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3 Ways to End Sales Strong This Year


As we are wrapping up a transformational and challenging year, many of us are thinking about how to end the year strong in our sales. This time of year for many brings stress over not hitting a goal and creating unnecessary pressure to do more in this busy December. But that pressure gets us nowhere. Whether you’ve hit your goals for the year or not, this episode will outline three ways to end strong and ready to go into 2022. 


Today I’ll be introducing three principles that will not only help your sales during these last few weeks of the year, but they will radically improve your sales year round. And remember, you get to decide if this is going to be a strong month or not. You create your own economy and your own reality. So listen on to find out how you can end this year with a bang and get ready for another great one.


Show Notes:

[2:43] – Elyse admits she used to set goals that were lofty and not attainable with her mindset at that time.

[3:33] – The purpose of a goal is not to achieve it, but to grow as a person along the way.

[4:57] – Release the pressure you put on yourself and never beat yourself up.

[6:25] – Do a quick check in on the goal. Is the goal in alignment?

[8:28] – What are the things you want in your life? Look at what you want to create in the next 90 days and calculate the cost of it.

[10:10] – Remember, you create your own economy and your own reality.

[12:01] – Your mind is your most precious asset so filter what you listen to.

[12:46] – To end the year strong, go after the low-hanging fruit.

[15:11] – Use your customers’ needs as inspiration using surveys.

[16:37] – What can you create now that gives a sense of urgency?

[18:15] – If you have a smaller audience, focus on the higher ticket items.

[19:19] – Commit to taking everything off of your plate that isn’t lighting you up right now and not applicable to your goals right now.

[21:35] – Make a list of things you do everyday in your business that are actually creating money.

[23:44] – Also make a list of things that are not making you money or do not light you up. Either delegate these tasks out to someone else or get rid of them.

[25:37] – As you grow and evolve, things that served you and lit you up in the past might not be needed anymore.

[27:43] – When we do these things, we make more space for new things and the unexpected.


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Elyse Archer (00:02):

Welcome to she sells radio. I am so excited to have a solo episode with you today, and we’re going to be talking about three ways to end your sales strong this year. And I will say too, whether you’re listening to this in real time, which as I record this, it’s the beginning of December, 2021. And we’re wrapping up this year. It’s been crazy and beautiful and challenging and transformational and going into a new year. But when ever you were listening to this, you can apply these principles to radically grow your sales. I’ll just, I’ll say it like that. And I was, you know, I was thinking about, I wanted to record a solo episode for you. And I was thinking about, gosh, what is, what is most helpful right now? And there’s so much, I’ll just kind of plug this. There’s so many new things I’m going to be bringing you on the show as we go into next year.

Elyse Archer (00:57):

It’s going to be so good. And I was thinking about all the different ways that, um, that we could go with this episode, but I was really just tapping into the energy of right now where you very possibly and probably are. If you’re like a lot of people, which is thinking about, you know, gosh, we’re close to the end of the year. And I set some goals as I went into the beginning of this year, and maybe you’re crushing it. And far beyond those goals that you set, um, which is great. And in that case, it’s like, Hey, let’s look at really expanding into a bigger vision and a bigger container for you, but it’s also possible that you’re not. And, um, the first thing to know is there’s no judgment if you’re not where you wanted to be. And, uh, I used to, I used to set goals and then set pretty lofty goals that I just, I personally wasn’t yet aligned with.

Elyse Archer (01:50):

I wasn’t showing up as the person who created the sales in the income goals that I was setting. And so I would set these goals, but it was, it wasn’t with the wisdom that I have now when I do my goal setting. And so I would consistently find myself in a place of setting the goal and then being pretty far off from it. Um, as, as we came up on the deadline for the date and feeling just defeat and beating up on myself. And, um, that is if that’s any, any, any place where you are, where you’re close to right now, I want you to just take a breath. I’m why don’t we invite you to just take a breath and just breathe. And remember the purpose of a goal is not actually the achievement of it. It’s who you become along the way. And that is something that I have learned to celebrate in my own life too, is who is the woman who has the reality that I’m creating.

Elyse Archer (02:51):

And who’s the woman who has this type of impact and makes this amount of money and lives this life and learning to celebrate becoming her along the way. So if we can take a little pressure off the goal, it’s counterintuitive because most of what’s taught in society. Certainly when I was working in corporate was like, if you’re far off from the goal, or you’re not, you know, you’re not trending to hit it by the date you initially set, um, to double down and put more pressure on yourself. And I always say this, and I, I truly think this is true in virtually every situation, pressure will dilute and kill your power. So pressure in some ways can be good. Like we use this is going to be weird and graphic, but we use pressure to like push out a baby, right? So there, there is part of that, but the whole gestation period of the baby being created and born is very large, very large amount of time of you sitting there, not exerting a lot of pressure if you’ve ever been pregnant or had a baby or know someone who has I, then there’s a little period of push at the end.

Elyse Archer (03:51):

So we want to learn to just, um, to release the pressure on ourselves, especially if it’s coming from a place of beating yourself up. I think that’s, that’s really, the key is the energy in which you find yourself. And so if you’re, um, if you’re going into the end of this year, or whenever you’re listening to this, and you’re a little far off from the goal that you wanted, um, my advice would not be to like, it would never be to beat yourself up and like just effort harder. The first thing I would do, I want to give you three things that I would do and that I do. And we’re just in, she sells world as we go into the end of this year, our two biggest months are going to be November. We just wrapped that. And then December of this year, and those are oftentimes in the business world, and I hear this from clients.

Elyse Archer (04:44):

Sometimes I hear this from colleagues, people I talked to, they’re like, oh, it’s the end of the year. And you know, people are, they’re not buying right now. It depends on what industry you’re in. Right. But in many industries and, and in my industry too, I hear this too. It’s like, well, January is the big months. Um, so right now with the holidays, people aren’t going to be buying this as much. And actually we’re, we’re doing the opposite, we’re experiencing the opposite. Um, but it’s because I decided it’s because I decided that that was going to be the case. And so there’s power in decision and deciding, um, just deciding that you aren’t at the effect of the rest of the world and at the effect of quote unquote, everybody else’s economy. So with that being said, the first part though, is checking on the goal, just do a quick check-in on the goal.

Elyse Archer (05:30):

And I would just look at, you know, what was the energy I was in when I set the goal and was it in alignment? And it very well could be, or it could not be, you know, again, I used to set goals because I wasn’t feeling worthy. And I would say, if I can just make this amount of money, then I’ll feel good about myself. And when you set goals that way, and just be honest with yourself, again, zero judgment, but just be honest with yourself and say, is there any of that energy and how I was setting my goal for this year? Because if it, if it was, um, number one money, does it come to make you feel validated? You’ve got to do that first. And then the money comes to match how you’re being. Um, but, but look at it, like there will never be enough money when you operate that way, you will hit the financial goal and then you will feel like you’ll still feel unworthy.

Elyse Archer (06:24):

And then you’ll have to keep just climbing and grinding your way, um, kind of on this, it’s like this journey of seeking worthiness and validation from money and from how much you make, which is very common in our society. And I certainly lived that paradigm for many years, but that’s not, um, that’s not how you’re going to create powerfully. So just check in on the goal and say, isn’t in alignment, remembering that the purpose of money is not to validate you. It’s not to make you feel safe or secure. Um, but it’s to support you in creating your dreams and your vision. So just look at, I like to look at it that way. Cause I used to just set a sales goal or a financial goal, and it wasn’t really grounded in anything. I was so disconnected from my desires and my vision that it was more like, well, you know, I, I hear people who are successful, say they make this much.

Elyse Archer (07:17):

So if I make that much, I’ll be successful too. And that’s, um, that’s not how we do it here. And she sells world. So I want you to look at what are my in, like, what are the things I want to create in my life? And let’s just give it a shorter timeline. You know, you’ve, let’s say over the next 90 days, and, um, you may have, uh, a house on your vision board right now that’s $10 million, right? And if that is in alignment for you right now, and you require those resources, now, then that’s one thing. But if that’s more of like a, I want to create this home, but it’s, it feels nowhere in the scope of my reality right now. But I do know that it’s what I desire. That’s great. You don’t necessarily need the funding for that right now. Right?

Elyse Archer (07:59):

So look it in the next 90 days, what do I want to create? And, um, and how much does it require and what’s the funding that’s required to do that. Do you want to hire a new team member? Do you want to upgrade your wardrobe? Do you want to take a trip and just calculate what that costs in addition to your regular, just fulfillment of your life, right? Knowing what those numbers are. And then that’ll tell you how much money that is actually required for you right now. And oftentimes you’ll find it’s less than you thought it was going to be. Now I’m not trying to downplay your vision. So if you do it and it’s more than you thought, great, that’s awesome. I’ve done that too, where it’s like, okay, this is, I hadn’t really looked at the numbers on what I was wanting and when I looked, it was more, um, and that’s great too, but more often than not, we find it’s, it kind of takes the overwhelm out of it.

Elyse Archer (08:51):

Um, when we, when we can learn to dial it down and chunk it down a bit and you’ll often find it’s less than what you thought you needed. So look at what do your current dreams and vision cost. And then I want you to remember this, this first part is all about mindset. So checking in on the goal, getting clear on what it is, recalibrating, if you need to set a different goal for the end of the year, and then I want you to really start remembering and affirming. I create my own economy. I create my own economy. I create my own reality. So again, just going back to what I shared in the intro in my space, a lot of people say, well, this, you know, end of the year is like, maybe you’re doing some black Friday sales. Maybe you’re doing some holiday sales, but it’s not a time where traditionally it’s like the biggest months of the year, but I decided, uh, because there is a strong intention for the revenue goal that I have.

Elyse Archer (09:45):

I decided that this is good. These are going to be our best months of the year. And they are, that is what they are. So they’re, they’re proving to be that. Um, so you’ve got to really put blinders on and kind of shield yourself from anything that’s creating any sort of financial scarcity or doubt, whether it’s the news, stop, just stop. If you’re watching the news, just stop. If something is important enough, you will find out about it from somebody else. Um, but you will get into such a mindset of lack and scarcity. If you’re listening to reports on the economy from the news, are you paying attention to, um, like I even, I, I went through the other day and I audited my podcast list because I found that there were some podcasts that at one point I subscribed to, because they felt there was something I was interested in, but I just noticed every time I went to listen to them, I would feel like, Ooh, I should be where they are.

Elyse Archer (10:44):

Or man, I’m that person’s really hustling. Like maybe I’m not doing enough. And it would perpetuate just even at a very subliminal level, some self doubt. And so I went through and I removed anything that wasn’t supporting me in this belief of, I create my own economy and reality. So to create your own economy in reality, you’ve got to also really filter what you pay attention to your mind is your most precious asset. So I want you to really start curating and only listening to things and paying attention to things that affirm that. And then, uh, from that every day I create my own economy. I create my own reality it’s because it’s actually true. Uh, there are people who thrive in all times. There are people who struggle in all times. So it’s, it’s not the times, it’s you it’s who are you being?

Elyse Archer (11:29):

Okay. So decide that you’re going to be someone who thrives and who has your best month ever be at the end of this year, if that is what is in alignment for you and what’s required to fulfill your goals. So that’s the first piece. The second piece is, and this is more tactical. I want you to focus on low-hanging fruit. So if you’re a little bit far off from your goal for the end of the year and you’re, oh my gosh, I’ve got to go, you know, get new prospects and search for new customers and yet, and, and while you can do that, but if you’ve got a shorter sales cycle, if your sales cycle is longer than realistically, a couple of weeks, um, from creating a new customer relationship to closing the deal, then that’s, if we just want to kind of, we want to get into reality, I’m looking at all right, I’ve got this amount of time.

Elyse Archer (12:19):

There’s going to be, you know, a week, at least for the holidays where people may be. Um, I just, I wouldn’t count on necessarily doing a lot of, um, selling during that time. Although again, remember you create your own reality, so you can totally decide that you are going to sell a lot over the holidays. And that’s great. The way I’m thinking about it for me right now is like up until Christmas is kind of my window and we’ll sell some stuff afterwards too, but I’m really focusing on it that way and looking at what’s the sales cycle. And then for most likely, again, your business model may be different, but most likely the way you’re going to achieve your goal is by focusing on low-hanging fruit. Now, what is that low hanging fruit it’s people who are already your customers, um, looking at what do they need it’s referrals, right?

Elyse Archer (13:05):

It’s past clients reaching out to them and offering something new for the new year. So I would make a list. And I would probably, I’m kind of thinking this through while I say it right now, I would bucket it in those categories and I’d say, current customers. And then I would say, uh, past clients, and then I’d say referrals, and you can maybe add in a fourth category too, of like pending, like people who you’ve been talking to this year. And they just haven’t gotten over the hump yet. Um, so maybe it’s pending or like hot leads, right? So those would be your categories for your low-hanging fruit. And then I would just, I would go either group by group or person by person, depending on how, um, how personal your, your sales process is and how much you can customize and say, what is it that they need right now?

Elyse Archer (13:50):

And talk to them, like talk to them too. We just, if you’ve been paying attention on social media, we just launched and, and are selling out the 50 K club right now, which is the next level step up of the 10 K club. And it came about it. Wasn’t something. I had a vision for it when I was, you know, when we launched the 10 K club earlier this year, but it came about because so many women were hitting those 10 K months and then saying, I need something bigger. I need a next step. I need a bigger container. And so I spent a decent chunk of this year working on what that would look like and architecting that and creating that. But that was all inspired by what they need, um, you know, with, with my one-on-one clients too, I just created an elevated one-on-one package for next year, but it was because I was listening to my customers and they were saying, I need a bigger container with you.

Elyse Archer (14:40):

I need more space. And, and it was like, yes. And that felt really good to me too. And so I’ve been creating those things. So ask your people, survey your people, if you haven’t recently, what is it that you feel like you need to be successful going into 20, 22? Now I know people who listen to this, like if you’re, it’s, it’s a mixed audience, right? So if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re creating your own products and programs, this can be a little easier than if you’re working in sales for another company. But I think you can still get really creative with this. And even, you know, when I was in corporate doing sales, I would still really look at like, what’s the customer journey. And I always kind of had an entrepreneurial mindset in it, but what’s the next step for them. And then how can I provide that with the products we have and then just reaching out and offering it and having conversations.

Elyse Archer (15:27):

So I would look at based upon what people are saying to you with what they need, like, what can you create that’s juicy, and that has a sense of urgency to it as well. So for example, with the one-on-one coaching package, that’s going to be six figures next year, starting in January. Um, but for my existing clients who are rolling into that, it’s less right now because I’m honoring closer to my old rates, um, with that. So there’s the sense of urgency of, Hey, and you can, if you’ve got control over your pricing, you can do it this way. Um, if you, you know, if you don’t, you can always think of another way to create a sense of urgency. Like, can you bundle in something if they take action by the end of the year, but just think about what would that look like?

Elyse Archer (16:11):

That would be, so when I’m creating things, I’m always thinking about what makes this so amazing for my cuss, for my client, where I feel like they’re getting 10 to a hundred times the value for the investment that they’re putting into it. How can I make it such a, yes, such a juicy, like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m getting this for this investment. Even if it’s a, a decent investment, right. But where I know it’s going to pay off for them, tenfold a hundredfold, if they take action on what we talk about and where they feel like, oh my gosh, I’m getting so much value for this too. And then adding in the sense of urgency as well. And if you’re creating your own packages, you know, I, I’m a big fan of if you don’t have a huge audience yet, like that’s, I’ve always been, I’ve always been kind of smaller audience and we are we’re, you know, we’re looking to shift that and grow that as we go into next year for some bigger goals, but you can make a lot of money without having a big audience and it comes down to higher ticket.

Elyse Archer (17:10):

So I would say focus on higher ticket items if you’ve got multiple products. Um, but you don’t have a, you know, a big audience and a like rock and funnel set up to sell the lower ticket things to a lot of people in this month, focus on higher ticket. And that’s really what I’ve been focusing on the past few months is six figure deals. And focusing on that, because it’s, it doesn’t take a lot of those to get you to your financial goal. So whatever that version of higher ticket is for you, maybe it’s a $2,000 product. Maybe it’s a $5,000 product. Maybe it’s a a hundred thousand dollar deal. Maybe it’s a million dollar deal. It really boils down to your own frequency and where you, what feels aligned. So, as I say, you know, a hundred thousand dollar package, if that feels so big to you right now, you don’t want to do that.

Elyse Archer (17:59):

You want to do something that feels high ticket to you, but focus on whatever your version of high ticket is and, um, and go all in on that, right. It’s really, really, really about focus. And then the third piece, and this actually ties in with, um, with low-hanging fruit and focus is being so intentional being so intentional. I would just commit to taking everything off of your plate, that isn’t, isn’t lighting you up right now. Where is it related to your goals? And I want to say this too, with goals, goals can be non sales related. Non-business related, you know, as I, we, we had such a incredible growth year at this year, and I’ve, I’ve grown a lot as a person this year. Like I’ve been challenged in a lot of new ways and, um, have grown in a lot of new ways and had a lot of wins and made a lot of mistakes and all of it.

Elyse Archer (18:56):

And, um, as I was going into the completion of this year, I just felt like I wanted space. Like, I’ll just be honest. I just felt like I wanted space. And there was still a lot of doing involved in the business because there are so many new things we launched and things that were, were quite lucrative and quite successful, which I’m very grateful for. But because there was so much just, you know, hands in the clay, boots on the ground creation of that. Um, I always like, I just want, I just want space space to be 100% just present with delivering, delivering exceptional service to my clients. And then I also wanted more space to be with my family. And, um, you know, as I record this, our son is he’s 16 months old and it’s, I found myself in kind of that tug of like, I want to spend more time with him and the business was requiring a lot.

Elyse Archer (19:54):

And so I really looked at what are the things I’m doing because I feel like I should be doing them. What are the things I’m doing that maybe have some financial payoff, but are still impeding on that space that I desire to be more present with my son right now, and to be just 100% focused on delivery for my clients, which is really just energetically where I’m at right now. And, and I would do that yourself and I would make a list and I, I started doing this and I’ve done this other times in my life. And every time you do it, number one, you’ll probably have a limiting belief that, oh my gosh, if I stopped doing that thing, will I stop making money? That’s normal, that’s natural. It’s a limiting belief. And then every time I’ve taken those things off my plate, I’ve made more money.

Elyse Archer (20:45):

So you can like experiment here, but, but trust the process and just make an inventory. And I would look at, I would make a list of what are the things I do every day, that in my business, let’s focus on business first. What are the things I do every day that are actually creating money? So if you’re, if you’re in sales or if you’re leading a company and you’re an entrepreneur, it’s a pretty limited list. Like when we actually look at it, it’s usually interfacing with customers being the face of the business. Like that’s pretty much it like the things that make me money in my business or creating content, being the face of the business, and then delivering the service to the clients. So make your own list. And I learned this, I did this exercise first, um, through Kate Northrup’s book, I think it’s do less where she talked about it.

Elyse Archer (21:32):

And it was so transformational because what you usually find is that only 20% of what you’re doing on a daily basis is, um, is making you money or is actually significantly contributing to revenue. And it’s like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m spending all this time, doing all these things that maybe sometimes we do them because we think we’re supposed to, or they used to work for us. And we just haven’t re-evaluated in awhile, but really look at what is worth my time. And I love how Bob Proctor says, evaluate is this thing, is this goal, or is this activity, is this worthy of my life? You know, we want to start thinking like that, remembering who you are and evaluating through the lens of is this worthy of me and my time and my life not am I worthy of it? It’s the, it’s the opposite.

Elyse Archer (22:22):

So look at it that way. And I would also look at when I’m doing a certain activity, is it lighting me up? Is it bringing me joy or do I feel, am I starting to feel some constriction, maybe in my heart space, as I do it, am I starting to feel some resentment towards it? And then that goes, so you’re going to have two lists. One is keep doing slash makes me money. And the other is stopped doing slash doesn’t make me money. And that goes on that list. Everything that falls in that bucket, which is probably going to be about 80% of what you’re doing right now means to either get delegated to somebody else, if it has to happen in your business and your sales, or you just need to stop doing it. And I shared this with the 10 K club group, um, last week was with the live streams that I did for a lot of this year.

Elyse Archer (23:13):

And if you used to watch those and even paying attention, I pause those for the time being. It’s not, it’s probably not permanent. And I I’m, I think I’m going to go back to a weekly schedule soon with those, but I was doing a daily live stream every weekday morning at eight 30. And those were great for a time and they created customers and they were fun. And I like, I do enjoy it. I could just stand and talk forever about pretty much anything. And you’re like, I know I’ve been listening to your doctor, but like easy for me. And it’s fun. And it’s, it’s one of my gifts and I enjoy it, but I was starting to feel, um, I was feeling like I was pouring so much into those that it was actually depleting my energy from being with my family and, um, and myself even.

Elyse Archer (24:02):

And it was the time was even like constricting into some of our family time in the mornings. And I just decided like, those need to go for now. And there was some fear of, oh my gosh, is this gonna like mess up my brand? And it certainly the ego was like, am I no longer going to be relevant? Right. Cause that can come up too. But it was just, you have to check in with these things and trust that if something no longer feels in alignment or if it’s, it could be something that served you before, but again, it doesn’t serve you now. You’re a growing, changing, evolving being, and what’s required for your next level is not what was required for this one. So in my own desires for space and for really just more quiet and focus and wisdom and peace, which were the words that kept showing up for me as I went into this, this last part of the year, it was like, those have to go for now.

Elyse Archer (24:56):

And I’ve got to be okay with that. And it’s been, we’ve made more money than ever. And, um, and I feel more relaxed and present with my family, with my clients, with everyone. And so, and with myself and so really make that list and look at it and see what is in alignment, what is not. And, um, and then just stop. Just, just stop. I know it sounds easier than, than maybe it is, but at least make a plan on the, to, to release the things that aren’t in alignment anymore. So w real quick recap on the three. Okay. Number one, check in on your goal. So if you’re to hit your big sales goals for the end of this year, it never went to check in on the goal, make sure it’s in alignment. And then once you’ve firmed up that it is, or you’ve selected a different goal that is in alignment, you create your own economy, you create your own reality.

Elyse Archer (25:51):

All right, that’s number one, number two, focus on low-hanging fruit, low hanging fruit, my friend. And I’m like I mentioned, that’s in my world right now. It’s low, low volume high ticket. I’ll also invite you if the one-on-one package that I spoke about earlier is interested interesting to you. I’ve got maybe two spots for that as we go into next year. And it is a pretty significant, um, significantly less through the end of the year than it will be for next year. And you can just email me, Lisa Addie, Lisa archer.com. If you’re interested in having that bigger container of private coaching with me, and then the third is just be intentional, take everything off of your plate that, um, isn’t in alignment and that’s not lighting you up anymore. And when we do those things, we create space for, we create space for focused and aligned action, which is how you’re always going to achieve your goals.

Elyse Archer (26:47):

And you also create space for the unexpected. And this is something I’ve had to learn to get comfortable with in my own life, as someone who really had a strongly ingrained paradigm of wanting to always know how everything was going to go and control everything. And it’s still something that I every single day and working on, but when we have such a tight grip on how everything is meant to happen, and we only think money can come in one way or sales can come in one way and we’ve got so much mental clutter and physical clutter, because we’re trying to do all the things. There’s no space for miracles. There’s no space for the unexpected and the feminine actually thrives in the unexpected. And many of us have learned to not be comfortable in that and to feel unsafe in that. But I want to invite you to just practice that, creating the space by taking everything off your plate that no longer aligns.

Elyse Archer (27:44):

And then focusing on how can I be of highest service right now to my existing customers, to their referrals, to my past customers, and, and be open to be dazzled, you know, and just remember you create your own reality. You create your own economy and live today as the person who already has that financial goal and that sales goal manifested and, and be open to how it comes in and be excited too, about how it comes in. So that is it for you today. I hope you enjoyed this three ways to end your sales strong this year. If you enjoyed it, I would be so honored if you shared this shared she’s, she sells radio on your social with your friends, uh, with any of your girlfriends in sales or who are, um, entrepreneurs. And I just, I love this community. I’m grateful for you. It’s an incredible community. And I really appreciate you helping me to get the word out and, and grow our community as well. So, um, please share it with someone who you think would enjoy it. I’m so grateful for you. I’m wishing you a beautiful, beautiful rest of your day, and I will see you next week on she sells radio bye for now.


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