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Why They Buy w/ Cheri Tree

We have a phenomenal guest, Cheri Tree, for you today who took her annual income from $8000 a month to $261,000 a month in 28 days with what she’s going to teach you today.

If that didn’t get your attention, what about this? I will be hosting a webinar with Cheri on October 16th from 1:00-2:30pm EST! Head to to register!

I personally have learned so much from her in a short amount of time. I met Cheri just a few months ago when I shared the stage with her at an event, and I’ve been reading her book Why They Buy. I am already telling my clients that they have to use this system in selling – it is just too good.

As founder and CEO of CODEBREAKER Technologies and creator of the game-changing personality-based sales system BANK, Cheri Tree is the world’s leading expert on personality based sales. Cheri has become one of the most in demand speakers worldwide, invited to share stages with icons like Tony Robbins and lecture at prestigious universities like Harvard.  

Cheri’s system is the world’s #1 personality sales training system for high achievers, and I am thrilled to have her as a guest on today’s podcast episode.

Show Notes:

[2:54] – Cheri shares a challenging experience where she resigned from her job and found herself in a lawsuit.

[5:18] – Through it all, Cheri was determined to not lose her spirit. She lived in a storage unit for 18 months.

[7:14] – She became passionate about driving her mission.

[10:02] – How did Cheri realize her sales system BANK?

[11:27] – Although outwardly appearing successful, Cheri didn’t feel it.

[12:45] – Don’t take advice from people more “messed up” than you. Cheri wasn’t sure if she was broken or if it was the system.

[14:19] – Have you ever been told that sales is a numbers game?

[15:24] – “Go for no” is a big fat lie. 

[17:30] – Cheri made a deal with God that if she could become a millionaire, she would teach others.

[19:10] – Is selling an art, or a science? It’s only an art, if you know the science.

[21:48] – The concept of personality science is the simple fact that there are different types of people.

[23:47] – Cheri realized that the things that make one type of person say yes is what will make another type of person say no.

[26:19] – What is the opposite of an innovator?

[29:35] – BANK is the art and science of influence.

[31:35] – BANK stands for blueprint, action, nurturing, and knowledge.

[33:56] – Cheri’s BANK personality types actually prevented a suicide.

[37:07] – If you can slow down enough and find a person’s code, you will access a real relationship.

[42:10] – You can get a copy of Cheri’s book for free and crack your own BANK code for free when you register for the upcoming webinar with Cheri and Elyse.

[43:20] – Head over to to register.

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Welcome to She Sells Radio I have a phenomenal guest for you today who took


her her income from $8,000 a month to $261,000 a month in 28 days with what


she’s going to teach you today and I personally have learned so much from her in a short amount of time I met our


guest, Cheri Tree just a few months ago when I had the honor of sharing the stage with her in an event and I’ve been


reading her book why they buy just right here um and I’m already telling my clients that they have to use the system


in selling I’m such a big believer in it I’m going to share her formal bio shortly it’s abbreviated because she’s


accomplished and then we’re going to bring her on um so I don’t want to waste any time so as founder and CEO of


codebreaker Technologies and creator of the game changing personality based sales system Bank Cheri tree is the world’s


leading expert on personality based sales Cheri has become one of the most in demand speakers worldwide invited to


share stages with with icons like Tony Robbins and lecture at prestigious universities you may have heard of like


Harvard Cheri system is the world’s number one personality sales training system for high achievers Cheri. Welcome


to She Sells Radio I’m so excited for this conversation with you thank you you know what I’m excited to be here too so


thank you for inviting me oh my gosh absolutely and I think the first thing I’ll say because you know if someone


takes a look at your social media or your website they’re going to see you on stage with people like Tony Robbins Les


Brown Robert kosaki Sir Richard Branson Susie Orman I mean you name the A-list


personal brand and you’re sharing stages with them you’re you’re working with them here’s the thing though because


that can be very intimidating to someone in your book and you you mention facing extreme adversity along your journey so


before we get into the system you’ve created bank and how it works I just want to ask first what is one of the


biggest challenges that you personally have overcome in building such a successful company and brand


well it’s it’s funny I mean this is at the end of my book I have a chapter called inside the Vault and I share a


really h a really hard time that I went through after actually making millions


because of using my system and I’ll explain how I did that I um I got to where I had a moment with a company that


I was representing where I felt like it was no longer in integrity and I wanted to walk away and when I walked away and


resigned they came after me and sued me um you know and just kind of wanted to


make an example it was a bully move and uh it was the year 208 so I


don’t know if you remember but the entire American economy was collapsing wow and I had about $8 million in real


estate holdings I was making1 to2 Million do a year in income my income


when I resigned stopped overnight and within you know a matter of a few months


here I’m in this massive lawsuit I escalate it to Federal court because I’m not willing to be bullied uh it’s kind


of like an Aaron Brockovich moment for me yeah and um my cash flow on my real


estate went to negative $65,000 a month if you could imagine because none of the tenants could pay


the rents oh my gosh like my my world was starting to collapse really fast


around me my credit lines were all cut off because of what was happening in the economy and long story short I ended up


filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy I won the lawsuit but I ended up losing everything in the process and I had all of my


belongings in five different storage units from the different homes that I owned and the storage unit started


calling me and saying hey your stuff’s going to go to auction if we don’t receive a payment and I mean I was so


broke at the time and because of the lawsuit that I was in they were trying to get me on non-compete and


non-solicitation which meant I could not talk to any of my friends my network my


customer base my sales teams because of they were going to use that against me in the lawsuit so I was totally on my


own at that moment in time and um I ended up getting an idea like you’re


either gonna get totally defeated and crawl back home to mama you know and I was in my mid-30s at the time or you’re


gonna figure out a way to rise up against all forms of adversity and I remember playing the theme song you know


what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I used that to inspire and find the


the you know the fire inside that that you could take away all my money but you


can’t take away my spirit and so I found an industrialized storage unit in Orange


County California just outside of Newport Beach and 1600 square feet and I


took all of my belongings from my different storage units put it in a big Warehouse with a rollup door and at the


very back of the storage unit was a tiny little Loft and in that Loft I thought you know what


I could live here and save rent and rebuild my life from inside the storage


unit and back in the day leas I used to be a whitewater rafting guide and so and I worked at REI headquarters I knew


camping the the storage unit didn’t have any running water um and so I went and


got a at the camp store I went and got a five gallon bucket called a luggable loo and I made that my toilet for 18 months


and I got a gym membership so I could shower and I lived inside that storage unit for 18 months and I’ve got stories


that’ll just blow your mind one day I I’ll end up telling them all but there’s there’s a sneak peek of this in the in


my book in the chapter inside the Vault but that was that was the adversity that I went through and honestly I’m so glad


I did because what happened during that time is I lost my attachment to money I


mean I’d made Millions right my mom said I I spent money like a drunken sailor I had multi-million dollar homes I had


Mercedes and Range Rovers and people at my beck and call I mean certainly it was


it was a fun time but in the storage unit I lost my attachment to money and I grew my attachment to people and to my


purpose and I got very clear on why I’m here and what I’m destined for while I


was in the storage unit my two best friends who are the other multi-million dollar earners working with me died in a


plane crash and I was the one that was left living and it just it helps you


recalibrate like what life is really all about and I became really passionate


about moving the mission that I drive now uh which is our mission to make


people matter and I love helping people make a lot of money become financially


independent and even wealthy but I want to do it in the spirit of money is not the only thing in life that matters


obviously um there’s so much more to it and it just it just really humbled me


and uh got me connected to much greater source of inspiration so that’s my story


I’m glad I asked that question that’s so powerful and not that everyone you know has had that exact experience but I


think we can all relate to having things around us shatter in some way shape or


form and I was literally just talking to um one of my group coaching calls this morning about when things shatter


there’s the it’s it’s all about how are you going to approach it and is it the opportunity to rebuild like is like you


said are you going to let it take you down or you going to rebuild and that resilience is so inspiring and um I


don’t know I won’t go too deep down the rabbit hole here because I want to talk a lot about bank and and how people can leverage this but I do just think when


we are on a mission to build something big in the world like you are and like you’ve done sometimes there’s these


moments of realignment that let us build from a much more solid Foundation than we would have been on before I’ve had


those in my life I’ve had moments of humbling I’ve had all sorts of things like that but to be able to build a


powerful significant company without the attachment to the money and making it about the people first and foremost is


so so powerful so uh thank you for sharing that that was that was really inspiring nothing like coming out of the


gate with that one I love it yeah well but you know what I mean that I think it’s so important because


again people are going to see what you’re doing and they’re going to be like oh she’s like life is easy she’s got it all fig figured out and I know


that for anyone who’s achieved a level of success there’s a lot of adversity they’ve overcome not everyone’s honest


which is you know that’s another thing but you’re honest about it and I appreciate that I want to ask a little


bit about the origin of bank if somebody’s not familiar and this is another to me it’s like man like


scrappiness resilience persistence I just as I get to know you better I love like learning these qualities um but you


talk in your book about you know going from when you first started in sales being bottom of the leader board and


being I think you said you were so terrible in sales that your first year as a financial adviser you earned $700


yeah and right and like struggling for five years and then you cracked this code that you now teach and started


making millions so tell us a little bit more about that if somebody’s not familiar with your story what was


happening and then what shifted for you where you suddenly had this aha that transformed everything well you know so it starts


off I read Rich dead poor dead and I think everyone should read that book if you’re going to be a business owner an


entrepreneur or financially successful right and one of the things that rich dad says is if you’re going to be


successful in business you’ve got to become great in sales and if you remember his story he became a Xerox


salesman selling photocopy machines and things well I decided you know I had a


corporate job after graduating and uh I really wanted to be an entrepreneur so I


I found an opportunity to be a financial advisor full commission model jumped in


with both feet first year like you said I crushed it I made 700 bucks like that


was my whole income and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry right I thought gosh should I crawl back and try to get


my corporate job back or or should I figure this out and you know I decided


I’m G to figure this out and this is where I started doing a deep dive to really study every methodology I could


to get better I read the sales books I attended conferences and seminars and


webinars I listened to audios back when they were even cassette tape and just


really tried to level up and skill up and it did it worked you know I got my


income up to 72,000 over that fiveyear period And I won a few company trips and got a few accolades but the funny thing


is I just didn’t feel successful because when you looked at my bank account and that reveals a lot I was $30,000 in


credit card debt renting an apartment couldn’t qualify for a home and I’m


driving a salvage title BMW playing the fake it to make it game and Elyse I’m telling like I felt so proud that I


could buy a BMW but because it had been salvaged there was like these little glitches in the operating system of the


car and it would spontaneously just the battery would die and I’d be stranded in random locations where my own set of


jumper cables and trying to find someone to give me a jump became a struggle I had to buy a battery pack where I could


give myself a jump you know and I could never park in front of a client’s home


in case I mean it was just a nightmare so so here I was this moment I’m a


financial adviser I’m sending across from a husband wife I’m trying to advise them on where they should put their


entire portfolio of Investments that they’ve saved over their lifetime and they’re talking amongst themselves and


then they look back at me and they said well Cheri where do you put your money and I I got really silently awkward and


I thought to myself what money like I don’t have any money that’s why I want your money like isn’t it obvious and it


reminded me of this other quote from Robert kosaki where he said stop taking advice from people more messed up than


you and I thought man I’m giving people advice on how to become financially independent and become Millionaires and


I’m so broke I literally can’t barely pay attention right so it was just at that moment in time where I realized


something’s broken and I’m not sure if it’s me that’s broken or is it the system that’s broken and what I’m


excited to share with your listeners is that it actually wasn’t me it was the system and the system was programming


people like me to fail by brainwashing us into believing one of the greatest lies ever told in sales so I’ll reveal


what that is but that’s that’s kind of what happened for me yeah I mean you


it’s funny you led right into what I wanted to ask you about next because you do say in the book you talk about the


sales system is broken you say um the average salesperson only lasts about two


years before they leave the field entirely and I think whether someone is listening we’ve got listeners who are both commission-based sales reps as well


as entrepreneurs so certainly I don’t know the stat but most entrepreneurs end up quitting slash not making it right so


it’s it’s the same but why is the sales system broken I want you to tell us what’s wrong with the system why is it


broken and what did you discover yeah well you know I’m gonna I’m gonna explain how it’s broken and basically


prove it and I’m going to I’m going to give a few statements that I want your listeners to answer you can answer it


out if you’re listening to this driving in your car you’re in the bathtub wherever you’re listening this to I want


you to just fill in the blank okay so have you ever been told that sales is a


numbers game I want you to answer that in your head yes or no and then we’re going to fill in the blank how many


times have you heard that in order to get more yeses you have to get more what more Nos and I know every single


person had the same exact answer because I’ve asked this question multiple times all over the world in different


languages around the world the answer is always the same thing we’ve been told that in order to get more yeses you have


to get more Nos and for five years I bought into that philosophy which makes you hustle harder grind harder burn the


candle at both ends dial for dollars Chase your tail and and approach something near


burnout before I woke up one day and said you know what that’s actually the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard because


I’m glad somebody finally called it Sor but it’s just like saying what everyone is thinking and hoping to be true but


isn’t will to say yeah it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard because the truth is in order to get more yeses you


actually have to get more yeses not more NOS so this whole go for no thing is


like a big fat lie and so what I started asking myself was what if I could go for


yes and then the next question was well how do I go for yes is there a strategic


scientific approach of how I can get get a yes versus no and why is it that when you deliver your message your pitch on a


product a service the same price point the same terms to one person they say


yes and to another person they say no what is the only variable that


changed yeah it’s them right it’s the person in front of you yeah so I started


asking questions what is it that makes someone say yes and another person say


no and that’s what that’s what led me on the Deep dive to discovering the the


secret and the code that I cracked and and ended up taking an experiment that I called bank and figuring out exactly


what makes someone say yes versus no without any form of manipulation this is not like some aggressive sales tactic or


Voodoo practice or anything like this this was the coolest concept I’d ever


discovered in the history of sales and I’ll explain what it is and how it works but I’ll I’ll share with you in one year


using it as an experiment to see if I could get more yeses than NOS at least I


took my income from 72,000 over $500,000 in Commission in one year so a 7x


increase and I did it in onethird the time so I went from 60 to 80 hours a


week hustle and grinding down to 20 to 30 where I was literally working part-time I joined the women’s golf


league like I had all this time on my hands and I was like oh my gosh I’m finally l living the dream wow and at


that point I said well I’m going to keep doing it and then people started asking me what is your secret and how are you


doing it and I didn’t want to keep it a secret and partially why I didn’t want to keep it a secret was because I had


negotiated with God when I was broke and I said look God if you’ll show me how to


become a millionaire then I will dedicate the rest of my life to teaching other people


how to become a millionaire too but I wanted to be someone who was teaching and mentor ing other people from a


position of I I did achieve it and I did get there and I’m going to show you how


versus and you can relate to this how annoying is it to see people out there giving other people advice and they’ve


never accomplished it themselves right like that’s just out of Integrity So


within three years my income was over a million dollars a year and of course at that point the rest is history and you


know the story continues to unfold oh it’s so powerful and and here’s what I love about this Strate


and um you know you and I connected briefly on this at the conference when we met and I my listeners will know too


like so much of what I’ve become really passion about teaching in um our programs with my clients is is a lot of


the inner game so I really believe like 95 to 98% of successes how we think


about things it’s Neuroscience it subconscious beliefs all of it and it is


so important that you have the right strategy to achieve success with it’s the both and you have to have both if


you got a great mindset but you don’t have a strategy that works you’re still going to be spinning and this strategy


and what I’m loving about learning this myself and and it’s like giving some words and some um framework to things


that I think intuitively I’ve done but haven’t like haven’t been conscious to um in the way that you teach it so


masterfully it’s it’s so powerful when you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and you talk about this


maybe we can talk about this more but that it’s a science like you see selling successfully as a science versus an art


um so let’s talk about this question because you talk about just the the mistake made in most traditional sales


training which is that we spend so much time on how do you sell someone how do you sell someone how do you sell someone and then you say well there’s one


question that actually matters to the bottom line so let’s talk a little bit more about that and then maybe we can


start diving into some of the science behind Bank yeah well so you know what


traditional sales training teaches is yeah how do you sell how do you close how do you overcome objections and they


teach you all these things like how to do a tie down and you know all all these strategies but the real question that we


should be asking is why do they buy what triggers the yes versus the no um versus


trying to master a sales strategy that makes people feel awkward or uncomfortable or manipulative or


whatever and so this is where my journey took me and you you you said the the


thing let me lean into that so the question is is selling an art or a science


right and there’s people who are going to argue it’s an art and there’s people who are going to argue it’s a science


and I would agree with both of you and I would say it’s both an art and a science


but it is conditional it is only an art if you know the


science so what I have found is people like you at leise who become top producers who crush it um I what I


figured out is that they cracked the code on how to use the science they just


don’t know how they did it they know that they did it and so when everybody comes up to you and says oh man I I want


to learn from you and I want to duplicate you most top producers don’t know how they did it and therefore they


lack the ability to articulate and deconstruct exactly how they do it and


companies are left in a quandry because they want to they want to figure out how do we clone our top producers instead of


having the 8020 rule where 20% of the top is creating 80% the results what if we could actually


transfer these skills and make them duplicatable transferable clonable and therefore scalable across an entire


organization now imagine if an organization was filled with Elyse Archer or Cheri Tree or whoever is


the top of the game now what can happen right and so this was the concept of


okay if this is based in science what science you mentioned Neuroscience which is important but the science we used in


bank is a different type of Science and it’s a science that I call personality science personality science in a


nutshell is basically the idea that there are different types of people the


concept dates back thousands of years two and a half thousand years to a guy named hypocrates known as the father of


medicine a Greek philosopher and what he basically figured out before Google ever


existed was that he could take the entire human race and divide them into


four different groups and each group was so different one from another he could literally prescribe them medicine and


diagnose them based on what he called their temperament and this is what the theory of the four temperaments actually


comes from and so this was the origin of the idea of personality types and so


when you fast forward to today’s modern world there’s been all of these different personality typing assessments


that have been created right uh they tell you what color you are what code you are what animal you are what


astrology sign you are what acronym you are and so forth right dis Myers brig’s


type indicator known as mbti strength finders color code accuracy temperament


sorder burkman method on and on and on now if your listeners are like most


people most of us have taken one or multiple of these personality assessments over our career and in the


beginning when I took one of these assessments I’ll be honest I was fascinated with what I learned about myself I’m like I knew I was


cool like this report just why you know but my Fascination at least turned into


frustration when I realized not one single one of these assessments ever made me more money not one of them ever


helped me close more sales engage the customer differently or put money in the bank yeah and I remember thinking wait a


minute if it’s been proven for thousands of years that there’s four different types of people people I wonder if they


make buying decisions differently and I wonder if what makes one person say yes makes another person say no and so that


thought was the beginning of my deep dive down the whole the rabbit hole of


Personality science and trying to see if I could connect it to buying behavior


and if I could identify what I later called the bank code of my customer


could I identify what makes them say yes versus no and could I alter my messaging


in a way that would unlock the yes and avoid the no and the coolest thing is it worked and it worked


magnificently and so that’s what became known as the bank program based in


biology spelled buyology which is the science of buying Behavior versus all of the other


assessment models out there based in Psychology bank is based in biology and


that was the big difference it’s so interesting to to me I was like I was never big into science in school I think


you say in your book you weren’t that big into it either but you’re talking about biology I’m like I would like to study that I’m interested in that that


actually makes an impact on the bottom line and it’s service based too so this is where it’s it really is in service to


the person who you’re selling to to know what their language is and one other quick thing and then I want to dive I’ve


got another question for you on it but um this is science-backed I understand you’ve had this reviewed by researchers


scient so I I think that’s just very interesting because people can say anything but you’ve actually had you


know I’ve had people even try to discredit me discredit there’s always going to be the haters or the Skeptics and that’s okay like bring it on because


yeah the truth is I just kind of feel like I invented it and to be honest like


for those that are more spiritual based I believe I downloaded it um you know


I’m not that smart I didn’t go to Harvard uh but the funny thing is I taught at


Harvard better but you know you can you can connect the


dots and these are the dots that I collect uh connected and I think Steve Job talks about the ability to connect


dots yeah right and Einstein there’s a quote from Einstein where he said any fool can complicate things it takes a


genius to simplify it I was just at a conference and the keynote speaker I was


not the keynote at this conference I was attending the conference as exhibitors and there was a keynote that got up on


stage and she posed the question this was at the international coaching Federation so there was thousands of


professional coaches that were in attendance and she asked the question to the audience she said what is the


opposite of an innovator you know the audience kind of


thought for a moment then they started to shout out these different responses and then she went on to answer


and she said I believe the opposite of an innovator is an


expert and just let that sink in for a moment and and I’ll I’ll go to tell the story here I keynoted at a conference in


Singapore in front of 5,000 people at the end of the conference I


had a gentleman come up to me and said are you the inventor of bank or are you one of their trained


salespeople and I said I’m the inventor of bank and he said do you have a degree in Psychology and I smiled at him and I


said no that’s why this works he didn’t know what to do he was


he was taking a back like huh like that that doesn’t make sense you would think


that I’d need to have a master’s and a PhD in Psychology to see if I could figure out all this but that’s actually


what would have made this too complicated and quite frankly the market already had tons of things based in


Psychology and not one of them could measure buying Behavior not one of them could reveal to me what makes someone


say yes versus no I didn’t care about whether or not my customer was an introvert versus an extrovert don’t care


not trying to date you I cared about the yes versus the no outcome so it required


an innovator and that’s what I was I guess when you’re Scrappy when you’re broke and when you’re hustling and


trying to figure it out you’re looking for a silver bullet you’re looking for


something that can work to help speed up the process of winning in business and


this is a hack that I basically came up with that was simply asking a question


that no one had ever asked before and that’s what led to the discovery of I believe one of the greatest discoveries


in modern day which is the science of why they buy what triggers a yes versus a no and it’s not just for the sales


process of buying products or Services it’s it’s about why they buy in what


drives that person to say yes versus no and this is where it started to get really deep because I thought I was


training this to salespeople and then they’d go through the training on bank and they come out of it the on the other


side saying this just saved my marriage I was like what do you mean and they’re like well I use the science on my spouse


and I figured out exactly how to build a much better relationship with my spouse using bank and I was like huh and then


people started saying this just made me a better parent and I was like well how and they said well using the bank code I


realized I’ve been parenting my children wrong their entire life and what we


found was that parents were parenting their children based on who they wish they were or how they are based on their


Bank code versus the bank code of their child and I was like huh and then when


someone came to me and said this bank system just prevented a suicide in one of the families that


we’re friends with and I was like whoa like what’s going on with this Bank


thing yeah and so when people say what is bank I I like to summarize it as bank


is the Art and Science of influence bank is the Art and Science of what


drives human behavior and if if you think of a human being as having an


operating system every human being in the world has been programmed with their own


operating system like if you think of Microsoft versus apple and they are different operating systems and there’s


four main primary operating systems that exist in the world but yet not one of us is given any type of handbook when we’re


born the parents don’t know what operating system the child is born with it has nothing to do with


genetics so then how do we understand what drives that little human being and


you have children I have a little three-year-old and I already know my three-year-old’s bank code and I parent


my child based on his bank code and it’s unbelievable the experience that we’re


we’re having already starting at this age and so yeah I don’t know if this is


where you wanted the podcast to go but it’s so mindblowing stuff it really is and


there’s a few things to what you said one I I think our listeners will


understand and I firmly agree when we have those things that come through us that are so big and you’re like where


did that come from it’s I fully agree and believe it is a download it’s a gift you’re meant to share with the world it


was meant to come through you and life circumstances up until that point perfectly positioned you to do it you


could probably look back and be like man I’m glad I struggled so much in sales at the beginning because otherwise you wouldn’t have uncovered this and come


across this um it’s yeah I was going to ask you towards the end your just one of your favorite stories about using this I


the No Doubt the story of the family who helped save their child from suicide or that’s incredibly powerful if you want


to share yeah I mean so so to for for your listeners to understand let me just


explain what the acronym of Bank actually even stands for so bank is an acronym that stands for blueprint action


nurture Ing and knowledge and by the way we’re going to invite the listeners to come and see a webinar where we’re going


to deconstruct it and I’m going to lay it out and that way you guys can learn exactly how Bank works and how it can


help you drive more sales and get more yeses and actually impact and improve the quality of your life and


relationships that are very meaningful to you and so someone who’s a blueprint


is going to be categorized as as very conservative kind of inside the box they’re the rule following structure


oriented punctual budget focused person risk averse an action personality type


and and for blueprint I use the color blue for actions I use red they’re the Mover Shaker Millionaire Maker they act


like they just drank Red Bull for breakfast like a stick of dynamite that’s red and they want VIP red color


carpet treatment that’s the action personality type right rules do not apply to them they’re totally outside


the box the Inn bank is nurturing and that I use the color yellow because these


people are warm like sunshine sweet like honey and they’ve got a heart of gold


okay so this person the nurturing person cares more about people than profits they care more about the mission and the


movement than the money they lead with their heart they’re the ones that recycle the box right and then you have


the knowledge personality type the K stands for knowledge I use the color green because these people love data


analysis statistics like think of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet logo is green or in the movie The Matrix the


computer code that falls across the screen is green so they’re the ones that engineer the box so if we look at the


construct of blueprint action nurturing and knowledge each one of these four operating systems is so different that


it would be foolish for us to try to run a program or communicate to them in a different software in a different


language right that’s that’s where it becomes ridiculous and where communication falls apart and where sales falls apart because you’ve got a


salesperson trying to communicate in the wrong operating system or the wrong code or the wrong language to the receiver


and it’s just completely falling apart I’ll explain more in the webinar but the


story of The Suicide Prevention was the mom the dad and the older sister were


all action personality types just go go go the world revolves around them they


can be a little egotistical athletic oriented and the Sun who attempted


suicide was the knowledge personality type which is typically going to be more quiet more introverted more intellectual


maybe what society would frame as a nerd um and he did not feel good enough to


belong in his tribe AKA his family wow to the point where he thought the best


way to uh leave the tribe was basically to surrender life and commit suicide it


gives me goosebumps just thinking about it because and and this is the worst part of everything right now is in the


United States alone el Le I don’t know if you know these stats but they’re mind-blowing more than 3,000 teenagers a


day are attempting suicide in our country oh my gosh 3,000 a day if you


think about that like in terms of stadiums full of people like a a sports


arena that fits you know let’s say uh 60,000 people like my University Stadium


that would mean every 20 days a stadium is filled with suicide attempts oh my


gosh just in our teenagers every 20 days every three weeks a new stadium is filled with


attempts so so this this is a kid a scenario where where this happened and


one of our certified Bank trainers because we have a full certification program for people who say I want to I want to master this I want to teach this


I want to make an impact so one of our certified trainers found out about the suicide attempt luckily the teenager


wasn’t successful and she intervened now now the disclaimer is she’s not a psychologist she’s not a psychiatrist


she’s a bank trainer those are her only credentials and she goes over to that family and


sits that family down and figures out what their Bank codes are and she figures out that the mom the dad and the


daughter are actions and the son is a knowledge and she proceeds to teach the bank system to that family and explain


why they’re different op ating systems and and what they each need to feel


empowered in their own mindsets and at the end of her teaching the son who is


the knowledge personality type he literally perks up you can see his self-esteem rising and he says Mom and


Dad I’m not broken I’m just a k personality type and by the way I’m


smarter than all of you and and it transformed that family


forever oh wow right and so it’s like just having the awareness of that personality type


scenario in the family transformed that family forever and and so this is where


this is where Bank starts to get really really meaningful our company’s mission is to connect and Empower Humanity our


Mantra is make people matter because if you can slow down enough whether this is


the sales process you’re talking to your spouse your child your neighbor your parent in-laws whatever if you can slow


down enough to figure out what their code is and then if you can communicate in a meaningful way in a way that


matches their code you will unlock access to one of the most extraordinary relationships you’ve ever had in the


sales process that’s going to convert the sale and you’re going to definitely take it to the bank you’re going to win


an amazing customer lifetime customer a raving fan someone who’s going to send


you referrals someone who’s going to become an advocate for you your net promoter score is going to go up and so


forth if you’re doing this in your relationship like with your spouse you’re going to save your marriage


you’re going to optimize your marriage versus compromise because we have a whole training system that we do on


relationships where Opposites Attract and opposites attack and you’ll be blown away at how many people marry their


opposite because of a Jerry Maguire concept of you complete me the yin to the Yang and yet they’re basically


partnering with a different operating system where there’s an innate disconnect their entire relationship


that they need to solve for and most people end up solving for it through divorce or through compromise we’re


going to teach them how to optimize um where where it creates the the ultimate win-win and blah blah like


we could go on on this could be a series of podcasts but I would love for it to be I want to keep talking to you for


hours I think this is incredible we are going to so we’re going to link and we’ll in a moment share where people can


go to get registered for the webinar and to learn more because we’ll do a deep deep dive in that and I can’t wait because I’m just so so so so hooked and


excited about this um I want to ask because you covered so many incredible things today and we’re like I’m I’m


feeling tears I’m feeling emotional one funny question for you and then we’ll direct people to um the webinar and


where they can learn more and connect further you I have heard that you appeared in a photo shoot with chip


andales is that is that accurate and if so would you I don’t remember oh my gosh


that’s funny I’m just good at research no well you know I’ve never released the photos but I did recently find the


photos and I thought you know at some point I’m gonna put those photos out there but I love it um yeah so after I


graduated from from high school a year later my twin brothers that are one year younger than me graduated and they went


to Hawaii to celebrate and I went with them and while we were in the pool at y ke you know in tourist bille


they were conducting a chip andell’s photo shoot and they had these chip andelle models and their little you know


thongs and rock hard bodies and all the women around the pool were staring and


gocking at these guys and but no one was talking to them and I thought you know


I’m gonna just talk to them and I started to have a conversation with them during one of their


breaks and um and and you know it was a nice friendly conversation I grew up for a while in Hawaii my dad was in the


military we were stationed over there so I went to Junior High and high school over there so I I had a lot to talk about and at the end of the break the


the guy you know excused himself and went back to the photo shoot and I saw him standing there with the


photographers talking and all of a sudden he looks back at me and he he he calls me with his finger like to come


over there and it was literally one of those moments where I look to my left look to my right look behind me like you can’t possibly be talking to me right


I’m a total tomboy like the last chick at the pool that you would be talking to and um you know and I I point to


myself like are you asking me and he’s like yes you come here and I go over there and he’s like our female model


didn’t show up today would you like to be in the photo shoot with me


yes so no joke I was in the photo shoot with these chip andelle models we had an underwater scene like we were mermaids


swimming after each other and then uh we went out to the pier on Wy Beach and you


know were doing these photo shoots on the rocks and in the water and I mean there was it was like the paparazzi were


gathered around and all these people taking pictures it was just a it was a funny


moment it never happened again but but that was definitely something that was


oh my gosh my mom was mortified she’s like what are you doing and I’m like


check it out that was before social media so luckily no one knew about oh tragically it’s not there for us yeah


right that is great thank you for indulging me I was like I’ve got to ask about this this is hysterical yeah I


just I man I love talking to you I love like and this is part of why I just I wanted to share like Cheri is so


interesting to learn from and listen to and I’m telling you too if you so get the book why I’ve still we just moved


into a new home and I’ve got my blurred background on so I’m actually realizing this doesn’t show very well I don’t have set up yet but there you go watching


this is the book I’ll tell you what I’m gonna I’m going to share with you how to get the book for free as a when you come


register and at least we’re going to give away to all your listeners everybody wants to know what’s their


Bank code okay so we’re g to give it away we’re gonna allow you guys to crack your code it’s normally like a $99 type


of thing but because of a lease you’re going to get to do it for free so a lease you can share the website where


people can go but we want you guys to experience this come register for the webinar what this does for your sales is


Sensational I mean it turned me from I can’t make six figures to suddenly making multiple seven figures and it’s


happening for so many of our clients around the world we want it to happen for you guys too yeah it’s so exciting


yeah I’m I’m signed up for this I’m a code breaker I’m so excited about it and just teaching it and implementing it


with my clients and I’m very particular about what I bring to my clients I think this is brilliant and so aligned with


everything that we believe in and teach here at she sales and I’m just I want as many people as possible to get connected


with it as well so we’re going to have everything for you at slbank where you can go watch the


webinar you can get the link to crack your code as well um and I’m just I’m excited I’m grateful this was fun I’m


like man we could I could talk to you for hours so thank you for I know you’ve got so many St how long do you want this


podcast to be it could be two three four hours just kidding it could be it could be but what I’m excited about for the


webinar too is what you’re going to teach helps people increase sales by 300% right and it’s something they can


figure out in 90 seconds or less when talking to someone so if you want to come get a deep dive into the system and


learn it for yourself like I can’t wait to learn more from you so we in in the webinar we’re gonna unlock the secrets


the science and the system that’s going to increase your influence your income and your impact up to 300% and like you


said I’m gonna I’m going to show you guys like a ninja life hack uh a bioh


Haack buy hack right on how to crack someone’s code in less than 90 seconds


and how to unlock that yes versus a no and it will transform the way that you


sell the way that uh you you monetize your relationships and the business world and give you guys a a really


amazing fast track to success financially and in your relationships as well a it’s everything we care about and


believe in here so Cheri thank you so much again, Bank to go


get registered for the webinar and to learn more this was phenomenal I so appreciate you I’m excited to bring this


to our community thank you again yeah you’re welcome it’s an honor to be here thanks Elyse amazing all right my


listener go get registered Elis Bank you’ll be able to get the book for free too which is such a huge value and


until next time thank you so much for being a listener to She Sells Radio. We’ll see you soon.

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