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Best Networking and Sales Strategies for 2024 with Trevor Houston

I’m excited to bring you a new friend and a super connector today on the show who is going to talk about how to network, stand out from the crowd and build resilience in your career and finances whether you are in corporate or an entrepreneur. 

I got introduced to Trevor recently by a mutual friend, Amberly Lago, who has been on the show before, and she said you have to meet Trevor and connect with him. 

Trevor has built a huge media presence as the host of the “Who Ya Know Show”, and has interviewed people like Grant and Elena Cardone, Tim Story, Heather Monahan, who is a former client of mine and has also been a guest on this show, and more. Trevor is also the CEO of ClearPath Wealth Strategies and has been recognized as a top 50 entrepreneur to watch according to Grit Daily. 

There’s a phrase that I have seen come true in  my life over and over again, which is “grace opens doors that hard work never could.”  I think about the biggest moments of my career and life, those moments where it felt like pure grace where something came together or an opportunity happened that I never could have dreamed of, and it was always based on pure grace – but that grace was often spawned by some sort of connection I had who helped me in ways I never could have accomplished with pure hard work. 

So the power of connections, building your brand and resilience is critical whether you’re in corporate America or an entrepreneur, and Trevor is going to help us dive deeper into those areas in this episode.


Show Notes:

[3:13] – Trevor shares his background and what created his passion is helping others become more resilient.

[6:16] – He could see the same anxiety and stress he was going through in others. He felt led to give back and serve.

[8:02] – When we are seeking abundance, we’re really seeking freedom.

[9:14] – Trevor had to transform his life. His book focuses on how to make a transformation.

[10:35] – The first step is to make a decision. Some decisions are easy but some feel impossible.

[12:37] – Find a place to place your energy.

[15:27] – A victim mentality is a cancer. Accountability is crucial.

[16:54] – Reflect on what you can control. What can you do better?

[20:11] – You are the only one that can give yourself permission to change.

[24:34] – What do you already have that you can work with? Don’t look for what is missing.

[26:18] – Relationships are everything.

[28:57] – Think about ways you can make someone else’s life better. The law of reciprocity means it will come back around to you.

[33:34] – Things happen for you, not to you.

[37:09] – Trevor shares the 7 C’s of cash flow.

[39:25] – How do we stand out in a saturated market?

[43:50] – Video comments and personalized content makes a huge difference.

[47:02] – Trevor shares his advice for overcoming rejection.


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welcome to She Sells Radio I am super excited to bring you a new friend and a super connector today on the show who’s


going to talk to you about how to network how to stand up from the crowd and how do you build resilience in your


career and your finances whether you’re in corporate or an entrepreneur so Trevor Houston is on the show with me


today I got introduced to him by a mutual friend Amberly logo who’s also been on the show and she said you’ve got


to meet Trevor you’ve got to connect with him and I been so impressed researching this man to bring him to you


he has built a huge media presence as the host of The Who you know show and has interviewed people like Grant and


Elena Cardone Tim story uh Heather Monahan who’s been on our show as well he’s also the CEO of clear path wealth


strategies and has been recognized as a top 50 entrepreneur to watch according to grit daily and as I was thinking


about what I wanted to talk with Trevor about today you know there’s a phrase that I’ve seen come true in my life over


and over again which is that Grace opens doors that hard work never could and I


think about the moments the biggest moments of my career and of my life and


those moments that felt like pure grace where something came together or an opportunity happened that like I never


could have just worked for and it was always based on that Grace but that Grace was often spawned by some sort of


a connection I had someone I knew who helped me who opened a door who introduced me in a way that felt uh like


Serendipity and so the power of connections the power of building your


brand the power of resilience is so critical again whether you’re in Corporate America whether you’re running


your own business and Trevor’s gonna help us dive deeper into those areas today so Trevor thank you for being here


welcome to chells radio I’m so excited thank you for having me this is awesome


yes absolutely absolutely no I’m I’m really pumped in but I I want to speak


to both our listeners today who are entrepreneurs as well as in corporate um and give them some really good tangible


tips they can use to build their career and build their Network and their brand um so I know you’ve got a ton of experience and expertise in doing that


but I think what I’d love to start with is just I I can tell how lit up you are


about helping people build resilience and create that both in their finances and in their careers and I know usually


that starts with some sort of a personal experience or background so can you tell us what in your life got you so lit up


about this and spawn you to do the work that you’re doing today oh my goodness so when you were just talking about


earlier the the grace and the connection right like it just brought up


a memory for me um so I had made a transition uh from the automotive


industry where I was a top producer and I was really doing very well um corporate politics and things like that


kind of pushed me out out even though I was their top producer there and was was very successful um so I ended up making


a transition into Financial Services um when I did that I went from


being the best to like not knowing what the heck I was doing and hitting hitting


the bottom and just really going through a lot worrying about like being a


failure losing everything like you know I didn’t get paid a salary or anything


like that so if I’m not you know producing I’m not eating and so I’m watching my my bank roll go backwards


and I’m just in fear this was my first year and I was just totally Paralyzed by


fear um and uh I remember doing some networking old


school networking where it was like coffee meetings right I don’t know if you still do that but you know like hey


let’s go grab coffee that kind of a deal yeah and so I meet this guy and we sit


down and he’s you know asking me what I do and I’m asking him what he does and


we’re just kind of chatting right and I tell him you know I’m in financial services and I do um you know


investments in 401K rollovers and things like that and when I said


rollovers he said uh hey there’s a group you need to go check out


this group of job Seekers and uh I was like yeah that


sounds right spot on you know and uh


next thing you know he starts praying over me and when I say he’s praying over me


this was like some bold uh like he was speaking in tongues


and laying hands on me and all kinds of like it


was so it was powerful and I was I received I was like let’s go cuz I was


at a point or I was just kind of at a desperate point and um and I’ve always


been a a faithful person and uh but but it was a powerful


powerful experience and uh I was on an assignment


at that point and I I went to this group and I saw this group of job Seekers it


was a job networking group and I walked in and I could see the same


desperation and the same like anxiety and stress that I was


going through I could see it and feel it on them and I I knew I had to help I had


to do something to help these people and I just felt felt led to give back and serve that group and I haven’t left


since and um so yeah when you when you were talking about that Grace and that


connection like it just reminded me of that moment wow wow oh my gosh some kind


of coffee meeting that you weren’t expecting no that’s um that’s amazing


though and I think that’s it is so true right I think anyone listening can look back on our lives and think to like the


best things that happened or those moments where we felt like we were in the pits of Despair or imminent Doom or


failure and I’ve certain had my fair share of those as well and then something happens and it’s unexpected


and it’s you know it’s through the power of a connection usually where um where you’re catapulted to where you’re


supposed to be and having that that Faith to go through those moments and to keep moving forward is is what’s


critical right but um I love that that’s so powerful I want to ask you about one


other thing before we dive into some more tangible tips so I know you have an upcoming book Chains to Freedom yes and


I I thought the the title was a really powerful title and you know if we want


more abundance which most of our listeners and certainly my clients and our community members want at at its


core what we’re really seeking is freedom right like money just sitting there on sell pile of paper not doing


anything for us right it’s really that that energy of freedom in our lives that we’re seeking and so the title of change


to Freedom really resonated with me and I thought it would resonate with our audience as well so I’d love if you


could share just a little bit more about that core message of that book and I


know it probably could be the whole interview in and of itself we won’t make it but anything that you would say about


how we can cultivate more freedom in our lives yeah well um so the


title is also a literal title


because I as a juvenile is like if you go back


when I was um you know a teenager I got in a lot of trouble I was in those chains like literal chains I was in uh


in and out of juvenile and um you know getting in a lot of trouble yeah and uh


the courts actually forced me to uh to move with my father uh because where I was with my


mother the environment was just not good and um so I was getting in a lot of trouble and


um so I had to transform my life and the book is really about the steps on it


takes um to to make a transformation yeah um and this can really be in any


area of your life it doesn’t have to just be like oh I I need to transform from being a


criminal like it have to be just about that like if you want to change your life in any shape or form these steps


can help you um and the first step is really about making a


decision you’ve got to you’ve got to want it enough’s enough you know you’ve


got to kind of draw that Line in the Sand and make a commitment make a


decision and um my decision actually wasn’t well I say it wasn’t my decision


the courts um they gave me a decision they


said Trevor you either move to your father’s get out in the environment or you’re going back to jail until you’re 21 years old and I was 16 how old oh 16


okay wow yeah so I’m like uh that was an easy decision I guess


right yeah but it was a decision


um you know and sometimes the decisions we make they don’t have to be hard they


can be easy decisions that was an easy one for me but it was still hard uh to


to leave my friends and leave everything that I was used to and in that lifestyle


and the clothes I was wearing and the school I was going to you know I had to completely transform right and


um and one of the other things that saved my life was work my father when he got a hold of me


he put in work on me and he showed me how to have a strong work ethic


and I remember going on the job site with him he was a painter and so we would go early in the


morning that rise and grind you know we’d get up get on the job


site and take something that was ugly and transforming it into something


beautiful and that sense of Pride at the end of the day that accomplishment like I did this yeah that hard work working


with your hands um so my father taught me how to do that and that was another


thing that saved my life because as I mentioned earlier when I got in the Auto industry I found


something finally that I was good at and my whole life everybody told me I was a screw up and I was never going to amount


to anything and all kinds of stuff and so I finally found something I was good at that I


poured myself into and I had a positive Obsession to channel my


energy um um because I have a lot of energy and they try to put me on all this medication and all this kind of


stuff and it really I just needed a place to put it yes y you know that was


positive otherwise if I don’t have a positive place it’s GNA go sure somewhere else and so I was getting in


trouble and all that but yeah I mean there’s several steps in that book on how to change your life um


but that’s those are just a couple of them you know finding a place that you can put your energy you know um connection


is part of it networking is part of it right the people you associate with yes


right the people that are in your circle yeah wow I which we’ll speak about in a


moment which is really really powerful and I want to go I want to go a little deeper into what you just shared there


it’s it’s it resonates because I think every everyone in our community when I


think about our clients and and even you know women men who are listening who aren’t necessarily clients but I just I


know by nature of them being here um they have overcome some sort of a major


life circumstance Challenge and there’s story after story after Story of just


the people I know in our community people who overcame you know abuse


poverty all sorts of scenarios and so I appreciate you sharing some of your background there um because someone


might not know looking at you and looking at the brand you’ve built and the company you’ve built and the people you’re interviewing and associating with


like wow it came from this right I was just speaking this um past weekend at one of my clients masterminds and it was


he was sharing kind of his own personal journey through similar struggles um and things where you would look at him now


and you’d be like oh there’s no way you went through that stuff but he alchemized the challenges and turned


them into the fuel that has propelled his success and I heard that when you


were speaking there it was it was uh interesting when you talked about about painting the homes and turning something


that was ugly into something beautiful it was like yeah that’s Alchemy right and I think everyone can have their own


perspective on this my personal belief and I don’t tell anyone what to believe my personal belief is I think we choose


the life circumstances we come into and we choose our parents because we have


lessons to learn and things to learn and we can either get um I think we can either get stuck in victim mode being a


victim of our environment and our circumstances or we can harness and use all of that [ __ ] for lack of better


words I curse occasionally on the show like we can use all of that to propel us


into our purpose and our mission and what we’re meant to be doing so I think the the other thing I’d like to ask you


about from that is if someone’s listening and they’re still stuck in victim mindset maybe they came from


similar upbringing maybe something else but they’re still saying well I can’t do what I want to do because of this I


can’t do what I want to do because I’ve got a record I’ve got these circumstances I


don’t have the money my parents did this or that to me what needs to shift in their thinking so that they can actually


harness the gift out of that and alchemize that into their good that’s so good oh my gosh so much to unpack there


um accountability man let me tell you something accountability is one of the


chapters in the book it’s okay yeah victim mentality is a plague it’s a


cancer okay and and I had it okay I had


that where it was everybody else’s fault it was never my fault you can’t tell me


nothing right like and that’s what a big part of why I was getting in so much trouble yeah you know is


because people I didn’t listen to Authority I didn’t listen I didn’t respect because people would try to tell


me stuff and it’s like no you don’t know what’s going on it was everybody else’s fault you know and it wasn’t until I


started taking accountability for my own actions because listen I was the only


constant in every situation right it’s my life and I have to be responsible for it


I have to be accountable for my actions even when there are external


circumstances that affect you that may be out of your control maybe you are


victimized I was victimized there were things that were going on but guess what


I was still in this situation why were why was I in those situations right why


did you see what I’m saying like you have to go okay what could I have done what could I


have changed what could I have said differently how could I have acted


differently right CU ultimately that’s all you can control is you yeah you


can’t control the other people you can’t control the the other circumstan an es


um so yeah accountability is so so so important and


um I feel like our society we’re


so we just want to throw stones social media and everything like I mean we just


that’s why you see all these trolls and you see all this stuff and cancel culture and blah like nobody wants to


take accountability it’s like the Pharisees in the Bible they just want to throw stones


man and it’s because maybe deep down we understand that


like there’s some there’s some healing that needs to happen on the inside um


yeah but our society they don’t want to take accountability for anything and you know what it’s also another thing so


interesting is like when someone does online like let’s say someone’s online and they’re trying to own up for


something yeah like good for them don’t throw stones at them yeah you just trained


them if you do that if you just start bashing them you just train them I’m


never going to like I’m never going to do that again you see what I’m saying


and we see that in our culture we see it when we turn on our phone everybody’s getting attacked cancel culture and all


that kind of stuff and it’s like no how about let’s celebrate when somebody actually owns their stuff and


says you know what I’m really messed up yeah I made a mistake right m how about


let’s celebrate that not not attack them yeah cuz we’re just training everyone else to never take accountability for


anything if that’s the case does that make sense it’s a it makes total I mean it’s the crabs in a bucket right which


is which if if someone’s not familiar there’s a bunch of crabs that have just been um caught from the ocean and


they’re about to be um cooked right they’re in the bucket one tries to get out the other ones will literally pull


it back down to be in the bucket with them and so yes to everything you just


said I’ve experienced um my own version of that my own journey of getting to


learn how to not um how do I say it how to how to not care too much about what


people say and it’s um and it’s challenging I mean it’s in our nature right it’s like our safety our


protection mechanism we want to be accepted by the tribe but I think for anyone who has a calling on their life


and who has something great that they’re meant to bring forth which I think all of us do it’s a matter of whether we’re


going to opt into that in this lifetime or not we we have to care more about


what do I think about me than what everyone else is saying and it’s when


you were talking before it reminded me of a conversation I was having earlier this morning with a um with a new client


just kind of this wakeup moment that I think we all get to have in our lives and it feels like the Matrix it really


does but when you look around and you realize you are the only one


who’s going to give you permission to make a change like we can sit back and say well I’ll I’ll do it when right I’ll


launch the business when I know that I’m good enough I’ll um I’ll go for the job


promotion When someone tells me that I’m good enough or it’s time I’ll do this when I have the resources when I have


that and we can like literally put our whole life on layaway making excuses as to why we can’t move forward and take


action on something and I spent much of my life like that looking at other people doing what I wanted to do having


the lives I wanted to have having the life I wanted to have speaking on the stages I wanted to speak on and making excuses as to why I couldn’t and it


wasn’t until I kind of woke up and said oh my gosh like no one’s coming to tell me it’s time no one’s coming to give me


permission no one’s coming to tell me I’m good enough right like giving it giving power away to everyone else in a


different way but similar way No One’s Gonna rescue No One’s Gonna rescue you you’re the one you’ve been waiting for


the whole time again the Matrix but true so no that’s so good


like um it’s so good yeah you’re right nobody is going to come swoop in like


Superman and come save the day and transform your life you are the one that


has to do it no one is going to do it for you and so that’s accountability that right there it’s like you have to


do it no one will do it for you no one cares that much about you let’s just be honest I mean the world’s busy I mean


maybe your spouse but even them they’re not they’re responsible for themelves yeah right yeah exactly and you’re


responsible for you and only you can do it yeah so quit blaming everyone else


because they’re it’s irrelevant stop blaming the the rest of the world for your problems yeah I mean and just pull


yourself up and get to it you know and I’ll give you another example like you were talking about taking something ugly


and making it beautiful I remember growing up I didn’t have um we had black


mold in our house and so they had to gut the house and they had to take all the like the sheetrock out and all of the


carpet out and all of our belongings got thrown away CU it was all contaminated


and I don’t know what my mom did God bless her heart with that insurance money but the house never got put back


together so I was growing up with like no like missing walls and like no carpet


and and um I didn’t have a bed and so I remember taking this uh


bookshelf and I I laid this bookshelf on the ground and I removed all the shelves


out of it so it was just a big box and I put all this like clothes and


anything soft I could find in into this bookshelf and I threw a a futon mattress


on top of it and that was my bed but like I don’t know again taking


something ugly and transforming it into something beautiful I I put uh I put uh


Christmas lights around that bed and so I’m gonna tell you I had the best looking bookshelf bed you ever saw


it was like it was it was awesome you know


and it was actually really comfortable I’m not even gonna lie maybe you’ll you’ll invent an


industry that would be Alchemy right there exactly but it’s like hey you got


you know gotta work with what you got absolutely what do you have what’s in your hand and that’s another thing it’s


like people often you want with with victim mentality it’s it’s what it’s what you


don’t have right yeah and you can’t work with what you don’t have yes but


accountability is what do you have what’s in your hand what can I work with


give me what you got yes you know what I’m saying and and let me see what I can work with here what can I


create um like I think about the the story in the Bible where Jesus fed the 5,000 yeah and he they were like hey


we too many people out here we can’t feed everybody he said what do you


got we got a couple fish I got a couple loaves of bread he said bring it to me


what do you got right what’s in your hands what do you have what can I work with you know and so that’s like


um instead of looking at situations with you know


what’s missing what you don’t have it’s like what do you have what can we work with here so anyways that’s accountability oh


that’s so good that’s I’m I’m in church over here like what do you got bless bless and


multiply that’s it we talk about that all the time in our community and it’s that shift from it’s a shift from lack


to abundance too when you realize that by law by spiritual law you have to have


everything that you need to get to your next level right now you already have it so what do you have I love that and that


bless and multiply energy you take that you apply it to your finances your connections your whatever you got right


you make the uh you make the bookshelf bed out of it I love that people are going to remember that that’s a that’s a


powerful story yes let’s let’s speak to let’s speak to some of the logistical


ways that people can apply this to their career right so if someone’s listening and they’re in corporate and they want


to grow in their career maybe they want a new job maybe they want to get a better promotion at work um and and


maybe they are noticing wow I’ve had some of that victim mentality where I’ve said I can’t do it because of this


because of layoffs this person above me blah blah blah what are some of what would you say maybe just top one to two


things that someone should know in Corporate America today about advanc ing their career and what they need to do


given current climate of everything what what would be your best advice to someone first of all understand that


especially in Corporate America relationships are everything well it’s in life in general


not just Corporate America it’s it’s life right relationships are everything and so oftentimes if you’re unhappy in


your work environment I see people try to put their head down try to just get through


the day they’re not they’re not building relationships they’re not connecting


they’re not um you know again they’re just trying to get through the day and


it’s like that’s the wrong approach um I remember my


first my first case of who you know well I remember when it happened it was when


I was in the Auto industry and I wanted to move up and I was being over looked


for opportunities even though I was their top producer I was doing really really


well uh on paper I deserved it I deserved that


opportunity however there were others that were rubbing elbows with the with the


higher-ups right they were they were building those relationships behind the scenes they had previous relationships


with the management and things like that so when it came time for that promotion


they got it even though they weren’t as qualified as I was I was I was the top


producer I was number one why did they get it why did number five get the job over number


one how does that happen yeah relationships right and that was the first taste of that and I was like oh


man and it stings when it happens right it stings when it happens um so my


advice a recommendation in this case would be don’t just put your head down


don’t ignore the relationships figure out how you can network and to me what


networking is is simply figuring out how you can serve


the other person how can you make their life easier smoother how can you put a smile


on their face how can you add energy into their life what can you do to make


the other person’s life better yeah and it could be little things it could be big


things could be a maybe you’re just connecting them with the the other resources that they need in their life


maybe you’re just a connector but whatever the case may be think about how you can make their life


easier and that’s what networking is and the law of reciprocity says it will come back to you yes right yeah so if you’re


in Corporate America again look at your boss look at your management and you might not like them


that’s okay how can you make their life easier yes and it’ll come back around


and it doors will open up for you wow I love what you just share their Trevor


because people often ask when on coaching calls like hey I’m in I’m in a role I don’t like you know I want to


either go out and start my own company and I don’t I feel maybe disenchanted I


feel burnt out I feel exhausted I don’t even want to show up at work or I want to move into a different type of role


but I’m I’m not happy at work right now and so what we talk about there is


leveraging it’s it’s what you just shared just a different phrase impression of increase which is from the science of getting rich if someone


hasn’t read that chapter in that book which is about how can you show up in the energy that you expect to be when


you are where you want to be and how can you do that now in your current role and from what you said how can you help your


current boss how can you give how can you serve more bring that energy and it’s actually by the very nature of you


bringing that energy it’ll Propel you forward faster to where you want to be but what we resist persists so if we’re


in resistance to where we are and we’re making we’re not showing up we’re not giving our best we’re not helping we’re not networking we’re not serving then


we’re actually going to stay stuck longer so um and it’s got to be genuine too it’s got to be genu for saying that


yes because you know we’ve all know the brown NOS yes right yes and you can just


tell it’s not genuine yeah right and they may still get ahead they may still get ahead because Brown nosers know how


to get get ahead they may still get ahead because they’re still they’re they’re still making the boss life


easier right right right but ultimately it’s coming from a place of insecurity


which is I think what’s I love that you brought up it’s got to be genuine and I think do it for you do it because you


want to feel better while you’re there do it because you want to see how good you can be do it because you want to um


bring that energy right and be a match for where you want to be and so when we do it from that place it can uh it can


be more genuine and be the CEO of you meaning if you’re in Corporate America


like go in there like you own the place okay if this was your business how would you operate right and like I think about


that again when I was in the Auto industry again I would on paper most


qualified for the for those those opportunities but there were reasons


there were things that like I think about it if I would have went in


there like I own the place meaning like operated at that high


level there would have been no stopping me for sure yes um and again


accountability like as much as I I want to say that there were some other toxic things there was a lot of external


circumstances going on in that in that work environment I’m going to tell you that right now there was a lot of things again if I want to have victim mentality


I could just point and point and point and point and say this was why and this was why and this was why and I have to


stop and say you know what you know what I was actually super aggressive yeah


that’s why I was the top sales guy because I was super aggressive I was a little


arrogant okay because I was number one I kind of Y pounded my chest a little bit


little arrogance okay it wasn’t Maybe humble right what could I have done


differently right so I maybe I wasn’t ready yeah maybe I


needed to leave and hit the bottom to Humble me to now say oh wow this is what it


takes to to really be on top you know yes so again


accountability yes I could they could have gave me the opportunity I still think they should have I’ll be honest


with you I still think they should have because I had proven myself with the with the numbers like give me the


opportunity to fail right but again I have to take accountability


for what I had in the in the case where why I didn’t get those promotions why I didn’t move up but


ultimately all of that as I go into all of that all of that was being done for me not to me exactly


exactly that is also Grace right it’s like by Grace you didn’t get the promotion by Grace you had to go start


doing because in place right thank God for unanswered pray prayers right yes oh my


gosh absolutely because God knows better he’s like no no you know what actually


and then I think about this too if you’re going through a season right now remember that sometimes God will make


you really uncomfortable so that you will take a


leap of faith and here’s what I mean by that so if you think about the


Eagles right the Eagles and the eaglets the Eagles will have their nest and


it’ll be nice and cozy and comfortable and warm and they’ll feed the eaglets to


a point where they will start then pulling out all of the Comfort all the


soft all the feathers they’ll start removing all of that and underneath all of that there a bunch of thorns and spikes and sticks it’s uncomfortable and


then they even stop feeding the eag to a point where it gets so


uncomfortable that they jump wow right and fly yeah right and so sometimes God


does that sometimes God will make things so uncomfortable for you because otherwise you would just stay yes and


you’re meant to fly you’re meant to soar with eagles but you’re just going to stay in this nest and you’re never going


to leave because it’s so comfortable yes right that’s exactly what was happening


with me it got really uncomfortable there and I eventually


left that’s yeah that’s it it’s absolutely it it’s so funny I I love


that analogy I actually hadn’t heard that about the Eagles and the eaglet so that’s powerful um even just this


morning I was working out and I do a workout app and the trainer on it she was it was strength training and she


talked about how we build strength in the negative movement so she was like really like hold the weight you go down


in the negative that’s when we build strength and I thought man that’s a good analogy for life so if someone’s


listening to your point and they’re going through a season and they’re disenchanted with their work or their job or maybe they’re an entrepreneur and


they’re coming off of some of the roughest months of their business and they’re wondering can I do it am I meant to stop am I meant to close up shop it’s


what what strength is being developed what gifts are being cultivated what


leap do I need to make that I’ve been hesitating on that finally like I I


can’t ignore anymore I can’t avoid anymore and this has brought it to light so yeah I so I so resonate with


everything you just shared let’s I feel like we could talk for hours so I’m trying to be mindful of time this is I


love this um let’s speak to our entrepreneurs briefly and let’s I think


something that you’ve done really really well looking at your brand and what you’ve done is is you’ve you found a way


to stand out from the crowd in a very potentially commoditized Market marketplace right and so every


entrepreneur who’s listening to this and and frankly I think we should be thinking about this if someone’s in Corporate America too but um they’re


thinking about how can I attract more clients right how can I stand out from


everyone else doing what I’m doing whether maybe they’re a financial advisor they a coach a consultant a service provider if you could just give


maybe one tip that you think has helped you really stand out from the crowd in your space that someone could take and


apply what would you say that is uh um so I call it the seven C’s to cash flow


oh okay the seven C’s to cash flow and it’s uh consistent content creates


conversations that convert into careers and cash flow oh I love that right okay


and so consistency is number one um you know and I’ll be just transparent with


you I wish we didn’t have to do it in this day and age I wish you didn’t have to be putting yourself out there on


content you know consistently on a daily basis and putting all stuff I honestly I


wish you could do business in today’s day and age without all of that but you just kind of have to like if you’re an


entrepreneur like get ready you’re the brand okay it’s not a logo that they’re


buying it’s you that they’re buying right and so if you’re not out there consistently putting your message out


there yeah your competition is yes right and so you’re losing if you’re not doing


that so um again I wish we didn’t have to do that right right Gary ve created a


whole bunch of monsters out here and now we’re all we’re all just having to put ourselves out there but it is what it is


okay yeah you have to so um if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not


online consistently speaking your message and


putting your you know what what you’re trying to accomplish out there um you’re


losing you’re missing out um and ultimately again the


content um it’s consistent content converts into


conversations right we need to convert those eyeballs into actual


conversations um that convert into careers and cash flow so this is also for you job Seekers out there anybody


looking to level up their career it’s the same thing um but yeah that that’s


what I would say that has been a differentiator but it’s getting even saturated now I mean everybody’s jumping


in the the content game is getting easier and easier and easier with AI and all this stuff yeah right


um like what is it going to be 10 years from now to stand out yes you know yeah like that’s what


you got to be thinking about it’s like how do we stand out in a saturated Market in your in the podcast space the


podcast space is getting you know getting saturated right how do you stand


out um the definition of a standout is to do what other people aren’t willing to do H


and I’ll I’ll give you an example there’s a little tool that I use um that


I use consistently online that really makes a big impact and um it’s a little


tool called Bom Bomb I love bom bom yeah yeah I love it but please because


someone may not be familiar with it so Bom Bomb is a video Communications tool and so uh you’re you’re able to make


these little short videos I I think of them like a voicemail okay so at leise


if I was to leave you a voicemail right what would I say in that voicemail well what I would do instead is I’m going to


do it on a video and I’m gonna have your your name written on oh I love that look at


you go watch the video of this if you’re just listening to the audio yeah watch the video if you’re yeah you’re tuning


in okay and uh so I have this whiteboard and I have her name written on the Whiteboard okay and what I do is I’ll


flash it at the camera like this so it’s my face and your name and what it what


Bom Bomb does is it has a gif that Loops the first three seconds of the video so


you just see your face or my my face your name right you just see that boom Y


and you can leave these in any any place that you can uh


type uh you can leave it so DMs


okay um great for DMS comments this is a powerful one


super powerful how many times have you got a post that has a whole bunch of comments on it right yeah but imagine


out of all that black and white text you get one of these ah it yeah like you


will stand out from the crowd guaranteed they will press play on your


video and now you got their attention so this is a great way to get the attention of busy people this is a great way to


get the attention of influencers or or you know people that normally have Gatekeepers right right um so yeah video


comments super powerful video DMS emails right yeah we’re just better in


person and we’ve had all of this technology these days with black and


white text chat Bots and right trying to remove the human element and put robots


in place right so how do we separate how do we uh stand out well let’s put the


human element back in let’s put the human back in the game and so it’s it’s


kind of a superpower I’m gonna tell you it’s so impactful yes oh my gosh it’s I


I love this so much I’m I’m doing a training lader this afternoon for a group of advisers on how to build their brand and it’s like if people just knew


to do things like what you’re doing right and and how to stand out it’s little stuff like that but I love the


human element right and and leveraging how can I be different I hadn’t even thought about honestly I don’t think I


thought about video comments that’s brilliant comments like imagine a guy like uh like Gary ve okay so you know


his comment section it’s gets blown up right his comment section gets blown up


but if you’re the only one doing this with his name on on it right yes and I


say Gary and what happens is you actually become top comment because everyone else


that typed on it they see it and then they like your comment so you end up being top comment right brilliant and


what you could do is he may not even actually see it because he’s got Gatekeepers he’s got people that are


doing his social media and all that right but they’re seeing it and let’s say you did it every day and you said


hey Gary this is video number one just wanted to say hey you see how many videos it takes to get your


attention the next day hey Gary video number two love this post man I thought it was awesome where you’re talking


about X Y and Z the next day hey Gary video number three I’m just seeing how long is it


gonna take how many videos does it take to get your attention right eventually right you’ll get somewhere


yeah this is great it’s all about how can you be different how can you stand out and putting that just that extra


little bit of effort in that other people aren’t willing to do that’s exactly it and it’s not the one thing


about the strategy is it’s not really scalable right see that’s where that’s where your AI and all this stuff is


scalable right you know the AI is like but


again you got to you got to put in the work yeah you know you got to put in the


work so yeah uh there’s a lot of little things like that but yeah the definition


of a standout is doing what other people aren’t willing to do yeah it’s going


against the grain yes right which is a good a good motto for life in general


right if you see a bunch of people go one way go the opposite way yeah yeah why would you want to fit in


why would you want to fit in when you were born to stand out you know my whole life I think about it and I’m like ah my


whole life I was told there like I was damaged good there was something wrong with me like I was screw up I got in a


lot of trouble ad ADHD they wanted to put me on medication they were just trying to make


me conform and fit in I was not born to fit in I was born to stand out exactly


and they were just trying to make me fit that’s exactly I don’t fit I just


don’t I’m different it’s like the kids say nowadays I’m built


different I’m built for anyone listening I think to to


kind of close in that energy for anyone listening thinking there’s something wrong with me I’ve been given


circumstances that I can’t overcome um who’s thinking that they’re a victim of their environment or that


they should just give up it’s like no like listen to this interview go back and listen again and again I mean if not


for the great like very tactical right marketing and branding tips which we can all leverage I’m going to use I think


they’re brilliant to remind yourself that everything you’ve been given in


life is literally given for you to alchemize for you to turn that thing


that was one’s ugly into something beautiful that can then go out and help other people so this has been so


powerful tell everyone about so I know you’ve got obviously great show they can plug into with the who you know show and


we’ll we’ll tag everything here in the show notes I know you’ve got a summit as well the career transition Summit would


you speak a little bit about that and how people can get connected and involved in that if they want to yeah absolutely thank you for bringing that


up so for anyone that is maybe in Corporate America that’s looking to level up you know or maybe you got let


go you you’ve been laid off we’ve had a lot of corporate layoffs because what happens is the market determines a lot


of these stock owned companies right when when the stocks are doing great they’re hiring and when they’re not


they’re firing so um we see a lot of that it’s big corporate layoffs and so


if you’ve got found yourself caught up in that and maybe you’re not even working right now and you need to


recover your cash flow and get back to your income that’s what this Summit is about and so it’s an online program it’s


about an hour long and I teach a lot of the strategies I touched on a couple of them here but essentially I want to put


the human element back in the job search it’s so dehumanized you apply online and


your resume just goes into the black hole you don’t hear anything back you get automated canned email responses to


say thanks but no thanks no one’s talking to you right and and you feel this rejection you feel like again


what’s wrong with me why aren’t they picking me what’s you know and you and you go back and forth with your resume


and you just you’re going crazy the whole time you’re going nuts while you’re watching your bankroll go


backwards yeah like and and it’s not you


it’s just the system and they’ve removed the human element and so what we need to do is put you back in the game put the


human element back in the game and that’s what I want to show people how to do inside of my career transition Summit so amazing amazing so we’ll link that in


the show notes as well um that’s awesome thank you so much this was this was great I feel like we covered so much


territory like incredible mindset shifts and really empowering belief systems that we can hold about our life just


some really tactical career and business advice that we can apply whether someone’s in corporate or whether


they’re in entrepreneurs so Trevor thank you so much this was this was great I love getting to have you on the show and


um and to talk with you today yeah absolutely and I can’t wait for our interview coming very soon okay we’re g


to be uh get to learn more about you and and put you on to my audience so I’m excited about that thank you so much for


having me here today it’s really been a pleasure and I really appreciate you yeah absolutely my pleasure my friend


all right to you my listener we will link all of the goods from Trevor in the show notes um I know and I trust that


you are as inspired and motivated to go out and take action as I am following this interview so as always thank you so


much for being a member of the She Sells Community and I’ll see you on our next episode bye for now

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