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Secrets to Successful Sales Rep Onboarding w/ Mafalda Johannsen

One of the things I love about LinkedIn is the ability to connect with incredible people around the globe, and my guest today is someone I probably never would have connected with otherwise.

Today’s guest is Mafalda Johannsen, who is the Business Development Director at Wonderway, a German sales enablement startup. At Wonderway, she reviewed and improved hundreds of onboarding and trainings, hosts and moderates sales webinars, has two sales podcasts, and is now working on a sales book in Portuguese. Apart from that, she’s also a masterclass instructor at SDRs of Germany and the PR and Marketing Manager of a jazz fusion band called Plasticine.


Show Notes:

[4:02] – Get to know Mafalda! She shares her background and backstory.

[5:57] – Mafalda never intended to work in sales.
[9:24] – Rejection in sales is challenging to handle sometimes. Mafalda attributes her mindset to her mother and grandmother.

[10:55] – You can learn or laugh.

[13:07] – Not everyone is meant to work this way. And that’s okay. We need everyone’s skills and everyone’s profession.

[15:01] – Mafalda lists the things she has done throughout her career.

[16:44] – Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is crucial. Mafalda knows that one of her obstacles is her distaste for technology tools.

[19:36] – When it comes to having a team, it is unfair to not guide them and set them up for failure.

[20:31] – During onboarding, only give the information that is necessary. Don’t overload your new team member.

[23:47] – Instead of giving practice that isn’t relevant or a quiz for them to perform, have new employees start the tasks they will be doing independently later.

[27:27] – When you begin to build your team, it is important to give up some control.

[29:55] – Prospecting on LinkedIn is great, but you need to engage on posts and post everyday.

[32:06] – You have to have a normal and conversational feel to communicate on LinkedIn.

[35:00] – Even working in an AI company, there is a human touch that is extremely important.


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Welcome to She Sells Radio one of the things that I love most about LinkedIn


is just having the ability to connect with Incredible people around the globe who otherwise we might not have the


chance to connect with and my guest today is someone I probably never would have had the chance to connect with had


we not been hooked up on LinkedIn which I love so my guest today is Mafalda


Johansson who is the business development director at wonderway a


German sales enablement startup and part of what is fun about this and where I love the synchronicity of it all is


literally just a few days ago I was on a call for the Salesforce influencer


program and we were all talking about the top AI platforms for sales now I’m listening in on this call while driving


my three-year-old son to a doctor’s appointment and some of my colleagues


start like listing off platforms and they say wonder way and I I’m driving my mom is actually in the car with us and I


was like Mom grab your notepad write down wonder way I need to learn more about it totally not even putting two


and two together that my father who I’m interviewing today uh is the business


development director at wonderway so I thought this is very synchronistic and I


love how it comes together so I’m excited to have that um kind of that connection and be able to talk more about what you’re doing


there on the show and so at wonderway uh Mafalda reviews and improves hundreds of


onboarding and training programs does incredible sales webinars she hosts two


different sales podcasts so we’ll tell you more about those two and where to get plugged in and listen to those and


she’s also working on a sales book in Portuguese so I love how diverse and


expansive her interests are and outside of that she’s a master class instructor


at sdrs of Germany and the pr and marketing manager of a jazz fusion band


called is it plasticine am I saying that correctly okay awesome awesome Mafalda


welcome to She Sells Radio with you no I’m so excited thank you


first of all so much for having me and second for surprising me with that story


I mean I can’t wait to tell my CEO that you heard about us in the in the sales


force I mean that means I’m doing my job right oh my gosh no absolutely yeah


absolutely and so yeah it was a big top of it hopefully I can say this I think I could say this but it was a big topic of


conversation because as I’m sure you’re aware everyone right now is talking about AI for sales and what are the best


platforms and tools that I’m getting asked a lot of questions my colleagues in that program are getting asked and when they send wonderway again I just I


didn’t even put two and two together but I spent part of this this weekend researching wonderway and so I was like


oh I need to start recommending this to some of my clients too so anyway full circle


the best way to start this for me at least I love it I love it so we’ll you


know we’ll talk about what you’re doing there too but I also want to talk about you as a person as an individual


um we were connecting before we hit record just about you had a fun post on LinkedIn by the way we’ll tell you for


you listening we’ll tell you where to connect with Mafalda and follow her on LinkedIn because she does a great job of


posting content and it’s personal and it’s witty and it’s funny and you get to know her better


um but she had just shared a post recently about being named after a cartoon character so we were talking a


little bit about that and getting connected on that and I think it would just be fun as we kick off um Mafalda if you want to share a little


bit of your back story and um you can Loop it Loop us and with your name and that came about if you want and


and what got you into this path of sales yeah that’s uh that’s I think it’s a


great way to start so yeah my name is Mafalda my father even though it’s quite a common name in Portugal I’m Portuguese


um half Portuguese have German um my mother always liked this cartoon from Argentina and


um and she was like I want you know my daughter to be you know strong independent critical thinking all of


that and Mafalda is that the cartoon is is that


um and the only thing that me and that my father we are very different is she doesn’t like soup and I do so


um so that’s two in Germany right it’s cold a lot you got it yeah exactly exactly and we have a huge subculture in


Portugal we are very snowy bought soup and coffee for some reason and and yeah and that’s what my mother named me after


and you know she always made sure I knew and she always gave me the full collection of books for me to read


um and uh yes so so that’s that for my name and as I said I was born in


Portugal um I lived in the United States I lived in South Korea I’m now living in in


Germany and so I’ve been living in three different continents and yeah and I


started my sales career in the US like everyone else I didn’t plan to work


in sales I never met the person who said you know what since I was a kid I wanted to work in sales yeah


um but I I had I wanted to do my masters in in the states and when you study


there when you have the F1 Visa you can then upgrade for a one year working Visa


and and I did but I had to find a job also because you know my bills were piling up I really need to pay them my


rent and Etc but because I didn’t have much work experience and Americans they they worked while studying and they work


a lot so when they finish studies usually they’re already they have some work experience which doesn’t happen when you come from Portugal


um so I was like all right I’m on a Visa I’m not a local and I don’t have work


experience so it was really hard to find a job and uh and the only job that took


me was a hundred percent sales commission job because I was like guess what number is for them they were not


paying me a salary anyway if they didn’t sell so there were no answers like you can work


um and I was like it’s not that I’m interested in working 100 sales commission but I have no other choice at


the moment so I’m gonna go for it and because I’m Portuguese they’re like you


can sell to the Latin American market right they’re like well I don’t really speak Spanish ah you learn it


wow so you got to learn okay so you gotta learn a new language while working


on a position yes that’s the best that’s the best way for you to learn the language a month later you’re fluent


because you have no other choice you have to be what were you selling um don’t judge me


um timeshare I’ve sold so many I sold Yellow Pages my first like quote unquote


legit sales job out of school I sold Yellow Pages which you may not even know because a lot of people don’t even know that that makes you sound like a


dinosaur no I know I I still remember I still know okay but yeah I get it yeah


okay so you would cut your teeth wow learning new language 100 commission


selling timeshare what was that like I mean that’s Lori the sun it was in the unflex mall so I was like yeah 40


degrees I don’t know 90 19 Fahrenheit 40 Celsius sun on your face yeah was


interesting but hey I I was happy because I was making money I was like if


I had like a normal job being Junior right with my no my library I’ll be


making less money right so an entry job I was 21. so an entry job


would I would be making within like a a normal salary I’ll be making less right


right there it’s like I have no limits so I’m making more like depending on the


week but you know you cannot see week by week you have to see by the end of the month or by the year how much you made


right right I’m making more than if I’ll be like a recessionist or something like


that in Florida so I was like fine and after after that nothing else is scary


you know when you do 100 Commission you said to yourself for you know a very


good start because it’s like nothing else is difficult you know how did you so I actually just want to take a moment


on that because I think I was just talking with a friend of mine about just rejection in sales and how prevalent it


is and how you have to have such a strong mindset to be able to get past so


I’m imagining you faced a lot of that in that type of role what was what mindset


did you develop that helped you be able to look back and say actually this is great I’m making more than I could working as a receptionist or whatever


like how did you overcome the rejection I I to be honest because I


I I was always I have to actually thank my my mother and my grandmother for that because both of them are extremely you


know strong women my grandmother you know in Portugal we had a dictatorship until 1974 and women didn’t have much


rights by law by then you know we couldn’t have your own passport yeah yeah I could go on with the with the


horrible things that we didn’t have access to before 1974. but my grandmother she didn’t give to them so I


was like I don’t care I’m gonna work with with my husband not for with my husband she learned at the time French


English and a bit of German so she did the negotiations with the construction companies and she’s like I’m gonna do


that so I was raised like my grandmother like that with my mother and


I I was like I always took rejection okay even from Young ages because I was like I’m doing what I can I’m doing my


best some days I win some days I I don’t and we cannot win every day and um and I


just don’t take it personally so incense was like okay I lost this client or they say they


don’t understand my very broken Spanish at that time I was just like laugh and move on you know like when something


doesn’t work out you either learn or you laugh from it doodle yes learn or laugh


I actually really love that I I think when you train your mindset to be


that way everything gets so much easier this is a completely random Side Story but yesterday I we have a brand new car


we bought a couple weeks ago and I was backing out and I didn’t do anything different from what I normally do but I


scraped the whole front side against this brick wall and I was like the version of me before I had worked on my


mindset would have been really upset about this but I I honestly just laughed I was like because what’s great


about when you’re in sales or an entrepreneur is you just there’s always more money like you just go get more


money take care of it it’s more like an inconvenience but I was like well that was inconvenient I’m gonna move on and laugh right so exactly in sales and


business right we just I love that and the reason why we make more money when it’s a variable income it’s because it


takes it’s more risky right yeah it’s the same when you invest right high risk High return low risk low return same


with salaries the reason why you have like what people have like a like let’s say stable seller rates because there is


no risk to it right therefore let me quiz yes if you have a variable or a


commissioning it has to be it has to pay off the risk yeah and people have to


embrace that mindset and it’s okay if they don’t I have a friend of mine she says I don’t want that I’d rather


make less money and know what I have in the end of the day and that’s okay we also need these


people right and you have the others like me like you who are like no I


prefer to take the risk and make more and I can deal with that and if I can’t


if that if that takes a toll on my mental health then I should maybe I


should review my priorities and maybe I should do what my friend does because she started feeling at the time that


that was taking a toll on her happiness at work so she shouldn’t be doing that and she made enough money with the


normal salary yeah so it’s okay so you also have to put the things in the balance and say what works for you


I think that’s so important I was having that conversation with someone the other day like I don’t think I’m curious your


thoughts on this I think you just shared them like I don’t think everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur


um and I don’t think everyone is a good fit for sales and that’s okay because everyone was fired the same way it would


be a very boring world and we did every and we needed every profession we need doctors you need Pilots we need people


who who clean hotels you know cleaners we need you know we need there are so


many things we need and so many professions that I don’t have to like be good and and


liking these lifestyle you know like I remember um my boyfriend from teenage like my


ex-boyfriend when I was a teenager um at the time he was always very into numbers and Mathematics at school and I


always liked Arts you know I like literature I like to read I like to write I like music I like theater


and I remember him saying when he you know when I was studying music or theater he was looking like with like


despise like oh how can you like this and then he said well I’m so glad people


like this so I don’t have to do it and I think the same way you know like I’m so


happy there are people in Academia like my brother he’s doing a PhD in deep learning applied to meteorology I’m so


happy I don’t want to do a PhD it’s definitely nothing deep learning exactly exactly so the power of knowing yourself


which I think is also so so important in this process and what works for you yes


exactly exactly um so tell us about it I know it’s it’s more than we have time for today but


just high level the journey then from this time share sales job outside in the summer heat commission only to what


you’re doing now which is business development for a very cool very Cutting Edge sales AI enablement company


um I will try to summarize so it’s been 10 years in between more or less uh in


the meantime I’ve worked um for well I in Florida I worked always for uh sales


in internships and then I’ve worked in Berlin in London and Belgium uh also in


sales but also in events management I organize a lot of conferences and uh so


I did also event management I did operations manager so I was operations manager as well with a bit of sales


because I also trained my teams in sailing and then I went back to sales with SAS uh and then I’ve been there


um you know ever since and I always say when people say there is no more stressful job than sales like there is


event management management like I’m sorry but like there


is for me from every job I did I think the most responsible one was


events because everything that can go wrong will go wrong and and things that cannot go


wrong will still go wrong you know and yeah it’s the lack of control is even more it’s bigger than in sales in my


view so yeah so I um long story short that’s what I’ve been doing the last uh


10 years I love that I love that and we’re going to get into some of what you help and teach people to do through


Wonder way shortly but I’m just curious on that Journey for you because I always think it’s so helpful to hear again to


hear the mindset of someone who has developed a really successful sales career what would you say my father


what’s the biggest obstacle you faced over the past 10 years on your sales journey and then how did you overcome it


I would say I have like what One internal mine and


one external so internal is and I should be ashamed of saying this but there you


go I’m gonna be very blunt I’m very bad with technology like I don’t like I I


didn’t have a smartphone until 2019 because I don’t like it yeah um I so I


have one of my weaknesses as a professional and as a professional sales is I’m not very tax saving of course I


know how to use myself what are not these people who love


technology and love to work and free and takes me longer than I would say a person who likes technology to figure


something out in terms of tools so for me it that’s something that it’s an


obstacle in my professional because while I’m very fast in other things I’m not fast in you know tool management and


use and you know tools when they’re really well used they’re your best friends and I know that and when I


manage them I loved and I was like oh why were you so lazy to get to learn this you know your life is so much you


know but it’s something that really the process of learning how to use a


tool in driving for me personally so and that’s something have you found that that like was there a time when that


slowed you down or you had to get past the mindset with it like yeah I had to really like okay think okay the next two


hours will be Dreadful you know you’re gonna hate them but you need to do a lot you know so this is something in me that


I think it’s an obstacle you know to be more efficient as a sales as a professional overall and the second one


um that I’ve seen in my life and there’s something in it and I think it’s a good way to talk about business development


and sales in general is most companies then they don’t onboard and train their sales reps


either at all or properly and you cannot expect good results from it and I


remember obviously at the beginning I wasn’t good at it because I had no clue


what I was doing I was even selling in the language it was I didn’t you know speak at the time but even later on when


I moved to SAS sales it was like the old morning was terrible and I’ve heard these horror stories over


and over and over again and this is a huge obstacle in everyone’s lives all


over the world they can not expect your sales reps to perform when you provide them either no training or poor training


or poor training what’s gonna happen is the proactive ones like I did they will


self-teach themselves and they go after and it’s not really their job you should


do that in life but it’s not your responsibility yeah and it’s not


okay to to to leave people up to chance and up to their proactiveness you know there are people who are more proactive


than others there are people who are much more self-confident than others so people who are more self-confident they


trust themself to train themselves go after try and not being afraid to fail but there


are people who are afraid to fail and when you’re not training them it’s being very very fair to these people you know


because I don’t mind failing we talked about it I don’t mind being rejected I don’t care right many people do you know


and that’s not okay to put them in that position so let’s speak to that a little bit and I’m gonna actually take some


notes while you talk because we have a lot of listeners who are we’ve got our listeners fall between typically either


someone who’s an entrepreneur or a sales professional then we we have listeners outside of that I would say most of ours


probably fall in those two categories so I’m just thinking about two for sales managers who are listening in or for


entrepreneurs who are listening and who maybe they’re hiring their first sales person or they know it’s time to expand


like what are some of the top things we should be doing to successfully train


and onboard a new system I love that question first first


um in the onboarding only give relevant information okay so something something


that I’ve seen happening and as you said at the beginning I’ve corrected a lot of onboarding paths because it’s one of my


jobs here at wonderway and I’ve experienced myself as a salesperson being onboarded they love to overload


you with nice to have information what happens is the Newbie you don’t you you


still don’t have enough knowledge to prioritize so you’re gonna try you’re gonna try to learn everything with the


same eagerness but then we have limited storage space space in our brain and


then maybe you focusing in less important things is the managers or the person who is on boarding your job to


tell you this is what you need to learn this is where you have to focus your energy it’s not my job two out of 100


things to say number 20 is the one no so that’s the first failure I see all the


time so the first two weeks because even the essential information is already a lot


and people want to prove themselves and they are nervous so you don’t want to overwhelm them the second mistake I see


a lot is a lot of theory a lot of videos and presentations and no practice


no exercises so like we especially adult learning we


need to do no two things why am I learning this because if I don’t know why am I learning this they don’t have


my buying I’m not going to learn I’m not at school so and second is


after I understand why I’m learning this I need to apply to remember


and what happens many times is you have four weeks on boarding full of theory


no exercises no nothing or very or just lame quizzes here and there and then in


the end for example on Str all right did you understand all the 10 000 products we have and all the 10 000 technical


personas we have good luck and please bring results that’s not


that’s not how it works what we do for example I can give you an example at Wonder way because I also learn and


train my business development team is and also another another mistake I see


often is a lot of focus on the product and product features very little on the Persona and as an SDR you better


understand your persona the product it’s okay we have discount Executives you have sales Engineers we have we have


technical support yeah you have to understand your persona even more than your product so so what we do for


example here I can give you a very uh concrete example is I usually teach one Persona one of the many


the challenges the priorities and which part of my product solves and why and


what happens with and without our product and then I asked them for example when assessment is write me a prospecting


email not a quiz not a quiz the kiss doesn’t tell you anything so write me a prospecting email so your exercise is


your it’s something related to what you’re gonna do in the end of the morning if it’s a good email I even say send it


yeah if people committing you book in your first or second week which is very motivating as well I’ve had this the


yard booking for meetings in the second week because we you know we did the exercises we send them let’s see if it


works yeah yeah and this and this gives them confidence that doesn’t overwhelm them


on the opposite they’re like excited like all right I booked for a meetings this is not so difficult to explore them


they will see but you know um or for example if I want them to hear


if I want to see if they understood a certain product I asked them to record a small video of them speaking about their


product again not a quiz tell me how you would you pitch it right


so imagine I’m this Persona I have this trigger how would you pitch in one


sentence and then they record a video so every single assessment is related to what they’re going to do


so when they start working they’ve seen they’ve done that without any risk before they know how to do it because


they’ve done it how long is typically a good sales training and onboarding program


um it depends a lot but I would say for sdrs I would say two weeks the first


part of the onboarding meaning just onboarding and then after the two weeks


you do like uh you already you already working while being trained on extra


things okay so so and then you and then after that month you can already start


working with continuous training because another mistake I see is all right here was the onboarding and then see you in a


year or if you’re not performing let’s do like a performance review or performance plan to you know to make you


even more nervous about milk right you know not reaching results


um so that’s also the thing and also like in the first weeks of onboarding personas challenges the basic of the


tools that you need to use and then you work while you continue


being on board so we already booking meetings you’re already prospecting but


then you continue being trained so you can then you can then talk about objection handling why are we talking


about objection handling in the first week when you’re not handling any objection


it’s a valid point so kind of try to stack it and again I’m asking these questions because some of our listeners


are literally thinking about onboarding their first sales person or maybe they’re doing it with you know with with


quite a few and they’re working in a bigger Corporation and they’ve been doing it for a longer amount of time but you’re saying stack the onboarding and


training with what they’re actually going to be bumping up against Real exactly exactly yes okay that makes a


ton exactly and and if you don’t need them to for example work with a certain


tool up until a month or two later don’t train them on the tool they will forget um


they will forget so let’s only train them when they will use that that’s a


great Point how does so if someone’s listening and they’ve been doing founder-led selling and they’ve they and


I know you probably work with you I’m imagining the organizations you work with are largely more established but


I’m just curious if you can speak to this for a moment so if somebody has been doing most of the selling


themselves and they’re bringing on a sales person now for the first time they’re giving up some control they know


that it’s smart they need to get somebody else in charge of handling this so they can free up


their time but what does the mindset shift need to be for someone to grow their sales team and to give up that


control knowing that not everyone is going to sell as well as them at the beginning like what why don’t we how do


we need to be thinking about that so I think that’s a great question um and it’s definitely very relevant so


you need to set up your people for success and you need to know you’ve done everything you could to do that so


like obviously and especially startups I work in a startup many things I have to figure them out right so but like the


less it can heavier people figure them out themselves the better yeah right so to


make sure you have to make sure they you give them all the information in the right way and you know they understood


it and this will go back to what I’ve said how do I know if they know how to write a good email if they’re active


would emotional assessment right and I can tell you um from all the data we have usually


people are on board so at new sdrs who are doing who have great assessments


those who complete their assessments with really high grades usually they are the top performance because it’s related


right so if you if I give you a five star in an email in an email that you wrote or in a role play that you did


that you did a really good job I’m assuming this is how you’re gonna perform when it’s real life right but if


you’re already from the beginning your email is bad why would I think that the remote on our rights to an actual


Prospect will be good right so you have to assure before you you give your


accounts and you give your brand and you give that to your


um newbie you need to make sure they are ready by assessing them in the right way


because if they do a great assessment if they prove to you in the right way they can do the job then you can be rest


assured if they deliver to you and they’re like they don’t explain your product well or your branding you don’t


they don’t communicate in the way you like them to they don’t really understand who is your ICP in the sense


that you ask them for top 20 accounts if the top 20 are not good ones then you


know they’re not gonna do a good job but if they are good then why would they screw up when it’s real life yeah that


makes a ton very unlikely it’s pretty simple actually when you lay it out like that so I love that tell everyone


because I know we’ve got just a couple more minutes here mofalda I think we can’t have you on without talking


prospecting and I think LinkedIn in particular because you do such a great job on it what are like one to two of


the things that you see working best for you right now when it comes to prospecting on LinkedIn yeah


um so basically um it’s really important and I know a lot of creators say that that you post


uh you post and you engaged on LinkedIn so before you even start prospecting on


LinkedIn make sure that you post once a day every day Monday to Friday and that


you will also engage on people’s posts um so people know you’re face and your


name so when you reach out to them you’re not such a stranger so actually a


lot of the LinkedIn prospecting starts before you even reach out to to the to the prospect yeah and then when you do


um I usually don’t send unless I have something very specific to say I always send invites without any message okay so


that’s where it seems to work much better unless it’s something specific like Elyse told me to reach out to you


because right then it works best but if you don’t have nothing to say or if you just want to see if they are interested


in your solution just don’t say anything the likelihood is much higher for them to upset you and then


um yeah and then something that I see a lot of sdrs doing even the really good


ones and is like talk like a normal person like


like I know it sounds such a weird um and useless advice but it’s not like


even the best sdrs when I check their emails on their messaging they do


everything correct they understand the Persona they do the homework they know how to research accounts they do check


check check check but the user gone that’s like that’s a turn off you know like I remember training my


in my previous company we were selling like software testing to engineers and quality assurance you know like wait


that were uh with our solution you can I know something like gibberish and I’ll


like just say you can find bugs that they wouldn’t because it’s testing in real life


language yeah I know exactly and that’s some and especially if this is true on


email in in in LinkedIn it has to be even more because you’re texting so you


have to give the feeling their prostitute just texting yeah like a normal person and and I think this is


going to be even more important now with the AI because with AI you will see there is a


lot of automation already on LinkedIn and on the messaging it’s gonna get worse or better depending I don’t think


it’s very good from what I’ve been experiencing so far I mean there’s lots of like fail fail fail that I’m going to


use somewhere somehow in a trade me neither but there will get better eventually this will get better so the


more robotic you sound when it’s you even right that’s so true you’ll think it’s it’s a robot and it was you after


all but you just cannot write like a normal person yeah that’s that’s a good


point so an exercise I recommend doing is okay you wrote your message you wrote your email now imagine if you write


exactly the same thing to a friend of yours that’s how exactly you should be with formalities obviously maybe don’t


say bro or dudes to a prospect but you know um that’s a fun exercise and I think you


will get your messaging much better especially on LinkedIn when it’s texting it’s messages it’s not an email yeah


okay and send and send voice messages I was just gonna say voice messages are


huge I’m gold yeah I agree and uh I I can believe that it’s still I never give


that advice on LinkedIn because I say that’s obvious everyone is saying that he should be doing that I feel like if I


say that on LinkedIn it’s already old old advice but apparently it’s not um so definitely voice message on


LinkedIn use them they are good they will get you or either meeting or


referral or a no faster which is great yes just be be human and do something a


little bit different and once again please don’t don’t start your voice messages hello I’m from Wonder way the


living room father of like you know hey how you doing I saw you doing this a lot


to chat let me know yeah exactly exactly and it’s amazing still to this day how


many people haven’t received a voice message on LinkedIn I found and they’re like oh that’s so cool I’ve never gotten one of those before so just something




talk like a normal person yes so send your rehearse page on the on this


voicemail or voice message on LinkedIn you do that your friends how weird would


that be hey best friend uh I would like to take you to the best


restaurant in town like no no one talks like that well I hope at least not my


friends no I think it’s what’s also refreshing


is just hearing from your perspective and you’re working you know deep in the trenches of an AI company in the sales


space but it’s still like that human touch is at the end of the day what is going to help you rise above so exactly


and and and still a parenthesis there is and that’s what we’ve been advocating in


in Wonder way like my boss and the CEO and also every time we write articles with webinars like the AI is not here to


to replace the human in you that that’s exactly where your strength is hey I


will replace you in admin stuff in things you don’t want to do actually yeah you know filling out your crms you


know doing all the summaries for emails etc etc so you should use AI


to save time on stupid tasks or repetitive tasks like I can do it so you


can spend more time being human like you know yeah yeah I love it thank you so


much this was so fun and so if somebody’s listening and they want to go connect with you Mafalda on LinkedIn and


learn more about what you’re doing and what you’re up to tell them where to get in touch with you um maybe mention your podcast let’s


let’s tell everyone where they can connect further thank you thank you for that so LinkedIn as you see it here


um yeah don’t you don’t need to write me like a connection message just just send me a connection and I will accept and on


my podcast so one is a day in the life off so I um I interviewed three heads of


departments head of data head of engineering head of sales head off and I


asked them what sales supposed to be asking them so what are your challenges how does your day look like here’s a


prospecting email what do you think about it so it’s free it’s on YouTube and on Spotify I don’t have to give your


data to access it so if your buyer person is there I really recommend you


to listen to to that episode and then the other one is sales training drug listings where I have you at least in


the future we will um record it in September which is a very short podcast 15 minutes I ask


three personal questions so you get the speaker to get to know the speaker better and then I asked three sales


training mistakes and as you can see in the beginning of this podcast I was speaking a lot about the mistakes people


do on onboarding and we basically tackle three mistakes per episode and per speaker amazing amazing and we’ll link


all those in the show notes as well um this is so fun and this is the power of what you’re talking about this is how


we initially connected it was LinkedIn connection request I love that they’ve been built from there and just seeing


where things go so I think you know one of my mantras for my life and for my clients too is like let it be easy like


yes let it be easy let it be easy and this is an example of how great things can come from just letting it be easy


connecting being a real human and um and walking yeah and as I said in the


beginning without LinkedIn and this power Community we would have never met and I have the feeling with same people


in the space I actually have I have now a friend or two coming from LinkedIn connections so it can be a great way for


you know even new friendships so there you go absolutely absolutely which I I will put it out there I think we’re


going to be great friends and continue to do good things together in the future so this was so fun thank you so much no


thank you for having me absolutely and uh to you my listener like I said we’re


going to link all of my father’s information in the show notes but go connect with her she is a woman who is


doing big things in the sales world and uh and we need more women in sales we do


we absolutely do so go connect with Mafalda and as always thank you so much


for tuning in to today’s episode you can head on over to for all


sorts of goodies trainings to help you elevate your sales step into a greater level of financial abundance and truly


transform into the person that you know you are meant to be I hope you enjoyed this episode and I want to encourage you


to go check out another one of our shoe sales radio episodes right now for continued inspiration see you on our


next episode bye for now


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