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Speaker 1 (00:02):

Welcome to she sells radio. I have one of my favorite human beings on this show with us today. I am so excited to bring you this phenomenal woman, this phenomenal entrepreneur who has made so many big shifts in her life in a short amount of time. And I think is also just such an example of what is possible in your life. When you say yes to your calling. Yes. To stretching yes. To doing things that sometimes feel scary, but also just light your soul on fire. She’s one of our shoe sales community members. She is an alumni of the 50 K club. And I’m gonna let her tell a little bit more about herself too, in a second. So Michelle Fisher, welcome to the podcast. So happy to have you,

Speaker 2 (00:45):

Oh my goodness. Elise, I’m so excited to be here. I started listening to your podcast, like just about a year ago. So that feels like coming full circle. <laugh> it

Speaker 1 (00:55):

Is such a full circle moment. I mean, it’s so fun because I just think about, you know, first connecting with you and everything that, I mean, you were already by so many accounts, like living a life that so many people would say, oh, you know, she’s got it made. She’s got it all. And I also know like many of us there was this calling for something greater in your life. And so can you share just a little bit of context of maybe where you were when we first connected where you were, you first came into the shoe cells community, and then we’ll, we’ll talk a bit about the journey from there. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (01:30):

Totally. Um, to be as concise as possible, not my strong suit <laugh> um, I was, I was in a career more or less a career I had, I had left like formal employment and was in a contractor, um, consultant consulting role. Um, I was speaker just something weird. Just happened. Can you still hear,

Speaker 1 (01:55):

Oh, good. I <laugh>. I hear you. Great. You,

Speaker 2 (01:58):


Speaker 1 (01:58):

Tech is always fun. So

Speaker 2 (02:00):

I was a director of operations in the luxury fine wine industry. Um, I had been for about 15 years, um, when we met and I was great at my job and I was great at what I did and it was totally soul sucking <laugh>

Speaker 1 (02:19):


Speaker 2 (02:19):

Yeah. And, and it’s for lots of reasons. It, um, you know, it just, it was a zone of excellence. Like the, the best way to say it. Zone of excellence, not zone of genius. I was not living into my purpose. I had been feeling like, is this all for again, I had been in that role for about 15 years in different versions of that role. And maybe for like 12 of those years <laugh> yeah. I’ve been like wanting something more and then I would, I, a small shift would happen and I’d be like, oh, maybe this is it. And then very quickly it would be clear that that wasn’t it. And so in an effort to find that purpose and that something more, I just did more. And I took on, you know, I was wearing all the hats I’m working with these seven and eight figure founders.

Speaker 2 (03:09):

I’m literally like bringing their visions to life, doing all the things, being all the things to all the people. And that was the only way I knew how to find more was to do more. Wow. But you can imagine that like the other side of that is the massive burnout. And, you know, I was giving like the very drugs of myself to my most important relationships because my husband and in our lives, in, in my, my, my life, I was giving very little, but to the lives of the people I worked for, I was just, I mean, it was like an unen, like a neverending outpouring, but that energy has to come from somewhere and that commitment and every anyway, so it was just very, it was when I say it was very soul sucking, it was how I approached it and the way I let it kind of take over my life.

Speaker 2 (03:56):

Um, and, but I knew, I, I knew, I knew there was more, and it was really, I had tried a couple of different like side hustle type things, developing, um, different like business models and trying different things in the online business space while I was still in that role in hopes that I could find what that thing was. But it was really in coming into your space that I started understanding that actually I could, I could have the, the work life that I loved and like, and, and develop in that way and expand in that way and also become the woman. I imagined that, or the, the woman I wanted to be that I imagined I could be, but I never saw a path to get there. Yeah. And it was that dual. It was, it was that like, there can be harmony in these things and I could move forward into that. Something more life, very empowered. And in this just such a beautiful way that I really craved. And it was in hearing that through you, that my vision started expanding, like that sense of possibility. Yeah. For what I, what could I create?

Speaker 1 (05:06):

There is so much power in what you just said. And a few things just really stand out and I wanna make sure, like, I wanna make sure, I guess our listeners hear all of your stories. So I’m gonna do just a super quick highlight, but the knowingness of more right. Which I think at some point in all of our lives, we have that where we, we build the thing that we think we’re supposed to do to be successful and happy. And then we look around and we say, is this all there is, there has to be more, right. There’s a part of us that’s so unfulfilled. And then what you said, just struck and resonated chord with me, cuz I’ve been there too about filling the gap by doing well. If I just do more, then, then I’ll be happy and it’s, it’s never the path, but it’s typically where I think we go first, cuz it’s kind of what society teaches. So I so appreciate that you shared that. And I know when you came into the she sales community and we connected, I mean you were, we had an, it was an easy conversation. It was like, think I was a, a Hells on both ends very quickly. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (06:07):

Absolutely. It definitely was. I think it was more of a like how can we get started immediately versus like a sales call <laugh>

Speaker 1 (06:14):

Yeah, it was honestly one of my easier sales calls. So thank you for that. <laugh>

Speaker 2 (06:17):

I tend to make decisions quick. Well, some decisions, some decisions, apparently I take 15 years, but other decisions I make really

Speaker 1 (06:24):

Quickly when, you know, it’s time, it’s time. Right.

Speaker 2 (06:26):


Speaker 1 (06:27):

And so I, I wanna speak for just a moment about a bit of your journey when you came into our programs, cuz you came in when we just had the 10 K club and then I think a couple months in, we launched the 50 K club. And so you were like, uh, that’s where I’m going. That’s what I’m aligned with. But share if, if you can share a bit about, um, what spoke to you about 50 K club specifically, and then you made a big change early on in that, which I’d love if, if we could talk about as well. Cause I think it’s very inspiring.

Speaker 2 (06:57):

Yeah, absolutely. So I think like thinking back at the timing, I think it was less than a month of being in the 10 K club. So just in your, in your sphere, because I was learning so many beautiful things, most that it was like the giving myself permission for expansion and, and I’ve always known that I’ll find a way <laugh> like, I’ll figure it out. Yeah. I’m very capable. I’m very much like what do I need to do to make this happen? And so this fear that I couldn’t leave behind this old world until I had the income coming in to replace it, I realized that I was never going to be able to do what I needed to do for myself to be the human I wanted to be. Um, while I was in that role. And so within about a month of being in the she cells world, I, uh, gave notice to the clients that I had been working with for a long time. I told them that they needed to, to hire somebody and that I would be available to train them for a period of time. But that was a huge leap for me at a very, very safe situation, safe in a lot of ways safe. Cause I knew what to expect safe because I was making well above, you know, like the low six figures, but well

Speaker 1 (08:16):

That was your paycheck, right? Like that was your, yeah, that was your last

Speaker 2 (08:19):

And our, and our only income. Um, my husband run, we have a farm and um, he makes wine and we have lots of stuff going on here, but none of that is making a ton of income at the moment. Right. And so yes, absolutely. So it was, it was our paycheck and um, and just the safety of the known the safety of this is the world I know, and I’m really good at it. And I know I’m very, in some ways appreciated in it anyway. So I left. So, so choosing to leave that role, it took a few months to get that actually wrapped up. Yeah. But, um, I was also really supported by you and the, the ladies in the community to hold the boundaries that I had drawn, which were really hard with, you know, people that you’ve been with in relationship in one way. And then you ask to change it. There’s a lot of boundary pushing there for sure. And I got a lot of support around that, which was really nice as I phased out of that role. Yeah. Yeah. And into my what’s next. Yeah, go

Speaker 1 (09:15):

Ahead. Right. And one quick thing, I wanna just pause on, because I think one thing I saw you do that’s important is you made a decision and it was, I remember the call with you where you were like, I think it’s time and I need to tell them, but oh, it like, I don’t want to, and it feels so uncomfortable and I think you were gonna do it. I don’t know. And a couple days I was like, can you just do it today? Like just get it done. And you literally,

Speaker 2 (09:37):

And I did, I,

Speaker 1 (09:38):

If I’m remembering it correctly,

Speaker 2 (09:39):

You went

Speaker 1 (09:40):

And you did it. So how, when someone is in a place where they’re like, I know I need to do blank, like I know I need to make a change. How do we just rip the bandaid off? Like in that moment, how did you muster the courage to just do it and do it the same day?

Speaker 2 (09:55):

So right after the call that we had been on in which you said that, and I was like, um, yeah, no, <laugh>, I was like, I’m not ready for that. I’m not ready. Um, mostly because you know, in my head, which is true, I mean, it’s true. It’s not just in my head I guess, but they relied on me a lot. Like I was the person who solved all the problems. I was the person who did every. And so the, the concern for me was that like, how will they move forward? Like they can’t move forward without me. And that’s a little egotistical, so let’s be honest. Well, but our brain

Speaker 1 (10:34):

Will tell us that. Yeah, I

Speaker 2 (10:34):

Get it. Right. So I was, I was, it was more fearful about like, can I do that to them? Mm-hmm <affirmative>, which is, you know, I had a lot of, there was a lot of dysfunction in that, but anyway, so I got on a call with, I had a call with them immediately following, um, with the fam it was, it had turned into a family business while I worked with them, with the family and over and over again, I was gifted these beautiful moments and opportunities to see how little I was truly appreciated how small I was being kept and allowing myself to be kept. And, um, that when it came down to it, I was never going to have the expansion and the growth that I craved in that role. It became so obvious. Yeah. And at the end of the call, I said, I have something I’d like to discuss with you.

Speaker 2 (11:29):

I’m giving my notice. And so that call was about an hour. So it was maybe like about an hour after <laugh>, after you had said that. And I was like, Uhuh, not <laugh> I need like a week to prepare myself two weeks maybe to prepare myself. Um, it just, I mean, my whole body was, it was a, a physical visceral response of just my entire body just saying no, like shouting at me. Yeah. No, like stop, you need to stop. Yeah. And it just, it just became like, I could, I couldn’t do it anymore. And as terrifying in some ways as it was, it was actually like the very inevitable

Speaker 1 (12:10):


Speaker 2 (12:10):

<affirmative> conclusion to it. It could not, I could not stay for another moment, um, without, without kind of staking that claim that like, I, I was worth more than that. Like I was worth more than that to myself and I think’s my value.

Speaker 1 (12:24):

Right. And that’s one thing that, to me, I just, I wanna hone in on, because I think for our listeners, you know, when, like when, you know, it’s time to make a change, I there’s, my experience has been, there’s often like this runway where you can still kind of, you can stay, you can stay in the comfort zone, but you’ll get these nudges and you’ll get these like, like more and more confirmations from the universe, from your higher self, whatever language you wanna use, that it’s time. And when to me, I always look at that as just confirmation. Like when something’s feeling more and more uncomfortable, it’s like, it’s time to go. But to make that decision on your own terms, as soon as you can, rather than having it be made for you, to me is always the most empowering thing. And the other thing that I wanna get to what you’ve created next, cuz we, we, I wanna make sure we get all this in here, but the other thing you did, that’s so important is you, it was like you jumped and the net appeared.

Speaker 1 (13:18):

You didn’t know what it was gonna be like. And that’s, it’s one of the scariest things to do. It’s also one of the most powerful things to do. And I think my own life again and again, the best moments have been when it was just following that calling and following that intuition without seeing the full, how totally. And so when you did that, the net didn’t appear right away. But I know it, it started to, and I, I wanna, I wanna talk about kind of what you’ve, what you’ve now created as a result of making that space in your life and removing what was no longer in alignment to really step into that greatness that was within you.

Speaker 2 (13:55):

Yeah, absolutely. So I actually wanna, um, I have this different analogy that really, um, I had this dream one night, um, about four or five months ago that, um, I have a different language for, for me and for the analogy of this, of the jumping in the net. Yeah. And the, you know, you kind of think like, okay, so there’s the parachute, right? Like you’re gonna jump and the net’s gonna catch you or the parachute’s gonna pop out. Um, and I received, I, I don’t usually dream. So I took it as this, like, you know, it felt like this message from God, like, I didn’t give you a parachute. It gave you wings. Oh

Speaker 1 (14:34):


Speaker 2 (14:35):

And so it was this, I love that. Right? Like you’re holding this thing on your back and I think it’s a parachute, so I’m go, I’m willing to jump because I know you’re gonna give me a soft landing. And it’s like, it’s not about a soft landing. It’s about seeing how high you can fly and like how you know, and, and just that soaring. Right. That’s so good, Michelle. I know <laugh> I know it was such like, it was such a powerful vision. Like I could even feel these wings like bursting. It was really, it was very powerful. Yeah. And like getting choked, you choked up even talking about it. It was very, very powerful. And it’s really like, that’s what I feel. That’s the point that I feel like that, that I got to so rolling back to, okay, so year end is here.

Speaker 2 (15:21):

I’ve given this notice it hasn’t like kicked in yet. Right? Cause there’s still the hiring process and all that. I step into the, the space of the 50 K club mm-hmm <affirmative>. And we started out in January and I started out with the intention, which was an inspiration from something I had heard you say, which is this idea of like, I want to, um, feel the fullness of who I am. And that had always really resonated with me, like more than the money goals. And it’s not to say that the money goals aren’t important cuz they are, but it was what I had been craving for so long was a feeling of myself. Like I wanted to, I knew I was put here for big things. I knew I was somebody who was capable of big things and I’d just been kept so small for so long.

Speaker 2 (16:08):

And I’d kept myself for me rephrase that. Like I’d kept myself so small for so long. And so really my journey has been about expanding into that fullness of who I am. Hmm. And that’s, and, and it’s funny because <laugh> as so often happens. It’s like, when you look back, you see all the markers or all the things where it was like, hello, you could do this, like the shop right here, right here, pause for a second. If you see this, like this is what you should be doing. And I just kept ignoring, it, kept ignoring. It, kept ignoring it. And I just, I see now that I was too small, I couldn’t hold it. I couldn’t, I couldn’t even, well, honestly I didn’t even have the vision for it. Sure. You know? And that was part of what being in this community of other women who are just the conversations we’re having were this upleveled version of a conversation where we’re not talking about, it’s not to say that those conversations of like first turned out in your business are not valuable.

Speaker 2 (17:16):

They’re so valuable. But once you’ve moved beyond that, it’s having these bigger conversations that expands your own vision for what’s possible. Because right now, when you’re not having those conversations, you can’t even see let alone cast a vision. And so it’s learning to see in a bigger way and learning to see further and in more detail that allows you to cast that vision and then allows you to step into that because you, you know, you, you know, that that’s meant for you and you know that you can create that so powerful. So what’s the vision you stepped into. Okay. So the vision, everyone wants to know <laugh> so the vision, so, um, I started a publishing house, which was a lifelong, I’m not even gonna say dream because I never thought it was possible. Wow. You know what I mean? It’s like, like a dream, you, you think like, oh one day, wouldn’t that be cool?

Speaker 2 (18:11):

No, it was like, yeah, that’s never gonna be for me. So more of like that thing dangling out there that like <laugh>. Yeah. Um, because I thought a publishing house had to look one way and I thought that it had to, you had to be based in New York city. And I definitely do not live in New York city or anyone close to a city. So pretty much the opposite, pretty much the exact opposite. And so, you know, I thought you had to live in New York city and I thought you had to wear power suits. And I thought you had to, you know, I just thought I had to look one way and, um, and it doesn’t. And so I started a publishing house. I, and, and one of the things that I’m so lit up and excited about is that it looks the way I want it to look.

Speaker 2 (18:57):

And it’s, it’s challenging paradigms about what publishing, like what writing books and publishing like what that looks like for people and the kind of support that’s available and the kind of, uh, service, the level of service because in the writing world authors, even in the business book, like I’m an entrepreneur and writing a book to support my business, even in that realm, they’re often the writers and author like aspiring authors are kind of left to like figure it out. Yeah. And I think that that’s not acceptable. Mm. And so my level of, of service and commitment to excellence and the experiences that I’ve had running luxury businesses are being translated into then experience that I have, I mean, have a master fine arts in creative writing. I have a book coaching certification. Like I’ve been pursuing book writing <laugh> for a long time in a less, just in this like kind of informal, like this is my personal interest, not my business thing.

Speaker 2 (20:02):

And so it’s like I get to merge all of these pieces of me, bring it all to the table. And instead of like segregating and keeping small and, uh, siloed, I it’s just like the full force of this just magnetic, incredible energy that I get to bring to the table in. I get, I have this vision for shifting the way publishing works for people. I have this vision of bringing new conversations into the world and, and bringing books that truly impact lives. And I could go on and on about all of those things. Yeah. <laugh> um, but that’s, you know, so it’s, it’s really this manifestation of all of me. Like it’s just the most beautiful, it’s the most beautiful thing. And it literally on an almost daily basis, I’m expanding to hold it. And, and because of my expansion, my vision and what this business is creating for me and for other women, specifically women, but maybe one day men too, um, is, is really it’s expanding on an, on an almost daily basis.

Speaker 1 (21:12):

That’s so exciting. It’s so exciting. And I wanna, um, I wanna share something I’m so excited about with you and then ask two final, um, two final questions. And just what I think is so powerful about stepping into your vision, cuz you really did step into the fullness of who you are. Right. When I look at what you’ve created, it’s so aligned. And when we do that, when we trust the vision, when we know it’s a double blessing, we don’t always know the lives we’re gonna impact, but we can trust that it will. And so one of the things that I’m so lit up about now with your publishing house is we’ve partnered with you. So if, um, someone is listening and they heard the 50 K club round table, or they’ve checked out the 50 K club website, they see that the women who were in the program this year were gonna be writing a collaborative book together and the women are gonna become bestselling authors and we’re gonna be promoting them and we’re partnering with you for that.

Speaker 1 (22:01):

So it’s such a cool fur full circle moment. And I don’t think I’ve shared this publicly yet, but you’re gonna be publishing my first solo book too, which I’m so excited about. And it’s just, it’s like all of this coming together, a vision by saying yes to your desires, by trusting the unknown by letting the wings carry you. It’s, it’s so powerful. So Michelle, if a woman is listening and she is feeling called to the 50 K club, but dealing with fear about investing in herself or stepping out or whatever it is, what would you say to her?

Speaker 2 (22:41):

I have always really resonated with the advice I have heard you give over and over again. I don’t even know if I’d call it advice. Just this statement that I’ve heard you make so many times, which are, is your desire is the green light. And for me, that was a really transformative just philosophy because I had lost the ability. Like I didn’t know what I desired. I didn’t know when I came into this space. I mean, we could go down all of the paths of all of the things that, you know, like healed my relationship with my feminine and all of the things that have happened for me in the last like nine months. But, um, this is a really big one is that I had lost the ability to know what I wanted for me. Right. I was so used to, to performing for what other people wanted.

Speaker 2 (23:36):

So if you are feeling called into this experience, that’s because it’s for you. And I think that any of the fears, anything that we have excuses, I mean, I work with authors or aspiring authors. There’s a lot of excuses. There’s a lot of resistance. There’s a lot of reasons why things can’t happen. We all have that. Right. And so it’s just, it’s making that decision that I’m terrified. I don’t know if this is gonna work for me, but I’m gonna do it anyway. And because you decide that you’re gonna do it, that’s the decision that it’s gonna work for you.

Speaker 1 (24:14):

Amazing. I

Speaker 2 (24:15):

Love that. If you’re not willing to make that decision, then not. I mean, it’s not gonna work for you

Speaker 1 (24:18):

For sure. For sure. It has to be that decision. It has to be Michelle tell everyone where they could connect with you.

Speaker 2 (24:25):

Amazing. Um, I am at Michelle Fisher, so I’m sure that will be linked somewhere. Yes. I mean, it’s mostly spelled like it sounds, but <laugh>, I know that’s always been a hard one still for people, um, at Michelle, um, mostly on Instagram. I’m not, I, I have other platforms, but Instagram is really where I’m more active. Um, and then we can, maybe if you can link the, the website it’s at Shara blue, which is the name of my press and that means blue room in French. So you can Google how to spell it if that’s not, <laugh>

Speaker 1 (24:54):

Amazing. <laugh> link it all. Michelle, thank you so much for coming on. Thank you for being a member of our community. Thank you for saying yes to yourself and for coming on and just sharing your experience.

Speaker 2 (25:05):

Thank you. Thank you so much for letting me, you know, inviting me to be here and for everything that you have given me, uh, in the, in the last year and to come, because I know this is, I’m really excited about what we’re creating together too.

Speaker 1 (25:20):

Ah, me too. Me too. Yeah. The, the best is the best is yet to come. There’s so much good already and the best is yet to come. So, um, such an honor, and then for you, my listener, I just, I, I know this interview spoke to parts of your soul. Go connect with Michelle. Um, she’s just a phenomenal leader, so thrilled and privileged to have her in the, she sells community and to have her as the publisher of our book. And if you are curious about the 50 K club, and this is speaking to you, head over to Lisa club, we are taking application calls now, and I’d love to support you on your journey to stepping into the fullness of yourself. So thank you so much for being a listener. I’ll see you on our next episode. Bye for now.


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