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Knowing the Season You’re In

Like seasons in nature, our lives and even our businesses experience different seasons. Not only that, but everyone’s seasons are different and vary in length of time. Today’s episode is very much inspired by what’s been going on in my own life lately and recent behind the scenes conversations with clients. In the past, it was hard for me to accept the season I was in because I didn’t understand its significance. But as I have learned to honor the season I’m in, both in business and in life, I have found that I find my way moving forward much more quickly and successfully.

So listen to this episode full of personal anecdotes and real-life examples of the seasons we all experience at various times. Know that whatever season you are in has its purpose and open yourself up to learning the lesson it holds. And most importantly, avoid playing the comparison game. The more we get out of comparing our seasons to those of others and focus on our own, the more successful we’ll be.

Show Notes:

[1:57] – Elyse began her career in sales selling yellow pages. She remembers in those roles, she was in constant anxiety.

[3:05] – There are seasons for things and a life cycle of a relationship.

[4:16] – We need to take the amount of time necessary to replenish.

[5:20] – We tend to set ourselves up for a lot of pressure.

[7:30] – Just because you see someone you admire or is where you want to be doing something specific to grow, that doesn’t mean it should be an automatic yes for you.

[9:14] – Elyse describes the behind-the-scenes pieces going on in She Sells that show the season she’s in.

[10:50] – If you don’t know the season you are in, it is so easy to get lost in comparison.

[12:31] – There are generic seasons and energy cycles that impact us in different ways.

[14:38] – Elyse shares something she does when in a quiet season.

[16:46] – Remember that there’s nothing wrong with being in a pause period or quiet season. They have their purpose.

[18:20] – When we don’t honor these pause points, we burn ourselves out.

[19:46] – When we stop pushing against these seasons and make ourselves available for the lesson, we grow and the faster we move out of it.

[21:03] – You can structure your life based on what season you are in.

[23:21] – Elyse shares her current daily structure that works for her in the season she’s in.

[25:50] – Another piece to this is knowing when to plan and when to sell.

[28:02] – Because of their inner work, accepting the path they were on made the level of disappointment and understanding their goals easier.

[31:04] – In their current financial season, the new places Elyse wanted to look at to live were just not in alignment.

[33:41] – Once they accepted what is in alignment with their current season, Elyse and her husband found the perfect living situation.

[35:36] – What season are you in? DM Elyse to share!

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Speaker 1: (00:02)
Welcome to she sales radio. I am so excited for today’s conversation with you, which is very much inspired by, I would say what’s been going on in my own life recently. And also a lot of behind the scenes client conversations I’ve been having, which is all about knowing and honoring the season that you’re in, in your sales, in your career, in your life. And I’ll take you back a little bit here. I don’t know if you can relate to this, but for me when I was first coming up in my career, so I started off in corporate media sales. Super embarrassing. My, well, maybe not embarrassing, but just super, like probably not on brand for today. my first corporate job was selling yellow pages. You may not even know what those are, and that is okay if you doubt, it’s kind of like Prego, Google was starting to be a thing we’re talking like early two thousands here, so, wow.

Speaker 1: (01:00)
That makes no two. No, it was 2000. I’m gonna give myself a little credit 2010. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s been a bit, it’s been a bit it started off there then went into global, um, you know, media sales and online marketing and, and all of, all of that. But I remember when I was in those roles and I, I was, you know, a top sales producer. I always did really well, but I would be in constant anxiety about needing to close something every single day in order to feel like I was doing well. And I’m, it’s not to say that closing more sales is not a good thing because as long as it’s in alignment with what the client needs and it’s, um, and it’s a true service to them. Absolutely. The more sales, the better I’m all about that, but there was no regard on my part.

Speaker 1: (01:54)
And there, there, you know, I was kind of learning this and navigating this and it’s no knock on the leadership I was working for, but this really wasn’t part of the conversation. At least not that I was hearing that there are seasons to things and that there’s a life cycle, um, of a relationship. And there’s times when we’re planting seeds and there’s times when we’re harvesting. And I think so much of our corporate culture is very much, um, and this is some of what I teach in time management for women, much of our corporate world runs on a 24 hour cycle. Right. Which makes sense. It’s not that surprising men’s hormone levels cycle every 24 hours. So they pretty much show up the same way most days and are pretty cyclical. Like you can kind of, you know what you’re gonna get every day. Well as women, our hormone cycle, every 30 days, roughly, and we are on a different schedule than they are.

Speaker 1: (02:50)
So this and this isn’t even just to say, knowing the season that you’re in, in terms of season of the month, even though I think that’s something that makes a huge difference when we get that as women to know that there’s a time of the month, that’s better for building relationships. There’s a time of the month. That’s better for inward work. And all of that is another episode for another day. But then knowing outside of that, that, um, if we continuously just breathed out, out, out, out, out, out, out, we would never take in anything new. We would never take in fresh oxygen and be able to replenish if, um, you know, if, if the tide just kept coming in, in, in, in, in there would be a flood. And so I think my own, my own, uh, experience earlier on in my business and sales and career journey was that it was like, it had to always be summer for me to be doing well.

Speaker 1: (03:46)
It had to always be day. I had to always be the mantra, right. Always be closing again. I’m not a against closing. I’m a huge fan of closing. I teach closing. I like closing deals. I like all of that. And when we do it without the context that there is a season for everything, and we wanna know what season we’re in, and we think that there’s something wrong. If we’re not, you know, doing bigger and bigger and bigger every single day without, um, without honoring that there’s a cycle to things. We, I think we set ourselves up for some really unhealthy expectations. We set ourselves up for a lot of pressure and pressure dilutes your power in almost every circumstance. And we, um, we set ourselves up for, for, I don’t wanna use the word failure, cause I don’t really believe in failure, but for a tough go of it.

Speaker 1: (04:37)
Right. and so I wanted to talk today about knowing the season you’re in, because the more that you can be in touch with the season that you’re in and work with it instead of against it and know that just like there’s seasons in the natural world, there’s actually there’s business seasons, there’s sales seasons, there’s life seasons. And the more we can get out of comparison with somebody else’s and get an attunement and alignment with our own, the happier, more productive and more successful will be as well. And so, you know, the, the original reason why I thought I should record this episode is I’ve been sharing behind the scenes on Instagram. If we’re not connected on Instagram, I’m at Eli Starcher. I’d love to connect with you there, but I’ve been sharing behind the scenes for some reason lately when we go for these big RV trips, which we’ve been doing recently, um, I feel like I often, I feel inspired to put on my programmer hat and work on some behind the scenes, automations and systems to build out in our business.

Speaker 1: (05:38)
I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the long ride. Maybe it’s something else. I don’t know. But that’s what I’ve been enjoying doing for parts of those rides. So I’ve just been sharing like behind the scenes we use, uh, we use something called keep formerly Infusionsoft it’s, you know, AKA confusion, soft. It can be quite, um, clunky to figure out how to use. So I’m like, I’m learning this, I’m navigating this cuz uh, we’ve got, our team is just working on so many things right now. So I’m like, I’m gonna jump in and work on this cuz it needs to be built. And I’ve had clients reach out to me saying like, should I be doing that? Should I be focusing on putting those systems in place? In many of my clients are entrepreneurs. Some of them are salespeople, but especially the ones who are entrepreneurs have been like, should I be doing that in my business right now?

Speaker 1: (06:26)
And my answer has been, it depends. It depends. And I think the first point I wanna make here is that just because you see someone who you think is, you know, you admire or they’re where you wanna be financially career wise, et cetera, and you see them on Instagram or you see them on LinkedIn doing something specific to grow their sales or their business. It doesn’t mean it should be an automatic. Yes. For you. We wanna always check in with the context of what’s the season that they’re in. So for us as a season, as a company, we are scaling, she sells way beyond Theise Archer brand. And part of what I’m creating this year, which I’m beyond excited about is a consultant training program. My vision with this company and with this brand is that we’re going into companies all around the world and delivering this training and, and helping we’ve got phenomenal programs, phenomenal results with our clients.

Speaker 1: (07:27)
And I can’t nor do I want to do it all on my own. And part of the vision is to create just this beautiful, almost plug and play program that other, it will be most likely specifically women to start, but I’m very open to, you know, to anyone it’s like, who can come in and plug in and wanna go out and sell this too and deliver this material and teach this material and make beautiful livings and life off of it. So that’s what I’m building right now. And a lot of that is getting stuff out of Elise’s head. getting processes out of my head, getting things that we did manually to scale the company to where we’ve scaled it so far and getting everything really systematized so that when we start bringing in other consultants, they can literally plug and play with this. So that’s the context of a lot of what we’re doing behind the scenes.

Speaker 1: (08:22)
And by the way, if you’re interested in learning more, if you’re interested in applying for that program, the consultant certification, once it’s ready, you can email Elise Elise, Our goal is to launch at Q3 of this year. Um, so send me an email and we can send you more information as soon as it’s ready, but, but that’s what we’re doing. And so I’ve had a lot of clients reach out to me who are, you know, maybe they’re scaling from six to seven or they’re, they just, they don’t have that vision for right now. And it’s like, should I be doing this? And my answer’s

Speaker 2: (08:54)
Generally been, no, not to say that there can’t be things that we get out of your head and processes that we get out of your head that are gonna free you up energetically, to be able to be more present with your clients or more present with your family. And that, that wouldn’t be a great thing regardless of the season that you’re in. But do you need to build out and scope out systems to the extent that I’m doing right now? Probably not. So it’s, it’s all about the context. And I think the answer, what I would do is I would really tune in, and this is the value of that morning time. This is the value of checking in with yourself. This is the value of space and silence and not scrolling Instagram, endlessly when you’re, you know, sometimes that’s like the default program, right?

Speaker 2: (09:44)
You sit down to, I don’t know, go to the bathroom or do something else. And it’s like, boom, here’s Instagram. Right? Incredible. How much Instagram people scroll from the toilet. So anyway like that. If that’s the default program, you’re immediately gonna go into comparison. You’re immediately gonna say, oh, should I be doing that? Should it’s like, if you don’t know what season you’re in, it’s so easy to get lost by looking at what other people are doing. And if they are making more money than you, or they have more followers or they see more successful saying, well, that’s what I should be doing too. Not necessarily tune in what’s the season you’re in get quiet, like stop the scrolling. I mean, that’s, that’s just a, there’s nothing valuable. That’s gonna come out of that. And as soon as I notice that my program is to start doing it, I literally shut it down and I stop, um, you know, get, get connected, spend that time in the morning, go for a walk in nature.

Speaker 2: (10:40)
Um, get clear on the vision, what it’s about for you. And then you’ll know what the season is that you’re in. This is not a, this is not a for thing for me. Like I know what we’re building right now. This is a shorter term push that we’re in right now to get all this completed so that we can really successfully bring in other people into this company. Um, but, but it’s not gonna be a forever thing. And so it’s knowing the season you’re in and here’s something else I’ll say in terms of knowing the season you’re in just like there’s, you know, there’s four seasons in nature. There’s I think generally if we had to categorize it there’s me and I haven’t really thought about it this way. So I’m kind of thinking it out loud as I say it, but you could maybe say there’s four seasons to life.

Speaker 2: (11:27)
There’s certainly four seasons to our energy cycle. Whether you’re a man in that cycles, you know, throughout the day throughout 24 hours or as a woman, if that cycle’s more every 30 days, but there’s time where there’s, you know, winter, spring, summer fall, um, I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail on what that means in terms of energy cycles today on the podcast. But winter, I wanna, I wanna pause on winter, winter for a moment. Winter can feel like a hard one and you know that you’re in a winter. If you felt like maybe you feel like you don’t have a lot of direction right now, maybe you feel maybe it feels like things are very quiet. Maybe you just had a big accomplishment and now you’re saying, what’s next. Maybe you just had a big accomplishment or, or maybe you didn’t, maybe you went for something and it didn’t happen the way you thought it would.

Speaker 2: (12:18)
And now you’re kind of like, what’s next? Where am I? Right. You’re in the inquiry, you’re in the void. Um, that can be the hardest one. That can be the hardest one, but the key. And I’ll, I’ll actually speak to how to navigate that in a moment. The key is to know that nothing’s wrong. Just like I opened up the episode by saying, I used to think there was something wrong. If I was a closing, closing, closing more and more and more every day, uh, back in my corporate sales days, that’s that doesn’t take into account at all the seasonality of things. And it’s the same with our seasons of life. Right? And when you’re in a winter, if we look at winter, you know, in nature, it may look like there’s not a lot going on. It may look like things are dead. There’s a lot going on behind the surface.

Speaker 2: (13:06)
We have to have that winter to help things regenerate to create the new again. So the key when you’re in a winter is to know that nothing is really wrong. Um, per se, nothing, nothing is wrong. It’s, it’s, it’s just a part of the natural process. And let me actually, I’m gonna switch up how I was gonna present something to you. I, I wanna speak to what that, like what I do in my life, what I feel like I’m in a winter and this, this wasn’t particularly a winter. Um, but what I did in it is exactly what I would do in a winter season or a quiet season. We could call it. So I don’t know about you the, the time of me recording this, this was a couple weeks ago, but let’s say like early may, if you’re listening to this in real time, I felt like there was like an energetic clog in the universe.

Speaker 2: (13:59)
I don’t know any other way to say it, but I had, like, I had just gotten off a big push I’d signed up like a chunk of new clients. Um, had a lot of momentum rolling behind things. And it was like for some reason, and we were, we were looking for a new place. I’ll speak to that in a moment. Um, it was like, for some reason, stuff just felt kind of stuck. Like people’s payment was getting sent to the wrong bank account. Um, there was like just delays and responses with things. Literally the culmination of it was we, we were in the RV this week when this was happening and literally the, the tank got clogged and it was like, okay, this is the pinnacle of the clog that this past week has felt like .

Speaker 3: (14:50)
And it just felt like a big fat clog and I’m not gonna lie. There were moments where I got frustrated and there were moments where I was like, why is the stuff that I’ve been working on and creating? Like, what it, why does it feel so clogged and so jammed up? And I don’t know, I don’t do a whole lot with, you know, astrology. So maybe there was probably something going on. Cuz I talked with clients who were experiencing the same thing. I talked with my mastermind partner who was experiencing the same thing. So there very well could have been something going on. But the key in that moment is whether you’re in a season that feels like things are clogged. And for some reason they’re not pushing through, or maybe you’re in a quiet season and it feels like I don’t have anything to push through.

Speaker 3: (15:34)
And I don’t feel very clear on what that is. The, what I would do in that particular season is first just get it’s about acceptance. This is what it is. Um, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong either. And I think that’s the importance of remembering in nature. Winter has a very significant purpose. It wouldn’t be there if it didn’t. And in those pause periods, in those moments where it feels like things slowed down in our lives, those are there for a reason too. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. But the first thing I would do is I would get curious and I would just look at, is there anything like, is there any part I’m playing in this where this isn’t necessary? So I would look at, um, is there something I felt intuitively guided to do? Is there an action I felt guided to take, is there, you know, in the sales world, is there outreach that I’ve been kind of avoiding?

Speaker 3: (16:28)
Cuz it feels uncomfortable. Well guess what? That can create a slowdown that may not even, it may not be a slowdown that was like necessary for your growth. Right. But it, but it was self-created because we procrastinated on doing those activities. Um, but just checking in, is there anything that I have felt intuitively guided to do or that I know I have not done. My part on that has created this slowdown. Um, oftentimes oftentimes it’s, we’ve gotten busy, we’ve stopped, we’ve stopped slowing down in the mornings. We’ve stopped slowing down to tune in to meditate, to do our inner work. And so it’s like there literally has to be a pause. There has to be a slowdown at some point so that you can regroup. This is why, you know, if people are just going, going, going, going, oftentimes they’ll get sicker, they’ll have an injury because they’re going in an almost unsustainable pace. So there will be a slowdown somewhere or somehow. So sometimes that’s it. Um, but sometimes it’s not. And when I, when I checked in, when this was going on in my life, it was like, I’ve, I’ve honestly like I’ve been in alignment for the most part. I’ve been, um, following the nudges I’ve been taking stretchy action. I’ve done everything. I know how to do in certain situations where things still feel clogged. So when that’s the case, it’s, it’s about

Speaker 2: (17:48)
Acceptance and it’s about, I, I recently read the book, the having, um, what a powerful book. And I think that practice that she speaks about, of the having of really looking at what is everything I do have. And instead of focusing on, what’s not working, what’s clogged, what’s slowing down, et cetera. What’s not good about this. You actually, you, you do the opposite. You stop and you look at well, what do I have right now in this moment? You know, I, and sometimes it’s like, I have enough for today or I have enough for this moment. And then you just do that again the next moment. And you do that again, the next moment. And the more you fight against the season that you’re in, the more you fight against the what so of the situation, the bigger you make it. So it’s really about that radical acceptance.

Speaker 2: (18:36)
And then we can start to shift things and shift the energy by focusing on what we have. And I find that oftentimes when we make that shift and we stop pushing against the season and we actually say like, no, like I’m, I’m available to get the lesson I’m available for the slowdown I’m available for the pause I’m available for, for this cuz I know under the surface, there’s regeneration, there’s rebirth, there’s growth. That’s gonna be coming from this. There’s nothing wrong. So let me, let me accept this. Let me get the lesson, embrace the season. And the more that we do that, the faster we actually move out of it and it doesn’t have to be long. It took me maybe a, a day of like consciously doing that for it to feel like the floodgate’s opened back up and things were like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

Speaker 2: (19:24)
Um, but I think if I had, if I hadn’t consciously shifted into that things would’ve felt clogged way longer than they needed to be and yay. The RV clogged unclogged as well. That was pretty exciting. it was like the universe would like, all right, I got you. We’re we’re flowing again. We’re rolling again. there’s some weird bathroom references in this episode. I’m just gonna throw that out there. Um, that was not the intention of this episode, but Hey, natural cycles, right? so I think with knowing, wow, what an episode, I think with knowing what season you’re in, we, you wanna know how to structure your life according to the season that you’re in as well. And so, you know, I shared the season right now for me in business is about putting all these systems and structures in place so that we can expand beyond just the Elise personal brand and bring in some other amazing, amazing individuals, um, and continue to serve our clients better, continue to up level how we do that.

Speaker 2: (20:25)
Like, those are really my priorities right now in second quarter for our company and on the personal side. Um, and in business too, actually, it’s it’s I also am very much in a season of growing relationships. And so I have shifted my schedule to be able to accommodate that. And I think this is part of the key with knowing the season you’re in is the schedule that worked for you last quarter last month, or even last week may not work for you going into this other season. So that’s where it’s so important to have that fluidity, that flexibility, that agility with what you’re doing to be able to reexamine and say, okay, what’s the right structure and schedule to support me for the season I’m in now, do I need to shift client meetings? Do I need to block out a day? Like I block I’ve recently blocked Fridays on my calendar, which feels so good.

Speaker 2: (21:18)
We already had Tuesdays blocked for mommy and me with Jack. Um, I’ve got an incredible new assistant Lindsay. Who’s helping me with a bunch of this and she, you know, really helped me get things off my plate on Fridays too, that are more of like a CEO planning day. And that, that was for this season, what we need. And I, I do intend to carry that Friday, uh, you know, Friday CEO day into as long as I possibly can. Cause I think that’s important. That’s so important for those of us who are leading companies. Um, so for me it’s like, that’s a forever thing, but, um, but that’s part of the season I didn’t used to be in that season now I am. So the calendar’s been adjusted accordingly. And so going back to the season of growing relationships, there’s because we’ve got a little one, it’s like things really get going in my life at 7:00 AM every day, once he’s up.

Speaker 2: (22:11)
And there’s a lot that I desire to do before then to fill my cup and then also to grow these relationships. And so I should say seven 30 when he’s up is usually more the time. So two things I’ve added into my life recently. One is a six 30 to 7:00 AM, connect time with my husband. So that’s like a standing me meeting slash date for us in the mornings just to connect, um, to see what the other needs to plan the day to just hang out like that. And that’s been really, we notice now when we get off of that, because it makes a huge difference in our relationship. And then from seven to seven 30, I’ve got a, I’ve currently got a standing coaching session with one of my team members where I coach her. And so with that, like six 30 is when I gotta be on for my meetings for the day.

Speaker 2: (23:06)
And I desire a really spacious feeling morning routine that gives up to an hour for meditation up to an hour for a workout. I love reading and journaling in the mornings and that’s a process for me too. And I remember I was, I was talking to a woman last week. Wonderful woman. She’s one of my, say one of my mentors. I worked with her more closely, um, several years ago, but it was like 11:00 AM and she’d just gotten done with her workout. And I was like, part of me was like, oh man, that sounds really good. Like that feels really, that would be interesting to have my day

Speaker 4: (23:44)
Structured that, but I had to remind myself of the season that she’s in versus the season that I’m in. So the season I’m in right now, if I wanna have my workout, my morning routine, my shower, everything done in time for my six 30 with my husband, I’m up at three and it’s an early, like, I’m not gonna lie. It’s an early morning. Now I aim to be in bed by eight more. I would say more often I’m in bed by nine, which is still, probably early for most people’s standards. Um, so that’s something I’m working on is, is shifting that timing up a bit. But that’s the season that I’m in right now and her season is different. She doesn’t have little kids, she’s got a different business structure, all of that. And so that works for her. So I noticed myself starting to go into, oh, that sounds so nice that I was like, that’s the season.

Speaker 4: (24:36)
So it doesn’t make sense to compare my season to hers because it’s just different. It’s just different. And then the final piece, I think, is just tying in with knowing, knowing when to plant and when to sew. And I’m gonna share, say it’s kind of like sharing some personal stories. So hopefully they help you. And there’s some good lessons you can pull. Um, so if you’ve been following, if you’ve been following me on social or following behind the scenes, you will know that my husband, Jason has been in the process of applying for its medical school, but it’s called do so doctor of osteopath. So it’s like a more holistic, uh, school. And he and I are not fresh out college. You know, we’re mid to, I’ll be upper thirties this year and it’s a different process. And he actually stopped work completely about a year ago to go full time into studying and getting ready for, he’s gotta take all these prep classes to apply for school.

Speaker 4: (25:32)
So the past year for him has been simultaneously studying, taking these prep courses, doing the MCAT, applying for school. And so this whole past year we’ve been like, school’s happening. We don’t know where we’re going, but we like that is an intention that we said and that’s happening. And I think it’s important to share this with you. And I did get his permission before I shared it. Cause I would always do that first, but I wanted to share an update on how that’s affecting our and what’s going on with our living situation right now and how this ties in with seasons because we actually sold our home about a year ago, we moved up to North Carolina, we’ve been renting. I mean, it’s a gorgeous pet house apartment. Like it’s beautiful, but we’ve been living that life for about a year and we’ve been thinking, okay, we’re moving this month now to wherever he’s gonna be getting into school and we’ll set up shop there.

Speaker 4: (26:25)
And we’ll, you know, plan on probably buying a home there, yada yada, and a couple weeks ago, as it turns out we got the final no from schools. And it was a lot of, it was timing. It, a lot of it was us not knowing the process the applications were sent in when they already had all their people lined up, yada, yada. Um, and so it was, it was interesting cuz in that moment it was like, okay, this store is closed for this year. Like we know now he’s not going to medical school this year. I think because we’ve done so much of the inner work. And I, again, I wanna share this with you cuz it’s like, it’s easy to share. It’ll be very easy to share when he gets into school, like that’ll be a really fun post to do. And I think it’s also important to be transparent about it’s not always such a linear path.

Speaker 4: (27:14)
So because we’ve done the inner work, we were able to say, this is like we had literally left it all on the table. He literally flew out to the final school, like showed up unannounced, flew out to the school, was like, I’m here. I desire to get into your school next year. What is it gonna take for me to get an interview? Like did the whole thing. And that was my only requirement was we leave it all on the field. If we, if it’s gonna be a no for this year, I am fine with that, but we need to leave it all on the field. We need to know we did everything we could. So he did, he gets on a suit. He flies out to, he flies up to this school. He shows up and they’re like, we are so impressed that you flew out and we’ve had our students like we’ve had our offers in place and everything for months, like your application just came in too late.

Speaker 4: (28:03)
So, so there was actually little to no disappointment. I speak for myself. I really didn’t have any disappointment. I don’t think he had much either. Cuz it was like he had done everything that he knew how to do. And we did our very best in this year towards this goal again kind of navigating this outside of the normal school system. Cause he is been outta school for, for a while. And so with that it was like, oh this is interesting. Where are we gonna live? What are we gonna do? We had decided not to renew our lease on our place. It’s it’s beautiful. And it is way too small for two adults and a toddler we got very clear on that several months ago where we were like, this is a great experience. It has served us in many ways and we know that we require a lot more space moving forward.

Speaker 4: (28:49)
So we’d already decided we weren’t gonna renew our lease. And we’d submitted that to the complex that we’re at, but we didn’t know where we were going next. And our first instinct was when we found out we weren’t gonna be going to school next year. It was like, it wasn’t gonna be going to school. It was like, where do we wanna live? We’ve got the RV, we’ve got flexibility. We have a whole year. Where do we wanna live? Like, and we started dreaming. We were like, maybe we should. We love the mountains. I love Asheville. I was like, maybe we should go to Asheville for a year. And then we were like, maybe we should go to the beach for a year. Cuz he loves the beach. And we were, you know, playing with that. And we were like, we could just go in the RV and like go on a tour around the country and see everything. Or maybe we’ll find a really epic home that we could rent for the year in one of these places. And so we start kind of going down that path, we’re looking on Zillow, we’re looking for rentals and it’s like, EV like I found things I

Speaker 3: (29:40)
Liked, they were, many of them were, I will just say they were astronomical in terms of rent. like I did a big up level for, for rent slash you know what I used to pay for my mortgage moving into this place. They were it’s all relative. I know it’s all relative. Um, it was like celebrity, like Kim Kardashian type of money to live in the places I actually liked. So I was like, uh, on this tight timeframe, it’s not that I can’t, I couldn’t probably, you know, manifest that if it was an alignment for us, but it, it didn’t feel an alignment. And then we were like, well maybe we just drive around in the RV and say, what’s up for a while. And part of that sounded fun. And I started mapping out like places for us to go and beautiful. There’s some really beautiful RV parks throughout the country.

Speaker 3: (30:29)
So I started mapping out this tour, but then we about a date into this process. We started talking about it and we were like, this actually doesn’t feel good. It would be fun for a minute, but for cuz he, he went right back into, okay, I am getting into med school. I am getting into do school. It’s just gonna be the following. It’s gonna be 20, 23, not 2022. And I’m fully supporting that and all about that. So it’s like, he’s gonna be doing that. He’s gonna be taking more courses, prepping his application, like improving all of that. And I’m still running and growing a company. And for us to do that without having childcare support for us to do that without having a network and be traveling around kind of living this lifestyle, it actually felt not panicky, but it was close to that. It was like, Ooh, I don’t think that’s gonna be a good situation.

Speaker 3: (31:21)
Long term, maybe a couple weeks, not long term for where we are. And so we ended up looking at, we’ve got a support system in place where we are in North Carolina and we know we don’t wanna live in the same place specifically, but what would it look like for us to keep our support system and find a different living situation for us? And I, I, I will, like part of me was like, Ooh, is this like, is this gonna stretch and grow me? Because I’ve been looking at the homes that were like just crazy, crazy rent. And I was like, well, I would grow. I would expand in that. Right. And having to figure out how to do that, but it didn’t feel good. It didn’t feel in alignment. And when we opened up to maybe it’s a, maybe it’s more a year of putting more foundations in place for us, for our family, um, of having the right support so that I can grow and scale the company I want to, and he can focus on getting into school this year. That felt really good. And as literally, as soon as we set that intention, the next day, we’re on Zillow, we we’d already looked, been kind of looking at homes in our area for rent, but there’s a new one that literally popped up the day that we set that intention. And it’s beautiful. And it’s three times the size

Speaker 4: (32:38)
Of where are right now. And the rent’s actually even a little bit less, which I, I wasn’t requiring, but it was like, that’s fun too. Um, and it literally, it was like a boom, boom, boom. See the listing, call the call the number on it. Cause I had a question. The owner is the one who picks up. She and I hit it off immediately. I go see it the next day. It’s perfect. It’s like literally the homes that I’ve been the type of home that I affirm that we’re gonna buy when we get settled in our new place, it’s like that home, but it’s available for rent. It lines up perfectly. Boom, boom, boom. And then within a few days, we’ve signed the agreement on it, the listing agreement on it. And we’ll be able to keep our support system, which for us, for this season, it is important.

Speaker 4: (33:23)
We got very clear. We want that. We require that because there’s other areas we’re looking to grow in and to have to uproot and create a whole new support system and figure out how to parent and teach Jack and do that while also us doing the things that are important to us as individuals. It didn’t feel good. So, so I share that because one, I’ve been kind of talking about like, what’s coming next for us as a family and I’ve been talking about net school. And so if you’ve been following, I wanted to give you an update on that. So we’ll be back in that process this year, but then two to get really clear on what is that, what’s that season for you, right? That’s what it’s all about and not making your season wrong cuz you’re in winter and somebody else is in summer.

Speaker 4: (34:07)
Cuz guess what? Like Bob Proctor said, winter doesn’t follow winter. It never follows winter. It goes from winter to spring to summer. So yours is coming. The key is not to fight against it and to know where you’re at. So I hope that serves you today. Um, that was really what was on my heart for you. I would love if you send me a DM I’m Addie Lees, Archer on all social. I wanna know what, you know, what season are you in? I’m here to help support you through that. Again, if you’re interested in the consultant certification program and getting on the wait list for that, send me an email or you can DM me as well. But my email is Elise. Add Lee as always. I am so honored. If you feel called to share this on your social, this is really just my heart. I love, um, I love connecting with you in this way on the podcast and I’m just grateful to have you as a listener. So can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this episode. Thank you so much for listening. Check in with what season you’re in honor. It don’t make yourself wrong for it, but get excited about it and look at how can I

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