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How to Create Win Win Business Partnerships with Laura Meyer

I’m so excited to bring you one of the very few repeat guests I’ve had on the show today, Laura Mayer. Laura was on the podcast about 2 years ago in Episode 78 when she talked about her courageous decision to closer her traditional business without any idea of what she was going to do next, and has spent the past several years leveraging her network and key relationships to explode her brand as a true expert in her space, develop a wildly successful growth marketing and connection business and is now the author of a brand new book Win Win: How to Create Mutually Beneficial Relationships that Grow Your Business

Laura Meyer is growth marketing consultant and powerhouse connector – as a serial entrepreneur who has scaled multiple six- and seven figure online and offline companies over the last twenty years, Laura knows first-hand the power of relationships and their importance to business growth. Several years ago after making the hard decision to close her traditional business, without having any idea what she was going to do next. Because of that network and the relationships she had built, she was able to re-emerge as an expert of experts, a strategic marketing consultant and fractional chief marketing officer to some of the country’s top influencers. In addition, she co-founded the Advance Women’s Expert Network with Kelly Roach, helping hundreds of women all over the world develop powerful expert brands through community, connection and co-collaboration with others who share in their same values and spirit.


Show Notes:

[2:56] – Laura made the decision to walk away from an incredibly successful photography business and franchise to start over.
[4:59] – After a while in this business, Laura’s intuition was that this wasn’t right for her anymore.
[7:30] – Sometimes we feel like we have to be cheesy and spammy, but to grow and scale a business, it isn’t necessary.
[8:43] – One of the hardest decisions to make is to stick it out or walk away.
[10:31] – Ask yourself what a 5-year or 10-year version of you would think about these decisions.
[12:24] – Genuine relationships are now what makes the difference, when in previous years, it was very much a click-and-go process.
[14:18] – For a lot of people, we think we can develop a relationship to have an immediate return.
[16:04] – In a lot of ways, we are experiencing a credibility crisis.
[17:16] – Benevolence is when you want what is best for the person in front of you whether it benefits you or not and it is the unsung hero of credibility.
[20:01] – People can tell when you are just searching for them to benefit you.
[22:19] – It is definitely a long game, but it is true that real relationships work.
[24:16] – What are some of the mistakes Laura sees with relationship building?
[26:10] – Having a small audience is not necessarily a bad thing.
[28:24] – Everyone wants to be partnering with the bigger person but being someone’s biggest and loudest fan benefits everyone.
[32:19] – Everyone is unique. No one has the same voice and story as you.

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Welcome to She Sells Radio I am so excited to  bring you one of the very few repeat guests I’ve  


had on the show today Laura Meyer and Laura’s  episode came out on the podcast actually about  


two years ago which is crazy episode 78 it was one  of our most popular conversations so I know you’re  


going to be so excited if you heard her then  you’re going to be so excited to hear what’s new   what’s been happening in her world and if she’s  new to you you’re also gonna just adore this woman  


but she came on about two years ago and talked  about her really courageous decision to close  


down her traditional business without any idea of  what she was going to do next and this is after   years and years and years of scaling multi six and  seven figure companies and since then I know she’s  


spent the past several years really leveraging her  network key relationships to explode her brand as  


a true expert of experts she’s developed  a wildly successful growth marketing and   connection business and she is now also the author  of a brand new book called win-win how to create  


mutually beneficial relationships that grow your  business so Laura I know today we’re going to get   to dive into so much of what the book is about  but also I’m guessing a lot of it may have been  


inspired by your journey since you’ve been on the  show a couple years ago so I can’t wait to find  


out more so so glad to have you here today thank  you so much for having me what a wonderful intro  


I’m thrilled to share the progress of my journey  with your audience today and um and dig a little  


bit more into the book so I really appreciate it  oh my gosh yeah well I’m just excited to kind of  


find out what’s been happening for you over the  past few years so again if someone is listening   and they want context go back and listen to  episode 78 and you can hear all about this really  


outrageous decision that Laura made to walk away  from everything that was known and start fresh  


which for many people is so terrifying to think  about yet also something they probably secretly  


deep down would love to do and so depending  on the circumstances so maybe you can take us  


back to just a little bit of context if somebody  didn’t catch you on that episode or if they’re   not familiar with your journey like take us back  to what was going on when you made that decision  


to walk away and then what’s been happening for  you over the past several years that led to the  


inspiration to create this book yes oh my gosh  so thank you for asking and queuing that up so   well so I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years  and about five years ago so 15 years then I made  


a big decision to walk away from an industry that  I knew really well that I was well known in that  


I was a speaker and a teacher I was on stages  at conferences and that was the photo industry  


and for the first 10 years of my career I was  a wedding photographer and was photographing  


weddings between New York and DC in the Hamptons  and celebrities and then I opened up a children’s  


portrait studio which then I opened up another  which then I franchised and grew that to about  


12 locations and about five years ago a bunch of  different things were going on the first is that  


my kids were four and five at the time and I was  really feeling this intuitive pull to be home more  


and I think a lot of people have experienced that  a lot of people experience that being in corporate   but traditional business is very demanding  as well being in different locations we had  


a 75 employees across the whole brand there was  always something on fire somewhere and franchising  


is a challenging Dynamic to be in in franchise  relationships with franchisees as the franchisor  


especially at that stage of growth because you  don’t have the infrastructure to really sustain  


profitable growth so you’re bootstrapping and then  the other aspect was that technology had very much  


disrupted our industry sales was challenging  at the franchise locations they weren’t up and  


running as quickly as our company on locations  we were trying to unpack that discrepancy  


and eventually I just got to a point  where I’m like this is not my mountain   to climb like I just knew it and I knew it  for about a year I stopped selling franchises  


um and I and I really didn’t want to face it  I had liquidated my retirement savings I had  


put everything that you know I had put my salary  on pause like I didn’t want to believe it I just  


want to pour more money into it to try to figure  out if I could fix it and ultimately I just came   to the decision that for whatever reason this was  not my door to walk through anymore even though at  


first I I very much thought it was uh and and  felt very affirmed and so um I I you know the  


triage of an emergency like that when you’re in it  you’re an adrenaline you know I found my employees  


jobs I closed down my Studios I you know made sure  that customers were well taken care of I released  


my franchises into license agreements but the  aftermath is is such a disruption to your identity  


and uh you know for the last five years I don’t  regret that decision once and I think people who  


are listening who might be going through something  similar may feel like if I made a decision like  


that would I regret it I think a lot of people I  worried would I regret this would I would regret   walking away from something that I worked so  hard to build that was at multi seven figures  


when I walked away from it and what I what I  wished that I had just tried harder and longer  


because you hear that a lot of entrepreneurs you  know you just need to go at it long enough to get   a result from it but in this situation there was  enough to for me to just know it wasn’t my journey  


anymore and I walked and I never regretted  it so from there started a Consulting career  


um it was going to be the pit stop between where  I was where I was going next and end up being   the Final Destination today I’m a consultant  to some of the biggest influencer brands in  


the country and fastest growing nonprofits I  started getting to non-profit work this year   and now I also have a Consulting certification  program in Mastermind for Consultants I’m also  


the co-founder of a membership with Kelly roach  that you were a guest speaker in so lots of good   things going on so that takes me to today oh my  gosh and I know you know today a lot of the focus  


is going to be on the topic of your book and how  to create these business relationships because  


I think it’s I love your approach to growing and  scaling business I think it’s so powerful I think  


it’s something that so many of the members of our  community crave where it’s like it doesn’t have   to be sometimes we feel like we have to be spammy  or cheesy or inauthentic and you’re the complete  


opposite which I love so we’re we’re gonna spend  a lot of time on that today before we get into   that though I just wanna I just want to speak  to kind of how you made the decision because I  


think that’s so important too to just to note that  like just because something on paper looks good  


we especially as women it’s like we have this  intuition that tells us when it’s time and that  


can be the hardest voice to listen to as well as  that voice saying this just isn’t in alignment  


anymore even if it once was and I know there’s a  lot of women listening who maybe built something  


that they thought was going to be their thing  for life and then it’s like suddenly they’re  


kind of coming to grips with the fact that for  whatever reason it’s not I just want to know   like what words of wisdom would you give to a  woman who’s in that circumstance before we move  


on to talking about you know the the topic of  the rest of the interview I think the decisions   try harder or longer or to walk away is one of the  toughest decisions we make as women whether it’s a  


relationship a marriage a um a friendship whether  it is a business relationship it’s so challenging  


and my advice to somebody who is trying to decide  that is what would the five years from now version  


of you tell yourself like what would what would  that future self say to you today because what  


happens is we make a lot of decisions based on  what we understand to be true about our past  


but what happens is we make a decision from  that place we end up in the same patterns  


and so really deciding who is the future Laura  right who is the future at least like what is  


what is the at least 10 years from now look like  what does she sound like what does she say how   does she lead what is she what is her story what  is the story that you want to tell about your life  


and from there I think we can make really good  decisions and my decision to close that business  


was very much based on it was not a story  I wanted to stay in you know it was not a  


story that I wanted to continue to live in which  was a story of putting out fires and Contin you  


know having to get into contentious situations  with franchisees which is not it’s it’s the way  


franchising works it’s not it wasn’t specific to  my situation and the more I kind of learned about   it it’s like yes the 10 years for me from now  Laura May exit with a big exit and I might have  


a big trust fund for my children but would I be  happy with how I got there I probably wouldn’t be  


yeah and so that’s a big piece of it that’s such  a powerful I think when you use that that kind  


of lens what would that five tenure version of  me what would she do and what’s important to   her we get so much instant Clarity yes we need  to do next in the situation so thank you for  


that because I know sometimes when you’re  in the middle of it it’s hard to see it it’s so hard spending time developing a  relationship with your future self I think is  


one of the best things we can do I love that well  let’s so let’s segue from that into this topic  


of building relationships so I from everything I  know and obviously you can you can share more of   the story here but from everything I know so much  of what you’ve been able to build up until this  


day is really it’s been about Network it’s been  about relationships it’s been about creating these  


win-wins so how did that factor in to kind of  your your next phase in the next chapter of your  


journey and then let’s talk about what inspired  you to write the book over the years people would  


say to me I can’t believe when I would tell them  what I went through he would say like I can’t  


believe that was four years ago I can’t believe  that was three years ago I also had a third child  


um two years ago so people like how did you  do that like how did you grow this bit this  


large-scale business you have today and I had to  think about it I was like I actually don’t know so  


I spent some time unpacking it and that’s what I  ended up putting in this book win-win and it came   from a couple observations in the online space so  in the online space I found that a lot of people  


really just want to click a button and make the  business grow there was probably a time in which  


we could kind of do that with Facebook ads but I  also think that ship has sale and it’s coming back  


to genuine authentic relationships connections  um meaningful uh relationships and back before  


there was social media and I was in in business  for 20 years that was survival like relationship   marketing was how I got to my first multi-7  figures in business we didn’t run Facebook ads  


and I realized how few online coaches Consultants  people in our space really they just didn’t know  


how to do it they thought that relationship  marketing was like sending out you know spamming  


messages to 100 people to see how many came back  where they thought that relationship marketing was   JVS and Affiliates which is a is a piece of it but  it’s actually a small piece of it it’s really not  


the majority of where your effort would go if you  were starting out in relationship marketing you’re  


just not there yet where you would get into those  types of collaborations so I think for many people  


they just don’t know how to go about it in the  right way with the right people so instead they  


end up going about it the wrong way and getting  discouraged or shying away from it all together  


and when I started my Consulting business I texted  a group of CEOs that I was friendly with and I  


just said hey you know I want to let you know that  I’m no longer going to be running my company I   know we’ve talked about this and I’ll be shutting  things down and I just want to thank you so much  


for everything you’ve done to inspire me and  Mentor me and be a leader and an example and one  


by one after the pleasantries were exchanged and  they were like oh my gosh I’m so sorry they texted  


me separately and they were like so I really love  what you did with your marketing like do you think   you could come to headquarters and run a workshop  for my team do you think that you could provide  


some creative direction for social media like  I’m kind of been hating it lately do you think  


and little by little they started hiring me and  I think that for a lot of people they develop  


relationships with the intention of it being an  immediate return and that’s not how relationships  


work when you develop relationships the right way  they come through for you when you need it the  


most and you expect it the least and it comes from  credibility like the reason why those ladies hired  


me wasn’t because they were handing out charity  right I mean they were CEOs of big companies like  


Painting with a Twist and Massage Heights and lash  Lounge but it wasn’t it wasn’t because they felt   bad and wanted to give me money it’s because I had  developed credibility with them up into that point  


and credibility is the first step in relationship  building that I think a lot of people miss   speak a little bit more to that because I I think  that’s one piece that sometimes can feel a little  


bit vague and nebulous um whether it’s someone  is hesitant to position themselves an expert  


like what what is credibility and how do we  build that in our relationships yeah I think   a lot of people want to build it immediately in  a one-to-many dynamic right and there’s again  


there’s ways to do that we can have case studies  I think testimonials to a certain degree at this   point are somewhat commoditized I’m a big believer  in case studies for that reason and so just well  


actually no I’m sorry let’s come back to the  case studies yeah so keep keep going yeah yeah   I think I think everybody kind of has the same  testimonial on their website with the history you  


know sometimes it’s the same people and you’re  like oh wow that person hires a lot of coaches


right and uh and you’re like wait a second I just  saw that person on somebody else’s website with  


the same testimonial that’s interesting and um  and so and I think buyers are becoming much more  


discriminating in terms of who they’re buying  from in that trust and that credibility and to  


a certain degree we’re in a credibility crisis so  Harvard Business Review reports that 80 percent of  


buyers consider trust a deciding factor in doing  business together but only 34 of consumers trust  


the brands they’re buying from Wow and so there’s  a really big uh gap between who we trust and  


there’s a trust crisis I mean just look at what’s  happening with Twitter right now right and so I  


think for many people many consumers many buyers  many many students potential um uh potential  


customers want to feel that sense of trust and  credibility with the people they’re buying from  


and credibility is a combination of trust and it’s  a combination of uh of knowing what it you know  


communicating results from the people that you  have served But ultimately ultimately create uh  


credibility comes from something very unexpected  and it is a interesting word that has been studied  


extensively when it comes to credibility and trust  and it’s called benevolence and benevolence is  


wanting the best for the person in front of you  irregardless of whether or not it benefits you  


and benevolence is actually  the unsung hero in credibility  


because people can feel it like our our brains are  wired to sniff out whether or not somebody is just  


trying to get one over on us and I think for a  long time in the particularly in the coaching   space people wanted to believe so badly that  they would be one of the big success stories  


that they would buy into whatever was being sold  even if benevolence was not being demonstrated  


I think now people really want to believe  that you care and want the best outcome  


for them irregardless of whether or not they buy  from you irregardless of whether or not it ever  


benefits you and I think a lot of people in our  industry have they struggle with it they they want  


they want the immediate sale or they’ll sell to  somebody even if it’s not a perfect fit which is  


more in your area of expertise than mine but that  uh benevolent shows up in the marketing as well  


ah how does that how does that show up like  what are some examples where it would actually  


demonstrate we could know this is a core value  of this person yes so right here in this exchange  


you and I have a lovely relationship we did  a podcast exchange years ago really clicked  


connected I was just sitting here thinking like  energetically we really flow nicely together   and I came back to you I went on the people  who I had done some podcast exchanges with  


to see if there’s anybody on the list that would  be a good fit for the book marketing plan and   I reached out to you and you said yes which was  wonderful because I know that’s a big deal to let  


somebody on your podcast twice then I immediately  said to you you know what why don’t I have you in   my program I don’t want this to be a one-way  interaction and you were so surprised like oh  


wow that’s that’s a really nice offer and I said  yeah absolutely and I wanted to make sure that the  


people in my program were exposed to your work we  got great feedback and if I was sitting here just  


selling right this was like kind of a pitch Fest  in a sales Fest I could put it into I could dress  


it up any anyway I I could think of I could be  very uh sophisticated about how I would hide that  


but everybody would feel it and Know It ultimately  everyone who’s listening here it’s it’s about  


what’s happening on the inside for us and people  can feel it they can sense it when you just want  


to figure out whether or not this is something  that’s going to benefit you in the short term   or not and if it’s not you’re out and I’ve been  part of podcast exchanges like that and you have  


too and my biggest goal in this in this interview  and I’m sure for your solo episodes as well or any  


other interviews that you do is value it’s can  I benefit you can I help you can I shortcut your  


learning curve can I make it faster easier for  you to get a result from entrepreneurship and   you will remember that and down the road if my  programs are offers for a fit you’ll you’ll the  


right time will appear and I think that trusting  and that benevolence and if it never happens  


that’s fantastic I really just want the best for  everyone who’s listening and when we can approach  


it from that intention what happens is you learn  to trust it and that Goodwill multiplies in the  


marketplace people hear your name and they’re like  oh my gosh yeah she’s great you’re regardless of  


whether or not they’d be a fit for a Consulting  training program and your reputation builds   your relationship builds and that’s when your  marketing creates more of a movement and really  


moves people into action inspires them and does  what marketing is supposed to do instead of turns  


it into this direct response sales opportunity  that most people don’t want to be part of  


yeah for sure so that’s I think one of the  really powerful themes that I’m pulling out  


even from the start of our conversation where  you talked about make that decision with your   five or ten yourself in mind is the The Long  View and I I love that so much because to your  


point was there a time when people could come  in and make a crap ton of money off of Internet  


ads and making it like there was there was a  Heyday for that I missed that Heyday I wasn’t   I did too gosh that must have been fun but like  anything that doesn’t have the Long View in mind  


it’s temporary yeah and so I think these  principles which is someone is listening   and even as you’re speaking and talking about  this concept of benevolence like it resonates  


with the highest level of my soul and I think for  anyone who’s listening it will as well because   it’s true because it always works even if it is  more of the long game but that’s the game that  


we’re hopefully here all to play as well so I  think that’s so powerful and it aligns so much  


with what we teach about selling principles as  well in the community so I want to speak a little  


bit to some of the mistakes that you see people  making with relationship building especially  


in the the digital age I think you’ve spoken to  some of it already with kind of the instant pot   methodology let me just you know click a button  and get this cash outcome that I’m looking for  


and it doesn’t really work but what are some other  mistakes that we make when it comes to building   relationships with people we really want to build  relationships with yeah I love you asking that  


um I don’t think any of your listeners would do  this but I would say it’s probably not posting a   Lambo on Facebook and um you know putting some  hot guy on the roof of it and hoping that it  


would get you sales so it’s probably not not  the right way to get that post Laura I don’t   know take it down now take it down now it’s  not going to be there if you look for it later  


I always like to joke that for us women it’s  probably more like an SUV with like a guy you  


know in a in a grilling apron right like dinner’s  handled tonight honey right best words ever


right so um I hear what it is I’ll buy it I think  I think we’ll make a mistake of first of all they  


try to do it behind closed doors so they get  into a lot of one-on-one coffee chats and they  


get into friendly Chit Chat without really being  strategic with their time of how they’re going  


about relationship building and that ends up  being more of a Time suck than anything and  


very discouraging so if we just think about the  practical application of relationship marketing  


of collaborations and also the mistake they make  is they often think the person in front of them   is the person they’re selling to and that may  or may not be true but from a probability and  


number standpoint it’s typically not the person  in front of you it’s the person in front of you’s  


audience so when we get into these one-on-one Chit  Chats and I’ve seen this happen a lot even in our  


communities where they get to know each other a  little bit better and it’s a friendly conversation   and then nothing really comes out of it at the  end that ends up being not a great use of time  


some people try to play the numbers with it or  they’re getting like a hundred coffee chats a   year and a handful of them end up being clients  but it’s really not sustainable and it can end up  


feeling really yucky if you’re on the receiving  end of somebody who’s being kind of aggressive   and you thought it was just a friendly chit  chat so instead of getting in these closed  


doors conversations which I can understand  if you’re introverted at all if you’re new   to relationship marketing if you don’t trust  your voice yet it’s a lot easier to get on a  


zoom that’s not being recorded than one that is  like this one but as quickly as you can instead  


of getting in one-on-one chats connect with  people like I think you and I connected over   social media and then we went into a podcast  exchange have first of all something to offer  


have something to offer in the exchange and don’t  worry if your audience is Tiny or your podcast is  


new I’ve never had anybody ask me how many weekly  downloads my podcast gets in a podcast exchange  


except for one guy once off of Clubhouse and he  was kind of a sleazy guy so I was like that’s fine  


we’re just not going to do an exchange I thought  you were interesting but I I really don’t anymore   I’ve had one of those it’s always the one who  you don’t actually want to have on your show who  


asks that so yeah right and there’s something  beautiful and Powerful about small audiences   that is hard to scale as you grow so don’t worry  about small numbers small audiences I know this  


is something you teach as well and if you don’t  like podcasting or it’s too overwhelming to get   one up and running just go live on LinkedIn once  a week if you don’t like yourself on video have  


a Blog where you post your content and email it  out to an email list every week something that you  


can offer in exchange with someone else so you can  get in front of their audience and they can get in   front of yours because from a number standpoint  it’s unlikely that the person you’re speaking  


directly to is the right fit for your program but  it is likely that somebody in your collaborators  


audience could be a good fit for your program and  vice versa and that’s the power of collaboration  


it just increases your visibility so quickly  you know if you think about maybe an hour a  


week of getting into podcast exchanges that’s  52 visibility opportunities a year times let’s  


just say somebody has four or five hundred  audience members not huge right think about  


how many people would have their eyeballs on your  offer versus just getting into friendly Chit Chats  


that nobody sees I love that I love that because  there’s kind of this balance and this I think this  


this is wisdom right is there’s benevolence in  the exchange right so you’re always looking for  


the best thing for the person and you’re still  not here to waste time like you’re not here  


to waste anybody’s time which I love so there’s  there’s some strategy from it with that benevolent  


energy and that’s oh that’s Kelly that’s amazing  yeah so I want to ask one more question and then  


we’ll we’ll have you talk a little bit more  about the book and where people can can get   it because it’s got some amazing downloads that  come with it and some great resources as well  


so I’d love to kind of finish with if you’re  looking to build a relationship with someone  


who seems Out Of Reach for whatever reason Their  audience is bigger I so appreciate everything you   said like don’t worry about the audience numbers  let’s let’s say there’s someone that’s like a  


dream podcast list or a dream collaboration  list and they feel Out Of Reach I heard you  


say focus on the value right what value can you  bring is there anything else that we should be   thinking about when it comes to building these  relationships with that type of person okay I’m  


so glad you asked this and I give some examples  in my book because this is a popular question of   course everybody wants to be partnering with  the bigger influencer the bigger person in in  


the dynamic and that can happen I mean most of  your best collaborators are going to be your  


peers people that you can match with but if you’re  really looking to try to match or try to create  


value for somebody who’s a few steps ahead of you  which nobody’s better than anyone else right but  


if I called up Oprah asking for a podcast exchange  she’d probably say you know call me in a few years  


so there’s there’s always that you know audience  size match that’s appropriate in any exchange  


um one of the things you can do is just be their  biggest fan be their loudest biggest fan and I’ll  


tell you that this is rare and you probably get  them in your inbox and I do too and when somebody  


reaches out to you and they just say like I don’t  want anything from you I just want to let you know   like I appreciate you I loved your content that  was a great podcast episode this was my takeaway  


when you hear from those people most people will  listen passively or the they’re the haters right  


they’re the boers right and that’s unfortunately  when you’re a person of influence that’s what  


you you get to navigate but when somebody is just  saying I love what you’re doing thank you so much  


and you hear from them regularly that stands  out that stands out another idea is to be in  


their program and be their best student and again  that stands out and I don’t know about you I put  


my best students on my podcast and you’ll find  that people will will really appreciate that and  


they won’t really require it to be reciprocal  as much the other thing you can do is you could   create a blog post that talks about how much you  love their program and how much you love their  


content and search optimize it you’ll probably get  their attention pretty quick so there’s a lot of   really great things that you can do to get the  attention of somebody who’s a few steps ahead of  


you in a respectful way that could open up doors  to reciprocity wow brilliant brilliant brilliant  


or please tell everyone where can they go to  connect with you to order the book I mean this is  


just in this short amount of time I’m getting so  many ideas for things that I want to do in my own  


network and career so thank you for this this is  pure gold and I know like I want to learn more I   know everyone listening does too so tell us where  we can go to get the book and learn more yeah  


absolutely so you can go to  so that’s create your where you can  


download some free resources and also click on  the link to order the book on Amazon inside of the  


book you’ll see all sorts of ideas and tangible  advice on how to implement a lot of what we talked   about today amazing amazing one final question  and then we’ll we’ll wrap The Core theme that I  


aim to impart on all of our listeners is to really  develop that trust in yourself which for many of  


us it it’s a journey it happens over time it’s  not an overnight thing but as I think about your  


journey and what you share today there’s so much  of that demonstrated so if you’re going to give   a woman one final piece of advice on how do you  really come to trust yourself what would you say  


I would say that this is going to be  specific to relationship marketing  


there’s lots of different ways that I think you  can trust yourself but for many people who are  


getting started in relationship marketing there’s  a lot of who am I to who am I to talk about this  


topic there’s so many other people that are good  at this topic who am I to share my experience I  


don’t even have that much experience to share and  what I want to share with anybody who feels that  


way and that’s why they’re having Chit Chats  behind closed doors and that’s why they’re not  


creating collaborations and exchanges that could  be really beneficial to both parties is nobody  


is going to say it like you say it nobody has  the story you have nobody’s going to have your  


tone of voice nobody has the exact values you have  and when it comes to this type of marketing which  


is why I think it’s the best type of marketing  for the work that we do people are going to be  


very attracted to your perspective your unique  point of view and that’s what is going to grow  


your business not that you know your ideal client  is not looking across everybody on Instagram with  


the same captions that you have what they’re  going to do is hear your voice at that time  


and they may have an affinity to you based on  something that you said whether it’s something   that you went through in your life or business  or that they just like tennis and I happen to be  


a tennis player it could be anything but that is  the way in which you’re going to make a connection  


and getting started doing that and not worrying  about what everybody else is saying and doing is  


what is going to accelerate the growth of your  business amazing amazing thank you so much Laura  


this is so fun I’m just I’m so excited for you  bringing your wisdom to all of us through this  


book and it’s such a beautiful way that people  can engage with you and really Elevate their   relationships which again the long game is  always what wins so thank you for this so  


important message and timely message that you’re  bringing into the world with your book thank you  


so much for having me I always love being with  you and I really appreciate the opportunity to   be here oh absolutely absolutely well we will  link we’ll link all the resources in the show  


notes we’ll link the book in the show notes as  well so again to you my listener go connect with   Laura get her book these are principles that will  help take you to your next level of success for  


sure so dive in deep thank you as always for  being a list listener of She Sells Radio if  


you want to dive into more resources to help you  elevate your sales your income and your life you  


can head on over to I will see you  on our next episode of She Sells Radio. Bye for now.


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