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Mastering Influencer Marketing w/ JoAnn Emale

If you’ve listened to the show for the past several months you’ve probably heard interviews with some of the Salesforce Influencers that I was privileged to meet this year. Today, I’m bringing you the woman who was really the wizard behind that program, and who I got to know this year as the Director of the Salesforce Influencers program. She has since moved on to other amazing initiatives which you’ll hear about today, but I was so blessed to get to know her in the time we worked together and am so excited to bring her to you for this amazing conversation.  

JoAnn Emale is the inventor of Maskee, a patent pending, trademarked beauty device that prevents makeup from getting on your clothes when changing. Entrepreneurship, experiential marketing, business operations, and promotional marketing are her specialties and have been the backdrop of her career.

In our conversation today, JoAnn covers a lot of diverse territory, her entrepreneurial journey, and how influencer marketing strategies are a big part of how she is growing Maskee.


Show Notes:

[3:30] – JoAnn begins to share her backstory, her speciality in brand operations, and her experience in beauty pageants that inspired Maskee.

[5:44] – Maskee is uniquely designed and eco-friendly.

[7:23] – The development phase of Maskee took a long time and waiting through it created the time for JoAnn to feel a lot of doubt.

[8:53] – Ultimately, JoAnn realized she had a great idea and knew there was a need for the product. She also created job opportunities.

[11:09] – Be careful who you get feedback and advice from.

[12:45] – You can lean on other people for guidance. There are so many things to consider when building a brand.

[15:54] – The number one thing to remember is that influencers rule the world right now. Social media apps like TikTok are bringing in the new generation of buyers.

[18:06] – Influencer marketing recognizes the demographic and is very strategic in how they are approached.

[19:50] – The beauty of this type of marketing is that there are so many different ways to do it.

[21:14] – Influencer marketing isn’t about how it starts. It’s how it perpetuates.

[22:46] – Influencers know their worth now more than ever. 

[23:37] – Learn the demographic of an influencer, learn how they communicate, and build some sort of trade off.

[26:41] – Approaching influencers is similar to any type of sales communication.

[28:03] – You can’t get caught up in how many followers someone has. It’s all about engagement.

[31:37] – Trust the process and be patient. Surround yourself with people who are like minded.

[32:39] – You are always a student. There is always something to learn


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Welcome to She Sells Radio I have the most amazing woman to introduce you to


today and if you’ve been listening to the show for the past several months you’ve probably heard me interview some


Really, really cool people who I’ve met through the Salesforce influencers program and today I’m bringing you a


woman who I met as really the wizard behind the program who I got to know


this year as the Director of the Salesforce influencers program and she has since moved on to some other amazing


initiatives that you’re going to hear about today but I was so blessed to get to know her in the time that we work


together in that program and I’m so excited because I have learned so much more about what she’s up to in the world


and the incredible products she’s created and we’re going to talk today all about that and her journey as an


entrepreneur so Joanne Emale is the inventor of nasty a patent, patent


pending trademark Beauty device that prevents makeup from getting on your clothes when changing which holy moly


it’s the thing that we all need that we didn’t know we needed   which you’ll find out as we talk


today entrepreneurship experiential marketing business operations and promotional


marketing are her specialties and have been the backdrop of her career Joanne welcome to She Sells radio we are so, so


excited to have you today yay thank you so much for having me I feel like I hear like the imaginary hand


claps going crazy right now but I’m so happy to see you Elise thank you so much


for having me on you look stunning per usual thank you so much as do you if


you’re listening to the audio of the podcast go check out the YouTube video because as we’ve talked today about what


you’ve created in your entrepreneurial Journey you’ll see like you use your own product you’re a living example of it


and wearing gorgeous makeup and a white shirt which I’m always


it’s a challenge for most of us right yeah it is it’s a challenge for many of


us for sure uh so I’m I’m super excited to talk about Masky and how you’ve used


influencer marketing to grow it as well but I really I want to give a little more context too to just you as a person


and when I met you   earlier this year like I knew you was just this amazing Dynamic leader of our


our sales force influencer program and really just your energy and how you made


us all feel so welcomed and we kind of orchestrated when I think when you’re managing that many personalities like


you have to have a special heart to be able to do that for sure


so but but then I go on to find out all of these things about you and your journey and you’ve got a background in


pageants and then you’ve invented this incredible product that’s been out   about a year now and so I really want


to hear more about kind of your I know you’ve got this interesting mix of entrepreneurial journey and also being


very successful in the corporate realm tell us just a little bit more of your back story and kind of what led up to


the invention of Masky and where you are today absolutely so you know like you said my


background is an experiential marketing promotional marketing brand operations but even more so before that I’ve always


been in beauty pageants I competed in beauty pageants for 10 years and if you know anything about beauty pageants it


costs a lot of money so when you are looking for ways to cut costs you’re looking for sponsors for gowns now the


next thing they don’t tell you when you have sponsored gowns is you need to walk in it like you’re walking on eggshells


because you can afford to get makeup on it you can’t afford to rip it because it’s sponsored so I would look around


and see my pageant sisters we would do the most chaotic things to get you know


to prevent makeup from getting on our dresses putting towels over our heads some of us risking our lives and putting


plastic bags over our heads and it was like what are for the for the sake of a crown I was like the determination was


real but the logic was absolutely missing so I was like what is a solution


like what can is there a thing and you know of course you go Google like what’s a makeup protector where is something to


prevent makeup from transferring and it’s like there was no context around that and I was like that’s something I


need to invent if not for just my own personal gain but for the help of my pageant sisters and next thing you know


we curated Masky I drew it out on a napkin one day at lunch and then I took it to my seamstress and was like can you


make this and it took about four to five years for me to figure out the perfect formula of how it should be designed how


it should be laid out we added customizations and elements to it because I realized I want everyone that


utilizes my product to see it as a luxury device that helps them get through to an amazing opportunity or to


get them prepared for their big day so that’s when we curate I curated Masky and I say we a lot because my team has


grown since then it’s been me for almost four or five years but I’m blessed to be able to say it’s we now and Masky is now


in market and you know I showed you a bit early here but this is Masky in this platform but Masky again it’s just a


see-through you can breathe it’s breathable you are able to wash it so it’s eco-friendly it’s also made with


Gold Hardware and it’s just unique in itself because it allows you to really get in and out of your clothes without


worrying about this coming off you can see you can have conversations whether you’re an everyday girl that wears


makeup or if you’re someone that’s a model that’s going to a ghosty and you don’t want to necessarily have to go in


and out of clothes and worry about messing it up this is something that helps prepare you for those big moments


and we launched in February like you said and it has been a whirlwind and I’m


just so elated to know that people are buying it people are loving it the testimonials I’m receiving and yeah


Masky is is more than a beauty device it’s definitely a game changer wow wow


well I want to speak to what it’s been like since you launched and I also want to go back a little bit it to what you


said because you kind of made it seem like okay you know I had this idea I wrote it down on a napkin boom here it


is and there’s also this four to five year span when I Can Only Imagine


what that process was like I haven’t launched a product business I’ve always done service businesses but I I know


some of that Journey when it’s like you’re going from the idea to conception phase were there moments I’m sure there


were but I want to hear from you were there moments throughout that process where you really doubted yourself that’s a long four to five years is a chunk of


time right to go from I have this download to okay this thing is here now what was that process like for you and


how did you continue to trust yourself throughout the process even when it felt really


hard wow so that is actually probably this it’s still something that I’m working


through till this day I think in entrepreneurship and I think even offline we talked about how you have so


much doubt because you’re always going into unchartered territory and I don’t know anyone that’s an inventor that’s


something that you know growing up we watch you know we see all the As Seen On TV infomercials and you’re like oh I


could have thought of that and it’s like now you’re walking in the truth of those people that have done it and it’s like


this is more than just an episode of Shark Tank this is like your real life and it’s like the doubt that I had to


overcome and on top of that being an idea and not knowing you know the patent


process and having to learn how to patent a product that’s an expensive process I didn’t realize it and that


also is why there’s not as many inventors in the world because you don’t necessarily have resources they don’t


teach you how to invent things in school they teach you how to learn and ideate but they don’t give you the process to


do so so there was a lot of doubt in which if you know if this idea was even worth it is this something people would


want is this something that you know all of those things clutter your mind in the process of doing it because of course


you’re still living your real life you have to pay your bills you have to be a friend you have to be a sister partner


whatever that may be and the only thing that I always stood ten toes behind was


the fact that God gave me a vision he gave me an idea it’s such a unique


idea that it’s something that it that’s beyond me that came from God and on top


of that I realized that this like I always say I would say mask is more than a beauty device I realize I can utilize


the things that I need to create this product to create opportunities for others so in doing so I realized that


Masky has to be made overseas anyway and we have to Outsource many of our resources and me being Nigerian and


loving my country and having the pride of that it’s there’s so much opportunity for


employment for people in Nigeria and trade opportunities there so my ultimate goal with Masky is to help create job


opportunities and economic stimulus in remote villages in Africa by teaching trade opportunities and Manufacturing


practices so that way we can make it made in Nigeria but also create opportunities for others so the doubt


that investors around me every single day I kind of have to shatter that


because this is bigger than me so I just know that my purpose lies within this


and I just have to have faith in that wow that’s so powerful and I have so


much more appreciation for it as you talk now too because even you know in the launching of my brand it’s like it


was Uncharted Territory for me but like a lot of people have launched successful coaching businesses right so so there’s


that but to what you’re doing this is brand new right and so I would imagine and everyone looks at it now and they’re


like of course it’s brilliant and yet when it hasn’t been created I would just imagine there’s sometimes the thoughts


of like well has it not been created for a reason or right like those doubts yeah creep in until it’s there


and this is something I always tell my clients to do because a lot of our listeners in our community and my


clients they’re very much in their own version of the Quant  Leap and going into Uncharted Territory for them


whatever that looks like for them and so for a lot of them it can be like whether


they’re launching their own business or they’ve just you know we’re a high-end coaching company they’ve just invested


what felt like a lot of money for them for coaching and there’s this fear of like oh my gosh like am I really doing the


right thing can I trust myself and I one of the things I always tell them is like be very conscious of who you speak to


and share your ideas with because if you’re getting feedback and opinions from someone who hasn’t done what you


want to do they’re not necessarily going to be able to give you great advice or they’re going to put their limiting


beliefs and doubts on you so how did you now that were you like very conscious obviously at a certain point you got to


tell everybody but how did you navigate maybe limiting beliefs from others as


you were on your journey that was really hard and I think that


it’s funny because I knew that I had to protect my intellectual property but I didn’t have the funding to do so right


away so in doing so I had to be very selective with whom I shared my thoughts


and ideas with because of course you know like they always say I always joke and say I was Beyonce about it like


everyone has to sign an NDA that’s just what has to happen this is all I have for you to find right now but it also


you have to use discernment in knowing who to talk to and understanding that I’ve always learned from a very young


age that sometimes your family and friends are going to be the most limiting to your dreams because they


care about you so much and they just want you to take the pathway that they know is going to be successful it’s easy


to say you know not that it’s an easy thing to do but it’s easy to pick a pathway that’s already paid for you but


when you have to go on a journey in chartered territory that they have no like my parents have no idea what an


inventor is process is like so I really didn’t have anyone to relate to or mentors to really go look up to so I


really had to just trust the people around me then also realize that there’s so many different elements to building a


brand that I can lean on other people for for mentorship and guidance so it’s


like my friends that were in finance I would go to them like hey how should I put my things you know how should my


business Affairs be handled I would go to some of my mentors that were great with public speaking and saying hey how


would how’s the best what’s the best way to pitch my product and utilizing My Tribe and my resources of people that I


know that are skilled in the top of their of their expertise allowed me to have more confidence in what I was


building because then the more you tell people of course the first time you hear it it’s like oh that’s Masky the beauty


device that prevents makeup from getting on your clothes when changing everyone’s like huh interesting so is it like a


spray is it like a cloth it’s like no it’s a beauty device then that opens the door for that conversation but then you


realize okay how can we continue to build upon this how can we continue to


build resources and understanding and that’s kind of how I was able to do that


and navigate it it’s just using my tribe building my resources and trusting my instincts around who is who am I talking


to and what and what’s their purpose in understanding what I’m doing and just allowing the people to fill me up that


continue to fill me up I think that people underestimate the power of a simple text message like I see you girl


keep going and those are the things that keep me going and or my friends like


literally we could have a low sales day and I’ll see a sale come in from one of my friends from overseas or from you


know the east coast and it’s like those are the things that that push you forward yeah uh so what I’m hearing you say a


cup kind of pulled together from your past few answers one is trusting whatever your spiritual connection is


trusting that download trusting that Vision this is something greater than me and I think everyone who’s


had a brilliant breakthrough a genius idea they all like when they are h ble


like they they say the same thing like I know this came from something greater than me and really trusting in that and


then two going to like leveraging the resources you do have going to experts


for specific feedback in the areas they’ve already   where they already are experts and


then looking for the good right so just kind of building off those wins hey we


got a sale today like our regular text message which I I do too as an entrepreneur right it’s like it’s always


a little bit different every day is a little bit different   so I’d love so you shared that since


your product released since masking released it’s been in a whirlwind which I’m sure it has


yeah I’d love to hear tell us a little bit about I know one of the big things you’ve done is leverage influencer


marketing and clearly like if Salesforce also hires you to run their influencer marketing program you know something


about influencer marketing right can you share with us you know I want to


hear about the overall Journey since you launched but I also want to hear specifically what have you done like how have you


leveraged influencer marketing specifically to help you grow the brand and reach of Masky


absolutely so one of the things that I’ve always loved about marketing is the


impact that it makes when you properly place your product in the right hands and the n ber one thing we have to


realize is influencers rule the world at this point I remember two years ago someone was telling me they’re like Tick


Tock that’s gonna be the app that’s gonna really change the way gen Z is gonna shop and our new our new buyers


are going to come in ultimately you trust when you trust someone your your


viewers and the people that support She Sells they trust your Insight they trust your expertise you influence the


influencer the base word is influence who makes an impact how can you make a change and so I realized very quickly


that some of the biggest brands in the world have all have have stood on the backs of influencers we look at Brands


like fashion Nova gym shark think of some of your favorite Brands and nine times out of ten if in the past two


years especially since the pandemic you are most likely connected with that brand through an influencer it’s no


longer people aren’t necessarily watching television like they used to to the point where you’re you know seeing


commercials every day like you used to or you know you can go outside and see Billboards now you’re your cons ers are


in their phone and so influencer marketing I realized that when you build Out programs and build out systems that


allow people to not only build communities to feel seen you show people that connect with them on their level


you meet the cons er where they’re at is no longer just trying to build an ideal of for example body positivity is


no longer just an influencer that just fits one supermodel aesthetic we now have people that fit all molds and all


body shapes and they influence those people in those particular ways so with influencer marketing with Masky we’ve


been able to tap in with different people that connect with the brand Masky is unisex there’s men that work in the


fashion and film industry and when they’re in those Industries they have to


change clothes as well they need to prevent makeup from getting on their clothes the everyday girl that’s getting


ready for work in the morning or for a podcast we both have on white today we probably went through different


struggles to get that outfit on and with influencer marketing it’s saying hey I


recognize my demographic and instead of me just putting my product out there for the world I’m being very strategic in


how I’m going to approach them so very similarly to how we met with our through the Salesforce influencer program the


premise was saying hey okay we want the thought leadership of the best of the best and we want them to co-sign us


because they’re going to believe in our brand just as much as we believe in them so whenever you have those I always say


those presidential cosigns whenever you have a superstar a Beyonce using your


product how many people are going to buy your product because they simply saw the influence and impact Beyonce was able to


make using it how about the people that you know Michael Jordan literally he


hasn’t played basketball in 20 30 plus years yet his shoes still sell out every


single holiday season that’s influence so whenever you’re talking about influencer marketing especially with  


with everything being so digital now that is the key to success in sales you


have to meet your cons er where they’re at and your cons ers are now living a vast majority of their life in their


phones and literally remotely in their homes wow for sure now I’m curious


because there’s a lot a lot of really obvious applications for product-based businesses and I know a lot of our


listeners are also service based whether they’re an entrepreneur whether they’re in in sales


how does someone who’s in a service based role how do they approach influencer marketing can it work for


them what would that look like I could love your perspective on on that absolutely again the best the beauty of


digital marketing and influencer marketing is that you can approach it so many different ways so when people are


saying like okay how am I going to promote my service showcase your service your service in itself how you’re


actioning your service is the product itself you can be your own product for


example I have friends who are estheticians what’s the n ber one you can literally pick an influencer and say


hey I would love for you   let’s say you do lashes hi you’re you


have a hundred thousand followers on your Instagram and if you seem to love makeup and Beauty I would love to have


you come in and test out my services or we come up with a contracted or deal and I want to utilize you as a model to


Showcase my services and then now someone else can say I had a great experience working with them that


service worked for me whether even if you have a digital product service or a CRM and you want to promote that it’s


like how have someone utilize it and talk about how they used it that’s showing their influence because I trust


the least She Sells and I listen to her podcast and that’s an experience that I


gained and I’m gonna refer that person to someone or I’m gonna make a tick talk about these are the five things that I


did to help amplify my set of my best sales practices one listen to the at least about your podcast they go to your


podcast it’s all interconnected that’s how influence works it’s not just about


where it starts at but it’s how it continues to perpetuate so that can go from service to products I think that


oftentimes people get in their head like I offer my skills I don’t necessarily have something tangible your skills are


more tangible than you think showcase your work showcase your experiences if you’re an event planner show the process


of putting your event together and have an influencer share that on their timeline and saying hey I was just at an


event that looked really cool this was the event planner influence connecting it’s all about cross collaboration and


building communities of like-minded individuals and that’s the key to success in influencer marketing wow


that’s those are great examples so it’s it’s really no matter what you’re doing or selling there’s a way to leverage


this is what I’m hearing always a way to leverage it yeah yeah yeah


so I’m curious about the Outreach to an influencer so let’s say that somebody’s


listening and they’re like okay this is something I haven’t really thought about yet for my brand I totally see the application where do I


even start so let’s say like is there a certain kind of T you know there’s so many different quote-unquote categories


of influencers now for micro micro influencers and you know more about it than I do is there a certain kind of


tier we should be looking at when we start depending on what our current audience is


and then the follow-up question is how do we make it a win for the influencer so maybe maybe speak to where to start


and then we’ll talk more about the actual approach okay so when you think about where to start when it comes to


influencer marketing you have to really think okay like you said is it a micro influencer or a macro influencer I’m


going to be the first to be quite bold and candid nine times out of ten if you see influencers now know their worth now


more than ever because we’re disseminating that information to each other saying hey this is my worth now


it’s no longer like hey can I just send you a pre-product you post me cool I got a free you know maskies are thirty


dollars right now for uh for Cyber Monday so it’s like here’s a 30 product but you’re about to make me ten thousand


dollars because you posted on your timeline there has to be some mutual trade-off in it and all of this it’s


still a business and so when it comes to influencer marketing and saying okay who I’m going who am I going to pick to to


promote my brand how am I going to build upon that it’s like okay let me figure out how this person


likes to be approached not every influencer is going to check their DMS I’m not going to slide into Beyonce’s DMS and say hey I have a great product


now do we have those unicorn moments that happen when you’re like okay this person answered their DMS and we’ve seen


you know fairy tale stories happen but if you want to approach an influencer you have to kind of meet them where


their guidelines are at there are some influencers you can tell that they’ve built their following for the pure joy


of just loving to create content you can possibly approach them and say hey can I just send you a product and can we cross


collaborate I’ll share your content and share your posts and share the things that you’re creating with my audiences


that you haven’t tapped into and you can share my product with yours and now we’re both creating content oftentimes


one of the biggest struggles for entrepreneurs is finding ways to create content now I’m Outsourcing that for


assistance you needed this product and now I have the footage of someone utilizing that I actually saw Fashion


Stylist working with a fashion model Lori Harvey and she had on an all-white


off-white Virgil aqua outfit and that’s a VIN at this point it’s one of those


pieces you can’t mess up and he had all types of things on her face to help her get her outfit on and luckily I was like


let me screen grab those pictures and I sent it to him and said hey I have a solution that could work for you that


could help let me send this to you sending that email it’s all sales everything in any business industry is


sales just like you’re reaching out to an influencer we’re trying to sell our product to them just as much as they


want to because they want to showcase it as well so you know you have to meet them where they’re at you have to of


course go at it with tact and and strategy of course you know sometimes your first goal around you might ask you


might not hear back just like it in sales second time even the third time but you have to really just figure out


who you’re trying to approach and figure out how to approach them if I know that you like chocolate but I come to meet


you with Skittles you’re going to be like thanks but it’s candy but it’s not you know doesn’t see the benefit for me


but if I approach you and say hey I know that you have a beauty brand I’m a budding Beauty brand that has a product


that you can utilize in your videos to create a lot of buzz it has a unique appeal that’s going to get people talking let’s figure out a way to work


together then we can start creating and that’s when the group think happens and that’s when you blossom into a beautiful


cohesive influencer partnership so again just knowing who you’re trying to reach out to figuring out the best way to


approach them there’s you know that you get more bees with with honey so go


about it strategically just like a true salesman would watch the She Sells podcast get some tips on how to sell


yourself and you can get influencers to promote your brand wow wow I love that I


mean those are best practices and sales all the time right so personal guys know like I have that have the kind approach


  think about the person and what’s most of impact to them so it’s what I’m hearing you say is it’s not really all that different


now should we I’d love your opinion on this because I know a lot of influencers will charge money right so is that


something we should be prepared to invest in and and I’m ass ing it all depends on who the person is and the


platform but that’s probably a lot of what might be asked when you reach out is hey here’s my feet to share what is what does that look like


absolutely that’s I mean it’s just as candid is walking into McDonald’s and seeing the prices on the menu you know


and the thing is about influencer marketing influencers followings change every single day so there’s funny


there’s a rapper Fat Joe that said yesterday’s price is not today’s price and that’s what you have to learn with


influencers is they literally are always 10 seconds away from their next viral moment so that same influencer that


could have said hey my budget is you know to make a one minute reel to 75 right cool I started making an


influencer list and started putting their pricing down and saying okay influencer a she costs you know three


thousand dollars for a two minute video but their platform has 20 million followers influencer B has she’s


charging me fifty dollars for this post she has ten thousand followers but she


can probably convert to 10 15 20 sales sometimes you have to waive the pros and cons and also you can’t even get caught


up in the followers you actually need to start looking at the engagement that they have With Their audience because


just because you have there’s actually a viral post going around where there was


a influencer who has three million followers and she hosted a meet and greet and no one showed up so that also


to the point there’s also a little you know you kind of gotta really learn your influencer to know like okay does this


influencer have a big following because you know they have one big hit back in


2016 that got them three million followers out of the blue or do they have active and engaging followers and


it could be someone with 10 000 followers that gets you more sales but they hit your price point and saying


okay I can afford to spend 500 on this one minute row because I’m gonna get my Roi


back because last time she sold t-shirts for brand XYZ they made that money and


these influencers know their work so they’re making decks as well saying these are the Impressions I get on a


day-to-day basis these are the screen grabs from my Instagram this is what happens when I post at 12 o’clock if you


don’t want to post at 12 o’clock maybe I can post you at 8pm it’s going to be a little cheaper but at least you’ll get


some form so you kind of have to weigh your options and and know where you’re at and then also don’t underestimate the


the power of guerrilla marketing and getting up and coming influencers to work with you because now the playing


field especially on social media isn’t necessarily about who has the most followers but who Taps into the


algorithm correctly in most with the most Innovation and creativity so


influencer marketing it’s a lot of instinctual practices it’s a lot of watching it’s a lot of knowing your


industry and who within it so you know exactly who to tap in with because you


could throw thousands of dollars away and say hey let me post on TMZ or post


on people magazines page and see what happens but you want to know whose


engagement really fits your audience to see that Roi wow wow oh my gosh so much


so much Brilliance there and I love I mean truly it’s like having the spreadsheet right having kind of


tracking and looking at what are all my options just to learn to kind of like navigate the landscape and what’s going


to get you the best Roi   brilliant so thank you for I think


giving us a really good like influencer one-on-one marketing strategy because I know for a lot of my listeners we’ve got


a lot of listeners in sales we’ve also got a lot of listeners who are entrepreneurs who are just thinking creatively about what are some different


ways to get the word out about what I do maybe they’re tired of the launch you know they’re tired of launching and


they’re like I want to do something different right or they want to do it but they want to grow Their audience so these are all just I think everyone can


take something from this and apply it   I would love to ask one final question and then have you tell everyone


where they can go to get Masky to learn more about you as well so we talked


about how you’ve trusted your instincts as you’ve gone and I I really love what you shared about just knowing that the


vision is from God and from from something greater than you   and I also love to look kind of in


hindsight with like what did you need to know four or five years ago that you now know so speaking and thinking about to


your younger self when this was just that kind of fledgling idea that was written down on a napkin what did


younger Joanne need to know that you sitting here as your future self can tell her today


I would definitely tell younger Joanne to trust the process and to be patient I


think that when you’re on any journey in life whether that’s trying to get to the next level or finding yourself or


finding your pathway you you lack patience especially if you’re a goal-oriented person usually people that


are in sales or are in marketing you have to have a Hustler’s mentality because you know no one’s coming to save


you right no one’s coming to make that still happen for you but you so if I


could go back in time and tell my younger self I’ll say be patient surround yourself with people that are


like-minded that understand your vision and can help actually fill your cup up with encouragement and with tangible


tools and resources that you can use I would also say to always you know of


course I think the excitement of Entrepreneurship is coming out the game and saying I’m an entrepreneur I work for myself but to know that you’re


always a student you are forever a student in this every day you learn something new whether you know it or not


and I think that I would just tell my younger self to just get ready to embrace being a student and learning and


being h ble and understanding that you you know you’re gonna be you you are HR


your accounting your social media you’re gonna be a lot of you, you for a while but it’s gonna build up the the Intel


that you need to be the perfect person for we later so I would just tell myself to be patient stay the person to


continue to believe in yourself because again it’s it’s what you put in your mind that’s going to keep you going


wow this was powerful for me thank you very much not just from a I mean the the


Tactical elements my wheels are spinning about wow like there’s a lot we could really do here by leveraging influencer marketing and then beyond that just the


the inspiration of your journey and how you’ve continued going and trusting yourself and to see the just the


blossoming   of you you know running with that vision and going with it and continuing to trust and persevering even when when


you did doubt and seeing what you’ve created in the world today it’s it’s really exciting so thank you for thank


you for coming on and sharing your story and sharing your wisdom as well and I’d love Joanne if you could tell everyone


where can they go to get a Masky because they’re deaf I’m gonna go get one everyone’s Gonna Wanna Go get one I’m


looking at your white shirt and my white shirt like your white shirt definitely doesn’t have makeup on it and I’m pretty sure mine does right now


so yeah where can they go to get your product and then also how can they connect with you from here absolutely


absolutely so Masky it’s sold right now exclusively at the


  by the time we actually speak again this will be at Amazon we will have our Amazon Marketplace up and running as


well we’re part of the Amazon black business accelerator program so Amazon is backing our brand as well now so


that’s exciting news for us as well so you guys but for right now just know

34:07 you can follow us on Instagram at the Masky shop you can follow me whether it be on LinkedIn at


joannemale and of course connect with me on my social medias at jojo.emale


amazing thank you again so much Joanne this was so fun and   I just I’ve Loved getting to know you


as a person love your heart and and I’m just so excited for what you’re doing so thank you again thank you so


much and thank you again for sharing allow me to have this space to speak about something so important to me and


for always being so kind and gracious to me and in my journey as well so I wish you all the best at least because you


truly deserve it so thank you so much thank you so much, thank you so much all


right to you my listener go get yourself a mask I swear like I can’t wait to


start using mine because I’m literally like how did we live before this so it’s a game changer


I’m so excited for that so go get yourself a nasty connect with Joanne on social


and also kind of just to see her journey and see how she continues to grow and uh you’ll be so inspired by her


so thank you as always for being a listener of She Sells Radio so grateful for you and I’ll see you on our next


episode. Bye for now

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