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Welcome back to She Sells Radio with Elyse Archer! Our guest this week is Julie Ciardi, a former Fortune 500 marketing VP turned multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the podcast host of IGNITE Your Side Hustle. Julie believes that there has never been a better time for women to create an additional income stream that is aligned to her passions and purpose on this planet. If you’re looking to make some bold moves, you won’t want to miss today’s show!


Julie found herself at the top of the corporate ladder as a vice president in a Fortune 500 company, making a good, stable amount of money, and was the primary breadwinner in her household. However, even though she had a comfortable place to be, she was stuck in what she thought she should be, and that wasn’t leaving her feeling fulfilled. Making the leap to doing her own thing was certainly difficult. Especially as a woman, Julie found herself battling fears of high risks and guilt. But once that idea was firmly planted in her soul, she knew she had to do it. There was a two and half year journey to leave corporate. Many women hesitate because they aren’t sure of the ‘right’ way to do it, but Julie reminds us that there is no right way, and you have to decide what’s right for you. For Julie, she and her family downsized–because it’s not about the money you make, it’s about the money you keep. That allowed her to take a step back and commit to her exit strategy. 


Many women Elyse works with say they’re afraid to take action because they fear that if it doesn’t work out the way they thought it would, then their dream is gone. Julie shares with us that it’s okay to try something and move on from it to the next step. As you move towards what you thought was your ideal situation, you may come upon an opportunity to have everything you’ve ever wanted, and all you have to do is take it. 


Julie curated the stand out, break out formula. It’s about understanding who you are, what makes you tick, and what is unique about you, then bringing that to the table no matter where you are. The courage to that, Julie says, was priorities. It was a willingness to take the leap, no matter what. Committing to what matters most to you over everything else is how you get there. That means being okay with saying ‘no’ to things. When you set boundaries and have self worth, true value is found. Another big part of the formula is certainty. Having a crystal clear goal and understanding that you know where you’re going and why can create a burning desire. Success comes from that drive–when you have that, you’ll show up every time and you’ll achieve what you want to achieve. From there, the money flows. Consistency is another aspect of the formula. Everyone wants things to happen faster than they’re going to happen. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but breakthroughs do. But, you have to put in the time to get that moment. Feeling flatlined happens and that’s where people stop. But that’s right before the breakthrough! 




Welcome to She Sells Radio. So I’ve got to tell you this conversation today blew my mind. My guest today on the podcast is Julie Ciardi. And if you are a woman who is, or anyone, woman, man, I don’t care. However you identify, but I’m telling you, if you are ready to make some bold moves in your life in your business, you are going to want to learn from Julie and listened in on this podcast. So if you’re not familiar with Julie, um, I was blown away by her and we share so much just in terms of mindset, like money frequency, all this stuff. So Julia is a former fortune 500 marketing VP turned multi-passionate entrepreneur, and she hosts a podcast called ignite your side hustle. So she has been a top performer in corporate as a working mom, by the way, and then went on to have multiple successful businesses, not as an entrepreneur, but she shares on the podcast.

This is something I love her standout breakout formula because she found a way to achieve success at the six-figure multiple six-figure. And now on the seven figure level in all of these different formats. And she’s what she shares is it all came down to the same basic mindsets and principles. So regardless of what you’re doing, whether you’re in corporate and you’re in sales and you’re like, I just want to crush it in my sales role, whether you’re leading a team, whether you’re launching a side hustle or you’re already an entrepreneur and you want to take it to the next level, this formula and what Julie teaches is exceptional. So I was literally like pounding the table while Julie was talking. Cause I felt like I was in mindset church and it was so good. And you’re going to absolutely love learning from her. So I want you to go ahead and get out a pen and paper because this is one where you’re going to want to write down a lot of just amazing one-liners that she drops and you’re going to want to dig in and just get ready to be uplifted, be motivated and to have your mindset, especially around sales, making money and doing things your own way, be blown.

So with that, let’s welcome. Julie CRD to she sells radio, Julie, welcome to she sells radio. I feel like we have so much in common already from sales to mom life. Although you’re a little farther along on that journey than I am, and I’m just, I’m so lit up and excited about what you’re doing to help women make more money, launch their side hustle. And I know I’m going to learn so much from you. So welcome my friend. This is so exciting and such an honor to have you on the podcast.

Thank you, Elyse. I’m so excited to be here. Yeah. I have a feeling we could like talk for days. So I’m excited to see where this conversation goes.

We totally could. I know we were getting going. I was like, as we record, I’ve got a tornado warning and so my fingers are crossed that we can talk as long as we need to hear. Cause I could talk to you for days just to find out like how, you know, how you’ve helped women make so much money, launch their side, hustle, your own personal journey. So my guess is because you’ve built such a rock and brand my guests, Julia, is that a lot of my listeners may already be following you if they’re not though, if they’re new to you, could you tell us a little bit about your backstory? I know you had a very successful corporate career transition to become an entrepreneur, but tell us about kind of your backstory and what got you to where you are.

Yeah, no, I would love that. It’s, it’s, it’s one that is interesting because I think a lot of people get stuck in thinking what they should do. And that was me. I was on the, what I should do path and I really had no idea that this whole online entrepreneur world existed or that we had more opportunity than we think. And so I was kind of on that typical path of, you know, corporate climbing, the corporate ladder, not feeling fulfilled though. I knew something was missing and I was, um, uh, in a fortune 500 for 18 years, 18 years. Um, the last role that I had there was vice president of marketing and, uh, it was a big job and I, you know, was making a lot of money, primary breadwinner, my husband, God Lawson, uh, just retired as a police officer, but he’s a police officer and I was making four times his salary. And so when I kinda came around and was like, so I’m not really that happy. And I really think, I I’d like to do my own thing. It was a real, it was as a woman, as a woman. Cause I need to talk a lot about this. Right. I went through a lot of guilt of back and forth of do I go pursue my own thing because I mean four times the salary, what are we going to do? Yeah.

I read past that. I’m curious to hear it like that. I know it was part of my journey and a lot of women struggle with that too.

Yeah, it was, it was, it was hard. But at the same time, I just, once that idea was firmly implanted in my soul, I was like, I’m leaving. Like I need to do my own thing. And we got creative, you know, I, I kind of went to task to figure out, well, how could we do this? And you know, we kind of, at least, you know, it’s set you’re on this path of like always upward, always upward, especially if you’re like a high achiever and all the things, right. It’s like, okay, yeah, I’m going to be a manager and then a director and then a vice president and you know, we’re going to have this house and then the bigger house and then this right. And so everything’s on this upward path. And I said to my husband, I said, I know that we’re on this upward path, but what if we took a little step back so I could go, we could go up a different path, a different Hill. And that’s exactly what we did. And it was kind of crazy. People thought we were insane. My husband was very on board until like my first year into entrepreneurship. And he’s like, so when’s this money coming that you’re telling me was going to be coming. Right. So very supportive.

Did you, so you left and you didn’t have clients coming in. Cause that’s, I think one thing too, that people get caught up on is like, I have to replace my income. Okay.

It was probably, I guess it was probably a two and a half year journey of leaving corporate. Once I decided that I was going to do it. And I really, you know, people always ask, well, what’s the right way. There is no right way. Right. You got to decide what’s right for you for some people it’s on jumping. And we’ll see what happens for us because I was the primary breadwinner that was not going to be the case. So we really put a plan together. One of the things, you know, we were meeting with our accountant and he said, well, you know, it’s not about how much money you make. It’s about how much money you keep. And it just got into my head. I was like, we have this huge house. Like, am I going to be handcuffed to a huge house? And I have to stay in this job and that I can’t stand for, you know, basically this house and all the expenses.

And so I went to my husband. I said, what if we moved? And you know, my three kids at the time, the little guy was a baby, but the other two, you know, I mean, they were like in that preteen stage, you know, and all those things. And I didn’t want to take, take them out of school or anything like that. But I said, what if we just downsized for a bit? Like, what if we just like downsize and why do we have to be stuck in this big house? And that’s exactly what we did. We, we ended up downsizing and we reduced our taxes and our mortgage by 60%, six, 0%. And yeah, and that was, that was the biggest piece to be able to take a step back so that it could afford me because I was kind of on this path of let’s reduce our expenses where we can, while I’m building my exit strategy by building my business on the side while working. And then we’ll be at a point where, you know, financially sounder approach, if you will, a more sound approach to be able to officially make that leap. And that was like, that’s a good two and a half year journey.

Well, and something I want to point out too, from what you said, because I work with a lot of women and I have a lot of women I know who listen, who are a lot of them are the breadwinner. And a lot of them are. So this show is not all about like, how do you leave corporate and lunch, your side hustle. So I’ve got a lot of women who are in corporate and are happy and want to just learn to sell in a more aligned way. But there are also, I know a lot of women and men who are listening, who are interested in doing their own thing and what I’ve found, I was actually having a conversation maybe a week ago with a friend of mine who is making multiple six figures in corporate. And she’s really feeling called to go out and launch her own business.

And she was feeling a lot of fear around, would she be able to make that money again? And one of the things that we talked about, and I think this, this just kind of sounds like your journey too, is that that job is not your source. So when you’re at, like, I believe everyone has a financial frequency, she’s already bringing in multiple six figures through that job. That’s her financial frequency now, would there be, if she just left and started over, would there be a period of rebuilding? Of course, but that’s naturally, it’s kind of like, we all have like a weight set point. We also have a financial set point and I’m all about busting through to the next level, that set point, but to help helping her realize that that job is a channel for money, it’s not her source and that she can create that money or more and probably will in whatever path she goes to. So did you, was that on your mind at all while you were kind of making this leap, like really owning that you knew you’d make the money regardless of where you were,

You know, what’s so funny, Lisa. No. So here’s the interesting thing. It’s such a, it’s like we, this imperfect action, right? We take imperfect action because we following our intuition, we’re following our gut. We know that there’s, you know, whether it’s in your own, in your job in like you’re wanting to do your own thing, we’re kind of, we don’t, we don’t know. We never know. Right. We’ve got to, it’s gotta take imperfect action to figure it out. And it’s so funny because back then, so I guess that was four, four years ago, four and a half years ago. I still didn’t have a lot of belief that this online entrepreneurial space was like legit and really an opportunity. And I also thought it was going to be harder than doing what I ended up doing, which is crazy. I ended up opening a brick and mortar boutique.

So what happened for me is I didn’t have that frequency with the money. What ended up happening is, well, like I wanted to leave that job and I decided I actually went the other way. I was like, I’m actually okay. Making less money to be happy. I kept saying, I just want freedom. I just want to be happy. I don’t want to be tied to corporate. And it’s so funny because the second I created the boutique and you’re going to laugh because I kind of proved your exact point in launching the boutique. Okay. Um, I got to six figures in revenue and literally three and a half months in that boutique, which again, that’s not in your pocket with a boutique it’s, you know, very, very low profit margin. But it was like, I very quickly proved like very fast success. Right. Cause that was my that’s where I rise to, which needs exactly what you’re saying. Right. But here’s what happened to me. So I did it and it was a blast. It was fun. It was great. But then I was like, Oh yeah, this isn’t really where I was meant to land.

Yeah. I was like, no, no, you just know you were just leading a team of like 250 people marketing, you know, leader. Like you’re, you’re not meant to be here. Um, but it was a stepping stone of belief that I needed to go on. I didn’t quite have the belief yet on this online entrepreneurial space or honestly the belief that I could make money kind of doing it my way and on my own. Yeah. In a, in a, in an online capacity. So I thought I had to be like every, every entrepreneur I ever knew growing up, we even call them entrepreneurs. They were like small business owners, right. There was no entrepreneur. It was, it was small business owners and that’s all I knew. And so I still have this disconnect. I mean, when you’re in corporate, your exposure to the kind of either the online entrepreneurial space or even being your own, you know, contractor, you know, you know where you are a consultant, you know, to accompanies you, you, I didn’t have a lot of visibility to that.

I was so in the corporate world that I was in, like, I just didn’t even know that that was possible. But the moment I started to see it was possible, my everything just went up a whole other level in terms of what I wanted. And then I was like, okay, wait a minute. Like, yeah, I know I have what it takes to create my own thing. Now I proven it to myself and all the things. So I ended up, I sold the boutique and I went all in on my own, my own business. And it’s a perfect combination. It’s the perfect it’s it’s I really believe, you know, our journey unfolds exactly the way that it’s supposed to unfold because the pieces build on itself so you can help others. So,

And I want to, if I can just pause really quick on what you said there. Cause I think there’s something else that’s so important in what you’re saying. A lot of the women who I coach and work with, have we have been talking about it this week. I was hosting a masterclass that a lot of the women were saying, they’re afraid to take action to do the thing that they feel called to do because they’re afraid if they do it and it doesn’t work out the way they thought it would, that then their dream is gone. And what we talked about, which I hear in your story of opening this boutique and then realizing, Oh, that wasn’t actually, what I’m being called to do is it’s the next step. And we, I always use the analogy of like, it’s, it’s like you’re walking down a dark hallway and you see the store illuminated at the end and you think that’s your goal and your dream.

So you’re walking towards it, you’re walking towards it, you’re walking towards it. And as you walk towards it, you see there’s the store on the left. That’s wide open. That is actually everything you ever wanted is in there, but you wouldn’t have known it was there unless you had taken those steps. And I think in your story of just that imperfect action in launching the boutique and then realizing this wasn’t actually exactly what I wanted, but I, I bet that as you look back on your journey, had you not done that you may, you probably wouldn’t be where you are today with your online business. Right. What would you say to that?

Not, and here’s the interesting thing. So I’d already had all that corporate experience, my MBA, understanding marketing and strategy and all things leading people. I’ve lead led a team of like 250 people globally. All the things did the boutique, but before I even did the boutique, I kind of dappled in network marketing while I was bored. I mean, like I, you hear I’m vice president of marketing and I’m like, I’m bored. Like I want to use my creativity. And so I dappled in network marketing for fun. Like the money was not ending, but I had fun with it. I was really like, I had success very quickly with that. But even then I was like, yeah, but this isn’t what I want to do. So like dabbled in that, did the boutique and then realized, no, I really wanted to coach other women to, to go after their dreams and everything.

But here’s the funny thing the women I work with, I know what it’s like to build a network business. I know what it’s like to build a brick and mortar. I know what it’s like to build an online business. I was also incorporate my clients. Like I connect with them at every level because they’re all in those different places. So I really believe, you know, the journey happened for a reason that way, because I, when I’m helping the woman in network marketing, I’ve been there. I know what it takes. I know what I did. I know how I got to the top 2% of that company for fun, for crying out loud. Right. And like the brick and mortar boutique, like it was all on purpose because I understand what it takes and the really fascinating thing. This is, what’s really interesting. I ended up writing a book because how I got to the top of the fortune 500, how I, um, got to the top 2% of that network marketing company.

I was in how I got to six figures in revenue in less than four months in a brick and mortar boutique. That was totally off the beaten path. There was no foot traffic coming into that place. Okay. And then quickly growing a multiple six going into seven figure coaching business. Okay. I, it was all the same. Like they’re all different, the, how the tactics can be. Right. But the, the approach of how I approached it was very much similar. And I call it the standout breakout formula, because it’s like, you’ve got, there’s certain things where, especially from like a personal brand standpoint, it doesn’t matter if you are in corporate or you, it doesn’t matter where you are. Right. It’s how are you showing up and how are you standing out and how are you serving and how you have that power to do that.

And it’s the same formula. So tell us about that. I’m super intrigued now. So stand out breakout formula, right? Yes. Yeah. And so, you know, whether it’s funny. Cause when I think about both the, well, the network marketing business, the brick and mortar, and then of course the, the online business, but I use this and I, it’s funny because I did this in corporate, too. I worked my personal brand at all times in all of my businesses. So I was really clear on the image, that image in a good way, like me being me, you know, I think one of the funniest things about me in corporate is I stood out like a sore thumb. Like I was like, totally not like the norm and women, especially flocked to me. They wanted me to mentor them and things because they’re like, you’re doing this differently. Yep. I am. I’m doing it differently. I am totally going to, I have certain values. There are certain, like, I like to have fun. The corporate, the company that I was in there was not a lot of fun. Like it was this wasn’t a fun place. I always brought fun. Like I was like, this is a core value of mine. Right. So understanding who you are, what makes you tick? What is unique about you and bringing that to the table? No matter where you are. One of the things you

Go ahead, I’ve got a question, but go ahead. Yeah.

Can I say like with the company that I was in the co the corporate culture of it, it was very set paths, right? Like set path on how you get to be executive. Right. And this is the path. And I said, no, at every turn and everyone can tell me if you say, no, you’re not going to get to the next level. And if you say, no, you’re not gonna get to the next level. And I just, every time I just, I stayed true to me and I’ll never forget. I was a manager wanting to get my first promotion to executive and I, my daughter’s soccer, I was her soccer coach. Okay. And, uh, four year olds, four year olds playing soccer. And I’m sitting at a boardroom, like a corner office. Wasn’t mine. I’m the lowest person in the, on the totem pole sitting in that room.

And one of the senior vice presidents, female, um, the meeting is going on. Like, I mean, we’re talking now. It’s like an hour and a half later than it’s supposed to be going. The soccer balls are in my car. Okay. I’m the coach four year old soccer. I don’t care. It’s for real soccer. It’s my daughter. Right. And I’m sitting there and I’m the lowest person in the room. And all of a sudden, I’m just like, I’m sorry. Excuse me. So, um, I need to run, um, I’m the soccer coach and I got to go and blah, blah. I left the room and the senior vice president turned to my boss and said, I thought you said she wanted

To be an executive. Um,

She told me after funniest thing is that senior vice president is the one that gave me my first executive promotion. Yeah. So I have always kind of, I took long, long maternity leaves. I took a, my kids are now fifth, 17, 15, and seven. Those older two I had, I actually had all three of them while I was in corporate. Um, I took a nine and a half month leave. Then I took, came back. Part-time they’re like, if you come back part-time with the second one, like you realize you’re not going to get a promotion. Like I kept being told at every turn, if you make this decision, chances are, this won’t happen. Or this won’t happen. Didn’t stop me because I really want people to hear that because you can do it your way. You got to show up and give a ton of value and be literally, you know, instrumental in your role. Right. Got to show up and do that. But you know what? I had boundaries and I also was going to be me and that’s key.

So I just want to ask, because I think this is so big and I know women are wondering, like, how did you get the confidence to do that? Because those are big risks to take, right? Whether it’s a risk, like you did incorporate of doing it your own way or even market. Like, I have a lot of conversations with women. No doubt. Like you do about like the quote unquote risk of putting yourself out there, which is really exactly what will create your success, but that’s anyway, how did you get the confidence to do it? Did you struggle with that? And you like push through it or was it just natural to you? Priorities.

Okay. Yeah. So I wouldn’t say it, it was confidence. I wanted to throw up when I was in that corner office. And like, I’m like, Oh gosh, I really have to get up and leave right now. And like, I, this, I got to just do it. It was really priorities. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice myself and my priorities for anybody else. And I was willing, it’s a willingness, it wasn’t a confidence as much. It was like this willingness to like, worst thing that could happen is I don’t get that promotion. I don’t get this. And maybe I need to like find a different job or whatever. But I was, it was always this, this willingness to like, go for it. You know? So whether it was, I remember I declined like one of the big stepping stones to becoming an executive in this company was like, you become this.

Like, they call it, um, an executive assistant. It’s called an EA, but it’s not that it’s like, it’s like, you are like, side-by-side with a senior senior leader and you are traveling wherever they’re traveling. And you’re like, you know, you’re like basically learning by, you know, just being surrounded. And like, you literally have no life for like a solid year, 18 months. And I told, so I was, you know, basically offered twice. And these, these are really hard to come by. Okay. I said no twice, because there was no way I was leaving my kids that much. And again, every time people were like, Oh my God, am I, God, am I God? You’re, you’re crazy. You’re crazy. And I will tell you and someone, someone needs to hear this right now. So that’s why I always feel like at these podcasts interviews, I don’t know if you feel like this too, even like the best laid things you’re going to talk about.

It’s like bubbles up to the surface. Kind of like what people hear. Totally. I was on maternity leave with my third and I was taking a six month with him. Now, mind you I’m already an executive. So I, once I was a pregnant, I was a pregnant executive, which I never really saw that around anywhere. And then I was actually, um, uh, taking a five month, a six month leave with him. And I’m in the car, in the backseat with him. He’s a little baby in this car seat and I still remember it. So clearly we’re driving home and I get a phone call and they want to promote me to vice president. Can you come back a little early? And I turned to my husband, I’m like, I think I might be the first person ever to receive a promotion to vice president while on maternity leave.

Right. Wow. And I had a long leave. It wasn’t a short leave. The, and I, I share that because even though I said no to all those things, even though I just showed up and did it my, my way and said no to a lot of things, I, I was still a, vice-president in a huge company, global company by the age of 39. Wow. Do you know what I’m saying? So it’s, it’s, it’s about, we’re, we’re kind of like, we go in this, um, we get this like paradigm in our mind, like we have to follow what we’re being told and that’s just because that’s the only way it’s ever been. Yes.

Thank you. Preach it, sister.

And this is like, you know, and, and the women are the worst and sometimes helping each other.

It’s so true. It’s so true. And you’re making me laugh. You’re making me think about a actually yesterday I ended up, I was enrolling a beautiful young woman in my program, and she had mentioned my program to her CEO and her CEO heads up this major financial services company, um, here in Atlanta. And we’re on, I have like 15 minutes because then I’ve got to go back into mom mode. And so I’m on this call with her. I’m just supposed to get her information. And she was like, Oh, my CEO is actually here. He wants to talk to you about what you could do for the rest of the other women in this company. And I was like, it’s so nice to meet you. I’ve got five minutes. And then I’ve got to scoot and go back into mom mode, but would love to continue the conversation.

And with, you know, at least like five years ago would have been too scared to do that. But I think when you set those boundaries and you have so much, self-worth that it’s like, no, I’ve got five minutes for you here. We’ll cover what we can cover. And then if it makes sense, we’ll continue. And just knowing that, like, you make your own rules, you set your own boundaries, you are worthy of whatever you desire. It shifts the paradigm. So I just, I love that you said that because I think I see so many women struggle with that. And clearly you’re like, you’re setting such a great example of just having super intact, healthy boundaries and enough self-worth that, you know, that the opportunities that you actually care about are ones that are going to feel like a hell yeah. In your body. Like no sacrifices on your part. So I just wanted to point that out. Yeah,

Totally. Totally. Yeah. Yeah. And it was, it was interesting too, because, you know, I always help people that it’s not, none of this is a straight line. Okay. It’s like, you know, leaving corporate, going to the first thing and that didn’t, that wasn’t quite the right thing to going to the next, here’s the planning. I’m sure you see it too for yourself and even your clients, then you kind of get to that next. And you’re like, okay, so now what, how does this look moving forward? We’re always, it’s always growing. It’s always morphing. It’s always, that’s kind of like the beauty of all this. So whether you’re incorporate or you have your own business or whatever, just like that, the fact that we have the ability, we’re not stuck, we have the ability to create the experience. We want these things to be whether it’s corporate or it’s your own.

And it’s always going to be morphing and growing. And I think that that’s, that’s actually an awesome part of it. Cause I can remember people being like, I’m so confused. Wait, you just left corporate, you did the boutique. And it was like two years later, like you’re selling it. I’m like, yeah. Oh yeah, I’m on for, I’m on to bigger things. Like, and a lot of people that that’s very uncomfortable for them. They, they they’ve been stuck kind of in, well, they’ve always been on this path and like, this is how it is. And so, you know, I’m sure people that are listening to your podcast, there are people that are not afraid to like the next thing and to morph into change and to pivot. And it’s okay. You know, but a lot of people aren’t going to understand, cause it’s kind of scary to them. Like people were like, you are leaving that job. I mean, it was like, you could palpably feel their fear and it had nothing to do with them, but it did.

Yeah. And that’s why I think you’ve got to be careful who you talk to things like getting, just excuse me, getting advice from people. Right. And perspectives. Because so many people are in fear, but you like what I’m hearing, what you said is like, you trusted your instincts and your intuition and that’s what it is because it’ll nobody else has to live your life. But you, and so it sounds like you were, so you had such healthy, intact intuition that you said, this is what I’m feeling called to do, and I’m going to do it as long as I feel called. And then I’m going to do the next thing and trust that you’re, it’s, it’s faith. Right. You’re supported. You’re cared for. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Which on that note, you know, I, again, I feel like something that might, you know, be helpful for your audience. You know, when I was in corporate, I feel like I didn’t have kind of this surrounding of people that I could really identify with on having dreams and these goals and all of the things. And so what I think is a shame is that it wasn’t until I started to pursue doing my own thing that I got exposed to, Whoa, Oh my gosh. There’s like masterminds. There’s coaches. There are other women doing things. I want every woman in corporate to know you can have that too. And so I love what you’re doing because I really feel like not, I mean, I didn’t even only just five years ago, no, that any of this was here and it’s like, we get stuck in, well, my company provides this kind of leadership training and my company has this mentor. And like, you’re just stuck in the four walls of your corporate world, but there’s so much else out there. And to have other women, especially that you can mastermind with that you can get that support that you can share. You know, it’s just, I wish every, I wish all women in corporate just knew what existed and you don’t have to have made the choice that you are going to do your own business to have that.

That’s such a good point, Julie. Yeah. That’s such a good point. So I’m curious, what are the, and I know we, I would, I will keep you on forever if we’re not careful. So I want to be, I want to be mindful of time, but so the scan out breakout formula, cause I did want to find out and maybe it’s something where they join your Facebook group and can kind of get

It on Amazon, Amazon. Okay.

Yeah. Any like any other key elements of that, that you think are important, especially for, you know, a woman who a lot of my women who are listening are looking to break six figures or beyond. So anything else that you think is maybe like one or two other elements of that, that you think would be helpful?

Yes. We started with one and we never got past the one. It was about that, about you. Right. And the personal brand. I think the other big thing is certainty. So really having certainty and a crystal clear goal, like of what you’re going towards and why, and that certainty in it. So whether it’s your, you know, if you’re in corporate, then you know, just that certainty of where you’re trying to go. Um, and why, and it being yours, not because that’s what you think you’re supposed to do next, you know, but you really like have this core belief, like this is what I want to do because when you have that certainty, it kind of creates this burning desire inside of you. And when you have a burning desire, you will do the work, you will do what you need to do. You’ll be persistent.

All of those things, if you’re like, it gets really hard to get that success because the success comes from, you know, you know, there’s lots of different philosophies on, you know, law of attraction and all that kind of stuff, but it really just comes down to the basics when you have this burning desire. And you’re really clear, you’ve got this certainty of what it is that you want. You are going to show up and take effective action. And when you do that, you’re going to get met and you’re going to achieve what it is that you want to achieve. If you’re like, Oh, that’d be nice. If you’re not going to go through what you need to go through, you’re not going to be persistent. You’re not going to show up and take the right actions. And some people get stuck and look, well, I’m not making the money that I wanted to make.

Well, are you really doing what you really should be doing? Because if you are so certain and you feel very aligned to what you’re pursuing, it comes the money. A hundred percent flows. I think people get stuck when they don’t have that certainty. Um, I feel like that’s really key. I think that the other big one is consistency, right? So what happens is, and I see this, whether it’s on the entrepreneurial side or even back in the corporate role, I used to mentor a lot of people in on the corporate side. Everyone wants things to happen faster than they’re going to happen. Um, it’s especially now just the world we live in. Everything’s quick success. I always say it’s like, there’s no overnight success, but there are overnight breakthroughs. There are overnight breakthroughs all the time. But what we don’t see ahead of it is the hard work that comes before that overnight breakthrough.

And I it’s like a hockey stick. You know, whether you’re working really hard in a corporation or you’re, you’re putting in the time, you know, when your own business you’re going to be kind of feeling like you’re a bit flat line as you’re going and even like take some hits here and there people stop short, they stopped short of where the hockey stick goes right up. That’s the overnight breakthrough. And it’s like, there’s no one lucky there. And it so rarely happens. Right? It’s you’ve got it. And I heard this the other day and I was like, this is so true. The whole point of a goal is growth. Yes. It’s the process of growth. It’s not actually hitting the goal. Cause once you hit the goal, you’re onto the next, right? So if the process is growth, you gotta be prepared for, for the work required.

Right. If it happened overnight, it’s kinda like lottery winners, most lottery winners lose it all. Why they lose it all because they never went through the growth required. Yes. That’s why you got to go through that growth. It’s just part of it. So people stop short. I see it all the time. Like, Oh my gosh, she got to stay consistent and be in it for the longterm. Yes. You can put a timeframe down. Like I want to get this promotion by this date. And or I want to leave my company by this date and start my own thing. But it should pass. If you’re still taking effective action, let it come. It just wasn’t exactly the time. But what happens is people go, I didn’t hit it. This didn’t happen. Forget it. You know? And people stop, stop. You’re preaching right now, sister. Yes, because I see it and it just, it breaks my heart. And then what happens is, is that people get, they decide, well, I’m going to try this instead. Maybe this is easier. Or maybe this is an easier path. None of it’s an easier path, right? It’s like, don’t choose the easier path because it’s usually not. Anyway. You’re just not giving it the time required. You, it, you got to show up, be consistent, have the faith that it’s something that you really want, it’s going to happen. You just can’t fall short of the goal line. And I just see that all the time,

Freaking love what you’re saying right now. It’s so true. And I love how you, okay. You said there’s no overnight success, but there are overnight breakthroughs. I love how you’ve changed that because you hear that all the time. Like there’s no such thing as overnight success, but no one talks about the fact that yes, there actually are overnight breakthroughs. And I believe you had the experience of going from like $10,000 launches, $10,000 launches to a hundred thousand dollar launch. I just recently had that same experience in dollar launch, a hundred thousand dollars. And it’s like that it, it does happen. It does, but you have to, for me, at least it was the inner game. It was like, I had to remove the resistance around receiving that bigger amount of money. I had to get that certainty in place. I had to feel worthy of it.

And that was, uh, you know, for me a 35 year process of getting to that point where that overnight breakthrough could happen. But it’s, but it’s like when you look back at everything, it’s been building to that and it’s so easy to throw in the towel, but everything has an incubation period. And you know, the time it takes for a kangaroo, I don’t know why this example is coming to mind. I think it’s like a couple of weeks for a kangaroo to like there may be versus a, you know, a human baby’s nine months. It’s just, everything has a different gestation periods. So it, you have to kind of know what you’re creating and the period of it may be longer depending on how much resistance you have around it and where you

You’re going to go through it again. I’ll give you a quick, a quick quote, 100%, whatever you want, Julie, I’m just gracious reader. And um, I am just always a student of like the mind and mindset and success and all the things. And so there’s this little book it’s super tiny. It’s called as a man thinketh by James Allen. There were a lot of really interesting books that were written in the early 19 hundreds, like thinking grow rich and all of these things all around the same time. And so there’s one quote they’re all right. Like nothing has changed. It is like they are gold. I have it right behind me thinking rubbish behind me. It’s like, it is such gold. Well, here’s a quote from as a man thinketh, but I’m going to put a woman’s perspective on it. Okay. So I’m just going to change the pronouns here.

So even if she fails again and again, as she necessarily must, until the weaknesses overcome, the strength of character gained will be the measure of her true success. And this will form a new starting point for triumph and success. So it’s saying that if you want to get to where you want to get to success wise, not only are you going to fail again and again, I don’t love the word fail. I think we would, we would look at it now, like as lessons, we’re kind of learning along the way, but it’s an as she necessarily must because here’s why this is the thing to do with the lottery winners. Right? You’ve got to work the weakness out. We all have like, some people call it limiting beliefs. Some people call it whatever it may be. If we don’t work those things through and we’d learn them and work through them through the process, we’re never going to get to that strength of character, right. To be able to actually get to that breakthrough. And that’s when the breakthrough happens, the breakthrough happens when that weaknesses overcome and we get that breakthrough. That’s it, every time it’s like, you know, but you don’t know it when you’re in it. No, that is how this works.

It is you’re 100%. Right? Gosh, that’s so good. I’ve never heard it said that way before he got to work the weakness out. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh my gosh. And I think that’s part of the value and we’ll, we’ll kind of wrap up here, but Oh my gosh, this is so good. This is so good. I think that’s part of the value of just who you’re surrounded by for me, like when I was making my kind of leap from six to seven figures, I was like, I know that there’s something in my thinking that has me stuck at the six figure level. So I need to be around people around women who are earning seven figures so I can, so I know how they think. And it’s to what you said, like being around people who think differently than you who see things differently, who can even shine a light on, maybe there’s a weakness that’s holding you back that you’re so in it, you just don’t even know that it’s optional. I guess it’s been your whole life. You don’t know that. Maybe there’s another way to think or another way to approach it. So I’m obsessed with that. Yeah. I’m so excited.

So true. And I think I, you know, just to enter one last thing I know we’re going to wrap here. I just, the biggest thing that I want people to know is that we have more possible ability in each of us than we can even begin to imagine. And the only way to start to uncover it is taking that scary and perfect action. Whether it’s that promotion that you’re like, Ooh, like I’ll never forget what I was like. I first become a director. And then when I was becoming a vice president, like who’s dipole wool over someone’s eyes, like really like, they’re going to put me in charge of these people. And so many people like that were older than me and you it’s, you get, you’re gonna, it’s never going to be the perfect time for anything. You’re never gonna feel ready ever. Like you never feel ready and you never know what’s actually possible inside of you. So it’s like, you take that scary step when you’re not ready. And it’s amazing what you will actually show that yourself that you’re capable of. You have no idea though, until you take the scary step and you step into it, you know, it’s like, you’re never going to be running.

Yes. Oh my gosh. Absolutely. I’m so lit up about everything you’re saying. Yes, Julie, what would be, I have one final question for you. And then I want you to tell everyone where they can find out about your book, your programs, all of that. If there’s a woman who is really, really like she is laser focused and she’s like, I’m going to break through my first six figures this year. What would be your number one top piece of advice to her?

I’m going to ask you repeat, repeat, repeat, just like keep doing what you’re doing. What I see people do is they keep all, let me change this strategy. Let me change this strategy. Especially in online entrepreneurship, it’s like, like, well, I’ll try this. And then like, well, that’s it. I’m gonna try this. The bouncing back and forth, put things on, repeat, repeat, repeat, being repetitive in what you’re learning, what you’re putting out there, how you’re showing up. Repeat repetition is so important. It’s something that people honestly forget. I tried something different now. No, you’ve got to give time, become a master at whatever it is you’re doing. And the only way that we become a master or become a master of our craft or whatever is repetition. I always joke because I’m a huge Tom Brady fan. And I grew up in the Boston area and he still, after all these years, he still works for the coach to do the one move of releasing the football, releasing the football. I mean that one move. You talk about repetition. You do not become a master unless you are repeating even the simplest things over and over again. And so if you want to stand out in your business or you want to stand out in your company, become a master at some part of what you’re doing, have that repetition. That’s going to help you stand out and become indispensable and get that promotion or be so consistent in the marketplace as an entrepreneur that you just become known for this for that. Right. That’s huge.

It’s so good. Julie. That’s so good. So please tell everyone where they can connect with you where they can find out more about your book, your programs. Yeah,

Absolutely. I mean, when the book is on Amazon standup breakout formula, um, I love to connect to people on, on Instagram. You know, I was going to say, join my Facebook group, but you know, I just, I love to connect personally with people. Yeah. All the things are on Instagram. So if you go to Julia sturdy on Instagram, you know, have all the links for different things. So at DME, like I’d love to hear like what, what did you take away from this? Anything I can clarify further, um, you know, have my podcasts, you ignite hustle. And you know, I’m a huge fan of helping people to this mindset stuff is so key. So we really focus a lot into that podcast on the mindset of how to be able to kind of bust through, break to that next thing that you’re trying to accomplish. So yeah, any of those is great.

So great. Yeah. And definitely like take a screenshot of this as you’re listening, or if you’re watching on YouTube and my website tag, both Julie and me, you know, let us know that you were listening and what your number one takeaway was, send us essentially a DM, send me a DM, let us know what you learned because I learned so much and I just, I love your energy. I love your enthusiasm, everything you said resonates so deeply in my soul and my body. And I’m so grateful for the work you’re doing in the world and for how you showed up for us today, Julie. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You’re incredible.

Thank you. And can I say thank you to you because you’re caring about our corporate ladies. Like I’m just so thankful for that because I wish when I was back in corporate that I even, that I don’t even think it really even existed to help people incorporate with amazing people like you. So I just really want to appreciate you and call you up for like, just remember in our amazing women that are just because they’re not starting their own business, they’re doing big, amazing things. And the more women we have running all these companies, well, you know, it just, everything will be better. So thank you for that.

Oh my gosh. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. I think it’s just whoever the woman is. As she feels more empowered, more, more capable of creating the outcomes she wants to create in her sales, her business and her life, everything shifts. So yeah. Huge, huge takeaways for me today. Thank you again, Julie and everyone listening, go follow Julie, check out her book, connect with her on Instagram. Get if you like this type of inspiration, you’re absolutely going to want to go connect with her further, wishing you a beautiful rest of your week. And we, we will see you next week for the next episode of she sells radio bye for now.

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