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Creating Abundance and Transformation with Dr. Hillari Hamilton, Researcher for Dr. Joe Dispenza

In this unique episode, you get a behind the scenes peek at a mastermind conversation with our 50k Club. Every month, I bring on a high level guest mentor and a recent mentor was the incredible Dr. Hillari Hamilton, researcher for Dr. Joe Dispenza. She has been a podcast guest before and it is by far one of the most downloaded and listened to episodes on She Sells Radio ever. The messages and content she brought to the 50k Club was so impactful and so powerful that we’re sharing a portion of it here on the podcast. Believe me, you’ll want to take notes!

Dr. Hillari Hamilton has spent most of her career developing programs to best serve individuals in transforming their health from a state of disease to one of ease by uncovering the root cause of imbalance, mentally, physically, and chemically. She assisted in the co-creation of trans-disciplinary clinics to treat chronic pain in the Empire Valley in California in 2015, where she uncovered the foundational piece to healing, which begins with becoming familiar with the impact our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have on mental and physical pain. She educates her patients on how the mind-body connections work and how to observe and implement change, which empowers her to take an active role in healing their body from the inside out. Dr. Hamilton has been working with Dr. Joe Dispenza for the past three years on his life-changing approach to health, to quantify his work through research in cooperation with UCSD and VitaMed Research. Dr. Hamilton is a chiropractor, certified hypnotherapist, research coordinator, wellness coach, and meditation facilitator. She is currently pursuing her passion traveling with Dr. Dispenza, assisting in human transformation with the intention of demonstrating through science the effects meditation has on the regulation, prevention, and treatment of disease.


Show Notes:

[5:08] – Welcome to the mastermind, Dr. Hamilton! Elyse shares her background and current role as researcher for Dr. Joe Dispenza.

[8:38] – When you change your brain, you get new results. If you can notice and become familiar with how you feel, it can change your state of being.

[11:30] – We are all connected to the people in our lives. We can influence our children based on the emotions we live by.

[12:29] – Thoughts are the language of the brain but feelings are the language of the body.

[14:04] – Where you put your attention is where you put your energy.

[15:02] – When in your life were you successful? What were the thoughts, actions, and feelings that allowed you to become successful?

[17:09] – A mastermind member shares her experience with success and what happens when her thoughts and feelings hold her back.

[20:42] – Our thoughts have everything to do with our destiny. We have to be able to tune into how we’re thinking.

[23:30] – Elyse shares how some of Dr. Joe’s work has improved her health.

[25:38] – We need to get out of narrow focus and into an open focus.

[29:13] – You have to know what you want with a clear intention.

[30:45] – Women tend to live with self inflicted guilt.

[33:12] – Dr. Hamilton shares the work that she is confident will change the world.

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Welcome to She Sells Radio I am so excited to bring you this episode today


because this is gonna be different and powerful and transformational in ways


that I think are hard to explain right now so today I’m going to be bringing you a behind the scenes a portion of a


behind the scenes Mastermind conversation that we had not too long ago um with my 50k Club high level


masterminds we have women in there who are already at the six figure level who are scaling to multi six and seven


figures and every month I bring them a guest mentor and these guest mentors are


very high level uh people who often it would be difficult to get access to or


receive mentorship from and when I was thinking about this year who did I want


to bring in to The Mastermind I had this nudge to bring in Dr Hillary Hamilton


and if you’re not familiar with who she is she is um she is a head researcher


and the head of donor relations for the inner science research fund which is Dr


Joe dispenza’s foundation and so she’s a head researcher with him as well and


what else the other thing I love about this and why I’m excited to bring this to you on the podcast is when I look


back on our episodes to see one of the most popular topics been that resonate


with um with you the most by far out of over 300 episodes now


um the two that have been the most downloaded most listened to one was where I talked about my experience at


the Joe dispenza Retreat and then the second was my interview with Dr Hillary


Hamilton where I brought her on an episode 139 and she talked about the science behind abundance and


transformation so I brought her into my Mastermind group recently and the conversation was so powerful to have


this very intimate setting where she was able to come in and just pour into the


women there to take them to a much higher level of Consciousness around their business their life abundance


creating the results that they’re wanting um doing it from the quantum like it’s


very very powerful high level conversations that we had and I’m not going to bring you the full conversation


because she did some custom coaching with the women there but I’m going to bring you part of it so that you can listen to what she shared with the group


it was so impactful so powerful and um and I know you’re going to enjoy it so


with that I’m gonna get right into the interview now the episode


um that we excuse me the interview that we had with her here in The Mastermind so that you can hear for yourself so get


ready I think you’re going to want to take notes on this one too it’s a really transformational conversation with Dr


Hillary Hamilton it’s going to be so powerful I want to share a little bit about um you know just why I wanted to have Dr


Hillary in here to work with all of you and what a blessing it is to have her she’s got such a busy travel schedule


and uh life schedule with all the work she’s doing so we are so grateful to


have you um I think all of you in this group know my own personal transformation and


um Dr Joe’s work Dr Joe dispenza’s work was a key piece like one when I think


about the financial um growth going from being stuck at the same level for over 10 years not being


able to break past a certain threshold to being able to turn annual income to monthly income in six weeks it literally


was his abundance meditation feeling worthy feeling grateful shifting my


identity which for those of you who are registered for um the seven figure self-image event


we’re doing later today you’ll hear me speak about that more but his work was so pivotal in that healing skin cancer


that I mean so many Transformations happened and I came across his work and


did the Tran and experienced these Transformations before going to an event and in January of 2022 I went to an


event in Marco Island uh which was my first week-long Retreat that I had ever


done and um when I went to The Retreat I saw him


bring up this incredible Powerhouse woman multiple times on stage uh Dr Hillary Hamilton and he first had I


don’t know he brought you up the whole event I think but I think first I saw you demonstrate how to access gamma


brain waves and it was incredible it was like nothing I’d ever seen it was so powerful then she was on stage raising


funds for the inner science research fund which would be happy to have you speak more to the group about


um today while you’re here and I thought oh my gosh this woman is not only incredibly spiritual and and gifted in


that way but also she’s a business Powerhouse and I kind of stalked her at the event I was like I feel like I need


to to know this woman there was a long line of people waiting to get to know her after she had come up and spoken and I was


like I I need to connect with her she’s incredible so um she came on the podcast


last year it was one of our top rated episodes to this day talked about the science behind abundance and


transformation and just I’ve learned so much from interacting with her and a


little while ago I just had this nudge like reach out and see if you can get her as a guest Mentor for The Mastermind


and I told some of you I was like I don’t know this feels stretchy but gosh I would love if I could have her come in


and speak with all of you um so we are so so grateful to have you I I’ll share a bit of your formal bio Dr


Hillary if that’s okay and then I’ll I’ll let you actually speak and say hi to the group


um I’m gonna there’s so much in here I’m gonna try to distill it down a little bit here um but so Dr Hillary is her background


is in developing programs to best serve individuals and transforming their health from a state of dis-ease to one


of ease by uncovering the root cause of imbalance mentally physically and chemically she has been working with Dr


Joe for the past is it three or four years now maybe more because I think this bio yeah it’s probably five years


by now five years okay yeah working very closely uh with him and quantifying


their research um she’s a chiropractor a certified hypnotherapist a research coordinator a


wellness coach a meditation facilitator and just travels with him and the team all around the world I think you’re


going to Germany tomorrow is that right later today oh my gosh amazing okay


Germany and she has now joined the inner science research fund non-profit to help support Dr Joe dispense is life


transforming work and is the director of donor relations there as well we are so grateful and excited to have you thank


you for being here thank you thank you so much for having me I’m so happy to be here with all of you and it it looks


like we have some moms on the call which I think is just beautiful um we can talk a little bit about being


a mom and uh some of the discoveries that we just had come across our plate just at the last


event in Denver uh we had some women get up on stage and it’s just so do all of you guys do Dr


Joe’s work I’m curious you I think a lot of women do some maybe


newer to it I know I’ve introduced it throughout the group and I think everyone’s kind of on a different stage of their Journey okay okay so I’ll back


up and then we’ll go into the motherhood as we move forward um so I like Alisa said I’ve been with


Dr Joe for quite some time now and I’m an NCS trainer and uh Lindsay Hurst who is Dr Joe’s CEO of the neuro change


Solutions program for corporate and for um just organizations that want to


create more coherence and more collaboration more creativity with their team we’re here in Miami we just did a


training over the weekend and it was super powerful and what Dr Joe’s work is all about is when you change your mind


you get new results and how the Mind Body Connection um affects us and how you know we have


70 trillion cells in our 70 trillion or more 100 trillion cells in our body and


they’re all spying on what we’re thinking and so how powerful it is that


our thoughts affect our body and Dr Joe’s work is all about


um change your personality you change your reality and your reality your personal reality is your life so if you


can notice and become familiar with how you think how you act and how you feel create your


state of being and we are uncovering through science how you think how you


act and how you feel changes your biology and your physiology just by thought alone and we’re uncovering in a


week’s time in our week-long events we take measurements at the beginning of the week and we look at blood saliva


brainwave activity heart rate variability we look at urine we look at


microbiomes we even are looking at tears now and we’re noticing the way people


show up to an event is based on years of conditioning and 95 of who we are we


don’t even know because it’s an unconscious program playing in the background and we’re only aware of five


percent of how we’re thinking and so when you start to become familiar with that over the course of the week long


and you open up to new potentials and you go from a narrow Focus to an open


Focus through the meditative process that he brings people are changing and they’re changing all of those by all of


those different physiology and biology in in your body and by the end of the week people have overcome stage four


cancer they’ve overcome Parkinson’s blindness deafness and it’s just we’re


creating an amplitude of energy that the more people know how to do this the


greater the changes and so it’s like the four minute mile that he talks about once you know you cannot not know and


people are waking up to how powerful they truly are so it’s been quite the journey and because there are moms on


the call I’ll tell you that we were just in Denver and we had two women get on on


the stage and tell their stories um both women had children that that


were autistic and were severely autistic and doing the work we they brought


both children into coherence healing so they had a healing at an event but the mothers noticed when they started


changing their kids started changing so what we’re uncovering is how connected


we really are to our kids and to the people in our lives and we can influence


our children based on the emotions that we’re living by and so these moms were


on the stage so we were all crying in the audience but when they started changing it was healing their children


and we’ve heard this more than once so the power of who we’re being affects the people around us and it’s it’s pretty


incredible so Dr Joe really wants to emphasize you know changing how you are


emotionally changes the outcome so you can go from survival emotions like fear


frustration anger resentment guilt and transmute that energy those emotions


into something that’s more loving to You Like Love um appreciation gratitude all of these


elevated emotions actually change the chemistry of your body and it you can expand that energy out so elevated


emotions like I just mentioned are selfless so thoughts are the language of the


brain but feelings are the language of the body and how we think and how we feel creates


that state of being so thoughts go out and feelings come in so thoughts are


electric and feelings are magnetic and how that is is like you use your


body as an instrument so if you’re thinking and feeling in a state of survival


then that energy that you are contracts and when you create a contraction in the


body what happens you hold your breath you have tension and you’re Contracting


that energy and the body can’t function that well so when you’re in a state of survival you’re thinking about


um my body my environment and time you become selfish


they’re all about you but those elevated emotions are just the opposite they’re self less and you’re


not concerned about your body your environment time you’re becoming greater than your body greater than your


environment and greater than time and so though those emotions and that energy


expands out and that’s when the autonomic nervous system can go in and regulate all the other systems because


you’re out of the way right so when people are in survival and they say they have


back pain right so Dr Joe teaches where you put your attention is where you put your


energy so if your focus is on your back pain all day long what’s going to happen


that back pain is going to increase right because where you put your attention is where you put your energy


but his teachings are so strong and so powerful that you can overcome that back


pain and you can put your attention somewhere else get out of the way and the body can go in and heal that area


so it’s pretty powerful stuff we just did an NCS training with a company it


was so fun we had um a company that invited us in where half the company is Spanish and the


other half of the company was English we had translators getting in the room and it was a lot of moving Parts but it was


it was beautiful and once we started the program one of the first questions that we asked is to identify in your life


when you wanted to make a change and you were successful so just take a moment to think about


that when in your life were you in a position that you wanted


to do something and you were successful what were the thoughts that you had


around that what were the actions and what were the feelings


that allowed you to become successful


and how did you show up for that success


what were some of the thoughts actions and feelings


and then identify a point in your life when you wanted to make a change where you were unsuccessful


at making that change


what were some of those thoughts actions and feelings


and what are the differences between the two


does anybody want to share anything on when they were successful what some of the thoughts actions and feelings were


yeah that’s yeah Laura please go ahead yeah I was thinking about it there’s


many times there’s a specific time I wanted to create like a sales goal for my team and


even before creating it I I knew I could create it I knew that it


was possible and I had this feeling of if I put in the work


and if I just trust the people around me to do what they need to do and the possibilities of it and I didn’t


know the word at the time but just doing the work now but I was like wow that happens so easy


all the people around me did what they needed to do I I looked at the possibility of how


they could contribute to the success of a goal and and it was so it was so exciting I was


like wow that can’t wow this actually happened you know and I won Top you know


top award out of a national company for the sales wow you’re feeling that yeah


yeah so you you knew you had the right thoughts and then you took action and then the


feelings were you’re not going to stop me I’m I know that this is gonna happen right


yeah so that is it if you were creating that state of being which created your


personality which then in turn affected your personal reality


so that’s beautiful and anybody want to share a time in their life where they were unsuccessful


what their thoughts actions and feelings were no one wants to share that one I was


like I was just thinking about like the area


like even now that um is like my weight right so the things


that showed up where where you know and not just writing it down there’s I don’t


have control over it I’m like wow where did that come from I’m beating myself up for it


um why am I not successful at it so it’s like these things are showing up


you know around that piece of it for me yeah and how can you look at it differently because the first success


your voice was different your energy was different and then the second time your voice changed and you could I we could


sense the feelings around it were different so if we could you know change those feelings that


would trigger more of the thoughts that would be more supportive and more successful for you


and to make you a priority and if you guys some of you that follow


Dr Joe what he always likes to use the word is that loving to me so what would be some


loving emotions that you could have around yourself that would allow you to have that same


success right yeah yeah


anybody else want to share a time when they were successful [Music]


those elevated emotions are key right it opens the door and if you have an


elevated emotion with a clear intention right and so Laura too maybe maybe you


don’t make losing weight a priority maybe we don’t make ourselves a priority we we take we’re all women we take care


of people Beyond ourselves easier than we take care of ourselves so to make ourselves a priority because


we’re worthy to receive a greater version of ourselves right we


we got to turn that love Inward and show up for ourselves right I appreciate that because I think


in my mind well I know what I’m beating myself up and it’s like I know that that is a that


I get to rework that and I get to change that to loving myself and so I’ve been


doing the break it up breaking the habit of being yourself around this whole this is something in my life I really


want to really want to focus on and change how I feel about it and so


so those feelings I’m like all right I love how I can feel into these feelings of well these are lies these are not


what I want and then creating the feeling of love and grace and


you know pleasure and fun and how easy it is to come up and


and then it’s not about the number it’s about how I feel it’s yeah that’s right and how many of us on


this call believe that our thoughts have something to do with our destiny we do right so if that’s the case


then we have to be able to um tune into how we’re thinking and how


we’re thinking turns into how we’re feeling and those feelings trigger more of the same thoughts


so to open the door to a different way of thinking


that’s when the evolution begins to start right and how you think and feel


creates that state of being so with you talking about losing weight what are


some of the thoughts that you could have around losing weight


what if losing weight could just be easy yeah yeah what if what if I feel good now but


if I buy things now that I feel good in in my body what you know I think about


what feels good what feels what does healthy feel like I know what that feeling is


it’s really you know when I’m eating the things that my body desires and wants as


far as like fruits and vegetables or protein I know


um and stopping when I’m feeling satisfied I I can do that yeah and do


you do any of Dr Joe’s meditations yeah okay the freaking yeah


I love to see all your input on that yeah yeah he’s got he’s uh there’s one


uh meditation it’s called tuning into new potentials and there’s two potentials did you do it


yeah I did it this morning awesome so your thoughts and the message out


they’re electric and feelings draw the event to you they’re magnetic and we’re


electric beings that that energy that we are Beyond ourselves so using that clear


intention with the elevated emotion and feel what it would feel like if you were


in the body of your perfect choice you know if you were at the beach or if you were on


stage or if you were receiving an award and what dress would you be wearing or what outfit would you be wearing and how


would you feel in that and that’s the feeling that’s going to draw the experience to you then you elongate that


feeling and then it becomes your new personality and then your personal reality will match that so and just have


fun with it don’t be hard on yourself right I love it yeah it’s good stuff


so has anybody used Dr Joe’s work to create anything


so far what have you created well you’ve created Health what anything else yeah


um yeah created Health heal the skin the first time I went the matter on matter approach the first time I was diagnosed and I got scared and got surgery and um


it was a bit of a traumatic experience second time I was like I’m not doing that because they diagnosed me again


with another spot right by my eye and they were like we’re gonna have to go in and do major reconstructive surgery and


and I was like no like I’m not up for that um so I used his work to heal that I


went back they couldn’t find any trace of it was really really powerful and then financially again abundance have


created quite a bit of abundance using his work daycare manifested the right day care


that I wanted for my kids everything I mean I think this is when I think about any transformation in the past few years


with my awareness of this work now it’s all been based on this work it’s


incredibly powerful yeah yeah and I yeah go ahead no no go ahead but oh I know I


was I was just gonna say um you tell me when you want me to play that video that you sent over I think


it’s it will be a powerful kind of tee up for the women to see some of the transformation that others have created


too I want to go with your flow of whatever works best for you today but I’m happy to play that at whatever yeah let’s let’s play that in just a moment


um this video that I I shared with Elyse is called Legends and it’s been updated I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet


um but it’s been updated because we have so many healings and so many miracles coming


um our way that um Dr Joe put together this amazing video of people transforming and what


they’re doing is they’re using the work they’re showing up to an event they’re getting out of their regular routines


right because routines we go unconscious if we’re in our routines we get up and do the same thing over and over again


and it’s just these habits that were um conditioned to be in and so we’re


we’re not doing or feeling or thinking anything new so when you go to a retreat


you get out of the way and with his teachings learning to go from a narrow


Focus to an open focus and that narrow focus is when we’re in that state of survival


when we’re thinking about our body our environment and time and we turn on the sympathetic nervous system and the


sympathetic nervous system is that fight or flight nervous system and sometimes we have a circumstance in our lives


where we turn that sympathetic nervous system on and we can’t turn it off


right and then we’re headed for our Destiny and a lot of the time it’s related to disease and it’s like if


you’re in a room with a tiger all the time you’re you know your heart rate is faster your your blood flow is all to


your extremities because you’re ready to fight run or hide and that’s okay for short term but sometimes we turn on that


stress response and we can’t turn it off so going to an event or doing the work


and being consistent with it you learn to go from that narrow focus when you’re paying attention to your environment and


you’re ready for that that fight or the to run and hide and then you learn to take your


attention off of the environment off of your body and off of time and in those


meditations you open up and you sense the space beyond your body and space and


so when you do that you take all that energy that you are and you expand it out and you’re getting out of the way


and so that’s what we do at these events there’s like 20 I think 30 hours almost


of meditation so people are learning to put their attention off of their body


and expand it out into space and then when you do that you’re putting your body in something called homeostasis so


you’re putting your body in balance and then the autonomic nervous system which is automatic can go in and regulate all


the other systems and so the body begins to heal and we wear a mask in our in our


events and what that mass does is is allows the body to produce more


melatonin and melatonin is a nighttime transmitter that heals the body and it goes through all these different changes


um so the body can can get better and so this this work is really all about not just about creating your future but it’s


also about creating the best version of you from a health perspective and uh it’s super fun so I would love


for at least if you can show the video and let you guys see a little bit of


what we do at these events and how it’s it’s uh transformative absolutely it’s


so powerful I’ll share this and um you’ll see like again like ladies I said I was watching this this morning and I


just was crying Christine said if it’s tearjerker I’m turning off my video Yeah


it it moved me very much emotionally because I’ve experienced not these


things specifically that you’ll see but that same level of just the self-love that comes in when you do this work


um and so you’ll see in this it’s it’s Health Transformations which this group is more about business career I know


there’s a lot of things in here we’re also looking to create and shift in our health right anytime we get a group of people together there’s things we want


to shift in our business and our health but I think what will be fun too is to see some of the evidence in this video


and see how it applies to health and then when we come back maybe we can talk about well what does this mean for us in


our careers in our business if we’re looking to create abundance if we’re looking to generate a certain result we’ve got really incredible


entrepreneurs sales leaders in this group so they’ll probably want to know like how do we how does this apply so


maybe we can talk through it but I want to thank you so much for sending this Dr Hillary because I want to share this it was just so so important so


you have to know what you want with a clear intention


okay it’s it’s not a wishy-washy well I kind of want to do this now you need a


clear intention with an elevated emotion um I know this is going to sound a


little mature but I’m going to bring it up anyway um talking about sex for a second


so when you’re having sex and you want if you have a clear intention for an outcome during sex


with an elevated emotion do you get to the end goal you do


you got to look at your life that way too you want to have a clear intention with an elevated emotion


and that’ll get you to your goal you have it can’t be incoherent it’s got to have complete coherence


and it’s got to be that specific pattern there’s infinite possibilities right that we can tune into but you need to


know what you want to create write it down she says I’m trying to find what that


clear intention is and what really lights me up okay so it could maybe it’s not something you


want to create outside of you maybe it’s something you want to create inside of you start with you first


so we’re really good as women living in the state of guilt because oh I didn’t do this right or my kids I you know you


know I find that in my life guilt was one that was pretty predominant there


for a while um so learning I think we should all start


with us if we can you know learn to be loving to ourselves


and to tune into worthiness um I think worthiness and Trust


these are big big ones I trust myself right what is trusting yourself feel


like tuning into the energy of I trust myself or I’m worthy to receive


or I love myself now how hard it you know it’s hard as women we’re taught


from our environment you know need this new lipstick you need this you know new


hair products you need to do this to your face you need to do this to your body you know we’re so conditioned to


say we’re not perfect we need something outside of ourselves but to sit in a meditation and just just tune into


loving yourself then that’ll expand new thoughts which


will bring those new choices and new behaviors and you create those new experiences and then maybe you’ll have a


clearer intention of what you want to create in your future but I think it all starts with loving ourselves back into


our lives and then something else will open up I don’t know what do you think Elyse do


you think that’s I love it well what I love too you’re talking


about trust yourself that’s sexual you don’t know this but that is the core message of she sells oh yeah yeah in my


own life when things weren’t clicking the way I wanted I was in so much


self-doubt thinking I wanted too much for my life my desires were too big I


was too much et cetera Etc and I stopped trusting myself and I think for a lot of the women


um in this group too and Laura I appreciate you sharing your back story it’s like so many women have had some


sort of trauma where we disconnect from our bodies and then we stop trusting ourselves and then it we don’t realize


how much that’s holding us back in our business in our lives in other areas and so


um learning to create that self-trust again um because I thought differently than a


lot of my family about things I still do and that’s okay right but like we’re going to question ourselves and we learn


that we’re not right um as little girls and learning to trust


again and then that worthiness Dr Kelly tell us about what you’ve got going on


how women can get more involved okay let’s yeah tell us where to go from


here with you this was so like Elyse said I’m the director of General relations for inner science research fund and what we do is it’s our


community that helps fund the research so at UC San Diego they can analyze all


the data that we collect from Dr Joe’s events so you know there’s several scientists that come to the to the event


and they collect the blood the saliva the urine even the poop samples you know


the microbiome and so it’s UC San Diego that analyzes and so we support that so we can get it


published peer-reviewed papers out into medical journals so we can bring this


work to Health Care and it’s not just to health care it’s to everyone’s care so we can be the


greatest version of ourselves and I can’t imagine going through this life not knowing this work some people


go through their whole lives just reacting from their environment never getting to know who they truly are never


looking under their own hood and saying oh my gosh I’ve been feeling like this for 20 to 30 years can I feel something


different and it’s absolutely true so what he teaches is just so beautiful and it


gives people the opportunity to live their best lives and to be able to prove through science


what we’re doing we’re going to change the world stuff I have no doubt and um as a donor you could do a monthly


donation of your choice it can be 10 bucks a month and with that donation it goes all to science so we can bring


meditation to the foundation of people’s everyday lives and we do a monthly


meditation with Dr Joe’s work just did um changing boxes like yesterday yesterday


day before yesterday with hundreds of people all over the world and changing boxes is a great


meditation for any of you guys to to do you change boxes from who you are to who


you want to be with that clear intention and elevated emotion and redo the meditation to what if Humanity was in a


state of wholeness and Oneness so did that as a collective and we have evidence that says we can affect the


field with Our intention and changing the frequency and that’ll change matter so it’s just so beautiful


um and yeah Dr Joe and the research team they get on a couple calls a year virtually and you can ask questions and


have opportunities to say hey have you thought about studying this you know so it’s a community


and uh it’s just such a beautiful thing to be a part of and I know we’re gonna get this information out and this is how


the world’s gonna change so thank you for letting me share that and uh if you guys have you guys been to


an event has anybody on this call been to an event no okay we need to make that happen


so yeah it’s such a it’s oh my goodness it’s definitely life-changing doing the work


is life-changing too but um yeah yeah you gotta like set a timer for when the tickets go on sale to literally get it


right I mean these things sell out like I don’t know why a prince concert is what just came to mind for me


oh it’s being good you’re going yes yes yes let us know which one you’re going


to so uh yeah still get as many 50k hours as possible um yeah yeah come up and say hi to me


for sure wow Dr Hillary I know you’ve got a I know you’ve got a full day I know


you’ve got to get out to Germany for more of this transformational work thank you thank you thank you for having me


nice meeting all of you and I hope to see you guys in my future bye


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