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Abundance Selling vs Scarcity Selling w/ Ian Koniak

This special episode is a live training with Ian Koniak, a three time She Sells Radio Podcast guest. As the #1 rep for Salesforce, the #1 CRM in the entire world, for 19 years, it’s obvious Ian knows what he’s doing. He and I have worked together on his personal brand and I got to know him as a person. I have been absolutely blown away by who he has become through this journey and am constantly amazed by how he continues to grow.

If you wanna know the sales mindset and strategies that multi figure sales reps use that have a lot of client opportunities and conversions that don’t have to hustle, this training is for you.


Show Notes:

[4:16] – What is speaking to you about abundance selling vs. scarcity selling?

[5:59] – Wanting something really badly sometimes makes it seem unattainable.

[8:25] – Ask yourself what is sustainable. Can you work the way you’re working right now for the next 20 years?

[9:31] – Learn the definitions of abundance selling and scarcity selling.

[11:45] – When we place our self-worth on our sales, this is scarcity selling.

[13:26] – When you’re seeking external validation, it is always going to fall short.

[16:52] – Your agenda should be seeing if you can help somebody.

[18:02] – Listen with the intention of understanding rather than listening with the intention of replying.

[20:53] – Realize that you don’t need this customer to buy to survive.

[23:36] – Say no to the things that distract you from being laser focused on your goals.

[25:14] – If you are thinking about how much you need the sale, you are not thinking about serving the client.

[27:09] – Your energy determines the outcome.

[29:08] – Learn from the people who have the results you want but pay attention to their energy.

[33:58] – The way we feel determines our actions and our actions determine our outcomes.

[36:28] – The real gift and the real prize is becoming the best person you can be.

[37:51] – Just because you think a thought, does not make it true.

[39:52] – Success is knowing that you are doing the absolute best you can to become a better person.

[43:40] – For Ian, he needed to lean into his fears.

[45:23] – How can you show up where you leave nothing on the table?

[46:46] – When you’ve done all you possibly can, there’s no such thing as failing.

[48:53] – How can you turn it around when it seems like all the doors are closing?

[51:18] – If you could have it any way, what would the outcome be? How can you make yourself a match for that?

[53:25] – How do you keep a positive mindset on your journey to true abundance selling?

[55:50] – Staying on the brighter side can sometimes be hard, but we have to count our blessings.

[57:44] – Check out Ian’s Untap Your Sales Potential Coaching program.


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