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Welcome back to Instant Impact with your host, Elyse Archer. Today, Elyse sits down with Laura DiFrancesco. Laura is the President of Dean Street Law and specializes in negotiating billion-dollar contracts. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, privately-held companies, and high net worth individuals. She’s here today to share some tactical, actionable tips we can implement to help us prepare to take the leap from our current jobs to starting our own business. 

Laura starts us off by letting us in on how she got started in preparing herself to take the plunge into starting her own business. She says it’s important early on to be open-minded and to think creatively about what skills you have and what sort of company you can run with them. This lets you test your market through low-stakes trial and error. You can even try these skills within your current position and see what people are receptive to. Once you’ve established what your skills are and how you’ll utilize them, then lay out what your absolute worst-case scenario is. Fear is often a major obstacle, so getting in line what it would take to make you feel comfortable taking the next step can help ease some of that worry. 

The next steps Laura talks about include making space–both in your life and in your budget. By creating space within your life you’re better able to make a plan and map out how you’ll realize your business goals. Through mindful spending, you can feel out the potential growth of your business without any unneeded pressure on you or your bank account. 

Laura continues to expand on her tips by reminding us that it’s vital to build a community before the ask. Through social media and physical and digital marketing, you can prototype your services and create free opportunities that can help give you more information on the best path to faster success. With internal reflection and understanding what the best-case scenario might be, you can feel confident diving into starting your own business. 

What you’ll learn in this podcast

In today’s episode, you’ll gain insight into some actionable steps you can take to prepare yourself to start your own business without putting unnecessary stress on yourself. Laura and Elyse discuss ways we can build a community, a plan, and confidence so we can take the plunge. Laura dives into how she saw growth in her own business and ways she established herself ahead of time to set herself up for success. 



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