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Your Voice is Your Superpower with Christy Primmer


As a self-proclaimed “self-care junkie,” today’s guest is an amazing testimony to the power of mindset and using your voice. I absolutely love this conversation with Christy Primmer and I know you will, too.


Christy is a passionate advocate for women to live better, uplevel their business, and change their mindset using their own voice. In today’s episode she shares her background and how her journey has led to where she is today. Oftentimes we make ourselves feel small through limiting beliefs and Christy is no stranger to that either. But with a powerful and clear why, Christy is driven to live her best life and help other women do the same.


Christy Primmer is the TV show host of “Women Who Lead,” author of personal development, wealth consciousness, and poetry books, and a registered mental health counselor. She is also the founder of The Badass LadyBoss Members Club where she is teaching women across the globe to uplevel their mindset, create a life they want to wake up to, and make money using their voice.

Show Notes:

[2:55] – After Elyse and Christy met at an event pre-Covid, Christy shares how she was stuck away from home due to a lockdown for 4 months.

[3:43] – With her background and training in mental health, Christy had to treat herself like one of her clients. It actually became a time of growth for her.

[4:54] – Christy shares her background and the things that were keeping her stuck in an unhealthy place.

[6:18] – When faced with a challenge, Christy shares the catalyst for her own change.

[8:01] – The “fierce feminine” for Christy is balancing her feminine and masculine energy and still letting her feminine take over.

[9:08] – Elyse admits that her default mode has been the “nice girl.” Christy says to give yourself permission to be everything you are. Don’t resist it.

[10:03] – No one is going to give you permission except you.

[10:55] – Christy shares that the most common thing she sees in her clients is not having a clear idea of what wealth is.

[11:46] – “A wealthy woman is healthy, financially fit, and secure in who she is. Wealth is not just a monetary means to an end.”

[13:21] – We start with clarity. What does being wealthy mean to you? Then how do you achieve it?

[14:27] – On that path to wealth, how do you show up in life? Christy works on this with her clients and they realize that they would show up much differently.

[15:42] – Christy describes how she felt when she had this clarity and the security of knowing who she is.

[16:53] – Christy admits that in the past that she wanted to be a part of the crowd. Her decisions were made at the expense of her self-worth.

[17:56] – When Christy is true to herself, the right people come into her life, like a ripple effect. Speaking from her heart is being true to her purpose.

[19:29] – Christy shares her daily routines and prayers. She starts all her endeavors through prayer.

[20:57] – For Christy, journaling has been extremely cathartic for her. 

[21:28] – She has been doing personal and professional development every morning for eight years.

[22:23] – Writing has been a part of Christy since she was a young child. She has used that to her advantage.

[22:58] – Christy shares how she got started with her television series.

[24:18] – Because she does personal development everyday, her confidence muscle is really strong. But even so, on her pursuit to a TV show, she still felt imposter syndrome.

[25:31] – Christy shares that she always “has a coach in her pocket” and also gives a shout out to her husband who is very supportive and good at “reality checks.”

[26:57] – What are some things that Christy cries about? She describes her emotions around doubt and disappointment.

[28:34] – We have to get rid of the limiting beliefs and keep going. Ask yourself “Why not me?”

[29:27] – Christy’s book Confessions of a Self-Care Junkie breaks down self-care from different angles.

[30:28] – There are people who look at you and think you’ve got it together and don’t see what’s inside that you deal with. Don’t let low self-esteem stop you.

[32:01] – Christy’s big tip is to hire a mentor who has done what you aspire to. Invest in yourself.

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Confessions of a Self-Care Junkie: A Woman’s Journey to Loving Herself and Living Free by Christy Primmer

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“What is the goal? Is the goal to stay comfortable? We all know that comfortability is never comfortable.” – Christy Primmer


“If we have desires in our heart, they’re there for a reason. I help women tap into that fierce feminine because we have to give ourselves permission to make hard decisions.” – Christy Primmer


“We cannot always get what we want by always being the “nice girl.” A lot of people will use us and take advantage of us. You can be fierce and kind.” – Christy Primmer


“A wealthy woman is healthy, financially fit, and secure in who she is. Wealth is not just a monetary means to an end.” – Christy Primmer


“We have to have belief and we have to take action.” – Christy Primmer

Welcome to she sells radio. So I just love my guests today for you. And I know you’re going to love her as well. And part of why I love her is she’s such an advocate for women to live better. Uh, she teaches women across the globe to Uplevel their mindset and make more money using their voice, which, oh my gosh, if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know, how passionate I am about that, I’ve actually got a lot of women in this community who used to sing and then stopped singing and, or want to be, you know, speakers or want to share their personal story to help empower other women. And sometimes we can, um, you know, we can get so caught up in our heads and like make ourselves smaller question the power of our voice. And so what I love so much about this conversation today is whether you are one of my singers or whether you’re one of my speakers or whoever you are, if you are wanting to use your voice to make more money, then this episode is going to be so powerful for you. And she’s TV’s host of women who lead. She’s the author of personal development, wealth consciousness, and poetry books, I just think is so cool. And she’s also a registered mental health, mental health counselor. And so please welcome to she sells radio, Christy Primmer, Christy, welcome to the show, my friend.

Oh my goodness. Elyse, thank you so much. I’m looking forward to connecting with you today.

Yes. I’m so excited to connect and I actually, wasn’t planning on asking you about this, but I think it’s interesting to talk about just your background too, in mental health. And we were talking about when we first met, it was right before the pandemic and we met in Miami at a, an event. It was like the last event that I went to is kind of like when things were on the cusp of are people flying, are they not? And it was, I think, March of 2020, and we met at that event. And then that was my last event of last year. But you shared what happened to you and your family after that? Will you, will you share it? Because I think it actually speaks to the importance of mental health and how to be resilient as we go through challenges. Will you share what happened to you after that?

Yeah, absolutely. It’s a great testimony to, I practice what I preach. So we met at the event. It was amazing. Uh, my family has a home in winter Haven, Florida. So I actually went from Miami with my husband back to winter Haven. And a couple of days later, he was flying home back to Canada for business. He was going to be gone for two weeks. And the third day he was gone, the world shut down and, uh, I do have one child. So he was at home with my son, which is a blessing. I do count that as a blessing, but I was there all alone. And I mean, everyone was actively isolated. There was a lot of fear going on, a lot of anxiety on the rise. And I personally had to pull the tools for my toolkits and treat myself like a client.

And, um, you know, I was able to do that successfully, but there were a lot of moments of what am I to see my family again? When am I going to be able to like connect with my friends that I do have there in winter Haven? Um, when the pool going to open up that’s, you know, water is so healing for me. Like there are all these things and honestly, Elise, it was just such a period of growth for me. And if I didn’t have the self care routines that I have, or the, um, priority of mental health techniques that I implement my life, I don’t know where I would be right now.

Yeah. Cause you were separated for them for what four and a half months you said, which is so wild. And so I’m so excited to just get to know you better and share more of your story because I think that’s such a Testament to the resilience that we have to build as women as women today. And so share with us, if you can, like what led you to becoming an advocate to help women lead better lives? What was that starting point that made you so passionate about this?

Well, I think to be very honest and transparent, I went through, I got married, young, had my son, I was 21. Um, went through a divorce at 23 and I stayed in that relationship longer than I would have because I was not financially independent. I was spiritually broken. I was financially broken and I, you know, my son lives with herbs palsy, which is a very rare physical disability caused at birth. I have all of these pressing factors that was keeping me in a not good situation and on my knees in prayer, I remember weeping to God. If you get me out of this, if you help me get up out of this, somehow I will spend the rest of my life. Helping women love themselves inside, out becoming healthy, wealthy, like just please do something. And um, you know, fast forward, many years here I am and I am definitely living out that, that promise.

Yeah. And how did you get the courage then to leave that situation? Cause I think, you know, I think back to my own life and there’ve been a number of situations where it was like, gosh, this, like I have to step out whether it was like, I’m divorced as well and I’m remarried but divorced I’m in my twenties as well. And I remember that situation feeling so scary to step out of, or even a business partnership where we think, gosh, this is a big part of my revenue and what am I going to do on the other side? Like how do you coach women to take that big scary action?

Yeah. That’s such a good question. You know, the first thing I always think of, I always come from a place of compassion and empathy and I always think, what was that? What was the catalyst for change for me? And I know for me there was an intervention. Um, so it was actually, um, had to happen, um, because of circumstances and, and I always ask women, whether it’s a relationship, whether it’s in their parenting business building, what is the goal is the goal to live better and love better and become more successful or wealthier and expand, or is the goal to just stay with what is comfortable because we all know comfortability is never comfortable. Yeah, it’s not. So I like to look at it from a place of compassion and empathy, but if we have desires on our heart, they’re there for a reason. And I help women tap into that fierce feminine, because we have to give ourselves permission to leave marriages, to leave business collaborations, to leave corporate jobs, to start our own business, to parent our own way, whatever it is. And it always starts within. Mm.

Yeah. And I love that you said fierce feminine. So tell us more about what does, what is, what is the fierce feminine to you? Because I love, um, I love bad and I find often when I’m on calls of my clients, we talk about like that in like some of my clients we’ll talk about the inner she will for that inner queen or goddess. And we talking about like bringing out that fierce feminine. So who is, who is she to you?

Yeah, I get asked that all the time and I, I love it quite frankly. I love it because for me it’s when I balance my masculine energy with my feminine and still let my feminine takeover, let myself be a woman in my femininity. And knowing that that is safe, I get to certain myself without being called a, you know what? I got to have values that I can change. You know, according to the seasons in my life, I get to stand in my power, knowing that I am beautiful and capable because I am not with any other circumstance on me or on my life or on my success. It’s, it’s that inner knowing. And I always say, nicey nicey, as over we can, we cannot get what we want by always being the nice girl, because a lot of people will, will use us and take advantage of us. We can be fierce and we can be kind. And it’s just something I love to help women embrace within themselves. Yeah.

What’s one thing. And I, and I love that because I was, I was the nice girl for so long and I think that’s still, like, I know sometimes she shows up like that’s my default mode in certain situations. And it’s, um, there are some ways in which that can be beneficial and there are other ways where you step back, you don’t speak up, you can become a, um, you know, it’s like people roll over you. And so what’s one tactical thing a woman could do to step out of that nicey nice role and more into that fierce feminine energy.

Yeah. Give herself permission. Honestly, we, we don’t have to be either or we don’t have to be nice or a not nice woman. We get to just be a woman and we get to have our opinions and we get, have our desires and it gets to be okay because we believe that it does that. It’s safe for us to be all of us in our, in our good, the bad, the great, the ugly and the crazy I say. Yeah. And so just allowing it and not resisting that.

Um, well, one of the things that I think I I’m picking up on from what you say, which I love is that no one else is going to give you permission except for you. And so oftentimes we wait for someone else to tell us it’s okay to speak up. It’s okay to earn more. And it’s really, there’s no one coming to give you permission. You must, I think you must give yourself the permission. And so that’s one thing I’d love to have a conversation with you here about today is wealth when it comes to women, because obviously the show is she sells. So we’re all about sales and money. If I shouldn’t, we’re not all about money, but we love having money. We love using money as a tool. We love earning more. And so what, tell me about from your experience working with women and money and helping them build wealth consciousness, what are some of the biggest pitfalls or limiting beliefs you see women having when it comes to earning and multiplying their money?

Yeah, the thing I see the most is they don’t have a clear definition of what wealthy even means to them. They’re carrying their, their partners or their parents or their siblings. Um, even their peers at times mindset and belief system that actually isn’t working for them. And they, they don’t really know that that’s what they’re carrying. So the first thing I always ask people is what does wealth mean to you? And where did you learn that? Or when did you decide that? And a lot of times there’s a quick aha in that because a lot of women will be like, well, I don’t know. I just grew up with, with these customs or with this idea. Um, you know, that’s what it is. And it’s, it’s great because once we know what we’re dealing with, we can evolve and change it or heal it or release it, whatever needs to happen. But wealthiness a wealthy woman to me is healthy, financially fit and secure and who she is because let’s face it. Wealth is not just a monetary, um, means to an end. Like we want it to be a wealthy woman. Well, what does that mean? Yeah.

I think that’s such an interesting way of putting it and I don’t know if I’ve ever heard it that way before, but I love that too. Cause it’s, uh, it’s, it’s like, you know, if you, I know for me, when I felt like I didn’t have money, money was all I thought about it was, and it was like all consuming. And I thought if I can just get some money, everything will be good. But what I found was that is I focused on becoming more whole in all areas to your point, health, financial acumen, relationships feeling more worthy and abundant, the money was a, it was a by-product. So for you, when you think about it, I’m just, I I’d love to talk a little bit more about your perspective on wealth and how a woman can define that for herself. Because I think many women don’t think about it that way and they take on other people’s identities to your point, they take on their parents’ wealth consciousness, they take on, you know, siblings, wealth consciousness. So how does, do you ever find with women? Like I find often they say, I want a certain amount of money, but they don’t have a clear purpose behind it. And sometimes they actually think they need way more than they do to feel wealthy. And sometimes they, they they’re shooting way too low and actually more. But how does, how else does a woman starts to really define wealth for herself and then live into that?

Oh, I love this so much. So I could, I could talk about this all day. I won’t go for it. I love it. We, we start with firstly, okay. The clarity, I would say clarity is queen. What does wealthy mean to you? Right. So if you’re listening in right now, it’s like, what does it mean to you? Take all the judgments and preconceived notions and strip them away from what you’re actually thinking and let your thoughts just come to the surface. Okay. So you know what that means to you? Well, how do you achieve it? Because I know for me, I would set money goals and then I would sometimes crush them. Sometimes I wouldn’t hit them and I started a densifying with those goals and whether or not I achieved them. And then I realized wealth to me is actually inner peace and security in who I am.

And from that comes the abundance of a great marriage, a great relationship with my child, great clients, soulmate clients that love to pay me money in unexpected ways. And then I topped in even deeper. And I thought, well, if this is working for me, let’s, let’s help other women do those. So you figure out what it means to you. And then it’s like, what would you be doing right now? If you never worried about money again, if you never worried about being overlooked again, how would you be showing up nine out of 10 times? Women tell me I’d be showing up a heck of a lot differently. I would just feel better. I’d show up in my marriage, better. My friends, my, my, with my clients. And from there, we literally opened the flood gates to abundance in so many different areas of our lives. Wow.

Yeah. And it’s, so your focus is so in alignment with what I preach Liberty, which is that inner, starting with the inner, and that, that will expand into your outer world. That it’s not, we can’t wait to have money to feel peace. We must feel peace. And then that actually creates money as well. But what are some of the ways, so when you ask, I mean, like, how would you be showing up if money were to think, what are some of the things you hear them say that would be different?

Well, the first thing that I hear the most is I don’t know how I’d be showing up because I only know the struggle and I love people. I love when women are honest, I literally do work with the most incredible women. And that’s what I hear the most is I just don’t know. I’ve never thought about it because it’s never been my normal. And I say, okay, but if you did know, what would you be doing? Well, I would be less anxious. I would feel more calm. I would feel more confident in myself. I would go live more. I would email more. I would stand in my and use my voice to actually attract my business opportunities or collaborations. And it’s literally that inner sense of I belong here. I deserve to be heard. It’s safe for me to make money and to keep money. Right. And it’s also safe for me to live beyond my wildest dreams. And that’s the goal, right? I want women everywhere to love themselves wealthy. Ooh.

I love that. Love yourself wealthy. That’s so good. That’s so another thing you said there that I really want to focus in on with you is using your voice to attract your ideal clients, to create the opportunities you’re looking for to become wealthy in the true definition of the word. So tell us about that. Why is that something that you are so passionate about and well, let’s start there. Why is that something that you’re so passionate about?

Yeah. Well, believe it or not, for many years of my life, I just tried to fit in with the crowd. I I’ve always been very connected to God. I have a very strong source connection and, um, I always felt weird about that. I know that might sound weird, but it might sound weird that I felt weird, but, um, I did a lot of things in my younger years just to fit in, to be wanted. I tried to attract all the wrong guys. I did. I just did things that were not aligned with my core being. And I did it at the expense of my own soul, literally, but in growth and in learning, I realized my voice does matter and I can have a different opinion than somebody else, even somebody that I love and care for, and mine’s not right or wrong and neither is theirs.

And if I’m going to do the work that I honestly believe God has called me to do in this world, I have to speak for my heart. Even when it’s not the popular thing. Even when it’s not like the trend, maybe it seems a little cuckoo to some, to someone who might, you know, tap into abundance. But what does that mean? Sure. But I know that when I’m true to myself, the right people come into my life. I can serve at the level I’m, I’m destined to. I can help women. I can help them, help their marriages, help their families. It becomes the ripple effect. And so knowing that, and speaking from that heart center, I don’t have to worry about being criticized. I mean, I have I’m human. I have feelings that sometimes hurts, but I know when I’m being true to purpose, I protected and divinely directed. Yeah.

Wow. I love that part of, of your story and what you shared, because I know many of the women who listen, are very spiritual and some of them may feel like they have to hide that. They can’t talk about that. I know for me, for many years of my life, I felt like that, that I could, I would be rejected if I shared that part of me because that’s so, you know, coming from corporate background is like, we don’t talk about that stuff. But my experience has been the same as yours, that when you allow that part of yourself to it’s like the thing you’re most afraid to share about yourself is what will free you. And for you, part of what I love about what you’ve done is you’ve used your voice to create a TV show, to write books. And for a woman who’s listening, who feels inspired to do something similar, maybe she wants to show, maybe she wants to write a book. Where does she get started? I would love to hear that because it could feel overwhelming. We can have imposter syndrome. Who am I, why would my voice matter? How did you get started in that world? Because you’ve built such a phenomenal personal brand.

Thank you so much. Well, first of all, start with, I do everything in prayer and I do everything. Um, like I have personal development routines. I do every day, Monday through Sunday, no excuses.

I want to pause you and ask you what they are. Cause everyone’s gonna want to know like what exactly. Yeah. So

I start my morning. Nice and early, you know, around 6:00 AM I get up, I start with a prayer. Thank you. For this day. I did a lot of script training from Augman Dino. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him. Amazing, amazing. I had a mentor share him with me many years ago. And um, my favorite thing is to say, I will persist until I succeed, succeed, but then I get into gratitude. I get up, I do a journal, I have a cup of coffee. Um, I will either listen to a podcast or watch some kind of Abraham Hicks with my favorite or Bob Proctor. Um, and then I do, I workout, I get into movement, I shower and I’m ready for the day. And I do that. I also meditate. I messed up, I meditate maybe 10, 15 minutes a day. Anything more than that just didn’t work for me, but I get it into the mind frame of who I want to be. The mom. I want to be the wife. I want to be the business owner, the coach that I want to be. Um, so I can show up at my optimal level. And I mean, again, there’s certain mornings where it really flows and then there’s other mornings where on the weekends, you know, my someone needs my attention and I’m like, okay, just

A minute. But talking to God here, but I’ll be right there.

I do those things for me. Journaling is so cathartic in my success because no matter if I’m writing it about something I’m grateful for, or if I’m just trying to self explore and sort something out, I’m always activating my next level. And that’s what I strive for in my personal development to be inspired and ready to take action.

So activating next level, that feels very powerful to me. And so how did you, how did you leverage then that personal development routine to become the woman who has a TV show has multiple books, et cetera.

Yeah. Um, I’ve been doing personal development, uh, every morning for probably eight years now. And so it’s just my normal, it’s my new normal. My, my family knows it. Like people, guests come over, they know I’m doing my thing. Um, but I use that to get clear on my intention. So I believe in intentional living, I thought, okay, I know I’m called for great, good. How can I reach the masses? How can I not make it about me, make it about the others, but how can I reach more people? Well, television is a, is a fantastic platform. Social media has been tastic. Um, you know, writing books is, is fantastic and, and knowing how to market them as well. But I just made the decision. I always wanted to be an author. I always wanted to be, I’ve been writing poetry, literally saved my life when I was a little girl.

So I’ve been writing since I was like, I think the first writing contest I won, I was like six or seven years old. And, um, and so always been a part of who I am, not just what I do and I made the decision to go for it. So a lot of self-directed research, I invested over a hundred thousand dollars in mentors, uh, not including my university and college education. Um, I’m always focused on how can I show up a little bit better and just the intention. So with my TV show, I pitched a local network. Didn’t hear anything a couple months went by. I pitched him again, didn’t hear anything. I thought, well, you know, I’m going to pitch him again within an hour, a producer called me and he said, this is incredible. Can we book a meeting? I went there, had my outline and the intention, the purpose of the show, how the viewers would benefit. We started recording season one, about a month after that. And now I’m getting ready to record season three.

Oh my gosh. And now was it the same producer that you pitched three times and the third time he just finally heard you? Or was it, did you take different approaches each time you pitch?

No, I actually, um, so this is the funny part. I went through the TV stations contact form. Okay. Oh, this is how simple, like anyone that wants a TV show or wants like re we don’t have to over-complicate it. Right. We have to have the belief and we have to take action. That’s all that we need to do. Um, I pitched myself through the form about a show proposal. And when the, the producer, Justin, who I’m still very close friends with, he’s no longer there. I have a different producer now, but, um, he said he had just saw pop up and he couldn’t believe, you know, it had been overlooked, but who knows why it was over electric, just wasn’t the right timing. And, um, it was just incredible. And he was like, wow, I’m glad you kept at it. And I said, oh, I’m relentless in the pursuit of my dreams.

I love that. And isn’t that funny? How, like, to your point, we make it so complicated and we think, well, she could have a TV show, but not me. Did you go through any of that or were you just so like, no, I can have whatever it was your mindset. So rock solid that that thought didn’t even cross your mind.

Uh, well, let’s be, I have, um, because I do personal development every day. I build my competence muscle, but I have several moments where I do things scared or where I’m like, who am I to do? Like, who do I think I am? You know, that inner mean, girl will be like, why, why do you think you should do this? And it’s like, I don’t know, God you’re telling me to do this.

Yeah. Well, and it’s so funny. Cause I was doing a, I was doing a live this morning. You said you liked Bob Proctor. So we were studying you squared every morning. Um, on my Instagram lives, by price Pritchett and Bob and price or like, you know, buddies. So, um, so we were talking about when you make a quantum leap, part of the job, part of your job is to get out of the way, because I would imagine like I’m putting myself in your shoes and saying, if it were me and I had, you know, a TV show, multiple books, there could be moments where you could look at it and wonder like, wait, like this is my life. Right. Especially when that’s not what we didn’t grow up around that. So how so, so is there like a thing I know you said, like, you know, it’s, it’s God working through me, but is there anything else you do when you feel that imposter syndrome or the wow. Is this really my life to help you get back in alignment quickly?

Okay. Yeah. I mean, I am, I’ve always got a coach in my pocket that I’m paying to support me, but my husband, I have to just give a shout out to my husband. We’ve been married 15 years this year. And, um, he is just an incredible person for me. He gives me my reality check. Sometimes I don’t like it, but I will go to him and I’ll say, listen, I don’t know why this resistance coming up. I’m feeling like a fraud per se, but I do have to remind myself of who I am and whose I am. I am. So well-educated, I have helped thousands of people change their lives through trauma counseling and my success coaching, my books have been sold all over the world. Like, it seems like it’s just not my life sometimes. And what I had to do and what I do do is I literally will, you know, talk to my husband and say like, this is popping up again.

And he’s really good at helping me diffuse it quickly because he’s very much of the belief. Of course I’ve achieved this. Like I have this vision, like, he’s like, remember what you would tell someone else, like you have this vision for your life for a reason. It’s not all rainbows and roses. There’s moments where you doubt yourself. There’s moments for people. Don’t like your messaging or what you’ve said, you trigger them, but you have this calling and who are you not to fulfill it? Like, it’s just been, it’s been amazing. And I have a good cry now. And then, I mean, I cry both tears of gratitude of, I can’t believe I just got this opportunity. And I, I have cries where I, I feel sorry for some of my family that they want to tap into the power of mindset, sorry for outgrowing certain people that I thought would be in my life forever.

And also story to myself. One of the things I’m really doing right now, at least is asking myself, why, why do I cycle through those things? It’s like, no matter how good my life gets, it gets to keep getting better and better. Like the women I’m working with now going in their seven figure years, like, but they’re having impact. And they, they need me to lead by example that it’s normal to have the roller coaster and the imposter syndrome and the doubts, but what’s not normal is to stop. Uh, not for women like us. We don’t, we don’t stop

We can’t. Yeah, that’s so true. Because once you’re at that level where you, you have women who are low or whoever your clients are, but you have clients who are looking to you for guidance. I love your realness, your ability to be real and say, look, this still happens at any level because it does. And then to say, my why is so powerful though, that I won’t stop. Right? Because there can be a point where it’s like, but again, Bob talks about the terror barrier, right? Like the terror barrier. Oh my gosh. Like there’s a whole, like, people are looking. I remember my, um, my coach last year said something to me at some point about, you know, what about the women who are magnetised to you on social media? And I remember when she said that, I thought who’s magnetizes to me. Like that was literally, that was literally the thought.

And then I thought, oh my gosh, that’s a massive limiting belief. And then I started just acting as if I really believed that women were magnetized to me and sure enough business started growing, growing, growing really fast. And I think we have to see ourselves. It’s like, we have to get out of our way and see ourselves as we desire to like actually, as we often are, we just don’t see ourselves that way. So I don’t know if there’s a point of that long dialogue, but it’s just like, I love that you, I love that you share that because I think to know it doesn’t stop as you continue to rise, but then to be able to like, have someone to anchor you back in or to ask yourself, like, why not me is so powerful. So thank you for that. Anything else you would share with a woman who’s kind of like struggling with self-image as she continues to rise in her accomplishments?

Yeah, I would literally the last book I wrote was called confessions of a self care junkie. And I shared all these confessions about myself. I broke down self care in six different pillars, and I normalized that no matter how far we get or where we are in our journey, we’re human. And that’s where that fierce feminine comes in and honoring that. And I think our self-esteem is built in our self-care practices when we show up for ourselves, even when we feel frustrated or why isn’t it happening for, and it’s happening for her or holy crap, I wanted this and now I don’t know how to handle it or wherever we are, keep building the momentum of loving yourself and that worthiness that we can sometimes have many blocks around and deserving. This that affects our ability to receive and trust that we deserve to receive will unleash and will heal layer by layer and just keep going.

There is someone watching you. I firmly believe that we all have lurkers and I say this with love, but we have people watching us that maybe think we have our lives perfectly together. We have great homes, great marriages, great bodies, great money, but they don’t know that we’re still a woman inside that has fears and insecurities and jealousies and things that we have to deal with. Right. So keep going, don’t let the low self-esteem or the body image struggles or the lack of followers or whatever it might be for you derail you from your destiny.

Oh my gosh. That’s so powerful. I just, I feel like Mike dropped like multiple times throughout this conversation. Christy. I want to ask, um, so two final questions and thank you so much because this has been profoundly inspiring. So the first question for every single woman listening, who’s going to want to go connect with you. Where can she find you where she can get, where can she get more involved with your programs? Find out about your books. Let’s let’s do that first.

Yeah, definitely. Instagram is my favorite platform. I have all the links in my, in my bio there, but I love inspiring and educating and empowering women through my Instagram stories and, and my, my feeds. So that’s the best place.

And it’s is it at Christy Primmer At Christy underscore primmer.

Beautiful. And P R I M M E R. And we’ll link that in the show notes, but just for anybody who’s listening and wants to go ahead and follow right now. Perfect. Christy underscore primmer, and then Christy final, final question for you. If you could offer just one piece of advice to a woman who’s really ready to stop playing small. And to finally break through that first six figures or beyond what would it be?

Hire a mentor. Who’s done it. And why I say that is because I have suffered. I learned a lot of expensive lessons trying to figure it out on my own because lots of different reasons. I didn’t think I could afford a mentor. I didn’t know if I was able to play at that level. Um, we’re like just all the things and what I’ve learned in my success is when I hire someone and invest in myself, essentially investing in a mentor coach, I’m getting myself 3, 4, 6, 10 feet ahead of the game. I only need to work with someone who’s one or two steps ahead of me. I don’t need someone who’s built. You know, I, don’t not for me myself anyway. I don’t need someone. Who’s 10 years ahead of me. I need someone who can relate to what I’m going through and can help me quickly get through it. Yeah,

That’s a great perspective because I, it makes it a little more accessible and it also is like, okay, I just, I need someone for the next step. And then I’ll figure out the next step and then the next, but it’s like right now, who’s that person, who’s a couple of steps ahead of me who can help this thing that otherwise would take years, take a few months. So that’s yeah, that’s phenomenal. Christy, thank you for how you show up for how you have let that the, the persistent, right? The you’re the persistent part of you, um, keep showing up so that you can create this beautiful brand, this beautiful mission you show up today and inspire us. And I know for me, I’ve really taken away just that persistence. And it’s like, I’m going to keep going until it happens. Not I’m going to try a little bit and then give up. It’s like, no, I have a vision. We can have a vision in our mind. And that thing will become a reality if we proceed with persistence and why not us? Right? It’s it’s not why me, it’s why not me. So thank you for everything you have shared today and your beautiful example of what it means to be the fierce feminine. So grateful for you.

Uh, thank you, Elise, and everyone listening, just go on with your bad self and become the version of you that you know that you’ve been called today. Thank you so much, Elise.

Yes. Oh my gosh. Go on with your bad self. That is the perfect closing line. So everyone go connect with Christie. She’s at Christy underscore primmer on Instagram, checkout, her books, check out her program. She’s a beautiful, beautiful role model for all of us, women in business and leadership. And thank you so much for listening today. And I can’t wait to see you next week with another, another episode of she sells radio bye for now.

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