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Welcome to Instant Impact with your host, Elyse Archer. Today’s conversation centers around building an audience, cultivating meaningful relationships, and connecting with individuals through authenticity and heart. This episode’s guest has done just that. MJ Gordon is one of the most versatile health and meditation coaches on the planet. She has a proven track record of creating balance and results in a wide variety of different industries and endeavors. She is the creator of multiple online training programs and the host of a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers with content related to living a healthier and more centered lifestyle. MJ specializes in helping high achieving individuals who are struggling with imbalance and helps them to find more peace, fulfillment, and centeredness in their lives.

MJ starts us off by sharing how she’s managed to build such a massive community on Youtube and Instagram. She says one of the keys to her success in such a short amount of time was using the platform as not only a way to share information but to be authentic, and focus on building relationships instead of a business. She stayed true to who she was and connected with people she felt comfortable with. 

It wasn’t an easy journey to where she is now, though. An immigrant child, she dealt with abuse at home and was left feeling disempowered. It was with the motivation of the coaches she had growing up that opened her eyes to the value in creating value for yourself. Through genuine soul, MJ was able to find balance within her personal life and that which she shared with her audience. It’s a fine line between authenticity and oversharing. It’s an even finer line between connecting with the audience and looking like you’re seeking attention. 

Her primary mantra she always remembers is energy over strategy. As Elyse says, it boils down to your instincts. It’s about a feeling of peace and centeredness. We’re meant to connect as people and to grow, MJ says. 

MJ and Elyse chat about Quality v.s. Quantity of the content put out, and if MJ schedules her posts. For her, as long as the content is consistent, that’s fine. But more importantly, the quality of the content must be top-notch. By reserving her perspective to that of her audience, MJ is able to craft content that brings them value. 

MJ’s final advice is to slow down and ground yourself. Start to focus on the impact itself and not just the numbers. It’s so important to feel fulfilled in what you do, and the place to start is internal.

What you’ll learn in this episode

In today’s episode, MJ Gordon shares with us her authentic, heart-driven approach to building an audience, cultivating relationships, and making meaningful connects with her community. She keys us in on important things to focus on when generating content—and it’s not always in the numbers. 


Connect with MJ at her website, or Google MJ Gordon! 
MJ can help you optimize your energy and simplify your life by elevating things that elevate your experience.

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