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Welcome back to the Instant Impact Podcast with your host, Elyse Archer. Today, Elyse talks with Hilary Billings about overcoming the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy so many of us face in the modern world. Hilary is an on-camera host, celebrity interviewer, online influencer, and host of the podcast Red Carpet Confidence. She is a former Miss Nevada, producer for E! News, and travel host for Norwegian Cruise Line. Hilary has been a featured contributor for USA Today, Thrive Global, and Huffington Post, as well as on Extra! Entertainment TV. As a burn survivor with humorous monologue viral videos and an online audience of millions, Hilary is focused on everything but the superficial.

Hilary starts off the conversation by sharing two key things we can do as a society to help address the epidemic of feeling inadequate. First, she says, is to have more conversations about it. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject linked with failure and weakness, it should be put in the forefront and discussed. Secondly, comparison is the killer of joy. Anytime we look at our story versus someone else’s, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. Once we can stop comparing ourselves to manicured content, we can point ourselves in the right direction. 

Elyse and Hilary chat about stepping outside of your comfort zone and how it can help build confidence. We tend to think of life in terms of arriving. Focusing on perspective and celebrating growth is a great way to build authentic confidence and can help affirm that growth.

Finally, Hilary shares her top three tips to gain the Red Carpet Confidence:

1.       Intentionally using social media. Making sure you’re clear on your reasons why you’re on social media.

2.       Gap Measuring. Going from focusing on lofty goals to celebrating growth and forward progress.

3.       A Content Diet. Conversations, what you’re watching, and what media you’re consuming. You are what you eat! Choose what is best for you and your mindset.

What you’ll learn in this podcast

In today’s podcast, you’ll gain insight into the sources and causes of feeling inadequate, how to overcome them, and how to build authentic confidence. Hilary shares some actionable tips on how we can achieve Red Carpet Confidence and celebrate the growth we have internally. She shares her method for not relying on the external to validate our self-worth. 

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