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The Science Behind Abundance and Transformation with Dr. Hillari Hamilton, Researcher for Dr. Joe Dispenza

In today’s transformational conversation, you will learn the science behind abundance and worthiness. We talk about it constantly in the She Sells Community and today it all comes together with the neuroscience behind it all. Joining me for this episode is Dr. Hillari Hamilton, a researcher for Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research teams. You know how much of a die hard fan I am of Dr. Dispenza and his work and everyone in the community who is doing this work is experiencing profound transformations and quantum leaps. But how is that happening? Dr. Hamilton helps us to understand the science behind meditation by demystifying it.

Dr. Hillari Hamilton has spent most of her career developing programs to best serve individuals in transforming their health from a state of disease to one of ease by uncovering the root cause of imbalance, mentally, physically, and chemically. She assisted in the co-creation of trans-disciplinary clinics to treat chronic pain in the Empire Valley in California in 2015, where she uncovered the foundational piece to healing, which begins with becoming familiar with the impact our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have on mental and physical pain. She educates her patients on how the mind-body connections work and how to observe and implement change, which empowers her to take an active role in healing their body from the inside out. Dr. Hamilton has been working with Dr. Joe Dispenza for the past three years on his life-changing approach to health, to quantify his work through research in cooperation with UCSD and VitaMed Research. Dr. Hamilton is a chiropractor, certified hypnotherapist, research coordinator, wellness coach, and meditation facilitator. She is currently pursuing her passion traveling with Dr. Dispenza, assisting in human transformation with the intention of demonstrating through science the effects meditation has on the regulation, prevention, and treatment of disease.

Show Notes:

[5:03] – Welcome to the show, Dr. Hamilton! Hillari shares her background and what sparked her interest in this healing.

[6:30] – Dr. Hamilton explains her experience with a meditation and the results.

[8:40] – Through meditation, people were healing and Dr. Hamilton’s practices have continued to grow.

[9:42] – The new paradigm is healing from the inside out.

[11:18] – The medical perspective is to remove the problem, but with the research they’re doing, Dr. Hamilton and her team are solving problems through a vitalistic approach.

[13:01] – The key is to create coherence and ease by changing the energy.

[14:12] – Dr. Hamilton describes current research and the results of a trial with cancer cells.

[17:06] – It all comes down to awareness.

[18:09] – When you become aware, you can be an observer.

[19:11] – Coherence is all about tuning into the greatest ideal of yourself and regulating your own energy.

[19:56] – When your heart is closed, you stop trusting yourself.

[21:19] – Dr. Hamilton shares an example to show the impact of checking in with her body and emotions.

[22:49] – The only place you can store your emotions is inside your body. Your thoughts create your emotions.

[24:14] – Where you put your energy is the energy you are attracting.

[25:15] – Elyse shares her personal backstory in how her work on worthiness and abundance made huge changes in her life.

[27:39] – It’s not how you present yourself to the world, it’s how you feel on the inside.

[29:37] – What is the size of the gap between how you present yourself and how worthy you feel? Dr. Hamilton explains the science behind this gap.

[31:46] – In a meditative state you are overcoming the past by tuning into the present.

[33:46] – Through meditation, your mind is in control rather than your body.

[37:54] – What happens when you overcome your environment?

[38:54] – There’s no separation in the fifth dimension.

[41:01] – Dr. Hamilton describes the experience of a man in a study a couple of years ago and how he showed coherence.

[44:48] – Dr. Hamilton explains how she put this work into action to pull in donations for the research fund.

[47:47] – People are more powerful than they ever thought.

[49:03] – Dr. Hamilton shares ways to connect and donate, including the prison work that is being done through a non-profit.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):

Welcome to she cells radio. I am so thrilled, so thrilled to bring you our guest today. And I already know that this is gonna be such a transf transformational conversation for both me and for you. And if you are a member of any of my programs or you followed me and the she cells community for any amount of time, you know how much I am a diehard fan. And I integrate Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations and work into my life and how much I recommend them to my clients as well. And our whole, our whole GS community who’s doing this work is experiencing some pretty profound shifts in their lives. And I’ve used this work and his meditations to heal skin cancer, to experience really quantum leaps and abundance and prosperity, and our community is having similar results. And I’m so excited to bring you our guest today because I’m someone who I, I’m kind of a gut instinct person.

Speaker 1 (01:01):

Like I take things on trust and I’ve experienced the results of this work so much in my own life. That it’s kind of just at a deep core level that I’m like, yes, this works. It’s real. But what I appreciate about the conversation that we’re gonna have today and what Dr. Joe and his team bring to their, their work and the world is the scientific research behind the effects of meditation and brain and heart coherence that helps demystify what’s going on when there are these otherwise seemingly like miraculous transformations happening in the community, who’s doing this work. And so I first connected with our guest today at my first Dr. Jo Dispenza retreat in Marco island, uh, in Florida to about a month ago. And Dr. Joe brought our guest today, Dr. Hillary Hamilton up on stage multiple times to share the work she’s doing as one of his lead researchers, as the director of donor relations for the inner science research fund.

Speaker 1 (01:58):

And I was just so fascinated with the work that she’s doing and that the team is doing and how they’re creating this really groundbreaking, scientific research that demystifies the effects of meditation. And I thought I’ve gotta find a way to have her on our show. And so she graciously agreed to come on and I’m gonna share with you just her bio and background, and then we’re gonna get into what I know is gonna be a really amazing conversation. So, uh, Dr. Hillary Hamilton has spent most of her career developing programs to best serve individuals in transforming their health from a state of dis disease to one of ease by uncovering the root cause of imbalance mentally, physically, and chemically. And she assisted in the co-creation of transdisciplinary clinics to treat chronic pain in the higher valley in California in 2015, where she uncovered the foundational piece to healing, which begins with becoming familiar with the impact of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors they have on mental and physical pain.

Speaker 1 (02:58):

And she educates her patients on how the mind body connections work and how to observe and implement change, which empowers her to take an active role in healing the body from the inside out. And Dr. Hamilton has been working with Dr. Jo Dispenza for the past three years on his life changing approach to health to quantify his work through research in cooperation with UC D and vitamin research. Dr. Hamilton is a chiropractor, a certified hypnotherapist research coordinator, wellness coach, and meditation facilitator. And she’s currently pursuing her passion traveling with Dr. Dispenza assisting in human transformation with the intention of demonstrating through science. The effects meditation has on the regulation per mention, and treatment of disease. Dr. Hamilton is now joined the inner science research fund nonprofit to help support Dr. Joda Ben’s life transforming work. She’s the director of donor relations and is RF launched its nonprofit in January, 2022 during a weeklong retreat in Marco island, which was the one I was privileged to be at. And they crushed a it right off the bat, which we’re gonna talk about a little bit more today. Dr. Hamilton, welcome to she sells radio. We’re so thrilled to have you.

Speaker 2 (04:07):

Oh, thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure.

Speaker 1 (04:09):

Oh my gosh. So as I was prepping for this, I thought, where do we begin? There are so many things I wanna get into with you, but I wanna start with your backstory. And so we’re gonna talk in a moment about how you got connected with Dr. Joe and his research, but I wanna start by hearing your personal backstory. So what got you into this work and what created your interest in helping people really heal from the inside out?

Speaker 2 (04:34):

Wow, that’s a great question. So I’ve been a chiropractor for over 25 years. Um, I have scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine and I went the medical route and, um, that didn’t really help me in any way, but chiropractic certainly did. So I became a chiropractor and, um, I’ve been a seeker my whole life as well. So when I was a young girl, I asked my parents to go to a, a Christian school, even though my parents were not religious at all, but I was just looking for answers like, what’s God, where’s God, how can I connect to that? So I’ve always been a seeker throughout my whole life. And in 2011, I saw Dr. Joe speak at a conference and I thought, my goodness, he’s got it all together. He’s got the spiritual component, he’s got the science behind it. This resonates all through my body.

Speaker 2 (05:24):

This is what, what I’ve been looking for. So I started doing his work and in 2015, I went to an advanced workshop and that was in carefree Arizona. And he used to dimensionalize an object. And so I wanted to do a meditation to help people cross. They were in hospice. So allow them to be relaxed and then go to the next, the next round. So I put that in my meditation and I was working on it. And all of a sudden in my meditation, on the screen of my mind, I saw these doctors and I was high fiving, all these doctors. And then I was in a treatment room. The patient was facing forward and I was behind a patient with my hands on their shoulders. And then there was a thousand people in line. This was, I, I remember saying this is on the screen of my I’m wide awake watching this.

Speaker 2 (06:20):

And so I came out of that meditation and I went outside and called my husband and said, you’re not gonna believe this. I had this crazy experience. And he said, well, you’re not gonna believe this. Uh, a doctor just called and wants you to start a practice with him in, in, uh, Palm Springs, California. Oh gosh. So this was the guy that was in my meditation. So yes. So that that’s exactly how quick this happened. So seven weeks later, we started our first clinic in Palm Springs, California, and all the doctors high five. So it was, it was my, I saw my future be for my future happen.

Speaker 1 (06:59):

Oh my

Speaker 2 (06:59):

Gosh. And that’s how we started our multidisciplinary clinics. And then, um, as time went on, Dr. Joe allowed me because he trained me to teach meditation at our clinics. And I can tell you that was the foundation of our clinics. These people were chronically physically, emotionally, um, not right. And under the poverty level to boot. So, uh, we took them off a lot of medications and helped support their system through natural ways, chiropractic acupuncture, Tai Chi, yoga, Feld, and Christ meditation, and our patients were getting better. So we went from one clinic to 12 clinics, um, pretty quick. And then Dr. Toby was watching what I was doing with our patients through meditation, through Dr. Joe’s meditations. And he’s like, what is going on in there? I go, well, you have to go to an event. So, uh, he went an event with me and just knew, this is, this is life changing for him. And he noticed participants getting on the stage, giving testimonials how they were overcoming stage four cancer. So he’s a very smart man. He has a research company and he wanted to meet with Dr. Joe. So that’s how it all started. And I, um, we’ve come a long way. That was in 2019.

Speaker 1 (08:23):

Wow. I, I have chills.

Speaker 2 (08:26):

I, I do too all the time. I’m like, how did we get there? But it’s divine intervention. It’s, it’s it’s it was supposed to happen exactly the way it is because yeah. The old paradigm is slipping away and the new is, you know, healing your body from the inside, out being aware of how you think act and feel matters.

Speaker 1 (08:48):

Yes. Yes. And I I’d love for you to speak to that more. Cause I know you said that even in the pre chat, you were just saying like, it’s time, it’s time that the world knows this. And I agree. I completely agree. And I feel like sometimes for those of us who feel like we, we get it and we’re in the work. Um, and there’s a lot of people around us who aren’t right. And who maybe think it sounds crazy, but when you’ve experienced it, you know, but what I love about the work that you’re doing and you and the other researchers and the inner science research fund is it you’re demystifying it and helping it make sense to everyone through using that language of science. And one of the things that I love on, um, on the website for the inner science research fund is you talk about pushing the boundaries of, and poise the question of what if science could prove that meditation upgrades, the immune system, that it rewires neural pathways and that it heals cancer, even which there’s story after story, after story in the community of that happening, what is, can we don’t have time obviously to get into all the details of it here, but can speak some to the research that’s being done.

Speaker 1 (09:57):

And even how is that research done? Some of our community members had questions on that about how do you start to measure this and how do you start to quantify it? Because the results don’t lie. And I think it’s just a matter of educating people, but I’d love if you could speak to some of the, just some of the research that maybe speaks most to you right now and what you’re finding.

Speaker 2 (10:17):

Yeah. Well, it’s really exciting because, you know, from a medical model, we look at the body as mechanistic. So if you have some type of illness or cancer or problem, uh, a lot of the ways that they treat that is going in and cutting it out, remove the problem. But we look at it from a vitalistic perspective, we are made up of 99.9, nine, 9% energy, your energetic beings. So if you were to pop a cell out of your body and were made up of, uh, 70 trillion plus cells, if you pop that cell outta your body and look at it under a microscope, there’s not a lot of physical matter there it’s mainly entered. So we’re energetic. So it’s the energetic field that creates this matter. It’s not the other way around. So we wanna look at what’s going on in the energy field. Okay.

Speaker 2 (11:10):

So energy is your emotional state of being. So if you are living emotions that are in survival, meaning when you’re always focused on my body, my environment and time, my body, my environment time, that means you’re in survival. So what are some survival emotions would be like fear, frustration, anger, resentment, guilt that creates an incoherent state of being. So that creates contraction. You know, when you’re angry, frustrated, uh, guilt, rid your body goes into a contracted state that creates inherence in the body. So that’s 99% energy. So you’re contracted. So what we teach in Joe’s work is to take that same energy and transform it into an elevated emotion, like love, joy, compassion, same energy trapped in the body wrong. So you express that energy and you expand it out. And that creates coherence. You go going from DISE to a state of ease. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (12:16):

Right? Yeah. So you’re that energy beyond you. That’s when you become self less, when you’re in survival, you’re selfish, you’re always focused on you, right? Yeah. So you take that same energy and you expand it out. That’s where health happens. So it’s it’s now is a time in history, just like Ola Tesla said over a hundred. Oh, I don’t know if it’s a hundred years ago, but a long time ago, when science begins to start studying the phenomenon of energy, it’ll go, the research will go exponentially. Wow. Because it’s not matter to matter. It’s the energy that creates the matter. So this is the new paradigm. This is the new study, and this is what we’re gonna prove through science and what we’re proving through science. So, um, the latest study, which I am super excited about, um, is happening at U C S D in Dr.

Speaker 2 (13:11):

He’s lab, where he’s taken are different Petri dishes, and one Petri dish has healthy cells. Another one had pancreatic cancer cells. Another one had lung cancer cells and one had breast cancer cells. And he had it in an incubator, in a room with six healers that know this work, know how to get out of their own way and listen to one of Dr. Joe’s coherence, healing, meditations become the healer, which means, oh, get outta your way and bring down the divine and radiate with a clear intention and an elevated emotion to heal those cells. And this is exactly what we found and it blew Dr. Hemel and the other scientists away that we made a difference in these cells.

Speaker 1 (14:04):

Wow. So the cells were actually healed the cancer. Tell, tell us a little bit about, well,

Speaker 2 (14:08):

It changed the energetic, uh, signature of the cells. So mitochondria have, uh, it’s an energetic cell cancers that have a lot of energy they’re progressing pretty quickly. So we change the energetic signature of the cells just by thought and intention alone. Oh my God. So this is huge, right?

Speaker 1 (14:28):

Oh, it’s everything. And, and I wanna speak to, I wanna dig deeper into the concept of coherence. And you said something that I think is so important about getting out of our own way and allowing, you know, the divine to flow through you because this event, it was my first experience being a healer. And obviously we get trained on what to do and come in. And there’s, you know, people who have been selected as he leaves laying on the ground. And it’s a really, I mean, profound experience just to be in that energy. And what I experienced in that moment was as I worked consistently to get out of my own way, um, and just allow that energy to flow through, it was energy flow flowing through my body. Like I’ve never experienced before. It felt like I was having a seizure. And I know people talk about that a lot in this community when it really starts flowing, but it was, it was uncontrollable energy coming through.

Speaker 1 (15:23):

And it was like, what is going on? Like this is wild. And I, I think you gotta experience it to know, to know what it’s like, but, and then I saw you on stage, you were demonstrating the penal gland, breath and meditation, and you, and a few other group of, um, volunteers who did it. And it was so incredible just to see the energy flowing through you. And I think if you haven’t, for me not having had that experience before the event, I would’ve been like, what is this? And what is, what is coherence and why does it matter? Can you speak to that some about, about what coherence is and why it matters for our healing, for our upleveling and for just our overall health and wellbeing in all areas of life?

Speaker 2 (16:04):

Uh, well, first it starts with awareness, right? All comes down to awareness. So who you’re being is, is happening moment to mind. And most of the time we’re walking through our lives unconscious, we’re just a program of the past. So air, we have thoughts, those thoughts create feelings and those feelings reinforce more thoughts. So you’re on this habitual hamster wheel of being something from your past. So when you begin to have awareness of who you you’re being, then you can get out of your own way and you become the observer of who you are. So when you can become the observer, that’s something called metacognition, observing yourself. So with that awareness, you can tune in to what am I, what’s my emotional state of being right now. Am I in a state of love, or am I in a state of fear? Where am I at?

Speaker 2 (16:58):

So that allows you to open the door with your energy, to become the greatest ideal of who you are. So when you have a thought, that’s not loving to you check in to where it is in your body, you know, say someone is sitting next to you on an airplane and they’re talking to you and you really don’t wanna talk to that person. This has actually happened to me and you know, I’m just, I have work to do. I need to get out of, you know, I need to get something done before I get to my next destination and a woman’s talking to you. And you’re like, I really don’t wanna talk to this woman. So my thoughts are, I don’t wanna talk to you. I don’t wanna talk to you, but then I’m like, you know what? This is an opportunity to overcome the habits of my past.

Speaker 2 (17:44):

So who do I wanna show up as right now? So with that moment, I dropped into my heart center, opened it up and just thought, listen to this woman for a moment. And she began to tell me this whole story that I would’ve never listened to or been open to. And it was a beautiful connection that I had with her on this, this airplane. So it’s literally moment, moment overcoming who you’re being, right? So it’s managing your own energy. So coherence is all about tuning in to the greatest ideal of yourself and regulating your own energy. So from a scientific perspective, you have, um, something within your body self-regulation. So when you begin to regulate those thoughts and feelings, you’re getting into the operating system of your own body and you’re regulating everything. So that’s what coherence is all about. Being able to regulate your nervous system just by thought alone.

Speaker 1 (18:46):

And one of the things that Dr Joe said at that, that really struck me is when, when our heart is closed, we stopped trusting ourself. And that really, really spoke to me. And I don’t know what your experience has been like. I know for most of my life, at least after probably early childhood, it was closed off. And I didn’t know. And I, in a state of low grade anxiety a lot, I was outwardly successful, but inwardly struggling with a lot of different things. And I had no idea about the importance of emotional state and emotional regulation. How do people, if they, if, if they’re listening to this and they’re saying, I’ve never even thought about my heart being open, I’ve never, and they, they don’t know which means very likely it may be closed off because they haven’t put a lot of energy or intention into it. How do we start to open it up? And what, what are the bene, I know this is gonna sound like a rudimentary question, but I want you to speak to this cuz me a year or two ago would not have understood this. And I know there’s still much more I’m learning in here. So why do we wanna open our hearts and how do we start to do it?

Speaker 2 (19:54):

Yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s great. So it’s with awareness. So when you become familiar with who you’re being by paying attention to how your thoughts are, then you can check into your body and say, okay, I’m having thoughts that are based on say guilt. Okay, I’ll give, I’ll give you an example of what happened with me and how this, this work really impacted me. So I had a really bad shoulder condition and it, it, I thought it was from adjusting all the time, um, as a chiropractor, but this, the shoulder was really bad. And, um, I could feel the pain all the way down my arm. And what I started to become familiar with with Joe’s work is how you think creates a, a state of being of how you feel. And I was my, my emotion of choice growing up without knowing was guilt. So I always had these thoughts of guilt. If I do this, if I don’t do this, what are how’s this person gonna think? So a lot of my thought process was around the emotion of guilt. So I would catch myself as I was driving over the bridge. One day I was catching myself in a thought where I was thinking guilty thoughts. And I realized it was stored in the shoulder because the shoulder would creep up. When I was thinking guilty thoughts, I was storing it in here. Does that

Speaker 1 (21:16):

Make sense? So interest. It does. I’ve actually never heard it positioned quite that way before. So I’m super fascinated by what

Speaker 2 (21:21):

You’re saying, saying. Yeah. So, so I was thinking, oh no, I, I, late coming home from work dinner gonna be late. My kids are gonna be upset. So this is where my thought process was. And I noticed that this arm was creeping up to here contracted. So I literally took my fingers and I went snip. Like I disconnected the mind body connection, and this shoulder healed because of that. I no longer stored that because you can’t store your emotion somewhere on a shelf, right. It’s inside of you, right. So you have 70 trillion cells in your body and they’re all spying on what you’re thinking. So it creates a chemistry in your body to match those thoughts. So that’s where disease comes in. Ah,

Speaker 1 (22:07):


Speaker 2 (22:07):

We’re not think gain healthy thoughts that we’re not creating a healthy body.

Speaker 1 (22:13):

Yeah. And then the energy to, to make sure I’m understanding what you’re saying correctly. It’s like the energy field constricts around our body, right? Because we’re in that constriction, that negative state, which for many of the members of this community, they, we kind of were talking about this in the pre-chat. One of they’re working on creating for many of them in their lives is more financial, abundance, more wealth. And so it’s like if our energy field is constricted, we’re not able to draw in the things we want. Right. Is that, am I understanding that correctly and saying

Speaker 2 (22:42):

Exactly it that’s exactly it. So we’re an electromagnetic field. That’s the space around our, our body it’s electromagnetic. So thoughts go out and feelings come in. We’re like an antenna. So we draw to us the frequency that we are projecting. So it’s like if, if you have a dial on a radio and you’re tuning into 1 0 1 0.7 and that’s fear, well, your energetic signature is fear. So where you put your attention is where you put your energy. So you see in your environment, fear, cuz that’s the frequency that you are. Wow. So that’s where you’re tuning in. But if you tune into like 1 0 6 0.4 and that’s the frequency of abundance, well, what does that feel like? What does that look like? That’s, you know, abundance is a coherent state of being and so you are gonna attract into your life abundance because that’s what you’re projecting out. It’s it’s, it’s a, it’s a match.

Speaker 1 (23:45):

Yeah. Gosh. It’s oh, go, go ahead. Go ahead.

Speaker 2 (23:49):

Yeah. So it’s you only get what you perceive that you’re, you’re worthy of receiving.

Speaker 1 (23:56):

I, I wanna speak to that for a moment because that is such a core tenant now of my life and of the work we do in this community. And I’ll share, I’ll share just kind of a quick personal backstory. And then I wanna hear some of your perspective on this. So part of my own story was I was a, um, top producer in corporate sales for a lot of years, but I was stuck at about the same income level for about 10 years, which was good, but not like life changing. And when I started really working within this work and rewiring my belief system around worthiness and, um, and abundance, and I started implementing the generating abundance meditation that Dr. Joe, um, has in literally six weeks, I went from a hundred thousand dollars years to a hundred thousand dollars months. And one of the biggest things that I realized through that meditation was that I hadn’t felt part of why I wasn’t making that amount of money before was I didn’t feel worthy of it.

Speaker 1 (24:54):

And the meditation helps you practice that feeling of worthiness. And to your point, like tune in to that frequency. And then I kind of realized, well, gosh, I’m probably not the only one who’s who’s dealing with this. And what if one of the biggest things that holds us back in our businesses and in our sales is that we don’t feel worthy of making more and you can have the best script in the world, but if you’re layering it on a foundation of, um, of unworthiness or like you mentioned guilt or shame or whatever, like you’re not gonna make it. And so one of the key things that we really implement with our work is, is the belief system and rewiring the belief system around worthiness around what you’re creating. And I have all my clients by the generating abundance meditation, like right off the bat and they, oh, that’s wonderful when they implement it.

Speaker 1 (25:42):

Yeah. They’re getting similar results. So we talk about this a lot in our community. I wanna get your, I want your thoughts on this because this is gonna be so good. So from what I understand our subconscious beliefs account for about 95% of our results, and I wanna dig into the science behind this and also how meditation makes an impact on the subconscious mind, um, and get into some of the new neuroscience. So I would love to start talking about, you know, neural pathways and how they impact our belief system. So can you speak to, we’re gonna start off super basic. Like what is a neural pathway? What do we need to know for the, for the laypeople myself included out there? What is a neural pathway? Let’s start there.

Speaker 2 (26:24):

Yeah. So when you have synaptic connections, so they, they go in and they connect, they only connect based on what’s happening within you. So I, I wanna say something that you were talking about just a moment ago, about worthiness before we go.

Speaker 1 (26:39):

Yeah, yeah, yeah, please. So

Speaker 2 (26:42):

How you go into the, the whole worthiness aspect of it. So it’s not how you present yourself to the world, right? You can look like, you look like a person that’s abundant on the outside, but it’s not presenting yourself to the world as worthy. It’s how you feel on the inside. So Dr. Joe talks about something called the gap, and I think this is such a vital part of his work. So this is, this is called the gap here. So this lower hand would be how you feel on the inside. And this upper hand is who you present yourself to the world. So how big is your gap? So if you feel uny on the end, but you’re presenting yourself on the outside as the most worthy person ever, then the gap is really big and that’s where sickness and disease begin to demonstrate. Um, but it, they show up. So what our job is to shorten that gap, be the person that you are on the inside and demonstrate that on the wow. There’s no from that. Do you know what I

Speaker 1 (27:47):

Mean? I, I know exactly what you mean and what’s so powerful about what you’re saying and I’d love if you could speak to this too. My experience in doing that meditation and in that transformation was you start feeling so good. Like before anything shifts on the outside, you, you start feeling so good. Finally feeling whole. And for me it was the experience of like, my heart actually felt open for the first time. And it was like, what is this feeling that I haven’t felt in so long? And it was a period. There were about three weeks of that. And just practicing that every day before the money came in, before anything shifted and changed in the outer world. But from what you’re saying, it sounds like that was cuz the gap was closed. Is that a, am I understanding that correctly?

Speaker 2 (28:26):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, well, yes and no. So the gap is so there’s a, and this also happens with the septic connections, right? So you wanna have, um, who you present yourself to the world is this upper hand and who you are on the inside is a slower hand. So when you shorten the gap, that means you, you are authentically on the outside as you are on the inside. Right?

Speaker 1 (28:52):

Right. Right.

Speaker 2 (28:54):

So with the science part of it is you’re unwiring and unwiring old programs. And in that same moment, you’re rewiring a new way of being and how you do that is based on how, think, how you act and how you feel. Mm. And that creates a new state of being. So your personality creates your personal reality yeah. Which is called your life. Mm,

Speaker 1 (29:22):

Wow. Wow. And

Speaker 2 (29:24):

Your personality is made up of how you think, how you act and how you feel. So if you’re not changing your thoughts, then you’re not changing your actions and you’re not changing your, your feelings, then there’s new because you are not changing. So your life doesn’t change.

Speaker 1 (29:41):

Yeah. Which is part of what I love about this work. And Dr. Joe spoke to this and he speaks to it a lot of his work, but he spoke to it at the conference as well of he doesn’t buy into, you know, just sit on the meditation cushion and think about winning the lottery and you’re gonna win the lottery if that’s not a match for who you are. Right. So it’s, it’s about, you have to be it like, you want it, you have to be it, um,

Speaker 2 (30:03):

Embody it,

Speaker 1 (30:04):

Embody it. Yeah. Yeah. And I’m curious to know from you how cause these meditations are so different and I know one of the things that you’re researching and the work that you’re doing is the effect of meditation on healing disease, on creating more abundance on, on all of that and on rewiring the neural pathways. Right? So how are these meditations different than what I did for most of my life, which was like the five minutes, just breathe deeply and try to calm yourself down type of meditation. Right? How does this actually go in and rewire those neural pathways in those beliefs, this

Speaker 2 (30:42):

Right. Okay. So what we’re doing in Joe’s meditations is we’re overcoming the habits of ourselves. So what you’re doing in a meditative state with him is you’re becoming greater than your body, greater than your environment. And greater than time, you’re taking the energy that you are as a habit of your past thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings creates the same state of being. So you’re overcoming the past by tuning in to the present moment. And in the present moment, you are using your body as an instrument of consciousness and using that energy and expanding it out, right? And when you expand that energy out, you are no longer, you you’re becoming greater than you. Cuz that energy is when you expand that energy out, what are you doing? You’re taking that energy from a contracted state of being in survival, to an elevated state of being into creation.

Speaker 2 (31:39):

And so when you take that out and he has you focus on the space beyond your body in space. So where you put your attention is where you put your energy. So all your attention and energy is beyond your body and space. And then you go out and you linger and you settle in and you go to no thing and no one, no where and no time, you’re no longer the example of who you’ve been. So you’re, you’re moving into the five D the fifth dimensional state of reality, even overcoming time. So you’re lingering in the forever present moment. So when you’re doing that, you’re getting behind thought, right? You’re getting behind how you feel. You’re tuning into a greater level of. And so when you’re in that space and you linger there and you teach your body to stay in that position, you’re you, you’re overcoming your body with your mind because for such a long time, your body has been in control.

Speaker 2 (32:41):

So you’re turning that the way it should be mastering your body with your mind. And you’re learning to hold the present moment, right. And the why it’s so different from every other like head space, you’re using the same level of mind that you’ve always used. There’s really, you’re not good getting behind who you’ve been. You’re actually letting go of how you think act and feel in his meditations and, uh, you’re going into no space. So when you get, get rid of all of those thoughts, feelings and actions, it’s an infinite space of blackness, right? Is that it’s as if you remove the sun, the moon, all the stars and that infinite spaces where we create from

Speaker 1 (33:27):

Hmm, wow.

Speaker 2 (33:28):

Create from, you know, and then it shows up in the three dimensional state of reality,

Speaker 1 (33:33):

Speak to the I, and I know this, this would be a whole nother episode and I know we don’t have time to go super deep into it, but I’m so curious as much as you can explain the science behind that because I’ve had it happen. I know you’ve had it happen with that incredible story about opening up your clinic. What is, what is some of the science like the quantum physics behind that, that there’s no time. So when we’re in that space, we’re able to create, we don’t follow the normal rules, right. We create what we want much faster. Then we would, if we were mattered to matter in the 3d, can you speak to that a little more? Cuz I’m fascinated by that. I know the members of our community are fascinated by that. And I just, I would love your perspective on that. So

Speaker 2 (34:11):

It’s your it’s. So when you get out of the way like that, right? Your body’s not used to being the same habitual patterns and all those patterns create a data being within your body. Those 70 trillion cells are communicating with one another. So that sympathetic nervous system, which is that fight or flight nervous system, which controls and regulates all the other systems, right? It’s it’s your central nervous system connecting to all those other systems. So when you get out of the way like that, then, and what’s in the way is our emotional state of being. So when you get behind it, then that autonomic nervous system can regulate and control all the other systems with ease because our personality is out of the way our body can function at full potential. So it’s communicating in a symbiotic harmonic state. So that’s when the body goes into full balance, chemically, physically, emotionally, we are the greatest pharmacy and we can either create the greatest pharmacy and function at full potential and be our, our greatest selves. Or we can get in the way and live in a state of survival and turn on that sympathetic system by thought alone and wear ourselves out

Speaker 2 (35:35):

Like, like going. It’s like, uh, we are a sports car going 60 miles an hour in first year. How long can you go? 60 miles an hour, first year before your car breaks down. Yeah, well we are that car. So if we learn to regulate all those different systems and create coherence, then our body will function a lot better.

Speaker 1 (35:58):

And how did I, I love that explanation. Thank you. How does that, how does that tie in with becoming no one, nothing, no time and going into the field and creating what we want there and then bringing it back into the 3d is that that’s our it’s like wholeness is our natural state, but the old conditioning, the old paradigms, the old emotions block that. And like, if those weren’t there, we could just create what we want. Kind of like that with the snap of the fingers. How do, how do those tie in together?

Speaker 2 (36:25):

Yeah. So when we’re in the three dimensional state of reality, which we are right now, you are a you’re um, looking at, you know, the picture on the wall, the chair in the background, the door you’re you’re in this present state of reality. So we, um, regulator who we are based on everything that’s in our environment. So when you overcome your, your environment and you go within, you’re becoming greater than the people, places, things and idea is that we bounce off who we are, right? We, we, we identify ourselves with everything that’s in our material world. But when we become greater than that, we expand out past that linger in that space. That’s when we become greater than ourselves. That’s when that’s where create from that’s. When we get beyond who we identify ourselves with as a three dimensional being, and we get into that 5g where there is no one, no thing, no, and no time, but in that, no thing, no, no place is everything everywhere. Every time everyone it’s wholeness, it’s oneness. It’s completion. It’s no, there’s no separation in the 5g here. Everything is separate. Hmm. Identify with every, all the separation there. It’s only oneness. And that’s where the three dimension gets created is from oneness. And we bring it down into this dimension. Wow.

Speaker 1 (38:04):

Gosh, I

Speaker 2 (38:05):

Get, that’s why we like to meditate. Right? That’s why you like to meditate. I like to meditate cuz lingering lingering in that five dimensional state of reality. You’re connected to everything. That’s wholeness. Yeah. And that’s the more you demonstrate wholeness, the more you wholeness, right there is no want. And when there is no want there’s completion.

Speaker 1 (38:26):

Wow. And then it’s kinda like whatever you, well, there’s no want, but you just naturally draw to you whatever

Speaker 2 (38:32):

It is. So you’ll draw more of completion and wholeness to you. Wow. Or abundance or you know, all, all of those wonderful things, love, compassion, joy, all those, those things that demonstrate wholeness and science and getting back to what you were talking about with science. So how we’re demonstrating this through science is, you know, we did our first study in 2020 in Palm Springs, California, where we took a group of individuals, 15 novice, new meditators, 15 advanced, and a group of controls. And we looked at their blood, we looked at their saliva. We did, um, questionnaires. And we looked at their heart rate, variability, their brain laid back. So we took a deep dive into who they were. And we looked at all of that before the event. And then we looked at them again at the end of the event, one individual came in really.

Speaker 2 (39:27):

I mean, his story is pretty big, so I won’t go in detail, but he was not doing well. And then he hit the field. He hit that beautiful field and tuned into love at such a degree that he downloaded the energetic field. Like you said, of moving your body. And a lot of energy, he was moving a lot of energy because it’s that big love is that big. And you need to settle in and like, whew, you gotta like let it land cuz we’re not used to it. We’re used to the other side of you’re used to those survival emotions. So love was big. And so he felt that on Thursday night after he did a coherent healing, my uh, guess is, is because he got out of the way. When you put your attention and energy on someone, other than you, that’s no longer living in survival, that’s living in creation, right?

Speaker 2 (40:16):

So when you get out of the way like that and put your attention on something other than you, then the divine can go through you and expand beyond you. And so he really felt, you know, that’s why being a healer. You could be healed because you’re not thinking about you, you getting out of the way. And then he went for his walk, the walking meditation. And that’s when, you know, the light just came through his entire being. That was, that was an enlightened moment for this, this man. And then at the end of the event, we took his blood saliva, looked at his heart, looked at his brain and what everything demonstrated is coherence happened. His cells excreted all the toxins of the exosomes out of the cell. And what we found, which is pretty crazy is his, um, plasma. We introduced that to a pseudo SARS co two virus and we actually put, put it together and his cells resistant to the infection. Wow. So that shows you the it’s almost like he was cleansed all the toxins in his system because his whole system went into balance into regulation, all of his cells and his CHUs begin to isolate and, uh, shimmer. And they created coherence within his body so much so that, uh, he was filled with light.

Speaker 1 (41:49):

Wow, wow. And,

Speaker 2 (41:50):

Um, his cells excreted was not meant to be in those cells. So he went from survival to a state of oneness and wholeness. Hmm. We saw it in his blood and we saw it in his brain. His brain went into coherence. His heart went into coherence and um, we isolated the protein that, um, allows us to be to COVID-19 and they, um, the SARS COVID, it was a pseudo virus that we created. It wasn’t like the actual, um, COVID 19 week.

Speaker 1 (42:24):

Sure, sure. And that’s the, the research there that’s available on the website, right? The evidence is the loudest voice replay that was put on, um, at the Marco island event. If I remember. Yeah. Cuz it’s a fascinating, gosh, it’s fascinating story. And so I’d say for anyone who wants to like really dig in and listen to the research behind that and the incredible work your team is doing on that, um, that’s the Dr. Jodi website, right? Or is that the inner science research fund?

Speaker 2 (42:50):

No, you’re right. It’s Dr. Jodi Benza. Okay.

Speaker 1 (42:52):

Wow. I feel like I have five more hours of questions for you and I’m gonna, I’m gonna attempt to land the blanks. I know we’re close to time Dr. Hamilton. One of the things that would be so great is you were showing me before we went live, something that you had done recently, uh, because you’re the director of donor relations for the inter science research fund. Right. And you launched the nonprofit at the event I was at and just blew it out of the water with donations. And you were showing me this drawing that you had drawn and how you were taking this work and applying it to generating donations for this work. And I know our members are all about like, how can I improve in this? Like how can I use best practices to hit their goals, whether it’s financial or otherwise, can you show what you did and kind of talk through that briefly before we wrap. Sure. And then you’ll tell people where to connect with you.

Speaker 2 (43:43):

Absolutely. So, you know, this research that we’re doing is expensive. You know, it’s, it’s an expensive project and we were in this year 2022, we’re putting all of our attention in energy, on cancer because of our community. You can look at all the testimonials or overcoming cancer, um, all over the, everything from stage four, breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, even Ms. And I mean, it just goes across the board as far as all different types of diseases, people are healing with this. So we need to prove through science what we’re doing. Cause like you said, a few moments ago, evidence is the loudest voice. So we want to prove through science so people can see that we’ve quantifying what’s happening in the body when you do Dr. Joe’s meditation. So I used his work, um, and I’m so excited to be in the position that I am in, in donor relations and, and raising money.

Speaker 2 (44:40):

And I do big fundraisers. And um, we’ve raised a lot of money, like you said, over 1.2 million. So a while back, Dr. Joe, I was talking to him, he was like, well, get out a piece of paper and right at the bottom of the paper, little bubbles of a hundred thousand dollars and then move up a tier to 250,000, then 500,000, then a million and then 10 million. So I did, I did, of course I’m gonna do what Dr. Cho says. Yeah. And this is how we create, right. So what I did was this cute little drawing. And um, so what I put is research at the bottom. I put abundance, cuz I wanna be abundant. I wanna wanna, um, create abundance within me. And then over here is worthiness. And so when you feel worthy to receive and create abundance and then is my, my intention.

Speaker 2 (45:33):

So I did this and I hit the field in a meditation and I brought this with me into the 5g and I knew exactly what had happened. I knew exactly what it felt like to get there. So that’s where we create from is the five D. And I came out of that meditation and I actually even texted, talked to Joe. I said, I hit the field. And I brought that picture in, in the field with me and then money immediately. I’m not kidding immediately. That day started flowing in. Wow. And, uh, I haven’t even covered in all the bubbles yet that I’ve collected. Cause I just haven’t had enough time. Um, you’ve been busy, really collected my goodness. Totally. So it’s just, it’s just happening. And it’s, it’s because I feel worthiness to receive and it’s not for me, it’s for this beautiful thing that we’re doing through research and you know, how many people we’re gonna help, that we’re gonna, we’re gonna actually prevent people from getting diseases with this work.

Speaker 2 (46:32):

It’s not just is helping people that are already in a state of disease overcoming the disease or helping people create abundance. It’s teaching people that they are more powerful beyond measure go and you close your eyes and you connect to that loving intelligence. And that love that we’re worthy of it’s in every cell of our body for worthy to connect to that. There’s no separation. And then we bring that out with our eyes open into the world. This is how we’re gonna work together. And I love so much that you work with women because Dr. Joe talks about we’re gonna change his story to her story. Oh, wow. Don’t you love that? Oh,

Speaker 1 (47:14):

I didn’t even know that. Oh my gosh.

Speaker 2 (47:17):

Mm. Well, and it’s, it’s us. It’s we we’re, you know, it’s, uh, the divine feminine. That’s gonna make a shift in consciousness. Wow. And um, I love what you’re doing and I love what I’m doing and yeah. Um, we’re worthy of all of that.

Speaker 1 (47:30):

Yes. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I would love if you could please take just the last few moments here to share, um, share about the inner science research fund, like where people can connect if they wanna donate. I’d also love, we, we donate a percentage of our profits to give, to give, which I know you you’re involved with too. So maybe if you can speak to those where people can go to donate and then where people can connect with you as well.

Speaker 2 (47:56):

Okay. Yes. Thank you. So let me hit on give to give real quick too. Cuz give to give is an amazing organization. I’m a board member for give to give. And what we do there is we support our community. Like a lot of people that come to Dr. Joe are sick and they might have cancers or different types of illnesses. And, and they’ve put so much money into trying to heal themselves, you know, through medicine. And so a lot of ’em don’t have much money. So give, to give offers scholarships to come to these events. And what we’re doing right now with give to give is we’re doing a prison project where this is so beautiful. Did they mention that in Marco island?

Speaker 1 (48:34):

It was the, I, I heard a little bit and I didn’t actually know that was part of the work, but I thought, gosh, this is, is incredible. Please speak to it.

Speaker 2 (48:41):

So what, what they’re doing, what they just did is there’s a, uh, you know, there’s so many little pockets in the world that need healing, that, that are looking at things in the wrong own way. So, you know, people go to prison to get rehabilitated. They serve their time, they get put back into life and they do it again. And they end up up in prison again. Why? Because you’re not addressing the cause of the problem. So with give, to give in NCS, which is neuro change solutions, it’s Dr. Joe consultants. We’ve taken a group of, uh, of the consultants and gone to this women’s prison in Mexico, where these women are a lot of ’em are lifetime inmates. And they went into the prisons and educated these women on Dr. Joe’s, uh, work and, and helped them develop worthiness. And these women, she so much in just such a short period of time and they went back again, months later and the prison is changing. Like the, the people that work in the prisons, the guards, the prison itself is transforming. So give to give is helping, um, bring this work forward and change the prison system. And, um, it’s a beautiful thing that they’re doing. So you can reach, give, to give, um, at give, to give, I, I don’t know what it’s called, what the, the website, but you can

Speaker 1 (50:03):

Find well like it in the show notes. Yeah. We’ll like, yeah,

Speaker 2 (50:05):

You can. For sure. Yeah. And you can find it on Dr. Joe’s website. Yeah. And then inner science we’re supporting, um, all this research’s being done. It’s an expensive project. We wanna raise 10 million this year and I know we’re gonna hit it because this community is abundant and they wanna see this information out there in the public. You know, we’re, there’s a lot of fear in the world right now. And we know fear creates incoherence in the body and that’s where diseases developed. So we wanna bring truth forward that we are creators that we can regulate by closing our eyes and going within and regulating our bodies by thought alone. And this is what we’re proving through science. So we have inner research fund, which you mentioned, I am, um, director of donor relations. And, uh, you can find us at inner science research work on the web. And so please join us and, and be a part of our catalyst community where you can get, you can donate monthly or one-time donation and you’ll get a free Dr. Joe meditation that he creates just for the catalyst community. You’ll get a newsletter. And then you’ll get a front row seat at, uh, a meeting with the scientist a few times a year. So you can see what we’re developing, what we’re creating, um, and ideas that we’re sharing and new discoveries.

Speaker 1 (51:23):

Ah, that’s great. I wanna be a part of that. I’m gonna go I’m please join us. That’s amazing. That’s so amazing. And then if someone wants to connect with you directly, is there a good place on social or a great place to direct people from here?

Speaker 2 (51:35):

Well, you can contact me right on my, my email, which is Hillary inner science

Speaker 1 (51:42):

Amazing. Thank you so so much, Dr. Hamilton. Thank you.

Speaker 2 (51:46):

Thank you for me. Me in Marco island and, and coming up, um, connecting with me. I we’re doing this together. We’re gonna make a big difference in the world

Speaker 1 (51:54):

Together. Absolutely, absolutely. Well, thank you again for being here and to you. My listener, I just so encourage you to go connect with the inner science research fund with give, to give with Dr. Hamilton, get involved in this work. It is truly life changing and send me a DM on social I’m at Elise Archer. All places I wanna hear about your biggest takeaways from today from this conversation, cuz it was truly life changing for me. And I know it was for you as well. So thank you so much for tuning in today. I can’t wait to see you next week on our next episode of she sales radio. Bye for now.


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