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How to Build a Superstar Brand on LinkedIn w/ Niraj Kapur

I was doing an audit recently of our most popular topics on the podcast, and I wasn’t surprised by the most popular topic – around mindset and abundance.  But right after that, our top rated shows were around lead generation, specifically on LinkedIn, and so today I want to bring you a true expert in that space. 

After 23 years in London running sales teams. Niraj wanted to raise the standards of sales, so he wrote Everybody Works in Sales which became an Amazon international bestseller. He then set up his own sales coaching and training company to keep businesses accountable to help them achieve results. He’s delivered Linkedin Training and Sales Coaching to over 400 small businesses and solopreneurs. In May 2022, Niraj was announced as a Top Sales Influencer in the World to Follow by Salesforce. He’s also a Top Linkedin Voice in Sales To Follow by LinkedIn.


Show Notes:

[3:57] – Anyone can call themselves a LinkedIn expert, but Niraj is one of only ten that LinkedIn announced as a Top Sales Influencer on the platform.

[5:13] – Niraj has spent his entire life in sales, but until 2020, he says he was a nobody.

[6:44] – People give up and stop showing up consistently.

[8:19] – Niraj had a decent business, but once Covid-19 caused lock downs, all of his clients canceled. He had to make fast changes.

[10:20] – When you start something new, you have to remember that you are starting at the bottom.

[12:43] – It is important to make yourself different and stand out.

[14:39] – Niraj started sharing more about himself on a platform that hadn’t been known for that yet.

[16:53] – Nobody is judging you as hard as you are judging yourself.

[18:20] – It’s important to know what your competition is doing but not so you can do the same thing.

[19:45] – Doing videos on LinkedIn is one of the best lead generation strategies.

[22:27] – Consistency is key in any area of your life.

[23:42] – Before you ever send any communication to someone, spend time looking at their content and make an intentional effort.

[26:10] – Niraj admits how he felt about financial success and what happened to him and his marriage.

[28:14] – Because of his personal development, Niraj didn’t let money be the most important thing.

[30:58] – Niraj guides us through a writing exercise.

[32:27] – Be consistent, vary your content, and leverage LinkedIn video and voice notes.

[33:56] – Stand out through personalized voice notes.

[36:08] – Niraj describes how he spends his time on LinkedIn and how long he spends on the platform.

[39:52] – An abundance mindset is very important. The more you give in the world, the more you get back.

[43:01] – Niraj shares common responses to giving out of the goodness of your heart.

[45:26] – Niraj’s most recent book is available now: Business Growth


Connect with Niraj:

Everybody Works in Sales by Niraj Kapur

Business Growth by Niraj Kapur

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Niraj Kapur on LinkedIn

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Welcome to She Sells Radio so excited for today’s conversation and you know I


was recently doing an audit of our most popular topics on the podcast and just


really digging in to see like what do you want to hear more about and I wasn’t surprised that it seems like overall for


our listeners the top rated topic is around mindset and abundance but the second one was


about prospecting and lead generation specifically on LinkedIn and so today I


am super excited because I get to bring you someone who I think embodies expertise in both of those areas both


from the mindset and abundance space as well as just Pro Ninja level LinkedIn


lead generation tips so I want to share with you a little bit about my guests today and then go ahead and tee him up


Niraj Kapur is a really incredible human being who I’ve met over this past


year through the Salesforce top influencer program and I would say he’s one of the best in the industry at


coaching and training on LinkedIn so I want to share with you just a bit of his professional bio and then we’re going to


dive into the conversation for it today after 23 years in London running sales


teams Niraj wanted to raise the standards of sales which I love so he wrote everybody worked Works in sales


which became an Amazon international bestseller he then set up his own sales coaching and training company to keep


businesses accountable to help them achieve results he’s delivered LinkedIn training and sales coaching to over 400 small


businesses and solopreneurs in May of 2022 Niraj was announced as a


top sales influencer in the world to follow by Salesforce he’s also a top linked invoice in sales to follow by


LinkedIn and just because this is fun in his free time Niraj plays drums in a rock band and raises money for Charities


like November so naresh welcome to She Sells Radio I’m so glad to have you here today no thank you so much for having me


Elyse and thank you also for that fantastic introduction seriously people are often when they go on stage have music pumping I’m just going to have


your voice speaking about me you’re so much battery hey we all need to pump up sometime I need one sometimes


we’ll introduce you Thunderstruck. That’s gone now this is at least well I know sometimes when we get on our


Salesforce called you’ve got the AC DC shirt on which I love about you different vibe today which I also love but


um I think it just shows you know part of what we’re going to talk about today too which is how you can bring your true


self to what you’re doing on social media specifically with LinkedIn and and just sharing and you know I know Niraj


you’ve got a really powerful personal story which I think for today because you’ve talked about it so much online


right so we’re not going to go too deep into so anything you want to share about your background that’s helpful for the


audience I’d love to of course have you weave that in but I also was just doing some Googling ahead of time and I was


like if someone wants to know his personal story I think they can pretty much Google you right at this point and


hear some other interviews that you’ve done so um so with that let’s dive in to the


conversation today and I want to really I want to hone in on LinkedIn


specifically and here’s what I think is super compelling so again it’s like


anyone can call themselves a LinkedIn expert right but in 2021 LinkedIn


awarded only 10 people in the world a top voice in sales and you were one of


them and I know you’ve used LinkedIn to grow your Audience by 300 you’ve doubled your Revenue by 200 percent and you’ve


done it in from what I can see outside looking in a way that really aligns with


what we believe in and appreciate in this community which is that abundance mindset like paying it forward sharing


your truth um sharing more of your personal brand so I think it’s going to be a really


exciting conversation to talk about today so um anything before I’ve got some specific questions for you on LinkedIn


but before we dive in is there anything specific you want to share about your background or kind of


what got you to this point I know we talked about the process of building your brand on LinkedIn and that might be


something interesting just to kind of tee up for people who maybe don’t have any context but I’ll give you space to


uh to share what you want to share there a lot of people when they’re online then


have a fear that they don’t have enough knowledge about LinkedIn uh or who am I to talk about LinkedIn a


lot of people say well I don’t have much knowledge what do we talk about and it’s very important to understand that I spent my life working in sales and I


spent my life as a sales trainer and until 2020 I was a nobody on


LinkedIn it’s very important to remember that I had like 1 000 followers I was a nobody every person trying to make


LinkedIn um I just want to pause I just want to pause for one second on that in case anybody didn’t hear that in 2021 you’re


awarded a top sales voice a word by LinkedIn a year following what you just


shared which was 18 months yeah yeah it started properly on a november-ish uh


October November 2021 when I got that award so it’s only 18 months I turned it around very quickly that’s remarkable so


no matter where somebody is when they’re listening today even if they’re like I feel so far behind or I don’t have a


lot of followers what I’m hearing from you is if you’re intentional and if you implement what I


know we’re going to talk about today you can really make some Headway and some progress it’s very important listeners


know we can do this because I do not have ridiculously high levels of EQ I do


not have a degree I am not the world’s I’m a good learner I’m not the fastest learner I do not work 18 hours a day or


even 16 hours a day I do not sleep four hours a night I sleep eight hours a night you know to do what I did it’s


going to sound really boring but so much of it this just consistency and showing up most people give up so quickly and on


LinkedIn and in business and in sales you can’t do that you have to show up especially when you don’t feel like it


you know today’s national holiday in England in the UK I’m based it’s a


national holiday most people aren’t working but I showed up today I started work at half past seven this morning as


usual I went for a morning walk as usual I did learning for half an hour as you usual that a LinkedIn post as usual


spent one hour planning and thinking as usual spent one hour doing charity work as you saw every day I show up and I


have a schedule for the day and all about making the world better or about making me better I love that I love that


so much that’s something that we teach a lot about the power of routine and a lot


of times clients will ask me like well do you do you meditate on the weekends or do you work out on the weekends it’s


like it’s a day I only do it if I want to feel good that


day right it doesn’t really matter what day it is so already I think someone can


listen and start to just hear that mindset of consistency but not hustle which I very much align with and


appreciate um as well so take us to I think what


would be interesting would be to start and look at that Journey that 18-month journey of what you were doing because I


think we’ll be able to pull some really tangible takeaways that we can start implement


planning in our own LinkedIn routine where you went from a thousand followers hadn’t built a Big Brand to now you know


an 18 months linkedin’s top one of linkedin’s top sales voices so what did that Journey look like for you


the journey was very simple I was a sales trainer I was sharing sales tips maybe selling a bit more than what I


should have been but trying to sell sales tips and get work through Linkedin and I had a decent business it was


breaking even making some profit but not a huge amount and then once lockdown happened within


48 hours all my clients cancel for the year my Revenue went to zero and I think


because I had a mortgage to pay and because my daughter was in her second year of University I panicked because


I’m like how do I pay the bills and how do I help my childhood that’s what you’re concerned about as a business


owner and as a parent and I didn’t have an answer because my business was only two years old at the time and you know


now it normally almost five years to my business I feel so much more experience I feel like I’ve been doing this forever


it’s kind of like dog years right


so my clients will be having money and I’ve really panicked and I wrote my second book in lockdown which protected


me for about two months it gave me some Revenue but it wasn’t enough long term and then after a few months my clients


approached me saying look we have no money for sales training but can you do LinkedIn interesting and I’m like of


course I can so I I hired Daniel Disney of course I think you and I both Daniel I hired him he did a lot of work with me


I did his course I read his books I read every LinkedIn book there was going and I went I called everybody I knew running


a networking about saying look right now times are very challenging I want to teach your delegates virtually how to


use LinkedIn and I would give five minute talks 10 minute talks 50 minute talks I must have given about I’ve lost


count 45 50 talks free of charge but what I was doing was I was building my craft I know how to speak publicly I’ve


done that already but speaking about a brand new subject it’s much more tricky and I think when you do anything new at


least it’s very important to understand you’re starting at the bottom don’t go with this I didn’t go with this attitude that I’m a sales trainer I shouldn’t be


doing this or I know everything I literally knew nothing and I started the very beginning and you make mistakes


luckily because I knew how to speak I got away with a lot I know 100 on camera I know how to raise


my voice I understand tone being a public speaker helped massively of course at the same time you’re teaching


something new for the first time and the one thing I learned was when you’re working with anybody you must


have calls to action whether it’s a networking event whether it’s a virtual talk or whether it’s a live conference and when you get people action points


and things to do at the end of your talk I find they learn so much more and


learning at least the progress leads to results and that’s what I’m all about right right so one thing I want to just


gosh there’s there’s a lot I’d love to pull out of that but one thing that I’m really getting from what you said is


just that willingness to almost humble yourself and say I mean I’m just I’m


taking I’m putting myself in your shoes and it’s like in 48 hours going from successful sales coaching business to


suddenly no clients which I can only imagine you know what that was like but then your willingness to say I’m gonna


get up and I’m gonna start again and I’m gonna have a beginner’s mindset if I need to


um and that’s something we always we talk about and teach just from like a mindset and more like a spiritual


principle here in the Community is that in every hardship there’s an equal and opposite blessing now you may not see at


the time what that blessing is often you don’t but it’s interesting to hear your story and say I know a lot of people


would probably have thrown in the towel and instead you said let me like I said like humble myself


right and start again here and then to see the blessing that has come out of that right but you’re still creating and


still um and and still manifesting is pretty powerful so all right so going out okay


45 50 free talks built your brand consistently so somebody can be thinking


about that maybe and think like what audience could I get in front of who can I go out and speak even if it’s for free


um to start and and share anything else during that time that you think really made a big difference for


you in terms of building the brand you have now on LinkedIn the biggest difference without a Dodge because at


the time I was sharing things that were helpful to people no doubt about it but it wasn’t really that much different to


what other LinkedIn coaches were talking about there was nothing really to separate me um one of the best lessons I learned was


the importance of being different to a competition and starting out not enough people think about that I’m not just


talking about LinkedIn or sales I’m talking about whatever industry you work in one of the most important things to


do is stand out and I stood out by default because of the time I’ve gone through you know I’ve just been through


a very painful divorce before lockdown and so I was trying to do online dating and so I was writing about my online


dating experiences quite a bit and you know two years ago LinkedIn was a platform people really didn’t use that


much for personal stories now of course so many people use the personal stories and selfies but two years ago not that


many people were and you would have pictures of me at a restaurant on the table opposite was empty saying I’ve been stood up again


it’s a horrible feeling it’s just awful but you know what in business sometimes you turn up and the class don’t turn up


either and they don’t give you a reason why and it’s not what happens to your life is how you react so I would take my


personal pain and most of the time I would try and turn it into a business story in some cases I just couldn’t and


in some cases I would just say you know what loneliness is horrible and it’s so difficult when you’re post divorce


you’re a man in his late 40s a special amount of color in his late 40s uh the


few people in my life who I thought were my best friends weren’t they were my wife’s friends you know I had nothing


and you kind of feel like you’re really alone in the world and what happened was through the power of vulnerability and talking about my


personal story all of a sudden I went from having a thousand to two thousand to five thousand to ten thousand to


having a massive number of followers interesting what I have to say because I wasn’t just sharing LinkedIn tips


anymore I was sharing my personal story and how that relates to sales or


business or LinkedIn and what had happened was after about a year and a half of doing that


and during that year and a half I went from being stood up to getting rejected on dates to finally leaving London I


worked in London 25 years and I consider that my home but what had happened was


the struggle of lockdown the struggle of online dating and it just kind of beat me in life


every time I’ve been beaten up always find the strength to come back I’ve always had the energy to come back might take a few days might even take a few


weeks but I always have that resilience and this was the first time I just wasn’t coping and my parents were


amazing my parents were based in Ireland and they said you know what put everything you own in storage come back home for three months and recover


and at the time obviously now I realized how lucky I was but the time I felt really ashamed I’m a


coach and I can’t even take care of myself I have to go to my retired parents it was really humiliating and


again I wrote about that on LinkedIn and so many people came forward saying hey don’t worry we got divorced I’d go live


for my parents again in my 40s and people are so supportive and so kind and because I humanize myself by not just


talking about business but sharing my personal story and my personal struggle in a world of social media where people


spend so much time bragging and exaggerating it made me the real deal and that’s what my following took off


and that’s when my business took off because I distinguished myself from other coaches by sharing my personal


story it’s such a gosh I mean it’s it’s like


to hear you say that I think someone could hear and say okay I can see how that happens right and yet there’s


there’s also so much fear for most people around being vulnerable and um


and dropping the ego and was that I guess what sort of mindset tip would you give


to somebody because sometimes people will say too like teach from when I say teach from the scar not from the wound


so there’s different approaches to do this and obviously yours yours has worked tremendously if someone is afraid


to share something they’re going that’s going on for them right now for fear of I’m going to lose clients or I’m not


gonna look a certain way like what would you say to them oh very simple nobody is


judging you as much as you’re judging yourself nobody nobody is sitting on LinkedIn


going I can’t probably people are dealing with their own stuff they’re not sitting there judging you even who you think they are there might be a few


people who do it might be a few jealous competitors the bigger you get the more haters unfortunately you’re gonna attract but generally speaking most


people aren’t sitting there going hmm let’s follow me around just like they’re really not they’re trying to deal with their own stuff that they’ll follow the


content but they’re not sitting there judging me and also of course now it’s easy for me to say that because I have


the confidence now that maybe didn’t have two years ago and of course there is a certain naivete to what I was doing


because I didn’t know any better and quite often like me don’t know any better you just do it and it’s often


when it works out right but we know too much sometimes you just don’t take a risk you know yeah wow well it ties in


so I thank you for sharing that because I think it just it gives someone context for your journey and and I think it also


humanizes the process which I really appreciate um and you know you talk about this on


your website so everybody works in someone can go and check out your site and um you’ve got a really


great section on LinkedIn tips and one of the things you say there because I want to start I want to kind of talk a


little bit about moving into this year what should somebody be thinking about for LinkedIn but you say


look at what your competition is doing and do the opposite so can you can you speak a little bit more to that because


I think you kind of you spoke to that a bit there but but give us a little bit more context for what that means certainly


it’s important to be aware of the competition of course that’s very important and look at what they’re doing


so I looked at what I was doing what my competition were doing so I was telling personal stories and back then my


competition weren’t I was um doing video I’m back then my competition weren’t


doing video I was told to do video once a week I hesitated because of my age and


anybody listening the lack of my follicle hairs in my head you know or because my large nose or the fact I have


ears like Dumbo I’m the last person I can’t imagine why anybody want to see my face like I just don’t


um and so you know I did hesitate but none of my competition were doing video and I did but not just video on LinkedIn


over 60 of people watch video with a signed off which means you need subtitles and any of my competitions


were trying to copy me none of them using subtitles I was so again it’s about standing out


um charity work and philanthropy is a big part of my life and so I spoke with the Charities I supported I said you


know what it doesn’t matter how difficult your life is never stop giving to others and I do movember fundraiser every year you know every November I


spend most of it raising money for good causes in November especially and I put my ridiculous mustache on LinkedIn and


social media my competition don’t do that none of my comments so again they


don’t do it I will they’re on top of personal stories I will they don’t do video I will do videos on LinkedIn is


one of the best ways to generate leads because it makes you a person of authority are you seeing so I’m really


curious um just to know what you’re saying so as we record this like you said it’s actually a holiday it’s January 2nd and


this this will Air likely it’ll probably be sometime in March so it’s going to be a little bit later but we’re still going


to be relatively early in 2023 as this comes out so what are you seeing with


video on LinkedIn right now as we go into this year so is it is it better to do a live is it better to do


pre-recorded like what should we be thinking about if we’re going to be doing video content video clips are


vital people rarely have time to take 30 to 60 minutes out of their day to watch LinkedIn live they just don’t have the


time their folks is almost a close friend of yours or potentially a client might watch it but even my closest


friends I don’t watch LinkedIn lives live because I’m running a business I’ll maybe watch it in the evening uh I’ll


watch reruns as opposed to live but even then I really have to like you to do it again


so you know up until about a few months ago watching a 90 second clip was fine


now it’s come down to 60 seconds so again a good 60 second clip is all you need and you can see look if you want to


watch the full video here’s a link but 60 seconds is what people have people it’s very difficult getting people’s


tension span and it’s getting tougher and tougher because people are distracted from every single Medium as


I’m sure you know so do a good 60 second video clip make sure you have subtitles


that are very very important because people are watching it in transport in coffee shops in an office in many cases


when the kids are sleeping so it’s important to have subtitles yeah yeah awesome got it and so with your I know


one of the things you teach too is just consistency is key right and that can I’m assuming consistency in all areas


including posting I’d love to hear a little bit more about just what consistency looks like for you but I’d


love to First say on the video front if we’re so someone’s like okay great 60 second videos I get it everyone has a


short attention span these days so it makes perfect sense for you is that a once a week type of thing is that daily


how does that how do those shorter videos work within your overall content mix


it’s really important on LinkedIn to vary what you’re posting so one day a


week I’ll do a video okay because that’s it doesn’t get as much engagement as other posts but it’s where I get my leads from most of the time uh one day a


week I’ll do a PDF document so today’s PDF topic is simply about routines and habits and how to have a great day


because that’s really important to a lot of people uh one day a week I’ll just I’ll do a


text only post where I’ll share some valuable tips on sales one day a week


I’ll do a personal post you know on the first day of each month people look forward to my post called wins and


losses on the first of January I spoke about December in December I went to London to see my uh LinkedIn connections


that’s how far I would get on a plane just to go hug and see people because those relationships are important uh


then I’ll say something personal like my daughter came over from England to see me and we did a Game of Thrones tour there’s a picture of us at the dark


Hedges because I’m a big Game of Thrones spanner so is she I will talk about how it Fitness coaches all sent me the exact


same copy and paste message in the exact same format please don’t do this it’s awful awesome and I’ll say something


like you know don’t send me a generic LinkedIn invite I get them all day long and I reject them if you want to stand


out send me a personalized invite a personalized invite isn’t we both live


in Europe so do I let’s connect Sawyer post I saw you talk about this it


really resonated with me simply saying you like my content is irrelevant to me because anybody can say that it doesn’t


make you interesting or special when I connect with people I only send one or two advice a day at the mouse now but


even then when I do that it’s very specific I’ll look at somebody’s profile I will check out their website I will


think can I get value to this person who is this person what do they do how do they work you know what do they achieved


I spend time really thinking about anybody before I connect with them and that’s what everybody should do before


they do business you know most people don’t make the effort so again if you want to stand out Simply make the effort


it’s it isn’t difficult for the way nothing I’m teaching you here is complicated and it’s very important to


understand that um I want to ask a question about that so the Outreach piece so I read Daniel’s


book too and I think it’s I’ve recommended it to um just some clients I think everyone has different approaches here right so I


know I think if I’m remembering correctly part of the strategy there is like 25 outbound connection requests a


day when you’re first building and what I’m hearing you say which I resonate with quite a bit because I know if I get


a copy and paste invite message it’s like I’m not gonna I’m not gonna accept it you’re doing it more intentionally


with that one to two highly curated ones when you were really building was it were you doing highly curated 25


invitations a day to grow and build or what did that look like for you yeah it depends look if you want to scale your


business as seven figures figures a year absolutely fine my goal is to go to six or eight seven figures a year this one


this is six a year sure uh again it’s not even a high six a year because I don’t forget before I was divorced I had


the English Country House [Music] my wife had a great sports car we had first class holidays we lived what I


would call a life of luxury okay it took us almost 18 years of marriage to get there I want to make up very clear you


know I don’t spend it took us such a long time to get there and when we got there I the first month is lovely don’t


get me wrong when you first achieve that kind of financial success it is wonderful but then after a month it’s like this is


really not what I was expecting and it was disappointing and it really shocked


and surprised me how disappointing it was because she grew up in poverty in India so for her having an English


country how I spent everything I grew up in middle class home in Ireland where most of the houses are big anyway because it’s so much cheaper so for me


having a big property it was lovely but it just didn’t mean that much to me but it meant everything to her


um we end up just working day and night to pay a a big house and bills and by the end of the month we had no money


left I’m like this is I don’t like this and so many of my neighbors you know went and skiing holidays and some of my


neighbors either inherited money or married into money so for them it wasn’t that big a deal


but for us we were killing ourselves day and night just to get by I didn’t like that having a big home didn’t mean to me


what I really thought it would and I realized we made a big mistake by doing that but the problem is you you have


this lovely life you don’t want to give up and so what happens is really slowly cracks start appearing but they’re so


small you just don’t see them and they get slightly bigger and you ignore them and think I’ll just work through it


and then what happens is the cracks get bigger and bigger and bigger and our daughter went to University and then it


just the marriage pretty much ended and we did try we had date nights we tried


to keep it alive we ended up having a last minute holiday to India thinking let’s try and save this and just before


day and night because we knew it was over and it was a really heartbreaking hard end and it really was


um but I think it’s important to mention that because a lot of people especially young people when they get into sales or


business they see the fancy pictures on Instagram and they get carried away


and they think don’t get me wrong I I I’ve made those mistakes myself I’ve been to become a millionaire on a


weekend courses you know manifest your dream seven figure income you know I’ve done all these things so I


know what they’re all about and unfortunately if you want to be successful in life first of all people


vastly underestimate at least how much hard work they have to put in you will rarely achieve anything great in life


working nine to five I’m sorry you just won’t and the second thing is don’t make


money your number one goal make living a life of purpose Tech customer guy has really messed up his past and luck been


lucky enough to come back strong most men are my age that I’ve not met in the last few years


have got an addiction to drugs I’m talking description drugs or an addiction to alcohol


and they may never get better and I was lucky enough to get out of that because my mindset


because of my Tony Robbins events I’ve been to because of my determination my personal development I saw myself with


very good people you know what my desire to be a good father and I think a bit of luck that my


parents are still alive and they’re great role models to me so I got a bit lucky but most people don’t so please


don’t make the desire of money the number one thing of running a business or working for somebody else money is


very important of course but do not make it the most important thing make fulfillment and purpose the most


important thing and the money to your surprise will come along ah I well I love that


you brought that up Mirage because I think you know so many members of our community they do come because they desire greater


Financial abundance and so kind of my specialty is I help women get to six multi six and seven figures in terms


of Revenue and but to your point and I’m so have you ever read the book prosper


by Randy Garnett and Ethan Willis I haven’t so prosper by yeah Randy Garn


um and then Ethan Willis so I was introduced to Randy recently and I was I was reading it this morning and what


you’re saying just reminds me so much of of the book which is about what is true prosperity for you right because I think


when it’s not coming from a grounded place and I know in my like I’ve had my own money Journey too where there’s


definitely a time that was all about like the money grab and if I can just make this amount then I’ll feel successful then I’ll feel happy in what


I realized for me was it was really about validation and I didn’t feel good enough and so I thought if I can just make a certain amount then I’ll feel


good enough about myself but the problem was it was never enough and so to your


point um like really knowing what is true success for me what is true prosperity


for me and that’s not just Financial right that’s also emotional happiness


quality of life like you talked about going out for a walk this morning and you’re going to shut down for the day after this interview and I just think


it’s important I guess what I’m taking from what you said is you could probably go out and send well


I don’t know if LinkedIn would let you do this you can send 100 connection requests today probably not because of LinkedIn [Laughter]


my personal Target not because I read this in a book not because someone else is doing it it’s what I think I should


do but what’s important for me and what feels most aligned as well is that is that what you’re saying


yes and look at me wrong it takes time finding out you can’t just not everybody knows exactly what their purpose is in


Life or what their meaning is in life and if they’re ever unsure I always say to people look it’s a really simple


exercise write down get a piece of paper and put a line in the middle on the left


hand side write down five things that make you incredibly happy um on the right hand side workout harder


to monetize it because that’s important as well and quite often by doing these exercises you’ll find out what you want


like for me you know people say your sales trainer do you help people with sales and I said yes but really what I


do is I serve people that’s a very different answer because when I meet people you know a prospecting client about a deal I’m not


thinking I must close this deal I’m gonna smash this deal I must win this client I think I must really serve this


client and give them as much value as I possibly can it’s a very different attitude um you get another attitude of trying to


help other people it makes the whole business process so much more enjoyable as well it really


does yes which is it speaks to something that I wanted to talk with you about here and


and I think um gosh there’s so much I want to talk with you about when it comes to both mindset and Linkedin I gotta be mindful


of our time but let’s so so let’s do this um I want to talk one more tactical


piece for LinkedIn moving into 2023 and then I want to talk about the mindset piece for a moment um before we wrap if


that’s cool with you um so moving into this year and again we’ll probably a few months into the


year when people are listening but is there anything else that you’re focused on this year with LinkedIn specifically


anything that you think is different or new or just something we should be focused on if we’re wanting to grow Our


Brands and our platforms there so be consistent


vary your content and one of the most important things you can do when it comes to sales especially


artbond is to leverage LinkedIn video and Linkedin voice notes now what I mean


by that is I’ve been doing voicemails for over a year now and I’m still shocked number of people I


speak to who go oh my God thank you the first person to send me a voice I’m like really they’ve been around


and our good simple things like wishing people a happy birthday against a 30-second voice note uh Elyse I just


wanted to wish you an absolutely amazing birthday I know it’s a Tuesday it’s a weeknight you’re probably not going to get a chance to quite drinking and have fun but you know what I hope you have an


absolutely amazing birthday because at my age I’m 59 but between 41 and 49 nobody celebrate my birthday so I’m just


gonna be really celebrate your birthday in style happy birthday sending best wishes across the Atlantic to you there


you go that’s a 20-second voice note with so much love it’s called energy, it’s got enthusiasm it’s got sincerity


and it’s specific to you one of the worst things you can do on LinkedIn which unfortunately I wish didn’t exist


is people pressing a button which goes happy birthday a generic AI button my


birthday this year I lost con I got about a thousand messages and at least 960 970 were generic I didn’t reply to


them I replied to 30 messages that were video messages voice notes and people actually making an effort to say happy


birthday Niraj I hope you enrich a little while I hope you and your family are well something better than just happy birthday again standing out so


please use LinkedIn voice notes yesterday was quite nice because it was the first of January 2023 I received


quite a few videos from clients from France and that was lovely and of course what did I do I responded back you know


so I responded back shooting 30 second video saying thank you so much I really appreciate making the effort I’m sorry


I’ve not shared I’m sorry I got my Bon Jovi sweatshirt on but you know it’s the first of January and I finished work I


wanted to reply to you so here I am all my glory this is my cat Mitzi this is my other cat room here happy New Year so


again it’s real yeah and it’s sincere but again I mentioned the person’s name


it’s never a copy and Pierce job I’m always very clear to mention a person’s name and all my Outreach because I want


them to know this is not a copy and paste this is me talking to you directly because people buy from people unless


you’re dealing with the apples or the biggest companies in the world people buy from people so always keep that in


mind whenever you’re doing any kind of large reach and that’s why I always encourage voice notes and if you’re more


extrovert do video I love that so much I love that so much and that’s why for me


I’ve never been a fan of ads I’ve never been like when I think about how I’ve grown and scaled my business and maybe


you can relate to this it’s like it hasn’t been automation it hasn’t been ads it’s been one-to-one human


interactions and I really genuine I mean there is a place for those things um but I can’t tell you how many


automated messages I get from people who are like I don’t want to say bad service


providers but I get automated messages from people that like we fired vendors we fired because they were they weren’t


following through what they’re doing it’s like hey Elyse it’s so interesting the work you’re doing in the world would love to connect and hear more about it


it’s like we let go of you so anyway all of that to say the human touch the


personal element um I think is tremendous and I think it’s the key to success


um if you’re a service provider an entrepreneur sales professional so one quick question on that how much


time do you spend a day on LinkedIn right now I spend about two hours a day on LinkedIn two hours a day so I will spend


about 20 minutes to half an hour in the morning replying to messages okay um I will then spend about half an hour


to 40 minutes at lunch time doing a post and then replying to all the messages in


that post and I will spend time in the evening learning because learning is very important to look at what other posts


other people are doing not just sales related but you know in sales is such an important topic but includes marketing


it includes copywriting it includes communication it includes how you speak


there’s so many things involved in the sales process that most people don’t consider so I use LinkedIn as a big


learning platform as well because learning you know as you can tell I’m a massive reader of course and I read every day but there’s also different


ways of learning there’s reading a book let’s listen to podcasts there’s there’s reading content on LinkedIn so I was


probably spent almost as much as two hours but again it’s all communicating networking building my personal brand


and learning some there for a reason what I’m not doing is mindlessly scrolling because that’s just a huge


waste of time it is totally okay so up to two hours a day morning is all


responded so it’s inbound and obviously if someone’s just starting off they’re not going to have as much inbound so that time maybe more outbound maybe like


connection requests building relationships um but then middle of the day is content creation so you’re you’re creating some


of this is me selfishly getting coached on LinkedIn I hope you don’t mind so I figure if I have a question or audience


might have the question too so are you doing content same day are you pre-planning and batching a bunch I


spend 60 Minutes every Sunday writing content got it and I probably said that twice a week I just simply copy and


paste it um twice a week no I just repurposed something from a year ago okay and then


once a week I’ll write something just that suddenly because once a week and running a business quite often all these


things will happen thinking ah this will actually make a really good post today yeah so it does but I did now today was


simply I repurposed a post today from last year that literally took me less than 60 seconds and then I spent about


30 minutes replying to comments on it and thanking people for replying to comments on it and then I had somebody


want me to speak at their event and I said how much is that they go you’ll speak for exposure and I said okay you


have 2 000 followers and I have twenty six thousand followers what people should be talking about here [Laughter]


it’s really hard when people say dumb things on LinkedIn not to respond


no I always look out as a real test of my resilience just don’t respond because


it’s so it’s so easy to get triggered but I mean unreasonable it is and every


now and again I will say to somebody look you’re an MD of a business your job title saves MD why are you sending me


this ridiculous email for and I don’t know you why are you ask me to comment in your post stop it please stop it and


you’re another another Fitness coach I’ve had it already today seriously do you guys have you all been treated by


Grand card dong she all stink you know so stop it stop 10xing stop going to


stop it um you know every now and again I’ll just reply to somebody sarcastic and every now and


again I will go thank you so much here on solicited email I don’t get enough of these a day it really means a lot to me


that you’ve made this much effort you know so yeah every now and again sarcasm gets the worst of me but MO most of the


time most of my emotions are in check you know we all get to the edge sometimes every


single one of them another thing so not a natural segue but


I do want to share just a moment to abundance mindset so just with that you know I one of the


things you teach and that you talk about and I know that you do embody is that just giving right so any words of wisdom


around abundance mindset with prospecting with building your brand and just how that has influenced your


success absolutely it’s very important to remember in life


the more you give in the world the more good that comes back to you that is just a fact of life you can call


it karma you can call it law of attraction but that is a fact of life no what you


shouldn’t do is give to the world and then sit there going okay I’m just gonna wait here for something good to happen don’t please don’t do that I’ve seen


people do that I see a lot of people unfortunately who read the secret and then dream of good things to happen and


then wonder why nothing’s happening because guess what you actually have to put in the work and that’s the big chapter that’s really missing from the


secret you actually have to put in the work um but I support you know a lot of the


work I get there’s some other people that have helped out so at least once a week I’ll see somebody who’s lost a job


I’ll be made redundant on LinkedIn you know what that’s like that’s happened to me twice in my career and


it’s a horrible experience and I will look at the LinkedIn profile connect them and I’ll leave them a voice note to


say hi I’m neraj you don’t know me I want nothing from you but I see you’re looking for work I recommend you change


your banner in your about section but three lines give me some context let me know who you are also in your LinkedIn


recommendations the last one was five years ago that means and the perception of other people you’ve done nothing in


five years I’m sure you have but make sure you’re asking for recommendations and also please start posting content


that’s one of the best ways to get work on LinkedIn and have your voice heard I hope this is helpful please come back to


me in a week’s time and let me know how you’re getting on something as simple as that I’ll do at least once a week


sometimes more uh when I have a personal friend or a former client that’s lost work I will introduce them to other


recruitment agencies I’ll spend 10 or 15 minutes go through their LinkedIn profile again I don’t say oh by the way


can you buy my book or can you give me a shot I never say by the way I’d like a LinkedIn recommendation I never do that


ever you just do it because it’s the right thing to do and it helps other people and what I find is a week later a


month later sometimes it’s even six months later that person will come back to me sometimes even it’s a year later


and I’ll come back and say now it’s remember you helped me a long time ago I’ve been promoted now and I’ve got a budget so I’m going to recommend you to


come and do some LinkedIn training wow some one-to-one work with my team now sometimes that works so sometimes the


companies say forget it we’re not going to hire you we already have somebody in which case that’s fine but it’s more that made a difference in


somebody’s life that’s a huge thing to be able to do it’s also very very good for your confidence as well yeah wow wow


I love that so much and um and it always comes back right it always comes back sometimes through that person sometimes


through somebody else too right that’s one of the things I found is you just never know um but I think that’s the I just I think


that is one of the very best uses of our time is going out and helping people who literally right now cannot do anything


back for us in the future right exactly helping for the sake of helping it just


makes the world a better place I I had this thing I did for six months where I was a coffee shop and I’d pay for the person next to me


I love that an interaction was very interesting people were very grateful


man often didn’t know what to say all right thank you women


would often say no thank you or I have a boyfriend yeah that was interesting


um so you’re doing something out the goodness of your heart and some people really appreciate it some people get


confused by it and some people say hey hey you know I’m already spoken from like that that’s not why I bought you the coffee I don’t drink because you’re


pretty I’m buying a drink into the next in line okay and you do good in the world it does confuse a lot of people


because most people are so involved with themselves they don’t really take the time


to think about there’s Warren Buffett always says one of the most important things you can do every day is think and


because we live in a world where we’re addicted to these phones and technology of Queen addictive addictive technology


I turn this off three times a day when I’m working and it’s one of the best things I do and


it gives me time to to really focus another person but then also half an hour a day I spent thinking


and you mentioned I thought that was really interesting yeah it’s really important sometimes it does lead to napping don’t get me wrong


last time napped that was part of his strategy it’s so good and sometimes I’ll just NAB and nothing will happen but a


lot of the time I’m thinking and it’s much easier thinking with technology off and it’s much easier to do good things to be intentional when it’s just you


a pan yeah and a paper never underestimate the importance of a pen and paper it’s really important


especially in today’s technological world I totally agree I totally agree that’s


the first part of my day is getting up really early by myself not looking at the phone for probably like I don’t know


four or five hours in the morning um well like I get up early it’s not


it’s still kind of started the day by the time I’m looking at it but um but to your point like the best ideas come


during that time and having something to handwrite rather than write on your phone is key so


um this is so good this is so good I know nourage so there’s a number of resources I want to connect people with


if they want to get in touch with you I know you also have your new book out which is really exciting so if you want


to speak to that for a moment so it’s business grow tell me if this is right business growth lessons learned from


dating divorce and falling in love again right perfect for those of you who are watching the book here there we go it’s


about six days now almost in top 100 under business which I’m so proud of huge by the way huge huge and the


reviews have been fantastic so far and I’m really honored by that um and this is my first time hiring a


book team so I hired an editor a deputy editor a copywriter an indexer an


indexer for goodness sake you know a book designer I really hired a team this time because I wanted it to look amazing


and it reads like a professional book not because most self-published books out there unfortunately you can tell or


self-publish they’re pretty badly done and they’re done cheaply and I went all out with this because I wanted people to


get so much value from it and that was really important to me amazing amazing so someone can go on


Amazon or on your website assuming and get a copy yeah you can check that out amazing and then neurologist in terms of


where else to connect with you if someone wants to get in touch if they want to hire you um how can someone do that look if you


want to do better on LinkedIn you want to do better in sales connect with me on LinkedIn send me a message if you’re not


on that LinkedIn that much go to have a look at my free resources section there’s


loads of documents there and just I don’t even need your email address just go ahead and download it and see if my


work resonates with you because it is very important it does that as well you have to be able to connect with a person before you actually want to work with


them so go ahead and download and most importantly take action that’s what I care about yeah again it’s doing things


differently right you don’t even have to give your email address to get these downloads you just go and see if it resonates so I think that’s a testament


to who you are and what you teach which is do the opposite of what everybody else is doing


um having abundance mindset so yeah this has been such a great conversation I’ve


learned so much thank you for the you know personal coaching on LinkedIn as well as just what you embody


um in terms of that givers mentality and sharing your story so vulnerably and I


think it’s a really powerful model that anybody can follow to really really


achieve achieve their goals and do good in the world too so Niraj thank you so much really really great conversation my


friend now it’s a pleasure at least look forward to talking later on this year and some various sales panels together I can’t wait absolutely absolutely same


here well to you my listener go connect with Niraj send him a personal message


please because you heard what you need to do on LinkedIn today go connect with him and check out his books check out


the resources on his website we’ll link everything in the show notes so grateful to have you as a member of the She Sells


community and we’ll see you on our next episode. Bye for now.

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