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Thanks for tuning into Instant Impact with your host, Elyse Archer. Today’s conversation is with Kate Gremillion. Often times, business owners can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get through their massive to-do list and slide into a feeling of being overwhelmed. We can get caught up in the image and personal branding and forget about putting supports in place to make it sustainable. Kate is an expert at all things streamline. She works with business owners and entrepreneurs to systemize and streamline their work by tweaking, organizing, and trimming our day-to-day activities.  She uses strategies she’s developed to create freedom with our time without working for sweat equity. Owning a business doesn’t have to be stressful! 

Kate shares her tips for getting started:

  1. A “Purse Dump.” This is where Kate lays it all on the table and write down everything they should be spending their time on. This can help bring to light all the extra things on their plate. There are two questions to ask here: is this essential or is it generating revenue? 

  2. Automation. What software can be used to free up time? Things like, scheduling social media posts, accounting, and sending emails can all be automated at a lower price than you would think. 

  3. Outsourcing. If the thing they’re spending time on is essential or generating revenue but can’t be automated, it’s a good time to look at hiring someone who fits the job description you have based on your specific needs. 

  4. Batching. Once Kate has narrowed down what has to be done, batching is a good way to get things done in advance and while you’re in a mental space that’s dedicated to the task at hand. 

  5. Schedule. This is self-explanatory–decide how you want to spend your time. 

Kate goes on to explain her top tips for social media efficiency. She likes to think of social media posts in 90-day campaigns. Establish a clear goal and work backward from there. Her system is MVP: 

M: Mirror–give your audience something they can see themselves in. Think “Do you ever feel like…”

V: Value–offer a tip or trick they can implement and get immediate results that will improve their lives. 

P: Personality–share a little about yourself! Give your audience someone they can connect with. 

She continues on suggesting that you should build credibility before having an ask, but do include a call to action in every post. 

What you’ll learn in this episode

In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to streamline, manage, and systemize your work to free up your time and energy. You’ll get some tips on how to get started, what it can cost, and what results you can see from making your business work for you. 


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