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Today’s episode is something a little bit different. Elyse is sharing a clip from her Weekly Sales Accelerator group. The session was all about selling the feminine way–a way that feels good to us women. Elyse is breaking down the 5 superpowers of the woman sales leader and how you can apply them to your own work. If you like what you hear, head over to!


The Sells Framework is based on 5 superpowers a woman in sales leadership has that can help break through six figures in a natural, organic way. This is where quantum leaps happen.


The first superpower is systems. The female sales leader has amazing systems in place and is well supported by them. Using a calendar in place of a to-do allows you to leave space for creativity, family, fun, and relaxation between the critical meetings. Dedicating time in your calendar for each task, even if it isn’t directly related to bringing in income, will give you the timeline to get ahead and keep things under control. Things like scripts can be written on your time, with your creativity, for your uses. They are there for support, not to be stifling–so make sure yours is ready for you. 


The next superpower a woman in sales has is that she educates. She educates herself and her customer. Knowing how money works is key to accomplishing your goals as a sales leader, so learning how to maximize your work and make sure you’re hitting goals is critically important. Understand what it takes knowledge-wise to be an expert in your space and powerfully serve your customer. Also, educate yourself on how you’re wired! You need to know how you work to work in a way that feels good to you.  When you educate your customer, sharing everything you know, one bite at a time, is a great way to teach your customers what you’re about and how much you know. People don’t pay for information. They pay for organization and application of that information. Google can give them information, but it can’t tell them how to apply it. Don’t think about “how much will they pay me to give them information.” Consider how you can make the information you know useful to a potential client or customer. 


Next, is the ability to listen. This superpower isn’t JUST listening–it’s the ability to get out of our own heads and be present, unattached to them becoming a customer or not. Instead, it’s attached to understanding you can help them achieve a higher good. It’s about hearing the question behind the question or the objection behind the objection. Getting into the conversation of “is this a must?” If it is, they will find a way to do it. You’re listening to hear if you’re a good fit for them AND if they are a good fit for you. 


The fourth superpower is that she loves. Learning to love the people you’re serving every day is truly unique and powerful. Really allow yourself to hope for the best in your client’s life. Have your goal to be an ally for them in achieving their goals. From there, the conversation becomes holistic and better for everyone involved. See them as a brother or sister–you helping them is you helping you.

The final superpower a woman has in sales is that she surrenders. You get to be attached to the “what” but not the “how” in sales. You can be incredibly confident in knowing you’ll get to whatever the “what” is, but you don’t get to decide the “who” or “how” it happens. The power to sit back and understand that you’ll have your conversations you need to have to reach goals while not worrying about who is meant to be your client. Either way, you’re going to be present and do your part–from there, the right people will say yes.



Today’s episode is something a little bit different. Elyse is sharing a clip from her Weekly Sales Accelerator group. The session was all about selling the feminine way–a way that feels good to us women. Elyse is breaking down the 5 superpowers of the woman sales leader and how you can apply them to your own work. If you like what you hear, head over to!


Welcome to she sells radio. So today I’m doing something a little bit different, and I’m actually sharing with you a clip of a recording that I did in my weekly sales accelerator group. And this was actually our first training for the group. So it was a lot of fun for me. And it was all about as a woman in sales, whether you were working for a corporation or you’re running your own business, how do we learn to sell the feminine way? How do we learn to sell in a way that feels really good to us? And that’s really what the sales accelerator and my whole brand mission is about is empowering women to break through six figures and beyond an income and learn to sell in a way that feels really good to them. And so you’re going to hear this clip from the training and in it, I’m teaching something.

I call the sells framework, which is really the cells, the five super powers of the feminine sales leader. So you’re going to learn what those are, how you can apply them into your own life and business. And if you want to learn more about the sales accelerator and you like what you hear here, and you want to join us in our next training, just head over to Elise, You can find out all about it. You can join, it’s super affordable. And we’d love to have you in the community. So with that, let’s dive right in and let’s find out what those five super powers are season create those quantum leaps in your life. So what I want to teach you kind of the final thing I want to teach you here is the sales framework. And it’s the five super powers of the female sales leader. And when you, as a feminine leader can learn to tap into each of these, this is where you get real support. You get real power, you make those quantum leaps in your income. You blast through, you know, six figures and beyond whatever your income target is. So I’m going to do a quick water break and we’re going to get into it.

So the first superpower here is systems. The female sales leader has amazing systems. Again, she is well supported by those more of those masculine systems. You can think about systems from everything from time management, right, how to manage your time. I do encourage you use your calendar instead of a to-do list. I found for me I feel overwhelmed if I work off of a to-do list instead of a calendar, because I’m out of reality with how much time I have to work throughout the day. So if something has to get done, it actually goes in the calendar, but remembering, like keeping some white space in there for fun and creativity. So when I’m scheduling out my ideal week, I’m scheduling in like very I’m scheduling in very critical tasks and, you know, time to create these trainings, time to connect with customers, time for sales time for marketing, but I’m also creating white space.

Like Sunday is family day in white space and just having fun and creating space for relaxation. At the end of the day, that’s all getting calendared in. Think about systems for your marketing, which is really about building your visibility in your space as a leader, having a content calendar planned out having an SOP manual for your team and anyone who’s helping you with marketing and your brand visibility. Like here’s how we do our posts on Instagram. Here’s how we release a podcast episode, et cetera. For clients follow up, you know, do you have a CRM system in place or even just using a spreadsheet, right. And then loose ones, loose ones. Okay. another embarrassing. But true. I’m just it’s, I’ll share all my journey here with you girl. So I remember I would, I was following a script to a T when I was connecting with the customer.

This is years ago and I was in my, again, my former sales coaching company. And there was a script we use for one-on-one calls and conversations. And this guy had seen me speak on stage at a pretty big financial services conference. And he asked me for a discovery call afterwards. Now this should have been a layup. Okay. This should have been so easy. He’d seen me speak. Usually I have a really high closing rate if someone has seen me speak. And it’s just kind of an easy yes. At that point for most people. But I remember I was really tired and I was exhausted and I was like, I just am going to follow our script. Usually I had a little more freedom and flexibility outside of the script that I used in my calls, which was part of why I had such a high closing rate.

But I was tired. I was exhausted. And I think I watched a training. We had recently about like, Joe’s fault. So I was just following the script and I remember I got to the close with him and he said to me, he was like, can you please stop reading a script and just talk to me like a human. And that has stuck with me that has really stuck with me because I, of course I lost that sale. And I, and it really would have actually been great for him. Like I do think of that as losing that sale because that he should have been a client. And but it was such a beautiful lesson to me and a gift. Because in that moment I was like, yeah, I need to remember scripts are there for structure and support, but not to be stifling.

You know, it was at the end of the day. It’s important. I think with our sales scripts and conversations, to have something to reference for good questions, to ask him to kind of support us, but they’re not there to take the place of a present human to human conversation where you’re just listening and you are literally just listening for what does this person need? What is my intuition telling me to say in this moment do I want to work with this person? You know, all of that, like the scripts are there for support, but not again, not to be the next superpower is she educates and she educates both herself and her customer. So when it comes to educating yourself, you know, think about educating yourself. You are your most valuable asset, which is part of I’m so glad you’re here. This is a perfect example of educating yourself, but thinking about like, you need to know how money actually works.

If you are going to accomplish your goals as a feminine sales leader, you need to know how many actually works and how the energy of money actually works. So we’re going to do more sessions on that, but one great quick resource that you can use. On my own podcast, she sells radio. We’ve got, we’ll have two as of next week. So whenever you’re watching this, it’ll probably be out already. Two interviews with my girlfriend, Alison Chavez. And she’s just incredible in terms of energy and I, excuse me, the energy of money and how it works, check out those interviews with her. You’re going to learn a lot but educate yourself on how many actually works your industry, right? You want to be a leader and an expert in your industry. So are you listening to podcasts and reading books and giving yourself the supportive materials so that you can be a true expert in your space and know, you know, know enough that you can really powerfully serve and help your customer.

Also educating yourself on how you’re wired, you know, as I was preparing for this training, someone in my community reached out and said, Hey, Lisa, I would love if you could train on how to close faster and how to shorten the sales cycle. And she said, you know, I get customers months afterwards, reach it, like after I’ve had a first sales call with them reaching back out and saying, Hey, you know, I know I didn’t say yes earlier, but I’m ready to buy now and buy my feedback for her in my thoughts for her are okay. Do we need to work on your closing skills? Maybe? Yeah, probably a little bit, but not everyone is wired to be a real, like short-term transactional closer and that’s okay. You know, you always want to be honing your skills, but the fact that she has people reaching back out to her months later, it means that she had such a memorable conversation with them and has continued to build such a relationship with them that they actually come back and want to work with her.

That’s not a bad thing. So know how you’re wired. If you are wired to be more of a, like one and done, short-term kind of transactional closer, that’s great. And leverage your skillset in that way. And if you’re wired to be more of a longterm relationship builder that’s good too. Like when I think about my own sales superpowers, I think I’m, I honestly don’t think I’m the strongest closer out there. Like, do I know how to close? Yes. Do I have a good closing rate? Yes. but is it my true superpower with sales? Probably not, but I can tell you what I am good at is lead gen. I’m really good at marketing lead gen and following up and just being in somebody’s speaking somebody’s space enough that eventually they say yes, but that’s my superpower. And I lean into that. So I don’t try to be something I’m not, because again, that creates a lot of burnout and just frustration with ourselves.

So embrace how you’re actually wired. And then the other side of educating is your customer part of, and this is part of how I sell. And I’m again, kind of thinking about the way I’m wired, like sharing everything, you know, on social media, just one bite at a time about your industry. So the way that you can think about this, so the way you can think about this, this is actually something that we teach through brand builders group, the other company, the personal branding strategy firm that I helped start a couple of years ago is the way that we teach it is today. People don’t pay for information, they pay for organization and application of that information. Okay. So when literally people can find anything they need to know about your product service or industry on Google, everything’s just a Google away today, right?

With that being said, what they will pay for is somebody to help them either organize that information for them, like in a manual, a book, of course your service, or help them apply it to help them actually implement it in their life or in their business. So sometimes there’s a fear of teaching too much. And then what would people pay me for? You don’t want to think about it that way. And this was part of how I mentioned to you. I had so much success when I first got into sales. Coaching was literally just sharing everything I knew. And it was people weren’t doing it as much, then as much as they are now. And people, other colleagues in my industry would say, why would you do that? Right? Why are people going to pay you? But what started happening was I very quickly built my reputation as an expert in, as a mentor in that space and started having clients reach like a lot of clients reach out to me saying, I want to work with you.

I’ve been watching your videos. I’ve been learning from you. I can imagine that if, if I can learn this much from you for free, I could learn a lot more. If you actually worked with me one-on-one and mentored me, it’s the exact same thought process, right? So you want to give away what you know, and do it in a way that you enjoy. You know, for me, video is fun and easy, and that’s part of why I also teach people how to get confident on video. But if you don’t enjoy video, do a written blog, do a podcast, like do it in a way that honors who you are and how you’re wired and enjoy it, enjoy the process, and then you’ll keep up with it. You’ll keep doing it. Okay. So the next superpower is to listen, and this is the ability to get out of our own heads and truly be with someone and be present unattached to whether they become your customer or not, but attached to them, making a decision in favor of their highest.

Good. So it’s the ability to listen to the question behind the question, you know, they, what are they really actually saying when they give you an objection? If they say, you know, I just don’t think I have the money for this. Like, okay, that’s great money aside. Is this a must for you? Right? Like we’re not even there yet in the money conversation. Like, is this a must for you? Or is it not? And kind of getting into that conversation because when some, just in this example, when something is a must for someone, they find a way to do it, you know, your child is in the hospital, you need to find a way to pay for their medical bills. You find a way to do it. But listening for what are they really saying behind the objection or behind the question? And again, it’s that lean back.

It’s the, Hey, like I’m here to evaluate and really listen to see, are you a good customer for me, as much as this conversation is about you seeing, if I make good service provider for you, the fourth superpower is she loves, and this is yeah, this, this has been transformational for me. And it’s learning to love the people that you are serving every day, whether they become your customer or not. You know, one of the, this is a fun little thing you can start doing. And I started doing it maybe a year ago. And it really made a difference, not just in my, it did make a difference to my bottom line outcome, but it also made a difference for me in how I feel throughout the day, which I think is what translated into the bottom line outcome. But as part of my prep process for each day, I started going through my calendar and it’s, it’s standard for me to go through and prep for every meeting, like putting together notes and outline, what do I want to make sure we cover, like looking at the person’s social media, whatever I need to do to prep for that meeting.

But I started adding in just saying a short prayer for them and praying that the goals that they’re trying to achieve and what they want in life would be realized for them. And that our conversation that day, regardless of the outcome, that our conversation that day would be used to help them to get closer to achieving their goals and that they would leave that conversation feeling better than when they came into it. And that I would really be able to be an ally for them. And that the words that would come through me and the ideas that would come through both of us in our meeting would be divinely inspired. And that I would be used as a channel for the right outcome for the better, good of all to come through. And I’ve started praying over every meeting in that in my day that way.

And it’s amazing what happens because you kind of move from, again, more of that. It’s kind of like the me versus you that I think is so often taught in sales training, where it’s almost like you’re sitting across the table and you’re negotiating to know we’re on the same side of the table and I’m sitting here next to you. And I, I want to genuinely help you. Like, I love you. I appreciate you. I see you as my brother or sister. I realized that we are all actually one and me helping you is me helping me. Right. It’s the same. It’s it’s the, that separation is really an illusion. So it’s, we’re the same. We are hell like I, the more I help you, the more you help myself. So it’s that shift in dynamic that changes everything. And then the final, the fifth superpower is she surrenders.

And again, shout out to, to my mentor, Gina, where I learned this from originally, you can be attached to the what but not the how. So with your goals, with your income goals, with your client goals, you get to be attached to the what but not the, how you get to say, Hey, I’m going to make 10 grand next month. I’m going to close five clients next month. I’m going to are, you know, using the language we talked about today, I’m going to receive five clients next month, whatever that is for you, you get to be attached to that with a fierceness of no matter what this is going to happen, but you don’t get to be attached to who or how it happens. That’s where it’s more about the surrender and the lean back and the setback and the like, Hey, I, I’m going to have my sales conversations.

I know to achieve my goals. Again, this is more of the masculine I know, based on my average numbers, I need to have X number of client conversations to receive this many clients. And so I’m going to have those and I’m going to be totally unattached to who is meant to be my client. I’m going to show up, I’m going to be present. I’m going to do my part. And then I know, and I trust, and I have faith that when I do that, that the right people will say yes for themselves. And again, it’s, you may have someone who in your mind is the perfect customer for you, and they may not buy, but they’re opening the door for somebody else to come through. So remember not everyone has to be your customer. That’s okay. You do your part God in the universe, do the rest and surrender.

And within that surrender to it’s an opening and a listening for what divinely inspired could I take today? What divinely inspired action could I take today? That would move me closer to these goals. And just that’s part of where the importance of, you know, meditating silence comes into your day so that you can receive those, those nudges and those hunches of you should do a post about this over. You should reach out to this customer. It’s important to have that white space and that silence scheduled in so that you can tap into that higher level of thinking. That’s going to help you create that quantum leap. So that is the cell’s framework, my friend. And and if you start implementing these five things in the way you run your business, that’s how you’re going to really tap into your feminine power and energy, which creates those quantum leaps in your sales results.

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