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How the Law of Giving Will Transform Your Life with Murshidah Said


All the way from Kuala Lumpur, today’s guest has such a spirit of generosity. I am thrilled to be able to share her story with you on this episode of She Sells Radio because I know you will feel as inspired as I am.


Murshidah Said is a multi-award winning international speaker, trainer, coach, and business owner. But she didn’t start out that way. In fact, Murshidah and her family hit rock bottom, but as she shares in today’s episode, her gratitude and generosity led to her turning just 50 cents into $5,000 in just two weeks. It sounds impossible, but Murshidah found the magic question and by discovering the law of giving and receiving, she continues to build wealth for herself and other women.


Not only is Murshidah an inspiration to business owners but to her community as well. She helps generate money for those in poverty and has developed educational programs to help them. What started out as something personal, Murshidah has implemented her generosity as a business model and has found that the more you give, the more you receive.


I am honored to have her on the show today and I encourage you to connect with Murshidah to learn how her business model won’t just help your business grow, but will leave a lasting impact on your community.

Show Notes:

[3:13] – Murshidah shares her start. Her husband lost his job and they had a 6 month baby. With her back against the wall, she had to figure it out.

[4:46] – Murshidah reflects on realizing her gratitude and looking at what resources she already had.

[5:53] – What is Murshidah’s “magic question”? She still uses it to this day.

[7:29] – It is important to celebrate even the smallest milestones.

[9:07] – “I was sitting on resources that I already had but I wasn’t doing anything about it.” Once Murshidah had a why and felt gratitude for what she already had she started to see a shift.

[11:23] – It was difficult to stay in a mindset of gratitude. Murshidah wanted to give up but her infant daughter kept her going.

[12:21] – Murshidah admits that a gratitude mindset was something she had to learn as she is naturally a complainer.

[13:33] – Murshidah describes an emotional moment in her journey and the verse that she read “When you are grateful, I will give you more.” 

[15:57] – Scarcity mode is something a lot of people are impacted by, but Murshidah explains why she celebrated even when there wasn’t much.

[17:41] – What is the law of giving? Murshidah defines it and shares a personal story of how this has impacted her.

[19:07] – Murshidah started giving to orphanages, but she also started giving within her business. She actually saw her business grow.

[20:17] – While contributing to the community, Murshidah became close to the homeless. She discovered that she wasn’t really helping them get out of their situation so she shifted her business to focus on education.

[22:03] – Murshidah shares several success stories from refugees and her community. Through giving, she saw abundance.

[23:24] – Letting go of the baggage of the past and not carrying it into your present is the first step in forgiveness.

[24:08] – Murshidah continues to work on herself. Those who take responsibility for their present and future will be successful.

[25:53] – To move forward, forgiveness is crucial. The first step in forgiving is wanting to forgive.

[27:53] – To connect with Murshidah, head to LinkedIn. She also runs a platform called Family Leadership Community.

[30:03] – You are good enough. You are worthy of abundance.

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Tweetables and Quotes:


“I found the magic question and I still use it: ‘How can I help your business?’” – Murshidah Said


“My strong why kept me going. Keeping in gratitude was something I had to learn.” – Murshidah Said


“Whatever you give out is what you will get back. Even if you give something that negative, you will receive negative energy. This is the law of giving and receiving.” – Murshidah Said


“We saw that as we were giving and helping more people, our business actually grew.” – Murshidah Said


“The first thing you’ve got to do is tell yourself that you are worthy and that you can receive abundance. Step into that energy.” – Murshidah Said




Welcome to she sells radio. My guest today is coming to us all the way from Kuala Lumpur. And so, as we were getting started, it’s 10 o’clock Eastern in the morning where I’m recording here. I said, what time is it? She’s coming to us 10 o’clock at night. So generously showing up to be on the show today. And I think that spirit of generosity that she carries, embodies exactly who this woman is. And this incredible woman turned, listen to this, this blows my mind. She turned 50 cents into $5,000 in two weeks. So, you know, you want to find out how she did it. And I do too. And she helps business owners and startups in Malaysia create a regular $5,000 income in just 30 to 90 days, which I’m all about. How can we bring in more money quickly? How do we create that quantum leap?

And so I think she also embodies that and her whole business philosophy, which is part of why I wanted to have her on. She sells radio is that keeping giving in mind is more sustainable than the kind of, you hear old ways of like profit first and fighting for your market and competition, which I personally am ready to just be done with all of that and really anchor into generosity first as our business model. And so, like I said, she absolutely embodies that and she believes that the more you give, the more you will receive and her business model benefits, marginalized communities. So as her business grows and since incorporating this into her business, she’s actually quadrupled it, quadrupled her business income, and she’s helped at least 10 refugee and low income community leaders generate incomes within their communities and has helped them out of poverty as well. So you can already tell this woman’s heart, her generosity, everything that she’s about. And we are just so honored to have her on the show today. So please welcome all the way from Kuala Lumpur, my guests today, Murshidah, welcome to she sales radio.

Oh, thank you so much. At least for having me. I’m so honored and I’m so excited to be speaking to you tonight.

Yes, it’s so amazing. And you know, I think just that beginning part of your story, I would love to hear more about, and I know that our listeners would as well, where you turn 50 cents into $5,000 in two weeks. How the heck did you do it? Sister? That’s amazing. Yeah.

And the most interesting thing about that time in my life, at least I was sitting on that for like two years. I didn’t know. I already had those resources and only because my, you know, we moved to call it a loop where my husband got a job in Kuala Lumpur and he was fired after two weeks and he wasn’t paid and he didn’t sign a contract. And, you know, I was with a six month old baby and I was expecting, expecting, you know, him to, to provide for us. Um, and he couldn’t, and then it’s like, I had to make a quick decision because we were asked to leave the house. We were staying in, uh, within two weeks if we, you know, because they needed to, they needed a house back. And, um, you know, uh, with a child, uh, no money. I only had touring gear, which is equivalent to like 50 cents us in my pocket because I felt my last business that I wasn’t really, you know, doing anything much with, with my life at that time, it was just depending on people for money.

And, uh, uh, and, and with that, you know, that, that when I was, when my back was against the wall, I had to do something and I being homeless was not in my reality. Right. I decided to see what I already have, but one of the first things that I noticed that really shifted for me was when, um, I started to feel gratitude. And, uh, one of the reasons why I felt gratitude was when my husband was fired the same day. And we went back home. I was not talking to him at that time. You know, I was with my baby and I was like, okay, nevermind, let’s look at what we have in this house. So I went to the store storeroom and I found 301 coffees, and I bought cookies, this kids, you know, and it was like, wow, we wouldn’t go hungry.

And I was so happy at that moment. I felt gratitude, you know, because I never felt so much gratitude with just seeing coffee and, and, and biscuits. Right. And then after that, I opened my laptop. At that time, I had an old, um, Texas instruments laptop, and I turned it on and I’m like, I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I just turned it on. And then this thing came out on my screen CEOs in Kuala Lumpur. And I’m like, when do I have this database in my computer? And I was like, I’m, you know, I decided to send those emails, there was no phone number, just name and emails. And I sent an email and I didn’t ask for a job. I asked, can I meet up with you so that, you know, we see how I can support you and all that.

Right. Nobody replied one or reply. And that’s the Napoleon hill publisher think and grow rich publisher in Malaysia. And she said, yes, I’ve got half an hour tomorrow come to my office. You’re welcome. And I was like, yo, I would have like a hundred plus database that I sent out an email to once a day. Yes. So the next day I went to the ER, I went to see her and she was like talking about herself and I asked her questions. I didn’t say, please help me. I’ve got no idea. I didn’t dump her with my problems. Nobody knew I had no money. And, um, you know, all I did was ask about her. And then I asked her the magic question and I found this major question. I still use it. Hey, how can I help you in your business? And she was like, Hey, do you know anybody who wants to become a trainer?

You know, this package 4,000 ring, it is so difficult to sell. If someone can help me, that’d be great. And at that time to 2006, it was an online course. People are not really into the internet. They’d like to have a teacher in front of them. So that course was not one of those things that people wanted to buy. But I said, okay, if Malaysians didn’t want to buy, who would want to buy it? So I thought of like, who I knew, who would be interested to be a trainer. So I thought of like real estate people, insurance people that I knew in Singapore and 4,000 ringgit is like less than a thousand bucks in Singapore dollars. So I’m like, it might be interesting to them. So all I did was I sent a message by SMS with my old Nokia phone. And I message people that I know.

And then one person came back and said, are you sure it’s 4,000 ring it? I said, yes. She transferred the money. Immediately that day I brought the money back to the office. I say, look, you have a sale. This is what you, and she said, wow. And she gave me cash on the spot. And again, I was like, I didn’t expect the cash. So I said, thank you. And, and uh, you know, I, again, gratitude, you know, and what I did with that money, I rewarded myself with nice oily frightened widows. And that was what I learned about celebrating every little small milestone I had. So I got a, I got about a 300, I think about that time, about $300, uh, as commission. That was my first breakthrough, but it was not enough for me to get a new house. Right. So what I did at that time, I did the same thing, send emails, make calls.

And, um, um, I was people, how can I support you? Um, and then a couple of days later, the person who bought the package in Singapore, she called me to say, thank you. She didn’t expect such a good, you know, value for money. And I asked her again, that same edgy question, Hey, anything, I can help you with your business. And she said, oh, you’re in quality. Or do you know any rich people? They don’t the, uh, they call it the Datto center, that things, which is like the lots and the ladies, you know, she said, if you know anybody of that, you know, that level, um, the I’m selling investment packages. So if you can hook me up with any of them, I’ll be so grateful to you. So I was like, yo, why don’t you meet the CEO of Napoleon hill? She’s a millionaire, you know?

And then she’s like, yeah. So I hooked them up. And it was an easy hookup because who wouldn’t want to meet that client? So the publisher said, yes, she came to, she came, she flew in from Singapore. She came to court the next day. They was, they were making some conversations in Chinese. I wasn’t sure what they were saying, but you always all about investments. And on the way out, the insurance agent from, from Singapore told me that it is a done deal. She said, she’s going to transfer the money to me. I’m I know I’m going to make that sale. Can I give you your commission upfront? That’s all she said to me. I was like, wow, is there a commission? I didn’t know that. And, um, thank you. I was just very grateful and I didn’t check my bank account until the next day.

And I found 20,000 in my bank account. That’s like 5,000 all within, less than two weeks. So what I realized at that time was I was already sitting on resources that I already have only, I wasn’t doing anything about it. And I was complaining the law the two years that, you know, my business was down and everything. I was, I was not in a very good vibe. So, um, until I had gratitude until I was celebrating until I, I had a Y, which is like, you know, at that time I was thinking, I’m not going to be homeless. I gotta do something. Right. So I had a strong why that was the ones that really expedited, um, my, my drawing in that, that 5,000 in less than two weeks. So, um, that’s what I do with, with, with women. Now, my clients that really are looking to scale up, we have all of these celebrations being a grateful giving, which is like, you know, you don’t ask for anything, you don’t ask for a sale, but you just, just asking people to, to help you, but you are actually offering support, you know, like how can I help you in your business?

That sort of thing. So, um, we work around that and that’s how we really activate the law of the universe to giving and receiving energy.

So, gosh, okay. I have so many questions for you mushy, but that story to me is it simplifies so many, just so many characteristics of truly successful people, not just the flash in the pan success, but people who have lasting success of decisiveness, perseverance, generosity, gratitude. And I want to ask you too, because you said that for the several years prior, you hadn’t been, sounds like it hadn’t been super positive. And then when this happened, when I think most people would probably, you know, it’s like suddenly you have no money and you don’t know what you’re going to do. And you’ve got the baby. And, you know, most people I think would go farther down a spiral of depression, unhappiness, et cetera. But instead you found those, those cookies right in the coffee, in the pantry and you felt gratitude. Did you, how did you train yourself to stay in gratitude? And how, how did you, did you know, it was so important when you were doing it or was it just like, well, you know, it feels better than being depressed about it. So, but when, when you’re in a situation where most people would not be grateful, how did you train yourself to get to gratitude and then stay there throughout that two week period?

Yes. Thank you. That, that’s a very good question. And you know, at that point, when my, when I got the news that my husband was fired and he was like, look, we all came here with all our stuff. At that point, I felt like I really wanted to give up. Right. And I, I know how it feels like, um, like, you know, you, you just go spiraling down. Uh, but what kept me up was my daughter at that time. And I said, it was something beyond myself. I said, you know, I cannot go down further because somebody else’s life is at stake. And I was looking at my husband. I said, I cannot leave this man. He didn’t look like he wanted, he wasn’t, he was doing this purposely to make life difficult. He was trying his best. So I said, I’m going to keep this family together.

So that strong, why kept me going? And then also, um, keeping in gratitude or something that I had to learn. And a couple of times, and this is, this is something like, you know, I shook my head just now, when you said, like, you know, uh, is it something I, I knew all along, no, I’m one of those big major queen complainants, you know, like everybody used to call me me complain. I will complain about everything, go to a restaurant. This is not good enough. And all that, that was near like many, many years ago. Right. So I was like, I was also a very tough boss at that time. So, um, that wasn’t, that was something I do not ever want to become again, because that came from a space of hurt and anger. Uh, but I realized about how important gratitude was, uh, when I noticed, yeah, after that $20,000 dollar story, you hear a 20,000 ringgit story, you hear a $5,000.

Um, it, it, it sounds really, wow. It sounds great. And all that, um, happily ever after, right. It was not happily ever after we had some other major, uh, things that happened after that as well. Um, my relationship with my husband, um, my husband falling sick, and I felt ha I was burdened with a lot more things, like keeping the family together and earning an income, running a business and all that. Right. So that moment I was not grateful at all. It was a moment of me focusing on why is this happening to me? What did I do? Why can’t I, why can’t I choose a rich husband that cut all of those things gave me in my head. Right? And then there was one day I was, I was like, um, I woke up in the morning and it was, I was meditating. I was crying.

I was like, I had no idea. Where’s my next income going to come from, uh, how, what business I was going to do at that time. And I opened the Koran and I opened a verse. I just, you know, open the book. And I found this verse that says, when you are grateful, I will give you more. Right. When you are grateful, I will give you more. And that moment I just cried. I just cried and crank, and I didn’t know why I was crying, but I just, it just, I just cried. And I said, I had to be grit. Yeah. Why am I grateful? Yes. I have a roof over my head. Yes. I don’t have a hun a thought. Maybe, maybe I don’t have a $10,000 in my bank account, but I got a few hundred dollars. That’s enough for us to live and all that.

So I’m grateful for that. And that was the first thing I had that reminder in me. And you know what, at least right after that, I got calls. And it was like some magical thing where I felt like, yes, I’m so grateful. The neck, the it’s like, you know, I, I was praying during Dawn, right. It was like, when the sun rose like 7:30 AM in the morning, I got, I started getting calls about, Hey, are you free on this time? I need you to do training for this topic, this and that. So businesses started to come in and I felt that was like a message to me personally. And I, until I read for the, about the loss of universe, you know, about giving the law of gratitude and all that. And I was like that to me was my big reminder. So that was when I consciously put in my psyche to be grateful, no matter what, whenever there’s a challenge, I say, it’s very interesting. What can I learn? I’m grateful that this didn’t happen to me because, you know, so that put me in a totally different mindset. Yeah.

Wow. That’s so powerful. And the other part of the story that really, when you said it, I thought, gosh, I wonder how many people would do this. I don’t know that I would have is when you celebrated, when you made that first sale and you got what, $300 and you went and you got your noodles. And I think the inclination for most of us would probably be to stay in mode. Right. Okay. I’ve got 300, but that’s not nearly what I have. So let me forward it and hold on to it. Before I get more. How did you, were you consciously leveraging a universal law in that moment by celebrating? Or was it more just relief? Like, let me go, let me just treat myself for this. How did you stay in that energy of money flowing and not go into scarcity and hoarding in that moment? Yeah.

I know that scarcity feeling as well, but at that time I was just, I was not going to eat cookies and let’s get retreated in one for the next two weeks until I get enough money. You know, I was like the first thing I saw when I was walking, uh, I mean, I’m gonna get home. Right. I, I saw that they were, they were, they were like a hookah, hookah food. And I was like, yes, I heard about these Indian noodles. That’s like really delicious in Malaysia. So I just got to try it. And when I eat, I was like, yes, it felt so good. It’s so delicious. Right. And that was when gratitude set in. It was not conscious. At least it was all those things that happened to me, which I now tracked back and said, okay, this happened. And this happened, this happened.

And this happened. And that was when I started noticing it now. But at that time I was not, I was just hungry, but I felt good. Um, I didn’t know I was celebrating, but, you know, in a way I, I was celebrating with $300 and how much it’s a plate of noodles. It was like $3, you know? So it was, it was something that I said, you know, I just going to feed myself. Yeah. And, um, yeah. And then all of this other stuff, like, you know, you got to reward yourself because you take care of others. All of that started to come in. Um, later that I, you know, that’s what I share with people now and soil.

And so tell us about the law of giving. And I love that you talk about universal laws. That’s something that I have transformed my life, like knowledge of how they work has transformed my life. I teach my clients them, but particularly the law of givings. I know that’s a big part of your story and also what you, you know, how you help your clients out. So what is the law? How do we use it? How do we make sure we’re not violating it? Give us, give us the scoop please on the law of giving.

All right, sure. Thanks for that question. Yeah. The law giving as we, some of us know, is it’s the law of universe and the more you will, you give whatever that you give out. And that is what you will get back. So even if you give something, something that is negative, you give negative energy, you will also receive negative energy. This is the law of giving, giving, and receiving. So, um, what I, what I, I put it into my business is that, um, you know, I believe in, uh, wanting to eradicate poverty because I never really seen homeless people in Singapore. Um, I grew up pretty, you know, um, protected, you know, from, from, um, seeing all the, the, the, the negative things around me and all that. But whenever it came to call a Looper, I saw that there were people that were living in the streets and I was like children growing up in the streets.

Right. Um, and I was very concerned about that. So, um, what I wanted to do was I wanted to be able to help these people. So what, what we started doing was, um, visiting orphanages, uh, before, just to, um, give some love to the children. And this is also something I realized in the law of giving and receiving is that when I give love to all these children that I play with, or a feed in the orphanage, I felt more love. And there was initially there was tension in my family, like my husband and I, because of our finances and all that. But when we started to visit orphanages as a family, all of us giving love to others, we grew our love within our family as well. Yeah. So it all started in that personal framework. And that in the business framework, what I also noticed is that, um, we started to give more, give more as we grew our business, um, the normal way, you know, the usual profit centric way, uh, we decided to say, okay, why not?

We do something on the side. Like every Sunday, instead of going to the mall, we’ll take our daughter to do street feeding for the homeless, give food for the homeless. And, um, we saw that as we were giving and helping more people, our business actually grew. And by word of mouth, people would say things like, Hey, Machida my husband’s name is Zillow. Right. Um, when she died and Zillah always helping people as join them and more and more people started to come in and even contributing. And they say, oh, because we run it. Uh, and we use our, our money for this. Cause more companies also wanted to support us so that we can do more good. So, um, that was how it started. I saw, I saw that happened in my business, but something else happened along the way. Uh, I became close to the, some of the homeless people, right.

I met a sex worker. She was only 17 years old and she was pregnant. And, uh, I was motivating her, trying to give her some, you know, mindset shift and all that, which didn’t work because I see only once a week give for food. And she just received as a thank you. And then she gave birth. And then I, I gave her food again. And then after that, her baby grew up and her baby was trained to every time he sees me, he dropped his hand because it became a programming that he needs something from me. And I was like, look, I’m doing all of this law of giving. And I’m, I’m enjoying all this abundance in my life. Am I really helping them? I’m not really giving to them. I, I felt that I felt that it was not really, really right. That I’m giving I’m feeling good, but they’re not coming out of poverty.

They’re just depending on me to come see them every weekend. So they get some money, they get this and that and clothes and stuff. So, um, that’s when we shifted from just giving to education. So that’s where I started to incorporate this totally in my business where every training I do also contributes to the mindset and skillset training of, um, now refugees, because refugee numbers are growing in Malaysia, refugees and marginalized communities here. And I I’ve seen that. Uh, when we develop leadership in some of them, they start to do that in their own, amazingly little business and come out of poverty. They create their own little communities that love and respect communities, where they start sharing and sharing resources. So nobody goes hungry. They’re not fighting over risk resources. I told them, no, no such thing as scarcity, just find abundance. You don’t find them, find the resources that you can do.

And we’ve got, um, like a refugee that we were coaching here in Malaysia. Also, we met him when he was 15. Now he’s 2021. I think he’s, he’s a TEDx speaker. He runs a volunteer network. I’ve got a low-income single mom refugee left the country because of the violence and, and all that came here. She’s running her own hair business. And she is leading cheese, a leader, which, you know, in a country she’s like, women are never leaders. You know, so she’s not a leader in her community where men even go and meet her to ask for support and help. So all of this amazing transformation has happened. Um, through what I saw, I was doing my little, little thing that I was doing through giving, and I saw all of this abundance and I said, this is God’s word. This is God’s work. This is what, when you are grateful, I will give you more means. And that is where it became. It became to me, it came to me to be conscious of gratitude of giving and forgiveness all the time. And these three things, giving a great gratitude and forgiveness is actually love and respect.

Oh my gosh. You know, I’m curious with the work that you’ve done and the lives that you’ve, um, you know, the people you’ve been able to impact. What’s, what’s one of the most powerful lessons that you’ve learned from maybe a refugee, maybe from a sex worker, maybe from an orphan, but what’s sort of the most powerful lessons that you personally, cause I know it goes both ways, right. And we benefit when we are able to show up and help. So it’s one of those powerful lessons you’ve learned.

I aye. Yeah. Thanks. I’ve learned that. Um, when they forgive, I think that that is the most part. That is the first step actually letting go of all those beverages in the past, we don’t, don’t carry it into our present because we are going to go into the future. So let’s move, let’s travel light and do some shopping along the way. [inaudible] but all of those heavy stuff, those unnecessary baggage that we keep with us, um, that’s just pulling us back. That’s the first thing. Um, when we let go and I work on myself, I work on myself for the last 10 years, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, letting go of all of those things, like self wordiness, money issues of all of this, not trusting people. I I’m still learning. I’m still working on myself. And I noticed that in the marginalized communities, those who, who, um, rare, very responsible in lead, really letting go and really taking action, like taking responsibility for the, for the present and the future.

Those are the ones that really change the people who are always stuck in the, in the past, like, oh, this thing happened to me for me. Um, you know, that, that, that is, that is still, you know, uh, uh, baggage that they still carry forward. So that’s what, that’s what I noticed Lee totally letting go, which is not easy, not, not easy. Um, especially if you go through severe trauma and all that, right? So it is something that is ongoing. So it’s so important to be in a supportive community, have support to help. I got support to, to heal myself. So I’m supporting others also to heal themselves. So that is the first thing. And then we step into our self-worth, you know, that, that we have enough, we are enough already and there’s abundance. There’s abundance of things. We just need to, what can I do now so that I can do this. I can do that. That’s, that’s all we need to do.

And I’m curious because I, so it’s interesting. Cause I think this conversation provides perspective because no doubt the communities that you serve have been through. And again, it’s, it’s never a comparison, but more likely than not, they’ve been through more trauma than many of us listening today have with that being said, I serve a lot of women who come from trauma backgrounds, oftentimes it’s sexual trauma. It could have been abuse growing up. How, what is one thing someone could do today to start to forgive if they are listening to this and realizing they’re holding on still to what happened to them in the past, what’s one thing they can do to forgive, to start to release some of that energy and be able to move forward.

Yeah. Well, well for me, what, what I feel is that they want to forgive first that they are actively, you know, they say, yes, this is my intention. And they know forgiveness is good for them. Um, and it’s not about whether, um, it is okay, what happened to them is, okay, it’s not making what happened to them. Okay. If whatever crime was done unto them, it’s still a crime and we need, we still need to put the person in jail. We still need to do all the necessities necessary things. That’s in the law, you know, and it’s not about putting shoving things under the carpet and say, nevermind, I’m letting go. And all that. No, it’s not about that. Um, yeah, you need all the opposite. The person still need to take the responsibility of whoever has come to you, right. But it’s not to keep that, that hit that anger, that burden for the rest of your life, forgiveness is actually for the benefit of the person being hurt.

It is actually to, to, to help the victim. And it’s not, it’s got nothing to do with the, with the person who hurt you, the person who has hurt you, it’s just, you know, they need to go through their own, their own. Um, you know, uh, uh, if they need to, they need to, uh, you know, be, be accountable for all their work. They need to go through that. But whoever has been victimized, the hood that’s done unto them. Forgiveness is important for them to heal for them to move forward for them to move on. And that is, that is how I first see that they have to be really active and really want to forgive that. I, yes, I know it’s not easy, but I am willing to learn and I’m willing to take all the steps I’m willing to go through all this, um, whatever pain I remember in order for me to heal myself. I mean, there is the first step. Yeah.

That’s beautiful. That’s so beautiful where she did. This is, um, your work is so inspiring to me and I know that for anyone listening as well, it is, and I’m so grateful for what you shared here. And so I want to ask two final questions and the first is where can someone connect with you and how can they get involved in what you’re doing. So will you please tell us about, a little bit more about you? I know you’ve got groups for women leadership, tell us about what they are, what you’re doing and how we can get involved. And then I’ll ask one final question.

Okay. Sure. First thing you can do is connect with me on LinkedIn. Um, my name is [inaudible] as in M U R S H I D a H. Last name is S A I D. You will see myself there with a portfolio job holding a microphone. So I’m on LinkedIn. So connect me with me there, send me a message and I will, um, uh, give you a link for you to get all my emails and updated programs. So I do run a, um, a platform called feminine leadership community, where I do a lot of women empowerment topics, how to set it to yourself within us, your leadership, uh, and also, um, some women, you know, they need to learn how to balance their life and, uh, and family, how do we do that? You know, so all of these things, um, we’ll be addressing in that. And they also have access to the leave, a legacy conscious business community where I coach and mentor startup business owners who want to do good through their business. So what we do is, um, we, we help them to achieve at least a five to 20 K um, income within 90 days, um, while doing good at the same time. So that business model is also something that, um, either have helps the people or the planet or animals. Yeah. So that’s, that’s the thing

That’s so amazing. I love, I absolutely love that. And then final, just final piece of advice with cheetah. So for a woman who is looking to break through her first six figures, and then beyond what would be, if you had one piece of advice you could give to her, what would that be?

Yeah, no, that you’re good enough. I think that is the one, you know, yourself within us, because sometimes we think that at the back of our minds that, you know, we want to do it. We have all these strategies, but that, that block as in why is it not happening to me? Why is all of these things, you know, like I’ve done all the work, but why is it so difficult? And all that just first thing you gotta do is tell yourself that you are worthy, that you can receive that and step into that energy and make sure that when you are thinking of yourself as a six-figure or multiple six-figure business owner, that, you know, you can feel yourself, you can see yourself in that position. You, you see what you’re doing, where you’re impacting people, how you’re helping people and what lights you up, how even like how you’re dressed, how you, how you show up when, and it must feel good when you get in that vibe, that’s where you can attract. And I see you will be amazed by all of these coincidences that will come into your space whenever you just step into that vibe. That for me is one of the first things, less bread, more mindset, and also energy. The hot,

Yes. Oh my gosh. Murshidah, thank you so much. You’re the way you run your business, the way you run your life, your model of generosity is so inspiring and you’ve just got me fired up about going out and thinking about how I can just leverage more and more of the law of giving in my business and what I do. And I know for everyone listening as well, that they are, they’re feeling the same way. So thank you again, just from the bottom of my heart, for, just for who you are and for what you’re doing, you’re absolutely phenomenal.

Oh, then just so much, at least I’m so happy to see you here again, and, you know, and, and be in your space of, you know, talking to all these amazing women in your community as well.

Absolutely, absolutely. Well, so go connect with, Murshidah go connect with her on LinkedIn, get involved in her group and really, really think about that law of giving this week as you’re going about your sales and your business. And it can actually be so much more fun when we approach it that way and your results will be amplified. So thank you so much for joining us for today’s episode of she sells radio and I can’t wait to see you next week with another incredible guest bye for now.

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