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This week on She Sells Radio, Elyse is sitting down with Allison Lacoursiere, founder of Your Clear Aligner Coach. When the pandemic happened, she found herself without a job, wondering what would happen next. Allison used that opportunity to launch an incredible brand in a remarkably short amount of time. She’s going to share how did just that, and how she had the right inner mindset before the money came in. 

At 24, Allison was working in the dental industry, where she quickly climbed the ranks. She was new to management, which launched her into educating herself on how to provide her team with empowerment and inspiration. Naturally, she became interested in coaching. When her practice hired a dental coach for her, she saw massive growth in her professional life, learning years of knowledge in a short amount of time. Eliminating her imposter syndrome, feeling out of place as the youngest manager in her workplace, was a key factor in the growth she saw. Her coach allowed her to highlight her natural gifts and strengths for her company. With her skills and practices honed and curiosity for coaching piqued, Allison sought her certification in coaching and thought about the future, which manifested in the form of a coaching business. 

Allison’s 6-figure launch month is something to behold. She started taking on family members, pro-bono clients, and close friends. When the pandemic happened, Allison just needed the time to grow her businesses. That came in the form of being out of a job–but don’t worry, she celebrated with champagne and started her journey as a business owner. Throughout the process, her mindset had to remain positive. She didn’t know how she would make it happen, but she knew it was what she was designed to do. She had a feeling deep inside her that she would be fine. 

Making that amount of money in that short of time can sometimes feel uncomfortable, as strange as that may sound. It can be difficult to hold that vibration. Allison’s mindset was there before she even started the journey. Every morning she meditated on that mentality, so when it did happen, it almost wasn’t a surprise–she had already felt that feeling. The biggest hurdle she faced was understanding that she was capable of giving back to the client what they are giving her. She knew she could sell, it’s about believing you’re worthy of the benefits. As she leveled up, she leveled up her support system. That meant waking up, working out, meditating, and manifesting abundance through routine and coaching. Additionally, the ability to shift her mindset around her value not being attached to what her client created from her coaching. Her value is rooted in being true to her best self. She had to redefine what success was. 

Allison noticed that the women she coaches often feel like they aren’t doing enough–this can be a result of not taking account of real benchmarks that they’re achieving. It starts with an incredible onboarding for your client. They need to feel like they are getting success quickly and would be taken care of. Reverse engineering the client experience is a crucial practice that can lay a strong foundation for your relationships. You want to build confidence in yourself that you will be able to fulfill what your client wants and set aside moments to connect. 

Allison talks about setting healthy boundaries, making sure you’re making space for the good, and more in this week’s episode. Tune in to hear her top tips for women looking to see exponential growth in their business. 


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This week on She Sells Radio, Elyse is sitting down with Allison Lacoursiere, founder of Your Clear Aligner Coach. When the pandemic happened, she found herself without a job, wondering what would happen next. Allison used that opportunity to launch an incredible brand in a remarkably short amount of time. She’s going to share how did just that, and how she had the right inner mindset before the money came in.

Okay. So if you love a good story about how following feminine energy and intuition created a massive financial quantum leap in someone’s life, you are going to absolutely soak up and enjoy today’s interview. I’ve got an incredible woman coming on the podcast for you today. She’s a friend, she’s a client. Her name is Alison [inaudible]. She’s the founder of your clear aligner coach. She’s built a rock and brand in the dental coaching space in a really short amount of time. And today she’s coming on the podcast to share how last year during the pandemic, the beginning of the pandemic pandemic, she found herself suddenly without a job and wondering what was going to happen next. And she used that opportunity to launch something that had been in her heart for quite some time. And she’s going to share with you how in literally three months, she brought in over six figures into her brand new business and how it was easy and fun and enjoyable.

And the biggest thing I want you to take away and listen for is what was her mindset during this? How did she get her energy aligned with the money before it came in? Because that’s a huge piece of what I’m passionate about, what I teach my clients. And it’s really the biggest thing that’s going to create the transformation for you is learning how to master the inner game so that your outer world, whether it’s more sales, more money, more clients, more opportunities, more joy, more peace, more happiness, whatever it is that you’re looking for, all of that’s always going to match your inner state. So you are going to learn so much from Alison today. Really, really just listen in for again, her mindset and her energy and what led to this massive financial quantum leap for her. And I know you’re going to take away so much to apply to your own sales and your own business, if you have one.

So, all right, loves with that. Let’s go ahead and welcome Alison to the podcast. You’re going to love this conversation with her. Alison, welcome to she sells radio. This is so much fun just to, you know, we’ve, we’ve had the opportunity to know each other and work with each other over the past few years, but to have you here and really, really get to learn from you and hear about how the heck you had a six-figure launch during a pandemic sister, we want to know all the things. So welcome to the show. I’m so glad you’re here.

Thank you so much for having me. It’s an honor to be here. And of course I’ve been following you after getting to know you for years and I’ve always loved the things that you’re doing. So thank you for having me.

Gosh, of course. Well, and I’m excited too, just to hear more of your backstory and how you got into coaching. And then of course, we’ll talk about how you had the launch and what was so successful for you. But you know, when you and I met, you were really still in the process of launching your new business. And I think it’s, it’s very cool to see like what you’ve created in from the outside, at least what seems like a short amount of time. So share with us a little bit of backstory about how you got into coaching, what that process was like, and then just the process of starting your own business, kind of take us from where were you at a start to where you are today? Would love to hear more.

Yeah, absolutely. So I became a dental office manager when I was 24 and I had no idea what I was doing. So it was a situation where I was highly skilled and they promoted me to management and I, I was very new to management. I hadn’t had any prior management training, so it really launched me into learning about how to get the best out of few people, how to manage people in a way that provided them with inspiration, empowerment, and really allow myself to build a high-performance team. And so of course that led me to learning about coaching because as we know, coaching is one of the most powerful ways to develop people. It’s one of the best ways to manage. And then my dental practice actually hired a dental coach for me. And five years of growth happened in one year with my coach. And I was just so blown away by the process.

How, how did that happen? So when you had that coach, like, I think what you said is so important, the five years of growth in one year, what’s some of what contributed to that.

It was the ability to eliminate my imposter syndrome as a young manager, the youngest person in the practice, helping me become more confident in what I was doing, giving me tools and strategies to communicate, holding me accountable, to implementing projects or strategies in the practice. And she was just so encouraging and allowed me to kind of pull out my best gifts and assets to the company rather than like load them on me. And so I just developed so much as a person and as a manager during that, that year and a half, we were together and I just transformed essentially.

Wow. So it sounds like that was really your first aha, how powerful coaching could be. So tell us what, what happened from there. So you get this coach, you have this really, really short, like powerful period of growth that kind of opens your eyes to what’s possible. What happened? What happened next?

I got really curious about the process. Like I was like, this is magical. I want to be able to do this for other people. And so I started dabbling in some certifications. I got certified to coach as a manager and the tools and strategies that I was implementing were so productive. And I could see the benefits that they were having in my team that I, I really wanted to take it to the next level. And for a long time, I knew that staying and working as a manager and a dental practice, wasn’t going to be my end goal, but it was a great experience in a launch point. So I thought about what I wanted for the next, like part of my life. And I really enjoyed coaching people and developing people. So I decided to go get certified through IPEC and get my ICF certification as a professional coach, to be able to either consulting coach in the dental world or to be able to coach people one-on-one. And so I launched into that journey and I think that’s close to the time when I met you. And I was just like ideating on what I wanted to do with my own business.

Yeah. Yeah. And I remember that, like, we, we had a very cool synchronistic opportunity where I think you heard an interview from my my colleague Rory Vaden on Louis house’s podcast. And that was about how to build a personal brand because we’ve been doing some work with Louis on his brand. And at the end we just offered a free call to anyone who wanted to learn more about building their brand. And you reached out to us for the call. And then I looked at your call, got routed to me. I looked at where he relocated and you were in Bermuda. And it was like, I, funny enough, I was going to be in Bermuda, I think the next month, which I’d never been to Bermuda before. Like I never had a vision of going there and I was part of a mastermind at the time that was meeting down there. And so yeah, we met up over lunch and had a beautiful lunch. And you were really just like, like you said, kind of in that ideation process. So tell us from there, I mean, you went on to this year, have a very impressive lunch. You do business six figures in three months. So how in the world, that’s what everyone wants to know. Like how in the world did you do it?

So I like, after I got certified through coaching, I kind of like started on the path of like learning how that would work, like what, what it would mean to have a coaching business, but I was still managing my practice full-time so I had essentially evenings and weekends to work as a coach. And so I started taking on some like pro bono clients. I started taking on some like family members and as we got closer to this year with the pandemic happening, I remember just thinking, and I shared this with my fiance. I was like, I just need some time. Like I need some time and I will be able to really like, grow my business. And like when, when Bermuda got locked down, we all got laid off. It was like a moment of just like we, I had asked the universe for some time and all of a sudden, without any like, expectation I was out of my job and I had time, Oh my gosh,

I didn’t realize that that was how it happened.

Yeah. So we actually like went to the beach that day with a bottle of champagne and popped it and made like kind of the mission. I was like, I’m not going back to my nine to five. Like we’re going to use this time to be able to like scale my business and grow it to a place where I can actually like leave my practice and work as a business owner full time. Oh my God.

So I want to pause you and ask you because I can only imagine, you know, you weren’t expecting that and then suddenly you get laid off. And I think so many people this year can relate to that. And what was going through your mind? Like, it sounds like you had a pretty mindset about all of it, which no doubt has something to do with all the personal development you’ve worked work you’ve done, but how did you get through that? Like, were you panicking? Were you fearful or were you just like, yep, this is it. I asked him the universe is delivering and here we go with champagne, kind of take us to where your mindset was then.

Yeah, it was, it was because of the lead up to this moment. I was so busy at my job and I was kind of like, just ready for that transition. Like I was very ready for it, but I had no idea how I was going to make it happen with the limited time I had and like the inability to really invest in my business. And so truly like when my boss said like all of a sudden, like, you know, we’re, we’re going to keep a few people, but like, we’re just going to have to put you on pause and like lay you off for a period of time. I was like, are you sure? And he’s like, yes. And I was like, okay. And I like hung up the phone and was like, yes, like I had actually was so excited. And it’s just because I knew how much I needed that time.

And I knew I had this like belief in myself that if I had this time to commit and like work on my business, I’m going to be fine. And that belief definitely came from a lot of personal development, a lot of strategies in place of my own coaches coaching me. Like it was a lead-up to be able to feel that excited about it. But after that moment, I sat down with my fiance and we strategized financially, like, what is this mean? How are we going to make this happen? And for the next 30 days, I worked harder than I had ever worked in my life. And I just, I just like put my head down and I like implemented all of the strategies that I was learning about. And I was able to sign my first $30,000 client. And then from there it just continued to grow and prosper. And before I knew it, three months later, I had quit my job completely. When they asked me to come back, I said, actually, I can’t, I’m too busy with my own business now. And I had hit over six figures in sales.

Oh my gosh, isn’t it funny? And you know, one of the things I’ve learned and one of the things I want to pull out from what you said, because I think this is so important is that when the faucet turns off from something that we’ve become dependent on, I think part of our tendency as humans is to go into panic and to say, Oh my gosh, something’s wrong. Right? We want to go back and figure out a way to make what we were doing before work. But what I found is it’s sometimes the faucet literally shuts off just like it did for you. And it is because there is an invitation from the universe for you to step into something that is so much better for you. Right? So like you knew, you said, if I just had more time, I could do this, you had that instinct and boom, there you go.

And I think I do want to highlight all the development work you’ve been doing, because that is what allows you to navigate that. In a way that’s not painful, but rather like excited and joyous, but we have to learn to look at it that way when something shifts suddenly like for a lot of us, it has this year, things are always working for us, right? It’s holding that belief system that things are always working for us. And then to hear what happened in such a short amount of time. Now I want to ask you in terms of hitting that six figures in three months. So I think there’s, we all have a certain financial frequency of a certain financial vibration, right? And usually what we’re bringing in is right around what our financial vibration is. I would, I think for most women listening, making that amount of money in a short amount of time could feel almost like, Whoa, this is it’s either, it’s more than they’re used to, or it can almost feel uncomfortable.

Right. Which on the offset, it sounds like, of course I want to make as much money as fast as possible, but if you make a lot of money and you can’t necessarily hold that vibration, we can tend to meet or get rid of it. Self-Sabotage what did that feel for you? Did you have a vision going into it of, I need to make, or I want to make X amount and this amount of time, and that’s when ended up happening or was it more money than you were planning on making? And if so, how did you like step into that, that next level of your financial frequency to be able to, to manage that money? If that makes sense?

Yeah. No, that’s a great question. And it was interesting because I’m a very big, like, I believe in vision so much and leading up to this a year, leading up to everything that happened like probably a year this, this summer was my 10 year anniversary in Bermuda. It was leading up to my 30th birthday and my vision was so strong that like, I’m going to be able to leave my job before my tenure, before I turned 30. And in order for me to leave my job, I need six figures. So that was my like vision for such a long time, like over a year, that was my vision. And I, every morning meditated on it every day was like thinking about it. And so when it happened that way, I was almost not surprised, but it did kind of catapult me into a new identity shift that I wasn’t expecting

That. Yeah.

Yeah. So being going from some like a manager, that’s responsible for a practice and, and for employees, you’re a part of like a bigger system. And so when I moved into being a solo entrepreneur that was pulling in six figures on myself, it was very lonely. And the pressure of also kind of selling that much service. I had like some moments where I was like, Oh my gosh, Alison, can you fulfill this value? And that was probably one of the hardest kind of shifts I had to work through was believing now that I can fulfill that value. I am like capable of giving back to the client, like what they’ve paid me. And so I would say that would be like, that was the hardest transition for me was like I was able to sell. And then it was just believing in myself after that when a client agreed to work with me that like, I’m good enough for this this financial abundance, I’m good enough to provide the client with what they are asking for. And that, yeah, that would, would be, I would say the hardest part during our transition.

Well, and I think one of, I love what you said there, because one of the questions that I get a lot from women in my community is around worthiness to receive money. And sometimes we think we’re not selling because we need a different closing technique. And what I’ve found is that more likely than not, it has something to do with your mindset and around feeling unworthy of receiving. This is one of the things I love. Joe Dispenza says, he says, the universe will give you whatever you believe you’re worthy to receive. So it sounds like for you, if I’m hearing you right, you were charging price points that felt uncomfortable for you because it was stepping into a bigger container, right? You were charging these price points that were actually that made sense for what you were charging, but maybe it was more than you had been paid by a single client before. So how did you navigate that when you started to have that self doubt creep in of am I worthy? Like, can I actually fulfill at this level of value and I want to know specifics from you? Cause I think this is something that you’re so good at is navigating mindset. So are you doing, were you doing daily affirmations? Were you doing daily journaling? How did you navigate that? Almost like imposter syndrome, right. That you talked about at the beginning that may have popped up

A hundred percent. So I hired a coach of course, like as you go to next levels, it’s important. I think that your team or your support system is at that next level with you. And so I hired a coach that helped me a lot. And then of course, like for the last two years or so, I’ve had a really, really powerful morning routine. So 5:00 AM working out meditation, journaling, affirmations, visioning. That’s an everyday thing for me. And then I started reading or listening to podcasts that would help me feel more abundant and feel more in alignment with myself. So I felt like I went through a phase of feeling, very abundant, very confident. And then as soon as it happened, I was like, Oh gosh, like I did it now. What? And so it was the routines, it was the coaching. And then it was also really the ability to shift my mindset around my value isn’t necessarily in what my client was, was creating from my coaching.

It was from me delivering to my fullest truest best self. And I had to re define what my success as a coach really was. And so by kind of creating like some systems in my business that I was like, every time I have a client, every time I, you know, work with these specific people, with these specific problems, these are going to be the metrics for me personally, to know that I fulfill so that I can feel like confident every single time that the value is there because in a service based business, like if the person that you’re coaching, isn’t listening to what you’re saying, and they’re not achieving the things that, you know, they, you want them to be achieving or they’re not getting the success that they want. Sometimes you can look at yourself and be like, Oh my gosh, like I’m not delivering. But the reality is sometimes people just need more time or they need to work through something on their own. And as a coach, like you can provide exceptional value. But it doesn’t always mean that like your definition of their success is the success. That means that you’re providing the value.

Wow. I think so. I want to stop on what you said there, because I think that’s so important because I think especially we, as women can feel like we have to take responsibility for everybody else. And like you said, we can almost make it about us if they’re not getting the results that they originally said they wanted in signing up with us. So what were some of those specific benchmarks or metrics that you set up in your own business to feel good about, Hey, I’m delivering on what I promised and the results are on them. What were some of those specifics there?

Yes, definitely. I just want to touch on one thing with what you said about taking responsibility, because I think it’s so important is when you take on a client who has money problems or money issues, or like their money mindset, isn’t in like a great place. Sometimes they’ll try to like, not intentionally, but they’ll put that money stuff on you as the coach or they’ll, you know, and that you can take on and take responsibility for. So that was one thing that I felt like I was kind of like a realization like, Oh my gosh, my client actually just has to work through their own money issues. For them to feel more confident about like the purchase that they’ve made or things like that. So I would say that was like one of the biggest, like learning lessons for me is not letting other people’s money, mindset, problems like creep into your confidence or the value that you’re creating.

Yeah. And do you bring that up with clients when you realize that it is their own money issue? Like, do you, and I guess you probably do given that you do coaching, but I’m thinking for some of us who maybe aren’t in that space where it would naturally make sense, how do you bring it up with the client if you notice that it is something about their money mindset. Yeah. So I will just

Like dig into it. I’ll be like, tell me more about that discomfort. Like, tell me where do you feel that comfort just coming from when you’re acknowledging that you feel guilt or you feel stressed from big purchases? Like let’s dig into that because that’s going to be one of the biggest blocks that we’re going to be able to get you through is if we can shift that money mindset.

That’s good. Yeah. And I think that’s something it’s like for, depending on what the service is. Right. I think a lot of my listeners are, they are coaches, but then we also have people in financial services or real estate or mortgage. So maybe even making a referral, if you don’t feel comfortable to actually do that facilitated conversation on your own, but say, Hey, one thing I’m hearing as we talk is that there is some discomfort around stepping into this level of a purchase and Hey, can I direct you to some resources to help you? Right. So, so let’s go back to that was really good. And I’m glad that you, I’m glad you stopped us there, those benchmarks that you set for your own success and measuring that, what were some of those things that you set up in your business to say like, this is how I know I’m being successful and I can feel good about this.

Yes, absolutely. So I find that women specifically also are very hard on themselves and I coach a lot of women and I have felt this myself is that like, when we don’t have our success clearly outlined, we can sometimes feel like we’re not doing good enough. We’re not doing enough. And we start to question our value because we don’t have those like clear indicators of success. And so some of the benchmarks that I created for my coaching business were to have an exceptional onboarding program to be able to make sure when my clients started with me, that they felt after making a big purchase, that they were on the right path, that they were getting success quickly, that they felt like I was going to take care of them and do an exceptional job for them during our time together. So an exceptional onboarding experience was really important to me. The next part,

No, no, no, no, you’re fine. Yeah. So I was going to ask, in terms of that exceptional onboarding experience, any pointers on that, any things that you did to make, to really make your clients feel valued? I think for a lot of our clients, they’re trying to figure out how do I, wow. My clients, as soon as possible, what were some of the things you did to make that exceptional onboarding?

Yeah. So I wrote an ebook for them to learn how to get the most out of their coaching experience. So they would get that ebook immediately. I have a coaching portal that everyone has access to and essentially has all of our resources, all of our notes, our videos in the portal. So I get them acquainted with the portal so that they can get organized. And then I would do either a in-person intensive or a virtual intensive that would right away make some massive shifts in their mindset or in their growth or the things that they’re trying to progress with. And then I would get them accustomed journal that would allow them to start right away on their routines, on being more productive on being successful. And those are kind of the things that immediately we would like get into action and they could start making these shifts really, really quickly.

I love that. And I’ve actually never heard of anybody writing an ebook for their clients, but how cool and how valuable and just thinking about, regardless of what you’re selling, if you can create something that, you know, it’s, it’s an ebook, but it’s still people perceive it as high value, right? It’s like, we’ve we buy books. We spend the 20 bucks for a book on Amazon and you created your own ebook that no doubt people felt was high value for them and set up almost like their roadmap for success. So I, I love that. What were some of the other, so I think you had a few other benchmarks you were going to tell us about what were some of the other things that for you indicated success outside of that exceptional onboarding experience,

It was reverse engineering, the client experience. So whenever a client would decide to work with me for a period of time, six months, 12 months, I would reverse engineer the time that we were going to be spending together when we were going to have those bigger times or those like longer meetings to be able to accomplish more like more. And that just gave me the confidence to know, like they’re in my schedule, we are going to fulfill all of the things that they’ve wanted. And being able to look all the way ahead to a year, six months and block out all those times and set aside all those moments that we were going to have the touch points. And that to me just helped me know, like at the end of six months, we’re going to be sure to be giving that time back to you.

Yeah. I love that. So it’s really just this, this is part of what’s so cool about this conversation is it’s one of the things I believe in is helping women embrace both the masculine and the feminine energy within them to be successful in sales. And the masculine is about the support, the structure, the container, like having those, like you said, those time blocks built out, having that structured onboarding experience that allows you to just be really present and give your most in your best to your clients. So that’s really, really good. Anything else that for you was like, yes, this makes me feel great about the value that I’m delivering and charging more for my clients.

Yes, definitely. And this was probably kind of my biggest aha moment was as I shifted from a very like operational role into like a coaching role and almost an inspiration role, a leadership role, I realized that my highest paid priority was taking care of myself and inspiring myself and being able to show up to my client and show up for my client with my absolute energy. And we can’t do that when we’re burning the candle at both ends when we’re overworking. And I definitely went through a phase launching into my own business. I’ve just overworking like so, so much, many, many hours. And I, I had to stop myself and say like, Alison, these people want the best of you. And that’s what they’re paying a high ticket coaching price for is that you with consistency, want to show up for your clients with your best energy, your highest energy, your best self, because that is what that transfer is. Like. I want to give that to them. And that is so important. And so when I was able to shift my routine, say no to things, take things off my schedule. I felt more authentic and more aligned with the way that I was showing up for my clients,

Which I would imagine it was especially hard to do at the beginning when you were first launching. And you’re like, okay, I’ve got a short window or however long the window was to start making that money again. So how did you, how did you get the confidence to set boundaries and to not overwork in a period that I think most of us would be tempted to just burn our adrenals out and burn the candle at both ends.

I just didn’t at first I had to learn the hard way. And then it was through support. It was through really like having people hold me accountable. Like I got my fiance to help me. I set an alarm on my phone to like stop working. I just looked at all of the task lists that were on, on my schedule. And I really got honest with myself and said, does this need to be there? And got rid of things that didn’t, and that weren’t serving me, even the things that I liked doing, they weren’t necessary anymore. So I got very, very honest about what I was spending my time on and then finding practices or finding relaxation techniques that really I enjoyed. I don’t like to relax that much. I find it like a little bit tedious, but I found things I really liked and I committed to them and I had people like just helped me commit to going to these activities or doing these things that were going to help energize me rather than de energize me.

Yeah. It’s so good. And you can tell this too, like I can tell when I’m on a call with my clients and I’m feeling so engaged and so on fire, and so just laser focused and then you can also tell when you’re not. So I think part of what I’m taking away from what you’re saying is just the intentionality and setting up your environment so that you can show up that way. Because if you show up that way, like sometimes we burn ourselves out because we have fear of I’m not going to get enough clients or, you know, I’ve got to do like one more email or one more. It’s not that there’s not value in that, but one of the best ways to get more clients is to be really good with your existing clients and get referred to me, that’s the easiest way to generate more clients.

And so I love what you said there, because it is, it’s like setting those boundaries, especially if you’re working from home, I love setting the alarm on your phone to say, Hey, I’m done with work at point. So this is, this is so good, so valuable. And I, I want to go into everything with you. So I think we’re going to have to have you back for another conversation, cause I wanna hear more and just hear about your continued, how you’re continuing to progress as you grow your business. But I, I want to ask you before we sign off it, before you tell women where they can connect with you, if you were to give a woman, who’s looking to break through her for six figures, like one piece of advice to help her do it, what would you say to her?

Mm, I love that. That’s such a good question. I would say work on your abundance mindset. Like when you can get really, really powerful and aligned and really believe that what you want to create as possible, then it becomes possible. And it becomes reality. And I don’t like to say that in a way that seems like very idealistic. There is very much work to do when it comes to your abundance mindset, when it comes to the thoughts that you’re letting yourself think to the things that you’re letting yourself say to the way that you’re allowing yourself to believe things, to be true about yourself and about your possibility. And so when you can really like reframe that and get confident and get clear that what you want to achieve as possible, then it will be awesome.

So powerful. Thank you. And thank you to, I think for just sharing an example of how we can, how we can successfully and confidently pivot when things suddenly change in our lives and how you can step into just this whole new container and world of what’s possible for you. And I really just want to say thank you for modeling that for us, because so many of our listeners are trying to navigate something similar right now and the way that you embraced it. And you said, yes, like this is an opportunity for what I’ve been looking for rather than a setback is so powerful. And thank you for just truly, for being an example and for sharing all of your wisdom today. So tell us about where we can connect with you. And by the way you want to check out Allison’s Instagram. I want you to tell us where we can connect with you there because it’s her beautiful fiance, Kyle, like the two of them in Burton. I mean, for nothing other than like amazing, I wish I was traveling vibes right now. And I love what you share because you share so much value to about mindset and stepping into a bigger container for yourself. So share with us about your Instagram, where we can connect with you there, and then also how we can get involved. If anyone wants to work with you.

Absolutely. So my Instagram is my first name and my last name, Alison McKusick here. And so that will definitely be in the show notes. I imagine you can’t spell my last name, which most people can, but it’s Alison Lucier is my, my Instagram. You can find And then of course the link in my bio on my Instagram has free tools. I have a values tool. I have a vision tool. So if you’re interested in just starting to get into work with these things, you can definitely go and grab hold of those free tools that are super helpful.

Amazing. Thank you so much, Alison. I love you so much, sister. It was so good to have you on and congratulations again on your success. Really, really well-deserved.

Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me and I hope to see you soon.

Yes. I know wind travel is a thing I can promise I’m going to be going to Bermuda. So can’t wait to see you in person.

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