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Speaker 1 (00:02):

Welcome to she sells radio. I am here with a woman who has become one of my favorite human beings on the planet. Uh, she is a client she’s become a dear friend. She is, she has the most powerful, personal story. She’s actually been on the podcast before. Uh, we’re gonna have her back again as well, because so much has happened in her life, even since we started working together. And I wanted to have my client Rita kin on the podcast today, specifically to talk about her journey, um, in the 50 K club and, and kind of what transpired and what life is like on this other side of greater financial abundance. And as you’ll hear, as we talk, we’re we kind of flow with things. So I told Rita before this, like, we don’t have a real structured outline here. I really want to Rita let you flow and share about your journey, your experience. Um, and you’ve had a lot happen in life too, over the course of the time we’re working together. So let’s start off with, um, let’s just start off with introducing yourself. So if someone hasn’t listened to your previous episode, can you tell us who you are, um, what you do and then how you got involved in the sheels world?

Speaker 2 (01:15):

Yeah, definitely. Thank you. First of all, to, for having me young again here, at least. So I want to introduce myself. So yeah, my name Isha host, and I’m sitting here in Norway, so I’m completely on the side side of, of the world. And, uh, what I do is that I’m a CEO and founder of a company called sustainability. And what we do there is really helping and empowering female leaders to achieve our highest level of influence and impact in male dominated industries. And the important thing we’re doing is to ensure that they’re not conforming, because what we see is that women can come into leadership position and insulin, but they are not influencing from themselves. They’re influencing from a masculine. So we, we are helping them to stop conforming. So that’s what we’re doing. And we’re also working with organizations to change the cultures from within focus, more on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Speaker 2 (02:14):

So we’re also doing a lot in that space these days. In addition to that, I am a philanthropist. I am also working on something called Benjamin think tank that would to like maybe another time. Um, and why, why did I actually come in here? I, I was really thinking about that. Um, I was a woman with a vision I’ve had grand visions for a long time. And today I am being that woman who is carrying that vision. And that is a huge difference because before it was this, yes, I have a vision somewhere out there and I’m, I feel I chased it more than created. And I knew that the gap between being that woman and just having a vision was to reclaim my inspiration. And that’s when I connected with you. Um, I believe this is it kind of, it’s only a year and a half ago and it feels much longer. And it’s like, all these things have happened. Yeah. But that is the thing I wanted to reclaim my inspiration. I wasn’t actually going in because I wanted to make more money. It was something else. It was actually much bigger that money and money than K ASA. Can we say side to say <laugh>

Speaker 1 (03:45):

Mm-hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> I mean, it’s, it’s how it works. Right. And I think your story is it’s interesting because you came in, when we just had the 10 K club and you came in and through a combination of different things, I think made, you know, a couple hundred thousand dollars in a few months, you were part of the inspiration for the 50 K club. Cuz I said, we need another level for women like Rita to go to months are gonna cut it here.

Speaker 2 (04:15):

That was, I think was $2,000. Yeah. That came. And it was like, I’m still like what, what happened? I was really weird.

Speaker 1 (04:27):

Um, yeah, but to your point, and I, I think that’s part of the deeper level of consciousness here that we’re, we’re looking to help people raise to is like, it’s, it’s not, it is about the money and it’s not right. I think oftentimes when clients come in, they actually are looking for that financial growth and then they realize that happens as a result of who you’re being. So I love what you said about the gap between the vision and who you were being. That was, I got chills when you were talking about that. So you CA so I wanna share a bit of your journey. So you came in, we did the 10 K club. You made a, you had some tremendous, tremendous results. And then, um, you joined the 50 K club when we launched it for the first time at the end of last year. And it also, hasn’t been a linear journey for you. So I would love, I, I know you’ve had some pretty incredible results in the career world as a result. I’d love if you could speak to that, but also anything you wanna share about your journey over the course of the program, um, how you grew, what it was like for you. I would, I would love if you could share.

Speaker 2 (05:34):

Yeah, definitely. I think the first thing that I really want to speak to is the, the community in itself. I, it’s actually difficult to explain the, the magic that happens, but it’s, it’s such a safe place. You, you, you are holding and seeing others and you are being held and seen by others and you’re daydreaming, big, whatever that looks like it is so welcome into the conversation and actually kind of encourage and what can we do? So, so for me, it was a lot about the community and that was where I really wanted. I wanted the 50 care. I wanted a mastermind. I wanted to be in a place where with like-minded powerful women, knowing that we’re powerful women, not just like plyo, but actually knowing it for inside out. So I did that. I joined that. And, um, through the experience also through your mentors coming in, which I really loved, there was so much transformation through being in the space of your mentors that was, had a different angle to it that really broadened my horizon.

Speaker 2 (06:39):

Um, I also want to say that the during, during this period, I mean, of course, some of this started before in the 10 K club, but it still kind of grew in the 50 K was the results in my philanthropy side, you know, of, of saving a child’s life, the fundraising and all these things. And, and these are mindset things at the same time, uh, saving one life, I experienced to lose my own son, um, on the 24th of March. So you help and you save and then you, and then you lose. So at the same time, you are in the middle of building a business. And I have been preparing myself for 27 years. Literally the day I no longer would have my son. And I didn’t know that it would be possible to go through the, the, the biggest morning and grieve and pain in the ever in your life, feeling strong about it.

Speaker 2 (07:42):

And, and a lot of that, I, I really go back to the community, the, the, the, I mean, our conversations, um, support in this face because that’s what 50 K really taught me. It wasn’t just about support growing the business. I received support in my loss that was beyond belief. And that has then helped me to keep my focus in. There are no limitations for me. There is absolutely zero limitation for me. I, I, you know what, there’s nothing, there’s nothing I cannot do. And I’ve also started to realize that sometimes we say we want the big things, but I realize that that isn’t always what I want. I want, that’s what I want. And that’s what I, that’s what I’ve been feeling, uh, through the work that we’re doing is that I can have everything I want. I am finding myself now with ease, introducing proposals for five,

Speaker 2 (08:57):

Like without, oh, oh, this is like, like, like it is, it’s almost like $5,000. I’m sitting in conversation with organizations and one on one with ease, because I know I can help them. And this is what I really got through the work that you and I have done. And the 50 K and the, the entire thing and listen to your podcast every day and all of that, because it’s all about the mindset. I am all about the mindset. So there are so many things that has happened for me. Um, and in one way, I wouldn’t even dis kind of distinguish between work and career and my life, because it’s so complete. It’s so complete. Yeah. And the last thing I just wanna say, I was listened to your podcast of you, and I think you asked a few questions. Can you say that you’re happy. Can you say that you are ex said, I didn’t know what I listened to it. I said, I could say yes to every single thing, everything. Yeah, man. Talk about being blessed. I’m so grateful.

Speaker 1 (10:06):

Yeah. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing that. And it’s, it’s so interesting because women wanna hear like, oh, who are the women who hit 50 K months? And what was that like? And, and I mean, it’s like, yes, you did that. And the money piece feels, it’s wonder it. Look, it’s wonderful. It’s what we lead within our marketing. It changes a lot in life. It’s important for women to be financially abundant. And there’s this, it almost feels inconsequential when we talk, because it’s so much what I’m hearing from you, Rita is, I mean, the transformation and there’s, there was so much that transpired over the time that you were in the program. And, you know, you came to a retreat, I think what two weeks, three weeks after, um, after the passing of your son. And it was like the community and the support and having you there being willing to receive, I think that’s a big challenge for a lot of women is they’re not willing to receive money. They’re not willing to receive support. Um, and seeing you embody that really powerfully was, was so inspiring to me. Um, but the lives that have been changed along the way, because you said yes, and because you’re going for it. And, um, and I love, yeah. Getting a Marco polo from you the other day where you’re like, yeah, it’s like a 400, $500,000 contract that I proposed. <laugh> like, no big deal. <laugh> I thought I love this woman. <laugh>

Speaker 2 (11:34):

I have to say, you know, when we are some of the favorite things that, you know, I was taught in the beginning and I work together that I didn’t think about before, but now I think about it every day and I teach my own client this, when somebody feels heavy, you put it down and you pick it up again, when it feels light and, and always in the beginning with this, you can’t really do that. It has to be a bit hard. It has, there has to be

Speaker 1 (11:58):


Speaker 2 (12:00):

It’s like exactly. And I also, you know, believe in that the low of assumption when I do something, I assume it’s going to land. Yeah. I mean, maybe has a different name tag on it compared to the original proposal. I same tag with a different name on, but it’s going come. I, I really just assume of course things are gonna come, I’m doing this and I see it already have my name tag on it. So whole thing, and everything is in that mindset. I think, um, for me, I want to say it is that this was also very powerful in the 50 K because there’s a lot of, we focus on our vision. What is the vision? Do we see a lot of meditation, a lot of visualization, I constantly going in there. And I think for me, my vision was always that so vivid in the way that I’m helping people, I can share.

Speaker 2 (12:57):

Now that I’m working with a woman, she said she is, um, take her through the first hundred days as the CEO, as a result of some other work we did, she stepped in and she’s transforming a huge organization. And one of the key things that I’m also working with her on is keep, keeps your vision and your core values, and always align on that. Just do that and check in with the company as well. I did the same when we were working. I still continue doing that. That means that when I close my eyes, I can see the work I do with my clients, how they transform the world, how they are creating sustainable solution, how they’re working on climate change, how they are and stepping into it and bearing to take action because of the work that we get to do together. And, and this is what I come to realize. I have obligation to show up in my vision and what I say, and the obligation problem, the powers around me is to send me the money. That is it. Mm that’s powerful. That’s coming from somewhere. But my obligations show up every single day in my zone of genius and doing that and the rest gonna follow. Yeah. So having a strong vision is so important and tap into it every day, listen to myself every day, recordings, we know the drill, <laugh> all the things that you teach.

Speaker 2 (14:29):

That’s the thing. And the money follows.

Speaker 1 (14:32):

Yes. It always does. It always does. And even, um, you know, even in the pre-chat when we were talking and I was like, we gotta hit record, cuz this is gonna get good. And I don’t wanna miss anything, but just noticing, we were talking about like the woman who you are now, who even in the largest grief of your life is going and building this company and serving and supporting at such a high level and really allowing that support to come in financially too, to help empower you. It’s like, it’s, it’s just so inspiring. So I have mm-hmm, <affirmative> so much love for you so much gratitude for you. Um, two, I think two final questions. One would be, what would you say if there’s a woman listening and she is, she’s feeling called to do this. The program is speaking to her and maybe she’s feeling afraid. She’s feeling afraid to maybe step into the fullness of her vision. She’s feeling afraid of the investment, whatever it is. What would you say from your heart Rita to hers?

Speaker 2 (15:34):

Yeah. I think when you feel that kind of fear, that’s your green light. Ooh. That is exactly why you have to do it. I actually say you have to do it. You’re given. I mean, that feeling of I’m scared of doing it. You do it. It’s not like, oh, if you don’t feel it, it’s like, I’m not sure don’t want to invest in that. You want this, then you’re not there. But if you ask to you fear, and then you thinking about financially, I, we haven’t got the money, but I want to do it. And then, then I’m scared. And then that’s it. That is your line. Yeah. So go ahead and do it because you never, you never regret it. You say did that and in myself. So that, for who, that nudge that fear. Um, the more resistance I would say you have, because if you’re neutral, then you’re neutral, then there’s no point.

Speaker 2 (16:36):

But if you have resistance really go in it’s, it’s, it’s the best it’s the best you can do is that, and I was listening to, I was listening to your point cause how you presented and where the additional things as well with the book and where the, all these serious. Yeah. I wouldn’t say <inaudible> go for it. And I would also say if you are, if you are feeling a bit like I’m certain, don’t be scared to book the call with you. I know, I know some might feel that I am afraid that if I book the call, I will just do it because it just, because the leases really good at this, I want to say do it because that call in itself contains formula your life. Number one, and Elise doesn’t play those type of cards because Elise wants you to succeed and have a wonderful life. So it’s just a win-win. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (17:40):

Yeah. Oh my gosh. Thank you. Thank you so much for that. And what you said about fear is the green light and the more resistance you feel, the more it means you should do. I mean, we could apply that to anything in life that’s so powerful. That’s so powerful. So thank you so much. Thank you for your time. Thank you for just the honor of being on your journey with you and, um, and coming on and sharing. And so we are gonna have Rita back on the podcast soon to talk more about Benjamin’s think tank and more about her own journey and what’s transpired over this year and what she’s creating to really go out and serve the world. Cuz I know anytime I, I feature you or talk about you, Rita people are like, how can I get more Rita? I need to hear more from Rita. So we’ll have a, an actual deep dive interview with Rita coming out probably in, in several months, max. Um, but do tell everyone where they can connect with you. I’d love if you, if you share that because the work you’re doing is so powerful and so important in the world.

Speaker 2 (18:38):

Oh, um, I love that. So I want to just share that the, the place you connect with me is on LinkedIn. And for me, connection is very important. I want, if you, whoever, listen to this, please connect with me. I believe that our connection can save life because that is what has happened. So all connections are very important to me. I never know. We never know what this connection can create for both parties. So please go ahead. You find me on with the host skin in the, in LinkedIn.

Speaker 1 (19:11):

Amazing, amazing Rita. I love you so much. Thank you so much for coming on today and, and sharing your journey. You’re, you’re absolutely an incredible soul and human being inside and out.

Speaker 2 (19:21):

Thank you. So are you, thank you.

Speaker 1 (19:24):

Ah, thank you all. So to you, my listener, please go connect with Rita and I hope this inspired you, you know, whether the 50 K club is calling to you or not. Right now, I hope that my intention with this is that Rita’s story inspires you to think greater for your life to raise the lid on possibility. Um, and to really say those fears are my green lights and so whatever I’m feeling afraid of right now, I’m gonna go after I’m gonna pursue. Cause I know there’s something amazing on the other side of it. So, uh, thank you again for coming on and uh, just so, so grateful. Lots of love. Bye-bye thank.

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