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How to Break Six Figures This Year


What are you implementing this year to help you reach your next financial goal? While this episode is focused on breaking six figures, it applies to any financial goal for both entrepreneurs and those in sales.


The past two years have been such a change in everything in our lives and the biggest thing I am excited for this year is allowing more good in all areas. One of the things required to have the beautiful life we want is the financial resources to create it. So in this episode, I’m outlining three mindset principles and three tactical principles that when combined will give you that abundance you are accepting in. This is an episode you’ll want to take notes on as we enter a new year ready to reach our goals.

Show Notes:

[2:00] – Elyse encourages you to allow abundance in your life. One of the things that is required is having the financial resources to create a beautiful life.

[3:43] – Mindset is 95% of this. Know that you are worthy.

[4:53] – Elyse shares an affirmation she uses daily: “I am worthy of everything I want and desire.”

[6:29] – You can practice worthiness through your self-care.

[7:12] – Make this year your “Year of Yes.” This means to also stop deflecting compliments.

[8:47] – Make this a must. If you are too much in your comfort zone, you won’t grow to six figures.

[10:50] – Take a look at a video on Elyse’s Instagram from last year to see evidence of the energy of must.

[11:53] – Decide that it is easy for you. Make it look small.

[13:42] – There is no amount of money that’s bigger than you.

[16:37] – Start thinking about six figures as the bare minimum of what you will accept this year.

[18:08] – From a tactical standpoint, visibility is key.

[21:24] – Prioritize outbound connection and do it first thing in the day.

[23:17] – Reverse-engineer your numbers.

[25:38] – When you start pumping energy into your outbound connections everyday, you will see radical changes in a few months.

[27:03] – Reward the activity and not the result.

[29:48] – Enjoy the process while the seeds you planted are growing.

[30:38] – Are your prices high enough?

[32:03] – Price what you’re worth. Look at your pricing at least once a year if not more.

[33:26] – If you price too low, people may see it as a red flag that the quality is low.

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Elyse Archer (00:02):

Welcome to shells radio. I am so excited. I’m so grateful that you are here and if you are listening in real time, welcome to the new year. Oh my goodness. I don’t know about you, but I am. I am ready for this year. And obviously the past two years really now have been just such a change up of everything in our lives and, and I’ve experienced the same. And I think the biggest thing that I’m excited for this year, and I wanna hear from you send me a DM I’m Maddie Lee Archer on all social. What are you excited about? But for me, it’s really about just allowing more good in all areas and really that mindset of let me see how good life can get in every single area. And one of the things that’s required in order for you to see how good life can get and be open to that is having the financial resources to create a beautiful life.

Elyse Archer (00:58):

And that is one of the things I am most passionate about because I’ve seen the transformation of my own. When I started allowing an abundance. I’ve seen the transformation in my clients’ lives as well. And that’s really what this episode is, is about empowering you to allow in more financial abundance in your life this year and forever more. And I will say, you know, this particular episode, we’re gonna be talking about breaking six figures this year. So if you’re not at six figures, yet you’re gonna be picking up on some really good tactical things and mindset things. So I want you to have a pen and paper to take notes. Um, but I’ll also say I work with clients at all ends of the income spectrum from those just starting off, maybe their new in sale, they’re new in entrepreneurship or those who are going for seven figures and beyond.

Elyse Archer (01:50):

And today we’re gonna be talking about, again, what I’ve seen from my experience are the biggest hindrances to women from hitting their first six figures, but you can take and apply these principles to whatever your income or your revenue target is 2022. So I want you to listen through the whole thing, cuz you’re gonna get some really good, like I said, both mindset and tactical elements that you can apply to achieving your financial goal for this year. Uh, another thing I’ll say before we get into it is that these principles do apply whether you are an entrepreneur or whether you’re in sales. So some of them are gonna be maybe a little more applicable to my entrepreneurs out there never fear. There’s a lot of good in here for you, regardless of what camp you’re in. And I’m gonna give you three mindset and three tactical pieces that you can use to apply to break six figures or more this year.

Elyse Archer (02:43):

So let’s get into it. And we’re gonna start with the mindset because mindset is 95% of it. It really is. And the first thing under mindset is knowing that you’re worthy. And this is something that certainly has tripped me up. Oh my gosh, it’s absolutely tripped me up throughout my life for, I found that with every next level, if I hadn’t reached a certain financial goal, yet there was a part of me that didn’t feel worthy of it. And so I really had to work at healing that part of me and I see in my clients too, but definitely for the women who I serve and, and I do work with men as well. So I just wanna say regardless of, of your gender, I’m so glad you’re here and I’m so glad you’re you’re listening, but I’m gonna speak just, I’m gonna speak to my women today with this, um, with the women that I serve, who aren’t yet at six figures, there’s definitely a piece of them that hasn’t felt worthy of that before.

Elyse Archer (03:44):

And so number one, I mean, one of my favorite affirmations, this is something that I affirm every single day, because we always need to remember is I am worthy of everything I want and desire. And literally just so that in and knowing that number one, you’ll only get what you feel worthy of in this life. So if you wanna be making six figures, but you don’t feel worthy of that yet, it’s okay. We’re gonna work to, to heal that, but you do need to feel worthy of it in order for it to come in slash be sustained for you. So that’s a really, it’s kind of why, you know, lottery winners. If they make a lot of money, they’ll tend to go bankrupt within a few years because they weren’t at that financial frequency themselves. They weren’t at that level yet energetically. So they got rid of the money.

Elyse Archer (04:35):

So you have to feel worthy of that money. And there so many different ways to practice worthiness. But for me, it’s an embodied daily practice, everything from, you know, I, if you’re watching the video of this, like buying myself a beautiful bouquet of Lil’s last night when I was shopping at whole foods, um, just because they make me feel good. And it’s a, I used to be someone who would SCR on stuff like that and be like, oh, well they’re gonna die in a few days. And yada, Y <laugh> and I’ve realized it is you will always get what you feel worthy of. And I used to not feel worthy of that. And now I buy myself flowers all the time, uh, because I have decided that I’m worthy of having things around me that make me feel good. And that up level, my vibration, how I’m showing up practicing worthiness in other ways, whether it’s from, you know, lighting a candle, this is a little thing that I do every night that I love.

Elyse Archer (05:31):

And actually every morning too, I’m getting ready is just lighting a candle in the bathroom while I do my self-care. And it’s just a little thing that’s like, I’m worth having this ambiance and this vibe, um, saying yes to things like, I can’t tell you how often I’ll hear this is never really something I’ve had a problem with, cuz I’ve always just been like, yes, of course I’ll take the opportunity, but I hear this from a lot of women in the community that a great opportunity will come and they’ll say, oh, I’m not qualified. I’m not this. I’m not that like, take it say yes to it. So like make this, if you haven’t read Shonda, is it Shonda rhymes year of yes. Make this your year of yes. And practice receiving opportunities, um, with a yes and feeling worthy of them and receiv compliments, stop deflecting compliments.

Elyse Archer (06:19):

If you, if people tell you like, Hey, you look beautiful today. And you’re like, oh, I, you know, I rolled out bed, whatever, like how we’ve all said that, right. We try to downplay or minimize it or we immediately put it back on the other person. Um, you, oh you do too. Like I, this is, this is a little thing, but I do that a lot. I’ve noticed in my own life. And I was actually, I was hanging out with a girlfriend the other day we were playing with our kids and we were taking some pictures and she looked at me in the photo and she was like, oh, you look so beautiful. My default response to that question is to say, oh my gosh, you too. Now, here is the thing. She is beautiful. She is a stunning woman. She did look beautiful that day.

Elyse Archer (07:02):

But in that moment I actually stopped myself from immediately just putting the ball back on her because I didn’t feel comfortable with just sitting and you look beautiful. And I just said, thank you so much. Thank you. And that little thing, if you’re, I, I bet you’re with me here. I know if you’re listening, you’ve done that too. Like that little thing of just being comfortable, being the recipient of a compliment without having to immediately send it back is a little way you can practice worthiness. Now I’m all about complimenting people. I love it. I do that all the time, but this is about you being able to see and being comfortable being in the spotlight. So that’s the first thing is number one, you gotta feel worthy of it. Number two, if you wanna break six figures this year, you have to make it a must.

Elyse Archer (07:51):

And this is something else that I know in my own life is a danger zone that I see for a lot of the women I serve when you are come comfortable, that is the biggest danger zone. It really is because if it’s not a, if anything is not a must for you, you’re not gonna do it. Like let’s just call it what it is. And, and it’s okay. Like it’s not about making yourself wrong. And so this is where I wanna invite you to look at. If, you know, if you caught this episode title and you were like, oh, I wanna make six figures this year. Is it a must for you? Like, is it truly a must for you? And if it’s not, there’s a lot of people out there where that doesn’t speak to them and that doesn’t appeal to them and that’s totally fine.

Elyse Archer (08:33):

It’s, there’s no right or wrong here. But if it is something you want, you have to look at, is it a must for me? It something I would burn the ships for. And I would invite you to go back and watch a video. I did actually. I checked the date on it last night, cuz I realized, oh my gosh, it’s been a year since I’ve done this. But a video on my I G T V from uh, December 26th, 2020, where I had just decided to invest $50,000 in a coach. And I had made a hundred thousand dollars the year before, but I decided I wanted to go from six to seven figures and it felt petrifying and it felt so scary and I didn’t have the money to do it, but it was a must for me to go from six to seven figures because I’m gonna talk about this in a moment.

Elyse Archer (09:24):

Uh, once you get to six figures, you realize I am gonna need more for the life I wanna live in for the most part. And so I had realized it was time to stop playing small. It was time to break out of what had been stagnation for some time. But what I would invite you to do is watch that video. And it’s, it’s pretty obvious on my feed cuz there’s no makeup and I’m sweaty and I’m out of breath cuz I just stopped working out. And I, I was just talking about having just made that coaching investment. I was petrified. That is the energy of must in. If you wanna know what the energy of must is, that is the energy of must. And it’s when you say this is happening, no matter what, I don’t care how long it takes. I don’t care what people think.

Elyse Archer (10:10):

I don’t care what I have to do. This is happening. And it’s that level of certainty that when you do that and when you make that decision, the, your body literally gets the message that, oh you mean business this time, like you’ve said for a long time, you want more? You’ve said for a long time, you’re tired of being in scarcity, but you haven’t done anything differently. You haven’t actually made a decision yet. So it has to be a decision from the place of, I don’t care what it takes, it’s happening now I’m done with it and then it happens. Then the ideas show up for it to happen. Then your subconscious mind actually gets the memo that, oh, she means business. She’s not playing around. So that’s the second. It must be a must. The third. I want you to decide that it’s easy for you.

Elyse Archer (10:59):

And this is with every single goal. And I’ve learned to do this. I’ve learned little tricks to do this around every financial goal for me, make it look small. This is actually something I learned from Bob Proctor. I’m gonna take a quick coffee sip. And then I’m gonna tell you a little bit about how to do this. So you, you will, you will manifest a financial amount or any goal. It doesn’t have to necessarily be money, but we’re gonna talk about money here when it feels natural for you, when it feels like it’s not bigger than you. And we do that by practicing, seeing that, not what it’s like to feel that number like getting familiar with it, getting acquainted with it. And if it feels bigger than you, then it’s, it’s still, um, it’s not that it’s distant per se, but it’s going to, it may take a while is, is what I wanna say.

Elyse Archer (11:55):

So we have to break it down and make it smaller and decide that it’s gonna be easy. So if you break down a hundred thousand dollars in a year, did the math, it’s $277 a day. Like that’s not a lot of money. Okay. And there’s so many way you could make that and you could break it down hourly. You could say every hour, I’m gonna make, you know, if you work a, you know, an eight hour day, what is that? 40? I don’t know. My math’s probably off there, $30 an hour. Like it’s not that much. So I want you to break it down and make it small and realize from a mindset standpoint, you have to remember you’re spiritual being, having a human experience. There’s no amount of money that’s bigger than you. Only if you think it is so you’ve gotta practice making it small.

Elyse Archer (12:48):

And then this is specific to six figures. I remember this was when I was maybe earning, I don’t know, $12,000 a month, 13, maybe $15,000 a month max. And I’ve kind of been at that level like for a long time. And, but you know, you can have a decent life at that level. That’s part of why for me, when I’m working with clients, I, I work in tier now, but it’s, let’s get you to $10,000 month. Then let’s get you to $50,000. Get you a hundred thousand dollars months. At some point, we’re gonna get you a million dollar months. I gotta do that myself first, before I can teach you. So that’s what I’m working on right now. But working specifically towards that first $10,000 a month, that’s really the first benchmark for, for my clients. And I was there for a long time and it’s, it’s a good place to be like when you’re there, you can live a decent life.

Elyse Archer (13:40):

You can kind of get, I would say, get what you want unless you’re living in a really affordable area. Um, but you can live a decent life at that level. Like you really can. And so that’s a great, that’s a great place to be if you’re not there yet with that being said, I remember being on a call with one of my mentors when I was at that level. And she said, she said something that really got me thinking. She was like, in my experience to live a good life, a woman needs to be making at least $25,000 a month, at least. And she started rattling off things that I wasn’t like. I wasn’t allowing in my life at that time, cuz I didn’t have enough money for it. She started rattling off things like first class travel, um, spa appointments. I was like, I mean, what, at that point, my consciousness was like, what a waste of money?

Elyse Archer (14:35):

You know, I, and it’s something I prioritize now. Cause it makes a big difference in how you show up and how you feel. Um, you know, living in a certain home, being able to travel places and like have the full experience. I used to travel places, but I would get there on the cheap. And then I would, I, you know, I wouldn’t allow myself to buy what I wanted when I was there. I wouldn’t get any souvenir. I, uh, I would eat on the cheap, all of it. And it was because there just, there wasn’t enough flow in my life and she, and then she was like, if you want a team helping you. And I was like, oh my gosh, I can’t even fathom that at that time. But she started, started rattling it off and it started to actually be like, yeah, you do need at least that much to live a, like a decent life for most people’s standards in our society.

Elyse Archer (15:20):

So that’s where again, you’ve gotta make your own money rules now for me, if, if that was what I brought in in a month, it would be like we can’t make payroll. So it, it changes and it shifts over time. So just know it’s that number’s gonna grow as you grow. But I offer that here in the perspective of if you’ve been making $10,000 months big, if you’ve been making six figures big, I want you to start thinking, wow, that’s actually like the bare minimum that I wanna be available for in my life. Like that’s the bare that I’m willing to accept this year in my life. So start thinking about it that way and start expanding your consciousness, um, around money and around how much is required for your desires. That’s another thing that I will say many women, especially those in my community who haven’t yet hit that $10,000, but they’ve, they’ve kind of shut off their desires in life.

Elyse Archer (16:15):

Cuz they learned at one point they were too much too big, um, that it was worthy to SCR and save and to not really want much. And so that’s something that I work on with my clients is helping them reactivate their desires because that’s a key piece of life. That’s a key piece of, especially for us as women manifesting from our place of desire, not from a place of like, oh I should, or I have to. It’s like, no, what’s your desire. And so tapping back into that, you’ll start to see, oh yeah, I actually desire and way more than I’ve been allowing into my life. So, so those are your three mindsets. So number one, you are worthy. Number two, make it a must. Number three, decide that it’s easy for you, make it small and make it your bare minimum. All right. That, um, that you’re willing to allow into your life from a tactical standpoint, these are the biggest things that I see for women making the biggest difference to getting to that six figure mark.

Elyse Archer (17:17):

But again, you can apply this, whether you’re going to multi six, seven figures or beyond this year. So the first thing is just visibility. Being willing to put yourself out there more. And I would really look at how often are you doing lives? How often are you putting out a podcast? Are you, are you telling yourself some stories about like nobody wants to hear from me, nobody, um, is gonna value what I have to say. People are gonna make fun of me. That’s all, that’s very much typically inner child work that needs to be done. We’re not gonna get into that a whole lot on this podcast, but that’s usually your inner little girl who learned that it wasn’t safe to be visible growing up, but that’s also something that you can clean up really fast. And I mean, you can go Google, inner child work and do some like there’s so many great resources out there for you.

Elyse Archer (18:11):

And we have to stop letting that be an excuse that holds us back. So putting yourself out there and make a commitment to yourself, whether it’s weekly, whether it’s, I mean, I would say if you, if you haven’t broken six figures yet, um, make a commitment that you’re going live every day. Like just do it make a commitment that you in live every single day. You’re gonna ask for people you’re asking for referrals. When you do your D your lives, you’re gonna ask for clients when you do your lives and, and you’re gonna, you’re gonna do it in a specific way. You’re not gonna like beg and grovel for clients, but it’s like, Hey, I’m taking application calls right now. Or I’m currently taking new clients for X, Y, Z just every day consistently being there, invisible building your brand in front of people. And if you have any fear around that, the first thing you need to remember is the very thing that you’re afraid of in life is always the thing that’s gonna unlock your next level.

Elyse Archer (19:04):

So that means you need to lean into it and just do one quit copy break. And then once you one you’ll realize, number one, if you haven’t been doing them for a long time, nobody’s watching anyway. So <laugh> you get to breathe a sigh of relief and two, like we are so much more critical on ourselves than anybody else’s. So it’s really about getting out of, um, out of ego, which is always concerned about this self and into service and realizing I was put on this planet for a reason. There are people who need what I have, whether you’re working for a company or whether you are running your own business and I’m gonna show up and I’m gonna be of service to them. And I’m gonna give other people permission by seeing me show up and maybe fumble through things and not be perfect and not being okay.

Elyse Archer (19:50):

It’s gonna give them permission to actually be human and to do the same. And they’re gonna love me even more for it. So that’s the first thing is making a schedule and making a commitment of how often you’re gonna be visible. And that, that also is, you know, get in front of other people who have your target audience. So joint lives like make a list of joint lives or podcasts. You’re gonna reach out to, at yourself to be in front of, um, their audiences in January and February of this year. And just like do it the second prioritizing outbound connection and doing this first thing in the day before you do anything else. So very simple stuff here. All right. But this is important because when something feels net, when it feels vague, it can be, we can kind of just like, Ugh, I, you know, I, I, I don’t know what the activity is around this.

Elyse Archer (20:40):

I’m just not gonna do any. So if you don’t know yet what your numbers are for your business or for your sales reverse engineer, the numbers. So you’re gonna look at your sales process and you’re gonna say what’s every touch point in my sales process from a to Z, whether it starts with you putting out a live, whether it starts with you doing DMS. Um, and then whether it’s, maybe it’s a sales call, maybe it’s sending people to a sales page, whatever it is, but you’re gonna reverse engineer your process. And then you’re going to, from there, say, okay, with the current numbers that I have, how many of each step along the way do I need to do to land one client and all you it’s. I know it’s different for every client, but I just want you to look at on average in this past year, what, like how many touch points were required each step of the way to get someone to the next step.

Elyse Archer (21:36):

And then how many, if you do sales calls, like how many sales conversations or discovery calls did you need to have to book one client? If you don’t know yet, if you’re launching something new and you don’t have yet, it’s gonna vary. You’re really just gonna have to track. So I would start tracking to see, but I would say on average, like you’re gonna be anywhere from probably when, when you’re decent, like one out of three sales conversations will close, maybe more, maybe less. But I would say to, I’m always very conservative when I’m projecting numbers. And I would say, if you’re just starting and you have no idea, assume you’re gonna need to ha you’re gonna need to actually offer your service to 10 people for one of them to say yes. And then you can reverse it and say, if I want four clients this month, that means I need 40 sales conversations.

Elyse Archer (22:26):

Which maybe that sounds like a lot. But I mean, in a week, if you’re working a five day week that’s for a day that’s is that math even right? Yes. I think so. No, that’s not two a day. <laugh> wow. I apparently today is not my math day. I’m usually pretty good at math in my head two a day. That’s not that much. So, and maybe that math is even wrong. I don’t know nobody DMing. And tell me if that was wrong, you do the math on your own and see <laugh>, but then you can reverse it more from there. Okay. How many, like out of the appointments I book, how many of them keep versus how many of them canceled? Cuz you gotta account for that too. And then how many conversations or text do I need to send a book, an appointment and you reverse.

Elyse Archer (23:10):

And then every morning before you do anything else, this is just like your exercise. If you’re like me, if you don’t work out in the morning, you are fooling yourself that it’s gonna happen later in the day and you feel better if you do it in the morning. So your sales outreach is gonna be just like your exercise before you hop in your inboxes before you’re on Instagram, before you’re scrolling, you are gonna do your outbound contacts and you’re gonna send your DMS. You’re gonna invite people to discovery calls with you. You’re gonna ask for referrals and you’re gonna say, my metric is I’m doing X amount. So again, reverse your numbers. And then, you know, I need to do however much outreach every day to hit this goal. And then you’re just gonna track it. And you’ll often find you need to do less, but don’t do not shortchanging yourself.

Elyse Archer (24:00):

At first. The only person you’re short changing is yourself. If you cut down on your numbers, all I’m saying is, as you go, you’re gonna get better and you won’t need to do as much, but to start, I want you to be super conservative until you know what your numbers are. And it’s gonna, I would give yourself, you know, two to six months to really say like, okay, I can bank on these numbers more than two, probably at least three to six months. Um, so you can adjust it over time. But before you do anything else, you’re gonna do that outbound activity. And here is what I know you when you get that like that, um, that particle flow note, like when you start really pumping energy into your outreach in the mornings, into your business, into your sales, you just watch what happens. Now you gotta give yourself a little bit of lag time, cuz it’s kind of like you’re planting a seed, right?

Elyse Archer (24:52):

So when you plant a seed, it doesn’t just pop up immediately into a flower. It takes however long the germination period of that seed is anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months, depending on what it is. So just know you’re gonna need to do that consistently. It’s like you’re watering a garden before you start to see the results, but I promise you if you do that consistently for a month, watch where you, you will be in a radically different place. Come February. If you start doing this in January or whatever month, you’re listening to this to, and it’s a gift to yourself like you’re are the only person you’re for lack of better words, screwing over. If you’re not doing this every day. So just make a commitment to do it and then give yourself rewards along the way that are based on activity, not based on results.

Elyse Archer (25:41):

And this is important because when we get too attached to the results and we only reward the results, then we’re, it’s like we can’t fully control the results. That’s why we wanna be a little extra with compensating for, you know, like probably doing a little more than you may need to do to hit that number, especially at the beginning. Um, but when we reward the activity, instead of the result, it gets to be fun. And I like, I do this too, you know, we’ve, we’ve got a, a great business now I’m, I’ve got a team who’s helping me with things like I, my, my activity has changed from what it used to be when I was working in corporate sales, but I still do outbound contacts and I still do outreach. And it’s part of every for me, cuz that’s it. It’s what keeps the business running and flowing.

Elyse Archer (26:32):

And I reward my activity. Like, especially if there’s something that feels now, it, it, it feels good. It feels fun to do it. So I don’t find that I have to like get myself over a hump. But I remember earlier this year I was doing outreach for something and it was like, I don’t know, something like 50 outreaches needed to be done. And at that it just felt heavy. It was like, Ugh, this doesn’t feel, um, like the thing I wanna do more than anything else in the world right now, <laugh> which you know, that that’s another conversation for another time about how to get it out of that mindset. But what I did do is I gave myself a reward and it was a little thing. It was not like I’m gonna go buy a new car when I do this outreach. Cuz I do stuff like that.

Elyse Archer (27:13):

Like when the money is in the bank, but it was at the time it was early fall. And um, I, there were, I I’m a fall girl. There were pump in my muffins at the local bakery <laugh> and I don’t do a lot of muffins or like carby sugary food just cuz it doesn’t make me feel good, but that was pumpkin muffins smelled so good. Every time I would walk by and I made a little deal with myself and I said, when this is done, Elise, you’re getting a pumpkin muffin. And, and I got my little scratch pad out and I would just do the hash marks, like one outreach, two outreaches, three outreaches and just track ’em and oh that muffin tasted so good when it was done and I let myself get it right away. It wasn’t like, oh you’ve gotta wait for a sale to come in before it happens.

Elyse Archer (28:00):

It was no like I wanna reward you right now in this moment for doing. And, and of course, you know, down the road, more sales came in from that activity and the financial reward was there too. But rewarding look at what are rewards. You can give yourself now that fit within your budget that are fun and that you can control the outcome of so maybe it’s buying yourself flowers, maybe it’s buying yourself a cookie. Maybe it’s looking a spa appointment. Uh, maybe it’s something like, I don’t know, but, or calling a friend, like what is it that you’re gonna give yourself as a reward for the effort you just put in knowing that it will pay off, but that because we live in time lag, there’s a period of time where again, it’s like you just planted a ton of seeds and that’s so great.

Elyse Archer (28:47):

So now you’re gonna keep tending them. You’re gonna keep watering them. You’re gonna keep planting more. And in the meantime, you’re gonna enjoy the process while those seeds come up. So that’s the second, but do it first thing in the morning before you get into other things, this is the best thing you can do for yourself because the energy that you’re gonna carry with you through the red of the day is someone who just did that is so powerful. Your confidence is gonna be so high. You’re gonna be so proud of yourself and everything else will go better for you in the day as well. The third piece that I would look at if I were wanting to get to my first six figures and I had control over pricing. So this is where if you are, you know, if you’re in sales, working for someone else, we can’t control this as much, but we can control often who we’re targeting and what we’re focusing on selling.

Elyse Archer (29:36):

So you, you can kind of tweak this and apply this, whether you are an entrepreneur or in sales, but are your prices high enough? And I have a lot of women come into the community where it’s like, they’re trying to hit six figures, but they they’re selling like a hundred dollars thing and they don’t have a big audience. That’s gonna usually take a while. So I would focus on looking at, in a, with pricing. It’s always relative. It’s always what will the market bear and what feels good to you energetically, but more often than not, I find that people are way under pricing themselves and undervaluing themselves, which comes back to the self worth piece. And so really looking at like, am I charging enough for what I’m doing? And you know, we had a woman, um, in our community, in our 10 K club who had, um, had recently started a business and was, um, she was, she had left her previous, uh, job as well.

Elyse Archer (30:38):

And it was like, she, she launched a new program package, $7,500 for the coaching with her. And within a, a week or two, she signed a $7,500 client. If she’d been priced at $750, it would’ve taken her 10 clients to get there. But because she priced what she was actually worth, she got right back up to where she needed to be like, boom, like that by pricing her or worth. So I want you to start raising your standards. I want you to start thinking higher of yourself. The way that I always think about it is do I feel confident that someone can receive at least 10 times the value of what I’m charging for this? If they implement what we’re talking about and if it’s a yes to that, then I awesome. Like it, it then I, I feel good about my price and I, I, in my own life, I keep upping my prices too.

Elyse Archer (31:29):

Cause I keep giving more value and becoming, you know, becoming better as a leader, as a coach, all of it. So you wanna consistently like at least every year, if not more often, look at your pricing and make sure you’re pricing enough, but it can make a big difference if you’re charging a thousand dollars versus if you’re charging $2,500 to hit that $10,000 month, like it’s a big difference. So look at your pricing, look at, are you charging enough? Charge again, charge what you feel good about. So if, if you don’t feel good about it, your clients won’t either. So that’s important to know you gotta feel about it and confident in it, cuz that will translate to your clients. But again, more often than not, I see women way undervaluing themselves and undervalue and thinking, no one’s gonna buy from them. When in reality people don’t buy because the prices are so low, it freaks them out.

Elyse Archer (32:19):

They’re like, there’s something wrong with this. And that’s always a red flag for me when I’m talking to a serve this provider and I can guarantee you, it is for your clients too, if you’re charging too little. So those are your three tactical, put yourself out there. So commit to a schedule for your visibility, which is more your out like your, your marketing, which gonna, which is ultimately gonna create inbound lead flow. But simultaneously number two, you’ve gotta prioritize your outbound connection and figure out what your numbers are for how much out direct outreach you’re gonna do every day, inviting clients to work with. You apply for a discovery call, et cetera. And then number three, look at are my prices high enough? Can I make a small tweak and generate way more with the same amount of activity? So I hope that served you.

Elyse Archer (33:06):

I wanna hear from you, what are you gonna be implementing? So take a screenshot of this, tag me on Instagram, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, wherever I’m at El Archer everywhere. And let me know, what are you gonna be implementing this year? And I also wanna invite you if this is resonating with you, I wanna invite you to register for a live workshop that I’m hosting in January. And it’s all about helping you hit your first six figures in 2022. And here’s something else that I’ll say is it’s not about, you’ve gotta invest a ton of money in this funnel or even day. We talked about outbound reaches. It’s not about making more outreaches. It’s literally about how to do it the feminine way. And it’s gonna be a faster and easier way than you ever thought possible because I’m gonna teach you how to do it using your female superpowers.

Elyse Archer (33:57):

That usually we don’t bring into business. If we haven’t been taught how to do it. And the women who have learned this content from me, um, in this past year have literally gone on to leave dead end job situations and launch businesses that cash flow $10,000 a month in just a few months, uh, have gone from 80,000 in one year to over two the next year. Like it’s just wild. What women are doing when they learn this information. It’s so important. It’s so different as well from what you’ve been taught before. And it’s just gonna be me pouring into you, coaching you and giving you everything. You need to break six figures and beyond in 2022. So get registered now out Elise,, Elise for that training. It’s gonna be phenomenal. You can grab more details there and I can’t wait to see you there.

Elyse Archer (34:53):

All right, my friend, thank you so much for listening today. I know as always how grateful I am for you. I wanna support you. If you have questions on anything we talk talked about today, send me a DM again. I’m at El Archer on all social. I wanna support you. I’m so excited to be in this new year with you and to have you in the community as we go into the new year. And I am just cheering you on as always. All right. I can’t wait to see you at the workshop again. El I’ll see you, you there take care. Bye bye.



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