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Stop Feeling Guilty for Wanting More

I’m absolutely buzzing with excitement to reconnect with you all in this solo episode—it feels like ages since we’ve had a heart-to-heart. Today, I’ve got something truly special in store for you as I peel back the layers and offer you an exclusive peek behind the scenes of my recent mastermind retreat down in beautiful Florida.

During this soul-nourishing event, I experienced some profound shifts in consciousness that I simply can’t wait to share with you. From the transformative power of flexibility and surrender to the delicate dance between intention and letting go, there were ah-ha moments aplenty. But perhaps the most liberating takeaway of all was the revelation that it’s okay—scratch that, it’s essential—to stop feeling guilty for wanting more out of life. It’s time to own our desires, embrace our dreams, and step boldly into the life we’ve always envisioned for ourselves.


Show Notes:

[2:34] – The first takeaway for me as the facilitator of the event is the power of flexibility and surrender to a greater good.

[4:15] – The event location was stunning, so check it out on social media.

[5:55] – There’s a delicate balance that we take when we’re creating next level goals between intention and surrender.

[8:07] – How can I be of service no matter how many people are present?

[9:17] – Because of the changes, I scrapped some of the plans and really went into what attendees needed.

[10:57] – I used to look at the success of other people and make assumptions.

[14:18] – What is convenient will keep you complacent.

[16:13] – To level up, you need to elevate your level of consciousness.

[18:20] – Listen to an experience of a mastermind community member who is seeking another level of abundance.

[19:52] – A lot of times, the old worn-out thinking is creating feelings of guilt and shame.

[22:21] – What is your paradigm and social conditioning telling you? Is it holding you back from abundance?

[24:07] – You have to start by creating soul freedom.

[25:07] – Listen to an excerpt from a reading that drives this point home.

[27:01] – All our lives, we are made to feel guilty over the things we desire.

[29:15] – After listening to that excerpt, did you feel any tension or triggers?

[31:02] – What is the consciousness of someone who is comfortable in their abundance?

[33:41] – I am one with my highest self and know I want to be the best Elyse Archer I can be.

[35:12] – It is up to us to create heaven on Earth everyday.

[36:50] – Get yourself in an environment surrounded by the level you want to be in.

[39:10] – You can learn this information, but you have to get uncomfortable and take the opportunity to change the areas of your life that are holding you back.

[41:16] – If this resonated with you and you are ready to cultivate this, you are ready to be a part of Mind Over Matter Live.


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Welcome to She Sells Radio I have a solo episode for you today and I am excited


because it’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these and I want to share with you my takeaways ahas uh some of


the biggest things that are shifting in my life right now many of which are tied to I’m going to share with you a bit of the behind the scenes of the event that


we held uh two weeks ago today now which was my master M retreat in Rosemary Beach Florida which was absolutely


beautiful and had some really good shifts in Consciousness happening with


the attendees there so I’m going to share with you some of what those were so you can apply them to your own life and I’m also just going to weave in um


some ways that my consciousness has elevated and shifted recently too and some things I’m really thinking about in


my own life that um are creating much greater and better results so you can


apply again apply what what want from this to your own life too so um let’s


let’s get into it I’ve got three core takeaways from this event and by the way


if we’re not connected on social go connect with me I’m at Elyse Archer and on Instagram I shared a lot of the behind the scenes of events and things


that are going on so you can see and you can see some of the pictures of the home


that we were at for this Retreat it was absolutely stunning I’ll talk more about it here in the show today but you can


also watch some of the behind the scenes Adventure because there’s a lot of um there’s just a lot of events coming up


and exciting things going on that I want to share with you and you can see things like us rescuing our RV from North


Carolina and driving it home in the middle of the night which is another story for another day but shared behind


the scenes of that on H social so let’s make sure that we’re connected on Instagram and on LinkedIn which is where


I tend to be the most but let’s talk about the event for today and the first


takeaway that I really got as the facilitator of this Retreat is um the


power of flexibility and surrender to a greater level of good so in in our lives


and so let me share with you what that looked like here and then what um what the takeaways were for you so going into


this Retreat um it number one when we do these Retreats and it’s the second one like this that we’ve done they are


beautiful so the home we rented was a $6.5 million home


right on the water like right on the ocean walking you walk outside you walk down I think past two other homes and


you’re you’re on the ocean so you walk right out go to the beach go to the pier


stunningly beautiful home um we had some really beautiful experiences that we


brought in as well for um for my Mastermind members so this retreat was for women who are members of The


Mastermind uh for women who are already at the six figure level uh you know ready to go to multi6 or seven so we


work with women at that level in our Mastermind in our higher level uh programs and so I wanted to really like


just create different experiences for them that sometimes we can say oh well


even if you’re making a decent amount of money we can say oh that’s too much or who am I to do that or I was raised and


taught not to use money that way right like with scarcity Consciousness so we had a beautiful private Chef dinner we


had a private yoga Session One morning out uh by the the private pool out back


of this home so it was really really stunning again go like just check out social if you want to see some of the pictures because I I don’t know about


you I could probably be an interior designer slre turn another life I love I


love homes and beautiful homes so I care about the environment that we’re in so this home was really really beautiful


but what was so interesting about this event and where I got to really learn and practice Just Surrender and


everything is always happening exactly as it’s supposed to be was we initially had seven registered


RSVP and in the 48 Hours leading up um three women weren’t able to attend due


to uh covid sickness like last minute stuff that popped up and so it was so


interesting because we had planned for obviously still an intimate group but we had planned for more and what I and I I


found out a lot of this is I was like literally driving to the home because we flew into Naples so that I could drop


the boys off with my in-laws by the boys I mean all three of the boys my hubby Jason and then the two our two sons and


then it was an eight and a half hour drive to Rosemary Beach so I find a lot of this out while I’m driving I’m like well here it is there’s not much to do


about it plus the thing that I have learned in you know I’ve been an


entrepreneur been in business for myself since 2015 but really three years a


little more than years of running this brand and I’ve learned so much running


this this company and this brand on my um just at a bigger level than I’ve run things before in my life and I have


really learned to trust that the people who are there are the right people for


that message and for that particular um event scenario and and to


take this and apply this to whatever you’re doing so whether you’re listening and you’re an entrepreneur whether


you’re a sales professional there’s this delicate balance that we


take when we’re creating and when we’re creating Next Level goals this this balance and this dance between intention


and surrender and so the intention piece is always about you know I intend to


serve at the highest level I intend to be available for as many people as want


to be part of something as it can come Etc I intend x amount so whatever the


goal is whatever the vision is whatever the desire is that’s our intention right but if we grip that too hard and if we


make it mean something if things don’t pan out the way that we set the intention for initially then we um we


missed the beauty we missed the blessing we missed the opportunity so when I when


I learned that three of the women were unable to make it last minute and had to make some of those shifts in terms of


planning and I i’ plan out a whole uh you know two-day event on science of getting rich and teaching from that book


because that’s been a a transformational book in my life and I love teaching the concepts from it but it was like okay


how can I best serve and be there for the women who were showing up and so we


pivoted and we made it into more of like a semi-private small group intensive for


the women who were there and what was so beautiful to see was when we kicked off


on the first day it was like those women were supposed to be there and I think if


they’re listening they would probably say the same that like just the commonalities the synchronicities the


connections and the the ability to help each other in different ways because they’re in different stages of life but


but able to kind of complement where each other were um it was so so powerful


and so I have just learned to be so surrendered to how can I be of service


no matter who’s there how many are there what what it looks like versus what I


had planned for slash intended and to really be in the blessing of of whatever is right and so


when we have that belief and this is such an important belief to establish and create in your life everything is


always working out for me everything is always working out for me everyone is everything is always working out for me


when we have that belief then we are able to take whatever the scenario is


and if it’s different from how we intended and we still showed up and we did the things and we put we we did our


part then we can kind of sit back and say oo like there’s something better


here there’s something bigger here that’s manifesting that I um that I get


to just co-create with like I get to be surrendered to this and I get to co-create it was a really powerful


beautiful experience I had fun kind of scrapping the whole agenda I had and aside from keeping


certain things like you know the chef dinner the private Chef dinner the the private yoga session all of that um was


really open to how the time was meant to be structured and it was so beautiful


how it flowed and I think each woman there got a really immersive like deep dive in what she was needing at the time


so so that’s the first thing that I took away and that I want to impart to you


today is just the power of f flexibility and the power of surrender and kind of that delicate dance that we all get to


play every day of matching intention that that really Crystal Clear intention


with an element of surrender the second thing I want to share with you and this is probably going to be the biggest


teaching point for today because I want to pull from both the retreat as well as something I was listening to this morning


is it’s about thinking bigger it’s about dropping guilt for wanting more


it’s about an elevation in your s concept and it’s


about it’s about questioning everything every old


Paradigm and pattern that has been holding you back from what you really


want so it was really neat when we were in this home there were pictures around


the home of the owners and you know everyone’s a little different when they rent out their home some people you know


probably feel comfortable leaving pictures out other people don’t I don’t know who these people were were or are but it was it was a young family right


it was pictures of a young family now watch where your judgments go when I say that do your judgments go to oh they


inherited the money oh this oh that I don’t know I don’t know the family I don’t know the family but what I do know


in my life now is I used to look at success of someone else and and make excuses or have judgments like oh they


it was easy for them or oh this or oh that that’s not how I roll now I see and this is actually how you know you’re in


alignment with what you want is you see the success of someone else and you celebrate it you say wow good for them


you know I see that now I feel that when I look at other coaches mentors leaders in my industry who are like you know any


number of things that I’m also actively manifesting in my life whether it’s they’re on the New York Times list


they’ve got thousands of people at their enrollment events they’re speaking on the big big stages I see that I’m like


yes go I love it and that’s and I used to not feel those feelings like gut


instinct I used to have to do a lot of selft talk to get myself there I don’t anymore and it’s beautiful and that’s


actually how you know that you’re in alignment with what you want so side note there and take a quick sip of


coffee then then keep going so I literally just splashed


myself in my eye with my coffee that was great okay this is what you get on the solo episodes so there are pictures of


the owners in this home and it’s a young couple with I can’t remember two or


three kids I want to say a really cute dog the dog’s name was well I’m not going to say a dog it doesn’t matter we knew the dog’s name um but cute couple


cute kids young and one of the attendees there looked at the picture and she said


oh that’s so inspiring she said I could do that and what was so cool about hearing her say


that was I don’t know if she would have said that she entered our Mastermind about a year ago I don’t know maybe she


would have said it my guess is maybe not about a year ago when she was first starting on this growth Journey but she


looked at the picture and she said oh well if they can do it why can’t I and I


thought that is it that is the energy that we want to be in that manifests our


goals at a bigger level that’s part of the power and this is the third point so I’ll do a little preview but I’ll go


deeper in a minute the the power of changing your environment and being in a different


space you know we we get conditioned to things just being as they are around us you’re used to whatever the frequency is


of your home whatever the frequency is of your bank account whatever the frequency is of your relationships you


get used to that and unless you consciously shake it up and put yourself out of your comfort zone and do what it


takes to get in a different environment the the women who were there for this event had early lights like early you


know on the airplane at 5 6: a.m. to be there but guess what they got uncomfortable and one of the women even


said she was like it was almost like everything was working against me to get there she’d gotten like two or three


hours of sleep every night leading up to the event kids were going through some


stuff um you know the other one of the other women who was there who commented on this she said I you know I’ve been


traveling a lot lately but like she still got herself there so that’s where sometimes we can make excuses and say oh


it’s not convenient it’s not convenient to get on an airplane it’s not convenient to buy a plane ticket it’s


not convenient to invest the money in myself it’s not convenient well guess what what is convenient will keep you


complacent all right that’s I’ve never thought about it that way before but that’s what’s channeling for you this morning as I record this so there you go


whatever is convenient will keep you complacent so if you want to elevate if


you are done with being complacent in where you are then there are sacrifices


that need to be made there are we’re always exchanging one thing for another right so the key is I talked about this


last week in a training I did for a really cool group of coaches the key is what are you sacrificing this is the law


of sacrifice and we always want to be sacrificing something of a lower nature for something of a higher nature so


whenever you make a choice to attend an event to get out of your comfort zone to


invest in yourself you are trading everything else you could be doing at


that moment with that time or you’re trading that money that’s in your bank account or on the credit card for that


experience but the way you want to think about it is I’m sacrificing I always want to be sacrificing something of a


lower nature for something of a higher nature so by getting on the airplane by


being willing to not sleep in by being willing to show up by being willing to invest in themselves these women


sacrifice some level of comfort that maybe they could have gotten from sleeping in or staying home but they


were able to get into an environment that they were like this is the nicest


home I’ve ever been in in my life right um this is the like the space being able to be part of that private Chef dinner


being poured into in a private yoga session being poured into for me and the team they that was the elevation they


traded the other options they had available at that time for this and so what we want to do is start to and this


is really my goal I talk about this a lot with my Mastermind we work on this with our clients in the 10K club with my


private clients as well but the thing I care about most for you if you’re going to transform is we need to elevate and


raise your level of Consciousness and to do that it’s critical and key to be in different


environments in different scenarios um amongst different people who are going to help you think


differently more more abundantly more prosperously more uh possibility focused


for yourself and that’s what this was about so when this attendee when my Mastermind M said why not me I said yes


you’re there so so powerful and so something this is where I’m going to tie


in something I was listening to this morning so I haven’t trained on this thing per se before this is literally


real time me sharing with you kind of my gut reactions based on something I was


listening to but it was so powerful and I I heard this maybe just an hour ago probably not doing that probably 30


minutes ago as I was driving into the house before recording this and I want to share this with you so I was listening to a mind Valley Summit um


that they did on manifesting yesterday so as I as I record this in real time they did this um on Sunday the 17th and


vision was talking about desire when manifesting our goals


and the power of desire and he read from conversations with God Neil Donald watch


this is the second book I’m looking at it on my screen right now and I’m going to read to you some of what was said


because as I listened to it it it didn’t trigger me it was interesting it didn’t trigger me but it would have triggered


me parts of this would have triggered me maybe even six months ago a year ago but I think this has been so part of my


journey of my whole lifetime and I’d say really a lot in the past year has been like an immersion into


just Mass elevations of Consciousness so I’m going to read to you part of what the book said I’m going to Tee It Up


with a quick story of something that another one of my masterm members was sharing last week on our coaching call


and it was really beautiful to have this level of awareness so well she listens


like every episode so she’ll know who she is and I love you deeply when you’re listening to this I’m not going to give


anything identifying um but this this member is this member of The Mastermind


is really at a point where she is ready for a far greater level of abundance in


her life which is where a lot of members come of our community when they when they come in here and when they join


us and if you are seeking a greater level of abundance which you very


possibly are because you’re listening to this podcast and yet there’s something where it’s not clicking there’s something where it’s not happening here


is what I want you to know it is not about the money on a surface level all right it is not about just working


harder getting greater Financial Acumen doing more of the same although can


those things help yes sometimes in a certain way however when you


are like I am ready I want it I desire it I’m there I’m doing the things I’m


taking the action and yet there’s something that’s not budging in the financial scenario in


the sales in the revenue there is a deeper level that we want to tap into to


figure out what the block is there’s some sort of a blockage and a lot of times it’s guilt


and a lot of times it’s shame and a lot of times it’s old worn


out thinking that was drilled into you maybe early on in life maybe through and and


I’m I’m I’m I’m conscious when I say this I am a very spiritual person


spirituality is now the most important part of my life didn’t it used to be most important part of my life I this it


guides everything I do so when I say this um this is not about saying you


need to believe or think any certain way because you don’t I believe you need to follow your own path and your own


calling and whatever speaks to you what what I will say is I have found in my own upbringing and also in a lot of the


members of the community what we were taught growing up on our spiritual path or in a religious institution was that


there is glory in suffering there is glory in scarcity there is glory in not


having enough that you were meant to suffer and life is meant to be hard and then you’re meant to die and then you go


to heaven and everything is good I do not believe that I fundamentally do not


believe that I believe we have the opportunity every day to create heaven on Earth or to create hell for ourselves


and it’s all based on our level of Consciousness and so what this member of


the group was sharing and what I was coaching her on last week on our call was she came from a very conservative


religious upbringing and what was taught


was in essence and I’m going to sum up kind of my takeaway from she said like poverty is the path to heaven


poverty is the path to being safe and that having too much or being too seen


or being too famous or being too known will send you straight to hell and that


you would be a this was her language a devil child if you were too much in any of those departments and so it is of


course not surprising that now as this woman has set a firm intention to bring


in far greater prosp abundance in her life that those old beliefs are rearing their head and


saying yeah but yeah but yeah but what if if I do this if I’m too known if I’m


too famous if I’m too seen if I’m too successful I’m going to hell and of


course if that’s the Paradigm if that’s the conditioning if that’s the belief


system then of course you’re not going to want to manifest abundance not a maybe on a conscious level you still but


not on a subconscious level not on the level of the part of the brain that is designed to keep you alive and safe and


so this we I I coached her on some things to do I coached her on what to examine what to look at um some some


exercises she’s going to be doing but anything that tells


you that you cannot be do or have what you want on a soul level is not


truth I want you to really hear that it is not truth and the sooner we can wake up to


that and the sooner we can raise our Consciousness to that and the sooner we can


examine and become of aware of become aware of the parts of us that we’ve been unaware of that have just been running


the program on default mode for decades for many of us we can start to release the shackles


that have been holding us back and something I know and see this


is something I see on every single intake of every single member of our community and even if you and I haven’t


connected directly yet I I venture to Guess that this is something I would see


on your intake if you were a member of our community if you came into our programs is that you want greater


freedom in your life and what I am aware of now is that


freedom on a financial level on a Time level on an opportunity level


what it boils down to is you also and first creating freedom for yourself on


an emotional and a soul level and then all the other things are made manifest from there so with that little preview I


want to read to you some of what I was listening to this morning and this is about desire and dropping guilt for


wanting what you want in your life this is Neil Donald Walsh conversations with God the second book


it’s not unlike the famous singer you all know whom I will not name here who


receives millions of dollars for singing her songs asked to comment on her incredible success and the riches that


has brought her she said I feel almost guilty because I love doing this so


much the implication is clear if it’s something you love doing you should not


also be rewarded additionally with money most people earn money by doing


something they hate or something that is at least hard work not endless Joy so


the world’s message is if you feel negatively about it then you can enjoy


it think about that guilt is often used by you in your attempt to feel bad about


something you feel good about and thus reconcile yourself with God who you think does not want you to feel good


about anything you are especially not to feel good about joys of the body and


absolutely not about as your grandmother used to whisper s x well the good news


is it’s all right to love sex it’s also all right to love yourself in fact it’s


mandatory what does not serve you is to become addicted to sex or anything else


but it is okay to fall in love with it practice saying this 10 times each day I


love sex practice saying this 10 times I love money now you want a really tough


one try saying this 10 times I love


me here are some other things you were not supposed to love practice loving


them Power Glory Fame success


winning want some more try these you should really feel guilty if you love


these the agulation of others being better having more knowing how knowing


why had enough wait here’s the ultimate guilt you should feel the ultimate guilt


if you feel that you know God isn’t this interesting all through


your life you’ve been made to feel guilty about the things you want


most yet I tell you this love love love


the things you desire for your love of them draws you to you draws them to you


these things are the stuff of life when you love them you love life when you


declare that you desire them you announce that you choose all the good life has to offer so choose sex all the


sex you can get and choose power all the power you can muster and choose Fame all


the Fame you can attain and choose success all the success you can achieve


and choose winning all the winning you can experience yet do not choose sex instead


of love but as a celebration of it and do not choose power over but Power


with and do not choose Fame as an end in itself but as a means to a larger end


and do not choose success at the expense of other s but is a tool with which to


assist others and do not choose winning at any cost but winning that costs


others nothing and even brings them gain as well go ahead and choose the


agulation of others but see all others as beings upon which you can shower


agulation and do it go ahead and choose being better but not being better than


others rather better than you were for go ahead and choose having more but


only so that you have more to give and yes choose knowing how and knowing why


so that you can share all knowledge with others and by all means choose to know


God in fact choose this first and all else will


follow there’s more he says there but I’m going to pause that pause with that so just notice with


that was there any part of you that was triggered was there any part of you


where you felt an internal constriction when I said part of


it and if so just get curious about it what part was it the part about loving


sex was it the part about loving power loving money loving Fame this is um a


concept I’ve been really playing with and having fun with and I’m going to be teaching this at a live event next month


which I’ll tell you about a little bit more in a moment here uh but just this concept of Fame


and what is the consciousness of someone who is so comfortable in the


spotlight who is so comfortable being seen and adored by others I was just


playing with um the energy of Taylor Swift and it’s funny because I don’t listen to a lot of her music but my my


sister-in-law is such an awesome woman she’s going to Sweden this summer to go


see Taylor Swift perform and she was talking about the women in her she works in financial services in New York City


and she was talking about the women in the office a lot of them are going to or I think at least one other but they’re all talking about it they’re they’re


literally flying to Sweden to see Taylor Swift perform and so I started I don’t


again I don’t watch a lot of stuff but I started watching some of her videos on YouTube of her performing and I was like


I just loved watching her energy and watching how in flow she was being in


the spotlight being seen being visible how she was playing with the audience it was such a co-creation in love and I


thought that is such a fun mindset and energy to play with which is what would


what must the Consciousness be of a woman like that or choose who whoever it


was whoever it is who resonates with you who you deem famous maybe it’s a great


spiritual teacher with a lot of followers maybe it’s a great podcaster who you follow maybe it’s someone in


your industry who’s speaking on the big stages that you want to speak on maybe it’s Madonna Beyonce Oprah I don’t care


but they had to have a level of availability for Fame in order for that to manifest and I


think so often one of the other things I see from a lot of the members of our community who I coach is this fear of


visibility piece I tell you what you can’t have both you can’t have both you


can’t have both you can’t have two masters right a fear of visibility a fear of being seen and be able to


manifest success and notoriety and fame in your own


way at the same time and I think for those of us who are called to serve at a


high level and for those of us who are called to build platforms and have influence and impact the lives of many


others with our work which I I feel called to do and and I’m not attached to what that looks like in my life do I


have a vision for what I would love in terms of opportunities in terms of influence yes do I have confidence that


that will happen in my lifetime yes and am I unattached to it yes I care about


showing up as the best version of me every day and serving every single


person who I am privileged to speak to now that’s what I care about is what I’m


going to bring the energy now to every part of the platform that I have that I


feel it will be like to bring as the platform grows and whatever that


manifests into I am grateful for and there was also a part of myself that I


got to do some deep inner work with that did have fear of visibility and did have


fear of being seen and when I was in that kind of limbo stuck between the desire for more


and also the fear of punishment the fear of Wrath the fear of shade being thrown


my way right the fear of not doing it well enough the fear of being made wrong uh I got to do the work on that


and I am so clear now on I it’s like I


am one with God in this I’m going to use my language you use your language of what works I am one with God I am one


with my highest self I am one with my I want to live my best and Highest


Potential I want to create the best and highest life I can create in this lifetime I want to be the best Elyse


Archer I can be and what is that like what is that fullest expression of me


and who is she and letting myself go all out in my mind in terms of what does


that look like for a financial level from a Fame level from an impact level


from a giving level from a love level from a health level from a lifestyle


level and then letting that come together in the most perfect way doing


my part and then also trusting that the Divine is doing this with me because it


is of great service to the world for each of us to show up at our best and


highest and to drop that old worn out Paradigm of the fear of visibility the


fear of being seen where we’re like oh it’s safer to play it small it’s safer to suppress it’s safer to cover up with


layers whether it’s avoidance whether it’s extra pounds whether it’s fear


procrastination we cover it up we cover up our desires with these things and when we can drop the old paradigms that


somehow there is glory in staying small that there is glory and not having enough that that’s how we get to heaven


that that’s how we’re good uhuh none of that is true my friend when we can drop that and realize that it is up to us to


create heaven on Earth every day and to create what our highest and best


expression looks like and to me I think about what are the attributes of God of


source of universe that I want to instill in my life radical abundance


Beauty love joy expansion giving generosity service so when I can play


with those elements every day and and and stop and and shift the Consciousness


to how can I be more of that rather than the old same old same old cage of


limiting beliefs every day that’s when life gets exciting that’s when things manifest that’s when you can look at a


picture of a family of people your age own a $6.5 million do home and you’re


not there yet in your physical 3D world but you want something like that you can say yes to that that is inspiring let me


think about how they must think let me tap into more of the frequency of that


let me get more in the environment of uplevel thinking like that that’s how


you know you’re on the way is you can see it and you can celebrate it so that


was kind of the second and third wrapped into the same so the second point there the second thing that I wanted to share


here is just thinking bigger for yourself and then the third is and we’re going to wrap with this because I


already really spoke to it but getting yourself in environments where you do


think differently and I think getting yourself in environments that the version of you at the next level result


accomplished would be in whether that’s a master masterminds of a certain level


whether that’s homes like touring homes of a certain level whether that’s a events whether it’s


communities but you have to shift your Consciousness you need to get yourself in a different


space we we absorb what’s around us right so I I’m I’m leaving tomorrow


morning to head to New York City to um actually speak at a two-day event with some really high-powered cool women in


finance um one of them I’m super honored to be speaking with Sally kochek the founder of elves so I’m excited to meet


her in person and to an honor to share a stage with her but when I’m there even


though I’m teaching I also am like I want to I want to be in the consciousness of other women playing at


a high level I want to learn how they think I want to learn how they see all these women are Financial Services


advisors investors like how do they think I want to learn that I want to pick up on more of that so I’m excited


to be there uh but there is just so much power in getting yourself in the room


with people who are operating at the frequency you want to be at and or who


are consciously working on a sending themselves to that level because it is from your level of Consciousness and


your belief system that every result manifests in your life it all boils down to what you believe about yourself and


what you believe to be true so with that two ways we can go deeper into this if


you would like to go deeper and you may listen to this episode and say that was good like that was good I’m I’m taking


this and run with this good that’s fine if you want to go deeper and have support


in actually implementing this in your life and not just knowing it


intellectual because what happens is we learn this and we hear it and we’re like oh that’s good I’m gonna go change well


guess what not if you don’t actually apply it not if you don’t have some sort


of a decision with implementation and action


of this is happening not if you don’t get yourself uncomfortable to if you if you hear this


and you say oh this is good Elyse and then you go back to exactly what you were doing before you’re kidding yourself so the


opportunity is if you are hearing this and you’re like I do need to change some


areas of life there are some things from what elely read today that triggered me there are some things where I see I’m


judging my desire for more there are some things where I see I’m playing it small I’m staying in the same


environment I’m not pushing myself I’m not stretching and there’s a deep Soul


desire for more then I want you to come get in the room with me two different


ways you can do that right now one come apply for my Mastermind we’ve got an


incredible Mastermind for women who are already performing at a high level in their lives and we we the way that we


structure this group is this is for women who are already at the six figure level already at 10K months you can be


in sales you can be an entrepreneur it doesn’t matter but if you want to ascend if you want to go to the next level if


you want to raise in your Consciousness this year and Quantum Leap in ways you did not know were possible then I want


you to go check it out and apply if it speaks to you it’s


club and then the second opportunity is I am hosting a live event first one I’ve


done here in Portland Maine it’s April 9th and 10th this one is open to everybody it’s called mind over matter


it’s not the mind over matter that you have heard which is like oh just push through doesn’t matter how you feel what


I mean by this this is actually the first quadrant we teach four different quadrants of quantum sales growth in our


curriculum this is the first quadrant of quantum sales growth and this is


neuroscience this is quantum physics this is literally your mind and how how


it determines your physical 3D reality so if you like what I talked about here


on the podcast today and you’re ready for a blueprint of how do you manifest


your most mindblowing Career Success financial success life success in 2024 and Beyond


you want to come be there with me and with the other uh with other incredible


women who are going to be there at this event so you can check that one out Elis mindover are live we have tickets still


available for this and I want you to come get yourself in the room again doesn’t matter if it’s convenient if


like if you’re serious about this if you’re committed then it’s not about is it convenient it’s about what level of


transformation are you available for and applying that law of sacrifice right will you need to invest


time in this yes will you need to invest money in this yes and the question I


always ask when I’m investing is am I worth it right it and I I know now yes


whatever I want to invest in for myself it’s like yes I am worth it yes but that was I had to shift that Consciousness


first so you look at it and say well how much do I care about elevating my life


how much do I care about not living the same old same old every single day and instead I’m ready for a new blueprint


I’m ready to get clear on blocks things I wasn’t even aware of that were holding me back I’m ready to open up to that


next highest most abundant most successful most powerful most famous


happiest most generous most impactful version of me you want to come get in


the room with us so that’s Elis myov matter live uh yes it is happening


the day after the eclipse I’ve had some people ask about that there’s going to be powerful and that wasn’t the


intention behind when I scheduled it for but there’s no coincidences so I think we’re going to harness some of that


powerful energy if you want to come get here to Maine a day or early because I know there’s been some members of our community who are like I want to see the


eclipse I think you’re going to be able to see it from from where we are so there’s that too um and it’s going to be


really beautiful so whichever of those opportunities is resonating with you whether it’s the Mastermind and if you


are part of the Mastermind you get a free event ticket to this event or you want to come just join us at the event


we’d love to have you so those are my uh those are those are the opportunities


the options for how you can go deeper in this as always so grateful to have you


as a listener so grateful to have the opportunity to speak from my heart to yours today I trust and and hope that


this resonated I do trust that it resonated with you and would love to hear on social what was your biggest


takeaway what are you taking with us and applying to your life to open up to more


today because it’s not just about you it’s about everyone around you and and


when you open up to that fullest that greatest expression of you you have no


idea the impact you’re having on everyone around you as well you help everyone around you rise as well so


until next time thank you as always for being a listener of She Sells Radio and I’ll see you on our next episode bye for





Welcome to  She Sells Radio I am so excited for the conversation that you’re going to get to hear today uh one because it’s


an incredible topic and two I get to have this conversation and bring you uh


two of my favorite people on the planet these two have quickly become just some women who I absolutely admire adore I


think are incredible I’ve got Erin and Serit Attwood on the podcast for you today so we are going to be talking


today about how to cultivate undeniable confidence which is such a Hot Topic in


our community and I don’t think I’ve ever spoken with a woman who didn’t want to grow and improve in this area of her


life myself included I’m always looking to grow my confidence my self-belief my self-empowerment and you are going to


get to learn from two absolute experts who walk the talk in this area today so


let me tell you a little bit about my guests who they are who you’re going to be learning from and then we’re going to dive in so Erin and Serit are the


co-founders of immun of strength a health wellness and self-discipline movement for high performers which if


you are listening to this podcast I am 99 100% sure that you identify as a high


performer Aid and have helped thousands of women worldwide become the most confident version of themselves by


creating mental and physical strength they they help driven women discover the


gaps that are holding them back from reaching their Highest Potential in all areas of their life mastering their


health Fitness discipline and mental fortitude so they never have to be on a diet which also we love and these two


body transformation experts have over 25 years of combined experience in the health and fitness space they’ve been


featured on listen to this muscle and fitness hers magazine the Discovery Channel which I didn’t know by the way


is incredibly cool and more so Erin and Serit welcome to She Sells Radio I am so


excited to have you both today I think that’s the best anybody’s intro us before well at leisa’s voice is


like it’s a radio voice


baby  She Sells Radio, She Sells Radio I didn’t think about it when I was


naming the show what a tongue twister it was going to be for other people you all get it though you you get it you’re with me I’m so happy to have you both you two


are just such bright lights in the world and like I was saying um in the intro


you two really embody what we’re going to be talking about to today and so I


want to dive in we’ll we’ll kind of weave throughout the conversation a little bit more of both of your backgrounds and how you got into this


work but I just want to start right off with this topic of undeniable confidence


what does this mean to you and why is it something that you’re so passionate about in your own life and then also


helping other women cultivate in their lives too I I don’t know about you but I don’t


know a single person who wakes up and is like I hope I’m not confident today I hope that I’m scared to do everything


today I hope that I am afraid of people I hope that I hope that um I’m I’m I’m


concerned about people judging me and so I feel like you


know everybody is everybody wants what they want here on this Earth whatever it


is and if we don’t have confidence we will have a very difficult time getting


it whatever ever it is that we want if you’re afraid to talk to somebody if you


are concerned with what people are thinking about you if you feel like


you’re not living up to your potential you just don’t show up in the same way


you you’re show even just your physiological Vision like the view is


your shoulders are slumped heads down you know um it’s low energy and so it’s


really hard to go after what you want when you’re in that position and so it’s so powerful because it’s like hey we all


everybody wants to be happy period and one of the ways that we get happy is by feeling like we’re getting what we want


yeah a lot of people think on the surface it’s a car a house a family or whatever but it’s something that those


things give you that’s internal that you really want fulfillment love you know


some kind of satisfaction and so if you want to get those things you better up your confidence confidence gain yeah wow


amen amen Ser anything you add to that yeah yeah so to me confidence is


leadership you know if you look at any leader they the I believe that the


greatest leaders and I actually heard this today when I was listening to a segment is that the greatest leaders


exude confidence and also humility at the same time I believe that it’s it’s


such a like great way to describe it because confidence gives you the courage


to play a bigger game yeah right like for your audience like whether it’s you


know generating greater income expand expansion in life right like money


touches every part of our lives like you got to have the confidence to believe it you got to have the confidence to get


after it and you got to have the confidence to believe that you’re worthy


of receiving it yes yes I’m curious for both of you


because someone who’s watching the video or listening to you talk they’re going to see both of you or hear even just hear the intonation in your voice and


like these women are confident like you absolutely are and I feel that from you


and I want to hear your perspective on cultivating this if someone’s listening and they’re like I’m in a place where I


don’t feel really confident maybe I’ve never felt confident in my life or maybe I’m confident in certain areas and not


in others so there’s all these different different ways this can play out in our life but have you both always felt like


you were naturally confident it’s totally okay if you have I think some people are maybe boring with that um but


if not maybe tell us about a time when you didn’t feel confident and how did


you start to cultivate that in yourself and transform that for yourself so good great question


go yeah so first and foremost for a longer portion of my life I did not feel


confident but I always knew that I was different and I always knew that I was special so that’s what made me believe


that I could become that so I believe that the gateway to confidence is


self-discipline now something to note about confidence is that while in


general if you see me nowadays you will see a confident version of me and the


thing about confidence is that it’s really perishable so every single day our confidence is back to zero right


that’s why I’m a firm proponent in discipline because discipline allows allows me to continuously gain my


confidence especially during difficult days when I do not feel confident in myself I have this thing that I can look


back at and it is how I showed up for myself I believe that without discipline one cannot be confident because when


we’re disciplined we’re being ethical and we’re leading in Integrity with our


word and when we’re not leading with discipline then what ends up happening is we’re not been true to ourselves


right so that touches our self for wow wow I’ve never I want to just pause Aon


before you add in um your perspective on that I don’t think I’ve ever heard it said that way that confidence is


perishable that’s that’s super interesting to me and it makes sense too


um because if we think about it that way it’s like every every single day we have the opportunity to show up we have the


opportunity to um do better I mean even I’m just thinking about in my own life


yesterday I I’m an early riser and I set the alarm early and I like you both do


this too but for some reason I didn’t get up with the alarm I don’t know if it didn’t go off I don’t know what happened but I woke up late and I


[Music] was we’re gonna we’re gonna go with that


we’re gonna go with that we’re gonna go with I didn’t hit it without paying


attention but I woke up late and then the whole morning was like I don’t cuss a lot on PO but it was like a show


like I’ll just call it what and I felt off but this morning I woke up woke up early on time got all the things in got


the workout in and feeling so different as a result of that so it was like back to Ground Zero today so I think that’s


also a blessing that we get to start again at zero every single day right so


yeah so Ain anything you would add to that on either just like a time in your life when you didn’t feel confident how


you overcame that what your own personal Journey has been with that yeah I think


I’m thinking about this when I was so I think there’s also a difference between confidence and


ignorance because I’m thinking about when I was a little kid it would have looked like I had confidence but I


actually probably just didn’t know if I was being judged I was just ignorant I had no clue like kids just I I wouldn’t


I wouldn’t I don’t know if they’re confident or ignorant because they’re little children they don’t know right


they don’t understand judgment or you know criticism or anything like that and


so I think as we grow up we create filters and I I in my own personal


opinion if I were to have one I don’t think anybody’s born with confidence I you know because we all


lack it at some point in time yeah every it’s called


insecurity everybody has them yeah so is anybody really born which this is good


news if you’ve never felt like a confident person like if be it true or not I don’t know make it your story and


believe it that nobody’s born with confidence and yeah if that’s the case


that means that anybody who is confident has developed the skill and if they’ve developed the skill then you can develop


the skill M and I really do believe it’s born out of action born out of following through


with our word when you say I’m going to go to the gym and you don’t that’s like somebody saying yeah we’re going to go


on a date you show up at 5:00 pm and they don’t yeah do you trust them anymore do you have confidence in them


that they’re going to do what they say they’re going to do no so the same is true for us if we say I’m going to do X


Y or Z and then we don’t one time okay but then when it happens again and again


again and again and again it’s hard to believe ourselves it’s hard to have confidence or trust that we are going to show up in any certain way that is


admirable you know yeah so what I’m hearing from both of you is it really like discipline is that path right and


so if somebody is listening and maybe they don’t think they’re a disciplined person or maybe I know you know you all


serve high Achievers we have women and men who would identify as high Achievers who listen to the show as well but maybe


there’s maybe there’s a part of life where they’re not following through on their word to themselves and they like


keep breaking that promise whether it’s getting up and working out whether it’s you know certain business goals or


financial goals and like in this area I’m struggling with discipline I know you all have an incredible app that you


were just telling me about um in the pre- chat too that you bu like helps people instill those disciplines I know


how much that discipline is a focus of what you teach but so I I know there’s there’s probably beyond the scope of the


conversation today in terms of what you teach with helping with discipline but what’s something someone could start


doing now to start creating greater discipline in that area where maybe they’re struggling with it to start


building up that confidence I want okay I want to say what not to do first okay let’s do that I love that you just led


to it you said to start building up which means that super smart you don’t


just have you build yeah if you’re handed something


thing you don’t you haven’t built the tools the discipline the skills the


anything to maintain it to keep it yeah so this is the idea of where people go


on like a diet they’re like I haven’t eaten good I’ve eaten burgers and pizza


and ice cream and wings for the last not that wings are the worst thing but whatever you get it for the last hot


dogs for the last you know 10 years of my life and all of a sudden I’m going to do keto it like it just doesn’t you got to


graduate to that you’ve got to earn that and so if you’re asking like what can somebody do the smallest thing that you


truly believe in your heart you could do it for the rest of your life right now so what’s like a step right so


people will be like in our world they’ll say you know I’m gonna work out six days a January 1 I’m going to the gym six


days a week but they haven’t for years yeah so what if you could go two times


and you could just be really good at going two times for like three months


yeah and then and then you go three times or four times you look back at your life people underestimate what they can do in a


year because they want everything like I would say everybody but our society our


culture is like Amazon Prime get it delivered tomorrow yesterday yeah so if we can take take a look at like what’s


one thing I truly believe I could do it for the rest of my life and not feel like I’m suffering start there just get


really good at it prove to yourself you can be consistent then this is how our app works too then you build then you


add got it so it’s a sustainability piece and I love that question of what’s something I could do for the rest of my


life because that it puts it in perspective and it’s a clarifying question as well right it helps you see


what am I really like what am I going to be honest with myself about versus where am I just like blowing smoke and I’m not


there yet so yeah s anything you would add to that yeah and then with regards


to the rest of my life something that’s just important to discuss as well is that if you can


based on your current world viiew you saying if like this is something that I


can Implement for the rest of my life doesn’t mean that it becomes your ultimatum like so many times I hear


people talk about ultimatums and it’s like let’s not do that because the intention is to evolve and then what is


the most sustainable for you once you evolve from point A to point B right so like in the Contex of movement if let’s


say at least right like you got two kids and of course like they they take up a


lot of time and all of that let’s say if you know for sure that based on your current state like you can commit to


moving for 15 minutes every single day like you know all in then awesome let’s


do that and then the concept that I’m getting into is called building the chain


so think think about think about like from a big picture standpoint right it’s like


if you were to go and sell a chain okay it was a Golden Chain would you want it


to be like heavy and long or would you want it to be like little like let’s say


if your life depended on it like your your family’s Legacy how heavy and what


would be the worth of that chain so your discipline is like building a chain every day when you follow through with


that intention you get a loop added to your chain oh and every and then the


next day when you do you get another loop and another loop right so like for us we created a measurable system in the


app it measures things for you where you’re able to where you you are progressed based on the size of your


chain you know what cool interesting yeah I’m thinking about the chain okay let’s say one day you don’t uh oh now


you can’t continue your you got to start a new chain but that doesn’t mean you lost what you


built and I think a lot of people think oh I screwed it up so now I’ll just go


completely the other way but it’s like oh no no no you still have whatever wisdom you built you still have whatever


lessons you learned you still have this this chain still exists just because


you’re G to start a new one doesn’t mean that you don’t have what you already built so just take that forward with you


and now build an even better CH yeah yes I love that I feel like what you’re


speaking to here is something we talk about a lot in the community too it’s just just continually increasing your


level of Consciousness right so everything that is so I think we can get when someone’s a high achiever sometimes


they get caught up in perfectionism which I think is a mask for a lot of fear and like oh I’ll just you know I


messed up one day I’ll throw the whole thing out the window what you’re saying here is no you still you you’ve evolved your Consciousness to a whole new level


with every link you’ve put in the chain and then Ser to your point as well it’s


like maybe there’s a habit or a discipline that’s going to serve you well at this point in your life but then you reach another level of Consciousness


and it’s okay what’s the there’s something new that I’m going to add in there’s something I’m going to evolve into so it that that progression that


growth that expansion is continually increasing our level of confidence to higher and higher levels that maybe we


didn’t even know were possible 1,00% and that’s why like that’s why diet dieting


or just simply working out is not the solution because it’s some it’s a mechanic it is not a solution yeah


solution is having a bigger picture perspective and like you said a higher


level of Consciousness right it’s just like when it comes to let’s say s sales


or enrollment it’s not just about nailing your pitch like that is yeah right it’s not just about like


negotiating that’s a mechanic it’s about having if you really think about it a a


higher level of consciousness with regards to how you show up in the world


and how you implement emotional intelligence awareness connection


intimacy right all of it yeah and that’s and and that’s why and that’s when you


land the message more powerfully that’s all it is it’s an more it’s an energy


and and an internal work more than it is a mechanic yeah totally this is why we we resonate so much because it’s it’s


like we teach the same thing in different Avenues right different parts of life so because it’s all enrollment


so like what we do is we teach people how to be enrolled in themselves when you enrolled in yourself you you can AKA


confidence I love that enrollment in yourself yes you can enroll anybody on


anything like watch someone confident like they don’t need to be like they don’t need to know the ins and outs


about like the the details of the product it is their energy yes yes right


100% 100% yeah I want to say one thing and then I have like one other topic I


want to I want to ask you both about um as it pertains to confidence so one


thing I would just add on to this kind of my own personal reflection is I don’t think it’s a bad thing to not be


confident in certain areas because I I I think if we’re completely confident in


every area now I think we can get Confidence from something outside of us something bigger than us like knowing that even if we are new in an area we


can figure it out and master it but I think if we’re continually pushing and evolving ourselves in any new area we


haven’t mastered yet we’re not necessarily going to feel completely confident and yet so iuse I I will also


look at okay if there’s an area that I am I don’t use the word struggling in but an area that I haven’t mastered yet


or I don’t have that complete confidence yet it’s it’s not a bad thing it means I’m growing as well it’s more of an opportunity to grow rather than like a


doing something wrong type of thing so side note that I would just you know add into this conversation but the one other


area I want to ask you both about we started to go down this path towards the


beginning and I know we’ve got just a bit of time here before you all go on for your live streams I want to be on you I want to honor that maybe we’ll


have you back for a fuller conversation about this but overcoming the fear of judgment as we confidently put ourselves


out there so good oh my gosh so good oh my gosh I I want to hear your


perspective on this because this is like I was talking to a a client yesterday a


new member of our community and she’s a singer she’s a singer she’s a wonderful performer she’s in sales as well and we


were just talking about she had been like putting herself out there last year on social and got some judgment and got


some nastiness and I shared this with you all like last year like my heart got


hurt and some scenarios that felt like judgment and felt like G like it just


didn’t feel good how do but I also know there is something being cultivated in me within that so I think


something it’s always working for us even when we have those moments of judgment or feeling like people are um


looking at us a certain way how do you all approach that how do we maintain that confidence as we’re putting


ourselves out there if we’re bumping up against any sort of fear of judgment or maybe you have been judged in the past


and you feel nervous to put yourself out there oh this is so good and I would


even say inevitable we are Al the the beautiful thing about


human beings is that we’re all different and the challenging thing about human beings is we’re all


different and so that means my opinion is not going to match your opinion and what you do and the way that I think


that you do it might go against my morals or ethics and that doesn’t I


think I I really want to like provide a solution in the mind around this but the


the truth is that it is not easy and um it’s just something that gets you


become more okay with the more you experience it so don’t avoid it but also


don’t go out there and like be an i a-hole and like try to get people to hate you yeah be if you’re being


authentic truly authentic there’s going to be somebody that does not agree that


doesn’t like it or is just angry and wants to say something to somebody that makes them feel better um now I do


believe that there is feedback that can be very constructive I think it just depends on


who it’s coming from yeah where is the criticism or judgment as we feel it


coming from because if it’s from somebody I love and I trust and I admire


and we’ve known each other for a long time and they say hey I think like this felt a little bit out of line


I will actually take that and I’ll think okay let let me evaluate and reflect on


on that maybe maybe there was a better way that I could have done this or maybe it was the wrong timing for this it


wasn’t necessarily the wrong thing it was just bad timing yeah and so I think


that it’s good to look at that but then also to say I heard somebody say I think it was Alex horos who was like if if I


wouldn’t if you wouldn’t be invited to speak at my funeral I’m not I don’t care about what you have to say to say and I


was like that’s I mean that’s very powerful in in essence like the same thing right right and with judgment too


I think it’s good to be mindful of ourselves because usually other people are a mirror because what we are seeing


in them is only part of them it’s not the it’s out of context just like


somebody may take something that you do or say or whatever on social media out of context this happens to Super famous


people all the time this happens on the news all the time it’s so manipulated and they’ll take like one little piece


of what somebody said that is so out of context has nothing to do what the actual situation was about but will


paint them in a really terrible light yeah so if somebody’s also judging you or criticizing you understand that


you’re only seeing a fraction of them as well so it doesn’t help for the like to


just have the same attitude and behavior towards them I I still get to learn how to be better at this yeah um and so it’s


kind of like if what you’re seeing in them is something you’re familiar with because that’s the reason that that’s


the piece of them that you’re seeing yeah and so then look back at you and


say why is that what I’m pulling out of like recently this is vulnerable but we


were very uh we went through a lot of challenging times at the end of last last year very challenging probably the


most challenging experience that we’ve had and it was so challenging because it


felt like my character is being


misinterpreted and then shared in interpretation yeah and I


can’t do I’m helpless yeah I can’t I’m not going to go to try to defend myself I know who I am I still slept at night


every night yeah because I know who I am however it felt it feels like betrayal it feels like you


know heartbreak whatever you want to call it so recently I noticed myself and


I started reflecting on this I’ll let you talk in a second I started reflecting on this


every time I got a message from somebody I hadn’t heard from for a while or every time I got there was an email I don’t


know if you experienced this but it’s like it was so heavy at one point that it’s like I’m like trying to prep myself


is it going to be something and I’m like where I need to let this go and expect


for great things to be coming my way not complaints not um negativity not


whatever else like yeah and so it’s like I for myself to have an expectation that


this person really doesn’t mean to harm for these people they don’t mean to harm


they just don’t know what they don’t know and I don’t know what know so we can leave it at that and I’ll continue


to be authentic if you’re sleeping at night I’ll tell you you don’t have a problem you know you and and you’re


confident in you yeah it’s where you’re like you think that they’re actually


right where maybe you get to like dig into yourself a little


bit wow oh my gosh I feel that so much everything yeah s i i want you to add in


um and I’ll just the the piece about everyone being a mirror is so true so when we can have


that higher level of Consciousness when we’re receiving judgment from someone else if it’s triggering us if it’s snaring us emotionally it’s like there’s


something there um that we get to explore a little bit Ser what would you what would you add on to


that th this is where discipline comes into play because reputation is what you


and you said this the other day reputation is what people say about you character is what you build you are so so


when I lean on my discipline every single day and even like you had a tough


year last year we had a year last year and it feels like you’re going through all this noise or like Wilderness or


whatever you want to call it the reason why Aon and I could sleep at night is because we knew deep down


that we LED with Integrity now how other people choose to perceive us and and


look at us because we are leading with integrity that’s their perception of


life I cannot I cannot control how other people perceive me you know for me what


I know is that I show up as my most confident self when I lead with


Integrity with myself and with the higher power and when I do that and when I follow through with what I said I was


going to do and where my intentions regardless of how uncomfortable they are


are in alignment with the greater good and where it is that I want to go then ultimately that’s all that matters and I


know that the rest will be taken care of could feel sucky in the moment but that’s why one of the things we say is


that greatness was wasn’t meant to be [Laughter]


convenient something that really gives me peace too is knowing like you know for


whoever’s listening if you believe in God or you believe iner power I know


it’s between me and God yeah and if I feel good about that what is anybody


else’s opinion including my own you know wow there’s the thumb do you see it you got you’ve actually had


two thumbs up you missed it the other way Zoom likes our conversation it’s G


[Laughter] us for anyone listening uh we got the


zoom thumbs up twice twice in this conversation so we trying to make it happen before the call didn’t happen


boom just let it happen organically so yeah just remembering big picture big picture between you and God um man this


is this is so good there’s like so many other caps I would love to take this


conversation out I know we’re at time and I want to honor um but you you all have a live stream five days a week that


people can catch by the way so I’d love if you share that CU I know you’re about to go do that but maybe you can share um just how people can get involved in your


community share about your app I know you’ve got a quiz that people can take too if they really want to take this


conversation around discipline right and figure out where can I strengthen myself where can I grow my confidence you have


these five pillars that you teach that you address in the quiz so I’ll let you talk about it but please share how could


someone connect further in get in your energy and become part of the community if they want to yeah thank you for the blessing of


inviting people into our world too yeah we have so the quiz that we have is something


that I mean everything’s going to be on Ain and depending on when you’re listening to this it might


already be up it might not but Ain um there’s a quiz there and


maybe it’s into show notes or maybe not I don’t know um but we do the first


three weeks of the month we go live usually Monday through Friday unless we’re traveling or something like that


um and it’s on our Facebook group uh we just live stream from our Facebook group which is Erin and Serit


and we talk about all different kind of things yeah like every normally normally


it’s with regards to like building a sustainable lifestyle and achieving high performance and then uh Thursdays are


normally guest interviews and then Fridays are fun fridays where we kind of like talk about what happened this week


and what what the heck we’re up to and just I call it what the Friday oh what the


it’s kind of better and so so this quiz it’s a you know how like have you


ever felt I’m I’m speaking to you and the audience have you ever felt that you’re like man I know I could be more


discipline but what does that look like right it it’s like or I know I could be in better shape or have better


energy or how but so the question is how do we make it tangible


so our system works because we we give you a number one we we look at you as a


whole person it’s not just a diet it’s not just a workout we look at you as an entire like body mind and soul right so


like the Five Pillars that we we teach and teach you how to apply are based on


movement nutrition recovery mindset and mental toughness


and it’s all backed up by discipline right so it’s like for anyone who’s thinking like like man I know I could be


more disciplined but what does that look like like imagine if you ever like took a quiz that could like literally give


you a score this is your discipline score like tell you where you’re at that’s exactly what arise is all about


like it it asks you behavioral questions and the intention of that is for you to learn about yourself okay like when it


comes to my discipline where am I at to where I know I could be based on like high level standards with regards to


nutrition where am I at based on where it is that I want to be and it’s principle based it is not you know like


you gotta be keto or you gotta be vegan so it doesn’t matter what your preference is those are just mechanics


it’s from a higher level standard like where are you at in terms of consistency


so what we what’s the next step for you right the value of squiz which I believe


is probably going to be in your show notes or something along these lines and thank you for providing that for


audience is to give people a level of awareness because we cannot change what


we’re not aware of right where am I at with regards to these pillars so that


you know when you take the qu you’re like okay so my score for discipline is this out of this and then we give you


action steps so that you’re able to continue to rise up and rise up and rise up amazing that’s so oh my gosh that’s


so helpful after you after you see your results too it also gives you like what


what can’t what are some things that I can do I can start doing right now for every pillar to prove from where I’m at


right now so it’s tangible yes we love that we love tangible we love it’s it’s


a solid system it’s tangible that’s amazing so yes thank you so so much so


um for everyone listening that we’ll link the quiz and the show notes we’ll link Erin Street’s website everything you’re doing you’ve built a


phenomenal community and I think again there’s such alignment between what like if you like what we talk about here on


the podcast then you absolutely want to connect with Aon and Serene and get in their energy


and they’re going to help you elevate on the side of Health Fitness Wellness mental resilience toughness like you all


are just amazing so I know you’ve got to go do your live stream and go serve your community but thank you both so much for


being here so much love to you both um and just so grateful for you so thank you I can’t wait for part two I know I


know we I feel like we like opened up a lot of different conversations I want to come back and go deeper in so we’ll have you back again um but thank you so so


much so much love to you both thank you right absolutely all right to you my listener oh my gosh please go connect


with Ain and ser you are going to be so glad that you did so grateful as always to have you as a member of the She Sells


community as a listener of She Sells radio and I will see you on the next episode bye for now


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