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Thanks for tuning into this episode of Instant Impact with Elyse Archer! Today, Elyse talks with Jon Mahan, a video success coach with BombBomb, a program that allows you to communicate with videos through direct emails quickly and with ease. Videos can be a massive form of leverage for your brand, and Elyse can attest to the massive impact videos have had on her success. 

Jon and Elyse chat about some tips for those who are just getting started with creating video content. He suggests starting out slow—record yourself 10-20 times and send them out into low-risk situations. This could be a friend, coworker, or even a client that you know already loves you. Someone who won’t mind that you may feel a little awkward—that’s normal! As you progress in your comfort, then you can send them to high-risk situations. 

Next, Elyse asks Jon his opinion on the production of these videos. Jon says there is a time and place for both raw, authentic videos and flashy, shiny videos. Generally, he mentions, videos that lean towards the more authentic side of the spectrum tend to do well. The market is flooded with advertisements and people don’t have time for more of those, he says. If you’re editing just to look more professional, chances are you’re over-producing the video. In fact, Elyse even admits she doesn’t watch the videos she posts for fear of not wanting to post them! 

Jon shares with us his process for creating content. For him, batching his content and setting aside one hour a week to generate it works best for him. He writes down ideas as they pop into his head, and when the time comes, he chooses 3-6 topics and makes videos on them. 

With all this being said, Elyse and Jon discuss when you should hold off making video content. The key is, Jon says, that videos act as an amplifier for your message. If your message isn’t up to stuff, reconsider what it is you’re trying to say. A weak message is still a weak message if it is amplified. 

Jon also lets us in on some key knowledge: throughout your communication, you need to be sending a message that you’re here to help. Videos can help clients pick up on non-verbal cues that can help prove, in real-time, that you’re the real deal. 

Finally, Jon breaks down why people watch his videos, and why they may watch yours too:

  1. They care about who you are. This can take time and requires that you build relationships, but it’s a good reason for people to watch your content. 

  2. They care what you’re talking about. People care more about your message than anything else. Offer a solution to a problem they may be facing. 

  3. Curiosity. Put a brief blurb in your post that leaves enough room for curiosity to cause a click. 

What you’ll learn in this episode

In this episode, Jon lets us in on some key factors that can level-up our video content. He offers up suggestions on how we can use videos to build our brand, and what it takes for a video to be successful. He breaks down aspects of video content that can improve your growth, and shares insight into how he does it himself. 


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