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How to Triumph Through Tough Transitions with Danny Bader


In one of the most important conversations to listen in on in the She Sells community, Danny Bader shares his rare blend of heartfelt and bluntness. Danny is a return guest on the show and is here today to discuss his new book Taking the Shit Out of the Show.


We are all faced with challenges, difficulties, and struggles throughout life. Why do these challenges happen to us? Danny explains that focusing on why things happen is not helpful but rather to focus on how to navigate through them to grow at the end. Members of the She Sells community are up to some really big things in the world, taking risks, and showing up bigger than ever before. But with that comes uncertainty, discomfort, and may feel chaotic. No matter where you are in your life’s journey, this episode is Danny Bader is profound as he teaches us to expect the struggles and trust that you will make it through them. 


Show Notes:

[2:44] – Everything that is not in alignment will fall away from you which makes the transitions feel uncomfortable.

[4:06] – Welcome to the show, Danny! Danny shares his inspiration to write his most recent book.

[5:28] – In his book, there are several different characters on different paths, but each learns a different lesson that is applicable to all readers.

[6:58] – Why do challenges happen? Danny says to focus on what you learn from the challenge rather than why it happened.

[8:16] – The lesson is to know that challenges will happen and to focus on how to navigate through them in order to grow at the end.

[9:33] – You’re moving upward even though peaks and valleys feel discouraging at the moment.

[10:28] – Expecting struggle is the first guiding principle.

[11:37] – The next guiding principles are to know that there is another side to the struggle and finding support.
[13:06] – Elyse admits her struggle with reaching out for support as a fear of vulnerability.

[14:20] – Danny shares one of the stories and shit shows in his book that is inspired by his brother in law.

[15:43] – Danny struggled with dealing with his brother in law’s illness and regressed into old habits that he realized were hurting him.

[16:44] – Awareness is when your knowing connects with something deeper inside you.

[18:48] – Elyse reminds us of episode 47 when Danny was previously on the show which was all about his personal story.

[19:49] – Danny explains his new perspective after a near death experience.

[21:50] – When you keep in mind that your energy will move on one day, Elyse shares that it almost takes the pressure off of your current difficulties.

[23:14] – Danny views his spirit as a sort of separate entity that’s an ally for your bodily form.

[25:11] – Danny shares the books he has written and his website to look at opportunities to book him as a speaker or check out his webinars.

[26:57] – His parting advice is to create more joy. Know and trust that there is another side of a difficult time. Hope is to want something. Trust is to know.


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Elyse Archer (00:02):


Welcome to she sells radio. I am so excited for the conversation. I’m about to have today with one of my dear friends, clients, just incredible guy all around. And I’m gonna tell you more about him in a minute, but I wanted to give a little bit of context for the show first, and also just give you a ahead up. There’s very likely gonna be adult language in this particular episode. So if that’s not your thing, I totally respect it. Now it’s probably the time to switch to another episode, but I wanna really invite you to stay tuned, cuz this is, I already know because of who this person is. This is probably one of the most important conversations I’m gonna have and that you’re gonna to be able to listen in on as well. And so why I’m so excited about this conversation. You know, the members of this community are up to really big things in the world.

Elyse Archer (00:53):

And this is something that I see and I admire so much in my clients and in our listeners and in the she cells community is that we, when someone becomes a part of this community, they’re, they’re going after big dreams and they’re taking risks that they maybe haven’t been bold enough to take in the past. And they’re showing up in bigger ways than they ever have before in their lives. And I always joke with my clients that there should be a warning label attached to, uh, you know, get involved in the she cells world. Before you start this work, that things are gonna change in your life and they will ultimately all change for the better, but at the beginning it can feel chaotic and it can feel uncomfortable because when we decide to really go for it and we decide we’re unavailable to play small and to keep live being in these limiting stories and mindsets, we’ve been telling ourselves and you know, not have the life we want, um, everything that is not an alignment with that next level version of your life is gonna fall away.

Elyse Archer (01:55):

And if you don’t know what’s happening, if you don’t know that everything is falling away, so it can fall together for you, it can be, it can be worrisome and it always comes together beautifully. But, um, it’s that, that transitional period that can feel really challenging. And so my guest today on the show, Danny badder literally wrote a book on this topic called taking the out of the show, seven short stories of how to navigate life’s challenges. And Danny is a bestselling author. He’s note speaker, he’s a mentor. He’s an incredible coach. He’s a, a dad, a husband, and he’s no stranger to challenges either. And if you wanna go way back in the she cells archives, you can listen to the conversation I had with him on episode 47 of the podcast, where he shares about his near death experience. It’s a really powerful, it changed my life. And, um, and I’d encourage you to go back and listen, but he talks about the challenges that ensued after that and, um, how that shaped him. And he’s a, a really rare blend of being extremely heartfelt, direct, and also, uh, hilariously funny at times, which we have to be when we’re navigating life’s challenges and transition. So with that, Danny, welcome to this show. We’re so excited to have you today.

Danny Bader (03:10):

Thank you, Elise. It’s great to be here. And, uh, I certainly like listening to this show. There’s always some good conversation and uh, some good insight. Uh, well,

Elyse Archer (03:18):

I think we’re are gonna do that today as well. My friends. So tell us a little bit about what inspired you to write this book?

Danny Bader (03:25):

Um, yeah, you know, I had book number four in my mind and I thought, okay, what am I gonna do with this? And in our world, you and I, you know, in our coaching, it just seemed like I kept hearing this, like, you know what, everybody is having some struggles and everybody’s having some shows in their life. And then I realized that, that they were, they were, you know, we all had them, even though they had a different flavor to them. And I thought, what if I, what if I wrote a book about, you know, people dealing with their shows, you know, those times of uncertainty and struggle and pain and regret and all of that. And I did it from a couple of different, um, avenues, a couple different situations. So that’s when it started to come together. And I really like the idea for me of making up, you know, different characters versus in my other books, you know, you gotta set of characters and you follow them all the way through.

Danny Bader (04:17):

So then as it started to take shape and, and Sue my wonder full editor, we have, um, somebody in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, and seventies, all dealing with some type of, of issue in life. And, um, what I tried to do or what I worked to do was to, to have just that kind of, that one message in each one that many of us feel, and they go, okay, I can relate to that. I, I’m not, you know, my spouse didn’t have an affair and, you know, I’m getting a nasty divorce. Although the message in here also relates to kind of what I’m dealing with over here. So that’s where the, the kind of idea came from.

Elyse Archer (04:51):

Yeah, for sure. And I think right now, obviously as we record this and really time in history, right? There’s different challenges that we’re going through as a collective, and then there’s different, you challenges that we go through in our own lives that are really required to, uh, to mold and shape us into our next version of ourselves. And that’s one way I’ve learned to really think about it. I’m kind of curious to get your thoughts on this is mm-hmm <affirmative> when we decide that we are ready for more, that we wanna allow in more in our life, whatever that more is, it could be more financial abundance, it could be more opportunities. It could be more love mm-hmm <affirmative>, you’re, you’re gonna be required to become a different person in order to have that in a sustainable way. Um, right. And, and in order to do that, those challenges come to shape us. And it, I, it’s easy to say on the back end, well, that was happening for me when it’s happening. It usually doesn’t feel like it’s happening for you. Right. But what’s your, what’s your perspective on that? Do you have kind of the same viewpoint on challenges as they come up in our lives? Or do you have a different viewpoint on why they happen and what the purpose is?

Danny Bader (05:56):

Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know why they happened anymore. I know when you and I spoke about my accident, you know, I died came back, my friend died. He didn’t, I, I tried to figure out like, why did that happen to me? Why did, and then I just kind of gave up pursuing the why and, and came to the said, well, it did. So to your point. And, and as I got more into coaching and speaking and everything, it’s not so much why it happened, but, but what are you learning from it? How are you growing as you deal through it as you move through it. So for me now at 58, you know, I know that life is gonna, it’s just life we’re gonna have struggle. Yeah. You know, accidents happen, pandemics happen. You know, people do things, you know, people are just gonna do, do what they’re gonna do and say what they’re gonna say, and that can hurt us and really set us back if we allow it.

Danny Bader (06:45):

Or, and when that hurt, shows up, just acknowledge it and say, okay, I understand it’s just a byproduct of this. How do I move through it? So it’s not taking the outta the show is not so much eliminating the brutal facts that you’re in. They’re there, you know, the struggle of, of, as you said, of, of, of business setbacks, relationship setbacks, um, any of those things, you know, loss of loved ones, the, the brutal facts are there taking the out as just, how do you continue to move through it, you know, as gracefully as possible. And knowing that you’re gonna get on the other side of it, and there’s gonna be a lot of growth there, that’s gonna support you in the next struggle. So it’s not to walk around, like, you know, uh, gull’s travel, you know, GLM, gloom, and doom. We’ll never make it.

Danny Bader (07:30):

Yeah. It’s not to walk around. Like the stoic philosophy says, you’re not waking up every day saying, oh my God, what’s gonna go wrong. What’s gonna go wrong. What’s gonna go wrong. Although, you know, that that’s quite a possibility as we move through life. There’s a, there’s a difference there. And, you know, personally, I’m, I’m, I’m working on that to, to really get to that point of right. Things are really great right now. And there’s possibility that, that they won’t be. So let’s enjoy them right now. And let’s just make sure that you’re, you’re ready. You knows. Should those things go off the rails? Mm-hmm

Elyse Archer (08:01):

<affirmative>. Yeah. And I think one of the, one of the philosophies that helps me in, in my life, and I don’t, I don’t know how much you agree or disagree with this, but I think as we do the work and as we grow from every challenge, it’s, it’s the reminder that life does ebb and flow. Right? Sure. It, it definitely, he does. So there’s, there’s peaks and valleys and that’s the law of rhythm, right. Universal law. So it’s gonna happen, but thinking of it, um, more like a staircase where it’s, what was, once your ceiling becomes your new floor and it’s more of this continual progression. That’s, it’s like, you’re, you’re always moving in an upward direction because of who you’re becoming. Right. But in order to do that, we’re gonna have some things that feel it like peaks. And then we’re gonna have some things that feel like plateaus.

Elyse Archer (08:43):

We’re gonna things that feel like dips, but overall we’re still trending in, in a, a positive direction. So that’s, again, I think everyone has to make their own decisions about life and what they believe and what they, they don’t. But, um, right. That, that kind of helps me navigate through. But so I wanna hear from you, what are some of the principles, obviously someone needs to read the book and really get into the, the stories. And I think learning from story is so powerful too. That’s why I personally enjoy your book so much because they’re fun. And they’re, it’s just, somehow it’s easier to digest the inform when it’s in story, but what are some of the top, let’s say like two to three principles that someone can apply to separate that from the show as you put it.

Danny Bader (09:24):

Yeah. Yeah. I think the main thing is to expect it. Right. So, so that, that’s, that’s a, you know, that’s a principle and that’s a mindset that when something happens, you know, I always tell people, listen, do you remember when you went through a haunted house from you’re a little kid and you’re going through with your friends and you know, all of a sudden this guy jumps out with a chainsaw, ketchup all over it, and you’re like freaked out. Oh my God. And then you go, let’s go again. Let’s go again. And you go through again and he jumps out and you’re, you knew he was coming and you’re a little bit scared, but you’re like, all right, let’s do it again. And then the third time you jump out at him before he jumps out at you, you know? Yeah. So it it’s, it’s that, it’s that expecting that we’re gonna have the struggle.

Danny Bader (10:00):

So I think that’s really, really important. Cause so many people will say, you know, holy, I can’t believe this is happening to me. Mm. I can’t believe this happened. I hate, you know, one, one of the mess, the messages we make about in the book, this, this guy, Nigel is hate. He hates every Hmm. Right. And, um, we could talk a little bit more about the H words. Sometimes it really represent an, an attitude of us being stuck. There’s a theme in there where I, I pull in an H word, um, in each chapter with people. So I think number one, to answer your question is really to expect it. Um, number two is to realize that there’s an other side to this, you know, you will move through this. So just to sit or, or lay in fetal position with tears streaming down your face, you know, as you deal with the, the brutal facts that you’re going through and take a deep breath and go, there is another side to this, and it’s not gonna be easy.

Danny Bader (10:52):

And there’s another side that I can get to. And, uh, the other thing, thing I think is really support, you know, that always, that’s one of the basic principles of Jack rabbit. So it’s coming back to now who can support me, you know, moving through this. So it’s people, and then it’s also, you, you know, it’s that self support and the self support is, is two things for me, you and I work a lot on mindset and belief with people. Yeah. Right. So it’s that inner narrative. How am I supporting myself in capturing those thoughts and reversing them, right. Not, they’re gonna show up, not eliminate ’em, you know, not walk around and say, I never have these negative thoughts. It’s how do I catch them? And then what’s my strategy to kind of get out of that and reverse them. And then the other self support you for me and for you, we’ve had this conversation is a belief in something bigger. Yeah. You know, I call, I call it God, but just to kind of surrender and say, Hey, I, I need your help right now. I didn’t need it the last four months, cuz life was fabulous and I need it now. So I, I think there are three things, right. Expect it, know that there’s another side and, and really pay attention to who, who, and who’s gonna help you through it.

Elyse Archer (11:59):

Mm that’s so good. That’s so good. Yeah. Yeah. The support piece is, um, that’s one that I personally have had to learn to get good at in my life and I’m still working on because my conditioning growing up and how I, for most of my life was like, I can do it on my own. Sure. I don’t need anybody’s. And it was really a, it was a fear of vulnerability thing. I presented outwardly as very confident, but it was, it was fear of being vulnerable and fear of, you know, people don’t wanna support me and help me. And so, um, how do I’m curious in your own life, like, is that something that you have to work, work on and if so, like how have you overcome that too and, and be willing to reach

Danny Bader (12:37):

Out and get, oh yeah. Gosh. Well, I mean, you know, I have, I’ll just be authentic here. Um, I have one sister and six brothers, so yeah, we are Catholic in case you’re wondering. And, uh, my sister’s my best friend. She’s the old oldest. And then there were seven boys and her husband, um, Bobby, who actually is the last chapter in the book. So each chapter of the book is, is fictionalized. And it’s just kind of, you know, people influenced it. But the last one is really him and my sister and his, his proverbial show. Um, he’s been living with ALS now for five years. And the, the show that I talk about just in that period is his daughter’s getting married. His only daughter, my niece, Kathleen, and it’s it’s that? Am I gonna be able to walk her down the aisle?

Danny Bader (13:25):

So that’s the big struggle for him, right? That that’s the, the, the thing he’s fighting against, that’s the conflict and he’s getting ready in know, can I walk her? He’s working out hard and he still can walk. And then he goes for some treatments in Florida and he has a cardiac event and that sets him back and then COVID hits. So not only can he not go out, can he not have the people come to the house to help him work out and keep his, his, you know, his motor skills, then it bumps her wedding back three times. Mm. So now is this disease right? Is ravaging his body. How, how is he gonna make it to walk her down the aisle? And it’s interesting Sammy, who is from my first book back to life. She’s the main character. So she drops in, she’s almost like at least dropping in on, on these seven people.

Danny Bader (14:12):

Mm. And in, in the Bobby chapter, she says, you know, I usually come in and support people in reframing and give them some things to consider and, and help them to grow. And in this case, Bobby really did that for me. Oh, wow. Because, um, yeah, he’s really powerful. So the way you, you know, you need to deal with this. Here’s, here’s the aha for me, you know, I, I’ve struggled with, with drinking over the years, you know, way too much after the accident. And, you know, vodka was my, my choice, usually on the rocks with an olive, which mm-hmm <affirmative> was not good. Um, so about three years ago, we went to a movie theater to watch. It’s a wonderful life with all of our family. We had 150 people probably, and it’s one of Bobby’s favorite, um, movies. And I was just not dealing with his illness very well.

Danny Bader (15:01):

And, and it was, uh, crushing me. So I, I just slipped and I, I turned back and I mean, I, I got so drunk that day. It was brutal just because as I wasn’t dealing with his illness, it was just breaking my heart, you know, to see them go through that. Yeah. So I default to that, you know, that other side that doesn’t serve anything. So then, you know, I wake up the next day and my wife there, she’s, she’s wonderful. I’m like, man, this, this ain’t working. So, um, you know, I still enjoy some beers and wine, but I haven’t had a vodka on the rocks in, in three years. And, and, and I’m, I’m better for it. So it’s just that, you know, that vulnerability, you know, I think there’s a difference between knowing, right. We talk a lot about awareness knowing for me is when we go around and we look, and we know that something’s not right in our life and our relationships or whatever, and those facts are there.

Danny Bader (15:51):

I awareness is when that knowing connects to something deeper inside of you, for me, it’s spirit. Yeah. And it says, I’m not the best version of Danny beter right now as, as a husband, as a father, as a person, as a, as a coach, as an author, as a speaker, whatever. So the knowing is the facts, but see a lot of people know it, they know it. And, and, and sometimes we, myself too, you’re looking for reasons, you know, I, I, you know, I just got drunk because this happened or, or this happened well, I mean, that’s a choice. It, it doesn’t, you know, you wake up with a, a hangover in the same problem usually. So it really doesn’t serve anything awareness. And I have to do a talk on a, on a, a zoom, um, virtual event this morning, or tonight awareness for me is deeper. It’s when that knowing really gets blended in with your human spirit. And you’re like, I gotta do some work here. Yeah.

Elyse Archer (16:45):

Yeah. Gosh, it’s so true. And as you’ve been talking, the, the words that two words that kept coming in my mind, one is awareness. And one is just con it’s that higher level right. Of consciousness, where, and something I continually work on in my own life where it’s like seeing almost your life from that bird’s eye view. Yeah. And being able to detach from the situation mm-hmm <affirmative>, which isn’t always easy when it feels so gripping, but oh yeah. That’s the value of meditation and prayer. Right. And, and kind of that inner spiritual work mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, but to, to, to know that there’s a higher, a higher order and, and more going on here than we often see behind the scenes is important. And I wanna, I, I wanna kind of pivot into this final topic, um, because I think one of the things, this is why I love talking with you because, because of your experience, and you’ve had different experiences than most people have.

Elyse Archer (17:41):

And again, if someone wants to hear all about, you know, your own personal journey and near death experience, they can go listen to episode 47, but you’ve, you’ve been to the other side, which most of us listening have not yet. Right. You’ve been there. You’ve seen your body from above. You’ve experienced, you talk about experiencing, and, and please tell me if, if I’m not using the right words, but just that profound love that you felt when you were on the other side and then, and then coming back, um, into, into your earthly life. And what are some of the perspectives that, how has your perspective shifted from that event? Cuz I think that having that bigger perspective is so important when we’re going through tough stuff and knowing like this is not, it, this is not the final destination. And I just wanna hear, hear that from you. Cause I think it’s, it’s relevant to what we’re talking

Danny Bader (18:29):

About here. Yeah. Thanks. And you did, you know, the words you and I have talked about the experience that I had is not describable in our, in our language. So when we seek for words, you know, I appreciate that profound joy, that profound love. I mean, that that’s really what it was the perspective I got. And I think it continues to grow really is <affirmative>, you know, when I came back, my body stopped and there was a part of me that didn’t I knew now that my body’s gonna stop again, yours is gonna stop. You know, my brother-in-law’s is gonna stop. Um, and there’s a part of us that goes on. So it’s our, you know, our heart and our brain and our lungs, you know, they contribute to making this body go mm-hmm <affirmative>. But for me, there’s an absolute belief certainty that there’s a divine energy in all of us.

Danny Bader (19:13):

And when that’s ready to go back to its source, whatever you may call that, or maybe don’t call it anything. I’m just sharing what I think, you know, that’s the perspective. So, you know, a lot of times, and sometimes I get frustrated, people get frustrated with me, cuz I’ll say, you know what? This, all this here really doesn’t mean that much. Yeah. People look and they go, how, how can you say that? You know, this is our, you know, our, our jobs, our sickness or illness or loss. And I always, I try to offer to them as best I can is when you get that, this life, this human existence that we’re having really doesn’t mean a lot because it’s, it’s connected to where we’re headed next and our energy and our spirit, then it does mean more. It, it just means more in the right perspective.

Danny Bader (19:58):

You know, I, I, I don’t think a lot of people ponder their energy, their spirit and, and what’s going to happen when it goes somewhere. You know, a lot of people wanna know, Hey, what happens when I die? I, I don’t know that they really are with that every day, not in a morbid way, but just understanding that as we dance through the difficulties of life and we move through them, it’s okay. I mean, that’s, that’s this human experience and it’s not the end all and be all. Yeah. It’s just what we’re doing now until that next art of our journey.

Elyse Archer (20:33):

Mm. I love that. And, and to your point, I think if I had heard you say that I don’t know, five years, maybe three years ago, I would’ve thought, gosh, that’s morbid to be, to be thinking about that all the time, but I get what you’re saying now in a different way, cuz I’ve, I personally have had a lot of spiritual growth this year in particular and sure. It’s um, it shifts everything when you keep that awareness throughout the day, cuz it, it actually takes the pressure off. I found in my own life to have it all like have it all worked out and control everything and it’s like, gosh, you can kind of just relax and, and be more at ease. Mm-hmm <affirmative> about things in life. So it’s um,

Danny Bader (21:12):

And your spirit, I think Elise is the strongest support to move you through. Mm. These difficulties. So it’s it’s as the more you stay connected to spirit and not let the world overwhelm you and keep you just in human form. But also, yeah, I’m Danny Bader and you’re least in this body. And, and we have that spirit with us. It’s almost like, you know, that, that Spirit’s your friend, you know what I mean? It it’s this part of you that that’s with this journey. And that’s why, you know, I meditate and pray in things because I, I believe the spirit resides in stillness. Mm. The spirit does not reside in, in all this craziness of the world and emails and social media and everything else. That’s why I believe you really have to, I was just talking with our middle son, Joey, about this who, you know, grew up Catholic.

Danny Bader (21:57):

And he, his, his faith is he’s trying to figure some things out right now. And I said, listen, I’d love for you to go to church, cuz that works for me. And I understand that you’re on your own journey. There’s some than bigger, you know, Joey and, and just connect with it in whatever way you can. And he’s been doing a lot more meditation and really just loves it. Oh. So I, I think that, you know, having that, that spirit with us, right. Danny Bader human and the spirit of Danny Bader, just playfully having that with you, man, when it hits you got, you got a, you got a good, you got a good team member right there, kidding. <laugh>, you know, otherwise, you know, you’re scrambling for it, you know, and there’s in the chapter. Um, the first one, Alexis, Alexis, uh, her husband just, you know, he’s, he’s a knucklehead and you know, has affairs and she catches him and, and Sam’s trying to move her through it.

Danny Bader (22:49):

And at one point she’s, she’s wearing a silver cross and Sammy had noticed it a few times and said, oh, you know, I I’ve noticed your silver cross fashion statement. And Alexis says, no, you know, I’m coming back to my faith a little bit. And Sammy said, well, that’s probably a good idea. I’ve seen that help people, you know? So, so again, whatever it is, I, um, you know, a Abraham Lincoln had a great quote that I’ll use a lot of times and we know Lincoln, you know, he lost his loved ones. He had the civil war, he had slavery, he was bankrupt. I mean, that dude had a brutal, he had a lot of shows in life. Yeah. And he said, I have been driven to my knees so many times by the overwhelming conviction, I had nowhere else to go. Oh wow. So you just drop your knees and say, Hey man, or a woman help, you know? Yeah, yeah. Chills.

Elyse Archer (23:37):

Yep. Wow. Wow. This is powerful. I’m like, we’re gonna get you back for around three <laugh>.

Danny Bader (23:43):

Oh, you know, I love you and hanging out with he’s great.

Elyse Archer (23:46):

Aw, thank you.

Danny Bader (23:46):

Thank you. Seeing Jack and Jason there before we started recording, I’m just so happy for you and what you’re creating and, and how you’re really supporting people. They’re they’re blessed to have you. Thank you so much as I am.

Elyse Archer (23:58):

Thank you. Gosh, this has been amazing. Um, tell everyone, so two final questions for you first. Where can people connect? Where can they get the book? Where can they learn more about you, your coaching, your programs, hiring there as a speaker. Let’s start there.

Danny Bader (24:11):

Okay, great. Yeah. Thanks. So I’ve got three of the books up here, back to life. I met Jesus for a Miller light, taking the outta the show and, and I met Jesus. Some people go, oh my gosh, Jesus, is it real Christian and religious? It says, Jesus. And I I’m like, yeah, but it says Miller light too. They don’t go together. So it’s just a, story’s, that’s the story of a running back in the NFL that gets knocked out with concussions and him and his group of people are struggling in life. So, and then taking the out of the show, they could go to Amazon and just search to a Bader books. Nice. And all of those would come up and they could kind of take the look and see if it would be something, uh, it may serve them or certainly at the holidays, you know, I get a lot of people that say they, they buy them and give them away. Yeah. And then the website I have is Danny Bader, D a N N Y B a D E r.com. And, uh, you can go out there and, you know, see some of my speaking and, um, you know, take a look and see what the workshops and the keynotes are, you know, what are the topics around the keynote. Yeah. And, uh, you know, get to know me a little bit more and, and see what you think, so to speak.

Elyse Archer (25:11):

Awesome. Awesome. Yeah, I would highly, I know we’ve got a, a mixed audience here listening, and if you’re in corporate, if you’re a corporate leader, Danny’s an incredible speaker, um, incredible mentor for your, your team. And then also it’s like, anyone can grab the books and can benefit from the coaching and <affirmative>, um, they’re such good gifts too. I, I personally love every single one. I’ve read all of ’em and I love ’em. So, um, thank you for that. And final question, and then we will wrap just one last, like if you had one you’re you’re at the end of your life, right? It’s like, you know, it’s, it’s time for you to fully move on to that next realm. And you’ve got, <affirmative> one opportunity to give a piece of advice, um, to your kids about navigating tough transitions in life. What would it be?

Danny Bader (25:56):

Yeah, it would just be to create more joy, you know, be with people that bring joy to you and, uh, call upon them to, to help you through the difficult times and always know and trust that there is the other side of a difficult time and, and it will be better again. Ah, so good. Just trust, trust. Don’t hope. Hope is to want something. Trust is a firm belief in something. Ooh,

Elyse Archer (26:22):

That’s a good say that one more time.

Danny Bader (26:24):

Yeah. Hope is to want something. Mm-hmm <affirmative> that’s the definition. Trust is a firm belief in the reliability of someone or something. That’s a whole distinction in chapter seven that Bobby makes in the book, you know, and he’s hoping there’s a heaven and him and Sam get into a conversation about, you know, the trust. There’s a heaven. Wow.

Elyse Archer (26:43):

Oh, that’s a, that’s important. That is a really important distinction. And sure. I love that. Yeah. Ah, thank you so much. My friend, this has been a, a really, really uplifting conversation, a really powerful conversation, as I knew it would be. And, um, just super grateful for you. Oh, absolutely.

Danny Bader (27:00):

I love you and your family and wish you all the best in the holidays and all the best to the audience

Elyse Archer (27:04):

And your people out there. Absolutely, absolutely. Same to you, my friend and all right. Uh, I really really know. I say I hope, but I know that you enjoyed today’s episode as much as I did. And so check out Danny’s work, Danny beder.com uh, follow him on social too. Just really, really great content up, uplifting, inspiring all of it. And, um, be so honored if you tag and share this episode on social with your network to, uh, just spread the word about what we’re doing here at, she sounds and what Danny’s doing with his work as well. Thank you so much. I’m grateful for you as a listener, wishing you a beautiful red through your day and we will see you next week for our next episode of, for.

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