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How to Get Amazing PR w/ Alessandra Pollina

Any time we have a conversation on the She Sells Radio podcast about PR, I get so many questions from the audience and feedback that this is something you want to know more about, so today I am SO excited to bring you a real expert on this topic, Alessandra Pollina.

Alessandra Pollina is the founder and owner of Quotable Media Co., a PR agency and media company that celebrated 10 years in business in 2022. She attended Boston University’s College of Communication where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a focus on public relations, and a minor in anthropology. Throughout her college years she held many internships in the PR field at some of the best agencies in Boston. This vast array of experiences became the foundation of her PR career and positioned her to launch her own company, a full-service boutique PR and marketing agency, in 2012 at just 23 years old. 

She is also the founder of the Female Founders of Boston networking group which aims to bring like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners together, as well as Quotable: A Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast, inspired by the group but with an international reach, and Quotable Magazine, a print and online platform for expanding the visibility of female entrepreneurs. The podcast and magazine make up the media arm of her company, which also works to further boost female entrepreneurs through an annual launch grant and online PR education programs.


Show Notes:

[3:20] – When you really stand behind the amazing work you do, it comes through in your outreach and media attention.

[5:42] – Look at your social media presence and see which pieces are coming through. Is your personal brand showing up?

[7:36] – The most important thing is to keep in mind why you started your business and why you care about what you do to begin with.

[9:18] – If you don’t put yourself out there, what opportunities are other people going to miss out on if they don’t find you.

[11:18] – Alessandra shares her experience in starting her business at 23.

[15:31] – Limiting beliefs are very common in the beginning for a lot of women and are hard to overcome. Alessandra didn’t struggle as much because she was confident in her skills.

[18:56] – Your income will never exceed your level of self worth.

[20:10] – When starting her business, she didn’t know anyone else who was doing the same thing and struggled connecting with other entrepreneurs.

[22:31] – Alessandra admits that she didn’t necessarily want to be the one to organize the things she couldn’t find, but she wanted and needed for them to exist.

[24:05] – There should be more platforms for women to tell their stories.

[26:18] – The media and the way we communicate is changing. What are some of the commonalities of Alessandra’s clients that are making the most impact?

[27:56] – Look at things through different lenses as the media changes.

[29:54] – Where are all the places your audience may be?

[30:40] – Starting small is a good idea.

[33:20] – Hearing a “no” is not forever. It doesn’t mean you can never pitch something again in the future.

[34:15] – Alessandra describes the magazine that she runs and shares the opportunities to submit articles or apply to be interviewed.

[37:14] – Alessandra also offers an online course and a PR bootcamp.

[39:40] – She is the one behind all the social media posts and contacts at Quotable Media Co. and she shares all the different ways to reach her.


Connect with Alessandra:

Quotable Media Co.

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Welcome to She Sells Radio you know I always want to bring you guests and


experts who have skill sets that you need but aren’t necessarily my background or real house and I feel like


the few times on the show that we’ve had a conversation or about PR I get so much


feedback and so many questions and so many people saying oh my gosh I want to know more about this I want to master it


and so today I am so excited to bring you a real expert on this topic


Alessandra Polina and if you are not yet familiar with Alessandra I actually


found her when I was searching for like top podcasts for female entrepreneurs


which is by the way like not an easy ranking to get so the woman knows what


she’s doing and is brilliant at PR and it’s gonna like I think you’re gonna


learn so much in this conversation today but she’s the founder and owner of quotable Media Company a PR agency and


media company that she has owned for over a decade which also speaks to the power of her work she’s the host of


quotable a female Millennial entrepreneur podcast and the creator of quotable magazine which we’re going to


talk about today because I have a secret passion in my heart to launch a magazine and I want to learn all the things about


how this came together and she was also awarded the 40 under 40 from Boston


business journals so Alessandra. Welcome to She Sells Radio. I know this is going to be amazing and I know I’m going to


learn a lot from you too so we’re so glad to have you oh my gosh thank you so much I’m so excited to be here and it’s


always humbling to hear somebody like introduce you that way I’m like oh my gosh like we never missed out all those


things like that you know so yeah we’ve got a lot we could talk about there’s so


much and that’s you know just like quick side note but I think that’s one of the biggest things that for us as women and


whether you’re a female entrepreneur or whether you’re we’ve got a lot of listeners who are in sales and corporate


like a lot of times we just don’t see ourselves like we don’t notice or see the amazing things that we’ve done and


actually you know what I was about to go off on a tangent but this ties in totally with PR because there’s probably stuff that you could be getting featured


in The Press for and that like you don’t even think about because you’re like oh that’s just obvious or that was just easy for me right so exactly yeah okay


there’s always a tie-in there’s always a child absolutely as you said that I was like yeah you know this is actually


something to talk about with people a lot it’s like we it’s harder for us to see all of our things all of our


newsworthy and noteworthy like aspects but when you really think about it like we have those things and it’s important


to recognize those because the more you feel like aligned with that and excited by it the more and you know I feel like


when people kind of shy away from it they’re like oh like I just do this or I you know just dabble in that that shines


through like in everything else that you do too and and that comes through in like your media outreach and things like


that too so but when you really stand behind it and you’re like you know what yeah I do those things like I founded this thing and I’m awesome at this like


that comes through too and people really pick up on that and it helps with all of your other Outreach and media attention


and things like that so it totally does tie in and we can talk about that more too yeah totally I know and I it’s funny


um I’m very conversational on these so we’re just gonna kind of go with the flow and I I will get to like your background and how you started your


company because I think it’s really cool um but you know the other night I was like I was sitting in bed and I was


scrolling on I don’t sit and scroll at the end of the night like my clients are gonna be


listening they’re like what she was sitting in bed scrolling she tells us to put our phone away an hour before bed and program our subconscious mind with


what we want well yes I was sitting and scrolling and I don’t do that often but I did this night


sorry in content and I was watching I was looking at content from a woman um who I just think has done such a


beautiful job of like marketing and positioning herself and it inspired me to think about okay if I was gonna like


if I forgot that I was me and I was gonna go like pitch me to the media or


think about like the stories that I could position or how I would position it what would I do and suddenly all of


these things started coming and I was like dang like that’s good or that sounds really newsworthy or noteworthy


and it’s it’s not like that I’m so different or amazing it was just like I got out of my own way and I put on a


little bit of like my limited PR marketing hat and started thinking about


it and the ideas that came were like oh my gosh like people would want like that would be something I would see in a


magazine or that I would see on TV so how is that kind of the mindset that we


need for successful PR pitching like let’s just start there and then we’ll we’ll go into we’ll weave in some of


your story as we go to yeah I think it is and what I was going to say to kind of like the next step of that too is


which can be really powerful and interesting I think can be to go back and look at your your stuff like look at


your actual presence after you’ve thought about those things are any of those things coming through in your


social media posts or your blog posts your other like your direct marketing and I think a lot of times people are


really surprised to see which pieces are coming through and which pieces you really like because sometimes you really aren’t thinking about it in that way and


you realize like if I did Pitch this to the media or you know it came up in conversation would other people even be able to


really tell this is like a thing that I do or is like something that’s really important to me or is like a core part


of my the way I see my personal brand and sometimes you’ll find that those things really aren’t showing up that


much and that can give you a really good kind of indication of where you might want to start when it comes to getting


yourself ready to present to the media or just tweaks that you can do even if you have been and also sometimes you


might be like oh yeah like those things are coming up a lot like I am talking about that why haven’t I thought to pitch it like that is something people


are seeing me as an expert in but I’ve never thought to you know try to get an article featured on that or try to get


on to you know do a TV segment about that topic but people really would look at my stuff whatever that is wherever


you’re showing up the most and feel like it makes sense and so that can be a really powerful thing to do I


try to do it personally too for my companies because sometimes I’m like wait a minute like we haven’t even been like talking about this thing that like


I consider important to us and it just like hasn’t come up on social lately or it hasn’t been something we’ve you know


put out there consciously recently yeah what is what’s the mindset with that


because even as I did it and I was like it was like content idea after content idea after content idea came up and it


was all like I knew it was good intellectually and I knew it would be like a hook and it would pull people in and then there was still this like


little voice in my head that was like oh like look at how you’re positioning yourself and you’re like I know how to


overcome the limiting beliefs but it still came up and I’m just curious what would you what is the mindset that you


use to most powerfully position yourself for your clients well the most important


thing that I feel like is what we struggle with is keeping in mind that you know why you


started your business or why you talk about or think about or care about these things to begin with and always be bringing that up and I think it goes


back to like really the mindset in a lot of the things we do in business but it’s the same exact thing here it’s like why


are you doing this you’re doing it because there’s someone out there that needs what you’re offering there’s


someone out there that that you’re speaking to because you found it was a need you found there was room or space


in the market for because nobody else is talking about this thing the way you’re talking about it or no one else is


putting this stuff out there in the way that you are putting it out there and that’s going to speak to somebody for whom it’s going to be life-changing


right so that’s like I mean that’s like I think what it really all comes down to when it comes to so much what we do in


business and it’s the exact same thing when it comes to putting your story out there because that’s the main thing is to make sure you are you do have


something a unique take on like the topic because you don’t want to pitch something that you know already is out


there a million times in a Million Ways you want to pitch it in the really unique way that is true to how to to you


and your your expertise and what you can bring to the topic and once you’re doing that


that’s that’s it that’s the important part like once you have that unique take on it there’s someone who needs to hear


that unique take in order to take action or you know to have the result that you


can help them bring and once you identify that like I think I think that’s what I always just remind people


of is you know if you don’t try to put this out there then think of the people that are not going


to ever find out about you or find out about the things you offer or the things you can do or the things they can do if


they have thought about it the way that you’ve told them to you know it’s that it’s about those opportunities that you’re going to miss for others in a lot


of the case I think interesting oh my gosh it’s like everything else right and


like the right mindset with sales too is it always comes back to just how can I serve how can I serve and one of the


things I’m hearing from you is like remembering that you are a mirror for other people and so when we can like get


out of our own way and remember it’s not about us and you sharing how you did XYZ


awesome thing while overcoming these challenges it’s not so much or if it’s in the energy of I’m not bragging but


I’m sharing so that you can also do this thing it’s a different Dynamic right we can kind of get out of Our Own Way exactly


and even if it is a little brag it’s still putting your business out there because you know or yourself or your


product or service because you know it’s going to help someone and maybe that is the way maybe it has to be a little bit or a brag to be the hook that gets you


to get that article or to get that placement and still it’s it’s still for the reason behind it which is getting


getting yourself out there in order to done be what the other what what the people


need I like that yeah I like that a lot that’s powerful so okay before we get too far because I


do want to I want to come back to what you were saying about the unique positioning but before we get too far you started your company at age 23 right


is that right yeah this is amazing I mean I don’t know we’ve got we’ve got


amazing people listening and then there’s also like I think at age 20 I don’t know I was like in corporate


trying to figure my life out like not I wasn’t there so how did it come about


for you and how much I’m sure you’ll talk about the role of press and PR in your growth as well but like how did it


all come about and how was that for you starting it so young it was um yeah I mean it was out of


necessity I think really like I know a lot of people feel like they need to do kind of go that corporate route first


before going off on their own I um I had a series of you know well I had


really one bad job and very quickly only one you got it out of the way I was like


you know what I don’t think I I can’t do this ever again so so it really felt like necessity basically I had set


myself up for like success in terms of starting out early from the time I was


in college I knew you know I knew going into I was well I didn’t know going into it but I decided very quickly I was majoring in PR I was in a very good


School of Communications that was like very well you know reputed for their PR program I got internships ever since I


think after my very first year of college basically like that first summer I started um interning at a small agency and every


pretty much every semester and summer after that I interned to other agencies so by the time I graduated I already had


experience working within most of the like good agencies in in my city


um so I had a ton of experience and some of them were in-house too I I had um I studied abroad in London where they kind


of like did a placement for you so I didn’t even like have to really apply for that one which was really lucky


um and that was in-house at for Disney um for like you were a broad in-house for Disney in London in the publicity


Department relaxing Disneyland Paris um the crew were a part of that for some


reason um yeah although like anything basically besides like the US wow that this wasn’t


the bad job I’m assuming that one was really fun um that was just


example being like in-house in a really big company right um which it would that


was a fun experience I enjoyed that internship but I also did realize I didn’t think I wanted to ever work for


like such a big company um it was really very disjointed like I didn’t know it was very hard to see like


how things were working together essentially um and I was like I want to feel like I


work somewhere where I’m having more of an impact day-to-day and I’m sure you know not necessarily having to work your


way up the ladder to get to a point where you’re there probably um


so yeah anyway when I by the time I graduated I had a lot of experiences I also had already worked part-time for


one of my first internships again later because I had kept up a really great relationship with the guy who owned this


small agency and um it worked out that he ended up needing some part-time help I think by that must have been like by


one of my last Summers of college so like I had a lot on my resume including


like a part-time account manager position essentially added at a agency so it just kind of all worked out that


then a graduating got this job that was actually not at an agency it was I thought I wanted to do um work with


non-profits so it was not a small organization where I was like doing everything and


um anyway it ended up not being great and I called up the same guy I had worked with twice before and was like


what can I do with you so I ended up working on a couple clients with him right away so I was just like I gotta get out of here right now so that’s when


I said it was kind of like necessity it was like okay I kind of quit with no other options he said I could do some stuff here and


there with him so that would like kind of keep me going but basically it was like okay what else can I do and my


husband who was my boyfriend at the time was like well why don’t you just do some of these clients yourself like the same thing that you’re going to be doing with


him and that you’ve done for like the last five years like through other agencies and it sounds kind of


ridiculous but I was just like yeah I guess why not like I had seen at some of the tiny places like all the behind the


scenes in terms of like how to even run their business and then I had met some of the larger places you know all the


other stuff like how to run a business like or how to do PR like a big agency so I like had all of that and I was just


like let me give it a try and I started working with clients um you know I was just myself at that point in time like


when I say started the company it was just me and some clients but let me ask you I just want to pause really quick


and ask because I would imagine and you can tell me if this wasn’t your experience but you know going off and


launching your own thing like I just got off um completing a call with some


clients and we were talking about like overcoming the limiting beliefs and the self-doubt like who am I to do this and


I need another credential and I like all the things that our brain will tell us and did that come up for you and if so how


did you overcome it or was it more like no like I’ve I I feel like I have what I


you know what it takes and what I need and was that more just like you’ve always been really confident like that or how did that come about you know I’d


say really good question because I feel like I didn’t struggle with that as much as a lot of people do I think part of that came from I was building a business


based on the skill I already knew I had the skills I had had these experiences where I knew I could take a client and


Pitch them to media and get them featured in media I knew I could get the end result of the client work so while I


had no experience actually running my own company like I feel like that’s where I kind of like probably just


didn’t even know how much I didn’t know or what I was getting into it’s just a blessing yeah me too yeah definitely it


was and it grew really slowly like I started with literally one client you know because I was still like helping you know do some of those other projects


with that guy on the side so it wasn’t like I’m not saying I you know grew to like a


successful you know full-time six-figure business in the first year or anything like that but we grew really slowly and


that I think gave me a chance to to build that confidence as we went and again I always was getting the results I


feel like that really really helped I do think a lot of times people nowadays start businesses and they’re like I know I want to start a business they know I


want to work for myself and that’s and then it’s like okay what can I do to like to have my own business


right and I didn’t come into it like that I came into it as I already know I’m really good at the skill I already


know I can do this thing and starting the business was just really out of necessity because I was like I just


don’t know if I can get a job in time yeah I mean from that that perspective


was a little bit different but I will say the places that it manifested the most for sure and I know this looking


back and it’s something I’ve struggled you know dealt with and worked on for years after is in like


charging what I’m worth you know knowing and understanding and feeling the value because as I said I knew I got the


results but I had trouble asking people to pay me enough for it


because I was like well this is easy like how much are they gonna pay me to do this easy thing of getting them


featured in the media you know what I mean and so since I was new and I didn’t have a lot of examples of my own work


you know that was through my company because I was brand new as a company


um you know if they’re like oh will you do it for this or you know people were always trying to negotiate the proposals


at first so I did work for a long time for a lot less than it was worth because


of that and I think that’s the main place that that came up for me because it was kind of like well I should take whatever I can get you


know I think I have a lot of that mindset that was like I think the most damaging mindset that I had that came from probably essentially like what


you’re talking about in terms of like not fully trusting myself as a business owner or like


yeah being in business I think that’s where it would come from yeah well and we may Circle back to that because I


think that’s like you know that’s one thing I say here on this podcast is your level of income will never exceed your


level of self-worth and I know like my first client coming out of corporate I charged them like 300 to like make and


review a sales presentation and I looked back and I’m like uh wow they got a


steal but at the same time sometimes it is a building process you know what it is like I think just getting that even


that first dollar is such a win when you’re doing something new so okay so


fast forward a bit so you launched you guys and I appreciate you saying like you grew kind of slowly


but also you were learning and like getting the wins and seeing the client results


um you know now you’re you’re what over 10 years in now I think right to your business and summer yeah it’s amazing


and so give like a super quick overview of so you’ve got the pr agency you’ve got the podcast you’ve got a magazine as


well I want to just like give get people kind of oriented to what you’ve created in these past 10 years and then I want


to dive into a little more of the Tactical PR outage I’m sorry I feel like we went like way into a lot of detail I


do that on the show it’s totally that’s how we roll yeah who cares but what got


interesting I would say is I guess the one thing I’ll touch on which maybe came from kind of that time period too was I


didn’t know anyone else who had a business so what I with where everything else kind of came from was really I


didn’t know any other women who had a business that didn’t know anyone else like kind of in my age range I didn’t know anyone in their 20s I had a business so what I did was I tried to


start a like Meetup Group to try to find some because I was like it would be cool to talk to people other people kind of


in this boat so I started this group to like get together for coffee there were


very few of us for a long time like people who I found to join um but now there’s a lot so that’s great


news but basically what came from that was I was like actually I want to make a podcast of basically this group and the


conversations that we’re having and be able to share the stories and these kinds of experiences with more people


because if I’m having trouble this much trouble finding and connecting with other women in a similar situation and


I’m in Boston which is like a major city right imagine like what if I had stayed


in Vermont in the middle of nowhere where I grew up like it that they must not have anyone or I mean I’m sure


there’s always someone but like you know much harder so I was like let me record these conversations basically and turn it into a podcast so that’s where my


podcast came from and what year was this because this was this like before podcasting was really


um kind of felt I feel like now I’m like oh I’m glad I started when I did because I feel like it now I don’t know I


already at that point I already thought it was too late it was four years ago I think we just celebrated like four years so


I don’t know 2019 yeah yeah um yeah I felt like everyone else


already had a podcast but I also think that like I did start it before a lot of people who have podcasts now so you know


there’s always more yeah well it kind of speaks to I’m curious your approach on this with press


like the value of both going after other people’s platforms and also creating your own platform which I’ve always been


a believer in and it’s something I’ve always tried to leverage like I love how you created your meetup group that’s something I did early on in my journey


too because I think if you can anytime you can be the creator of a platform where people want to come play like


that’s very powerful so maybe speak to a little bit of that balance like of what


you see in terms of important with like creating your own platform versus going out and pitching others is it a it’s a


both and type of scenario or how do you approach that for yourself yeah no it’s interesting I mean I think that I I


always went into it like I went into the the group kind of always being like I’m not I’m only creating this because I


can’t find it like I’m only creating this because I wanted to exist I don’t want to be somebody organizing like events or get togethers like but I can’t


find anyone who’s doing it so I’m gonna try um which you know obviously maybe isn’t


the best kind of I just had to go into it like I kind of wish I had approached it with more of a probably like strategy


and like business mindset of like oh yeah this is actually a great opportunity to create something


um but I admit that was not really and again this was even sooner I don’t remember the group kind of went through a couple other not iterations but like


there were like months where I would try to like you know organize something every month and then


um months where I was like I don’t have it in me right now like nobody’s showing up I don’t like literally one person


would come half the time and I’d be like okay I went like all the way downtown to a coffee shop that wasn’t the most convenient to me just because I thought


it would be convenient for you know other people to read at and so I would like not host anything for a while and


then it would get like re-inspired again and be like okay let me try again and like then just one time it clicked and I


don’t know if it’s because by then there were more women my age business a couple years had passed and like it definitely


got more common like by the later 20s and definitely early 30s um but I would say in terms of like most


like all the other platforms for me came from really just that again it’s like I’m an


abnormal person to ask about this because I have the pr background and for me I was just like


I feel like there should be more platforms like I just feel like there should be more places for women to tell


their stories like even if it’s not like brand new or some super newsworthy like


groundbreaking thing like these women have really great important stories to tell even if they’ve been in business for you


know five years or even if they’re just starting out and maybe wouldn’t be seen as like you know as notable yet as you know for


some bigger platforms that they want to see that you’ve already you know already done XYZ before they want to feature you


and I was like I wish there were just more opportunities more platforms for people to get to really just tell their


story of what they’re doing and who they are because I find such inspiration in I


don’t I I don’t want to say like in the everyday stories like I think that’s kind of what I’m trying to say like


it just could be anyone and I’m like wow she did that like ever I feel like everyone needs to know


because those are really helpful and powerful and so for me creating the platforms was again less of like a


business decision of like oh I need to be a person who owns the magazine or who hosts a podcast and more just like from


almost from being on the client side being like I really wish these platforms existed for me to tell my client stories


on and get them featured on so that’s really where it came from from for me


um I do feel that from you know it is really powerful though to see the other


side of that as a PR person and for as any other business person to kind of see like okay like what kinds of things are


people are pitching me right now like I think that could be really powerful for anyone who has a podcast


um and yeah there’s a lot to be said to to be creating those spaces for other people and being seen as the person


who’s doing that and that’s something I’m trying to like actually own a little bit more right now and like going


forward because I think I haven’t done enough of that before yeah well it’s I mean it’s helpful to hear how it’s an


evolution and a journey too as you go um and I’m curious so I want to you know


as we record this and obviously what we talk about here will be relevant um in many ways whenever somebody


listens but you know as we record this it’s like closer to the beginning of 2023 and


media is changing press is changing like how we communicate is changing


I would love to hear from you what are the things that you are seeing like your clients who are most successful in


getting positioned well within the Press what are some of the commonalities of what you’re doing with them and what


they’re doing that you think is making the biggest difference now oh great question


um I mean I think ultimately it comes down to being able to find those angles those unique aspects um and create them


if need be because you know I know some people are like well I don’t really have anything like super unique but like there’s always something that we can


create or you know it can be the way that you talk about your unique formula for doing the thing that you do even if


it is a thing that a lot of other people do right or people offer um just finding those unique ways to


tell that story is really important and being open to like figuring out what those are developing them if they aren’t


something that you already had um because I think sometimes people think like it has to be something that’s


I don’t know an innate part of their business or something they’ve already been doing for years or something and it


really doesn’t it can be something that you kind of develop in order to have these media angles


um you know as I said not not necessarily like develop a whole new part of your business but maybe develop


a your unique formula for doing it or the way that you look at things or explain things that can be all that that


we’re talking about here for for like your unique take on something um but the other thing that I think that


you know in recent years even in past several months


um I find that looking at things from a couple of different lenses can be really


helpful finding you know not necessarily being stuck on like oh I really need to be in this Outlet this is the outlet


that’s going to be the game changer for me um it might be and I’m not saying you shouldn’t go for that but I’m finding


that you know as media changes so fast and as the way people consume media is changing so fast too I really try to


look at it as um you know I’m kind of really saying like what is like your visibility plan


and it’s not necessarily just pitching the mainstream media the way that it always has been you know we’re


looking at of course podcasts that’s not super new but building that into your


plan being really strategic with podcast Outreach um contributing articles to outlets a


lot of outlets don’t have nearly as many staff writers anymore or people you know


the actual people on staff who are putting together the publication and they’re actually accepting a lot more contributed articles so if you or I were


to write an article and send it to them and it will have our byline on it it’s not quite the same as like earned


editorial but it gets your expertise out there in a really personal way it allows


people to get to read something from your perspective with your expertise and


that is something that I’m seeing really becoming more powerful and more important


um you know already but for the next couple of this year especially


um there’s just a lot more opportunity for it now I think people are a lot more receptive to it I kind of consider that like a gateway to


um like to doing PR if you’re if you’re thinking about like starting to do some of your own PR2 because it can be feel a


little easier you know we’ve all written a blog post we’ve all written you know content for our business about certain


topics so if you can take some of that and turn it into more of an article and then submit that somewhere that you


would like to be able to say that you’ve been an expert you know featured on in this place that can be a great way to get


into it um so yeah people who are I’m finding that’s where we really need to be kind


of thinking is is where all the different places that your audiences might be and it’s not necessarily just


the New York Times you know it’s it’s really gonna ask about that like should we always go big or should we really


like I have a different perspective from what I know but you’re the expert here so I want to hear from you like yeah


does it make sense to pitch smaller to start like what how do we know where to pitch I think a lot of times starting


small is a good idea and that’s partly because a lot of depending on what you know what you’re talking about and what


your pitch is but a lot of places kind of want to see that you’re already sort of an established expert before they’re


gonna you know before a bigger major Outlet is going to consider you an expert you know so the reason that I


like to start with maybe a smaller or a local Outlet or something like that is to just build that up a little bit and


get let people be able to see that you’re talking about these topics because part of it is like they’re gonna


go vet you they’re gonna go and this kind of goes back to what we’re talking about the beginning in terms of like are these topics coming through in the


rest of your marketing because a lot of times people I think approach their marketing their PR from like two


different places but they’re they’re the same I mean PR is a form of a part of your marketing and you should be talking


about all the things that you’re going to want to be pitching in your marketing also because what they’re going to do is Google you or look you up on Instagram


or you know look you up wherever you are and if you’ve shared on Instagram that you


were recently in this other article or if that you know they Google you and you come up that’s going to be it’s gonna be


a no-brainer like yeah oh yeah she’s the an expert on this thing she talks about this I can see how she speaks especially


if you want to do something like TV um being able to have examples of how


you speak and whether you know whether that’s even podcasts to get started but if you can get on like local TV channel


they’re going to want to see that before they’re going to have you on you know Good Morning America which is what everyone says they want to be on


it’s so funny I’m like at some point I know I’ll do TV like I’m interested in it’s just not something I’ve like I’m


actively pursuing right now so GMA is the one yeah that and Oprah everyone still says of


course I mean I would say yes to that in a heartbeat oh yeah and I mean I’m all for


and I think you know especially if you’re doing it yourself which is what I tell people a lot of the time they can do is you know we didn’t even really


touch on that but as well as having the agency I love to tell people you know you can also do this yourself you can pitch yourself and in that case you have


nothing to lose so I mean yeah go for the big guys but also


you know strategize a little bit with maybe starting a little bit smaller starting with these contributed pieces


where then you can be like I’ve already been quoted here and here or you can see me talking about these topics here and


here I’d love to go into it in more depth or in this different way for you and then it just makes sense you


know yeah I think no I think that’s so smart to like know how they think and know what they’re going to look for like


and you have nothing to lose you already this is what I tell clients at sales like when they’re afraid to go out and


pitch a big sale you already don’t have the client so already it’s worst case scenario for you that you’re afraid of


that you’re still not gonna have the clients so like you might as well go for it so and the thing with pitching too is


like even a no is not like I mean yes that’s and I I hate like whatever they say like it’s not like that a no is a no


it’s but you can always pitch another idea later so like they’re not saying no way and I hate you and we’re never gonna


even if they say no that’s not a good idea for us right now or we don’t have space to include that right now yeah


they’re not saying you can never pitch us another story idea in the future so you absolutely can so like literally


there’s no downside like it’s not even like you can be like oh I already pitched them check them off the list it’s finished now I’ve lost


that’s such a good point so there’s two things you and I were talking about at


the beginning that I think are awesome resources that our listeners could take advantage of moving forward I also would


love for you to share how people can get in touch with you because I know we like just scraped the surface of your


knowledge and skill set and how someone can use this information to go out and get the features they want so let’s


speak to can you speak to the magazine first so I thought this was very cool that you have a magazine and that people


can pitch themselves for like share a little bit more about that if you can so in the magazine we have like different


sections so there’s kind of we’ll do interviews with people people can pitch themselves to that we also have a lot of PR people who pitch you know clients to


us but we love to hear directly from a business owner or um you know woman leader leader in your


business um so those are interviews we also do take contributed articles so if somebody


wants to try writing something that’s you know a it’s we’re focused on female entrepreneurship and women leader so


some kind of topic that has that’s interesting or important or relevant to other female entrepreneurs um so if you


have like a business where you have a service that is relevant to other entrepreneurs or if you just have some


kind of experience that you’ve gone through in your business that’s something that would be you know useful for people to read


um we accept those for every issue and you know we’ll also do like features on


another business or a person or something else happening so feel free to pitch really anything like that um and


what was it uh yeah people can email us no I was just gonna ask about like how


does somebody is it uh they just go through your website to do that is that yeah so you’ll find a button on the website you can just email magazine at

34:49 too um you can just email a pitch right over there you will get an automatic bounce


back that will say um we really don’t have time to review like every idea so you can send a pitch


and we will get back to you if it’s something we can do but if you want to like contribute an article just send the whole article because sometimes this is


my one this is a good tip for you sometimes people will be like Oh I’m interested in contributing an article about XYZ right which is what you would


often the way you would often pitch an outlet but if it’s a contributed article they don’t know that you’re a good


writer like we can’t I I might love the topic but you might have a terrible article so like I can’t commit to saying


yes send that over we’ll use it just because it’s a great idea so when it comes to a contributed article send the


actual piece and then if we love it we’ll use it and if we if we can’t then we’ll tell you you know we passed on


this you can send it somewhere else or use it elsewhere that’s super helpful to know just like again knowing the nuances


the ins and outs like make it easy for the person on the other side yeah yeah which I think is a great rule of thumb


and then you spoke also to you know for someone who wants to do this for themselves to start


um you have a is it a boot camp that helps people with this like share just a little bit about that yeah I’d love to


hear more together like an online program basically because so many people were like asking me and I love to tell


people about it I’m like yeah you like you can do this if you’re Savvy enough to start your business you’re Savvy


enough to be able to do your NPR but I know most people don’t have a lot of time when they get to a certain level of business so I’m always going to have a


job on the agency side like there’s always going to be someone who wants us to do it for them so I’m definitely not


like afraid to tell people how to do it themselves and to tell them like you really can so I started like putting


together recordings and templates and information for people and then I realized I needed it was basically an online course


um which we updated somewhat recently to be more of a boot camp now because I find the main thing that’s missing is the accountability


because people can know how to do something but with the busyness of your day-to-day like running your business it


cannot end up getting done unless you know that like once a month I’m gonna be like hey so how did those things go so


we turned it into a little bit more of an interactive boot camp where now there’s a live Workshop every month and check-ins every week to kind of see how


things are going and where you need help or you know just saying like oh do you want us to take a look at the pitch you were working on things like that just to


kind of keep it top of mind a little bit more so yeah that people can join that any month and they’ll just jump into the


workshops wherever we are and get access to the material starting that month um


so that’s been really fun it’s just been a good way to like consolidate all the information that I’m like giving to


people all the time that’s I think I feel like there’s so much and people probably just feel like they need like


at least for me speaking for myself I would feel like I need to be like handheld through this yeah


and you know the people for people who have the time to do it themselves but maybe like not the money to hire an


agency it’s like it doesn’t it still doesn’t take a lot of time like I feel like I need to say that like you also


can still find success while only spending a couple hours a month like it


because again it doesn’t have to be anything major like you can pitch two places this month if you want and like


that’s still a great job and you might get an article so like literally you know you spend 10 minutes and you have a really good chance of


getting in front of hundreds of thousands of people like you spend that longer than that putting together a


social media post that’s let me get in front of you know your 500 followers not you specifically but I mean a lot oh I


hear you yeah yeah yeah I feel like people don’t necessarily always come at it with that mindset um


right remember oh my gosh yeah this is so good I love both like the mindset


piece of this and then also the Tactical and so um Can people just find out about the boot camp as well through your website


yeah yeah you’ll find that it’s through thinkific


um but there’s a link to it on the website perfect yeah that’s what we use too for our course I’m gonna I’m a thinkific fan so this was so fun


Alessandra if people want to connect further just like with you or get you know follow you where’s the best place


to connect from here um well I mean since most people are on social you can definitely find me on


quotable and quotable media Co on Instagram we also have quotable Magazine on Instagram


um I it is me behind the scenes on like the you know messaging and stories


um I also though would say you can email me because I’m all about like actual you know let’s form a real connection I’m


Alessandra at um if you email me I’ll email you back and


like we can we can you know sometimes have a little bit more in depth of a conversation on there so amazing more


than happy to to connect in that way amazing well I so appreciate you know everything that you shared and just how


open you are about what it takes to be successful today in PR and the pro tips


and all of it so um thank you for coming on thank you for sharing your journey and I would highly


encourage everyone listening who does want to elevate their Preston PR to go connect with you and take advantage of


either the magazine or um or the boot camp and or Reach Out directly in the


podcast too I mean yeah please yeah that’s how we connected I was like


she’s got an amazing podcast and I haven’t been like pitching myself a lot for shows I’ve usually had team doing


they were just kind of were in between and I was like I want to go find the shows I actually want to connect with and like I love what they’re doing and


you were right there and you like you responded back and we built a relationship and that’s how this stuff


goes right you don’t know until you put it out there so and that is the power of


doing your own PR2 sometimes because I feel that same way sometimes I’m like you know what I just want to send this same thing I’m like I have an agency of


course I’m like usually have one of you know somebody do it for me I’m like sometimes I’m like I send an email to


the podcast I actually love listening to and not like maybe something strategic we feel like we should be on this one


and yeah sometimes it’s more powerful coming directly from you too it definitely caught my eye you’re getting


more real yeah well that makes me happy so thank you so much for your time thank you for coming on


um and again for everyone listening thank you so so much for uh for being a member of the She Sells


community and for listening to the show go connect with Alessandra on social and on her website and we’ll see you on our


next episode. Bye for now.

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