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How to Become a Category of One with Brittany Hodak

One of the biggest inspirations for me when I created the She Sells brand several years ago was that I disagreed with so much of how traditional sales strategy was taught.  Everything from the hard close, to impersonal cold outreach, to spray and pray, just felt wrong for me and I knew it felt wrong for a lot of the women I was working with as well. 

One of the incredible women I’ve been privileged to get to know over the past few years whose work is super aligned with what I believe in is Brittany Hodak. 

If you’re not familiar with Brittany, she is a keynote speaker, author, and award-winning entrepreneur and speaker. Entrepreneur Magazine calls her “the expert at creating loyal fans for your brand.” Her new bestselling book “Creating Superfans” is now out. 

I had Brittany on the podcast about a year ago on Episode 136, so you can go back and reference that if you want even more Brittany, but I’m so excited to have her back and to talk about what’s changed in the world of selling and relationship building over the past year, and why creating Superfans is even more critical than ever today. 

Show Notes:

[2:32] – Head over to Episode 136 to hear more about Brittany and her work.
[3:56] – Brittany was so dead set on working in entertainment, she even has a background working in a mascot costume.
[5:54] – After working with bands and rockstars, Brittany learned the concept of superfans and found the way to create a brand’s superfan.
[7:12] – We are working in an experience economy right now which changes the way we sell.
[8:13] – In sales, we often forget to sell the way we buy.
[10:46] – What are things we should be considering from the beginning?
[13:57] – Start with your story, understand the customer’s story, personalize, exceed expectations, and repeat.
[14:47] – Your superpowers are different from other people’s. Show and share your unique abilities to attract the right superfans.
[16:53] – Personalization only takes you a few minutes but feels very special to clients.
[18:30] – Employee happiness is crucial. It is critically important to hire people to be your brand.
[20:08] – Communicate clearly to your employees what is important to your brand.
[21:15] – Client experience is not a “set it and forget it” system.
[23:10] – Brittany shares recent experiences as a customer that made her rethink her own choices as a buyer.
[25:56] – You have to be willing to bet on yourself. You have to be a superfan of yourself.
[27:03] – Going all in on the things that are important to you is the only way to really be successful.

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Welcome to She Sells Radio now I just have to  share one of the biggest Inspirations for me  


when I created the She Sells brand several  years ago was that I disagreed so much with  


how traditional sales strategy was taught and  everything from I mean you know the stuff that  


feels gross right the hard clothes to impersonal  cold Outreach strategies to spray and pray it just  


felt so wrong to me and I knew it felt wrong to  so many of the women who I was working with and  


mentoring at the time too and one of the  most incredible people and women who I’ve  


been privileged to get to know over the past few  years whose work I feel is so aligned with what we  


believe in in the She Sells Community is Brittany Hodak my guest today if you’re not familiar with  


Brittany which you’re gonna love her and want  to dive deep into her world after you hear the  


conversation today she’s a keynote speaker she’s  an author she’s an award-winning entrepreneur  


Entrepreneur magazine calls her the expert at  creating loyal fans for your brand and her new  


best-selling book creating super fans is new  now out which I’m so excited about we actually  


had Brittany on the podcast about a year ago  so you can go check it out on episode 136 and  


you can go back and kind of dig deeper into  some of Britney’s backstory and her Super Fan  


methodology but I’m so excited to to have her  back and to talk about what’s changed in the  


world of selling and relationship building even  just over the past year and why creating super  


fans is even more critical than ever today so  Brittany it is so good to have you back welcome  


to She Sells Radio yay thank you Elise I am so  so excited to be back here with you oh my gosh  


and please do I mean I say this with all like all  intention go back and listen to episode 136 for  


background on Brittany and the most probably my  favorite we were just talking about it before  


we recorded but like my favorite podcast um I  don’t know podcast bombing by podcast Crashers


it’s the best like I just I just adore  this woman I adore your family okay so  


let’s give if someone is not yet familiar with  you Brittany I want to give just a quick back  


story so in your book you talk you tell the  story of how this first matchbook excuse me  


Matchbox 20 concert inspired your career of  building and later selling this entertainment  


company and your clients at that company  included Dolly Parton kiss Taylor Swift  


Luke Bryan Katy Perry and more so you were  working with big big names and you talk about  


how it was all inspired by this first Matchbox  20 concert so what was it about the magic of  


that concert that kind of changed your life and  took you down the path that you’re now on today  


so I grew up in a really small town in Oklahoma  and I was always fascinated with the entertainment  


industry I was fascinated with music and the first  time I went to a live concert I was like I’ve  


gotta work in the entertainment industry I have  to do this so when I was 16 years old I went to  


job shadow at my local radio station and I begged  for any job and they said you look like you’re  


about the right size for the mascot costume and I  said great I’ll do it and so I worked as Sting the  


bee and I got to wear this giant bee costume to  every you know car dealership sale and Rodeo and  


Furniture Store grand opening for like a 50 mile  radius and about six months after I started at  


the station I had the good fortune that because  my maiden name was Jones and because the movie  


Bridget Jones Diary was coming out the promotions  manager said you know we’ve got a Brittany Jones  


we should do something what could we do and  call it your diary and I said well you’re  


always talking about trying to drive more traffic  to the station website what if I just interviewed  


all the bands that came to town and that could  be my diary and she said oh like that other movie  


that almost famous movie yeah people are talking  about that that has a lot of Oscar buzz let’s do  


that do you know HTML and I was like of course I  know HTML and I you know like tried to remember  


all those letters so I could write it down on  my hand later and go home and figure out what  


it was but this was in probably the year 2000 or  2001. I was 16 or 17 years old and all of a sudden  


it became my job literally to hang out with rock  stars and brag about it on the internet so anytime  


an artist was playing near bye I would go hang  out with them review the concert take pictures  


with them and that sort of spoiled any chances  of me ever getting a real job but it also made  


me fascinated with the idea of fandom and why  some artists you know would start out small and  


and go on to become the biggest groups and the  biggest artists in the world and others who I  


thought were just amazing would sort of Fade Into  Obscurity and so I started to really study fandom  


and and what that means for identity and what that  means for marketing and over the years I worked  


for several record labels and marketing companies  in New York I launched my own agency as you said  


that went on to do a lot of really cool things  and you know became an eight-figure business  


that I exited and I’ve just never stopped thinking  about this idea of creating super fans and how you  


do it and what it means and how anyone regardless  of what it is that you’re selling regardless of  


the industry that you’re in can use these same  tactics and principles to go for potential a  


potential commodity provider in the minds of your  prospects or your customers to a category of one  


to that person that they say I want to work with  her at the exclusion of everybody else because  


she’s my person which it seems to me and you can  you know kind of give me your perspective on this  


but it’s it’s like when you are that category of  one when you’ve become that all the other things  


become they’re less necessary right like all the  things I kind of mentioned in the intro that we’re  


taught we have to do to be successful in sales  and in business when you’re that category of one  


you’re drawing people to you right like that’s  it’s a totally different Dynamic can you speak  


to that a little bit oh absolutely you get leads  that are more qualified uh they’ll close more  


quickly they’re ready to buy because they don’t  want to work with someone who does what you do  


they want to work with you and we’re living in  an experience economy right now which means it’s  


not really about the products or the services that  you sell it’s about the experience it’s about what  


it feels like to do business with you how does it  feel how do people feel when they’re engaging with  


you before during and after that sales cycle and  so really being intentional about creating that  


Journey creating that customer experience from  before someone ever picks up the phone and talks  


to you all the way through someone who’s been  a customer of yours for years and is hopefully  


sending lots of qualified referrals your way I  love that and this is something you say in your  


book as well that regardless of what business  you’re in everyone today is in the experience  


variance business that that may be roughly  paraphrased but hopefully oh that was very  


good that was a very that was very good paraphrase  if not word for word but it’s true because you  


know I think one mistake that a lot of sales  people make is they think that the sales cycle  


starts the first time they talk to a prospect  but we know that maybe as much as two-thirds  


of the buyer’s journey is happening before they  ever talk to you you know people forget to sell  


the way they buy and you know when we’re buying  something we don’t just cold call someone for the  


for the first part of information what do we do  we we do our research we ask our friends we see  


what people are saying socially we look for social  proof and things like reviews and recommendations  


so by the time you’re talking to a prospect  they already know a whole lot about you but  


what you don’t maybe think about is how many  people you’ve lost along the way because they saw  


something at some point before they talked to you  that made them look for another provider so really  


figuring out that like top of funnel figuring  out how to intentionally craft that experience  


to take someone on that Journey before you even  know who they are so that again you’re not giving  


them an excuse to say oh this person isn’t right  this community isn’t right this product isn’t  


right the service isn’t right and going to look  for another solution oh my gosh yeah for sure I  


want to ask this is a very selfish question but  my hope is that it also and my my thought is it’s  


going to benefit a lot of our listeners as well  so I want to speak a little bit more to just this  


process of optimizing and looking at experience  from start to finish for your clients and as we  


record this this is just like a little bit of the  behind the scenes in the She Sells world this is  


one of my biggest initiatives right now for us as  a company because we grew so fast and it was very  


much a process of like okay what it was kind of  like putting out fires right like what needs to  


happen here and how are we going to connect with  customers here and how are we going to onboard  


people best but it happens so fast that I know  just intuitively and I also know sometimes when  


I go through our own funnels and process I’m like  oh that’s not exactly the experience I want to  


give or there’s just a lot that we’re working on  improving right now not to say there’s not I think  


some things we’ve done really well and I feel  very good about that but I really want to elevate  


it and so I think someone may be listening and  maybe they’re in the same space where it’s like  


either they grew really fast and it wasn’t a super  intentional customer experience Journey from start  


to finish because maybe they were a solopreneur  and they grew really fast and now they’re like  


okay it’s time to tighten this up or maybe they  just haven’t thought about it in a while right  


how can we Elevate this what are some things that  we can be doing and we should be looking at like  


give I hope this question is making sense what are  some things we should be doing and looking at from  


the start to help Elevate that customer experience  yeah well it’s a great question and you’re right  


there are so many people who don’t think about  it for exactly the reasons that you articulated  


um or that by the time they think about it they’re  like well I don’t know where to start because I’ve  


got hundreds or maybe thousands of customers  at all of these different intervals and there  


are some people who bought from me two years ago  that I haven’t followed up with because I’ve been  


meaning to start an email list and just never  got around to it so I think really the place to  


start is to ask yourself what is the experience  you want customers to have and a way to make  


that less overwhelming is to say if someone were  going to tell a friend about you what would you  


want them to say what is the experience of working  with you how do you make people feel what is your  


superpower what is it that you’re doing better  than anybody else and once you begin to articulate  


those things then you can ask yourself okay how  do I make this reality like how do I make this  


become evident to people if I want people to say  that I am thoughtful how am I showing my customers  


that I thought I’m thoughtful how am I doing that  again before during and after their first purchase  


before during and after their next purchase  like how am I showing them that this is how  


I’m different from potential competitors out there  so think about what you would want somebody to say  


to a friend because that’s really your reputation  and it’s more than your reputation it’s your brand  


like I talk about in the book we are far past the  days where your brand is what you say it is like  


your brand is not your logo it’s not the copy on  your website your brand is what your customers  


say about you to others that is your brand so in  crafting an intentional experience you really want  


to think about every single touch point that you  have with somebody and you’re not going to be able  


to make all of them magic but if you’re strategic  what you can do is figure out the ones that have  


the potential to have an outsized impact and  design them in a way to where you know that when  


somebody gets that interaction it’s going to be  a wow it’s going to be a moment that matters it’s  


going to touch them when they get that handwritten  card and mail or when they get that gift that  


you’ve picked out and curated just for them or  when they get that phone call on their birthday  


for you calling to to tell them you hope they have  a great day figure out what those touch points are  


that you can easily scale and replicate that’s  so interesting and I love how you put that the  


outsized impact right because if if you’re like  me you start thinking about this and you’re like  


oh we can do this and that and this and that and  then all of a sudden it becomes this kind of Beast  


of we’ve got 10 000 ideas of things we want to  implement because it all sounds good and because  


I know that if someone’s listening to this like  they love their customers they care about them  


um they want to make that impact and we we want  to think about what’s I love how you put it the  


most outsized impact how do we is that just  kind of intuitively we we think about that  


or so what are some ways to think about what  will have the greatest impact for our clients  


so the answer is going to be different for every  business um so in my book creating super fans I  


talk about something called the supermodel and I  know I talked about this the last time we spoke so  


they can go back and listen to that old episode  but just very quickly the supermodel is start  


with your story understand your customer story  personalize exceed expectations repeat and I  


always say that a Super Fan is created at the  intersection of your story and every customer  


story where those Worlds Collide where you show  someone how your thing is so relevant to their  


thing that they would never dream of working with  another service provider so the way that you start  


is by figuring out what are those things that are  important what are the things that connect your  


story to your customers story and again the answer  is going to be different for everyone because your  


superpower is going to be different from all  of your competitors superpowers that’s what  


makes you you so thinking about ways that you can  shine a light on that uniqueness in a way that’s  


meaningful to your customers but also in a way  that’s really repeatable so for me in my brand  


um I like to make people smile I like to  give them something that makes them smile  


or laugh when they’re not expecting  it so uh Elise I know you texted me  


um about the cards that I send out probably  like once every six weeks or so and I’ve got  


a few hundred people on my mailing list it’s like  a physical mailing list that every now and then  


they get a funny card in the mail and sometimes  it’s around a holiday like the ones I just uh  


recently sent out and sometimes it’s for no reason  at all and then I also send out personal cards  


um on people’s birthdays but the reason I’m  doing that is because I wanted a way to stay  


in touch with people that wasn’t like me having  to physically write out a note to everyone so  


even though it’s not a handwritten card it still  feels funny and personal at least I would imagine  


that it does because that’s the feedback that I  get from all of my customers and it takes me not  


that long Alex on my team who’s is amazing helps  me execute that but like we’ve got the list we  


use a website called postable so everybody’s  there already we just pick a funny card like  


write a cute saying personalize it to everyone’s  first name and send out every few weeks just to  


let people know that we’re thinking about them  I love that I love that so it’s thinking about  


like what’s in alignment with your brand right  so because you are all about humor like funny  


that’s when I think about you I think about some  of those things like you always make me laugh you  


always make me smile it’s different it stands  out so it’s that uniqueness and alignment with  


your brand along with what’s going to be different  and stand out from everybody else in the space and  


what’s going to be most impactful to my customers  yeah and so I’ve got a lot of realtor clients who  


do things like making custom puzzles for every  one of their clients as a closing gift and  


they’ll take the listing photo from the house and  turn it into a puzzle or they’ll take a picture  


of the family standing in front of the house  and make it into a puzzle so for them it’s the  


process is the same every single time they’re  using the app on their phone you can print a  


puzzle for like twenty dollars at every Walgreens  in CVS in America they’re ready in an hour but to  


the recipient it feels really special and personal  because it’s their photo so doing things like that  


where you’re taking advantage of personalization  and customization but you’re still able to put a  


system behind it to where for you it just takes  a few minutes but for your client it feels like  


this really special gift because it’s something  they probably wouldn’t have done on their own  


love that I love that and I’m glad you mentioned  that you go through the super framework in really  


great detail on episode 136 because that’s  that’s kind of the Crux of all of this right  


that’s really the foundation of your work so I  would say to someone go buy the book and listen to  


that episode for more context I’m really curious  now so we’re as we record this we’re about a year  


out from when we had that initial conversation and  I know you’ve been deep in the trenches of writing  


your book and also doing a lot of work with really  major organizations helping them from a customer  


experience standpoint from a sales standpoint so  what what is different now than a year ago when  


we were talking I really want to talk about why  like kind of how you’ve seen the landscape shift  


in business why this is probably more important  than ever I’d love to hear some of your updated  


insights from when we were speaking a year  ago yeah well you know obviously the world has  


changed so much in the past let’s say three years  since covet and continues to change and I think  


one thing in the past year that’s become really  heightened in the sort of societal awareness is  


the idea that employee happiness is so critical  to your brand because your customer experience  


will never be better than your employee experience it can’t it’s impossible your employees are your  


brand the interactions that they’re having with  your customers are your brand so it’s critically  


important to hire people who are in alignment  with what you want your brand to be to train  


them and give them the resources that they need  and most importantly to trust them to deliver  


the kind of experiences that you have designed so  one thing that I think is really fascinating is  


like it’s not a question of whether there will  be a customer experience or not there is in every  


single interaction with every transaction that  happens everywhere in the world whether it’s B2B  


b2c a few pennies a few trillion dollars there  is a customer experience the question is is it  


one that’s intentional that has been designed that  has been planned that has been carefully curated  


for Maximum Impact or is it one that’s accidental  that’s just sort of haphazard and a lot of times  


what happens is companies grow and don’t pay attention to that is they have these accidental  


experiences uh there’s a lot of variation based  on let’s say the employee that they’re working  


with or the location that they go to or the  time of day or the channel that they’re using  


and creating an intentional customer experience is  about controlling for those variables saying this  


is the goal and maybe we’ll fall short sometimes  but this is what we’re going for and this is how  


we’re training everyone to think about what it  is that we want to deliver because if you don’t  


do that if you haven’t taken the time to actually like codify the things that matter and say Here’s  


what we’re doing and here’s how they they matter  and here’s what your role in it looks like your  


employees could out be out there like trying  their best they just haven’t really been given  


the direction to like all Road the same way hmm  gosh that’s powerful yeah that’s super powerful  


and it’s something that I think for me kind of  going back to the conversation we had earlier  


about how do you design that experience I think in  my case I kind of share with you what we’re doing  


behind the scenes and then also for a lot of our  listeners too it’s like you want people to have an  


amazing experience right that’s of course you do  you care very deeply about your clients and it’s  


how to prioritize that along with everything else  that you’re doing right and sometimes when you’re  


in that rapid growth phase you got to stop and  pause and say okay we got to get that client  


experience like this has to be number one Focus right now, before we scale and grow even more  


um and I would imagine from where you’re sitting  it’s like from day one right we want to be looking  


at things and analyzing through that lens yeah  it’s from day one and it’s also it’s something  


that never ends the r of the supermodel is  repeat and that’s because client experience  


or customer experience is not a set it and  forget it it’s not like a write a funnel and  


call it a day you’re constantly iterating you’re constantly measuring and monitoring and redoing  


and part of the reason why is because everything is experienced every touch point every interaction  


um I lost an argument with my husband a few months  ago about this paint store to Sherwin-Williams  


store that’s like a mile from our house and  we were painting the bathroom and I said oh  


I’m gonna drive to Home Depot and like pick out paint and he said why would you drive all the way  


to Home Depot which is like 20 minutes away when there’s a Sherwin-Williams store like half a mile  


from our house and I said babe that store’s been closed for like a year they never reopened after  


covid I was like Brit no I drive by it every day  they’re open and I was like uh no they’re out of  


business and I got in the car and drove there  thinking that I was going to be able to come  


home all Victorious like I was right but the  store was open but the reason I thought they  


weren’t is because the outside of the building  looked terrible like there is not a building in  


all of downtown Franklin where I lived that was in  more need of being repainted than this paint store  


and this sign out in front of their store looked  like it was 30 years old and I was like you have  


one job like you’re a store that sells paint and you can’t paint your own building you can’t update  


your own sign like I’m not gonna buy paint here so  that’s obviously like a funny example but the same  


is true of everything right like everything is  experience every interaction is saying something  


to your customers I switched vets recently because  the voicemail at my vet was when you had to like  


Call to um go through this phone tree before you  can make an appointment there’s not like online  


appointment I literally said Hello thank you  for calling for hours and directions press one  


for prescription refills press two for cremation  and euthanasia press three for everything else  


including appointments press four and I was like  what yeah and so then of course there’s like all  


these questions in my head right of like how many  pets are they having to euthanize and like who  


approved that phone tree menu because it was read  in this like beautiful British accent by somebody  


that I know doesn’t work at the clinic because I know everybody there and then I started thinking  


well did the vet hear this and think it was a good idea because that’s like a serious concern for me  


about her judgment or did she like not listen to  it and she doesn’t think it’s a big deal that the  


message that every single person who calls to  make an appointment hears like that’s also a  


bad option so again everything is experienced  every touch point is saying something to your  


prospects and customers whether you know it or not  so you really need to try to walk a mile in their  


shoes talk to them understand what the experience  is from the outside looking in so that you can  


curate it from the inside out yeah brilliant  I want to I want to speak a little bit here  


um before we direct everyone on where they can  go to uh to get your book about your own personal  


journey and experience and this is something  that I was just having a conversation with a  


client a couple hours ago before recording this  um about why she decided to join the She Sells  


community and what kind of spoke to her and  she said you know it was that I had because  


it’s still very much a personal brand at the time  in this recording although we’re also looking to  


expand Beyond just the least brand she was like  I had seen you decide that you were done playing  


small and I felt so much in my own life like I  needed to do that in my own way and I know that  


that’s the case for a lot of the members of our  community that they they have a big Vision they  


have a big dream whether it’s they want to  just you know crush it not just whether it’s  


they want to crush it at their corporate job  they want to get a promotion they want to make  


more money they want to either launch their own  business or scale their business to seven eight  


figures you know so much of your personal story  has been about like really putting yourself out  


there and betting on yourself I want to speak  to that for a moment because I think that is  


that is such a critical decision we have to  make whether we’re in sales whether we’re an  


entrepreneur is that belief in ourselves  to go out and Trust our instincts bet on  


ourselves put our name in the Hat what has  your experience been like there and how have  


you learned to consistently bet on your I mean  even with writing this book right and putting  


out it’s like you’re betting on yourself over  and over again how have you learned to do that


well thank you for asking and I always say you  have to be willing to bet on yourself like if  


you’re not gonna bet on you who is going to bet  on you and before you can create super fans you  


really have to be a super fan of yourself and  what I’ve found is that you know if I’m gonna  


go all in on something it helps for me to be  all in like from day one um and really betting  


on myself to say no I’m gonna spend the money  on this I’m gonna spend the resources on this  


because it’s really not fair to ask other people  to be more serious about something than you are  


or more committed to something than you are and I  think this is something I see a lot of times where  


people are like oh I’m gonna just dip my toe in a  little bit and this is my side hustle and you’re  


asking somebody to give their energy or their  money or their time to this thing that you’re  


giving like five percent of your attention to so  why should they take it more seriously than than  


you are and so whether it’s with your resources  whether it’s with your time um whether it’s with  


just you know the intentionality of your of your  thought and your spirit I think going all in on  


the things that matter is at least for me like the  only way I know to be successful like I don’t know  


how to be successful doing something small wow wow  I think that’s kind of a great way to sum up what  


it is to create super fans right and to to embed  that in your culture so that’s super powerful  


um tell us Brittany so if someone obviously  people are going to want to go read your book  


connect with you further what’s the best way  to get your book creating super fans and then  


to connect with you beyond here uh well thank you  people can connect with me at Brittany  


and they can get my book everywhere books are  sold so it is it’s available in stores it’s  


available online if you enjoyed listening to this  podcast and you want to check out the audiobook  


version you can certainly do that you can also  get it as a beautiful full color hardcover which  


I think is elise’s favorite version or you can  get it for your Kindle so however you want it  


it is there because I’m all about making it easy  for the customer yes oh my gosh and the book is  


beautiful so yeah I highly recommend I know we  actually just surveyed our audience recently to  


say are you an audiobook or a a um you know  a paper copy book and pretty much everyone  


was like I want the real thing I want the hard  copy of the book and your book is gorgeous and  


so beautifully designed and I think just even  kind of seeing the presentation and how you  


do things will inspire someone to think about  how can we just make that instant wow factor  


um with our like our first impression with our  clients so thank you that was the intention I was  


like I wanted the book to to showcase the fact  that you can turn anything into an experience  


even a business book so this is a business book  that everybody has said it doesn’t feel like I’m  


reading a business book like I can’t believe at  the end how much I’ve learned because I’ve just  


been like laughing the whole time and then I realized that I’ve changed the way that I think  


about my team or my sales process or my customers  and so that was really my intention so thank you  


for saying that absolutely absolutely and yeah  whether you whether you’re an entrepreneur whether  


you’re leading a sales team whether you’re an  individual contributor in sales you’re going to  


pick up so many things here that will really help  you become that category of one when which I just  


love the positioning there and I think for all of  us that really is our goals so go get Britney’s  


book creating super fans I’m so glad you have  a book out in the world it is so needed and  


um and just your heart and your wisdom and  your Brilliance shine through and I really  


really appreciate your time on the show today  uh well thank you my friend and thank you for  


having me back and hopefully I’ll get to  see you and give you a great big hug in  


person soon I would love that I would love  that all right to you my listener again you  


know where to connect with Brittany and get  her book go get her book thank you so much  


for being a listener of She Sells Radio and we  will see you on our next episode. Bye for now.

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