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Quantum leap your sales, income and life

See why International Speaker Elyse Archer is the perfect choice to keynote your next event

Elyse Has Delivered Keynote Presentations To:

Quantum leap your sales, income and life

See why International Speaker Elyse Archer is the perfect choice to keynote your next event

Elyse Has Delivered Keynote Presentations To:

“Elyse’s training was life-changing for our team.”

- KIM SKOURAS, Senior VP of Sales,
The Impact Partnership

- KIM SKOURAS, Senior VP of Sales, The Impact Partnership

Elyse will give your audience the real keys of transformation to help them skyrocket their sales and their life. 

As a seasoned sales professional and entrepreneur who walks her talk, Elyse has sold over 8 figures across a huge variety of industries.  She also understands the pain and challenges that come with sales and business, and shares her own journey of what it took to go from being stuck at the same level for 10 years to suddenly 10x’ing her income in 6 weeks. 

She’s passionate about helping your audience achieve their goals in sales and life faster than they ever dreamed possible.

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Superhuman Selling

The Secret to Exponential Growth

Imagine discovering a secret key that would unlock the door
to everything you wanted – more sales, more opportunities,
and more joy.

And imagine this could all happen for you with ease and
speed, by understanding a little -known fact about yourself
that’s been hidden all along..

95% of your results come from your subconscious belief systems , most of which were formed by the age of 7.

This means that you can have the best sales script in the world, but if you are pairing it with a subconscious belief that you aren’t worthy (which most people have), or that money is bad, it will only be mildly effective. This is why most salespeople and entrepreneurs continue to produce similar results year after year, never having that true “quantum leap” experience of 10x’ing their income or skyrocketing from the bottom to the top of their leaderboard.

Leaving this presentation your audience will:

Understand the primary factor that influences 95% of their sales and why it's been hard to achieve certain goals up until this point

Have a simple formula to shift limiting beliefs

Understand how to create the identity of who they want to become

10X their vision of what they can achieve in a short amount of time

Understand the hidden key to increasing their sales numbers right away

Understand what a financial set point is and how to shift it.


She Sells

Learn to sell in a way that feels aligned with who you are as a woman

Women have been taught to sell out of a playbook that was never designed for them.

Because of this, they struggle with things like self-doubt, burnout and anxiety, never fulfilling their incredible sales potential that is unleashed when they learn to sell in an aligned way.

In this eye opening and inspiring keynote. Elyse Archer shares her own experience of rising to the top of the corporate leaderboard in male-dominated environments but secretly struggling with an eating disorder and panic attacks, and how she finally healed those when she learned a different way to

sell that not only felt great to her and her customers, but produced breakthrough results.

Designed for anyone on your team who identifies as female but always open to all, this keynote will leave your audience empowered, uplifted and excited to approach sales in a whole new light.

Leaving this presentation your audience will:

Understand the surprising factor that skyrockets a woman’s income faster than anything else.

Understand the differences between between how most men and women sell, and how to sell in the most authentic way for them.

Know the simple secret to permanently dropping overwhelm

Learn how to maximize sales, without burnout exhaustion


Meet the Million Dollar You

Blow the lid off possibility and break the 7 figure mark, fast.

Everyone has a Million Dollar version of themselves Iying latent inside, waiting to be unleashed.

Yet many sales professionals and entrepreneurs get stuck at the multi six figure mark because it’s comfortable. They never expand their vision to what life would truly broke 7 figures.

In this mind-expanding keynote, Elyse Archer will challenge the high performers on your team to think bigger, and share with them exactly what she did to scale from six to seven figures in less than a year, all while dealing with major limiting beliefs and self doubt.

Your team will have a new perception of what is possible and a roadmap to get there.

It’s time to meet the Million Dollar You.

Leaving this presentation your audience will:

Have a simple framework to scale from six to multi six or seven figures

Understand the “Worthiness Quotient” and why it matters

Learn how to step into the identity of a seven figure earner

Overcome limiting beliefs about what is possible for them, and how long their goals need to take to achieve.

“Elyse is an amazing speaker.
She always gives great presentations which are both informative and enthralling. I put on many events and I promise you, you will be extremely happy with an Elyse Archer presentation”

- David Newton

Founder, Taking Care of Business

“We are very grateful to Elyse Archer for speaking to the Raleigh Entrepreneur’s Organization. Elyse is a dynamic, friendly and engaging speaker. I highly recommend Elyse as a speaker for your group or organization.”

- Robert Geiger

Owner, Raleigh Entrepreneurs Organization

“Elyse’s training was life-changing for our team”


Senior VP of Sales, The Impact Partnership

“You delivered on everything you promised and more”

- Mike McGlothin

Executive Vice President, Retirement at Ash Brokerage

“Elyse presented to our sales team at our Annual Planning Retreat. She was captivating and energetic.
Our team was very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. We highly recommend having her present to your team!”

- Jennifer Jones

Owner, Real Properties NC

“We are big Elyse Archer fans!”

- Chad Blanton

Partner, Financial Services Firm

3 Reasons You'll be Thrilled You Booked Elyse

01 Elyse shares from experience, not theory!

Having sold over 8 figures across a widely diverse array of industries, and launching her own successful business which hit 7 figures in the first year, Elyse knows what it takes to be successful in sales today. She has also dealt with and overcome huge challenges along the way like cancer, panic attacks and crippling self doubt at times, which she shares with audiences vulnerably and transparently.

02 Elyse is your partner both before and after the event

It's so important that your attendees feel comfortable and open with your keynote speaker! Elyse is available before and after the event for podcasts, videos, interviews and whatever you need to ensure your attendees feel they know her personally and can relate to her.

03 Elyse understands that you're not cookie cutter, and your keynote presentation shouldn't be either!

Elyse will work with you and your meeting planning team to fully understand your goals for your event, what the audience needs most, and will tailor her presentation to ensure she speaks to the heart of the attendees.

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Elyse only accepts 10 invitations
to speak in person each year

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