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Become to YOUest You with Julie Reisler

One of the biggest factors in you growing your sales is knowing how to be authentic to you and sell with intentionality and integrity. Even if you don’t have all the best tactical skills out there, if you keep those two things in mind you will be wildly successful in what you do. Today’s guest embodies those things, and is going to share with you how you can as well today.

Julie Reisler is an interior designer for your soul. She’s a mentor to hundreds of coaches, change-makers and soulful entrepreneurs. Julie is the host of The You-est You® podcast, a global show in over 175 countries, and author of Get a PhD in YOU, an Amazon top-pick. Julie has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, Bustle and Thrive Global for her work as a coach, teacher and conscious business leader. Julie is a multi-time TEDx speaker and has spoken on stages throughout North America. She is also a popular course creator on Insight Timer, the number-one ranked mindfulness app.

Julie holds a master’s degree in Health & Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and is a professor at Georgetown University in their coaching program. Julie is the founder of the Life Designer® Coach Academy, a leading-edge program where she certifies life coaches from all over the world. 


Show Notes:

[5:40] – Everything you need to feel powerful, balanced, and happy lives inside of you. Own all of it so you can create a next-level life.

[8:43] – In one of her darkest times, Julie had the realization that everything she needed to be happy was inside of her.

[11:04] – We all have an essence of complete possibility and the ability to make a light in the world.

[13:02] – A holistic approach is what completely changed Julie’s life.

[14:26] – Talk to yourself like you would with your child.

[16:11] – Your answers to some questions are going to be hard to hear.

[18:03] – What is the difference between living up to your potential and overachieving?

[21:47] – There’s a lot of conditioning about the “only” way to be successful.

[23:41] – Go on a belief hunt and find the things that are limiting and hurtful.

[26:17] – Good things come from periods of rest.

[28:32] – Keep notes to help you notice the amazing opportunities that come after rest and rejuvenation.

[32:17] – Julie explains what her strong desires are to help other women and where this powerful desire came from.

[35:02] – See if there is a way to connect and if not, it’s okay. 

[36:49] – Successful sales come from real authentic conversations with people.

[38:09] – A lot can come from that internal survey and inventory you do on yourself.

[41:10] – Julie shares what resources she offers and more about how to get in touch with her.


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Welcome to She Sells Radio so about six years ago now I had really started very


seriously more seriously I would say embarking on my personal development journey and I had joined my very first


Mastermind which was called the Quantum Leap Mastermind now if you were listening and you are a miracle morning


or Hal Elrod fan you will know uh you’ll know his name he was one of the hosts so


the other co-host was uh his business partner this really cool guy John berghoff and I remember at the time


thinking the investment was so huge it was like I don’t even know if I should say this but it was like ten thousand dollars to join The Mastermind it’s


probably like 10x that now if they still have it and I it felt like such a Quantum Leap to me to even make that


investment and be in that group and I remember being so like intimidated too by the other people who were in there


but what happened which is what always happens when we follow the nudges and when we invest in ourselves is as soon


as I joined not only did I start growing as a person because I’d invested in


myself in a way that was stretchy but I also started meeting some of the most


amazing people I’ve ever met and I am going to bring you the incredible


incredible women I met in that Mastermind here today on the podcast and I’m so excited because we’re going to


talk intuition we’re going to talk how it applies to sales and business um and it’s going to be a really


holistic conversation which I know which I’m always here for on the show so my guest today is Julie reisler and Julie


I’m pretty sure you and I it bonded years ago initially over things like drumming in the forest as part of that


Mastermind so you’re going to hear her professional bio in a moment then you’re also going to hear she’s like this


really amazing well-rounded person but first what I do want to say is that one


of the biggest factors in you growing your sales and growing your business is knowing how to be authentic to you and


knowing how to sell with intentionality and integrity and even if you this is


what I believe even if you don’t have all of the quote unquote best tactical


skills out there if you keep those core things in mind intentionality Integrity


authenticity you will be wildly successful at whatever you embark on and


Julie embodies those things and is going to share how she integrated that into her journey of growing her business and


how she still leverages them today so with that let me share with you a bit of


her professional bio and you’re going to hear just the incredible caliber of who you’re about to learn from and then we’re going to dig in and you’re gonna


get to hear from Julie so Julie reisler is an interior designer for your soul


she’s a mentor to hundreds of coaches change maker workers and Soulful entrepreneurs she’s the host of the USU


podcast a global show in over 175 countries the author of an incredible


book get a PhD in you she’s been featured in Forbes mindbodygreen the


Chopra Center uh bustle and Thrive Global for her work she is a multi-time


tedx speaker and speaks on stages all around the world and is also a popular


course creator on insight timer she is a professor at Georgetown University in


their coaching program and is the founder of the life designer coach Academy which I’m going to have her


share a little bit more about at the end of the interview today but it’s a Leading Edge program where she certifies life coaches from all around the world


Julie welcome to shoe sales radio I’m so so so happy to have you here today oh my


goodness I my cheeks are hurting from smiling that’s a gauge for me I’m so excited to be here with you Elise I am


just love what you you’re doing love who you are love this conversation thank you for having me oh my gosh absolutely and


here’s what I want to start with you and I were chatting before we hit record and I was like wait we can’t even go any


further because it was literally within like a minute this is what I love about this one we had I think one or two


minutes of how are you and then it was like let’s talk about our souls and intuition and how like the big moves


you’ve made in your life and the scary and hard moves you’ve made in your life as a result of tapping into your


intuition um and I want to talk today both about how you approach sales and business and


then also um I think some of the core elements that have made you so successful and that you


teach to your clients like tuning into intuition and getting really connected


with who we are as Souls on this planet um but I would love to start by sharing


something that you say on your website which I think is so so powerful so is that okay if we like start there and then oh yeah you have no idea what I’m


about to share okay okay well I read this on your site and I


was like this is it like this is we can have the whole conversation around this so you say everything you need to feel powerful


balanced and happy lives inside of you own all of it so you can create a Next


Level life and then you say this just struck me so much underneath the familiar desire to look


perfect or have it all together the real you the one you might be afraid to reveal bravely holds the key to your


happiness and strength and while this voice could be as quiet as a whisper you feel it calling asking you to stop


pretending and to start listening to start facing the disconnection and messiness under the surface because


there are desires fears hurts beliefs and questions that have accumulated over the years stacked one on top of another


in a dark corner it’s time to go there my friend to shine a big old light on


every nook and cranny so all of that stuff can be seen held and healed and this is what will finally free you from


the unhealthy Cycles the overdoing overeating over drinking over working


over extending over shopping over anything this is what will give you the inner


spiritual power to take your life your relationships your conversations and your outlook to the next level


and here’s what I want to say about all of that like number one it’s all the things


that you know in my own Journey have been so scary to face and I still find


new parts of myself pretty much every day where I’m like oh I don’t want to go there oh that feels uncomfortable oh I


don’t want to face that but one of the concepts that I teach is this concept of selling from wholeness which is


basically it’s the opposite of how most of us sell and approach business at least how I did for so long which is all


about lack disconnection when I make that amount of money then I’ll be happy when I land that client then I’ll feel


validated and instead what selling from wholeness is is like no you have everything you need inside of you and


when we approach sales and business from that standpoint it’s a radically different experience so


I wanted to start with that positioning for your background and your journey


I’m guessing you didn’t like come out of the box knowing that or understanding that although maybe you did and you just


forgot along the way like many of us did and then we kind of have our Awakening but tell us a bit about


what your journey was that brought you to wanting to really teach this and do this work because I know you have a


powerful personal story as well um I almost cried hearing you I mean I know


because I wrote those words and I’m like oh my gosh yeah I really do stand for that and so you know what I want to say


God I love love love that you come from this whole person this holistic standpoint


um and I I have so many thoughts I’m gonna do my best to like just say we will get to all we’ll get to everything


we need to get to um this concept though I’m I’m going a little bit backwards but I want to say


and it’s interesting I learn this both firsthand in one of the


most darkest periods of my light this this realization that that what I’ve


been searching for is actually within me um and then it’s within each of us and I and I believe that wholeheartedly and


That Was Then reinforced when I went back and got a master’s degree in Health and Wellness coaching from a school from


a brick and mortar University they now have online too but I went in person and it was all from an integrative perspective a holistic perspective one


of the things we we learned in IHS was like oh yeah I believe this is


that every person you could think of it as literally were all I call it Divine


by Design you are born with what you need the wisdom and frankly you have all


of that within you and that doesn’t mean that the hurts and the challenges those


are part of that wisdom it’s not like you know there’s going to be a point someday where I don’t have that anymore


or it’s like that’s part that that messiness is part of the becoming the


stepping into really who you are so for me I think going through this firsthand


I I was sharing this with you earlier I found myself about oh my gosh about 12 years ago


um really in actually was a little bit more my son’s 50 it was about 14 years ago but it took a while I found myself


really in a tough tough Dark Night of the soul I was working in a job I liked and didn’t love


um I’m if you know strength finders positivity is my top one and I was like I’m gonna


make this work and I’m gonna go from every positive angle but something in my soul was like yeah this is great it’s


good but it’s not it and two children back to back which is very taxing


um in a in a marriage that really good person yet my and I say again my inner


self my soul was like something here is not working all together at the same time I realize all these things so I did


a lot a lot of deep work Elyse a lot of sport groups and therapy and it was


actually coaching I worked with a coach and did a program that was all about really like removing blocks the blind


spots to getting like we each have this essence of complete possibility and


complete ability to be a light in the world to make a change to be of service in a greater way we all have that in


different ways and this experience was life-changing working with this coach


was life-changing asking new questions that had me start to see life in any way was life-changing and so much so I left


my corporate day job you know benefits salary the whole shebang single mom by


that point is like now 11 years ago or so yeah


went back to school I was finishing that and just knew and I came from I had no


sales background I’m talking like nothing or so I thought what I did have was this crazy intense desire to help


other people especially women who might be going through a very challenging


period within themselves whether it was overworking overdoing overeating over


over anything and frankly often it’s we’re over we’re we’re over you know


we’re not being kind to ourselves we’re for me it was a lot of attacking of myself abandoning of myself and that can


that can lead to health issues as well all of it so yeah it was this deep deep


desire to make a greater impact and I I just My Vow was I kind of had a


conversation with the universe I’m like please help me to just heal and to


really bring to light what it is who I really am and who are and how I can serve and do


this with others like help me here and I will go and help as many people as I possibly can just please help me so I


can so I can actually like survive this because I had a Health crisis Then followed all of that as well which I’m


still managing um luckily very well so this holistic


standpoint I just you know like you said I live and breathe it and I believe it


you know it can shift everything um so I’ll pause there because I feel like I could say so much but hopefully


that yeah some uh experience oh my gosh yeah well I our stories are very similar


and so everything you share it just resonates so so deeply um and I think it’s you know for anyone


who’s listening who’s in that well let me actually ask you this first so someone’s listening and they’re like oh my gosh I’m there I’m in


that Dark Night of the Soul right now and I like I thought I had


created what I was supposed to create I thought I took the Right Moves I thought I did the right thing I got the whatever


I did the corporate job or maybe they launched their own business and they thought it was a thing and now it’s not or they’re in a relationship that’s not


what they thought it was going to be and they’re in that Dark Night of the Soul like what would you what would you say to them as someone who has been through


that yourself yeah many and multiple times that I can tell you from from that


experience and now working with people in it but really the first most important thing like I’m putting my hand


to my heart if you’re listening you can’t see that is so what often happens is we start to


attack ourselves when we feel especially if you’re driven and ambitious and


overachieving and you know feel like you have to prove yourself or you know to be good enough


in quotes yeah um so I think the most important first thing is just kind of like a white flag


like a surrender and just hey like literally talk to yourself like you


would to your cute pet or a child like hey like sweetheart I’m with you I will


not leave you I am here um I really you know I’m a big believer of inviting in whatever you call uh your


higher self God the Divine Universe Source Christ Consciousness like whatever that is for you invite


that that higher loving energy that is frankly I believe we’re all created from


that lives within us and I think that first thing has got to be kind of a I can’t do this myself and I’m aware I’m


in a tough place and something here is looking to change or there’s a message


or there’s something here that wants to be seen or heard um and so we want to get curious this is


where I do think and there’s probably a lot of similarities I know with sales with coaching it’s like getting curious


asking questions going deeper this can be where you do find a therapist a coach a friend however a


journal get your Journal you know your intuition your inner guidance is I think


a direct line to to the Divine to your by yourself and so you know asking


yourself bigger questions like what what’s the message here how can I love myself more what is what am I pretending


not to know that I know is true these are some of these questions let me tell


you something that question just be ready because wow there’s


courage needed with that I I heard it very strongly and it was um I’m gonna be honest it was not easy to hear


you know you are not in the marriage you want to be in you’re not in a the job


that suits you in fact it’s we’re gonna step by step we’re gonna change the


direction of the boat just one degree at a time but you know asking I think really loving up on yourself holding


that Grace and space for yourself like you would with a best friend yeah and then starting to just really ask what do


you need what’s the greater gift and message what are you pretending not to


know what are you hiding from yourself often we especially for really really


really practiced it doing the quote-unquote racing people


pleasing wanting to do what we’re supposed to do we often hide from


ourselves I I don’t know if I’ve ever said it that way but that is something I’ve been playing with a lot is what am


I shoving down what am I hiding what am I using and abusing that that’s helping


me to that’s that’s kind of you know having me not look at what’s really happening so I think even just


that creating that space and Grace for yourself and then asking some deep questions and just letting yourself


letting yourself be an answer and flow with that um is a really good place to start


so much in what you just said that resonates and I’m curious so this came as you were talking because I think for


a lot of our listeners they are driven they are high performers they I mean just like you and me probably write like


a racing or hand too but what’s the difference in your opinion between


Peak Performance and like living your full potential versus over achieving like what is


because you you talked a lot about like that like when we attack ourselves and that and I I sense there’s something there like what’s


how do we know which Camp we’re in yeah and distinguish the difference between the two


such a good question I have a couple ways of answering it one is going to go a little more deeper spiritually the


first aspect to it is using your emotions we have this gift of our emotion it’s we have the the emote you


know if you’ve ever heard of uh David Hawkins the uh Power versus Force the emotional guidance read that a while


back yeah yeah so it’s very easy to you know we all know this right when you feel like you’re pushing you’re you’re


overdoing it you’re overwhelmed maybe there’s even a little bit of


um comparison jealousy despair that is not bad it’s just those emotions


are not life-giving and then those are those are probably coming from Fear right which could be more you know ego


fear that that that that that fear-based place which is going to give different


results versus coming from that I love this work I want to give more I feel


energized to look at your energy do you feel more your tank is more full at the


end of the day like are you feeling depleted are you feeling excited now for


some of us like I love this work and I sometimes feel like it could go on and go on and go on so I have to be careful


because I could you can easily give and give and give and do a lot and then all of a sudden your body’s like nope you


need a rest so watch your energy watch how you’re feeling but notice are you it’s really


important to stop and say am I coming from fear or am I coming from you know from this place of expansion


um from possibility you will start to notice and I can tell you goodness as somebody who could like be in the club


of like driven over ambitious overachieving women hello like I all my


friends growing up went to Harvard and Ivy League schools I grew up outside next to Harvard like I knew no pressure


in this suit trust me when I say like I get it right and it doesn’t even have to


be that aspect but it there’s something about proving something to yourself and


so the difference the spiritual answer to me is you know are you I mean this and this


can go into sales because I’ve seen this really to make this shift for for my own self is you get connected to your why to


your purpose to what is important about whatever it is that you’re doing or that you’re here why are you here to serve


Why is this important you go right into the heart of that and you call in you


know the the the greater forces of love and infinite intelligence and you weave


yourself with that energy that’s a very different place to come from because what happens is you become more The


Vessel and I have found that feels very different it might look like oh Julie’s


driven but when I call in you know the universe Divine God it’s a very


different way to be in fact conversations that look like sales conversations feel very different to me


and the results are very different um I’m just a big believer I’ve seen a


huge shift when you invite that higher Force invite


that God force and the thing about that is you will notice how you feel you don’t feel depleted you


feel energized oh my gosh absolutely I’ve totally exp


I’ve experienced both sides in my life and um and it’s it’s polar opposite in


terms of both experience that I would say also results you know I’m just thinking about I’m sure there’s a


question that’s going to come from this I don’t I don’t have it off the top of my head but and I think there’s so much conditioning


around like the only way to be successful the only way to make the money you want the only


way to you know in the sales world or in the entrepreneur world like hit the top of the leaderboard or


make six or seven or eight figures or whatever you’re looking to do is if you’re like if you’re pushing yourself


but from what you’re saying Julie like and I want to like tell me if I’m understanding this correctly or if


there’s something else you would say here like when we feel that energy of push and it doesn’t actually feel good


it’s like a guide that we’re actually on the wrong track for how we’re gonna


achieve our goals and do we actually accomplish less from that


energy versus when we’re connected whole divinely guided inspired like what’s


your experience there have been in terms of actual results in your business and in your sales I just had a great example


of this awesome you’re saying and I’ll tell you the gift of having this autoimmune condition which is getting


better and better which is something I’ve been managing since that really challenging period And I think it was my


body’s way and I think our bodies are constantly speaking to us we know that um you know I I’ve had the gift of it


because when I push myself I feel it immediately uh in my body and


my energy in the way that I sleep or don’t sleep in adrenals fatigue all of


it so the gift is I have a gauge I mean it is like spot on so now I’m like yeah


and I’ve just learned you know I that pushing first of all I would look very


carefully probably there’s a belief hidden in there that you have to work hard to make money and to expand and I


will tell you right now I do not believe that belief anymore and that’s a belief so so go in a belief


hunt look and see what are you saying to yourself because if again and I I just I always come back to


this this greater connection to higher power to God like I just don’t believe that that creative force is about


pushing and hurting yourself I believe it’s about love and expansion and


abundance and joy I mean if you look at nature like we just going through spring


it doesn’t look like the trees are pushing so hard like they just they have their their leaves and the flowers and


it’s just we’re similar so we’re conditioned to think you’ve got to push and work hard I just had a situation


this was about a couple weeks ago um you know I still coach individuals I mean not a handful a handful of people


um I always say you know I’m not the cheapest coach on the Block but I’ve been doing this a long time and I I’m


investing I love it I love it so much and I had a I have application and if


people want to work with me I really want to know are you ready are you the right fit and I had a day I was so tired


Elyse I am in my for those women in like perimenopausal life like that is a whole


other thing and hormone changing and I was really just I was tired which I


don’t always get tired in the afternoon but I was and I’m like I’m gonna do something I have never done I can’t


believe I’ve see for overachiever person to like say you watch TV in the middle of the day is like oh yeah I’ve never


done this like it pushes all the boundaries right oh my God what am I doing but I was like no I really need to


just cut like just shut down my body and I felt so restored I watched for two and a


half hours I’ve never done this and it was such a fun like it’s just I I love anything that’s like Bridger 10 related


so it was that kind of show anyhow that night that night I got this beautiful


application filled out I read it the next morning I had an amazing conversation with this woman who hired


me to coach her who is you know and it was it I did nothing I did nothing to


push that that came so many opportunities so many clients have come it’s I and I write it down


because I’m like oh let me notice the pattern it’s evidence rest evidence that’s right when I rest when I take a


moment to pause when I take an extra long lunch when I prepare a lovely lunch when I you know stop at a normal time


and decide I’m gonna hang with my husband or you know curl up with my kitty or like go in my infrared sauna or


just chill like this is what I’m saying and over and over again clients people opportunities have come after these


beautiful periods of rest this was like not how I operated I would say seven eight years ago no way oh my gosh oh my


gosh if someone is listening and they say okay I 100 have the belief that I have


to work hard to make money and expand because I mean who is not conditioned with that at some point in a society


yeah how do they start to change it what do they do yeah and and let me say this I’m not saying some might say you just


sit back into I’m not saying you sit back and do nothing I’m not worried for anyone listening because I know if we’re Cut From the Same Cloth I couldn’t do


that if I tried oh it would be the hardest thing to do yeah I’m not I’m not


worried in this in this community like I’m sure for you amazing listener I’m


sure you are the type that like if anything probably a little like you know


taking time to to be to relax to rest to kind of shift a little more into what we


think of is that more of that feminine energy is uh very very healing one thing I would do is I would actually do a


little uh research look at your past and just look at some of the sales and


opportunities and experiences and High Point moments especially as it relates to your business or to the work you’re


doing and look and see what did you do like what happened how did that happen


how did that situation that that client that say oh how did that happen


um who were you being what was your energy like I am gonna bet that you are gonna see


that it’s actually it might be less pushing than you than you think so number one it’s good to do a little


research the other pieces you said earlier is as keep evidence I have two


different places actually when we met Elyse I have on the back of my vision board I have like all these ways that


I’ve just listening to intuition following those inner cues and I said


yes and I met you know you and Quantum Leap Mastermind people and how and what


did that end up opening into and I track it it’s so beautiful it looks like a tree so we need evidence of how are you


noticing let’s say like someone comes in like just what you did take a breath


that’s what our bodies need rest and need breath and need these pauses these


very sacred pauses they do if you keep pushing yourself here’s the thing I’ll just share be careful I have a whole you


know Wellness background as well yeah your body is going to speak to you just


you know you don’t want it to speak to you through issues and illness and like listen now


because it doesn’t need to know this is resonating so much this is


resonating so so much and I love that I’m actually going to go back and and do that too is just look at like for the


best clients that have come in for the biggest deals um biggest isn’t always the qualifier


right but but it can be fun to look at and be like that was one of my biggest sales and it kind of just came to me


because I think yes that’s that’s definitely been the case for me and when I’m thinking about my clients so we’re


gonna listen to this too I think they can they’ll look back and see the same thing so gosh that’s so powerful let’s


talk about so let’s talk a bit about sales and business process because


you’ve got I think we’ll have to have you on for two conversations if you’re up for it because there’s just like so much here I


want to go into truly I don’t I don’t say that without actually meaning it like I really think they’re so many deep


cool places we could go with this um but one thing I do want to hit on with you here in this conversation is


something you mentioned I can’t remember if you mentioned it in the pre-chatter on this interview frankly but either way I know when you started off as an


entrepreneur you didn’t have sales or marketing background and yet you’ve built this really incredible thriving


business you’re a um a top-rated author you’ve got you know you’re certifying coaches from all


around the world like what did you do to figure out the the sales piece of the


game like did you learn hardcore tactical sales strategy did you do something else like what were the


elements that helped you truly build a successful business yeah I’m I’m literally like laughing and wanting to


cry at the same time there was a part of me that always laughs like where was I was missing the


memo of like the sales memo like I did not have any training I did not know I


didn’t but that’s great right I just was like I think a lot of times like ignorance is bliss in many ways right


because you here you are you didn’t get caught up in the details you made it work but yeah go ahead so you missed the sales memo so again and I yeah I missed


the whole thing I really believe this in my heart and I I I I believe to my core


to my heart that when you have and you know you can look at this in Think and Grow Rich right and I I remember reading


that the idea of this this desire this unwavering intention and desire right there’s a there’s a phenomenal book


called the intention experiment she is Lynn McTaggart has done years and years thousands of uh research she wrote the


field right yes yes I don’t know of this other book though okay the intention experiment yes and she where you get


groups together but this can work one-on-one you set intentions very specifically and it’s I really believe


at least when when you have when this comes from that place your desire your intention comes from a place that really


is here to serve for the highest good both that’s going to bless you and that’s going to bless your clients and


again I I know I tend to come more from a spiritual perspective it’s just what has helped me is look maybe more of a


macro perspective like I I really started this business from this deep desire to help others especially women


to make sure that they never felt like they were not good enough like they were


believing the that their excuse my language but no I’m here for it that


their ego stories beliefs conditioning societies telling them and I was like oh


heck no not on my watch not in my time we’re doing this I saw what happens and


experienced it health-wise with the crisis I mean every area I was like gosh darn it I just got a crash course in


what happens when you don’t love and honor yourself and so you know the over achieving the over being the over


needing to be something you’re not all of that I just literally felt like I had to do this


work and I do think that that powerful desire that that fiery I just I


want to help I want to be of service I want to make an impact like I I felt like that is what I I’m waking up here


to do that really is what was behind everything and I think the thing that we


have to remember is everything on the outside is going to reflect what’s going


on in the inside in yourself what you believe what you think how you feel about yourself um the stories the beliefs that’s why


you know if you think it’s hard to make money you’re gonna see it’s hard to make money yeah so if you believe like you


know what I don’t care how this is gonna look I just want to help other women get out of this crazy


conditioning or relationships that don’t fit them or you know belief about their body or something not being good enough


and I’m like uh no God doesn’t make you know God makes Beauty and an amazing


people like we are here to express ourselves fully and I just felt so on fire about that that really was I think


the Deep intention and impetus behind everything and allowed me to not get


stuck in it’s actually what I’m writing about next is about imposter syndrome and it’s called who does she think she


is is the name of the book this is a new book oh that’s exciting we just get into I think like who do I think I am I don’t


know how could I how could I ask for that client how could well it’s not about you it’s not about me get past


that get to the desire get to the why why is this important and yeah that really that carried everything now I


started to learn a little bit like okay how do you get a website like how do I meet people that’s when I you know found


our our Mastermind we did um yeah I will tell you I had zero training I’ve had very little to this day I find when I


try to learn it my brain gets like what are you doing are you doing it right it’s like just go to being with people


listening being open being open-hearted see where they are see if there’s a way you can serve and if not


get unattached it’s not about it’s not about me and it’s not about you anyhow you know wow did you ever deal with


um I’m just saying this because I know we’ve got listeners who are either in you know they’re in sales and


they’ve got like a hardcore quota they’re supposed to hit every month and they’re in fear about am I going to hit it or not or entrepreneurs who are maybe


just launching haven’t seen a lot of clients yet or maybe they’re just they’re in a season of their life or business that feels down like did you


ever face scarcity mentality or fears around that and if so how did you


approach that I mean I think you get beautiful advice on like noticing the belief of do I have to work hard to make


money and expand but was there ever that experience for you and if so like how do how do you tap back into abundance out


of that yeah and let me be clear because I do have you know the left brain side


as well like yeah track the numbers and I’m tracking what’s going on there’s both yeah I’ve definitely been face to


face with that in fact as I started my business and got more into it I remember um being an affiliate uh for a dear


friend I loved her program and was trying to make a certain amount you know have a certain amount of people join and


to make this like group that only I don’t know five percent and I was I had


no idea I was like how am I gonna do this I haven’t I don’t even have sales training like I don’t and I’m telling


you I I really believe you got to do that inner work and I was like okay I am believing that I’m not enough that I


don’t have what it takes what I do know with sales which to me translates to


having real authentic conversations with people because you believe in what


you’re sharing and selling and seeing if that might be a good fit and what is the need on that end and being completely


okay with either whatever happens that’s like what I boiled it down to and I just started getting really clear why I


signed up to be an affiliate why I loved her program and I was like well I’m just going to share it with as many people and I do think when you are clear why


this product this service is so important why is it going to bless them and others when you come from that place


of sharing and then you come from the place of unattachment and I’m telling you each of


those times somehow I ended in the top one percent and I’m telling you this is


why I’m laughing so I’m like there was there was no formal training yet to get to that quota I just yeah and day you


know it was like I remember we had like three days left and I was not even close to it Elyse and I was like Julie you


gotta go plug yourself back in the wall of the why why do you love this program


what like don’t get stuck in the people that said no it’s not for them that’s fine there are people that this could


help go be in that space and that’s where I think you gotta do that inner


kind of that inner honest assessment am I feeling scared is it more about my ego


and looking good and making quota or is it I actually yes I want to make quota and


and this this service this product this thing is really really important here’s


why and I believe in it when we believe in something and we bring in that greater um connection and knowing it’s going to


help others knowing it’s gonna bless others I I think there’s another power that comes in that helps


oh my gosh I love what you said you said plug yourself back into the wall of the


Y so if someone’s listening in there like they’re dealing with scarcity they’re


dealing with fear that they’re not going to hit their numbers your advice is it’s not like hey go send 100 DMS right now


it’s like first go get plugged back into the Y and then like just follow the guidance from there


or yeah I would say like before it’s no it’s not a problem it’s not wrong to


send 100 DMS right especially if that’s going to be it also might be send you know DMS make


some phone calls see how people are actually doing like get in humanity and your heart but do not make those calls


or DMS or text anything until you have plugged yourself back in to the wall of


that why of that of that deeper reason that purpose I just all I can say is


there’s a magnetic energy that happens and you cannot fake it I don’t believe because we’re we’re you know as human


beings we’re we’re smart we can sense people I mean I the one of the things I know is if I feel like someone’s coming


from that place of like Oh I’m a sale right I feel so yucky we don’t want to


we don’t want to come from that it doesn’t feel good so we got to do that inner pivot before


don’t reach out to anyone until you’ve come back home into yourself and you’re like I love this work I I feel this is


important this is why and then watch what happens oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s


okay it reminds me of um you’ll probably know this when Abraham Hicks talks about like a lot of people will they’ll try to


vacuum the whole living room but like the vacuum is unplugged yeah the whole time it’s the way a lot of us take action when we haven’t plugged in first


to the wall of the Y the way you put it so um gosh this is so powerful there’s I


just look I was like I told you we’re gonna talk for 30 minutes we’ve probably talked for longer and there’s there’s a million more places I want to go from


here but I also want to honor your time so Julie if somebody wants to get connected with you learn more about your


programs I know you’ve got at the time this comes out you’ll have um a certification cohort coming up can you


speak a little bit about how they connect with you your list and then how they can get involved in the certification if they want yes yes we’re


going to be doing the 10th cohort starting on 10 10. oh cool


um and I have been teaching the fundamentals of coaching for years still at Georgetown I started my own program


um really that also adds in some of the most important positive psychology methodologies but also The Healing Arts


I add in a lot around healing and energy the best thing is to go to my website


which hopefully you’ll have just my first last and I do have and


it’s on the website I have a tool set and there’s some of my favorite practices I use they’re really good


um it’s a tool set to to Really design your best life you can get that on my website or I think


tool set I think it’s really easy um and we have a wait list if you’re interested I I talk to everybody who


thinks they might want to do the coaching program I’ve had a i I’d say 50 come in who are already trained as


coaches but feel like they want to refine skills or just kind of add to their toolbox but I do talk to everyone


to make sure it’s the right fit it’s not the right fit for everybody so I’m really clear on that


um and I just love to hear from people like if maybe there’s something you heard and you’re like I don’t know about


that like I just I love people I love this work so amazing yeah amazing and


Julie this is yeah thank you so much um this is so powerful we’ll link everything in the show notes so people


can get involved and get your tool tool set and then also learn about the coaching certification and I just want


to say thank you again like I that’s why I love hosting this show because I feel like I get like a mini


coaching session from would I bring on incredible people like you who are just Masters at their craft so thank you so


much um I really really appreciate you and your time and we will have you back if you would like to come back on it would


be so great to go deeper with you so thank you again Elyse thank you so much I love who you


are I’m so grateful for the work you’re doing and it was just an honor to be here thank you oh my gosh absolutely to


you my listener oh my gosh you’re gonna want to go back and re-listen to this because there was a lot of gold in this


so go get connected with Julie re-listen share this with your friends with your


network I think at the end of the day this is some of the most important if not the most important


um Soul work that we’re all here to either learn or do along the journey and of course it will help you elevate your


sales and your business but it will also just help you really uh have a very different experience of business and


life as well so um thank you as always for being a listener so grateful for you love you so


much and I’ll see you on our next episode bye for now.

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