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Things You Think You Have To Do To Sell But Are Actually Losing Your Clients (Controversial)

Lately, I’ve been really thinking about making things work as they feel good and feel in alignment. This could be a small thing, like recording this episode from my car. But it can also mean the big things, especially as entrepreneurs making sales decisions.

This topic might be a little controversial because everything I share goes completely against sales strategies that are often taught to us. Through my experience, I have found that the energy I had when making discovery calls and constant follow ups was a repelling energy and it’s simply not sustainable.

So what is there to do instead? Listen to this episode to find out ways you could be losing clients and sales and what you can do to change that.

Show Notes:

[2:58] – Today is all about sales and being open to things being far easier or different than you think they need to be to be successful.

[4:06] – Elyse gives an example of how sales take you out of your power.

[5:07] – So much of what is taught in sales is to chase prospects.

[6:08] – This energy doesn’t work and it is uncomfortable to go against what is taught.

[6:57] – Any time you feel like you are chasing through a follow up, that is a repelling energy.

[8:20] – Elyse describes the difference your energy makes on the result of a follow up call.

[9:12] – Any time we are in the energy of questioning if the action is good enough, we are questioning and doubting ourselves.

[11:41] – Discovery calls can be successful but sometimes they feel manipulative.

[12:58] – Is it always necessary to run people through a discovery call?

[14:34] – How does it feel to make discovery calls? Are you doing them because you think you have to to be successful?

[16:10] – Anytime we try to manipulate or force results, the results won’t be what we need them to be.

[17:33] – When we do the inner work first and are very clear about our boundaries, the right people and the right scenarios show up but you have to take action.

[18:46] – Practice what feels good to you in your business and your life.


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Welcome to She Sells Radio, this is the second episode that I have brought to you driving in my car, which, again, I haven’t even listened to the first one to see how the audio quality is. I don’t know if this is going to be good or bad or what but what I can tell you is that I am so about in my life right now just like making things work and doing things as they feel good. And frankly, this feels better to me right now than sitting stationary in my chair, recording a podcast,



looking into a really bright light, like, I’m just gonna call it what it is. So if nothing else, hopefully, this, you never need permission. But maybe it gives you that little boost of permission to just do things your way.



Which is kind of actually the theme of what I wanted to talk with you about today. I’m also getting over, I don’t even like to use the word sick, because I always like, I just don’t get sick. It’s like nothing. Well, I got sick this week. So you may be able to hear it in my voice. And I don’t know how long I’m going to go for either this is probably going to be shorter. I have not recorded a full anything since I got sick this week. But our son, Jack went and visited this really cute little school



nearby us and brought back a cold, which is just what happens often at school. And Jason, this is funny, I think the universe was kind of like laughing at me. I actually don’t think the universe laughs at us. But it’s just I’m going to call it that. Jason was like, Oh my gosh, I can’t get sick from him. I’ve got my MCAT this week. And I was like, why are you even thinking about that, like, I know, I’m not gonna get sick, I’m unavailable to get sick, I never get sick. And I got sick.



And I think Jason is by.



So anyway, my ego got knocked down a bit there. But all of that to bring you into the real point of today, which is I want to talk with you about just opening yourself up to we’re going to talk specifically sales today. But I want to talk with you about really being open to



things could be far easier or different than you may be thinking they need to be in your sales process to be successful. And I’m going to pick a couple of different parts of the sales process specifically, that I think need to well, there’s no need to shift to like you get to make your own rules. But in general,



I would love to just drop abandon shift entirely how we do things.



Because they just take you right out of your power. And I think that’s the big problem with so much of what’s taught about how to sell and be successful and make money and enroll clients is it takes you right out of your power. And so what do I mean by that? I want you to think about, well, how do you actually give an example I was on a coaching call this week with my 10k Club group,



group clients, and we were talking about,



you know, essentially lead generation and prospecting although we were using far more exciting concepts than that. But one of the women in the community in the program said that she was being told at work that she needed to follow up five times a week with the same person to try to close them. And I just want you to like stop and think like, let’s just use our heads here. In what world or in what scenario would you want would being followed up daily by the same person like would that make you want to work with them?



It’s just not like it’s going to do the opposite. It’s going to repel people and it’s making her feel gross because she’s feeling like she’s got to chase people that don’t want to work with her yet right like and that’s and that’s so much of what’s taught to and I say that having been there like I have been in situations where I felt like I had to chase the prospects I have been in situations where I felt so like beneath the people I was selling to but frankly so much of what’s taught about how to sell and what we need to do and like the follow up until someone dies and all the things that you hear in very like



it’s a general categorization I know but kind of like traditional masculine sales. Try



meaning coaching, it’s just, it takes you straight out of your power, and it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work. So I want us to all open up to the attitude and the mindset and the availability for you to be really great at receiving clients. And it not having to be a push overcome force convert type of energy, which again, I know is a lot of what’s taught. So this is,



you know, some of this is like,



I don’t want to say uncomfortable for me to say, it’s not that it’s just



I know, some of this is controversial. And



I guess I’m just okay with that. Because I need to teach you what I really think and what I’ve seen work for me. So a couple areas of the sales process that I’m just totally reworking in my own life and that I’m having fun with and that either it’s like, this is something I’m actively doing right now, or I have done in the past.



Number one, let’s talk about follow up.



Anytime you feel like you are chasing



the wind, what’s showing up right now is like you’re actually repelling. So if you feel like you have to follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up. And it’s it, here’s the most important thing, what energy is it in, if you are the energy of chasing and feeling less than and hoping and wishing and praying that this person would buy from you. That’s a repelling energy that is a less than energy. Now, I, I like to think I’m good at follow up. I mean, I’m sure there’s plenty of moments when I have not been good.



I think generally I’m pretty good at follow up with people who actually want to work with. But the most important thing with that is the energy. If the energy is please work with me, please work with me, that’s going to repel people, people can feel that. If the energy is, hey, I think you’re amazing.



What I’ve got is amazing. You know, if it’s speaking to you, then let’s connect, right. And obviously, you’re going to say different things in your follow up. Because it’s going to be very custom and specific to



the situation. I’m always like, I always customize follow up with people, but it’s a different type of energy, where you’re, you’re number one you’re not attached to whether they buy from you or not. You’re in your power. And you really it’s like at that point, you really don’t care if they say yes or not. So just checking in, are you feeling like you have to chase people? Are you feeling like, you have to be less than people? Are you even just energetically putting your potential clients up on a pedestal that’s higher than you. And not trusting yourself not trusting what you want to say not trusting how you want to follow up not being direct feeling like you’ve got to,



you know, come up with



18 million cute subject lines for an email to get them to open it? Or are you just in your power with it? And I think that’s the thing, anytime we’re in



an energy of analyzing, like, Is this good enough? It’s really you’re asking like, Am I good enough, right? And I’m, you know, I’m someone who has been there like I’ve written and rewritten, follow up emails or follow up text five times, 10 times to a prospect because I wasn’t in my power with it. And I was questioning or doubting myself.



And here’s what I know, like in that energy, that’s not powerful.



It’s not it’s not powerful energy, for follow up or for converting clients. And so just really checking in with like, what is my energy when I’m doing this? Because I genuinely think that is 95 to 98% of it. And if you’re following up with people who you don’t actually want to work with, out of obligation or fear of not making money, again, have been there, done that, oh my gosh, that was I teach all of this from having done it the opposite way. And I was someone who was terrible, with boundaries with everyone in my life for a long time. So I get it if that’s you. So no judgment or shame, but more just an opportunity to shift and say, Hmm, I wonder what it would be like to really be in my power as I follow up and only reach out to people who actually want to work with. I know it may be different if you’re working in a corporate job and you have a list you’re working I get it. The energy shift there would be it being in your



power as you do it. So what is it? What does it feel like for you to know that you’re successful, no matter what, that your goals are met no matter what, that you’re always going to win, that everything is always working out for you. And from that energy of non attachment to whether any specific person has to be your client. That’s how you’re reaching out to these people, you will find that you’ll get a very different result from that. So that’s number one. Something else that I’ve been having these conversations a lot



lately with my 50k Club mastermind group is like, do you actually need a discovery call.



And this is what we’ve been taught, you have to like, you’ve got to convert on the phone. You if someone wants to work with you, they’ve got to book a discovery call? Well, maybe but do do they always. Right. And I would be so open to that. And I think this is another usually when you think about discovery calls the it’s like,



there’s just so much in it, that’s a bit of a,



I don’t want to say



it’s not manipulative, that’s not it. Because I know, like people in this community, you’re not wired like that, but some it can be. And that’s a lot of times how it’s taught, it’s like, you’ve got to be there in real time to like, take them into the pain funnel, and then overcome objections, and then handle price and do the price comparison. And, and like, I used to teach that I used to do it, I was good at it. Like I’m not gonna like I could convert really well on a sales call.



But that energy didn’t feel good to me. And I don’t know that it always felt good to the person on the other line either. So here’s what I would really play with is like, and again, it’s different if you’re working for an organization, and they have a set process of here’s how we sell. So you got to work with the structure you’re in. But just take from all of this, you being in your personal power within those structures. If you are an entrepreneur, and you have the ability to shape your own process here, then I would look at like, is it always necessary that we run people through a discovery call?



I don’t know about you. But for me, I don’t. Sometimes I want to get on a call when I need it, when I’m thinking about hiring someone or buying something.



A lot of times I’m really good with like a quick text back and forth. And sometimes I just know I want it and I just need like the fastest way to buy it.



And so



noticing if you have the belief system that someone has to get on a call with you to buy from you. And then saying is that actually what I want, like if it feels good to you, if you love discovery calls, if you if that feels great, then keep doing it, by all means. Buy it, you know, even just this morning, like I’ve been going back and forth with a couple different women about private coaching with me or mastermind with me and those programs, it’s anywhere from, you know, 30,000 to $100,000. Like, we’re talking on text, you know, it’s it doesn’t have to be a big thing. And I think this is where we get to all



elevate our, I would say elevate our belief in ourselves and elevate our belief in our prospects, that we’re smart, they’re smart. They don’t need to be like your right clients don’t need to be convinced of working with you.



They may just need some quick questions answered. And, or maybe not, you know, maybe they’re just ready to buy and it’s like, great, here’s the here’s the link, here’s how you buy. So you really checking in with this, of how does this feel? Is this something that feels good to me? Do I like doing these calls? Or am I doing it or any part of my process in my business because I think I have to to be successful. And I want to invite you that the more you’re in your power, and the more that you have things structured, to where you feel good about what’s on your calendar, and you feel good about how you’re spending your time. And you feel good about your interactions with your clients and you’re in more of that magnetizing energy versus pushing, forcing, converting, like you’re gonna make more money. It’s just how it works. And if you you may need to borrow my belief on that a little bit. But try it out for yourself. I would just make an inventory of what am I doing in my business right now that I’m doing because I think I should not because I really want to. I mean gosh, like coffee meetings



And again, if it feels good to you do it. I don’t like those.



I find them often to be a big waste of time. I don’t do them. So it’s, it’s kind of like that like looking at what feels good. Where am I in my power? And then where am I feeling like I have to do something to manipulate or force a result.



Because you really don’t. And anytime we’re trying to manipulate or force results,



we’re just not going to get as good results as we would if we were



like, I know, I keep saying like being in your power. But that’s really what this is about, like you owning who you are, how valuable you are, how great your product or services, unapologetic,



and then doing the inner work, like that’s why it’s so important that every day, you’re working on your mindset every day, you’re noticing if limiting beliefs are coming up about what’s possible for you, or what you’re worthy of. And you’re shifting and rearranging those every day. You’re working on your relationship with money and worthiness every day, you’re seeing the outcome of what you want already done from that place, taking the inspired actions that show up. But I promise you, there will not be a single inspired action that feels like chasing feels like you being less than somebody else. It’ll be things that feel expansive, it’ll be things that feel stretchy, it’ll be things that feel like ooh, out of your comfort zone. But because of how they’re helping you expand not because



you’re shrinking into a lesser version of yourself. So from that place when we do when we do the inner work first. And we’re very clear on our boundaries and we’re clear on what’s a yes and a no for us.



The right and it again, it’s I think the members of this community get it but the right clients, the right opportunities, the right people, the right scenarios, they show up, you will need to take action on those in some way, shape, or form. So like I said before, like I’m going back and forth with these potential clients right now on text, I’m not just sitting here like letting just waiting for them to come to me. I’m available. I’m answering questions. We’re doing the things but it’s in an energy that feels really good. It’s not in a push force, like you have to buy type of energy. So that’s your that’s your car sermon for today. And this actually lasted longer than I thought my voice might last. So this is all this is all good. So with that, let me know what shows up for you. I’m at Elise Archer on all social you can check out my website at least For more information on



programs, courses,



ways to work together we’ve got all sorts of amazing opportunities there.



Go out, be in your power. Practice doing what feels good for you in your sales in your business and in your life and I promise you will always get the best results. Bye for now.

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