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Cracking the Code to Six Figures and Beyond

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of She Sells Radio, where we’re diving deep into the nitty-gritty of breaking six figures and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or even in corporate sales, today’s content is always for you. Today, we’re pulling back the curtain and cracking the code on what really matters (and what doesn’t) when it comes to reaching that coveted six-figure milestone and beyond.

I’m thrilled to be flying solo for this episode, inspired by the countless women who’ve embarked on their entrepreneurial journey only to find themselves pivoting towards coaching and mentorship. We’ll be delving into my own journey, including a peek behind the scenes at my own six-figure month and the strategies that made it happen. From building and scaling your business to creating time freedom that allows you to live life on your terms, I’ve got you covered.

Today, we are discussing strategy with a lot more to come in future conversations. And be sure to listen to the end so you can learn all the ways to take the next step for you and your business.


Show Notes:

[2:37] – Would a Sales Tip of the Week be a helpful addition to the podcast?

[4:45] – Contact Elyse if you are interested in a coaching mentorship.

[8:30] – Sometimes we have experiences that make us realize how much we have.

[10:34] – We may realize how much we have to work and grind to provide for our family.

[12:19] – At one point in her life, it was not something Elyse could even imagine to receive money without having spent a ton of time earning it.

[13:45] – It is possible for you to create a business that works for you.

[14:35] – Efficacy over effort.

[17:05] – It is profound to be able to be present, relaxed, and have trust and flow in the business whether you are working or not.

[19:44] – It’s about your belief system and its alignment with what you want.

[22:51] – We are programmed to earn our financial set point.

[25:09] – If you are experiencing massive limiting beliefs about something, you’re on the right track.

[26:47] – Do not compare what you are looking to do to what someone else is doing. They are on a different point in their journey.

[30:04] – Your energy can call other people up where your vibration aligns with their own.

[31:56] – Do it before you’re ready.

[33:45] – If it doesn’t work right away, it might not have finished yet.

[36:01] – It doesn’t matter how much you’ve tried or invested. If you give your power away, it’s not going to happen.

[38:09] – We waste time doing things that are a shot in the dark, but there are other things that we can do that are lighted and guided.

[40:32] – If you are being called to do something, there are other people out there that need what you can provide.

[43:17] – Find a way to make this fit into your life.

[45:19] – You do not need perfection.

[46:56] – You do not need someone else’s permission.

[47:59] – Now what do you do?

[50:35] – What would it be like for you to have clarity and peace of mind?


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Hello my friend and welcome to a solo episode of She Sells Radio I am excited


to come to you today um I really have been leaning into the needs and the um


and the desires of this community and I want to share something with you today that I trust and hope and think will be


of help which is what really matters and what does


if you are a coach consultant a service provider who is looking to break through


six figures in Beyond this year and I’ll share a personal story I’ll also share


um a uh I’ll share just behind the scenes of what’s been going on here as we go but this is fun I get to come to


you today solo it’s you it’s me it’s my Starbucks uh we are hanging out and it’s


really my heart to um to pour into you with this information so one thing that I want to ask before we even get into


the topic and the story that I want to share with you to kick off today is I have been I want to ask you as a


listener of this podcast for some feedback um and you can literally email


my team I’ll give you my information shortly to do that or you can DM me but I have been want I’ve been in the energy


of and thinking about what could I do to make this the most helpful um the most


intentional sales business mindset podcast for you out there and so


something that I’ve been playing with is in every episode would it be helpful to give a sales tip so obviously those are


woven all throughout the episodes here but almost like a sales tip of the week type of thing so um I’m just really


playing with that I’m actually one of my visions and something that I’m looking to manifest through this show is just


the largest most impactful distri ution we can generate um with the show I’m


even and I’ll even just share with you from my heart because we’re all looking to create our next level right for me I’m really leaning into the energy of


what would it be like to have a syndicated show what would it be like to have I mean we’ve got we’re Global top


2% right now with the show which is beautiful but how can I continue to elevate that how can I continue to um to


grow and serve on an even bigger scale to create more impact with this and the podcast is something that I absolutely


love so I’ve just been playing with that um impression of increase energy too like how can I just pour even more for


you into this and would you love in every episode to have some sort of a


sales tip that may not be related to the actual theme of the episode but it’s something of value so um send me an


email let me know if there’s anything else that you’d love to have in the show I’d love your feedback


as well you can also DM me I’m at El Archer on all social uh but with that


being said that is those are some areas I’d love some feedback from you today what we’re going to talk about is what


actually matters and what doesn’t when it comes to again you breaking that sixf


figureure Mark as a coach a consultant service provider you can apply this as a sales professional as well what I will


say inspired this was I have I’ve seen so many women coming into the community


and now I see this a lot in our 10K Club like women come in and they’re like okay I’m going to grow and scale this thing


and then and this is certainly not every woman but it’s a lot of the women who enough that I noticed um where women


come in and they maybe think they’re going down One path or maybe they’ve already started down the coaching


Consulting path but either way they get inspired and they’re like I want to become a coach I want to become a


consultant so um complete and total side note that I wasn’t even planning on sharing but I’ll share really quick


because it’s on my heart as I say this out loud uh we are going to be doing a we’re going to be launching our first


ever coach consultant certification this fall if you’re interested send me an email again Elis we’re going to


be taking a very small group of um individuals through that training it’s a six-month certification program so total


side note but we’re going to start those conversations in June so I’ve seen women


coming in and wanting to launch something new build something new and


then feeling completely confused understand by all of the


different aspects that they think need to be in place to be successful and


getting kind of stuck and stymied by thinking they need to build out a really robust funnel or a really robust website


or spending a ton of money on branding and design upfront like all these different things that in


reality um will you probably want to do something like that at some point yeah


most likely but is it necessary and critical for you at the beginning absolutely not and I’ll share um I’ll


share today too the story of like my first six figure month and what was in


place and what wasn’t in place now we’re talking here probably for most people about how to break six figures this year


but you can play with it if you’re if it gets you more excited to think about breaking six figures in a month lean


into that if you if it gets you more excited to think about six figures in a day lean into that right um but the


theme here is what actually matters and what doesn’t so I hosted a Master Class


A couple of weeks ago called cracking the code some of you joined me for that and uh and I I spoke a bit about this


but I want to kind of share with greater reflection here today and even just more


of a relaxed energy as it’s just me and you chatting um what do I wish I knew


earlier on about cracking that code breaking the six figure Mark as a coach consultant service provider things where


I would have um saved a lot of time and money although I think that’s always learning and lessons and I don’t think anything’s


ever really wasted I think we can always learn and grow um even if we make an


investment that we later say h you know may might have done that differently I’ve done plenty of those as well and that’s fine right but I want to share


this with you and um I’ll share too as we get into it part of why my heart is


so on this is helping you create the time Freedom where you’re not wasting


time just sitting behind a computer trying to figure it out doing all these things feeling like you’re stuck and spinning


when that time could be spent on things that actually matter in your life


whether that’s time with your babies whether that’s time with family uh time


just living life going to the beach being by the ocean doing something of significance creating something right I


think when we don’t have that Clarity on what matters and what doesn’t we we feel frustrated right because we


feel like we’re stuck in spinning so often and I shared this in the Master Class A couple weeks ago but I’ll I’ll


share this here too I had an experience maybe 3ish weeks ago now I want to


say and it felt like it was one of those experiences where I was like I want to give this to as many women as possible


um and Men right I want to give it to all of us and it was it was like a Thursday afternoon I was getting ready


ready the next morning to fly out to go speak at um one of my friends and clients


masterminds and I was home my babies were home uh my husband was home he’s uh


he was off from school that afternoon he’s in medical school if um you’re not familiar with with me or kind of with


our family or background that’s so he was off that afternoon and it was finally a warm afternoon here in


Portland Maine those have been long in coming finally feeling a little bit like spring our windows were open uh our son


jack was outside playing with his best friend who uh lives a couple houses down


from us they were in the backyard my husband and um our neighbor the dad of


our this is sounding confusing and my son’s best friend’s dad there you go they were outside in the


backyard too and uh again windows were open we had Disney songs blaring from


the TV and I could hear laughter outside I heard that like shrieking you


know the sounds of these cute little three-year-olds just having the best like the time of their life I was inside


I was folding my laundry getting ready for the trip uh Luke our one-year-old


was like crawling around and gritting at me from the Train table in the playroom and it was like a Thursday at 2


o’clock um and it just struck me how


lucky I was and how great grateful I felt to be able to be there be present


with my kids have an experience like that on a Thursday afternoon when I knew


that so many parents were either stuck


working in a job that they don’t necessarily love that doesn’t light them


up but it’s what pays the bills and provides for the family and um you know like a 9 to-5 schedule hasn’t even been


in my Consciousness for a long time now but it used to be and I sometimes I think back to it I’m like oh it feels so


like limiting and so restrictive but I thought about how many parents are away from their kids right now um who would


like kill to be able to be home with them at 2 o’clock on a Thursday


afternoon or conversely maybe you’re an entrepreneur and you’re either in the


launch stage the liftoff stage um you’re launching something new and again you


would love to be able to have the peace of mind to be present to relax to be


with your kids in the afternoon um or to be doing something else that you’d love to do in the afternoon right you don’t


have to be a parent for this to be something that resonates but you feel


like you have to work and grind so hard to try to make the money for the family with your business and so you’re maybe


stuck behind a computer screen doing things that you don’t feel like are really moving the needle for you you but you feel like you need to do them trying


everything like building every funnel um trying this with your messaging that with your messaging this with your s


strategy that with your marketing strategy and just feeling like you’re spinning and investing so much time and


money potentially into building and launching what you’re doing um but not


but again not feeling like you’re there and feeling like again you’re just having to like be stuck behind a computer when in reality you would love


to get this thing figured out so that you could go spend time with your family being present with the


people who matter in your life and actually enjoy what you launched this whole thing to do in the first place


which was create more time and Financial Freedom for you as well and for me kind


of going back to that scene it was right in that moment I was feeling this gratitude and then I got a notification


that like a $14 $1,500 payment had just been deposited in my account from a client and I mean is that like


lifechanging money not for most most of us but there was a point in time in my


life where I could not imagine receiving money without actively


working for it like I could not fathom that I could be taking a Thursday


afternoon off folding laundry being with my little ones hearing like having fun


being present with my family and that I could receive money in that moment and


again I felt so much gratitude to be at this point in my life and


career where I can experience that because I used to not know what that was like and I


used to feel so frankly I would feel envious I’d feel jealous of other people who would talk about this um but my


Consciousness just wasn’t there yet and so it’s been a journey and it’s been an evolution but to feel like this is now


normal whereas before there would have been so much guilt and shame and shs and


all sorts of um kind of old rules and conditioning about how long it took to be successful and what it took to be


successful and it I was just like I want to help as


many women men whoever break free from


the stuckness the spinning that’s keeping you away from what really matters in life the trying to figure it


out um so that you can really lean in and create the life


the business that works for you so that you are not a slave to it but instead it


is working for you supporting your lifestyle your family your goals your Ambitions your dreams and if you’re you


know if you’re in sales in corporate sales and you’re listening to this this applies to you too because again there’s


I think back to when I was in corporate sales there were so many rules in my mind about how long I had to work to


make a certain amount of money how hard it had to be and and so that was what I


experienced because that was again my level of Consciousness and something that I have it was really challenging to


embrace it first uh but it’s it’s gotten more and more ingrained in my Consciousness is this this the law of


least action slash this concept of efficacy and I the way that I talk about


it is efficacy over effort so what is efficacy it’s how effective are the actions that we’re taking right and I


used to be so caught up on the effort standpoint where I would feel like if


I’m not efforting and working really hard all the time and grinding then I’m


not worthy of success I’m not um I’m I’m


going to be left out I’m not competitive enough I’m slacking but I when I was in that


Consciousness I wasn’t growing I wasn’t expanding I was staying stuck it was a constant grind and so now what I’ve


learned to really look at is what is the most direct path to where we want to go


what’s the most streamlined approach what is the most um elegant solution to


any challenges that we encounter and we’ll find that often there’s something that is completely outside the realm of


the effort Paradigm and is a far more again creative direct elegant solution


to accomplishing the goal if we can just get out of those cobwebs of shoulds of


this should take a long time this should be really hard and again I just man I had that experience the other day and I


was like I was blinded by the shs for so many years and I became a parent a mom I


mean it’s it’s all relative but maybe a little later in life right like I had my first kid when I was 34 and I just think


about I think there’s there was no doubt Divine Purpose behind that timing did I


want to have kids sooner yeah uh but if I had and it would have all been perfect if it


had happened sooner too I know that for me looking back on when I became a mom I can say I am so grateful that I had this


level of Consciousness or it was developing within me as my kids were


born and then as I’m raising them now because I would have been a basket


case I would have been a basket case I wouldn’t have been present for my kids I would have been um in a ton of guilt I


wouldn’t have been able to enjoy raising them and again there is no judgment


shame guilt any of that if you are if you’re like I am a basket I feel like


that and I’m trying to raise kids right now right I think our kids choose to come to us at whatever point we’re at in


our Consciousness because it’s going to help them involved so there’s no um


there’s no right or wrong here and there’s no guilt intended by me sharing that I’m just sharing to be able to be


present and be relaxed and have trust and flow in what mys business is doing


for me while I’m working or not has been profound so and I want to give that to


as many people as possible as well and I want to give you some of that today too so let’s talk about it let’s get into it


and um again I want to I’m going to share with you just some not all because I I want to you know really honor


everyone who comes to our Live Events and we give a lot more in our live events on this so I’m not going to share


with you everything I shared in the cracking the code event um recently but I want to share with you just at a high


level um what matters and what doesn’t when you’re building and scaling either


your company or your sales so that you can get there more quickly more


elegantly and enjoy your life along the way and one thing I want to say so we’re


going to be talking strategy today um we teach I teach something called the four


quadrants of quantum sales growth which is when I look back on my career and


look at how in the world did I get from being stuck for over a decade at this


the same level spinning no matter how hard I worked I’d always get the same results to within six weeks of applying


what I now teach our clients being able to 10x to turn my annual income into my monthly income and it wasn’t by working


harder I reverse engineered it we call it the four quadrants of quantum sales growth it’s not what we’re going to talk


about today but we’re going to talk about a piece of that if you want to get the full picture of what that is and


what that looks like um you can go to we just built out a new free training


around this you can go to Elis quadrants and grab that and that’ll take a much deeper dive most of the quadrants


are about the inner work about the mindset rewiring rewiring belief systems


money wealth Consciousness alignment um integrating The Duality of masculine and


feminine energy in your business or your sales process so that is I will say 95 to 98% according to Neuroscience of what


creates your results in your life the other 2 to 5% is strategy which we call


method the four quadrants or four M’s the fourth quadrant we teach is method which is the strategy um and that’s what


we’re talking about today now one thing I want to say with strategy is that anyone who tells you that there’s only


one strategy that’s going to work to get you to your goals uh-uh not telling you


the truth um what is true about strategy is any strategy virtually any strategy


can work it’s about your belief system in the strategy and it’s about how


aligned it is to where you want to go okay and how you’re wired as well this is why two people can build out a


virtually identical funnel to drive leads into their business one person flourishes prospers excels and the other


person is left saying what in the world did I do wrong that was bone dry well they have two very different most likely


prosperity Consciousness consciousnesses um two different


self-concepts different wiring so all of that to say the strategy piece is


important and I’m not going to sit here and tell you there’s only one way to do it because I would be that wouldn’t be


honest to say um there’s lots of strategies that can work it’s about


what’s aligned for you now when I taught this class A couple of weeks ago I shared the story of my first 100K month


to share with people what I had and what I


didn’t so you can see you can be so Scrappy when you are massively elevating


and it does not need to take it can but it does not need to take a huge


investment of time resources fancy stuff to be able to start making the money you


really want to make in your business so what did I do um again before this


I’d been stuck at 10K months for over a decade and I finally was like I’m done


playing small and that the whole why behind that is a long story too that we don’t have time for today but there were some things going on in my life where I


was like I’m done playing small I’m ready I’m ready um to do this and so for


me and and I’m going to share numbers here just for context but you can apply


this maybe you’ve been stuck at 2K or 5K or maybe you’re in sales and you want to launch your own business and you haven’t


made any money in your business yet and anything would be a Quantum Leap 10K months would be a Quantum Leap right maybe you’re already making several


hundred thousand or a million or whatever in your corporate role but you’re like hey if I could make that kind of money over here doing my own


thing that would be awesome right so what think about whatever whatever your Quantum Leap would be right now apply


that to this conversation for me it was I wanted to


I wanted to bring in Far More abundance for our family um I wanted to play at a


much larger level on the world stage in terms of brand and impact I wanted to live out my fullness my greatness and so


for me financially the level I was looking to get to was seven figures in sales or 100K months give or take right


because that was to me that was a huge Quantum Leap so it had um it had not been hard for me to get to 10K months


previously and the reason why which I wasn’t aware of was I was programmed to make 10K a month which we’ll talk about


that a little bit later um in today’s podcast as well we all have a financial set point and a level at which we are


comfortable receiving so I was programmed to make about 10K a month so I did that for about a decade I wanted


to break through um I decided to break through I decided to go to the next level and again in six weeks of doing


that and implementing what we teach our clients and I was able to 10x but that first 100K month I want to share with you from a strategy standpoint what did


I do because you may a lot of times it’s easy to hear that story and be like ah she vibrated higher well I did


significantly I did I was willing to do things that got me massively uncomfortable I invested you know


$50,000 I didn’t have in coaching I uh was willing to look at every limiting


belief I had ever had about who I was what I was capable of and I was willing to go down the dark abyss


of uh of examining and rewiring limiting beliefs in a really intense way so


that’s where I was energetically and did those things help me vibrate higher hell yeah yes absolutely that was the biggest


piece of it and there was action involved as well so um I decided to


launch a group program which from idea to conception was about four weeks and


that was what we now have as our 10K club which is our signature program and we’ve had I don’t should know the number


off the top there’s no shs there’s quite a few women around the world who have been through that program


um several hundred I believe at this point who have been through it if my my off the top of my head math is correct


but I I decided to launch that um and what did I have when I was launching I


had a huge heart to help other women succeed I wanted to help other women break six figures in Beyond I knew I


could do that because I done it myself quite a bit I had Hy drive to be successful um what else did I have


massive limiting beliefs I had huge limiting beliefs about


whether a whole group of women would want to work with me I had massive injured feminine Instinct um unhealthy


female relationship Dynamics all sorts of stuff so that was very scary for me to say I’m going to launch a group


program serving women uh but my coach and Mentor was pushing me she was like no go do it get out of your comfort zone


do it so just know if you are wanting to launch something new and you’re experiencing massive limiting beliefs


about it you’re on the right track you’re on the right track that’s a sign because contrast always lives at


the edge of your next level so if we think oh it’s only aligned if I feel comfortable and it’s only aligned if it


feels like ease uh-uh no if it feels comfortable and like ease then you’re


just going to keep getting more of what you’ve already got all right so there’s nothing wrong if you’re moving towards


something and taking action and you’re having limiting beliefs or negative emotions come up it just means that


there’s an edge there’s a growth Edge for you that you get to expand beyond


all right that’s all it means um what else did I have a very small audience a very small audience small audience of my


natural Network some past clients from other programs and I had a mentor okay


um what did I not have I didn’t have existing clients in the program I didn’t


have a fancy web page for the program um I didn’t have a large audience that I could market to I didn’t have past


testimonials that I could pull from didn’t have a complex marketing strategy didn’t have a big Team all right that


was it none of that so I I share all of that to say that you do not need to get


styed and you can look at someone who’s running a million multi-million dollar you know billion


dollar business in your industry and see all the things they’ve built out and see all the funnels and see all the complexity see the team and say oh crap


I have to do that to be successful absolutely not are there inflection points in your business where it’s going


to require you to adjust the strategy to be able to scale beyond the level you’re at right now


absolutely but do not compare what you’re looking to do with someone where someone else is when they’re at a


totally different level in their growth journey and maturity again I’m I’m speaking to you today if you’re in the earlier stages of long launching


something or you’ve been trying to do it for a while and you’re stuck and you want to go to another level all right


and again you can feel like man I’ve been successful and I want to go to another level or you can feel like this


thing hasn’t clicked and I’m ready to throw in the towel unless I can give it one more shot and I want to go to


another level okay but so this is we’re talking Scrappy here we’re not talking scaling from seven to eight Figures it’s


a totally different conversation all right although I would still propose the elegant solution there but what did I do


I I decided to host a webinar using what I had using what I had natural Network DMS


emails texts uh it was paid I charged $85 for it it was a two-hour webinar and


I did DM Outreach to women who I thought I could serve in the group program inviting them I made the uh charge a


money back guarantee for the webinar so it was an easier yes for people so if you’re launching something and you’re


wanting to um maybe you’re wanting to do like a paid lead Magnet or a paid conversion event rule of thumb again


there’s no one set way to do it but in general you would probably charge less than a hundred bucks for it um you might


make it money back guarantee so that there’s no risk so if someone comes in and they don’t get what they were


wanting out of it it’s like no big deal I’ll give you your money back right not a big deal on that so I made it that and


I just started dming women who I thought could benefit we had um I think just a little over 20 women


show up to that first webinar i’ never done one like it I uh I did not follow


the perfect webinar formula now again you could go and research and invest a lot of money on strategically how do you


host a high converting webinar and would there be a lot of value in that very


possibly um does is it a requirement for running a successful webinar no and I’m


about to demonstrate to you why with the results that came through


I’m just drinking my Starbucks while I chat with you so um I created the I will tell you this was probably the most


technically imperfect training I’ve ever given it but it was speaking from the


heart it was speaking from the heart and I shared how I think back to it because


it was just a little over three years ago now it wasn’t even that long ago but I think back to the energy I was in at


that time and it was like I had finally broken through energetically from


feeling like I had to play small or hold back or be in this limited box that I’d existed in for so long and I was like


I’m going for it I’d already invested 50 Grand in coaching that I didn’t have I’d


already said yes and I had no idea how it was all going to come together I just knew I was GNA give everything I had my


all that was it so I spoke from the heart that energy I think called other


people up in their lives and resonated with them so even though it was not a tech technically by the book webinar


about say this thing at that time and have these slides it was from the heart


um I had I think just a like two three slides not a lot outlining the program because again it didn’t exist yet uh I


don’t think I had a sales page for the program yet either I don’t believe I had a Paypal checkout button I remember the


day of the webinar I was so nervous I was sweating I was having nightmares the


night before about embarrassing myself in front of all these people when I gave it I felt like I was having an out-of-


Body Experience because I never spoken so directly and so just heartfelt to a group of people who were listening to


hear what I had to say and the offer that I made was it was all things that I


was going to be creating live with these women as we went together I didn’t know if anyone was going to buy but I offered


a 90-day coaching program there was no pre-recorded course uh just weekly live


calls with me in a group Marco Polo chat uh I was going to record all the video trainings which I did and at that time I


didn’t have a uh a learning management system we used Google Drive so we just uploaded up to a Google drive folder


said hey here’s where you can get access and I gave it my all and out of


those numbers 12 out of 20 converted into this program I had my first


$100,000 cash collected month and that is what propelled she cells into what it


is today so I want you to hear some of the


themes from that as you think about what actually matters and what doesn’t if you were looking to really


have a breakthrough in your business or in your sales what are the themes do it before you’re ready right do it before


you’re ready I was definitely not ready I didn’t have the sales page I didn’t have a course already built out didn’t


have any of that but I I had enough I had had a minimum viable product I had


something I was like I know I can do this I know I can coach women on this and I’m going to build it as we go


together that’s what I had um what are some other themes move past the limiting beliefs and take action anyway this is


part of why the inner work is so powerful and part of why it’s so important to recognize when we’re thinking a limiting belief about


ourselves and we can recognize that because we feel a negative emotion in our bodies I didn’t know that before I


got into this work but we want to be able to process that and and move out of


that mindset so that we can move forward powerfully with our vision um but not


letting the limiting beliefs stop you like I said I had massive limiting beliefs about who I was who would follow


me holding space and energy for a whole group of women I do it all day long now and I love it I absolutely adore it and


I’m grateful for it back then I didn’t know if I could so that was a limiting


belief and um and it it was like get going take action right that so those were those


were some of the themes you know something else that I’ll share too because I have women come into the community and say oh I’ve already


invested such and such on coaching or I’ve just invested in this funnel or that funnel or that or this and H it


hasn’t paid off yet guess what guess what my friend number one that is a


limiting belief that there’s not more money okay so if you’re in that energy of oh I can’t take action on something


that really speaks to me because I’ve already tried this or that and they didn’t work well number one if something


hasn’t quote unquote hasn’t worked either it hasn’t played all the way out yet you haven’t seen the end result or


you were meant to get something from it that’s not what you initially thought okay it’s not what you initially thought


but it’s going to grow and develop you into who you need to be so that you can have what you want I invested between 50


and 60 grand um a while back in a program that was


not ultimately what I thought would happen with it but the the woman who I


became in the process of going through that equipped and empowered me


to be the woman who can now have and hold energy at the level that I desired to in my life so it wasn’t the intended


result when I was investing in it and there were anyway I’m just say I say all that


to say it wasn’t the intended result and I still said what’s the blessing I still said what am I supposed to get out of


this I still said what’s the fruit that I can take from this so if you’re in


that mindset right now of I’ve tried these other things and they haven’t worked well and I’m not moving forward


on my dreams because of this well you’re staying stuck in victim energy my friend so just a level of Consciousness around


that so going into kind of tying it back in with the story um I had tried a bunch


of other things before this that either didn’t work or that gave mediocre results and again A lot of times it was


I was trying to do things that I saw other people do I remember I had invested it’s not a ton of money but at


the time it felt like it um this is several years before I had this breakthrough or maybe this the year


before I’d invested like 5 10 grand in building out a funnel for something and then the company like literally ghosted


towards the end of it being built and I I look back and it’s like


great you know at the time it kind of sucked but now I can look at that and


say well that wasn’t what was meant to happen and if it was I would have taken it and run with it but it was it was not


I was selling something that wasn’t like the full essence of who I am and I was trying to make it so again technically


perfect and this piece goes here and this piece goes here it wasn’t from the heart I’ll say that it wasn’t from the heart so it’s all learning all right


it’s all learning um but I say all of that to say that I don’t care how many


things you’ve already invested in I don’t care what you’ve tried if you’re going to give your power


away and say well so and so did me wrong with this or I didn’t get what I thought I was going to get out of this program


or I maybe it’s not meant to be because I’ve tried all these other things and it hasn’t happened you’re just if that if


that end result if that desire is still a calling on your heart it’s all breadcrumbs it’s all leading you to


where you want to go but you have to keep showing up and following the intuitive nudges and taking the action


towards what you want um trusting and knowing that you’re being guided every


step of the way so with all of that I shared this on the


training um a couple weeks ago there is a lot of things in life that I’m really


not good at and I own that and I’m completely okay with it like if you if you want to lose a trivia game invite me


to play on your team and you’ll lose probably I don’t know maybe you’re really good and you’ll help lift us up I


probably will not help your score we’ll put it that way if you want to have a terrible time at a sports game because you’re with someone who has no idea


what’s going on bring me along although I actually I kind of enjoy sports games now a lot more than I used to but I just


want to be in the energy of it I won’t know what’s going on most likely but I’ll enjoy being in the energy of it with you um but if you’re looking for


someone to talk shop with nope not not your girl um these are just not my gifts and I’m okay with that one of my gifts


is cutting through the fluff to see what actually matters and what doesn’t for


you to get to your goal as quickly and effortlessly as possible


now I say that saying that do you get to become a different person to have the


goal accomplished absolutely so that becoming that unfolding that like


Caterpillar turning into the butterfly can feel painful uncomfortable I’m not


saying we get to skip that part of the process because that’s the unfoldment


but what I am saying is that there’s there can be a lot of wasted time and


energy and effort doing things that are kind of like a shot in the dark versus


taking aligned guided action that’s going to get us on a more direct path to


where we want to go and that’s really what my heart is to help you do um so


that you’re not wasting time that again could be spent with your babies with your family living life you know on your


doing your spiritual practice like any of that wasting time that that could be spent on those things that really matter


for you just trying to figure it out so let’s talk about a little bit of what what doesn’t and what does matter like


what do you need and what do you not need if you are wanting to break through


that next income level for you this year in your sales or in your business okay


so what what do you need well you need a heart you need a mission to serve right


that that piece of self-evident um you need drive and ambition now I think drive and ambition are wonderful I think


when they are fueled towards um self agiz desires that’s when we can


kind of get it twisted but I’m I’m a driven woman I’m an ambitious woman I want to get the most out of my life and


I leverage and and I don’t to say I leverage and guide those energies in


anything that I’m doing to help create the greatest result that I can from it so you need that right if you want to go


to the next level um what do you need Clarity on some simple things basics


right um what’s your what are your services and packages going to look like again think MVP minimum viable product


it doesn’t need to be fancy you don’t if you’re a coach a consultant launching a coaching program you don’t necessarily


need to have a bunch of pre-recorded modules unless you really unless it’s like really a core piece that you feel


guided to create more often than not you can record those as you go with your people um you need to know who your


ideal client is so we want to be clear on who that person is or who those couple core avatars are those core ideal


clients are and what the right messaging is for them uh what else do you need you


want some sort of expert positioning and credibility why you right now again we can get caught up in oh no I’m going to


need another certification I’m going to need this I’m going to need that you are I can tell you right now if you are


feeling called to help someone with something then there are people out there who are farther behind on that


Journey than you are who you can help them and it’s all about oftentimes it does take someone else being able to


look at where you are your accomplishments your experiences and see through a different lens to be able to


position your credibility um and to position you as a leader so again we do this to help other


people um just in that purchasing decision right see they we want well how


say this they will see themselves mirrored in you and your accomplishments


and achievements so oftentimes we can hold back say oh I’m not really that accomplished I’m not really that um


successful in this and or oh it’s going to come off like I’m bragging no you need to shine your light so other people


can see what type of energy you’re in and what and who you are and it’s all about you ultimately holding energy for


them to transform and to have that whatever experience it is that you’re providing so we need that we need a


sales strategy again doesn’t need to be fancy but you do need a sales strategy are you selling on webinars are you


selling one to one calls are you selling in DMS are you selling at Live Events what does that look like what’s that


sales strategy going to be B2B B Toc Etc we need a marketing strategy again does


it need to be an 18st step funnel that’s super complex with trip wires and all of


that it but we need some sort of a marketing strategy what’s your top of funnel going to be so where are your people at the very top what’s your


middle of funnel going to be how are we converting them and taking them to the next step and then of course what’s the


bottom of the funnel which is going to be more about delivery client experience what do do what do we do with people who


don’t convert Etc so we need those things um we need also a time and a


schedule strategy to deliver the services in a way that aligns with your


life what I mean by that is not everyone but a lot of the members of the community who we serve in our group


programs like our 10K club and 50k Club um they are either mamas parents maybe


they’re working a corporate job and they’re building something on the side or again they just they’re like I don’t


want to grind just because it’s what I’ve been conditioned to do I want to get big results take powerful action get


where I want to go right but I don’t want to just be checking the Box taking mechanical action because I have more


life I want to live than just that so we want to think about based on your time


your family your commitments are you a mom launching something on the side and


you have 5 to 10 hours a week to devote to something while you’re little asleep you know or is it more is it less I


don’t know but we need a we want to find a way for this to fit within your life


and to be able to make whatever adjustments may need to be made so that you can fulfill on your most important


commitments and priorities for you while being as impactful as possible when


you’re taking actions in your business as well and then basic technology right


basic technology again we’ve launched and I’ve always been Scrappy um we


don’t we I the team and I we’re what I want to say it I am not


like a tech whiz on the fanciest funnels the fanciest automation software all


that no like but I that’s also not part of my calling I really love a personal


touch I love how can we make things as human as possible and that’s just more of how I’m wired there’s other great


marketing Minds out there who are far more complex and would whip up a 20ep funnel in a couple hours or days and


present it to you and and that’s how their mind works and that’s beautiful um that’s just not me and so when I’m


working with clients and in my own business I tend to be as simple as possible when it comes to the technology


and always getting clear on what’s the strategy first then then reverse


engineering into what technology is needed for recording calls marketing


delivery of services are you going to have an LMS a learning management system for your people um where are you


recording things all of that right so Basics but we want to always get clear on what’s the strategy first and then


from there we can reverse engineer to decide what technology is needed this is where we can wait again not waste but


this is where we can maybe flow without the highest level of intention money resources energy


um because we just don’t actually know what we need and so that’s why I love leading with strategy first and then


building in the technology to help support it things you don’t need perfectionism you don’t need to have


things perfect perfectionism keeps you poor my friend you don’t need a big audience you don’t need complex


marketing or funnels I think we’ve driven that home today uh you don’t need an expensive website you don’t even need


a frankly a website at all often right not always sometimes you might but again


we we launched and we did multi six figures in the 10K club before we ever


had a nice site ever uh the company that I helped launch prior to this uh brand


builders group incredible company we did multi in the first year without a


website it was human connections it was relationships it was JV so you do not


need those things to be successful and a lot of times they can be distractions and diversions from what would actually


um move the needle for you right and we can go into avoidance of making reach outs or offering a program because we’re


like well if I just I just need it all perfect first right and look at what are you hiding behind are you hiding behind


any of that you do not need to have written a book be a top thought leader in your space um you don’t need a


million certifications or degrees you don’t need a full-time schedule availability I run my company right now


part-time and I’ve done it that way the whole time because I have had a little kid and now two little kids the whole


time and I’m I care about being home I care about being present I care about being with my babies as much as possible


the big thing you do not need permission from anyone else this is actually the theme of the book that I co-authored


with some of my clients some amazing women um last year and we released in January the book is called permission to


be powerful and the whole idea is you are the only one who can give you permission to go for what you want and


to say oh now it’s time right and give yourself permission to go and you don’t have to wait that’s the biggest thing


you don’t have to wait so hopefully those things help you clarify what do


you need versus what do you not need to help you get to where you want to go and


um and again there’s a lot more to it but those are the highlights now where


do we go from here I wanted to share today two ways you can go deeper in this if you would like to and if you would


like the support of the team and myself in implementing this um to get you the


results you want first thing we are this whole uh training that we hosted a


couple of weeks ago announced for the first time a one-day strategy intensive


that we’re hosting so if you’re listening in real time great if not go check out the website and see we may or


may not have another one I don’t know we’re doing this first one the first time and uh and I I don’t know what and


when we’ll do it again but check either way um we are hosting though on May 17th


so 2024 May 17th if you’re listening to this in real time it’s a Friday a one day live strategy intensive called 100K


in a day you can go to Elis 100K in a day to get registered normally


a full day private strategy intensive with me is 15,000 we are offering this at less than


10% of that investment uh because it’s going to be in a group but it is going to be


incredibly focused incredibly potent I’m thinking of it kind of like an espresso


shot for your business or for your sales where we go in and we get clarity on the


things that matter for you it’s everything that matters and nothing that doesn’t right so product service


positioning packages if you already have of those things we’re going to dial them in and tighten them up and look at how


you can be more elevated and strategic and intensive excuse me intentional with what you’re doing so maybe you want to


raise your prices maybe you want to work with a higher level client so we’re going to come in and make sure that all of that is positioned at its highest


level possible we’re going to clarify the exact target client who you’re speaking to um so Avatar who are they


pain points what do they need how are you going to speak to them speak to their heart get them to take action your


positioning and credibility as well we’re also mapping out your sales strategy your most aligned sales


strategy and cutting through the fluff forget what everyone else is doing what works for you and then your marketing strategy so again we can get caught up


on the marketing front do I need to do a podcast a YouTube channel Instagram LinkedIn blogs this that speaking we


don’t know right any and all of it can work but we’re going to figure out for you for your goals for your financial


goals for how much time you have available for where your people are for what you’re looking to do what’s the right strategy for you so the this is


think about it again if you could leave one day with a completely clear road map


on the strategy for you that is going to help you accomplish your goals in your


sales and in your business this year so that you can go have experiences like


what I shared that Thursday afternoon 2 PM with my babies receiving money not


actively working for it at the time what would that be like for you and what would it be like for you to finally have


that Clarity that peace of mind so that when you do sit down to work you know that what you’re doing makes an impact


you know that what you’re doing is moving the needle you’re not just checking the Box you’re actually literally get getting traction and


results from what you’re doing every day so again that’s Elis 100K in


a day you can go get registered for that now um there’s no dollar sign in front


of the 100K in a day it’s just 100K 100K in a day so that’s one that’s May 17th


it’s a full day strategy intensive and I’d love for you to get registered and come join us if it’s resonating the


second opportunity which is going to be far more on the energy standpoint


completely different but uh two these are focusing on two of the four quadrants of quantum sales growth so the


first one 100K in a day is about method it’s the strategy this other one is about money which is the second quadrant


of quantum sales growth we are having a live event in person coming up here in P


in Portland Maine uh July 17th and 18th I’m 99% sure on those dates I’ll I’ll


link the page here so that you can go double as I’m saying it out loud I don’t have the page pulled up in front of me I think it’s July 17th and 18th here in


Portland um called money live it is going to be a two-day live Workshop


where I’m going to be working with you and every other attendee my team will be there too supporting you in elevating


your wealth Consciousness your financial frequency this is going to be much more the energetics of achieving your income


your Revenue Target versus the strategy although that will unfold naturally from


the work you you do here but you heard me mention earlier in the podcast we all have a financial set point this is going


to be about how do you elevate and raise that Financial set point how do you open up to receive more more easily release


limiting beliefs blocks old stories that you’ve told yourself about money get out of resistance about money um really get


into a beautiful energy with it where it flows and it works for you where it is the servant and you are the master


versus the opposite Paradigm which we often have which is um that we feel like


money is the master and we can’t move forward on things or take action on things because money’s ruling and controlling us and when we’re in that


energy we’re we’re putting money in the wrong spot in our lives so you can go check that one out that’s


money mindset live if you want to come join live here in Portland Maine in July we’ve got early bird tickets on sale


through the end of May where you can save about a thousand bucks on a ticket after that the rates go up pretty


significantly um but so those are two places that we can go from here very different you can take advantage of one


or both um it’s again they’re both going to get you very different but


complimentary results so Elis 100K in a day that’s going to be the one-day virtual strategy intensive


coming up uh May 17th and then Elis money mindset live if you would


like to come spend two days live here in Maine with me and the team and a really badass cool group of uh entrepreneurs


and sales leaders who are elevating and shifting their wealth Consciousness uh


then you can check that one out and get registered for that at the ear early bird rates through the end of the month thank you as always for being a listener


of the podcast I appreciate you I want your feedback like I said at the beginning would you like a sales tip in


these episodes would you is there anything else that we’re not doing or covering right now that you feel like would be supportive to you I’d love to


hear from you grateful as always for you thank you for being a listener to She Sells Radio and I’ll see you


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