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How Are You Being Asked to Evolve?

For Episode 300 (WOW!), we need to do something special. Looking back at the journey this podcast has had, it makes you realize the amount of evolution you experience in your life and in your career. And lately, I’ve been feeling the call for more. 

This special solo episode is all about one of the things that is really present in my life right now, which is about personal evolution and how I am being asked to evolve. There are three specific areas in my life that I’m being called to change and in this episode, you’ll hear about the challenges I have been presented with (including a full on meltdown) and how these challenges are actually signs that we’re headed in the right direction. 

Now ask yourself, how are you being asked to evolve?

Show Notes:

[3:20] – Isn’t it interesting when you are forced into a new schedule or routine and it winds up being amazing?

[4:40] – We are all feeling the energy of being asked to change and evolve.

[8:10] – There have been three very clear ways that Elyse has been asked to evolve in the last couple of months.

[9:24] – She felt the call to work on deepening existing relationships.

[10:30] – You may be given challenges that make you feel like you are doing something wrong.

[12:07] – With the power of coaching, Elyse was able to shift her perspective.

[13:37] – The recipe for deep relationships is to be so true to yourself that you are drawing people in through your authenticity.

[15:54] – When you are in the river of change, you will experience chaos and it is a sign that you are on the right track.

[16:56] – You have to be so open to how you can best serve given the what so in the world right now.

[18:08] – Elyse shares some of the things she is being asked a lot from clients and listeners and what she’s leaning into.

[19:51] – Be open to what comes up and don’t be so attached with how you previously thought things would look this year.

[22:03] – Become an expert in the ways you want to serve others.

[23:13] – Another area of evolution for Elyse is her relationship with time.

[25:52] – Sometimes you may be unrealistic in the expectations you put on yourself regarding how much you can accomplish in any amount of time.

[28:50] – What are some of the changes Elyse has made that are helping with her relationship with time?

[30:43] – Learn what it means to become a Time Vendor.

[32:24] – When we are in a certain mindset, it feels almost like we can stop time.

[35:18] – When you are present in the moment, you can bend time and space.

[38:08] – The only constant is change.

[39:15] – If you have a clear goal, who you were is not the person that will get you to that goal.

[40:39] – The way Elyse has grown in these areas in the last few months has improved her amount of self love. That has been the actual prize.


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Welcome to She Sells Radio. It is Episode 300 my friend,


how is this even a thing well I know how it’s a thing part of it is you decide to do daily podcasts for a


while and you crank out a bunch of content and you quickly get to 300. that


was an intense season of the podcast I’m not gonna lie I’m kind of like enjoying the more measured Pace right now uh but


I couldn’t get to episode 300 and not do a special solo episode for you about one


of the things that’s really present in my life right now which is really about personal evolution and how you’re being


asked to evolve now I’m just going to say straight up before we get any further in the episode today is probably


the first day in I don’t know a week and a half like when I’ve been able to talk enough that


I think I’m going to be able to get out this whole episode I got I’m actually going to speak to


this a little bit in the episode today but I lost my voice and had RSV


for any of you who have had that it was like it was to me more intense than coped I know everyone’s experience is


different but it was really intense and I’ve had that going on for about a week and a half and there’s actually


some really interesting things that I’m gonna pull out from that in today’s episode just about how I


know I’m being asked to evolve and so I just wanted to give that disclaimer because my voice Probably


sounds a little bit different but it is better for sure than it has been and so I think we’re gonna be good to get


through the the whole podcast and I also want to


say if you’ve been following along with the episodes over the past couple months


I might like this one I am recording live so a lot of the ones we’ve been releasing over the past few months have


been you know this has been kind of my maternity leave since we had Luke almost two months ago and so those were


interviews that I recorded before maternity leave so oh that felt so good


and to have those done and I know the conversations have been really powerful at least I I believe they are so go back


and listen to some of those if you haven’t caught them uh but I I’m recording this in real time um about a


week before the episode airs so there’s a lot that’s happened a lot that’s changed I haven’t been sharing a ton of


it on social just because I’ve still been kind of like in that transitional mode and frankly I


want to say like isn’t it crazy when you take a different schedule when you you are


almost forced into a different type of schedule and you realize how much you love it like my uh one of my former


clients and my friend Jill Flaudstrom she has this really cool kind of incredible story about


how illness forced her to be able to only work one hour a day and or I’m


sorry it was a car accident that forced her to only be able to work one hour a day and she built and grew a seven-figure business in that one hour a


day because it forced her to get so just laser focused on what mattered


and what didn’t and I feel like that’s part of what’s been beautiful about the past couple months is like I worked


maybe a couple hours a day probably most days partly because I love working partly because business needs to


keep running and we don’t have the team set yet to where like I can just fully step away which is also fine


but with that there’s a lot that I haven’t been talking about or sharing and there’s a lot that I haven’t shared


on the podcast yet so that’s what today is going to be about is how are you


being asked to evolve in this next season of your career and your life and


when I think about really the past two months for me that I’ve been on maternity leave there has been a


tremendous Evolution and I think we’re all kind of feeling it


right now too energetically planetarily there’s a lot going on


that’s asking us to change to speak Our Truth to no longer


have the old habits that we used to have that don’t serve us and so I’ve been in


that too and of course the biggest probably the biggest transformation on my end has been becoming a mom of two


which has been such a blessing and I did share on Instagram a while back that I would just share a bit about the birth


story so I’m not going to go really deep into that today super high level it was uh it was


he’s here that’s what matters he’s here it was


relatively easy I did this is one kind of comical point maybe I you know I went


in with the intention of let me see if I can do it without an epidural this time I did the epidural the first time and I was like let me just see well


no no no mama called for the epidural very soon and apparently the 


anesthesiologist who was administering the epidural that day was just very happy and gave all the women


on my uh in my section of the hospital such strong epidurals that like none of


us could feel anything if you’ve given birth and you’ve done it with an epidural you know that you can usually


still feel enough to like push and know when it’s time to push I felt nothing


they checked me and I was like no I don’t think I’m anywhere near being ready to give birth and they’re like oh no this is maybe TMI for my listener


sorry but they were like no his head is right there like it’s time I couldn’t feel myself pushing at all it was wild


but about 17 hours of Labor our little guy Luke Ethan robistelli is here he is


precious he is definitely a mama’s boy he wants to nurse and eat all the time


so that’s like I actually I did an Instagram post about this the other day because I counted up


I actually heard this somewhere that it’s if you count the hours what was it if breastfeeding were a job it would be


an 1800 hour a year job which is actually almost full-time work


and that I was like that’s why I’ve been feeling so crazy


not that I’m not super grateful that I’m able to nurse him and this has actually been far easier than it was the first


time I struggled a lot the first time around with milk production and just


schedule and all of that this time has been a lot easier I think so I’m a lot more relaxed about it I was like that’s


why I’ve been feeling like I can’t get anything else done because uh this


little chunk is just eating all the time but he’s such a love Jack is loving being a big brother he’s doing a really


good job and so I wanted to just share that update because I haven’t shared on the podcast


yet like everyone is doing well thank you so much for those of you who sent in well wishes and uh and just supported


along the way but you can check out my Instagram if you want to see some pictures of him we literally just took him on his first RV trip


uh with the family this past week we got back yesterday or no the day before and so


Luke is living his best life in the RV and having a lot of fun as well so


all right let’s talk about let’s I want to share these three ways


in which I personally have felt very called to evolve over the past I’d say


two months like ever since Luke came it felt like a boom like


it was not the maternity leave I was expecting I will say that I have been


refined through the fire again in many ways and now with


perspective I can see how beautiful it’s all been and how grateful I am for it as well and so I’m


going to share some of these things that I’ve been learning and strengthening in myself with the


intention of it being able to serve you as well in whatever way you’re being


called on to evolve right now and so I was sharing this with my 50k Club


Mastermind earlier this week on one of our group calls and I shared


with them that I had really set the intention like right before Luke was born that you know I’m


typically working on money related goals like I’m always working on a money related goal so I still have one of those I’m working on right now and I


really felt this desire to work on deepening relationships and just having more like Soul aligned


uh heart filling heart-filled deep connections with everyone in my


life from my family to my clients to


my audience on social media to my podcast listeners all of it and I just was really


craving that and so I I really set that intention and prayed over that and


decided to call that in well this is how it works


when you have a desire for an evolution or a change in some


part of your life which by the way you are programmed to constantly be evolving and changing so that’s normal and good


and all of that but you have to become the person who is


a match for what you want and so you will be given circumstances


opportunities challenges where you may think oh my


gosh I’m doing something wrong it’s actually not the case it’s no like you asked for my case I asked for deeper


relationships or maybe you asked for more money or you asked for a better


career opportunity and guess what in order to have it and to be able to hold it and sustain it


you’ve got to become the person who can who is the match for that so you’re going to be given opportunities to


evolve into the person who can become the match for that and so when I set this intention this heartfelt desire and


intention to deepen relationships I kid you not it was probably


two days one to two days after that I started receiving


sets of circumstances that have been the most challenging some of the most challenging in my life when it comes to


relationships and it was


like it was hard I’m not gonna like these past couple months have been some of the hardest in that way in my life


I lost my voice twice in that time so first was towards the beginning second


was just coming off of it this week and what I shared with my Mastermind and


what I want to share with you today too as well is that the part that was mirrored back


to me so beautifully through all of this now I didn’t see this at the beginning I’m not like trust I did not see this at


the beginning but with the power of coaching and calling in


friends and high-level mentors who could help me shift perspective on things I’m able to have a different perspective


now and I was able to see that in order to


be the woman who has the type of relationships that I really desire there


was a part of me that was that needed a shift and that was the part of me that


was still to some extent although I’ve done so much work in this area still to some extent afraid to speak her


truth afraid to set boundaries with other people for fear of being unliked


or for fear of being judged there was a part of me that was


still tied to perfectionism and needing to be perfect in order to have certain


types of business results or life results and so all of this got mirrored


back so powerfully and it was all around the area of


speaking my truth and speaking up for myself and setting boundaries and so I


started using my voice and speaking my truth in ways that felt very uncomfortable


and that challenge that smaller part of me that was still holding on to this


desire to be liked by everyone because that’s not actually a rep a recipe for


really profound relationships the recipe for deep relationships like I was


Desiring is to be so true to yourself that you’re going to repel the wrong people and that’s okay but that the


right people are going to be so drawn to your energy of authenticity and your energy of self-love which is something


that I have cultivated in Spades like way more over these past few months


and so along the way of doing that it was like


I was using my voice in ways that felt so uncomfortable and so scary in many


ways and many times that I lost my voice multiple times and again I’m still like


getting back I’m kind of getting over this the second bout but


what I shared with my Mastermind kind of the takeaway for you that I want to share I shared with them and I want to


share with you as well here is really remembering that you’re


going to get to become the match for the person who has whatever you’ve set an intention for more sales more money


again different type of business different type of clients if you want I’m working with a lot of women right


now who want to call in like a very high level clientele well guess what who


are they going to want to work with that person that high level client who’s paying


however whatever your high ticket prices are they’re going to expect you to be


confident to be certain to be Unapologetic to have great boundaries to


be solid in yourself and your pricing and so you get to become that and along


the way in the up level there’s it’s it’s not a matter of will


there be challenges or will it feel like chaos it’s like okay what is going to be a challenge what’s going to feel like


chaos for me because it’s part of the process because from a quantum physics standpoint you’re breaking old energetic


bonds with who you used to be how the people you used to associate with the


feelings you that you’re addicted to feeling disempowerment uncertainty lack Etc


the the circumstances in your life that are no longer aligned and so when we do that and we break those old


energetic bonds and we’re in that River of change as Joe dispenza calls it you


are going to experience what feels like some chaos and it can be things breaking you getting sick it can be just


everything feeling like it’s falling apart whatever it is it’s not a sign that you’re on the wrong track it’s actually a sign that you’re on the right


track but the key is to know what’s going on and then to redirect that now available energy towards what are you


wanting to create versus going into spin and freaking out and thinking that something is wrong


so that’s the first kind of piece of my own Evolution over the past few months


and I hope that you can take from that what you need to to maybe have some peace and some


comfort if things are feeling a little chaotic out of control uncomfortable


whatever right uh during this season of your life


so with that the second piece that I want to talk about for you here


today is you have to be so open to how you can


best serve given the what so in the world right now and given what your


clients and what the world needs and this is something that has been so interesting to me and it’s something


that’s really been illuminated over the past few weeks is I have a certain business goal that


I’m working on right now and I’m intentionally visualizing that goal


seeing that goal completed feeling into it I will say it doesn’t like I know it’s still in the formation


process because I’m not so like attached to it now when I go into my meditation and visualization I’m like yeah it’s


like it’s a done deal it’s happening I know it if you do the work that I’m talking about here you know when you hit


that point with it so I know I’m not there yet and that’s okay but I’m getting closer every time I work on it


but as I continue to lean into creating this next level goal and asking how can


I most be of service the opportunities I’m getting back are different from the


ones that I went into this year thinking I would be focusing in on and


specifically what I am seeing and feeling like what I’m getting feedback on that people need the most are


a lot of sales strategy right now for how do I sell in the world today


and then also interestingly enough lots of opportunities in the AI space and the


tech space and if you know me and you’ve listened to this show for a while you may be like okay those aren’t things we


typically talk about on here because I am such a deep deep fan of the inner


work and how transformational that is when it comes to you achieving your business and your sales goals and I also


don’t want to be naive to what is the next level evolution of me that I’m


being called to step into to be most of service at this time and to uh to grow


to grow our clients to grow our company to serve more people and so


I’m really leaning into those things right now a heck of a lot more strategy I am studying AI every day like I would


not think this would be me I’m doing it I’m actually really geeking out on it because there’s so many use


cases or just ways you can streamline sales customer service all of it so I’m having


fun with that I’m actually planning on doing a special podcast episode um about that soon gonna bring in some


other experts on that so if you have questions on that you can send me a DM I’m at Elise archeron LinkedIn Instagram


are the two best ones I would say to reach me uh but so the takeaway from that for you I can feel my voice right


now is like oh we got a few more minutes so I’m gonna try to be expedient here


the takeaway from that is be open to what shows up in


terms of how you can best be of service and don’t be so attached to


it had to look the way I thought it was going to coming into this year I had a uh you know I still have a


revenue goal for this year my little dog just broke into the office hey Mona


um I have a revenue goal for this year I came into this year with a sense of how


many people would need to be in my existing programs in order to hit that and what I’m kind of getting clearer and


clearer on right now is like I actually don’t think that that’s the way it’s going to happen and I’m okay with that


too the opportunities that are coming in now are actually very exciting uh very


different from they’re they’re incorporating a lot of what I would say my skill set is that I


haven’t been marketing or promoting a ton for a while when it comes to like marketing personal branding journalism


communication strategy like I actually really I say this I’m not great at everything


but I am pretty great at strategy I am pretty you know I’m good in these areas


and so I know I can help and serve people there but it’s different than how I thought it was going to be and that’s


okay so just be pay attention to what are you


being mirrored back when you think about the goal that you’ve set and then ask again like who


is the person who has achieved that goal and I even asked this the other day I was like okay well what podcast like if


you looked at my podcast feed a week ago two maybe two weeks ago it would have been very different from what


it is today it was probably all or almost all a little bit of marketing but


almost all like mindset wealth Consciousness and if you look at it today there’s some of that in there I


kept my favorites but there’s a heck of a lot more strategy there’s a lot more marketing


there’s some AI specific podcasts as well uh maybe an investing podcast or two but


so it’s like I have to become the expert in the things that I’m being shown are


the places where I’m going to be helping people and I’m so good with that so I get to


evolve in that way and so do you so think about that what are the podcasts that the person who has your goal


manifested listens to and if it’s like if it’s She Sells Radio awesome I hope so keep listening right we’re going to


be evolving and growing and we’re going to be adding on more


of like I said like the strategy like what AI do you need to use for your sales all of that continuing to


incorporate the foundation in mindset and feminine energy for our listeners


who identify as female and rewiring belief systems because I know we get a lot of traction and requests around


those topics but it’s going to be a blend and if that’s not like if we’re not what you feel like you need right


now go listen to something else you know I want you to make a good use of your time with what you need but really ask


that question like what would she be listening to what would he be listening to right ask


yourself that question and then the final and the third place here where I personally have been


evolving and I want to share this with you because I think this is really cool is relationship with time


now I did a social post this week talking about


a literal meltdown that I had earlier this earlier this week it was only a few days ago I had a


meltdown I’m not gonna lie and the transition from


it’s the same kind of thing that happened when I went from zero to one kids and huge shout out to those of you


who were I had someone a woman write me she was like yeah I’m a single mom of four like I feel you I was like oh my


gosh I have it so easy like so so easy compared to her so I’m not about


comparison but I know for context like there’s people with a lot more challenging parenting


situations out there I know how lucky and blessed I am and


um it’s still a transition regardless of what type of support you have or what


your family situation is and so the transition from one to two


and I uh like I said there’s been some challenges actually not mainly related to Parenting over the past few months


but this past week I felt so challenged in the area of time and we were we’re actually away on an RV


trip we were visiting some family that wanted to meet Luke for the first time gonna


take a quick little water break and because the grandparents were there


I had said you know what I’m going to take advantage of some of this time to like work on some projects that I’m actually excited about


and so I had like a couple hours a day blocked where I was intending to get some work done


intending ever I felt like every time I would sit


down to get some work done Luke would be ready to eat again God bless him


or Jack would be having a meltdown and I would feel like I couldn’t focus


and it I think it did get exacerbated because we’re all in this little RV together so I know that that’s part of


what intensified it but I had a meltdown and I lost it and I was like I don’t know how the heck I’m gonna


achieve my goal like this was granted also some holdover new moon


energy some old over like I had been in an energetic like kind of


low over the past week and so it was a holdover from that coupled with


the what felt like constant distractions and constant interruptions


and what I got in that moment and this is this is applicable whether you have


kids or not is like I was being so unrealistic with the expectations I was


setting on myself for how much I was going to get done in a given period of time given the what so of the situation


and so I had to finally surrender and this is Again part of the power of


coaching part of the power of mentorship I boxed my coach like in tears and I was like I’m I’m having a really human


moment right now but I am I said I’m struggling like I need help help and uh and she was able to help me


reframe a lot of it which is really beautiful and with that too though I think one of the


beautiful things about contrast and those challenges is it does prompt us to really look at the things in our lives


that need to change and clearly my relationship with time


gets to change going from one to two I had it factored in guess what love you’re going to be


spending an extra six to eight hours a day feeding and I had made the decision after a couple of weeks of feeding and


simultaneously like Marco poloing my clients and trying to get work stuff done


I chatted with a girlfriend who’s amazing and energetics and she shared that


when you’re nursing and breastfeeding you’re naturally releasing oxytocin which is the bonding hormone that helps


Bond you with your baby but if you’re trying to also simultaneously accomplish


tasks and like do the check the box type of thing that releases dopamine and we


get dopamine hits off of that dopamine inhibits the flow of oxytocin and so I


was actually inhibiting the flow of the bonding chemical with my new baby by


trying to fit in the work I would have normally been doing while I was nursing him


and that for me and I could feel it like I could just I felt even though I was like checking the box and getting stuff


done and I was actually more like I would say probably more available than


I had been in the past because I just had suddenly what felt like so much down time and I wanted to be quote unquote


productive when I found that out I was like I’m


not doing that and I I so respect whatever your decision is for how you need to structure parenting and business


and I certainly don’t have it all figured out right now I’m just sharing my own experience here when I found that


out I was like no like for me I care so much because I know when we


had our first our first Jack like I didn’t know these things and there was a


part of me that wanted to like guilt and shame myself as a mom as a first-time mom


and I’ve had a lot of really like loving gracious conversations with myself over the past few weeks to not do that but


now that I know that um I’ve just made the personal decision that like I’m not going to be doing work


things doing like check the box type of tasks while I’m nursing our little guy because I care very much


about bonding with him and I also know that um what was I gonna say oh my gosh I


just had a total brain lapse [Laughter] it’s gonna come back I’ll I know how


short this time is I know I’m gonna blink and he’s going to be a three-year-old running around and then I’m an 18 year


old right it’s like my brain is already going there so anyway this but there was still the challenge


of how the heck do you get it done get done what matters while fitting in


this new kind of like full-time slash High part-time job


and so I went back to the book do less by Kate Northrup which oh my gosh shout


out to Kate this book is phenomenal it’s probably the only time management book that I


found that actually works for us as women and I’ve tried you know I’ve tried so many things I I just went back to


giving 12-week year a shot recently and it was like kind of working I think it’s really good for some


masculine structure so check it out I do recommend it for my clients sometimes because I think it can be very helpful


from a productivity standpoint but I’ll say for this season in my life it was like oh it just felt so heavy I felt


like I was constantly behind um I’ve done all the things I’ve tried


all the things from time standpoint this book and her system


of aligning your activities with your energy and also having a lot of Grace for


yourself is the only thing I’ve ever tried that actually has felt like it worked from a time and productivity


standpoint for me as a woman and I was re-listening this week to this


chapter on become a Time vendor and I oh my gosh I got to tell you it


was such a good reminder because part of why I was feeling so frustrated and I was having the


meltdown is like I for I forgot I temporarily forgot how this stuff works and I was trying to


multitask getting like being in the RV with our family


while also simultaneously like writing a


writing a submission for a publication that’s due in a couple weeks and working on an upcoming launch that


we’ve got coming up in a couple weeks and it’s like of course you’re gonna have a meltdown because I wasn’t fully


present for either and it felt terrible so she talks in this chapter about this


concept of Kairos versus Kronos time and I knew this but I’d forgotten this and


this is so powerful so I want you to really listen it’s also known as like Einstein time versus Newtonian time and


the way that you may know it is how different the passion the passage of


time feels when you’re in a flow State versus when you’re not and you’re trying


to multitask and you’re trying to get all the things done and so cairo’s time is that time where


it’s like you’re you’re just present with what is in front of you and you’re


not thinking about the past you’re not thinking about the future you’re just there and what happens when we’re there and


this is really I’m not going to get into like the physics of it on the show today partially because I


don’t think I’m qualified to but I can tell you I’ve experienced it and you probably have too


when we’re there it’s almost like we can stop the passage of time


versus when we are in Kronos time or Newtonian time or linear time where it’s


like we’re trying to work in these certain buckets of Time and Time Keeps marching on no matter what and we’re


maybe trying to multitask and we’re trying to fit in just more into the day


you probably feel like you never have enough time and what she recommends in this chapter


is practice Kairos time or being just fully present with what’s in front of


you as much as you can throughout the day and remember that you actually generate


time from this standpoint you can you are the time generator versus you’re at


the mercy of time I just did this little experiment with it it was like the next day I


you know I had on my calendar to do something in the morning related to business


and Luca needed to be fed again and it was like during the time block I was


going to do something for my business I was like it was not a big deal but afterwards I could just tell he


wanted to snuggle and I could just tell he wanted to cuddle and I was like you know what we’ve got the RV is so cool


like I love it I tell you what we’ve gone back and forth on whether we’re going to sell this thing because it is a it is a beast to like maintain and so


all of that being said we’ve gone back and forth on it a bit over the past few months but


it has a really this is not why we’re gonna keep it or not but it has these


really cool like recliner leather heated vibrating chairs that are really nice


but I love it because you can ride in them while you’re driving down the road and you can buckle yourself in and they’re like super comfy and awesome


and I looked at that chair and I was like I just like I want to sit in that chair


turn on the vibration turn on the heat I’m still sick by the way like I want


you to notice like how much my insane mind was like trying to push me to get so much done while I was literally still


like feeling like crap while this was happening from the RSV so anyway I was like I’m just gonna


sit there and I’m gonna focus on feeling better and I’m gonna snuggle my baby and I’m just gonna be so present in this


moment and I sat there snuggled him I soaked up the


moment Jack was like running around doing something I was like enjoying watching him do that and kind of laughing at


what he was doing and when I looked up it was like I felt like


I had spent 30 minutes doing it it was maybe three to four minutes had passed


and I was like how is that possible well and it was it was because it was


cairo’s time because I was present so when you’re present you literally can bend time in space


okay and so that’s something that I am really leaning into right now because I


probably have I don’t know it’s again it’s different for all of us but for me right now I


probably have maybe three to four hours a day to work right now and that’s I’ve been rolling


that way for a while but I was able to do it a little bit more Loosely and now it’s like no like literally


it’s maybe that like a lot of days it’s like two to three maybe


and yet I’m still committed to growth I’m still committed to serving my


clients I’m committed to this podcast I’m committed to all of it and so if I’m gonna do that and become a time I’m


gonna have to become a Time vendor in an even bigger way than I already knew how to be and so this concept of being


present I just suddenly like I felt so at ease it was this exact same


situation nothing had changed but one experience of it was total meltdown


with time just passing and feeling like there was like never enough time and I wasn’t getting done the things I wanted to get done


and then the next day same world still going on totally


different experience and I like I got so much done that day


because I was just saying I was I was generating time it was different I would kind of flow from one thing to the next


and I would get knocked off and then I’d come back so it’s it’s not like a 100


type of game for me yet at least but it’s such a game changer it’s such a


Difference Maker so read do less if you haven’t read it before it’s really phenomenal and play with


that concept of Kairos versus Kronos time because I think right now we are


all feeling the squeeze of feeling like I mean everyone has felt this way from


probably the dawn of time maybe right not enough hours in the day and that’s not true that’s not true that’s a lie that we tell ourselves overwhelm is


created by our perception of things there’s it’s we all are dealing with the


same amount of time and I also noticed from talking with clients and Prospects how much right now


it can feel like so many things vying for your attention and so much on your plate how do you get


it done this is an incredible hack it’s an incredible hack and so wrapping up this episode okay I’m


so glad my voice lasted through this but I do need to stop talking soon core takeaways I think number one


the only constant is change and that’s okay like we get to be really


we get to be comfortable in the fact that we will be often uncomfortable throughout the journey and throughout


the evolution and that we will just when you think you got it figured out one way guess what you’re going to be asked to change and that’s okay that’s part of


the process it’s if we can shift from the


the misbelief and the core limiting belief that like someday I will feel like I’ve gotten it all done


and someday I’ll feel like I’m here I’ve arrived and someday I’ll


feel steady and stable and constant and someday there will finally be enough


money in the bank account for me to feel at peace like that’s not actually how it works it’s literally about


like you’re never gonna get it all done like Abraham Hicks says you’ll never get it all done you’ll never get it all right and that’s okay so daily


who am I being invited to become today because if you have a clear goal which I


hope you do and I’m assuming you do as a listener of this podcast if you have a clear goal who you were


last year last month yesterday is not going to be the same version of


you most likely that’s going to get you to that next level goal otherwise it would have already happened


so we get to have fun along the way we get to ask who am I being invited to


become and then be open to what shows up God knows I didn’t think I’d be like


switching up my podcast feed so dramatically so quickly is based on some


of the nudges I’m getting but I’m doing it and I’m open to it and it’s fun like it’s a new version of me coming out and


remember that because you’ll never get it all done it’s not about the real reward is not


the achievement of the goal as much as it is who you become in the process


and that’s something I’ll just wrap this I shared this with my I keep bumping the mic today because I’m like talking with


my hands and excited like I do every single time right you’re like at least you do this every time if you’ve been a


listener for a while um but I share this with my Mastermind this week too like the ways in which


I have grown in the past few months and I have


uncovered new parts of myself and I have really stood up for myself set healthy


boundaries in love and nothing but love spoken my truth


gotten way more gracious with myself way more okay with not being perfect


like the level of self-love I have right now is pretty profound and pretty


powerful I’m loving the woman I’m becoming and so that is the actual prize


as you loving the person you’re becoming so with that my friend it’s good to be


back recording for you I’ve got gosh maybe a couple more coming for you


that were recorded pre-maternity leave and then it’s going to be all fresh content coming out I’ve got some just


amazing Dynamic interviews coming up for you too that I’m going to be recording live over the next few months and of


course I’ll keep coming in with solo episodes and sharing with you what’s showing up for me today


maybe some more from the car as I feel inspired as well because guess what


it’s not about perfectionism it’s about speaking your truth and getting it done so I’m so grateful for you being here


thank you so much for listening I I hope this spoke to you if you aren’t yet subscribed to the podcast and it spoke


to you and you’re like yeah I do need to listen to this to become the next level version of myself who achieves my goals


Please subscribe and you can also check me out on YouTube Elyse Archer over there so you can see on my video


interviews and video content and I will see you real soon with our next episode. Bye for now.


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