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Better than the Best You Could Imagine

Our imagination is limitless, yet we place restrictions on ourselves all the time. Often, we don’t even realize the ways in which we limit ourselves through the automatic reflexes we’ve developed over time. These subconscious habits can prevent us from reaching our full potential, and today, we’re going to learn how to overcome them. Once we become aware of these self-imposed barriers, we then hold the responsibility to decide what to do with them. This awareness is the first step towards unlocking a life that is better than the best you could imagine.

Today’s episode is something that is on my heart. We have the power to open ourselves up, but we’ve been conditioned for these things to not feel right. We need to normalize things feeling good in our lives and once we open up, it can be better than the best you could ever imagine

Show Notes:

[2:14] – We don’t even realize the ways in which we limit ourselves through automatic reflexes we’ve developed.

[4:40] – Listen to examples from coaching calls that show that you can have more than you ever imagined.

[6:38] – When we allow ourselves to open ourselves up to how good life can get, the limitations we put on ourselves no longer hinder us.

[7:47] – Once we are aware of the limitations we put on ourselves, we are responsible for deciding what to do with them.

[10:03] – This topic comes from the first quadrant: Mind Over Matter.

[11:28] – What would “better than the best you could imagine” look like?

[13:03] – If you were to harness the power of your imagination, what can “better than you can imagine” even be?

[14:36] – Stop looking outside of you for things that you think will make you happy.

[16:32] – How do we know if a goal is soul-aligned?

[18:09] – If it has been a long time since you’ve listened to yourself, the answer to these questions will be hard to find.

[19:37] – We need to normalize and stabilize things in our lives feeling good.

[22:44] – An affirmation: “It is safe and normal for me to be blissfully happy, peaceful, and stable.”

[25:53] – There are a lot of different strategies to normalize this idea. As good starts flowing in at a whole new level, we need to simply accept it.

[29:10] – If we haven’t made the right connections with money, when we are in the struggle, we will experience lack.

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Welcome to She Sells Radio this is the camper edition if you are not watching


the video uh I am recording today live in our RV we are on a two week family


camping trip and so I’ll give a few disclaimers before I get into the episode which is all about how to create


better than the best you could imagine in your life so I’m super excited for the topic but before I do a few


disclaimers uh number one recording remotely fingers crossed audio quality is okay it’s not my normal setup


um but I trust that the quality will be good enough to convey the message uh


disclaimer number two our one-year-old is asleep in the camper with me so if he


wakes up there may be a brief pause and then we will get back into it but we are also going to affirm that he’s going to


have a great nap so with that being said as I was thinking about what message do


I want to bring to you today and what message is on my heart it’s a theme that


I’ve been sharing within our community recently and talking about quite a bit with the um with the members of our


community which is creating better than the best you could imagine in your life


and I think so often we we don’t even realize the ways in which we limit


ourselves we don’t even realize the automatic reflex responses we can have


to say oh that’s too big for me or that’s too much or that’s you know for


them but not for me and we don’t realize the box that we put ourselves in and how


we limit ourselves until we until we wake up and until we become conscious to


it and there’s been so much beautiful dialogue within the community recently just around this concept and


and so what I’m going to talk about today is actually how to get things really good in your life and then when


things are really good how do you continue to grow from that space so this


is not to Discount the experiences we all get to have as part of life


experience of going through challenges or struggles and there’s certainly seasons for um for everything and growth


and learning in our life comes mainly from those more challenging Seasons so this is not to dis that and I’ve got a


lot of other episodes on the podcast about how to navigate that but today


we’re going to talk about what is it to make things really good and


to continue to expand and feel safe and comfortable and peaceful in that place


of things being really good when maybe we’re not used to it we had a


conversation in our 10K Club it’s our group coaching program our signature group coaching program maybe about a month ago and one of the members was


sharing she started a dialogue with a lot of the women on the call it was really powerful to see she was just sharing how things had gotten so good in


her life business was expanding babies doing well and her question was


something around self-sabotage how do I let it continue to just be good how do I let it continue to just be easy and not


she was like I can feel myself starting to maybe I think the language she used


was the old me would have self-sabotaged at this point and it it kicked off this


dialogue where women were just sharing it it’s so beautiful to me to see the growth of the members and sometimes I


don’t know things until we jump on calls but you know one of the women was saying she had um she joined our community in


April and this was a call in May and she had 16 times her income as a woman in


finance 16x her income since joining in April and she was like is this normal


how is this possible can it really be this easy um another woman talked about


receiving just daily recently like a really ideal inbound lead of a super


aligned client after she had gone through a pruning process and started


saying no to clients that didn’t respect her time or didn’t value her and she was


like wait can this be my Norm is this how do I how do I normalize this


and certainly not everyone but I would say probably most of the members of our community and maybe you can relate to


this came from a background where things didn’t always feel that easy or things


didn’t always feel like they were stable or safe or abundant and so I want to


honor each and every woman in our community and that she’s done the work


to overcome a lot of those limiting beliefs and ways of being um in order to


manifest these results but there can also be a part of us that’s like is this okay this isn’t normal right this isn’t


what I’m used to can it really be this good and this easy and the answer is yes


right the answer is yes it’s not to say that there’s not going to be moments of


life and seasons of life where we get to refine ourselves where we get to go


through things that feel like challenges which are always there to help us develop and unfold


into our Highest Potential and our Soul’s Highest Potential so it’s not to say that we that those things never


happen but it is to say that my belief and my experience has been and and


spiritually even too it’s that when we allow ourselves


to we open up to how good can I let life get right how good am I willing to let


life get and we allow ourselves to be in that energy and notice that in so many ways


not not always but often the limitations that we were putting on ourselves they


were all self-imposed they were all self-imposed and even if a limiting


belief is something that you picked up on from someone else maybe in childhood maybe you heard a parent say rich people


are greedy or money is hard to come by or you saw your parents struggle financially or fight over money and then


you wonder why is it why do I keep bumping up against an income threshold in my sales career in my business you


don’t realize that there’s a subconscious belief going on that money creates arguments or money divides


people so you only allow yourself to make the amount of money you feel comfortable making right but so that


subconscious belief that limiting belief may have been put in You by someone else


and so that part was not your fault right however once we’re aware of it it


is on us to decide am I going to do something about this or not am I going to let this continue to limit me in my


life and to overrule My Free Will in my life or am I going to wake up and


consciously start to decide how do I want my life to be how do I want my


business to be how do I want my sales numbers to be how do I want my customers to be how do I want my vacations to be


you know we’re on a family vacation right now so I’m very present to just the intentionality that um that we


cultivated this experience with and so once we’re aware it is on us to start to


change if we want to have a different result and a different experience and so today I want to talk


about um two different factors to creating a life that’s better than the


best you could imagine and before I do I want to say that the way that I’m


actually going to give you a free bonus training and resource on this that you can use to go deeper so we organized we


didn’t always do this but for about a year now um we have organized our


content into something that we call the the four quadrants of quantum sales growth and these were completely


channeled completely a god Spirit thing that came through me um as I was


reflecting on how did I personally Quantum Leap from


having been stuck at the same income level struggling for over a decade


trying so hard doing all the right things but never able to break through to suddenly literally within six weeks


fxing and being able to turn my annual income into my monthly income and it wasn’t by working harder so it’s it’s


what we teach these four quadrants of quantum sales growth and there’s a free training on it you can go to


sl4 quadrants so Elis quadrants it’s a deep dive I think it’s maybe a


nine-part video series that’ll take you through all of it seven or nine Parts one or the other um we just built it out


it’s really powerful and it’ll take you through all of it but this particular topic today this better than the best


you could imagine in life this really comes from the first quadrant which is


mind over matter now when I say mind over matter you probably think what we


traditionally been taught mind over matter which is you know just push through work harder grin and barar it


and that is not what this quadrant is about at all this quadrant is based in


Neuroscience it’s a blend of Science and spirituality actually all of our teaching is it’s kind of I call it the three s’s sales science and spirituality


combined which is really fun um but this is about how our belief systems in our


mind literally influence Ence and determine the physical 3D matter that we


experience in our lives so this is all about belief reprogramming the subconscious mind Neuroscience we


incorporate energy quantum physics into this it’s really juicy and and Rich and


Powerful but so this is um this is all about how do we learn to master our mind


and create our mind excuse me use our mind to create any outcome that we desire and so I I shared this journal


prompt with my Mastermind our Mastermind a couple of weeks ago maybe actually just about a week ago actually as I


think about it and it was this encouragement to them to think about and


meditate on and journal on what would better than the best I could imagine


look like in my life right now in all areas of life Business


Financial uh career spirituality Health relationship


family and just giving I ask them to give themselves permission to go there


because we often don’t go there because we get used to thinking within a certain


box or we hit new levels and then we don’t allow ourselves to think even bigger and expand and so I personally


did this I think I I did this a few weeks ago and then I gave it to my Mastermind about a week ago I’m kind of


thinking through the timeline here but I personally did this a few weeks ago and I noticed how when I let myself just ask


that question what is better than the best I could imagine in my life how suddenly it was like I tapped into what


I really wanted and I tapped into new levels that I wasn’t really thinking


about a whole lot in my life and things that I had said oh that’s a 10y year you


know that’s a 10year goal or a five-year goal and not to say that every seed doesn’t have a germination period it


does but what I do know is that if we’re not even allowing ourselves to go there in our mind then it’s never going to


happen right that germination period doesn’t even start so the first thing I would do and I would invite you to do


here with this is to you can pause the episode or you can think about this


later after you listen to the full thing but what would if you were to use the


power of your mind this Mind Over Matter first quadrant of quantum sales growth if you were to use the power of your


mind and your harness your imagination what is better than the best you could imagine in your life so we want to get


clear on that now here’s the two keys to this that I wanted to teach in this


episode today it’s really important when you ask


this question that if you want the answers to be Soul aligned that you get into your own power


with this question now what do I mean by this and I’m going to take a quick coffee break and then I’m going to tell


you so what do I mean by this we often not always but often set goals


based on what we think will make us look good to other people based on what we see other people doing that sounds


impressive uh we set goals based on not enoughness lack inadequacy separation


distance we set goals and we say if I can just make that amount of money or live in that house or buy that thing


wear that jewelry wear that clothing line be at the top of the leaderboard then


then I’ll be what good enough worthy successful and that’s not how I want you


to do this so part of why I was able to finally Quantum Leap in my own life


after having been stuck at the same level for so long is I stopped looking outside of me for what I thought I was


supposed to want and what I thought would impress others and what I thought would make me good enough and in dead I


started I I it was like I put on blinders and I started looking at what


do I really want like deep down what is that full essence of Elyse so you could


ask this question for you right what is that fullest expression of you and I um


we had a live event in Portland Maine in April all about this first quadrant of quantum sales growth and the prompt that


I had everyone reflect on there was if you were on an island and no one was


ever going to know what you did what you experienced what you had what would you


really want and this is how we kind of clear the Clutter when it comes to goal setting this is how we tap into our


souls truth and what I found in my own life is anytime I’m pursuing something from a place of oh someone else did it


and that looks good so that must be what I’m supposed to want to or from a place and I don’t think I do this


very much in my life anymore although I’m sure there’s still places where it happens I’m human right um but anytime


I’m I’ve gone after something from a place of validation or I want to look good or this or that like ego based


goals they either it’s a slog to get there and uh and it’s not enjoyable and


then it doesn’t last or it’s impermanent and now nothing’s really permanent in life right everything’s always changing


um or you get there and then you realize it’s not what you even wanted in the first place so not to say that there’s


not some room for experimentation and learning but what I’m encouraging you to do here is to tap


into what I call Soul aligned goals so how do we know it’s soulle aligned we


know it because it wouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks and it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing what matters


is what lights you up and what when you think about it feels expansive within your body


what feels like o oh my gosh maybe it’s like I never thought that was possible


but when I think about it I get tingles and chills or um you know it’s not what


my parents taught me would be successful growing up like maybe you know your parents said oh you need to be a doctor


a lawyer or take one of the traditional jobs right but for you when you think about it if you could be a speaker on


stages or running your own podcast or coaching or consulting or doing


something in a in a different field like that feels amazingly aligned so we want to we


want to tap into what is a soul aligned goal for you


what is better than the best you could imagine for you and we do that again by taking everyone else out of the picture


and saying if no one ever knew if no one was watching if there were no consequences or limitations there are no


limits for me what is better than the best I could imagine in my life and when


we start asking that question and let it be iterative you know you may ask that the first time and um maybe nothing


comes or maybe something comes and you’re not quite sure it’s okay if you’re if you haven’t been listening to


yourself for some time you’re going to need to give yourself some time and space to


reconnect with your truth so you can come back to this question again and


again but the more that you ask B it you’ll find that what really is your


fullest purpose and your identity and your fullest expression that’s going to start to emerge from this question and


so I remember when I started asking myself questions like this about four years ago I


started connecting to my own personal truth I started connecting to what I


really wanted outside of what I thought would be impressive or good enough for other people


and then from that place there was still some big scary expansive feeling action


that was required but it was the the alignment was there and so the results


manifested a lot faster so that’s the first part the first again there’s kind


of two keys I want to teach you to this and that’s the first is no one’s watching no one is looking you’re on an


island although you’re probably not on an island in your actual goal maybe you are but you you’re probably with some other people uh potentially what is


better than the best you could imagine in all of those different life areas family career Health finances


spirituality relationships so that’s the first and then the second key and I kind


of spoke to this at the beginning but I want to go a little bit deeper is we want to learn how to


normalize and stabilize things being and feeling good


in our lives so this is all about stabilizing a new frequency so I’ll speak to this in just a


second if you’re watching the video I uh when I do solo podcast I like to have my coffee and just chat with you like we’re


kind of sitting at the table together so got my happy camper mug and um I’m just


speaking from the heart with you here so this is really important especially


if you are not used to this if you are coming from a background or a belief system where maybe instability felt like


the norm and I’ll just share my own background it was very much a I had a a


feeling energy in my body a feeling Essence created by just a number of different life circumstances where


instability even though it wasn’t what I wanted it felt like the norm and so if things were really good I would be I


would be scared this isn’t going to last right or I wouldn’t feel sure and confident within


myself when I up leveled or when I made choices I I doubted myself I questioned


myself and so maybe you come from a background like that and this doesn’t mean that you had to grow up


impoverished although maybe you did you can grow up in quite a wealthy upper middle class abundant family but if


there’s um if there’s instability in the family Dynamics if there’s limiting


beliefs around money if there’s judgment I mean any of these things then we can still have this experience in our bodies


and this feeling tone in our bodies of instability and then when things get


good we kind of hold our breath so it can be that or if you’re used to


struggling in an area like maybe your business maybe you’ve just felt like it’s a struggle for a long time or maybe


you’ve mastered a certain level and you want to go to another level but it feels like a struggle to get there then we can


think that that’s the only choice and we’re also told right this is glorified in movies that there’s always a big


Challenge and a struggle to get to the top now certainly there are challenges in life there are obstacles we get to


overcome those are all happening for your good every single time so we get to know that but they I believe and I have


seen that we also often create sometimes unnecessary challenge


or struggles just based on our belief system that things need to be hard that we that things need be really


challenging or like a big struggle to get to where we want to go and so this


comes from an inner shift this comes from uh creating a new belief system and


I personally I wrote a note a while back and I put it on my refrigerator now we’re not at home right now so I’m going to give you a paraphrase of it but


something to the extent of it is safe and normal for me to be blissfully happy


peaceful and stable and I wrote this for myself at a time in my life where it


was the beginning of things feeling so good at a whole new level that part of


me was like I was crying tears of gratitude and simultaneously there was small part of me that was like is this


normal is this okay can I really be this peaceful this happy this I use the term


content in that I I I don’t think we ever want to be content where it’s like


we stop growing I I believe in a concept of divine discontent where we are


constantly wanting to expand and grow just because we Are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and I don’t


think there’s anything wrong with that but I I I think I was feeling really content and peaceful and just so happy


with everything that was happening in my life both in my business and then personally too


feeling more centered and grounded and present as a mom find a flow in my


business where I’m able to have an abundant amount of time with family and


also have an abundant amount of money flowing in and kind of cracking that code that I think for many of us maybe


we we want or we desire as moms or as parents I know not everyone listening to this is a mom or a parent so that’s


completely fine it’s like we all have our own kind of desires of both work and


life and how those blend but we’re often taught we can’t have it all we can’t have both and I was feeling in this


moment like oh my gosh like I literally have everything I’ve always wanted


and that small part of me that said is this okay


and is it okay for me to be this peaceful this stable this calm this


content this overflowing and gratitude so I wrote that note for myself and I actually shared that with our 10K Club


Community in this call that I was talking about about a month ago and a lot of women were writing it down


because I think for so many of us we just we didn’t grow


up with this belief system and so this really comes to the first part of


today’s podcast is about how do you tap into and connect with that better than the best you could imagine so that’s


where it’s not here yet in your physical 3D reality right you haven’t observed it


yet in your physical 3D reality but you’re we want to remember we’re always creating Twice first in our mind and


then in the physical world so this is where we’re first creating but then when we start living it and this will happen


because whatever we hold in the mind and whatever we emotionalize will move into form that are something better so when


we hold the energy of that in our body and give it the time and the space to move into form it will happen and it


will be your reality so once it’s here how do we relax into it how do we feel


safe in it how do we stabilize it how do we normalize the new


frequency and this new experience and so there’s a lot of different ways we do this and it’s a it’s a deeper dive


conversation that we have time for today on the podcast but one thing that I say


and that I would encourage you to say is as good starts flowing in and rolling in


at a whole new level we simply say of course of course


of course now we say that with an energy of profound gratitude so when I say of


course when something good beautiful something that I wouldn’t have thought was possible sometimes even just a few


months ago sometimes a few weeks ago when something like that rolls in I’ve trained myself to say I say thank you


and I say of course and so we know that we’re a match for something when it


feels natural to us when something doesn’t feel like it would be surprising


when something doesn’t feel like it would be Way Out Of Reach that’s how we know we’ve actually become a vibrational match for that reality and so the more


we can be in this openhearted state of gratitude and then also simultaneously saying of course to what is coming in


the more we naturalize and stabilize that frequency and then from this place it’s the experience of whatever was once


our ceiling becomes our new floor and you can kind of think about are there


any areas of your life that maybe you used to really struggle with that you


just don’t anymore and maybe when you were in the struggle it felt like you were never going to get out of it you


know I think back to when I was in my teens and 20s struggling with an eating disorder and it felt all consuming and I


just I didn’t feel like I’d ever get out of it but I did and I did with the help of an amazing coach and mentor and


support and bringing it into the light and getting help around it and it’s just not part of my psyche anymore it’s not


part of my Consciousness anymore I don’t struggle with it anymore so you can probably find some area of your life


that may be used to feel really challenging but you’ve grown you’ve you’ve expanded beyond that challenge


that struggle and now it’s no longer a struggle even if it’s something that may feel small right no there’s nothing big


or small so you can find something there and then we can use that as proof positive and as evidence that if you can


do it in that area you can do it in this area too we uh we had a live event last


week called the abundance experience which was really really beautiful and Powerful I think you can get I think you


can get the replay of it it is a paid event it’s low ticket it’s like $47 um but I think you can get the


replay if you go to Elis abundance experience if you want to go through it it was really


powerful very channeled um content and teaching around money around abundance


around Prosperity wealth Consciousness so go get in there it’s a a six-hour


three-part um training that you can have lifetime access to if you want to go grab it but we were talking about


because it was all about money and abundance and so for the women in there


you know we talked about money can be an area of your life where you truly never struggle again and when we’re in The


Struggle No matter how much we’re making if we haven’t created right relationship ship with money and learned how to um


how to apply spiritual principles to money then no matter how much is in the bank you can still feel scarcity or lack


so we were talking about coming into relational harmony with money where it


is an area that you just never struggle with again and so some of the women in there although right now that area


currently and coming into the event it may have felt like a struggle they were able to relate to and say well you know


what I had a health thing I overcome or I had a weight thing I overcame or I had a relationship thing I overcame okay


money doesn’t have to be any different so when we can we can borrow that confidence from


one area of life and overlay it on this other area then we we realize that it


doesn’t have to be any different so it’s all about normalizing the new frequency it’s all about stabilizing the new


frequency and again we can say we do this by as things are coming in we say


of course and we say thank you from a place of gratitude so that’s what was on


my heart today to share with you I hope you enjoy this I love coming to you in


these uh solo episodes I think we have amazing interviews and I love getting to to do those for you too but and not but


and um I really enjoy getting to just share from the heart and share from our


teachings with you and the hope that it elevates your life so please let me know


what resonated with you from this episode if you want to share on social and tag me I’d be so grateful and we uh


we will reshare and shout you out and if you want support in this area you know


making your business and your life better than the best you could ever imagine send me a DM I’m at Elyse Archer


on all social my team and I would love to connect with you and see how we can serve you and support you uh I always


say sales is the Trojan Horse of our community we absolutely teach some


really amazing uh topnotch sales strategy business strategy branding all


of it we’ve got a really strong background working with some of the top Professionals in the world uh helping


them in that space and these uh as you go through the four quadrants training you’ll see that it’s a lot deeper than


just than just sales so quadrants if you want to grab


that training and again DM me if you want to connect uh my team and I are more than happy would love to connect


with you for a call to talk through your vision your goals in business and life


and explore how we might be able to support you thank you as always for being a member of our community for


being a listener of She Sells Radio and I will see you on our next episode bye for now


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