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Stop Making Money Finite

Your relationship with money is one of the three foundational pillars of the She Sells curriculum and that’s what we’re digging into today. Combined, these pillars will skyrocket your income and sales if you hone in and then layer some tactical sales strategies, but your relationship with money not only helps your business, but your entire life. 


In today’s episode, learn why people fear making investments, even the seemingly small ones and why we have a fear of making mistakes with money. Sometimes we say no to things that are actually amazing opportunities and we say yes to things that are not in alignment. Listen on to start looking at money differently and get ready for those quantum leaps.

Show Notes:

[2:06] – Do you evaluate investments you make through the lens of the amount of money you have right now?

[3:18] – Regardless of outside circumstances, you can be in charge of your own money mindset and situation.

[4:37] – You can create money on demand.

[5:53] – If you are letting your current bank account balance dictate whether or not you say yes to something that is in alignment with you, you are making money finite.

[6:47] – Notice how you evaluate opportunities.

[8:22] – Your dreams will never fit your bank account.

[10:08] – If you want to get a different result, you have to “step into a different box.”

[11:18] – When something is a stretch for you, you will likely not have the amount of cash on hand for the whole thing.

[12:28] – Your brain is all about minimizing effort.

[14:22] – Elyse is committed to saying yes to the things that light her up.

[15:44] – Once you know you want something, look for the low-hanging fruit.

[17:33] – Our own social programming tells us that if we invest in something and it doesn’t go according to plan, we’ll lose everything.

[18:51] – When we really need it, money is there for most of us.

[20:04] – The purpose of money is to help you expand. You cannot create abundance from scarcity.

[21:32] – You do not need to be perfect on this. When we have the fear of not being perfect, we miss out on opportunities.

[22:33] – Ask yourself if money wasn’t an issue, if this would be a yes for you.

[24:51] – Elyse shares an example of something she recently released that wasn’t in alignment.

[26:27] – When we want something different, we need to make space.

[28:22] – At the time of this recording, Elyse has an opening for a private coaching client.


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Speaker 1 (00:02):

Welcome to she sells radio. I am so excited for today’s solo episode with you. And today we are digging into one of the three foundational pillars of the, she sells brand and curriculum that will literally skyrocket your income and your sales when you hone in on it, which is drum roll your relationship with money. And now, because I know your brain is probably like, what are the other two? They are learning how to reprogram your subconscious for the results that you want. And then for us women learning how to integrate our feminine and our masculine energy. And I’ve really seen in my own life and my own experience when we can have a super strong foundation in these three areas and then layer very tactical, very cutting edge sales strategy. On top of those, you, I mean, talk about being poised for the quantum leap.

Speaker 1 (00:55):

It’s next level, right? But today is all about money and it’s actually all about how to stop making money finite. And so here’s my question for you, as you listen to this is, do you evaluate investments? You wanna make things you want to purchase things you want to invest in for yourself through the lens of the amount of money that you currently have right now. Now you are, if you’re listening to this, you’re probably saying, of course I do. <laugh> cause that’s what I got. But here’s where I wanna challenge you today. If you were saying, of course, then you’re massively limiting yourself and you’re massively limiting what’s possible for you. And I wanna talk with you today about why, and then how to shift out of that. And I’ll, I’ll start with just a quick personal account. I realized recently I was doing this.

Speaker 1 (01:52):

It’s so interesting how the brain works and how we can kind of run these unconscious programs around money and around abundance and prosperity without even realizing, or really the lack thereof with many of the programs without realizing that we are. And now this is not to this whole conversation is not to discount. Um, anything that’s going on in the world today. And I know it’s so easy to get caught up in scarcity thinking, right? But I want to, I wanna hone in on, like, this is especially important right now to become aware of where you’re running these programs, because truly you can create your own personal economy and your own personal reality, regardless of outside circumstances, but you’ve gotta know what programs you’re running and you’ve gotta learn and notice. Ooh, when am I thinking thoughts about limitation in regards to money and when am I making money finite.

Speaker 1 (02:48):

So I realize, like I said, I recently was doing this with an investment I desired to make in my business. And it is, it’s a sizable investment. Like I will say that it is a sizeable investment. And I noticed, well, I didn’t notice at the time I looked back on it and realized what had happened when I looked at it, my brain had automatically calculated, okay. So I want this thing. Here’s the amount it’s gonna be. And here’s, what’s in my current bank account balances. And based on the current bank account balances to still hit my goals for other things that I also wanted to do there wasn’t enough in there. There was not enough for the investment. And here’s what we have to remember. And this is the beauty of you, either being in sales or being an entrepreneur, is that you literally, my friend can create money on demand.

Speaker 1 (03:39):

Like I want you to get into that type of money, making mojo and energy. I create money on demand for what I desire and my current bank account, my current situation, my current credit card balance is whatever they are. It’s a reflection of the past, but it’s not some prison that I’m doomed or locked into forever. Right. But if we keep thinking that if we keep focusing on that and saying, that’s all I have, that’s all I have. Well, guess what? You’re gonna get, whatever you focus on. And so when we forget that money is not actually finite, even though conditioning will tell you that it is, even though the news will tell you that it is, you know, your parents, God love them, may tell you that it is don’t make a mistake with your money. Right? When we, when we, when we remember that it’s not finite, the whole world starts to open up for us.

Speaker 1 (04:32):

And especially for us as entrepreneurs or sales professionals, I feel very blessed to be in a profession where I can create money on demand and, and you are as well. And so with all of this, I’m not saying I’m gonna share with you three key things here about how you can stop making money. Finite. I’m not saying to go on some wild spending binge and you know, go rack up a ton of debt. That’s not in alignment with where you’re going or who you are. That’s not what I’m talking about at all. But I am saying that if you are letting your current bank account balance dictate, whether you say yes to something that is in alignment that you know is gonna help you expand that, you know, intuitively in your heart is a yes for you. You’re making money finite, which it’s not. And you’re also cutting yourself off from possibility. So if you’re listening to this and you’re like, huh, like maybe you never thought about it that way, right? Maybe you have been doing that in many ways, but you never really aware that you were making money finite. Um, or maybe you’ve been aware and you’re just like, Ugh, I’m really ready to stop letting my bank account, rule me to stop saying no to things I wanna say yes to the first step is just to start to notice and to notice how do you evaluate opportunities and things that, and to me, I always

Speaker 2 (05:56):

Know that something is in alignment with my growth. And again, all the things that we invest in, um, that I always think are most purposeful are things that expand us. And now it’s not again, because money is not finite. If we don’t think it is so something that expands, you can be a new pair of shoes that really elevate your self image. It can be a hefty investment. Um, in coaching in your business, it could be a vacation, right? That expands you cuz you get to see the world. So anything that’s really expansive like that. Like to me, I just, I can tell it’s it’s in alignment because it’s gonna expand me. And it, it feels right. It’s kind of just this knowing in my heart, I you’ve gotta kind of learn how to tap into your intuition, cuz it’ll tell you when an opportunity is in alignment for you.

Speaker 2 (06:45):

Cause it’ll feel expansive. Um, you often won’t have the funds in your present reality to do the whole thing. And so how often are you saying no because you don’t have the funds right now and because you kind of forget that you can make more money <laugh> or have you started to train your brain rather than saying, well, I don’t see how it’s gonna happen. So it’s a no, I wanna invite you to start training your brain to ask how could this be possible? Because I know this is a yes for me because I know that this is for my expansion because this lights my soul on fire. When I think about it, how could this be possible? What would that look like? And mark Walberg has a great quote. He says your dream, something to the effect of your dreams will never fit your bank account.

Speaker 2 (07:36):

Your dreams will never fit your bank account. So we need to stop letting the, the bank accounts tell us whether we can say yes or no to something and stop thinking that that’s all the resources that are available and start tapping in to the literally unlimited possibilities that are out there for you to the unlimited flow, to the unlimited abundance. And this is why I love getting into studying quantum physics. And I love getting into studying just the way the, the universe is actually scientifically wired for expansion. And you being part of this universe, you, my friend are also wired for expansion. And so, you know, it’s, it’s so fun. I was doing this meditation this morning and it’s uh, Joe Ben’s changing boxes, meditation, which I had not, I don’t know that I’d done this specific one before, but I’d heard it a couple times from a few different people last week.

Speaker 2 (08:30):

And I was like, okay, that’s usually my sign. That it’s one I need to do. So I bought it this morning and I did it. And it’s that the analogy that he uses for the possibilities for your life is just like, if you’re in a dressing room and you see the mirror in front of you, but then it’s got a mirror behind you, right? And then you see kind of this like infinite number of views behind you to start thinking about your life as that as literally infinite possibilities, infinite lifetimes that you could live in this lifetime. And the way that we, the way that we elevate the life that we’re living is by literally like hopping into another box. What would it be like to hop into your, your kind of in this box of your current level of consciousness, your current level of thinking your current level of awareness, which has created your current level of results.

Speaker 2 (09:18):

So if you wanna get a different result, you gotta hop into another box. Now it sounds simple. It is simple. It’s not necessarily easy. We gotta practice this again and again and again, right. At least I, I do. I don’t know that I’m enlightened enough to just hop in another box yet. Although I I’m going for that <laugh> but it’s, it’s practice. It’s repetition again and again and again. But when we think about it that way and when we can learn to think about our financial reality, the same right, where it’s literally limitless opportunities, opportunities, opportunities, and it’s just like those dressing room mirrors that are extended as far out, as you can see, we’d start to relax and you can start to actually lean into saying yes to what you want rather than counting yourself out, cuz you don’t currently have the resources. And so just some ways to think about that.

Speaker 2 (10:14):

You’ll again like you’ll usually when you’re, when something is a stretch for you, you usually won’t have the full amount, like this investment that I’m gonna make in my business. I’m sitting around just cash right now. I don’t have the full amount without liquidating some stuff that I don’t wanna li that I don’t want to liquidate, but I have enough to get started and I am putting together a plan for how to create the rest. And so it’s kind of like that. So you’ll have enough to get started, but the way that your subconscious works too, is it doesn’t really take you seriously that you’re committed until you do something definitive to say, yes, I am saying yes to this. And the way that your subconscious works is once it knows that something is a yes for you, which we communicate to it with very declarative action, almost like burn the bridges type action.

Speaker 2 (11:06):

Sometimes its whole job is to go to work, finding a way to make that work for you. And so we wanna remember that. We wanna remember that when we’re taking action on the things that expand us and it requires a stretch in terms of investment, once you, your mind, usually won’t give you the ideas for how to bring the full thing into reality until you’ve put money on the line until you’ve signed the contract until you’ve done whatever where it’s like a definite yes, this is happening. Then your brain gets the signal, cuz your brain is all about efficiency. It’s all about minimizing effort. And so until it gets that signal, this is really happening. It’s like, yeah, right. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Right. I don’t really need to expend any effort, figuring out how to make this work for her because she’s not serious. But once you make that commitment and that declaration, boom you’ll notice and it may be right away or it may be a few hours or it may be a few days, but it’ll be idea, idea, idea, reach out to this person, pitch yourself for this opportunity.

Speaker 2 (12:10):

Do this, do that. I see it with my private coaching clients all the time where it’s like, it’s a stretch for them to work with me often at the beginning. But once they do it, I had a client get, and this is not meant to be a, like a pitch for that. But I had a client literally get into coaching with me. And in, I think it was like a week or two. We had a discussion. Uh, she came up with an idea. We talked through something where like she was actually already doing the work. She just wasn’t getting paid for it at the level. She wanted to get paid. We talked about how to go back in and reposition her, um, her work for a higher dollar amount. She went back in, pitched what she was already doing for a much higher dollar amount, renegotiated it.

Speaker 2 (12:53):

And in literally like a week she had made back the, the money that it is to work in private coaching with me for a year. And so that probably would not have happened though, if she hadn’t said yes to something that was a yes for her. Right. And then her subconscious and my subconscious. Right. It’s almost like we were working together on finding that solution for her. So, so I want you to think about it that like, like that you’ll have enough to get started. The second thing you can do is just ask, you know, since then, I think it really has to be the mindset of, I am committed to having the things that light my heart up. I am committed to saying yes to the things I desire to say yes to. And when we have that mindset and we don’t count ourselves out because the resources aren’t currently there, you can, you wanna kind of condition yourself to ask like, well, how could this happen?

Speaker 2 (13:52):

Right. I know this is a yes for me. I know this is a must for me, it feels expansive. It feels stretchy. It feels like, Ooh, it feels a little scary. Maybe it often does, right? When we, when we’re stretching, well, how could this come in? And so your process is gonna be your process that could be through prayer. It could be for me, it’s a lot of times visualizing the end result and attaching emotionally with the end result that I want. And then starting to notice what are the ideas I get from there later on in the day or maybe a few days later, maybe in my sleep the next night. Now you do need to take action on whatever those ideas are. So that is your job. We live in a, to whatever extent it’s an action universe, but again, it’s gonna be that aligned kind of peaceful action.

Speaker 2 (14:39):

That’s how, you know, you’re really creating, creating your quantum leap. And I also would encourage you to look at, okay, cuz this is a must for me. This is something I do require what’s the low hanging fruit. What’s the easiest way to generate these resources. What would that look like? And it’s not about necessarily being like, oh, I’m gonna go buy a lottery ticket. Right? <laugh> although if, if you feel intuitively guided to do it, follow that, I’ve done that before. It’s I’ve never won <laugh> but it’s fun. I don’t do it a lot, but occasionally, but it, it is about to me, like what is the easiest, the most low hanging fruit way to generate these resources for this thing that I require. And maybe you’ve been selling low ticket for a while and you actually have this really great product or you have something you wanna launch that’s higher to, but it feels scary or stretchy to do it.

Speaker 2 (15:33):

Well, maybe it’s an invitation to lean into that. Um, or looking at referrals, looking at worm leads, right? Whatever those things are. So what is the easiest way to bring this in coming from that place of must? The second thing I wanna talk to here about stop making money, finite is this, it, it ties in with the sphere of making a mistake with money and just check in too, about how much does that show up with you? And that’s, it’s part of that consciousness of, there is a set limited pie that we are all pulling from, which isn’t true. We literally print money. And when we have that limited consciousness, we can get into so much drama about doing the wrong thing with it. And just notice maybe in your life, where, when have you recently had an investment to make, had something that felt like a yes for you, but you Hemed and you had, and you went back and forth and it was like, oh, what, what if I make a mistake?

Speaker 2 (16:32):

What if I don’t do the right thing with it? And it’s almost like our subconscious programming around this and I’m raising my hand too. Like I get to be so consciously aware of where this comes up in my own life too, cuz it is a lie. But if we believe it, it will be our truth. And, and so it’s this program that if you invest your money in a certain way and it doesn’t end up, you know, how you thought it was gonna be, you’ll be out on the streets and homeless. Right. And it’s kind of like our brain can take it that far where it’s like, if I make the wrong investment in hiring this team, member, this contractor in doing a remodel on my bathroom, <laugh> I’m gonna be, I’m gonna die. Like that is the extreme. It’s almost again, a lot of the stuff isn’t verbalized in our minds, but it’s kind of that underlying energy that we can evaluate investments through and opportunities through.

Speaker 2 (17:29):

And I’m, I’m not, again, I actually, I have clients who have been homeless, so I’m not discounting that experience. What I will say, at least for my own clients is not a single one of them hasn’t figured out how to come back. And it hasn’t actually been one of the most powerful parts of their story that now has transformed who they are today. And that’s a pretty extreme example. I would say for most of us in our lives, we can look back and, and say, you know what? Like when I really needed it, money was there. It was actually always there. It, maybe it took a little while longer in coming than I wanted it. Maybe there was a period that felt uncomfortable, but I’m here today and I’m okay. And it’s always been there. It, it never stopped flowing for a prolonged period of time.

Speaker 2 (18:17):

And when we learn to leverage universal laws and when we learn to lean into healing, our relationship with money, not only can it always be there for you, it can be there in expanding quantities, really in that on demand type of feeling. And so, you know, one of my mentors I’ve shared this on previous podcast, but I love this analogy. She suggested thinking of money, like broccoli started thinking about using your money like broccoli. So let’s say it’s dinner time and you’re hungry and you wanna cook something and it involves broccoli. So what do you do? You go to the fridge, you take out the broccoli, you cook it, you put it on the list to get more this week. It’s zero drama.

Speaker 2 (19:05):

It start thinking of the same with your money. The purpose of money is to help you expand. The purpose of money is to be there, to fuel your growth. And if you’re holding it back or hoarding it, cuz you’re afraid more, won’t come you’re in scarcity and you can’t create abundance from scarcity. So if you started thinking about it like that, like this is my desire right now. Do I have the resources for it? If so, great. Let me move forward on it now. If not great. I know I can. So let me make a plan for how that’s gonna happen. It’s literally just like that. You can also think about it like air, right? So we breathe in, we breathe out. If we never breathed out, we couldn’t breathe in. We would die. So start thinking about the circulation of money in your life, like your breath.

Speaker 2 (19:56):

And you’ve likely, never gone to get a breath and not actually had the air. Like if you’re alive today, <laugh>, you’re here listening to this. There’s always been enough air for you, my friend, right. Breathing in and breathing out, breathing in and breathing out. So I wanna invite you to, it’s not that we wanna go and like consciously make a mess of our finance. <laugh> okay. Again, that’s not what I’m endorsing. I am. I, I work with very high level financial mentors. I study this stuff I’m consciously working on, you know, always expanding in my life in this way, but I wanna just give you permission to not feel like you have to be so perfect with it because when we feel like we’ve gotta be perfect with it, we’re paralyzed. We don’t take AC take action on anything. And we actually end up living out our worst nightmare, which is being in scarcity, being in fear, being in lack while we’re trying to avoid that.

Speaker 2 (20:55):

And you’re actually already living it. So it’s crazy making. So if you start, I want you to start thinking about opportunities with the lens of, if I remembered that money was like air. If I remembered that money circulates freely in my life, if I remembered that I can create money on demand, if I desire to, is this a yes for me? And when you really do the inner work, you’ll notice. So things are absolutely a yes for you. And so your job is to move forward on those and some things aren’t too. So I think it’s almost like when we, as I’m kind of just saying this out loud and, and deepening my level of consciousness of it. It’s if you take money out of the equation and just say, would this be a yes for me, if money wasn’t in the equation, you can usually tell what’s in alignment and what’s not.

Speaker 2 (21:45):

And the things that are in alignment, I want you to start practicing saying yes to it and, and getting, getting yourself out of fear about making a mistake. Because if something is infinite, can you really make a mistake with it? Maybe it doesn’t go exactly the way you thought, but did you grow? Yeah. Did you come up with more ideas that furthered your expansion? Yeah, probably right. So it’s never about failing. It’s about either it, you know, you, you make a stretch and maybe it goes how you thought are better. And then that’s like, great, awesome check. That was what I was looking for. Or it doesn’t go exactly how you wanted, but you just go get some more <laugh>. So we want you to, I just, again, I want you to get into that more loose, like relaxed, grateful energy around your financial resources, because they will be there to support you when you come at it from that energy and what this frees you up to do.

Speaker 2 (22:41):

So my final point here is this frees you up to be able to say no to what’s not in alignment. So when you stop making money finite, when you stop making opportunities, finite too, you’re willing to say no to whatever’s not in alignment. And just check in with yourself. How often have you held onto a client that maybe drove you a little crazy or said yes to a deal where you had to really undercut your prices, which actually didn’t feel good to you, but you were in some sort of limited thinking and you were like, well, I need this to hit quota for the month. So I’m just gonna say yes. And that’s all coming from again that very, almost subversive, like quiet programming of money is finite. And when we remember that, it’s not, when we remember that we can tap into unlimited possibilities, unlimited opportunities that literally, if you kind of start thinking about it, like the opportunities, the money are here now, now, now, now, now, again, again, again, again, again, again, we can relax and we can say no to something.

Speaker 2 (23:52):

That’s not an alignment because we know that something else is gonna come along. That’s a yes. And I did this in my own life. Recently, I released about a hundred thousand of annual revenue of contracted business, which isn’t nothing for me. I mean, that’s a chunk like it’s <laugh> for my current level of consciousness. It was like, oh, that’s I, I gave it a little bit of thought, but I released it cuz it wasn’t in alignment with where I’m going and with how I desire to feel and spend my time right now. And I was able to do that because I know that when I create space by releasing those things that are no longer in alignment because the universe hates a vacuum, it’s not gonna be long before something else comes in to fill that up. And my only job is to stay focused on what I want with it.

Speaker 2 (24:42):

And so this is part of why it is so key to do that inner work on your journey to growing your sales and your business. Because if you don’t, if you don’t feel like you can have infinite choices and if you don’t feel like the like money is infinite, you’re gonna say yes to whatever you feel like you need to, to create the money. And you won’t understand things like the vacuum law of prosperity, which is that the universe hates a vacuum and fills it in as quickly as it can or the law of compensation. Right. Which is we are always gonna get compensated for the value we put out in the marketplace or the law of rhythm that everything ebbs and flows a bit in life. And so if we wanna have another, uh, like, is it ever flow? If we wanna have another flow in, sometimes we gotta be willing to take out things that aren’t in alignment to prune it a little bit, right.

Speaker 2 (25:35):

To create space for what’s next and space for what we want. And so, so those are your three. So start noticing, where are you making money? Finite, number two, notice where am I, where am I having fear about making a mistake with money? Where am I thinking I could actually make a fatal mistake with money and holding myself in such a death grip and not allowing my I’m paralyzed, right. Not allowing myself to take action on something because I’m afraid that if I make a MIS I can’t make a mistake. Right. And then number three, just being willing to start saying no to whatever, isn’t an alignment, but to be able to do that, we’ve gotta start thinking of money as infinite and not finite. And so when we do that and you start really just evaluating opportunities through intuitively, is this a yes for me? Does this expand me? Does this, uh, is it a double blessing, right? Does it help me? And does it help someone else? And you know, that either you’ll have the resources to get going and you use those resources for that. Cause that’s what they’re there for or more often than not, you won’t, you may have part of the resources, but not all

Speaker 1 (26:42):

Of it. And from there, you, you know, you use your part of the resources and then you go out and create a plan to, to bring in the rest. And it’s not even that much of creating a plan often, cuz really when you create the way, uh, we create here using quantum physics, using, um, visualization, when you really, your job is to attach to that goal as if it’s already done and then claim it for yourself and then pay attention to what are the inspired actions that show up that I could take towards it. So a lot of times you won’t know how it’s gonna come in and that’s that’s okay. The, how is delivered to you as you make it a must for you and as you do something to put it on the line to say, yes, this is really happening for me.

Speaker 1 (27:22):

And so with that, um, I will share because I’m feeling inspired about this today and I’m feeling excited at the time of this recording. I do have a space for one more private client and my heart is really feeling open and excited about working with somebody else in that capacity. So if you’re interested in getting that very, very expansive support from me on your sales, your business, your life. A lot of my private clients are wanting to pit seven figures or more this year. Some of them are really just looking for, again that very expansive supportive container and they’re ready for a lot of growth. They’re often ready to make some big changes and how they’ve been showing up in the results that they’re receiving in the world. Uh, send me an email. Elise Elise,, Elise Elise, We will send you the application link and let me know what showed up for you with this episode. I would love to hear on social, like where I’m at Lee Archer on all social. Um, are you ma have you been making money? Finite? Was this a paradigm shift for you? Let me know. I’m super curious. I’m always so honored. If you feel inspired to share this on your social too, that just, I always feel so grateful for that. So please feel free to do that too. Thanks again for listening and I will see you next week on our next episode of she sells radio bye for now.


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