgment, because that is how most of this world operates. Okay. That is how most of this world operates. And we actually, what was very cool about the call, we just had that I’m getting off of right now. One of our members is, um, an astrologist and she came on and I had her talk about some energetic shifts that are happening right now that I’ve been feeling and that the other women in the program have been feeling. And she was talking about, you know, as a collective right now, we’re really shifting from scarcity, which for so many years, think about people had to like fight for food, fight for survival.

Elyse (16:49):

And that’s not really our reality anymore. So we’re shifting from scarcity into abundance, but we still have a lot of that conditioning in our body. We still have a lot of that conditioning in our bones, in our DNA. And so a lot of this stuff, this scarcity mindset, it’s not even yours. Like it’s, it’s, it’s highly unlikely as you listen to this. And if it is, then it’s just, it’s part of the journey for you. And, and, and it doesn’t have to be your reality for long, but if it’s highly unlikely as you listen to this, that you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, okay, it’s, it’s highly unlikely that you were in true scarcity, but we can, we can have abundance all around us and we can still be living in scarcity in our minds and in our bodies. And so if you find yourself there, um, we want to, I want to really invite you to notice it without any judgment, but then make the decision that you’re, you’re, you’re done with it, but you’re done with it because it’s not serving you.

Elyse (17:50):

It’s not serving your customers that it’s not serving the world. So how do we start to shift from scarcity into, from scarcity to selling into abundance selling? Well, from a, from a mindset standpoint, a few key things. One is, I remember one of my mentors, Gina said this, and this was always like, oh my gosh, I wish they said those in my corporate sales jobs, because I feel like this is the opposite of what was taught, but you get to care about what but not how so you get to care about what but not how. And I would add in you also, you get to care about what but not who or how so with your sales goals, for whatever time period you want to look at your week, your month, your quarter, your year, you get to care about what. So you get to say, I am committed to bringing in this amount of money.

Elyse (18:38):

Okay. Remembering and check, just check in is that money because you want validation because money is not. The purpose of money is not to make you feel safer, secure than you’re making money. God, and that’s not how it works. The purpose of money is to help you expand and live a fuller life. So as long as the purpose is in alignment with that, and it’s not about you trying to feel safe or secure, you can be really grounded in that. So you get to care about what you get to say, I’m committed to bringing in X amount, but you don’t get to decide who’s your customer or not. And you don’t get to decide how it comes in even. So we want to start to really develop a healthier relationship with money, okay. Knowing that, um, knowing that money, the way money comes. So I want to actually tie this in together for you.

Elyse (19:30):

So we get to care about what but not how money comes in all different ways. And I don’t know if you’ve ever had this, this experience. You know, I, I had a client, um, shares with me recently on a call. Her goal for the month had been $30,000. And she, you know, she got to the end of the month and I think she’d made right under 10 or so. And she was pretty disappointed with that. But she, she shared this story about she, um, she said, you’ll never believe it. Last week, I was kinda like bemoaning the amount of money I brought in for the month. And, you know, a lot of people was like, oh, that’s a great month for her. It was, it was less than she was going for. Um, but her husband called her upstairs and said, guess what? I made $30,000 this month.

Elyse (20:16):

He’s also in sales, in a different, a different industry. And I, I’m fairly confident with one of his best months ever. And so whether it’s, um, money coming in from somebody else or money, we can get really kinked up and feel like I’ve got this goal for this month. You know, I need it to pay my bills and accomplish these things. And the only way that money can come in is from my business or from my job. Well, when you learn how money works energetically, and you learn to match that frequency. So that’s, you show you like you determining what amount you desire and then showing up fully embodied as that person who already owns, owns already has that amount of money. Then it must come to you, but it can come through all these different channels. And so if you’re, let’s just say your goal was 30,000, would you be upset if you thought it was going to come from your job?

Elyse (21:11):

But it actually came from somebody else. It came from a gift. It came from a partner. It came from like a, you know, an unexpected refund check, like the money’s the money. So we get to, we have to, when we get ready, I really like grippy about it has to come in this way, or it has to come in from this customer or from this thing I did you block off the flow because the way that your subconscious mind works and the way that the universe works is whatever you say. It says yes. Back. So if you, and the way that you say things is by your thoughts and your feelings, right. How you’re, how you’re being. So if there’s, if there’s some sort of a thought pattern in you that the money must only can, you can only receive money this one way the universe answers back.

Elyse (21:55):

Yes. All right. Or your subconscious again, subconscious universe. That’s a whole nother conversation, but they both answer back. Yes. And so you’ll get what you expect for yourself. But if you had a belief system that one of the things I affirm every day as money comes from all these different channels for me, and it surprises me, and I’m excited about how it finds me in all these increasing different channels and ways that money will come in unexpected ways. I get a lot of unexpected checks in the mail. I get, you know, affiliate payments that I’ve forgot. I had set up like, just stuff like that. So money can come in so many different ways. So we want to be really open to how can it arrive? So again, you get to care about what but not who or how, and this applies to how you sell as well.

Elyse (22:40):

Um, this is part of the importance of having that abundance mindset in sales is we, we don’t get to get, we don’t get to care and want to be cognizant of how we position this. You don’t get to care who becomes your customer. Now you get to care deeply about somebody whose best interest and you get to, like, I can always tell when someone is meant to be my client and I, and I do get more fierce with them if they are stuck in old stories and limiting beliefs. Cause I know it in my body that we’re meant to work together, but it’s not from a place of scarcity. It’s a place it’s that? It is that true place of service. Like this is meant for you. And I, and I’m very direct with them when that happens, but it is still up to them.

Elyse (23:22):

If they want to say no, I’ve had that happen with not a ton of people, but it was certainly I’ve had that happen with some people where it’s like, I know in my body, they are meant to be my client. I know I meant to serve them. I know this would help them, but they’re really committed to their no, and that’s okay. Right. We have to honor. People’s free will as well. And then it, you know, the, if there’s a certain amount of money that I’m looking to bring in that month and I’d think, okay, well this feels like a perfect alignment between this kind of me and this is how it’s going to happen. And it doesn’t happen that way. It’s like fine. It’s going to come in another way. And it does. That’s how it works, but we can’t get too caught up in who has to be your client.

Elyse (24:02):

Um, and then the other thing I would do is, you know, notice how abundant you are in all areas. If you’re really looking to shift into more of this abundance selling mindset, if you’ve got something, if you’ve got some, um, resistance around money, like you feel like it’s not flowing very easily for you right now, stop thinking about the money as much as you can. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but you will actually, we don’t want to try to work a problem from the energy of the problem. So you want to you’ll, you’ll never find the solution there. So I would, I would notice in other parts of your life, how abundant you are, maybe you’ve got great health. Maybe you’ve got a beautiful relationship with your partner. Maybe you’ve got beautiful relationships with your kids. Maybe you’re happy, right? Or even just looking outside, like as I record this, I’m looking at the tree outside of my window and I cannot tell you how many thousands and thousands of leads are on this tree.

Elyse (24:59):

Um, you can even, you think about, you know, money like breath. And I love thinking about it this way in this analogy is that, do you ever panic about where your next breath is going to come from? Right? You just, you need some more air. You breathe in, you breathe out and you keep going. You don’t think about it. I would encourage you to aim, to have your relationship with money like that because that’s actually how it works. Energetically when we’re in alignment. And when we’ve really healed, our relationship with money is it’s just like air. I need, I need some. Now I’m going to breathe it in. And now I’m going to circulate out, right? What no longer serves, I’m going to put it back out. So it’s meant to circulate. It’s meant to flow just like breath, but you’re never in panic mode about whether you’re going to breathe, right?

Elyse (25:44):

You’re not in panic mode about, is there going to be enough oxygen left, you just trust and you take what you need and you release what no longer serves. And that’s, that’s how money is meant to flow. So start to think about it like that. Um, and just notice how abundant you are in all the other areas of your life. If you’re not feeling super abundant in the financial area yet, and carry, practice that feeling of abundance in those other areas, think as little about money as you can, if it’s getting you kind of gunked up energetically, and then when you, when you get it out of your system and you’re not thinking about it, you’re not in that space. Um, when you’re feeling good and you’ve been noticing how abundant you are and all these other areas that maybe you think about, all right, what would be the best way to generate this revenue or this sales goal for this month?

Elyse (26:32):

Or just ask, like, I, I have learned that the best way to get the answers is just to ask. And so yesterday I was driving home from Kira bar in the morning and I had, um, you know, some things I was just thinking about and some, some decisions I was trying to make in my life. And I just, I just said, I say it out, I’m the weirdo who drives by herself and just talks out loud. I just said out loud, Hey, I need help figuring out these three things right now. Boom, boom. And boom. And then I just released it. I was like, I know it’s not going to do any good for me to try to overthink this right now. So I’m going to release it. And I’m sure enough answers showed up. Like later that day, this morning, it’s how it works.

Elyse (27:09):

So you, you just, I’m going off on a tangent here. I’m like, well, where was I even going with all of that? Oh, you come back to, you could get to the better feeling state and then come back to asking. And then you ask from that place, what is the most, I love asking, like, what’s the most pleasurable way for this money to come in for these resources to come in. That’s how, over this past month I was like, I should really just felt like I wanted to do more one-on-one coaching and more one-on-one clients instead of focusing on group right now. And so I did outreach about that and enrolled some new one-on-one clients and that felt really good. Cause that’s what I’m feeling called to do more of right now. So you just get to trust and let it, let it be easy.

Elyse (27:52):

Okay. Now from a tactical standpoint, um, several key things that are going to help you with shifting into abundance, selling number one, keep your pipeline full. And I know you’re like, oh, I thought we’d never needed to talk about a CRM or a pipeline in this podcast. Now, all I’m saying is, um, be open to how do I want to say this? When we have, when we have more conversations, when we have more opportunities, which come from that abundance energy of abundance, then we’re never staking our health future on one thing or one person. Right? Cause that is, that is a really quick way to go into scarcity. So keep your pipeline full, have more conversations. Talk to people like putting yourself out there on social, do a post. If you’re ever like, oh, I, I’m not quite sure where my clients are going to come from this month.

Elyse (28:44):

It’s not going, it’s it doesn’t help you at all to go into scarcity about it, go into possibility. Where could they come from? If they, if I was going to generate 10 new clients this month, where would they come from? What would that look like? What would be fun? What would be expansive and exciting? And then start having conversations with people, DMS outreach, like easy, easy, easy. Um, but part of how to do that too, is if you’re putting out content on social media, which I know, you know, many of you are, um, you know, follow up with every person who connects with you. This is a little, a little hack I did when I was first launching. My sales coaching business six years ago is I would put out videos on LinkedIn, just a very simple sales tip on LinkedIn and, um, sales related content.

Elyse (29:30):

And I noticed down the LinkedIn algorithm was probably even, it was definitely better for video then than it is now, even though now it’s still really good. And I started getting a lot of, you know, connection requests and follows from people in sales. And one day it just clicked. It was like, well, you know, they’re just connecting with me, but they’re not really saying why I should probably just follow up with them and see if they need sales coaching. So I just started setting followup DMS to everyone who connected with me, just asking what prompted the request, if I could be of service. And it was literally probably like 50% of them maybe. I mean maybe 40%, but 40 to 50%. So they were looking for sales coaching, and they became my customers and it, and they, I never would have known, they were never going to tell me, or they would have told me months later, but I generated customers fast and built a six-figure business really quickly.

Elyse (30:21):

Um, because that was because I was just doing that follow-up so that’s a really simple way to keep your pipeline full is just send a DM to every single person who connects with you, follows you, et cetera, and find out what they need. You’ve already got a ton of low-hanging fruit. We often forget that we do. Um, the third thing from a tactical standpoint, you know, remember the law of compensation, remember the law of compensation. So the amount that you get paid is determined by three things. Number one, and my dog is sneezing. So if you hear that in the background, that’s, what’s going on. Number one, how much demand is there for what you do? So just look at like how many people need, what you do. And at least, you know, I’m thinking about a lot of the men and women I work with.

Elyse (31:07):

There’s a lot of demand for it. So if there’s demand for what you do, uh, the second is how good are you at what you do? And then the third is how difficult would it be to replace you? So those three things, how much demand is there for what you do? How good are you at, what you do. And then the third is how difficult would it be to replace you? So this is where we can really hone in on our own skillset. And we can look at, um, how good we are at what we do. And more often than not what I find with my clients at least is that they’re way better than they give themselves credit for it. It’s more of the imposter syndrome, but they that’s the challenge for them. And so usually it’s just, they just need to validate themselves, but we can also always be skilling up, right.

Elyse (31:53):

We can always be getting better. So what sort of professional development are you doing? How much are you honing your skills? Are you investing in coaching? Like all of that to make sure that you can, because as you continue to grow your own skillset, you should be getting paid more in compensation with, or that’s commensurate with that. Um, the next thing I would do from a tactical standpoint is think about the amount of money you want to earn. And then how can you put 10 times that amount of value out into the world? So if you, if you want to earn a hundred thousand dollars this year, how can you put out a million dollars worth of value? So that’s going to be through your social media, that’s going to be through your conversations, that’s helping and serving people. But that, in my opinion, that would be a good aim to have.

Elyse (32:39):

How can I put out a million dollars worth of value? Plus you’re going to start to, um, you know, sort of carry yourself energetically at that million dollar level. So you’ll actually scale beyond the six figures and, you know, into multiple six and eventually you can absolutely get to seven or beyond, but focus on that. And then you can also, when we’re focused on delivering 10 times the value, at least of what we’re charging somebody, we can be really confident in our pricing and we can be really, um, really secure in what we’re offering and when we’re pitching, because we know how helpful it is. And then the final piece is it kind of comes back to what we were talking about before. But from a tactical standpoint, very likely you were not very likely. Definitely you were sitting on everything you need right now to achieve your revenue goal.

Elyse (33:27):

You always have what you need to get to where you want to go, at least for the first step. And then you’ll be shown more along the way as you go. So focus on what’s at hand, look at what’s the low hanging fruit, um, you know, our first couple of rounds of 10 K club we launched just to warm market. And it was like women who I’d already been connected with women who had been, who’ve been following me for some time and it was so easy. And that’s what I love about this because when, when there’s people who already know you and people, maybe it’s your existing customers, maybe it’s past customers, maybe it’s people who are following you on social, but I’m here to tell you, you’ve already got access to all the clients. You need to achieve your revenue goal. And so it’s very easy.

Elyse (34:14):

And when you’re in scarcity mindset to get into kind of this land grab of like, I need new, new, new, new, new all the time. And it’s not that we don’t want to be replenishing our pipeline and always connecting with new customers because we do. But I would, I would invite you to look first at where’s your warm market right now. Who’s already following you. Who’s already in love with you, or who’s a past customer who you could reach out to for referrals, um, and just, and focus on how can you better serve your existing market. So I mentioned at the beginning of this podcast that I did a survey last week, just because I really wanted to find out like, as we’re planning our content and our programs through Vienna this year, what do, um, what are women challenged with most, right? Like what do they want more around?

Elyse (35:01):

What are they, what do they find themselves struggling and got some really good feedback that I’m, I’m actually, as I’m saying this out loud, I’m like, I think there’s a new program that I’m going to launch around money mindset through the end of this year. Um, cause that was so much of what came back, but reach out to your existing customers, past customers, where are they at? What are their goals for the end of the year and what would be of service to them? And you’ll find that they’ll tell you everything you need to know to go create something for them. Cause that’s really what abundant selling is. It’s it’s being in that energy of just giving and serving and loving, knowing that as you do everything you want comes back to you and you’re going to be compensated and taken care of for your efforts and for your time.

Elyse (35:44):


So that’s it, my friend, abundance selling versus scarcity selling. I would love, love, love your thoughts on this. Like I said, this is a concept I’m rolling out now in my content and, um, and working with, with my clients. And also I’ve got a new keynote I’ve created around this. So if you’re planning out, if you are working with a sales team or you help book meetings, um, I would love to come in and speak on this content for your meetings for, you know, 20, 20, what year are we going into 20, 22 or beyond? Um, as I just think it’s so important, I think it’s so important, but you know, as you listen to this, if this speaks to you, I would be honored if you wanted to share this content with somebody else, um, who you think could benefit from it. But I think it’s a shift that’s needed, not just in the sales world, but as a whole, as a consciousness for us to shift from scarcity into abundance in all ways. So send me a DM. Let me know what, uh, let me know. What’s speaking to you from this, share this on social. I’d love if you shared your biggest takeaway and I’m just so grateful to have you as a listener, uh, wishing you a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful rest of your day, and I’ll see you next week on she sells radio bye for now.

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